Friday, June 22, 2018

Ammon Bundy, the Abusive Federal Government, and the Fight for Our Rights

Last month, the Siskiyou County (one of the northernmost in the state of California) Republican Women Federated and Yreka Tea Party invited me a second time to their wonderful State of Jefferson. The people there really care about our country and the state of California, but most importantly they will stop at nothing to protect their rights.

They wanted me to hear Ammon Bundy, their featured guest speaker for May, 2018. I was privileged to meet him, one of the sons of Nevada rancher Clive Bundy. The Bundy family went national--even international--because they stood up to the overbearing federal government, particularly under the oppressive Obama Administration. For my report on the Bundy Family' victory against the Bureau of Land Management in Nevada, click here. Ammon Bundy has not relented in taking on the federal government's overreach, especially against farmers and ranchers. Here's the entire video of Ammon's speech to the GOP Women Federated Group.

The Bureau of Land Management had been chipping away at the rights of cattle ranchers throughout the Nevada territories for decades. They would separate grazing and water rights, then the feds would lay on more rules and regulations. In order to gain ownership over the land, the Bureau of Land Management would have the farmers and ranchers in the region sign off on contracts to assert older claims, yet within those contracts were written numerous stipulations, exceptions, and expectations.

When land owners would run awry of even one little law, their land would then face seizure, or the ranchers would have to settle and sell.

Clive Bundy was the last rancher standing, so to speak, in Nevada, a state where the vast majority of the property still belongs to the federal government. When the Bureau of Land Management showed up to try to push Clive and the rest of his family off their land, they stood their ground. In spite of the massive military presence and unlawful seizure from the federal authorities in the region, The Bundy family made their fight massively public.

Within 24 hours, supporters from all over the country arrived on scene with firearms. The people one, and the federal agency had to back off.

Like a growing number of outraged and overwhelmed farmers, Bundy is taking a stand against the federal government's incessant overregulation and land-grabbing. First, he stood his ground with the rest of his family to save their ranch against the Obama Administration.

He then joined with farmers in rural Oregon to restore their private property, which had been unjustly seized for a national park. If anyone has been following President Trump's latest actions, he has been restoring state and local sovereignty over public lands. It started with the Hammond family of Harney County, Oregon. They faced outrageous terrorist charges just for a prescribed burn on their own property which ended up burning a little property on a federal wildlife refuge right next door.

Just like what happened in Nevada, the Feds had engaged in unjust, unlawful, unconstitutional land takings to build up a federal wildlife preserve. Ammon Bundy read about what happened, researched the federal and constitutional law on the matter, then joined with the residents of Harney County to reverse the unjust land takings. Following the common law precedents about adverse possession and perfecting private property titles, Bundy led a group of residents to go to public lands in the region and reclaim it for the Harney County residents.

This process so alarmed the FBI and elected officials around the state. Federal officials were even intimidating Congressmen in the region to back off. We the People. Despite these heinous tactics, Bundy with  other ranchers in the area and began restoring local control of the region. Bundy was well-regarded for his efforts. His stance to protest within the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge inspired many around the country. First responders and veterans arrived on scene to show their support. One veteran gave Bundy the Bronze Star he had earned while in active duty.

Ammon Bundy received the Bronze Star
from a veteran because of Bundy's brave stance
to retain our God-given rights.

Another man gave Ammon the American Flag which had shrouded the burial casket of his fallen veteran brother:

Ammon Bundy with the American Flag

Why did these men give Bundy such prized possessions of honor? I submit that they wanted to show what appreciation they could for Bundy's brave stance for the rights of all Americans. He was exercising the rights which these men fought to preserve and enhance. Bundy's legal fight against the lawlessness of these federal agencies demonstrated to the First Responders and America's veterans that there are still good men out there who are using what they had fought for.

In spite of his brave and legal efforts in southeastern Oregon, he was arrested and even placed in solitary confinement. For two years, he suffered not just unjust incarceration, not just painful separation from his wife and four beautiful children, but incessant abuse from prison guard and inmates. They stopped up his ears once and blew out his eardrums, for example. There other abuses he suffered which I will not detail at this time. The point remains that the fight against the abusive federal government is rule. The corruption of the Deep State in Washington DC affects everyone, not just President Trump and his staff our elected officials trying to get to the bottom of the Swamp Rot.

Ammon Bundy with his daughter Avery

For decades, the federal government has seized property or claimed public or non-owned property without constitutional authority. Bundy said "Enough", and more people around the country are teaming with him. During my private discussions with Ammon, he frequently referenced the United States Constitution. Nowhere does the federal government have a right to take property and transform it into national parks under strict rules and regulations.

Our federal government has declared war against farmers and ranchers: men and women, the farmers and ranchers who till the land, who raise livestock to our general benefit. These abuses have not stopped Ammon and a growing contingent of farmers, growers, harvesters, men and women who trust in God's goodness and refuse to relinquish their God-given rights. "You fight for your rights where you are, not in a courtroom," he told the Siskiyou County audience. Indeed.

Bundy was not afraid to point out the source of rights. They do not come from the state, they do not come from other people. We are created in God's image, and from Him we receive our authority, our ability, our prosperity. Ammon Bundy's struggles and victories must be told, but his courage must be emulated. We can't Make America Great Again until We the People demand that the government at all levels becomes constitutional again.

Thursday, June 21, 2018 CEO Bill Ottman: Free Speech Eases Racial Tensions

About five months ago, a public relations firm reached out to me. They wanted to know if I would be interested in interviewing Bill Ottman, the creator and CEO of

Because I contribute to, the firm thought they could

Minds is a new social media platform to combat the lack of transparency and the essentially liberal bias of Facebook.

I interviewed Ottman for an hour, learning about his background, his investment in the program, his interest in effective competition against the current social media giants who are shutting down conservatives and limiting free speech of all kinds.

There were a few things that I took away from our interview, with the larger portions of the article which I had intended to submit:


Facebook Mines Your Business. Minds Wants to Protect Yours

Social media has become anti-social. They mine people’s private information. Different sites block, suspend, or shut down opposing views. Milo lost his Twitter account.

I wanted to give up Facebook last year, but outreach from supporters across the country induced me to come back. I went live a number of times on my restored Facebook account, along with my back-up account. Then I kept getting banned for months at a time.
Then I was disabled. For good. Honestly, I am glad it happened. Social media is taking up people’s time and resources like never before, and it’s not good.
A fellow Trump supporter shared a sense of relief after his forced vacation from Facebook.
But now it’s nothing but schadenfreude for me. Facebook has been losing users by the multi-millions over the last three months. Post-Millennials are generally turned off to social media. More studies suggest that

Then came Minds.

This is a new platform, started by Connecticut native Bill Ottman, who attend the University of Vermont. During his undergrad years, he developed a different social media platform: Minds.
One of his chief interests with the platform? He wants a social media site which respects your privacy.

A PR firm reached out to me, offered to have me interview Ottman.

I asked him what he wanted to do, why he wanted to do it:

“I knew that the world needed an open source more community powered social network.”

New to the whole social media tech-talk, I asked him to explain “open source”:
“All of our software is publicly available to be inspected and used. It also has to do with content to be shareable.” Ottman also prides his program as seeking ideas from other people. I had suggesting reaching out to Buffer and Hootsuite so that users can share their content on Minds along with other platforms.
In contrast, Google, Facebook, Twitter, --all of them are proprietary software “they give no access to the public what their code is doing. It’s a major privacy issue. Transparency of the software is essential for user freedom and user rights. Otherwise, they could be doing anything to you. Any number of things.”

He predicted the information abuses which Facebook has become notoriously well-known for.
“I knew that that was going to happen, so it was going to be transparent, encrypted for privacy, reward users instead of exploiting them.”

Unlike Facebook, which explicitly requires users to purchase add time to expand the reach of posts and information, Ottman’s program created a points system. Visitors and users to the platform get points, which they can spend to increase the algorithms to share their content.

The free market, the enterprise system of supply and demand is forcing innovation, and bringing in much needed competition against Google, Facebook, Twitter, and the other titans of Silicon Valley. Ottman wants to disrupt the Facebook monopoly.

The same way that Wikipedia disrupted the encyclopedia industry.

The same way that Wordpress disrupted the organization system industry.

People have complained about the dominance of Mark Zuckerberg, comparing their tyranny to the Robber Barons of Gilded Age Post Civil War America. Although the progressive accounts of these corporate firms have been debunked, it is quite true that social media titans have become anti-social in their tyranny. Is the answer more regulation?

Or competition?

You can go to your page, and then click boost “and you can boost your post for a thousand views. We will share that through the community.

Facebook’s algorithm makes it that you can’t reach all of your followers. We want to reward people with more exposure instead of taking it away.

In terms of revenue, users can earn or by these points. It’s our versions. It’s a form of promotion
Now, why did Ottman reach out to me?

“I noticed your articles and that you wrote about Jordan Peterson. He is on Minds. We are dedicated to free speech. There are lots of censorship issues. A lot of content creators are getting banned or demonetized. This has happened.”

Free speech issue: undermining the YouTube Monopoly.

As long as you are not inciting violence. We are not going to ban people for their political views. If people are malicious or harassment on the site, but we have a much more free-speech oriented policy. Probably the most liberal free speech content policies out there.

In addition to appearing on Tucker Carlson, Ottman is getting more traction simply because of the purges and refugees from other platforms.

I had to ask about his political views, and I liked what he had to say.

“I honestly try to stay away from labels. I think it’s really important to not politicize. We are certainly a freedom-oriented network. A number of labels could apply to me.” He cited more populist, anti-Establishment types like Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul.

His reticence to label himself is refreshing, actually, since platform founders have created problems for themselves precisely because of their driven agendas.

 “We have created a platform that free speech advocates on both sides of the platform can coexist. A lot of social media platforms are not able to maintain any sense of balance. That’s any specific organization.”

He then brings up a great point about what’s hurting the tech titans:

“Facebook and Google are losing half their audience because they are politicizing their platforms.”
But he brought up other angles:

“I noticed the problems with Facebook right away. One of the original problems I noticed was the negative impact on people’s psychology. They never came off as any kind of transparent. They didn't seem like a down-to-earth company. They wanted to extract value out of users get people addicted. They were conducting psychological experiments on the users. They did a secret mood study. The would inject happy or sad articles into people’s newsfeeds.”


I then asked Ottman what he’s going to do about the growing disillusionment among Millennials?

It’s not so much social media that worries them, Ottman posits: “They are turned off to the narrative, they are getting abused, they don’t resonate with that. They want real connections with people, especially for Millennials, because they don’t know a time without the Internet. They have no experience with being away from the screen. It’s not about being pro- or anti-social media. Most millennials are pro-social media.= -- it’s how people communicate, it’s part of the fabric of our society.

It's time to end the top-down model of social media, and start working from the ground up. Emerging tech companies need to have that conversation with their communities.

Are you developing a counterweight to Silicon Valley?

“Yes, there is a whole movement for decentralized tech, personal currencies emerging. More freedom based platforms. There’s a lot of heat that Silicon Valley is getting. IT’s a similar tone with what’s happening to Facebook and Google, acting in weird group think.”

I asked for his views about regulating social media as a public commodity, just as Tucker Carlson has suggested.

“ I would say that it’s better to need more decentralized solutions as opposed to more government regulations, but it may be a possibility to consider. I think the conversation needs to be had, like with Microsoft. I don’t know the answer on that.”

That’s refreshing! “We want to build an alternative. Get people off them as opposed to worrying about.

“I think there’s a lot of illegal activity that these companies are engaging in. Surveillance, for example. to array of abuses of power. One of the biggest ones was how they drew everyone to their platform, telling everyone that you would be able to reach your target audience. They told all the news sources that they would. These companies paid Facebook millions of dollars, but every six months, they change their algorithm. Now the companies are only reaching 3% of those fans organically. Facebook wants you to pay more to reach the very fan base that your created. They changed the platform all of a sudden. That’s false advertising.

They also comply with rogue states like China – it’s an issue that we will be facing – international law, dealing with laws in countries based on what they think about data privacy. It’s a big regulation in other countries. Then you have speech laws in other countries that are much worse than in the US. They have gone down the rabbit hole of censorship. They have started censoring other people’s content like mad.

Unlike them, Ottman want his community feedback. On these more severe speech codes, like in Germany and China, the question remains up in the air. Should social media sites comply with the speech codes in a country, especially social media platforms based in freer countries. Perhaps these social media platforms should not provide their apps in those countries to begin with.

What’s the fundamental basis for your commitment to freedom of speech?

I am doing some deep research on this right. The studies show that censorship actually makes hate speech worse. There as a study done by Reddit – started censoring their contented. They analyzed 1 million reddit posts. By censoring content, you can sort of slow down hate speech or racism. But, it makes the larger global problem worse. It will just pop up somewhere else.

It’s called The Toothpaste tube effect, the Streisand effect—and it becomes more popular. People want to know more about it. It infuriates the people getting censored. Our approach – someone needs to be mature enough to deal with this more extreme content, so that in the battle of ideas, the good ideas win on the basis of their own merit.

You’re not just infuriating troubles. There are still blocking and filtering tools
Studies prove that censorship makes the larger rise in extremism worse.

The Streisand effect—She didn’t want something about her on line – she made a big fuss about it – and then everyone was talking about it! She wanted to get rid of the content. This is exactly what happens when people get banned on Facebook – they go to other accounts.
Facebook thinks that they are solving bullying—but they are actually making it worse.

I don’t think that this is specifically a libertarian idea – it’s a classic liberal, libertarian, common ground issue. Even if the Left is being dominated by the censorship narrative. Not everyone on the left really wants this. They are bullying their own side into thinking this.

Freedom of speech—I don’t necessarily think that freedom of speech and inclusion are exclusive, I think that you can in a sense that you are being MORE inclusive by supporting freedom of speech.
Why are you committed to freedom of speech? When you start getting into making these subjective decisions about content, that sort of a never-ending rabbit hole that these kind time after time getting social media.

Twitter was marketing itself as the free speech wing of the free speech party. There are lots of internal struggle in Twitter. A lot of people who wanted to maintain their committee. Twitter has become so inconsistent with their policy, even though there is violent speech coming from the left and right – they only ban certain people. You have to have a principle, whether certain content is offensive to some people.

There is a duty of social networks to have principles and to help maintain a healthy community, but I don’t think that requires censoring legal content. A lot of the feedback that you get – you are not taking responsibility for the content on your site.

Movies getting illegally downloaded – copyright issues. The legal line in the US, that is consistent that people can hold onto. The other sites do not have a consistent policy.

Ultimately, I want to engineer ourselves out of the position --- of potentially being able to get corrected by those subjective decisions We are moving toward cryptocurrency, which is less subject to censorship.

Anything else?

Funny, that the momentum is not slowing doing. The Establishment networks are not taking any cues, getting worse, and we grow more. They are not learning from the consumer feedback. Facebook just had another loss of millions of users.

Election 2018: Nevada Governor's Race By the Numbers

I just wanted to reach out again to say thanks for the overwhelming support during Tuesday's primary election! As one of our trusted supporters, I wanted to give you a quick look at our victory by the numbers: ​​
  • 142,329 Republicans voted in the 2018 primary election, up 21% from 2014 and 24% from 2016.
  • Adam Laxalt won the most statewide primary votes than any other 2018 Republican statewide or federal candidate with 101,617 votes.
  • Adam Laxalt won more statewide primary votes than any other non-incumbent Republican gubernatorial candidate since 1962.
  • Adam Laxalt won every county by an average of 5,000 votes and 44 percentage points.
  • Adam Laxalt won nearly 70% of Clark County.
  • Adam Laxalt won nearly 80% of Washoe County.
  • Adam Laxalt won nearly 30,000 more votes than Steve Sisolak.
  • Adam Laxalt won more primary votes than Steve Sisolak in all but one county.
  • Steve Sisolak lost seven counties (Carson City, Elko, Esmeralda, Eureka, Humboldt, Washoe, and White Pine).
  • Adam Laxalt’s highest county win percentage in was 80.68% (Churchill County) and lowest was still above 50%, with 62.11% (Lander County).
  • Democratic choices were so extreme, Democrats in Esmeralda County chose “None of the above.”
  • Money spent per vote:
    • Steve Sisolak: $90.69
    • Chris Giunchigliani: $22.21
    • Adam Laxalt: $13.06
    • Dan Schwartz: $49.12​
We couldn't have done it without YOU. Thanks for being part of Team Laxalt!
For Nevada, 
Kristin Davison

LA Times' New Owner Pledges to Fight "Fake News" ... Really

Patrick Soon-Shiong, biotech billionaire born in South Africa, now living in the United States, has completed his acquisition of the failing, flailing Los Angeles Times.

The new headquarters will be located along Imperial Highway in El Segundo, CA, which guarantees nothing but a terrible commute for the vast majority of reporters and staff which still remain with the newspaper.

The liberal chattering classes are celebrating this move because it means "local control" has returned to this newspaper. Lying is still lying, however, and liberal bias remains liberal bias, whether the owner of a media company is located right next door to the employees or is situated one thousand miles way.

Soon-Shiong also pledged not only to compete with the New York Times, but to fight as hard as possible against Fake News.

Today marks a new era for the Los Angeles Times, The San Diego Union-Tribune and publications across the California News Group. My family and I are truly honored and privileged to assume the mantle of these storied institutions of democracy. To me, this is the culmination of an immigrant’s American Dream.

From today, our important work protecting and building on a rich history of independent journalism begins — with a sense of urgency and purpose.

I believe that fake news is the cancer of our times and social media the vehicles for metastasis. Institutions like The Times and the Union-Tribune are more vital than ever. They must be bastions of editorial integrity and independence if they are to protect our democracy and provide an antidote to disinformation. We will continue our papers’ dedication to truth, integrity, journalistic independence, and storytelling that engages, informs, educates and inspires with care and compassion.

Editorial integrity and independence have fallen into increasingly short supply in the United States. The media has become so obsessed with Donald Trump, looking for every perverse opportunity to see him fail rather than simply reporting what he is doing and what other newsworthy events are taking place in Los Angeles and around the country.

Notice also that Soon-Shiong refuses to define "Fake News". What is he talking about? Does he have any intention of writing the truth about individuals? Let's hope that he expects his writers, reporters, and staffers to get the whole story

In an era of digitally enabled disruptions which pose an existential threat to the traditional newspaper industry, the California News Group must be run as a business in order to grow and thrive, never losing sight of the needs and interests of our readers. 

To run successfully as a business, however, the Times must provide a service which people want.

Most people don't want the left-wing propaganda pablum which passes for news in the LA market. Can Soon-Shiong takes necessary steps to get rid of the wannabe social just warrior reporters at the Times?

As a private, locally owned enterprise, we will invest in the group’s future. While ad-supported print publications will continue to feel the pressures occasioned by the digital era, we are confident that our print products will remain viable and vital. This is especially true for those readers who, like myself, still enjoy the tactile and leisurely experience of a physical newspaper. Yet we are impatient and ambitious when it comes to introducing new products that will inform and delight local and global audiences.

I predict that the paper will fold within one year. The print market is falling on harder times. It's just so much easier to look up articles on-line. It's also become easier to see through the corrupt bias of the mainstream media.

Many of you may wonder why we bought these publications. The decision is deeply personal. America and, more particularly, Southern California, have given me unimaginable opportunities. Here is where I deepened my education, built a family, found ways to contribute to advances in medicine and science, and took inspiration from sports, entertainment and the arts. I grew up in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, the son of a working-class shopkeeper.

Working-class and now upper-class. Will he remain committed to doing what is best for working and middle-class Americans? For Californians?

My parents had fled southern China during World War II after the Japanese occupied their ancestral homes. When I was 14 years old, I began earning money to fund my college education by distributing copies of the Evening Post newspaper.

Oh, that's how personal his connection to print media has become. Interesting.

I still recall the sounds and smells of the printing presses as the first papers rolled off the conveyor belt. I would grab as many as 800 copies from an ink-stained pressman, handing them off to my cadre of “runners” who would then deliver them to local businesses and residences.

This is a nostalgia move. I doubt that it's going to generate any long-term victories, however. Just because someone has a strong sentiment about the newspaper industry does not mean that consumers will warm up to the brand.

Newspapers were not only in my blood, they also engaged my mind. Reading the Post’s headlines and stories, I learned what it meant to grow up “non-white” under apartheid. I came to understand the evil consequences of racism and discrimination. I began to appreciate the essential role journalism plays in fostering and sustaining democracy and free societies.

Really? We have another social justice warrior at the top of the newspaper food chain again, it seems. We need newspapers to report the news, not push an agenda. Or if they are going to push an agenda, it should push principles and values in line with the truth.

We purchased the California News Group because we want to preserve the integrity, honesty and fairness we’ve observed in our decades as avid readers of the Los Angeles Times. My family and I fervently believe that The Times, the Union-Tribune and our other titles must continue to serve as beacons of truth, hope and inspiration binding our communities.

"Integrity, honesty, fairness" - I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Dr. Soon-Shiong still does not explain how his prior experience with selling newspapers makes him qualified to ensure quality reporting. 

We view the publications we acquired as a quasi-public trust. We understand they will be the voice and inspiration for our cities, our state, the nation and the world.

We also understand the importance of editorial integrity and independence. We share our commitment to both with the talented journalists at our publications. They are our lifeblood.

I grew up believing the best newspapers are the voice of the people. None of my personal success has changed that belief.

The press has become the voice of the corporate interests and the political class, which is more invested in telling people what they should be believe and what to think. They have pushed an interest for open borders, cheap labor, the destruction of natural marriage and spiritual values. The smug elitism of the printing-press class is particularly damnable.

Will Soon-Shiong ensure that discrimination against all Americans, all Californians receives due exposure, including hatred of citizens of European and Asian descent?

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you. The California News Group will continue to play its pivotal role in our communities, from Los Angeles to San Diego, projecting out to the world. This region is an incubator for change, innovation and discovery, and we are deeply committed to telling its stories.

When I came to Los Angeles, decades ago, I could not imagine the opportunities this region and this country would provide for me. My family and I are deeply grateful for this opportunity to support our institutions and to continue this vital mission.


Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong

Final Reflection

I have a strong sense that this venture is going to collapse right before the good doctor's eyes. His discussion about the "cancer" of Fake News is well-played, considering that he is a researcher and scientist working to eradicate that terrible physical scourge.

But the true cancer of Fake News has been the liberal, anti-American bias of the local and national press. Will Dr. Soon save the LA Times?

No, he will be the final hospice care clinician for this rotting corpse, nothing more.

Democrats' Use and Abuse of History to Push Open Borders Agenda

The Democratic Party has completely lost its mind, if that political party ever had a mind. They care more about MS-13, illegal alien lawbreakers, yet they have no problem with American citizens living like poor, downtrodden refugees in their own country.

They are now comparing ICE agents and border security to Nazi tyranny.

This is just untenable, outrageous, insane.

The Jews, Gypsies, and other targeted groups were not illegal aliens, foreign nationals in their own country. They had been born, grew up, lived, and thrived in their countries, then Adolph Hilter, the SS, and the rest of his murderous bureaucracy launched the Final Solution to get rid of all European Jewry.

Last time I checked, I do not see border patrol agents killing people.

Last time I checked, the people streaming across our borders are not citizens of the United States.

Last time I checked, the people who are facing arrest and removal from the United States have not been targeted because of their race, but because of their actions: illegal entry and unlawful presence.

Last time I checked, ICE and other executive departments along our southern border have not set up massive gas chambers.

It is beyond disgusting to see elected officials and the corrupt media class dumb down the Holocaust and other Nazi aggression to score political points.

Now the Democrats are switching off their rhetorical flourishes. They are comparing the detainment of illegal aliens, including the separation of families, to the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II.

This is not just a stretch, but outrageous on so many levels.

Again, Japanese-Americans were Americans, but of Japanese descent. They were citizens, living in the United States, and their rights were trampled upon because of their nationality. That is wrong.

In spite of this heinous treatment at the hands of the Roosevelt Administration, many Japanese-Americans would continue to serve this country. These Americans were not lawbreakers.

The foreign nationals crowding our borders--they are criminals, regardless of their reasons for coming to the United States.

The Democrats' misuse of history is beyond corrupt. It's disgusting, and it harms our proper respect and appreciation not just for our past, but for the rule of law.

Is it any wonder why Democrats are struggling politically? They dishonor our veterans, they reject the needs of citizens and put illegal aliens first. They don't care about the working-class or the American poor. The press spends more time propping up their corrupt liberal agenda, and they refuse to confront them for taking advantage of previous (Democratic) presidents' abuse of minorities.

How will this end?

Not well.

Canada's Version of Trump: Doug Ford

Ontario, Canada is one of the most liberal provinces in the Great White North.

They have had 15 years of Liberal Party governance, which has led to massive water, electric rates, plus other cost-of-living burdens which Ontarians can no longer afford.

What happened this year was another political earthquake, this time North of the Border.

Right-wing populism is on the move, and now it has come to Canada. Doug Ford, the older brother of the late, great, brash, and somewhat silly Toronto Mayor Robert Ford, will become the next premier for the Ottawa, Canada Parliament.

The first part of his political platform? Repealing--yes, repealing--Cap and Trade.

While 8 Republicans in the California State Assembly and one State Senate--the supposed "conservative" party in the state of California, voted to continue the Cap and Trade program, real conservatives in Canada ran on an epic platform of cutting costs, cutting spending, and cutting out the Big Green Agenda.

This is huge, folks, especially because Canada has become a socially liberal bastion in which even Christians' rights to freedom of speech and expression are under attack like never before. The federal parliament just legalized marijuana, too.

Here's the latest report about Doug Ford and the conservatives' actions to repeal Cap and Trade:

TORONTO – With Ontario’s cap-and-trade system headed for the chopping block, several green initiatives and projects funded by the program are also on their way out – and some environmental advocates and experts say more rollbacks are likely as the province swears in a new Progressive Conservative government focused on cutting costs and helping business.

Sounds just like what President Trump is doing to roll back Obama's anti-business, anti-free market socialist agenda. Ford and the Progressive Conservative agenda is such a threat to the left-wing political order, that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau intends to do everything he can to prevent the Ontario premier-designate from enacting this plan.

Doug Ford, the Canadian version of Trump

Ford and the Conservatives (the "progressive" part is a holdover from previous governing coalitions) are fighting for working people, and the coalition does not hold back their contempt for the political class on every side of the aisle. The other major third party is even more left than the Liberals, so it is very likely that Trudeau will get swept out of office in 2019, when the next Canadian federal elections are called.

But there's more to the upcoming Ford Administration.

He wants to keep jobs and economic growth in his province. He wants to see the government looking out of the best interests of his fellow Ontarians. This is the same populist mindset which President Trump has emphasized from his campaign to the present day as President: put Americans First.

Ford wants to put the needs of Ontarians first.

Even though Canada is a substantially liberal state on cultural issues at this time, more parents and concerned pro-family groups are starting to fight back. The ruling from a British Columbia Supreme Court against Trinity Western University, which must either surrender its commitment to Biblical values or give up its accreditation as a law school. This is bigotry at its worst, and the Canadian political class are shoving this hate down the throats of law-abiding Canadians.

Doug Ford, however, is a pro-family man, and will probably be ducking out of the latest gay pride parade, too. Let's hope that cultural conservatives will take a stand with this new government and push them to put the needs of working families first, both working and family. He has also voiced concern and interest in putting the needs of Canadians first.

Yes, illegal immigration is a growing problem for the country just north of us. So much so, that even left-wing prime minister Justin Trudeau has warned illegal aliens now fleeing the United States not to come to Canada.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

How Tithing Frees Us, No Longer to Fear Not Having Enough

I used to resist tithing.

I just never knew if I would have enough money, and I couldn't trust God to provide everything.

Learning how to understand God's leading was very difficult for me. Because of the rigorous indoctrination that I had to put up with from my mother and her cult-like attachment to Alcoholics Anonymous, I had gotten to a place where I was constantly looking to her and taking her word for everything.

It has gotten really crazy. There were times where I would tithe, and then she would correct me for doing that, or tell me that it was not OK to do so.

Constantly I was looking to her or to other people to tell me what to think, what to do, how to assess difficult situations in my life.

Tithing was not easy because of that bad sense of training. There was also a period in my life when I was faithfully tithing at my local church, but it didn't seem that my life was getting better.

I have also learned with the greater revelation of God's grace that He loves me because of His Son Jesus. It does not matter whether I tithed or not. However, I want that growing revelation of God's love and resources in my life.

Because I realize more of what he has been able to accomplish in my life, I want to see His favor and resources flowing. I had such a small revelation of God. I simply did not realize that He is constantly at work in my life.

God invites us to enter into His rest. No longer are we striving and writhing in our self-effort to make things happen, as though God is light-years away and uninterested in what we are doing.

I also remember at one point in my life, when I was drawing from unemployment less and less, then I was switching to giving more and sharing more. I found that I had plenty of money, and I even had enough to spend on others. At one job, I was an after-school tutor of sorts. I had my own classes and provided different types of lessons. When we had reached the end of the year, I purchased food for all the students.

It felt good to be able to give something. It just was nice to know that I had money--and that money did not have me!

Last week, I was struggling with a strange point of discussion. Would I be able to tithe?

The pastor was preaching on Malachi, the passage about robbing God and not holding back.

Of course, it's important to read every passage in the Old Testament in light of the Finished Work of Jesus Christ. We no longer have to worry about the curse our the devourer in our lives. Yet still we have the opportunity to "test" God, or at least allow Him to prove His generosity towards us.

When I tithed again this past Sunday, a sense of hope and relief swept over me.

I refused to be in bondage to a certain set of dollars in my wallet, pockets, or elsewhere. It's essential that we realize how money is the least of God's concerns, but rather that He wants us to prosper and be in health even as our souls prosper.

Torrance Law Firm Helping Illegal Aliens! Expose Them Now!

This is outrageous!

No law firm should be teaching or helping illegal aliens to avoid prosecution!

This is happening in the cit of Torrance!

Contact this law firm immediately and let them know that we have our eye on them!

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Address: 3812 Sepulveda Blvd #220, Torrance, CA 90505
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Anti-Zionist, Anti-Jew Sentiment Among "Red-Pilled" Groups

First, I learned about how extensive the Holocaust denial industry has grown, but I also learned that more people are taking on these lies and not backing down.

I have sensed for the last year that a number of conservative outsiders have had a problem with Israel. They claim that the country engages in human rights abuses, that they have no right to the territory. There are further claims that fault intelligence from Israel induced the United States into wars in the Middle East.

Much of this is bunkum, of course, but why do these otherwise conservative "red-pilled" groups hate Israel?

One source informed me that the wacky reports on YouTube have seduced many of these younger minds to reject the Jewish State. The conspiracy theories spun out about a few paramilitary ventures under Israeli authority have fed this unfunded hatred of Israel. A number of videos that I have watched articulate that the whole Holocaust is made up or exaggerated. After watching these videos, however, the arguments offer nothing substantive to debunk the Holocaust.

What do they say about the testimonies of the thousands of survivors? Where did they get the tattooed numbers from? I find it hard to believe that there would be so many people of different nationalities who would fabricate such an elaborate scam. How about the massive video recordings of Germans dumping the dead bodies of gassed Jews into mass graves? I saw those videos as early as 7th grade. I defy anyone to claim that all of those videos were some kind of elaborate hoax.

William Shirer's book "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" is one of the most exhaustive histories on the Third Reich, including the Holocaust. The bureaucrats and and Nazi military thugs who designed and implemented the massive annihilation of targeted groups, starting with the disabled and mentally ill, then continuing with their genocidal plans against Jews, Gypsies, and other "undesirables". They also kept exhaustive records of all the people whom they murdered. The rolodex records, names, the extensive steps to legitimize Jews, expel them, sequester them, incarcerate them, then annihilate them was well-documented.

Some "intellects" cannot fathom that such evil resides in the hearts, the flesh of mankind, yet it's there.

Beyond that, there is a growing upset about "Jewish Elites" controlling the media. These wannabe conservatives have a growing outrage with Jews in general, though, because a large segment of them do lean left. There are a number of people of Jewish descent who work in the entertainment and media industries, too. These individuals then conclude that "The Jews" are the problem.

But wait ...

Not every liberal media mogul is Jewish. Rupert Murdoch is not Jewish, and yet many of these globalized anti-Zionists fervently believe that Murdoch is Jewish! It's crazy. There is no talking to them about this matter.

Many Jews in the media and in everyday life are conservative, at least those whom I have met and read about. I have met Orthodox Jews in West Los Angeles who affirm to me that they voted for Donald Trump in 2016. Ben Shapiro, Mike Levin, Dennis Prager, David Rubin are conservatives or classical liberals. How about Evan Sayet, who used to be a confirmed liberal, but rebelled against his left-wing peers and allied academics when they spent more time defending terrorists than fighting them.

This idea of a Jewish plot to take over the media, to take over the world is simply unsubstantiated, but it's not an old line of attack. Read "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion", and you will find out that for the last 150 years, the push to demonize Jews as an enemy to every civilized country where they live. These notes have been thoroughly debunked as a Czarist forgery meant to justify the savage pogroms against Jews in Russia.

And yet ...

There are the Red Elephants. Nick Fuentes, and an assortment of other alternative right-wing groups and speakers who hate Israel. One video outlined reasons why Christians should give up their "love affair" with Israel; however, the video snipped out video segments from a Jewish gathering which was not taking place in Israel to begin with!

Anti-Zionist lunacy on full display

Then there are stories about the "unjust" treatment of the Palestinians, along with the argument that Israel is an imperial power taking land away from Arab owners. What?! Huh?! They see Iran as a victim-state rather than a sponsor of terrorism all over the world, including Israel as well as the United States. I don't recall Israel threatening to blow Iran off the face of the earth, nor do I recall members of the Israel Knesset burning American flags or taking Americans hostage.

I do recall reading about Israel taking out nuclear reactor in Iraq, which the violent Baathist dictator Saddam Hussein was building. There were diplomatic talking heads who condemned the incident, but in reality many heads of state were glad that Israel had taken the pre-emptive strike to take down the reactor in Osirak.

Then there are the arguments that support for Israel is somehow inconsistent with putting the United States first or investing in this country's better interests. I used to believe that the United States should provide foreign aid or investment to any country. Now I see that American investment in Israel pays off in multiple ways. $3.8 billion is a nothing compared to the data, the intelligence, plus the cultural and spiritual values which Americans and Israelis share.

I would submit that opposing Israel is in fact anti-American. One cannot claim to put America First if they routinely pillory and undermine the state of Israel.

That little nation along the Mediterranean coast is the only stable democracy in the region, aside from Iraq post-Hussein, although its status and stability are in question. The nation continues to serve as a countervailing force against Iran and against Islamic tyranny in the region. They have helped the long-term fight against ISIS. They provide food, water, and technology through research, development, and implementation throughout the world. Their humanitarian investments counter China's aggressive military and cultural imperialism in Africa, too.

And yet these "conservative" groups hate Jews and hate Israel.


1. YouTube viewership without critical thinking.
2. A latent atheism, which is common for many among the alt-right.
3. A knee-jerk Buchananite nationalism, even though Pat Buchanan no longer opposes Israel and considers the Jewish State an ally. Why did Buchanan's views change? He actually visited the country.
4. The fear of being labeled a "cuck" or "Establishment" by their alt-right peers if they stop hating Israel.

What is astonishing to me about this group is that they oppose globalism and the left-wing media ... except when it comes to Israel. They believe all the negative reports written in Haaretz about Israel. They will trot out two major negative events, the Lavon Affair and the attack on the USS Liberty, to justify their unfounded hatred of Israel.

This is no joke. I have read anti-Israel articles and listened to anti-Israel spokesmen, and they invariably throw out references to those two events, then they talk about Jews controlling the Fed, the media, major institutions in the United States Government.

It gets old fast. It's pretty sad, and yet all too common.

For the record, the USS Liberty incident was deemed a fog-of-war tragedy after at least six investigations. The commander in charge of the USS Liberty declared that it was a fog of war tragedy. Even if all the allegations of violent conspiracy are true, would these anti-Zionists conclude that the United States government worked with Israel to cover up this supposed deliberate attack?

How do we deal with these lies about Jews, Israel, the Judeo-Christian legacy?

We fight back with the truth, but we should not vouch for or demand the forced silence of these individuals. If people want to condemn Israel and embrace their Anti-Semitic beliefs, then so be it.

But we have every right to speak the truth and not hold back our recognition of the facts on the ground.

How Else Has The Media Been an Enemy of the People?

When the press lies to the people, what are the voters supposed to do?

One of the best securities against misrule is publicty according to secular liberal humanist Jeremy Bentham.

But what do we do when publicity is complicit in the crimes of the political class?

The left-wing press has lied about substantive issues, which have placed people's lives at risk, which have put our armed men and women in danger, both on our streets and in foreign countries.

Fake News has hurt our stock market and put companies out of business, too.

Consider that the American forces were winning Vietnam during the Tet Offensive, for example. Instead of reporting on how American forces were beating back the Communists, Walter Kronkite and Company were playing up the war atrocities. War is hell, no one can deny that. But to conclude that United States armed forces were not winning the peace led to more deaths, to more destruction to follow.

I saw the photos of refugees in Vietnam trying to force their way onto a helicopters to get out of the country. Then the Viet Cong overwhelmed South Vietnam and killed millions of people. Refugees fled on boats to get out of the country.

How many lives did the Khmer Rouge and other communist dictators massacre throughout the rest of Southeast Asia? Why does no one care? Consider how the corrupt, left-wing mainstream media in the United States induced the American people to reject further intervention and victory in Vietnam.

Consider also that the press worked hard to get Hillary Clinton the nomination in 2016, even though the growing cadre of progressives wanted Bernie Sanders. The press covered for her failures, refused to ask any questions about her health. They promoted her as the big winner before the major primaries along the West Coast and in the first week of June, 2016.

For the previous 8 years, the media carried water for Barack Obama. Let's face it: they created the Obama Administration, dedicated as they were to pushing a chief executive into the White House who had a different skin color from all the other presidents. The left-wing press wanted to virtue signal to the entire world, and we the ordinary Americans suffered for it.

Obama ignored the plight of veterans on secret wait lists, who died in showers without any care or concerns from VA employees. After a week of outrage, nothing happened. Obama knew he could get away with spying on reports, seizing their phone record, and allow his executive departments to run guns, harass individual property owners, and lock up private citizens who simply exercised their First Amendment rights.

The press is the biggest enemy to the United States citizenry. They would rather promote the sob stories of foreign nationals breaking into the United States instead of paying attention to the concerns of hard-working Dads and Moms. Where is the compassion for families separated from one another forever because of illegal immigration? The press doesn't care about the working-class communities in coal country or throughout the Rust Belt.

They don't report new that matters, but they spend plenty of time following false, empty reports about the President and his private life, much of which collapses under closer scrutiny. An aura of fraud and deceit has become so common, that most people know that they are getting lied to before they turn on the television.

At least the American public has become smarter about the commonplace distortions from the press, both on the airwaves and in print, but their damage is real, their bias is destructive, and the American people should rise up and shout "Enough!"