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U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) Fights for Right-to-Work

 U.S. Senator Rand Paul was a worthy Presidential candidate.

The problem with political libertarianism, however, limits its appeal to economic issues.

The Presidency must focus on social and foreign policies issues, too.

Well-respected libertarian thinkers like Murray Rothbard never claimed that the libertarian philosophy would answer those problems.

U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky)

And yet, a political candidate must have ready answers for those issues.

Rand Paul's campaign for President may have failed, but his push to get the federal government out of our pocket books and personal lives is still going strong.

He has also been an ardent fighter against Big Labor and their anti-First Amendment abuses.

Check out his latest eblast, in league with the National Right-to-Work Foundation:

Dear Concerned American,

It's vital that you sign your petition immediately.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, Barack Obama and the Big Labor bosses are about to go ballistic.

One of the biggest complaints I still have with Donald Trump is that he has said nothing--absolutely nothing--to stop the abuses of public sector labor unions, and has offered nothing to deal with the encroachments and dangers they pose against the First Amendment.

Collective bargaining abuses are ruining states all over the country. Why should hard-pressed taxpayers continue to foot the bills for bloated pensions and benefits for civil servants?

You see, the National Right to Work Act has been introduced to forever repeal Big Labor's power to force workers to pay union dues just to get or keep a job.

Good! No one should face extortion to get a job. That is wrong!

So the union lobbyists, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and their allies are going to use every trick in the book to bury the National Right to Work Act.

I am glad that someone is still paying attention to Big Labor abuses.

And they want to do it as quietly as possible.

The union kingpins (and their water-carriers in Congress) can't afford the consequences of having their coercive privileges publicly debated and voted on in Congress!

They don't want the American people to know that:

Millions of workers are forced to surrender part of every paycheck to keep their jobs;

This cash funds violent "organizing" drives, provides a limousine lifestyle for union bigwigs and bankrolls radical, tax-and-spend politicians like Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

Republicans need focus as much as they can on the lavish life-styles of union bosses. They live like kings, while union employees are treated like peons.

Big Labor's power is deadly to millions of small businesses;

Big Labor politicians and Obama-stacked bureaucracies are strangling small businesses with confiscatory taxes, destructive laws and straitjacket regulations.


Forced-unionism exports millions of good jobs overseas;

This is one of the reasons

Productivity-killing work rules, workplace class warfare, slowdowns, "sick-outs" and strikes have all taken their crippling toll, closing the doors of many businesses -- for good.

Once again, the problems with trade in the United States does not just rest on bad trade deals, but overbearing union rules and labor union abuses.

More Economic growth in right-to-work states (Credit: Media Matters)


Big Labor thugs often use their forced-unionism power to terrorize workers and communities with violent strikes, where they have gotten away with beatings, arson, extortion -- even murder!

Don't take Rand Paul's words for it. Ask Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

In the fight for a National Right to Work law, opponents of forced-unionism will face a showdown against the full might of Big Labor.

That's why it's vital that you act at once to ignite massive public support for a National Right to Work bill.

Now is the time to act.

By the time the National Right to Work Act comes up for a vote, every member of Congress must realize the eyes of the American people will be watching.

National opinion polls show that nearly 80% of the American people think it's wrong to force workers to pay union dues under the threat of being fired if they don't pay!

The vast majority of voters oppose the policy, and yet they can't do anything about it. 


And it's critical the National Right to Work Committee, who has led the fight against forced dues for over 50 years, has your help in demonstrating that to Congress.

If the public's attention is fixed on this battle, politicians in Congress will be forced to recognize -- or defy to their peril -- the massive public opposition to compulsory unionism.

Then we'll see who dares to stand with Big Labor . . .

. . . And who stands with freedom and the American people.


Rand Paul, M.D.
U.S. Senator

Final Reflection

Every individual who seeks a job should not have to pay an extortion to a labor union to work.

Labor unions had their place in our economy, but the expansion of learning, innovation, and opportunity has exposed unions as living in the past.

Our economy can grow as we allow individual workers to find gainful employment, and stop shutting out workers who want to move up and profit in their lives.

It's time for Right-to-Work across the country. I hope that more U.S. Senators join with Senator Paul's to make it happen.

Sign the petition for Right-to-Work here.

Share this information far and wide. Let's help U.S. Senator Rand Paul and end forced unionism in the United States, the land of the free.

Thanks for the Help, Debbie. Really!

The Wikileaks cables have been a
conservative’s best friend.

They affirmed that President George W. Bush did not lie about Iraq. Wikileaks proved that armed personnel continued searching for WMD. Of course, the Washington Post reported on the immense discovery of WMD materials in 2005, but that standard was not good enough for the “Bush Lied. People Died” crowd.

They have exposed the corrupt, disingenuous collusion of the mainstream media with the Democratic Party. The DNC fed false narratives about North Carolina’s common-sense bathroom ordinance, among other issues.

Wikileaks just washed away the smug sense of innocent ignorance which the Democratic Party wrapped around itself for the past four decades.

With the latest grand rapids of revelations, that the DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was not an impartial force in the Democratic primary--a new mantra was born:

“Debbie Lied. Hillary’s Fried.”

 “Debbie Lied. The Democratic Party Died.”

Then I found another slogan, advertised on the posters of outraged Democratic activists booing : “Thanks for the ‘help’, Debbie!”

Yes, indeed.

Can someone get me a copy of that sign? Schultz really has helped … the Republicans, and by extension this country.

But first, some background.

Election 2008 left a lingering retinue of blind feminists who demanded the first woman president. The media has been propping up the flagging corpse of the Hillary Clinton brand for the past two decades, determined to keep the Clinton charisma—lawless yet favored, unruly yet popular—at the top of the Democratic ticket.

From 2015 to now, months of intrigue, machinations, and pro-Hillary interventionism throughout the Democratic primary have all come to light. The Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was working behind the scenes to ensure that Hillary Clinton became the Democratic Party’s next Presidential nominee, the democratic process notwithstanding.

So, the DNC was cheating, breaking the rules, violating the principles of their own party to get their queen elected to the throne. Let’s be honest: the Weekend at Bernie’s crowd knew that the DNC was not playing fair. Reporters have been reporting all the upset from these hard-core populist socialists.
Communist Van Jones denounced Debbie, and would have preferred Reince Priebus run the DNC.
As mentioned, Bernie supporters booed Debbie at the Florida Democratic Party convention.

They also booed minority leader Nancy Pelosi, who has presided over the incredible, shrinking Democratic constituency in Congress. In the U.S. Senate, Minority Leader Harry Reid is retiring, with his gambling-labor union-mobocracy political machine in complete shambles all over the Silver State. A Republican will replace him in November. Democrats have plenty of reasons to be unhappy.
And it all comes back to Little Debbie’s big fat Democratic mess.

Under her tenure, the Democratic Party has degenerated into the most un-democratic political organization on record. Perhaps the Russian politburo can boast of a more open, honest, and transparent record. They are despotic elites with no interest in the common man. Let’s go back further, to The Soviet Union, whose leadership would step on your throat, feed you their own feces, expect you to like it, and not pretend to be your friend.

The Democratic Party: Hillary’s Hypocrisy.

The liberal-progressives’ pretense of helping the little guy and pushing back against the One Percent has gone down the drain with WikiLeaks’ revelations.

And now, the Democratic Party’s full-blown implosion lies before us.

Again, whom should we applaud for this slow-moving self-destruction?

Thank you, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

Her East Coast lip, while playing up South Coast Florida hip, has landed her in quite a trip of trouble.
The WikiLeaks are adding a slow-drip torture to the Democratic Party’s chances of winning in November.

Debbie Schultz was tipping her hand the whole time for Hillary Clinton. Forget Clinton Cash. How about Clinton Capitulation?

Then again, the premonitions were agitating many of us.

The Democratic Party convention in Nevada was a precursor for so much worse. I had no idea how bad, though. Disgusted and disenfranchised populists in Nevada simply wanted their party chairwoman to play by the rules. She didn’t. “I’m with her” has been the not-so-subtle agenda of the reigning Democratic political class.

Now, after the tens of thousands of emails dumped by Assange and Co. we find that Little Debbie wasn’t leveling the Democratic playing field for all the candidates.

Of course, the inklings of pro-Hillary unfair play were playing out before us much earlier. The first Democratic Party debate featured five candidates, but Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii chose to resign as Vice-Chair because she was endorsing Bernie Sanders. She also protested that other qualified Presidential candidates were not included on the debate state.
At least she was honest.

Then the remarks from Jim Webb, former U.S. Senator from Virginia, called out the “Hillary-all-the-way” slanted forum, where Clinton got to run off at the mouth, while the only candidate within the Democratic Party with any semblance of sanity on that stage.

The remaining debates featured Hillary and Bernie going back and forth. All the while, little Debbie made sure that their heated word-scrums were broadcasted on weekends, at inopportune times when fewer people would be watching.

Some of the revelations in the WikiLeaks docu-dump were particularly enlightening, but mostly because they were telling us what we kinda, sorta already knew, but couldn’t quite prove.
I believed that Republicans would win the White House in 2016. I had supposed that another candidate would be leading the way. But regardless of the top of the GOP ticket, the Democratic Party finds itself falling apart, wracked with illegitimacy, compounded by Debbie’s promotion to the Clinton campaign.

Bernie supporters, and disaffected partisans have taken over the DNC convention. Elijah Cummings, the chairman of the DNC Platform committee, faced the “No TPP” rants from a disappointed Bernie set.  They chanted “Lies! Lies” over former defense secretary Leon Panetta’s comments. They booed the permanent committee chairwoman Marcia Fudge into silence.

A democratic insurgency is exposing the latent corruption of their anti-Democratic party.
And I am loving every minute of it.

Thanks for the help, Debbie. Really!

Shame on Rosario Marin, Anti-Trump Hispanderer

Rosario Marin (R-Huntington Park) has a storied career in California as well as national politics.

She was a Republican in deep-blue HP, a city where the lawlessness is spilling out all over the streets and eating up the government. The same city where the current corrupt coven on the city council has appointed two illegal aliens to city commissions.

The Mexican mafia run the city, and they are trying to run it into the ground. One of the world's most celebrated immigrants, Nick the Greek, has gotten nothing but disrespect and the run-around from the city.

Back to Rosario Marin.

She was tapped as a token appointment to serve as Secretary of the Treasury for George W. Bush.

Yes, that move was a milestone. She had advertised herself as a centrist who could compete statewide to make the Republican Party brand strong again.

Yet ideologically, Marin did nothing for the country or the conservative cause.

It's very frustrating that she has not stepped up to speak out against the corruption engulf her city.

We the People Rising have been fighting against the corruption and lawlessness of the rogue city council for nearly a year.

She has not shown her face one time.

Now I know why.

Fox News Latino reports:

Rosario Marin, the former U.S. Treasurer under George W. Bush, says that for the first time in more than two decades, she is not campaigning for the Republican presidential nominee or attending the Republican National Convention because she fiercely objects to Donald Trump.

Why does she "fiercely object" to Trump?

Marin says she is too stung by Trump’s rhetoric about Mexico, and about undocumented immigrants, to bring herself to even consider being part of any process that promotes him for president.

What exactly has Donald Trump said about Mexico, or Mexican people in general. When Trump was stating that "Mexico is not sending their best people", he was talking about illegal aliens.

Huntington Park City Council
He never once claimed that all Mexicans are evil. In fact, there is a growing, and welcome surge of Hispanic voters who SUPPORT DONALD TRUMP!

“I have been the spokesperson for five presidential Republican campaigns,” Marin told Fox News Latino. “I have attended the previous five Republican national conventions. I’m not going this year, and I am not campaigning for him. I would never, never, ever vote for the little orange man.”

Firs of all, he's not little. Friends of mine have met with him, and they recognize that he is pretty tall.

He is not orange. But if we really want to get into playing with colors, who then is the racist?

Marin is playing the race card, and she is playing up to the GOP elitists who want corporate welfare, easy taxes, amnesty, and who do not care about life and family.

Strangely enough, Marin's disdain for Trump is completely out of step with many of the Hispanic communities throughout the country.

She's also arrogant:

The outreach efforts she and other Latino Republicans have made in the last several years to persuade Latinos to see the party as one that shares many values – family, economic, educational, among others – are being hurt, she said.

What efforts has she taken? Where has she been? As I said above, she hasn't spend a lot of time in Huntington Park. The city is 

“It makes our job much more difficult, I know what is coming,” Marin said.

“I’m in mourning, It’s been very painful,” Marin said. “He’s writing off the Hispanic community. He’s taking a political calculated risk, and the party is the one that loses.”

That is a lie. Donald Trump has not been writing off any groups, especially since he focuses on issues which concern everyone: immigration, economy, security.

Those issues are as inclusive as they come.

“He brushed us all together” into a negative stereotype, Marin said. “Millions of us have contributed so much to this country, we love this country. I’m flabbergasted. I cannot believe that this man, who is not even a real Republican, will be our standard-bearer.”

Baloney. She is the one painting all Hispanics with a broad brush. Shame on Rosario Marin.

If the former mayor of Huntington Park had spent more time fighting corruption in her own city. If she has spent less time Hispandering and more time fighting for the issues that everyone cares about, if she spent less time playing the race card, then this country would be in better shape.

This observation of hers was particularly flawed:

Then-Gov. Pete Wilson, a Republican, was a very vocal supporter of the measure [Prop 187], and both he and the law are seen as the catalyst to turning the state’s ballooning Latino population against the Republican Party. Since that measure – which eventually the courts struck down – no Republican presidential nominee has won California and only one GOP candidate, moderate Arnold Schwarzenegger, running for governor or U.S. senator has been elected.  

The line of reasoning above suggests that Republicans have fared poorly in California because the state did not pander to illegal aliens and its accompanying lawlessness.

Let's not forget that California went for Bill Clinton in 1992, in part because Ross Perot stole Republican voters from George H. W. Bush.

Let's also recall that Democratic lawmakers in Sacramento have been eroding the status of citizenship for the last two decades since then. Democratic lawmakers love handing out "freebies" to moochers and entitled layabouts. All the public subsidies are attracting more illegals and dependents from other states.

The state of California is going blue because working and middle-income Americans are struggling to survive in a state where feudal elitists are dictating bad policies that harm everyone but themselves. Red states are getting redder at the same time.

With the financial miasmas dragging down the state, and with more businesses and working-class residents of moderate means getting fed up with the arrogant political class in Sacramento, the situation is ripe for a low-key Republican focusing on basic issues to take back the Governor's seat and start repairing the Republican Party brand from the local elections on upwards.

As for the hispanderings of Rosario Marin and her elitist ilk, perhaps we do not want her campaiging for Trump. We would prefer that she not campaign at all.

She apparently suffers from the same "Clinton Cash" problem. The Los Angeles Times investigated her, and found that she was violated administrative policy by receiving speaker fees while serving in the Schwarzenegger administration in California:

A member of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's cabinet resigned Thursday after questions about income she received for giving speeches to private companies, including some that were doing business with her agency.

In a letter to the governor resigning her $175,000 a year position, Rosario Marin, head of the State and Consumer Services Agency, said she had "decided to pursue other opportunities."

The resignation came after The Times inquired about her outside income, which included thousands of dollars in fees for speeches to pharmaceutical companies within months of her agency's push last year to reduce oversight of prescription drugs.

State law bars officials from accepting speaking fees except in certain situations, such as when the income is related to the speaker's "bona fide" business, trade or profession.

Marin Cash, anyone?

So, at the end of it all, why should we really care what Marin has to say about Donald Trump. She refused to take strong stances on key issues during her respective bids for office, She has not articulated a clear vision  for conservative policies.

And Huntington Park is still a haven for illegal immigration and lawlessness. When will this insanity stop?!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Assemblyman David Hadley (R-Torrance) Explains Why NOT to Vote for Hillary

Yes, Yes, I know.

Assemblyman David Hadley is not voting for Donald Trump.

That's his decision. I am voting for Donald Trump, and so are a whole bunch of Democrats and thinking Independents.

He's certainly not voting for Hillary Clinton, though.

And he gives a very succinct set of reasons why no one else should, either:

Clinton’s behavior may not make the tabloids, but is arguably even more egregious [than Trump's]. She clearly endangered American military and intelligence personnel by failing to safeguard classified emails. My son Jack is a West Point cadet who is majoring in Arabic — the notion that our warriors have been jeopardized by Clinton’s “extreme carelessness” (to quote the FBI) is personally obscene to me.

Obscene. Indeed. How about "Criminal" or "Evil"?!

David's son Jack, on the right

Further, the gusher of money flowing between the Clinton Global Foundation, special interest donors (including many foreign governments), Clinton political allies and the Clintons themselves before, during and after her tenure as secretary of state is incompatible with her duty to advance American interests. Regardless of the consequences, the Clintons have used their political positions and connections to unethically enrich themselves.

Could not have said it better.

This picture speaks for itself, too:

I would advise every Republican in the state of California to copy and paste Hadley's statement and share the information with every Independent, Democrat, and non-affiliated voter.

Please make sure you vote on Nov. 8.

Luis Alvarado on PBS: Hispandering CAGOP'er

It's hard to stomach the anti-Republican rhetoric on PBS.

It's even worse hearing it from other Republicans.

California Republican Luis Alvarado was on PBS a few weeks ago.

He is proudly #NeverTrump, and advertises the ascendancy of the Donald as proof positive that all the "hard work" that Republicans have done to recruit Hispanics is for naught.

He is entitled to his opinions, but this country does not need anymore backstabbing elitists who are not paying attention to what is going wrong in our state and our country. This country cannot allow Hillary the Beast to enter the White House.

Hill No!

It is deeply frustrating that a high-class delegate in the state is openly advocating that voters not support Donald Trump. Does he really think that Gary Johnson has a sequoia's chance in New Mexico of becoming the next President of the United States.

As for all the talk about CAGOP work and outreach to Hispanic residents ...

First of all, hispandering is not hard work.

No state should be opening up its borders and granting blanket amnesty anyone.

Second of all, I am meeting more Hispanic residents in California who support Donald Trump. They are conservative. They want full-on family values.

It seems, however, that Republican leadership is just plain bent on being more liberal, calling this lurch to the left an act of "being inclusive.".

Oh brother. Or should I write "Hijole mano!"

Luis Alvarado and Mario Guerra
Illegal immigration, national security, and a pro-American industrial economic agenda are in everyone's best interests.

The Hispanic population in California is intensely diverse, and to  think that everyone of them wants an open border is madness.

However anyone  may characterize immigration reform, more Californians of all backgrounds are weary of crime and corruption throughout the state.

And yet ...

The obsession that the California Republican Party leadership has with amnesty and making nice with illegals is very disconcerting.

We need the rule of law, people, and this is not open for debate.

I appreciated a number of former Downey mayor Mario Guerra's comments. Republicans are dominating the local offices. They should be, They know how to count, They don't take bribes. They don't see local governance as an easy form of money making through kickback schemes.

He also made a very prescient view about the conventions. The Republican Convention was a principled show of unity compared to the Democratic chaos, filled with booing, jeering, heckling, and walk-outs.

Guerra chose not to say whether he would or would not support Trump. I wish that he would have been forthright, but oh well ....

Republicans are doing a great job at the local level. They are dominating. More cities are demonstrating better governance than

I also agreed with Guerra that Hispanic voters are like all over voters--wow, surprise!--they care about other issues, many other issues.

Thank you, Mario!

Most importantly of all, Republicans do not view local governance as an opportunity to push social experimentation. It;s about  ... service.

GROW Elect is working hard getting Republicans into local office is growing.

City residents want balanced budgets and safe cities. Is this really too much to ask? For Democratic elected officialsm the answer is YES YES YES!

Still, though, an obsession with making nice to Hispanics and repeatedly apologizing for Prop 187 remains the order of the day.

And Mr. Alvarado is the face of this.

 He has made it very clear that he supports immigration reform. OK. He won't vote for Trump, and he wants to tear down his chances. You know what? Go away, Luis. Democrats are shifting and voting Republican, and they are voting for Trump. Deal with it.

The Republican has not failed, as much as the elites, the establishment, the play-nice Chamber of Commerce crowd just does not want to listen to the Angry Middle American voter.

I am tired of hearing about amnesty talk.

I would like to ask, though, when the state of California will start taking care of our citizens and naturalized residents?

I listened again to Luis' interview on PBS SoCal with Mario Guerra.

I was offended by a number of comments.

He called assemblyman David Hadley a "Democrat" based on his voting record. Really?! Is that how Republicans are supposed to win? Pretending to be Democrats?  That is not something to advertise. Hadley is trying to win in a swing district. Very swing district.

That does not mean that we should further announce his challenges.

The two guests made no efforts to slam David Nazar's slanted and petty "interviews" with left-wing Democratic voters in Boyle Heights.

Give me a break.

Alvarado is a consultant. The consultant class in California is all about making money and making nice to just get by. That is not working in this state.

I am ashamed and disgusted with Mr. Alvarado's self-hate against the California Republican Party.

He is entitled not to vote for Trump, but for him to keep throwing conservatives and concerned citizens across the country on this issue is just plain wrong.

I am tired of being shamed, and tired of seeing the Republican Party maligned without any fight-back over the Hispanic vote, the minority vote, blah blah blah

What Defines Conservatism in the South Bay

The South Bay of Los Angeles County has a distinct political culture.

No doubt its changing, but the dynamics which define political behavior and identity in the district are still worth noting,

I am a member of the pro-immigration enforcement group "We the People Rising."

They have been committed Trump supporters from early on,

Yet in the Beach Cities Republicans, the love for Trump has not been that strong.

Earlier in the year, Gary Aminoff, the Los Angeles County chairman for the Cruz campaign, rallied support for the Texas Senator.

Most of the people in the room supported Cruz.

A handful of people supported Kasich.

The only people in the room who backed Trump were members of We the People Rising who had come as guests.

This outcome reminded me of the political make-up of the Republican Party and the conservative movement in general in the South Bay.

The region does not have the temperamental populist/nationalist disposition of Trump supporters.

Three issues propelled the New York Real Estate tycoon to the GOP Nomination:

1. Illegal immigration
2. Bad trade deals/one-sided globalism
3. National security/public safety

In the South Bay, illegal immigration is not as keenly felt. There are illegals, but they do not compete with South residents or jobs. Engineers, civil servants, and wealthy businessmen live in this area. A large population of kids who have inherited their homes from their parents.

Some wealthy socialites rely on illegal immigrant workers, no doubt! The aerospace industry features largely in the region, but does not feel the unjust, undue influence of illegal aliens competing for jobs.

Not a great deal of movement in the region, since the South Bay has great weather, a great atmosphere, and a welcoming stability.

Industrial challenges from the global market place do not hurt many parts of the area, either. Torrance, California prides itself as a balanced city, based on retail, commercial development, real estate, industry, as well as other business investments.

Granted, Toyota corporation is moving to Texas, but much of that is due to the skyrocketing cost of housing in the area. People will not sell their homes, the state will not allow contractors to build homes.

As for national security. Despite the disturbing crime rises throughout the state, the South Bay is a relatively insular region. Murders are non-existent in Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, and Torrance. There is serious gang activity in the Harbor Gateway, but even there, the crime rates are negligible compared to South Los Angeles.

For the most part, though, those who live in the South Bay can afford to live here, and they do not fear the cluttered challenges which face them.

So, what defines conservatism in the South Bay?

First, there are the fiscally conservative, socially liberal types.

Limousine liberals, or champagne socialists, live in the Beach Cities, I was talking to some Republican leaders who marveled at Senator Majority Mitch McConnell's leadership in the U.S. Senate. As a hard-core partisan, I have found him to be a spiteful get-along type.

Their biggest concern? He helped keep the tax rates as low as possible.

Trump's big issues are not big issues in the South Bay

A libertarian to liberal-leaning cultural outlook permeates this group. They want little conflict, they just want to see Washington DC get things done. Corporate welfare is a considerable feature, too, since aerospace industries have relied on the Ex-Im Bank to entice foreign investment to the region. Hence, the Kasich supporters. Most Democrats I have met in the South Bay will also describe themselves as "fiscally conservative, socially liberal", as well some well-placed Independents and Republicans.

One of the main leaders of "Fiscal Issues Only" conservatism lives in the area, too. This brand wants to avoid touchy conflicts, and try to accommodate differences rather than create conflict, which explains why a distinct number of Republicans were supporting Ohio Governor John Kasich.

Besides fiscal conservatives, there are the religious social conservatives. This group helps explain Cruz' wider-spread popularity in the region. There were plenty of more liberal-leaning Republicans who supported Ted Cruz, too, but either because he was a dedicated constitutionalist, or because he was the only Republican left who could win who was not named "Donald Trump."

Even Cruz had a veneer of elitism about himself, though. A white-collar conservative with pro-life and pro-family views seemed like the perfect fit to sway diffident Republican voters in the South Bay.

Then he dropped out of the race after Indiana.

So, the Republican Party straddles two very distinct, and not-so-harmonious elements of the conservative movement.

And Democrats have taken advantage of this divide for years.

The South Bay used to have a distinct surfer-dude "Live and Let Live" flair.

Now, high-powered liberals are moving in from Los Angeles, and edging out the limited government leave-me-be mentality for government interventionism, all under the guise of Environmentalism. The limousine liberalism, which means more money for the few through deepened political connections, is taking over the South Bay.

Since when did wealth become married to a progressive agenda?

With this political movement burgeoning in the region, reconciling religious conservatives with the more "fiscal only" types will become more challenging.

One has to wonder how all of this will bear out in November, with Donald Trump at the top of the ticket.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

California MassResistance Lobbies Against SB1146 in La Mirada

June 26th, 2016.

California MassResistance is building up the fight against SB 1146.

We are reaching out to assembly and state senate candidates.

We are encouraging churches, charities, small businesses, students, parents, civic leaders to stake their claims and take a stand for individual liberty.

One of the main institutions fighting against this legislation is Biola University.

This Christian college is located in La Mirada, California.

I visited the city council that day, in order to give a statement in opposition to SB 1146, to demand that Assembly Majority Leader Ian Calderon (who represents La Mirada) stop the bill in committee.

Despite my hectic workday, and the challenges of driving from the South Bay to the edge of Los Angeles County, I arrived at the La Mirada City Council meeting in time.

A few pastors had also arrived, and it looked as if some of them were interested in speaking out against SB 1146.

The La Mirada city council chambers was relatively empty.

I was surprised that I did not have to submit a speaker card for public comment.

Honestly, that's the way city council meetings are supposed to run.

I gave extended remarks about SB 1146.

After public comment, the mayor informed me that they were sending a letter of opposition to state senator Ricardo Lara's bill.

Another resident, the father of La Mirada Councilman Andrew Sarega, commented about SB 1146.

Papa Sarega

He had just returned from a one-month trip to his home country, Romania, where the country had just added a constitutional amendment enshrining marriage as an institution between one man and one woman.

Incredible! This move is particularly striking, since the vast majority of countries in the European Union have caved on this issue and recognize a radical redefinition of marriage.

After the very short city council meeting, Councilman Sarega sat down with me and explained his staunch opposition to SB 1146, as well as his firm support for Christian principles, natural marriage, and individual liberty.

Councilman Andrew Sarega

Listen to his remarks here.


I spoke with another councilman after the very short city council meeting,

He told me that he had not even heard about SB 1146, then mentioned the emails he had been receiving in support and opposition to the bill.

This is an all Republican city council, and yet there is little leadership to do something vivid and severe to stop SB 1146.

A letter of protest is nice, but the city council should be reaching out to all the voters and community leaders. especially those invested in the long-term well-being of the city.

How could any of these councilmembers not be aware of this terrible legislation? Biola's own president Barry Corey has been contacting donors, parents, everyone invested in the integrity of Biola.

What is everyone so afraid of? Why won't more elected officials step up and push back against the abusive LGBT bullies in California?

More people need to know about this terrible bill, and need to vote against it!

Contact the La Mirada City Council, and demand a resolution opposing SB 1146!

Please call (562) 943-0131 or email:

Steve De Ruse:
Ed Eng:
Pauline Deal:
Lawrence Mowles:
Andrew Sarega:

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Mike Pence for VP?

So, Donald Trump is choosing Mike Pence as a running mate.

At least that's the news I have read from the conservative websites and a little dabbling from CNN.

He had a hard time keeping the news to himself.

Let's hope the pause for an announcement following the Nice France attacks will change his mind.,

Pence is not worth two pence to some critics, and for me, he was not the best choice.

Then again, this choice was not about winning over voters like me, who are not that large in the scope of electoral statistics.

Mike Pence (Gage Skidmore)

Ann Coulter predicted that the VP pick would be his first mistake.

Again, like me, Coulter is not the target audience Trump has to consider with his VP choice.

He needs to shore up concerned and fearful Evangelicals, conservatives, and libertarians very worried about Trump's track-record.

So far, those key demographics are warming up to Trump because of the Pence pick.

Influential conservatives in California have told me that they love Pence as the candidate.

Here are my initial thoughts about the Indiana Governor.

This man could not stand up to the Big Gay Hate Machine in Indiana when this reddest of red states wanted to protect the First Amendment rights of all businesses.

He has been a terrible executive for the Hoosier state, according to other sources..
He drank the Obamacare Medicaid kool-aid!

The conservative media pundits gave him a partial pass, however, because his program instituted work requirements along with Health Savings Accounts.


Mike Pence had thrown his hat in the ring for President. He did not last long, but at the time, he was  one of the most principled, consistently conservative members of the House.

When he became governor, however, his tenacity for fiscal discipline and social conservatism faced a few more bumps. A legislator only runs an office--maybe two or three.

A governor is responsible for the entire state.

Indiana is no small commitment, and Pence had quite an act to follow: Mitch Daniels.

So, I may not think Mike Pence was the best candidate for VP.

We all know that Ann Coulter was not too thrilled.

But Trump needed to choose someone who would appeal to the unsure conservatives.

Coulter became a Trump cheerleader long ago. Trump did not want need to wind the unstrung commentariat or the populists.

He needed to assure fiscal conservatives and social conservatives.

He needed to give some kind of calm consistency to his ticket.

He has succeeded.

Pence is the VP nom, and most people are not really talking about him.

That will work for me.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

California MassResistance in Cudahy, CA

July 25th, 2016.

Councilman Jack Guerrero of Cudahy, California--a small,heavily Hispanic, working-class city--submitted a discussion item for the day's city council agenda.

If passed, the item would have directed city staff to bring forth an agenda item which the five city councilmembers could vote on. This resolution would have declared the city council's opposition to Senate Bill 1146, the "Kill Christian Colleges" bill sponsored by the unconscionable Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens).

This move is the first recorded in the state of California, where elected officials have taken further steps to stop that pernicious bill.

Hispanic communities throughout California are rising up, raising their voices against the terrible legislation. Samuel Rodriguez, the lead pastor of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, has aligned minority leaders in vocal opposition.

Councilman Jack Guerrero,
the only honest elected official
in Cudahy, CA.

Now, another leader, a conservative and conscientious Christian, Jack Guerrero, is leading the fight at the local level, informing residents to put pressure on their elected representatives.

In Cudahy, I have worked with a larger network of activists.

They fight against the corruption of the current city council, in which four of the members do the bidding of private contractors and the Democratic political machine in the region. Ricardo Lara runs his state senator district like a mafia don. He gets his way, and anyone who gets in his way, gets theirs really quickly.

Most residents are either unaware or unwilling to get involved in the perverse political conflicts rife in the region. One newspaper article referred to Cudahy as "The City the Law Forgot."

Cristian Hernandez, Chris Garcia, and Cristian Markovich

In 2012, two former city councilmembers were arrested, sent to federal prison over bribery scandals. Extremely disturbing and destructive.

The new city council is made up of mostly young men, and they are  just as corrupt.

They abuse Jack Guerrero frequently.

Their previous policies have turned Cudahy into a sanctuary city.

Crime is still high. The city is full of renters. The streets are dirty. The budget is facing massive deficits, and the city could go bankrupt.

Very little is actually functional in Cudahy.

And yet ...

Jack Guerrero took a stand for liberty, for the First Amendment.

The item appears as Number 13 B in the city agenda (pg. 4) ...

13 B. Council Member Guerrero i. Discussion item on City Council resolution on behalf of Cudahy residents, to oppose SB 1146, and support religious freedom

The city council meeting started late, which has become an unfortunate habit of the current council.

A few presentations followed, including the showing of the colors by a local ROTC unit.

The city council then opened up the meeting to public comment, but a little more background is needed here. Cudahy city council members have been repeatedly limiting public comment, as more residents of the city have identified the crime and corruption of their elected officials. The four corrupt members of the council--Chris Garcia, Cristian Hernandez. Cristian Markovich, and mayor Baru Sanchez--were supposed to be fellow reformers along with Jack Guerrero.

Sandra Orozco, a political activists based in Maywood and who networks with all major cities in the Southeast Corridor, spoke out against SB 1146. Check out here comments here.

But they failed. Like many young politicians, they liked getting things. They wanted the notoriety, and the big money which comes with it.

The Four Corruptitos from a prior city council meeting

They spend money which the city does not have.

They have raised crippling taxes and fees on the residents, the vast  majority of whom are working poor and struggle from month to month to survive.

Chris Garcia has attacked Guerrero publicly and privately. The savagery among the four against the one honest councilman has grown so deep, that Guerrero does not meet with them in the same room during Closed Session deliberations.

Previous protests against the Cudahy Corruptitos

It is outrageous.

With this backdrop of challenges and difficulties facing the only good  elected official among the lot of them, readers across the country--supporters of MassResistance and the pro-life, pro-family cause, can understand the risks and costs incurred by Guerrero to challenge SB1146.

And there's more.

Cudahy, CA resides in the senate district which Ricardo Lara represents. The petty, illiberal adult child has been targeting Guerrero for the last three years. He wants him out, and wants to replace this man and other honest councilmembers with his bought-and-paid-for cronies.

Yet Jack wanted to discuss opposition to SB 1146.

His greatest opposition--and threat to safety--is Chris Garcia. Like many corrupted local officials, he attempted to push back discussion of the agenda item so far toward the end of the meeting, that the remaining audience members would get discouraged, give up, and go home.

But California MassResistance did not give up.

Residents in support of good government rallied to support this measure.

Here is the video seuence in which Guerrero explains his reasons for opposing SB 1146.

Notable in his comments, the councilman referenced young residents in the city who had attended Christian colleges and received CalGrants to fund their education. Her described the Biblical standards of single-sex bathrooms and doors, plus the dedicated spiritual use of courses and school property as "common sense", in a subtle yet necessary critic of the delusional LGBT agenda.

The most appalling result of this preliminary discussion?

Of the three remaining city councilmembers on the dais (Mayor Sanchez did not show up, and Garcia ran away), no one would second Guerrero's motion to present a full resolution in opposition to SB 1146!

At first, Markovich acknowledged that he had thought long and hard about SB 1146, and then whether to oppose or support it. After showing some restraint or consideration, he sat silent and did nothing when Guerrero moved to act on the discussion item.

Not one thing.

Just terrible!

In spite of this setback, the councilman affirmed to me and the audience that he would return to the matter to discussion at a future date.

And California MassResistance will be there to support his decision and inform more Californians throughout the state to demand that this legislation be pulled.

I Endorse Ted Cruz's Non-Endorsement

The convention is over. I enjoyed Trump’s signature speech, and his acceptance of the nomination.
I was never a #NeverTrumper, and I never will.

I am voting for the Donald in November, rodeo clown antics be damned.

He has actually flexed some conservative muscle. I do not accept the conservative Cassandras who bewail the death of conservatism. They are acting more like Narcissus, just plain angry that their conservative did not win the nomination. I feel their pain (without the bottom lip-biting, though). Three of my conservative candidates did not earn the crown of nomination.

Does that diminish my choices or their campaigns? Not at all. The truth is, the party and its leadership were not listening to the dire concerns of the large swatch of citizens. The outrage with the Washington political class did not burst out all of a sudden, but simmered to its present boil following “a long train of abuses and usurpations.”

Bailouts, big wars with no wins in sight, plus insecure borders which benefited the well-connected few—all of it enraged people.

What bothered me so much then, and still rankles a little now, was how deeply the voting public dismissed and/or distrusted U.S. Senator Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz was another one of the show-stopping convention speakers, with an astounding record.
He sacrificed the creature comforts for a federal legislator, calling out his colleagues on both sides of the aisle for not fighting enough, or for doing the bidding of wealthy donors instead of the widespread populace. He spoke the truth, charmed the crowds, fought to defund Obamacare while defending the Constitution.

As a candidate, he got too cozy with Trump in the early stages, convinced that “New York Values” would flame out and Cruz could gain the lead, then regain for the win. It was not to be. This raging, populist frustration would bat down sixteen incredible candidates, even he minor leaguers with more merit than any of the Democratic candidates.

Now to the Pledge.

Two of my conservative peers challenged me to look over the solemn oath, the promise which each Republican candidate made. Townhall’s very own Kurt Schlicter (a featured guest at my club the Beach Cities Republicans the same day as Trump’s acceptance speech) acknowledged his doubts about Cruz’s decision not to endorse Trump.

I respect that conflict. Republicans have to unite the party to win.

“[T]he Democrats have two people left in the race. One of them is a socialist. America doesn't want to be a socialist country. If you want to be a socialist country, then move to a socialist country.
The other one is under FBI investigation … and anyone who lies to the families of victims who lost their lives in the service of our country can never be the commander- in-chief of the United States.”


So, Cruz chooses not to endorse Donald Trump. Guess what? Lots of Republicans are not too thrilled with their top ticket nominee. U.S. Senate incumbents are supporting him but with little more fanfare than “Congrats, now go away.” Others are staying silence (or just plain staying away). No formal endorsements or announcements on social media do not signal “#NeverTrump” either. Cruz can vote for the Donald with boldly declaring that everyone else in America should. I know that I will.

“But Cruz promised!”

Granted, a pledge is a pledge. Easy for you and me to say as much. How would you feel, though, about a man who trashed and maligned your family? We can speculate, sure …
And what was the pledge? Cruz said he would “support the nominee”, which meant no third-party run. Here’s the clip where he affirms his support.

(Both photos courtesy of Gage Skidmore)

But not “endorsement”.

At one time, Trump had renounced his pledge. Why hasn’t anyone brought this little (hypocritical?) tidbit to light? In March, just before the Wisconsin primary, Trump had made light of Cruz’s endorsement, stating that he doesn’t need the senator’s support. That is a fact. A candidate who crushes a consummate conservative by double-digits in a deep red state like Indiana (two months after Wisconsin) does not need any one endorsement going forward.

Also, Cruz began back-pedaling his resolve to endorse Donald as nominees during the same Wisconsin tow hall. By then, Trump viciously and gratuitously maligned his wife and his father. “That goes beyond the pale,” Cruz declared plainly.

And he was right.

The 2016 RNC Convention was rolling along fine. Some expected names did not appear (Bush, McCain, Romney), and other, highly-prized and favored speakers marked the wild and enthusiastic crowds. Then came Cruz. He rallied his fellow Republicans to fight for liberty and vote their conscience.
What’s wrong with that?
The boos followed, but I was cheering. Cruz chose wisely. His non-endorsement did not spring from bitterness or spite, but a just consequence for Trump’s wicked attacks. Unlike most politicians, who run away from stern even upset crowds, he submitted before the Texas delegation and explained clearly why he had refused to endorse Trump:

“I addressed the convention because Donald asked me to … he didn’t ask me to endorse, and I told him three days ago I was not going to endorse him.”

There was a clear understanding up front.

“I am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and who attack my father.”
Indeed. The lies were outrageous, unjustified, should not be rewarded with a “puppy dog” endorsement to follow. The oath to wife and family comes first.

Who cares how loud the boos were? Cruz retained integrity and dignity. Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin mocked Cruz with “Delete his career.” Reminder: Palin the governor walked off the job without completing her first term: another pledge breaker!

Forget the critics. I endorse Ted Cruz’s decision not to endorse. Besides, Trump repeated that he didn’t need it, wouldn’t accept it—and then went back to attacking his father and wife—again!
Cruz’s decision is vindicated, and he awaits a glowing future.