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Election 2018: New York Governor's Race a Possibility for GOP?

Republicans are looking at a big map of opportunities for US senate races. They could scoop up anywhere from six to even ten seats. President Trump's agenda is popular with working people, and Trump's endorsements have been very effective for some of these races although special elections have been a bit of a toss-up.

The Governor's Map, however, is formidable in a different way. The 2010 Red Wave swept in Republican governor's into otherwise Democratic states. Maine and New Mexico, for example, had Republicans with a strong penchant for conservative reforms across the board. Today, there are Republican governors in at least 34 states.

What will happen going into 2018, however?

Illinois is a lost cause. Even though GOP incumbent Bruce Rauner unseated a terrible incumbent, Pat Quinn, who had replaced the corrupted and disgraced Rod Balgojevich, Rauner squandered what political capital he had earned and built upon. He signed off on terrible legislation, from taxpayer funded abortions to tax increases. His only saving grace has been to stand up to the public sector unions and issue executive orders to free non-union public employees from paying fees.

Rauner also signed off on transgender bathrooms and sanctuary state laws. He faced a conservative primary challenge who had much less money than Rauner the hedge-fund manager. The incumbent squeaked out of the primary by 52% against a relatively unknown state legislator.

This is bad, really bad for Illinois. The state is hemhorraging taxpayers like crazy. The infrastructure is collapsing, and the unsustainable pension debt is so bad, that there is now way for the legislature or any kind of creative or hard budgeting that will get the state on firm footing. Illinois is going bankrupt, and both parties contributed to this epic, unprecedented failure.

Rauner will lose to a union-bought Democrat, and then the state will collapse under its corrupt, wasteful largesse.

New Mexico and Maine are looking like they may tilt Democratic, too, although Congressman Steve Pearce has a degree of popularity which may help him overcome his slowly but steadily compromised Democratic challenger. Maine is another problem due to its newly-implemented rank choice voting program, which the current governor still has refused to certify.

Other historically blue states will have incumbent Republicans more likely than not win re-election: Vermont and New Hampshire. Phil Scott has find the right equilibrium on center-left cultural issues, while signing off on fiscally prudent budgets to help Vermonters save money. The state is steadily losing population as more young people struggle to find work and succeed at building any kind of lasting life for themselves.

Now, one blue state looks like a promise pick-up for Republicans: New York State.

The Republican is a the chief executive for Duchess County, Macus Molinaro.  He served in the State Assembly years back. He voted against same-sex marriage and gun control. However, he did not vote for Donald Trump. This year, though, the President might not hold this lack of loyalty against statewide candidates.

The more Republicans that Trump can work with in statehouses, the better. Besides, Trump already endorsed John Cox for governor of California, and Cox admitted that he had voted for Gary Johnson in 2016.

As for Molinaro, does he have a chance?  Incumbent Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo won re-election in 2014 by 54% during a very low Democratic turnout year.

This year, Cuomo is facing hefty, partisan, ideological primary challenges. Actress Cynthia Nixon has earned a socialist worker's party endorsement, for example, and she insists that she will stay in the race all the way to general election day.

Another candidate, former Syracuse mayor Stephanie Miner, is launching a bid as a liberal-leaning Independent. Progressives pushed her to run, and she already has a demonstrable political record as the chief executive for the fifth-largest city in the state.

She will give Cuomo another run for his money.

President Trump does not have high approval ratings in his home state, which is understandable since the state is pretty liberal, and the New York State GOP have worked has hard distancing themselves from Trump as they have looking for strong statewide candidates.

Also, because the previous state attorney general resigned because of sexual misconduct, the current appointed attorney general will face a real challenge this year. One Townhall.com article suggested that a Republican might be able to top this appointed official and ensure at least one Republican in statewide office in New York State.

Anything can happen, that's for sure, and with so many left-leaning gubernatorial candidates, Cuomo may find that his bid for a third term as governor will end his career.

Election 2018: US Senate Races to Consider

Election 2018 presents a formidable map for Democrats but plenty of opportunities for Republicans.

Ten of the US Senate seats up for re-election are in states which either Romney and Trump won in 2012, or states which Trump won in 2016.

I think that Republican chances of flipping seats in the Rust Belt are somewhat possible, even if those incumbents have been in office for two or more terms.

The map should have gone Republican's way somewhat in 2012, but Barack Obama was at the top of the ticket, and Romney was not the draw which Republican voters were looking for.

Here are two US Senate Seats which I think that the National Republican Senatorial Committee have written off, but which may come into play, even if the Democrat hangs onto the seat ultimately in November. Seats can be competitive even if the incumbent still wins because the National Democratic Senatorial Committee will have to thrown in more money than anticipated to keep the seat.

1. New Jersey.

Mendacious Robert Menendez survived a corruption trial from last year, but his popularity numbers are really low. New Jersey Democrats voted for his no-name primary challenger by 38%, and she had no money or name recognition to be challenge Menendez with any real power or influence.

New Jersey voters have faced a similar problem before. In 2002, incumbent Democratic US Senator Robert Torricelli was neck-deep in corruption and ethics scandals. The Democrats removed Torricelli and placed another candidate on the ballot, retired US Senator Frank Lautenberg. The New Jersey Republicans challenged this move in federal court, but the Supremes denied certiorari for whatever reason. The New Jersey Republicans really had a chance against Torricelli, who was losing by double-digits to his Republican challenger that year. It was stunning that the Supreme Court refused to do anything!

Will this be the time and chance for New Jersey GOP to get the seat which had eluded them in 2002?

One other thing: the Republican nominee Bob Hugin has a huge personal warchest for a statewide campaign, and he will be spending big money against Menendez to unseat him. The last poll for the race had Menendez at a weak 4% margin ahead of his Republican challenger.

2. Maryland.

Chelsea Manning is running a newsy primary challenge against incumbent Establishment Democrat Ben Cardin. One Maryland Republican leader told me that there is no way that Manning could sweep the primary against Cardin.

But what if he does? The guy who betrayed the United States, who faced court martial and prison time, who "transitioned" from male to female, who received an unjustified pardon from President Obama, the same candidate is firing up the progressive wing in Maryland Democratic Party politics.

Even if Cardin carries the primary by double-digits, a popular Republican incumbent is running for Governor: Larry Hogan. It's possible that he will not only bring up the ticket for all Republicans, but that disaffected working Democrats and independents will look at the insane Dem primary a second time and decide to vote Republican or not even vote at all!

Imagine a US Senate race competitive in the Old Line State!

It's possible, and Democrats will have to spend some kind of money for Cardin regardless of how well or how poorly Chelsea Manning does.

Melchizedek: Jesus Pre-incarnate, or Precursor of Christ?

Melchizedek and the high priesthood of Christ Jesus remains one of the most neglected subjects in modern Christendom. I had read about the role of the high priest here and there, but no one taught me how Jesus is my high priests and serves forever.

Melchizedek blesses Abram

Because few pastors explain the worship and sacrifice functions of the priest in the Old Testament, it's very difficult to appreciate Jesus' service as our High Priest.

Today, though I wanted to explore a question that seems academic, but in the long-run has greater value for us as we grow in grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus.

Is Melchizedek, the King of Salem who appears in Genesis 14, a pre-incarnate appearance of Jesus Christ, or is he a type and shadow in the Old Testament who points to Christ Jesus?

I submit that Melchizedek is a type, but is not an actual appearance of Christ Jesus.

First, here's the whole passage of Melchizedek meeting Abram:

"17And the king of Sodom went out to meet him after his return from the slaughter of Chedorlaomer, and of the kings that were with him, at the valley of Shaveh, which is the king's dale. 18And Melchizedek king of Salem brought forth bread and wine: and he was the priest of the most high God.

"19And he blessed him, and said, Blessed be Abram of the most high God, possessor of heaven and earth:

"20And blessed be the most high God, which hath delivered thine enemies into thy hand. And he gave him tithes of all." (Genesis 14: 17-20)

The first reason that I suspect that this is not an appearance of Christ Jesus Himself is that Melchizedek does not tell Abram to bow down to him or take off his shoes, as the Angel of the Lord told Moses then Joshua would do later in the Old Testament (cf. Exodus 3:5, Joshua 5:15).

Second, the prophecies about Jesus in connection with Melchizedek refer to Jesus as priest forever after the order of Melchizedek, but not as Melchizedek himself:

"The LORD hath sworn, and will not repent, Thou art a priest for ever after the order of Melchizedek." (Psalm 110:4)


"9And being made perfect, he became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey him; 10Called of God an high priest after the order of Melchisedec." (Hebrews 5:9-10)

Jesus was called to be a priest. That means he had not become one yet, unlike Melchizedek, who was already priest and king. During His earthly ministry, Jesus served as prophet. He is now our priest, and He will come again as king.

Now, the passage in Hebrews 7 gives the impression that the priest of God Most High in Genesis 14 has the same divine quality as Jesus.

Let's take a closer look:

"For this Melchisedec, king of Salem, priest of the most high God, who met Abraham returning from the slaughter of the kings, and blessed him; 2To whom also Abraham gave a tenth part of all; first being by interpretation King of righteousness, and after that also King of Salem, which is, King of peace; 3Without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days, nor end of life; but made like unto the Son of God; abideth a priest continually." (Hebrews 7:1-3)

The Biblical record does not inform us about this king's lineage. We have no record of his parentage, true. That does not mean, however, that we behold Jesus in a pre-incarnate appearance here in the passage.

This verse affirms that Melchizedek, according to the writer of Hebrews, was not Jesus Himself.

"But made like unto the Son of God."

He points out again that Jesus serves after the order of Melchizedek, not as Melchizedek himself:

"15And it is yet far more evident: for that after the similitude of Melchisedec there ariseth another priest, 16Who is made, not after the law of a carnal commandment, but after the power of an endless life." (Hebrews 7:15-16)

Melchizedek was indeed like the Son of God. In the brief description of this priest, we learn a lot about Jesus.

His name means "King of Righteousness."

He came from the city of Salem, which means "Peace."

He brought with himself bread and win, representing the communion, by which every Christian celebrates the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus through His body and blood.

However, this royal priest is not Jesus, but a type of Jesus, for our Savior serves today according to the Priesthood of Melchizedek!

Why does this matter?

Accurate attention to Scripture is essential for us to grow in grace (2 Peter 3:18). 

Whenever we read the Bible, especially in the Old Testament, we want to make sure that we don't read revelation of Jesus into any passage, person, or figure where the verses and the context do not justify that rendering. Moreover, we want to invite every believer in Christ Jesus to see more of our Savior, God's Beloved Son.

Last of all, we see Jesus as a humble servant, even though he was not robbing God the Father of any glory by being equal with Him (Philippians 2:6), that He took on a this new, powerful office on our behalf when He died on the Cross.

Before the Cross, Jesus Himself could not be our priest. The first priesthood through the tribe of Levi was established by God through Moses. We need to appreciate that Jesus fulfilled the law, every part of it, including the office of priest and introduced a totally new priesthood by His death, resurrection, and ministry on our behalf at the right hand of God the Father (Romans 8:34).

Old Covenant to New Covenant

Nowhere in the Genesis 14 account do we read anything about Melchizedek sitting down, either, and that's important for us to recognize this king-priest as a type, but not the substance.. The work that the king-priest mentioned in Gensis was doing had not been finished yet. With Jesus, the work is done. He shed His blood, offering one sacrifice for sins forever (Hebrews 1:3; 10: 12-14).

When readers recognize that Melchizedek is not Christ incarnate, we can compare and contrast his brief ministry mentioned in Genesis and the Psalms, then enjoy and receive greater revelation of the work, the service which Jesus offers on our behalf today, a perfect sacrifice which allows God's righteousness and grace to flow in us (Romans 5:17)

Surprise: Even Gays No Longer Proud of Gay Pride Parades

Gay pride parades started discoloring the scene June 28th, 1970, following the Stonewall Riots in New York City. The first parade took place along Christopher Street, specifically, where the Stonewall Inn is located.

Since then, different cities large and small have brought in Gay pride parades of different kinds. They are debauched affairs, filled with sexual perversion, rampant nakedness, and child abuse.

I marched in the Los Angeles Gay Pride Parade last year as a pro-Trump, pro-Family counterprotest. A few other members of LA County for Trump had joined me, but ultimately we had a small contingent within the parade. Most of the opening speeches at the event featured Democratic politicians from the city as well as Congressional representatives like Lyin' Ted Lieu (my Congressman, sadly).

The whole affair turned into a Resist Trump March, and some homosexuals in the Los Angeles area refused to participate. Some gays voted for Trump, and one of them walked by me and my fellow counterprotesters to share how uncomfortable the whole event had become.

Gay Pride parades in Toronto have fallen on hard times, too.

Check out this report:

But there are some perfectly legitimate reasons to skip the annual [Toronto Gay Pride Parade] bash. I’m gay, and I boycotted the parade last year. So did a lot of other people, apparently: Pride’s beverage sales declined from $348,917 in 2016 to $197,336 in 2017.

The sales fell by half!

What happened?

With Pride now so closely associated with radical anti-police NDP activists, any conservative who attends is walking into a hornets’ nest.

And that’s not the only reason a centrist or right-leaning politician might want to skip.


The Gay Pride parades have become increasingly lawless affairs, where left-wing intersectionality politics has bred more disruptions from other aggrieved identity groups. Black Lives Matter protesters overwhelmed gay pride parades in Minneapolis and Washington DC last year, essentially shutting them down. One report out of Sweden suggests that left-wing demonstrators tried to shut down a gay pride parade in Stockholm because it was offensive to Muslims. Similar protests interrupted the gay pride event in Edmonton, Alberta this year, too. Interestingly enough, pride parades in other cities have gotten shorter but with more security. Check out what happened in Chicago in 2016, for example.

The first major point, however, rests on the anti-police, anti-public safety sentiment growing among these different events.

The premier-designate Doug Ford had other words for the parade, too:

Some on the left have claimed Ford’s description of Pride as an event where “middle-aged men with pot bellies” run down the street “buck naked” was evidence of homophobia. I’d say that was just an accurate description of what goes on. Disturbingly, more and more parents are bringing young children to watch the parade, exposing them to provocative displays of sexuality that no child should witness. If a politician believes in family values, why would he or she want to be associated with such debauchery?

Every politician should believe in family values. Notice also that the writer of the report quoted above contrasts gay pride with family values. They are simply not the same thing, and how could anyone argue otherwise? For the record, that writer identifies as gay.

There are people who still identify as gay and want to practice their faith. At the outset, I find these talking points very difficult to swallow (no pun intended). It makes very little sense to me how any religious adherent can still embrace homosexual behaviors and consider themselves walking in line with the tenets of their faith. Still, those individuals exist, and they find that gay pride parades are not welcome.

Here's a statement from a gay Muslim from the United Kingdom:

As such, Pride feels much more like an ode to capitalism than a fight for actual civil rights. Pride’s corporative makeover contributes to an image that I find politically troubling – that neoliberal ideology is the generator of LGBT rights. As a gay person of Muslim heritage, the inescapable secularism of Pride makes me anxious. When western capitalism is painted as a haven for gay rights, I experience a friction between the Muslim and queer parts of my identity.

Putting aside the inane self-absorption of this writer, there is a wider point worth taking out of this passage. The increasingly secular nature of the whole pride event is a general turnoff to those with some belief in a transcendent creator

The obscene displays of half-naked or almost completely naked adults have no place in public, especially with young children.

The regressive Left has learned the hard way that if equality is the final standard for anything, one group of people will claim to be more equal than another group. Nothing but conflict emerges from this fight over greater victimhood and entitlement.

It's time for Gay Pride parades to roll up and go away. Some conservatives who still identify with same-sex attraction have stated that these parades are not even necessary, since gays can "marry", anyway, and that's the only value that really matters.

There's one problem, however: the left is not interested in reaching certain goals, but rather pushing an encroaching, destructive cultural Marxism at all costs.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Media Fail: President Trump Has Endorsed Corey Stewart for Virginia US Senate Seat

The press has grown so corrupt, that they will jump on any attack line that diminishes the President and his most supportive candidates for office.

Corey Stewart has been a strong stalwart for the Trump Administration in spite of all the pushback he had received from the Virginia GOP Establishment.

Check out Corey's latest eblast outlining his fight to win back Virginia's US Senate seat from the infamous leftist Tim Kaine:

Corey Stewart for U.S. Senate
Friend – did you see President Donald Trump's tweet?

Congratulations to Corey Stewart for his great vicotry for Senate from Virgnia.  How he runs against a total stiff, Tim Kaine,
who is weak on ctime and boarders, and wants to riase your taxes through the roof.  Don't underestimate Corey, a major chance of winning!

I feel truly blessed to have the support and endorsement of our amazing President.

Donald Trump knows we can win this race. He knows the Tim Kaine is a disgrace and needs to retire from elected office – just like his failed 2016 running mate – Hillary Clinton.

I also know Donald Trump could've won Virginia in 2016 – like "surprises" Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin – if the GOP had spent more resources here. We can't depend on anyone else to make the difference for us. We have to raise those difference-making funds on our own!

That's why we're counting on the motivation and generosity of grassroots conservatives like you to join me and our President to WIN THIS SEAT and rewrite the mistakes of the GOP Establishment in 2016.

Friend, Join Donald Trump:
Endorse Corey Stewart Today!

Donate $10 >>
Donate $25 >>
Donate $50 >>
Donate $100 >>
Donate $250 >>
Donate $500 >>
Donate $1,000 >>
Or Donate Another Amount!

I'm working so hard to defeat Obama-Clinton Democrat Tim Kaine and make Virginia's vote part of the solution instead of the problem – and we will win, but if we lay the foundation for victory now.

Join me today, Friend!

For America,

Corey Stewart
Republican for U.S. Senate (VA)

P.S. President Trump is doing amazing things in the White House but the really big things we MUST do, from tax cuts to repealing and replacing Obamacare to building the Wall and more, aren't going to happen without REAL Senate support. Donald Trump just endorsed my campaign – will you with a campaign contribution of $10 or more today?

The Los Angeles Times Reports: The Hawaii GOP is (Almost) Dead

The Republican Party is in worse shape in Hawaii than any other state in the union, including Rhode Island and other New England states.

Most Americans don't consider what's going on in the island nation to begin with, since the mainland's conflicts and politics have become so fraught, to begin with. For the last 18 years, a tight cadre of RINOs, including the current National Committee Members representing Hawaii, have run the state party in the ground. The wasteful spending, the misuse of time and resources, the inaction on registering voters, vetting candidates, and organizing campaigns is beyond disgraceful.

It has been a rough few days for Republicans, who lost big in mayoral and gubernatorial races across the country in Tuesday’s election. But Shirlene Ostrov knows it can be much worse.

She is the chairwoman of the Republican Party in Hawaii.

The job can be lonely and thankless. Her party is teetering on the edge of extinction here.

The last time Hawaii had a Republican in the U.S. Senate was 1977. Since becoming a state in 1959, it’s had just two GOP members in the U.S. House of Representatives, most recently in 2011.

In the state Senate, all 25 members are now Democrats, since a lone Republican, Sam Slom, lost his reelection bid last November after 20 years in office.

In the 51-member state House, there are five Republicans — down from six in March, when one switched parties after denouncing President Trump.

“Obviously, it’s disappointing to lose,” Ostrov said about the defeats of Republicans last Tuesday in gubernatorial races in Virginia and New Jersey. “But I see the numbers, and the Republican Party in the contiguous United States is doing amazing.”

Again, this report was published in 2017, about a month after those untimely losses.

Republicans not only have the presidency and Congress but a lock on the majority of statehouses and governorships, she was quick to point out.

“In Hawaii, the picture is different,” she said.

Last year she ran for the U.S. House and lost to a Democrat who received nearly three times as many votes. It was a typical showing in what is essentially a one-party state.

She lost badly, and of course the paper wouldn't bother to report who the current Congresswoman is. She has as terrible record, by the way: Colleen Hanabusa. She gave one of the worst interviews on record with Bill O'Reilly a few years ago. (See here)

“The success of Republicans nationally has had little effect in Hawaii,” said Patricia Saiki, a Republican who represented the state in the U.S. House from 1987 to 1991. “If anything, it solidified the Democratic grip here.”

What a loser! She's just bitter because for all her political preening and machinations, she has nothing to show for her bad efforts in the state. Saiki is leaving in the Reagan-era past, where moderate Republicans oftentimes got away with being moderates, and much of it came from the fact that the two political parties had shifting ideological allegiances. The two parties still had geographical constituencies, for example.

There was a time when Republicans held most of the power: when Hawaii was still a territory and controlled by white landowners. But as statehood approached, Native Hawaiians and Asian immigrants working on sugar plantations waged union campaigns — the beginning of a Democratic takeover.

Notice how the Los Angeles Times plays the race card to justify the Democratic takeover of Hawaii. Not one mention of the rapacious public sector unions. No discussion about the rampant corruption and kickbacks which have overwhelmed the state governments at all levels.

The Republican Party’s best stretch since then was the eight years that Republican Linda Lingle served as governor, the second member of her party to hold that office. Her term expired in 2010.

Was she that good? Many conservatives tell me she was a total let-down. When she ran for US Senate in 2012, she posted her picture next to President Barack Obama in flimsy way to gain favor with Hawaiian voters. How well did that work out for her with Republicans, though? She also supported the tax hikes and crazy transit rail system eating away at the state's already depleting coffers.

It’s not as though Democrats have solved all the state’s problems. Hawaii has the nation’s highest homelessness rate, and in Honolulu, some of its worst traffic. Still, Republicans keep losing.

The Democrats don't solve problems. They routinely create problems, divide voters, and continue ripping off everyone in the state.

Last November, it was no surprise when Trump received 30% of votes cast by Hawaii residents — his lowest total in any state. Perhaps already knowing the results, many Hawaii residents didn’t bother to vote. Turnout was 43%.

Even lower than Rhode Island.

Things have only gotten worse for the party since then.

In January at the Women’s March in Honolulu, state Rep. Beth Fukumoto, one of the party’s biggest hopes in Hawaii, criticized Trump for “racist and sexist” remarks.

She's a liar and a total fraud. She has no integrity. The only reason the GOP caucus got behind her is that she was young. Young people like her, however, have no backbone, no capacity to stand up for what is right.

Her five Republican colleagues responded the next month by telling her to drop her post as House minority leader.

Fed up, she left the party in March and became a Democrat. This month, 34-year-old Fukumoto announced she was considering a run for Congress.

"Fed up"? Really. How about the voters in her district who sent her to the state legislature to represent them honestly? What about her votes to raise taxes and fees? What about her routine betrayal of the best interests of Hawaii residents?

Many Republicans in Hawaii lean to the left of their mainland counterparts, having taken up causes such as climate change and income inequality.

That's why they keep losing.

Fukumoto says statements by Trump on Muslims, women and immigrants are likely to damage the Republican Party’s standing in Hawaii even more.

What did Trump say about "immigrants"? I have to put the word in quotes, since most people conflate legal and illegal immigration.

“The party in Hawaii is now the party of Trump, and I think the association is going to hurt them,” she said.

Miriam Hellreich, a Honolulu-based member of the Republican National Committee, disagreed.

She's another fraud, a total RINO not interested in any kind of leadership or sense of victory.

“Elections go in cycles, and we’ve been in a difficult downward cycle that’s hard to escape,” she said. “But we have a lot of people who are Republicans but just don’t know it. They are traditional Democrats because that’s how their family voted.”

They have continued to vote Democrat because Hawaii's Republicans refuse to offer anything different, substantive, better.

Republican Party officials say they hope Trump’s 19-hour overnight stop in Oahu this month — his first visit to Hawaii as president — would boost morale.

Reminder: This article was published in 2017. President Trump continues to gain support for regular, working people throughout the country. Unfortu

Party members wanted him to formally meet with them, but the closest they got was the tarmac at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, where they snapped selfies next to him in a lei after Air Force One landed.

Isn't that nice? Here's an idea: how about representing the best interests of working Hawaiians? American citizens, not illegal aliens, public sector unions, and welfare queens.


His schedule included visits to U.S. Pacific Command, the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor and a stop at the Trump hotel in Waikiki — the owners license the Trump name — before he flew to Japan.

Hawaii Republicans got more face time late last month with one of the president’s surrogates, Mike Huckabee.

Mike Huckabee arrived as a fundraiser-speaker of sorts. Did the Hawaii GOP make any money? One has to wonder.

At a fundraiser outside Honolulu, the former Arkansas governor and father of White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders spoke for nearly an hour about the future of the party, both locally and nationally.

“Boy, we’re a minority here, you think?” he said.

You ain't just whistlin' Dixie.

Huckabee said it didn’t have to be that way. “You are not destined to be the minority party for the rest of your lives, because you have a message,” he said. “You have core convictions and values that, quite frankly, I believe resonate with people wherever they live.”

But that's precisely the problem, Huck. The Hawaii GOP leaders do not have core convictions. They don't want to win elections. The party brass just wants to hold onto power, sit at "the cool kids' table", appear once in a while in the press as the bipartisan saviors of everything good, and then demonize Eric Ryan and the Hawaiian Islands Republican Assembly, the only real Republicans left on the island.

Ostrov, the state party chairwoman who helped organize the event, said one of its goals was to raise money to bring more diverse communities into the Republican fold.

“There are a lot of people who are not happy with how the state is run, such as with our incredibly high taxes,” she said. “I hope for Hawaii to one day have a healthy, vibrant two-party system.”

Good luck with that, Shirley, as long as you keep doing what Miriam Hellreich and the other hell-raising RINOs tell you what to do rather than listening to the best interests of the voters at large.

For now, though, when things go wrong in Hawaii, Ostrov said, “You don’t have to think hard about who’s responsible.

“It’s Democrats.”

But don't forget the RINO Republicans who act like Democrats. Not one elected Republican in the state legislature takes a firm stance against the Democrats' profligate waste, spending, and cultural corruption. The only force  for good in Hawaii remains with the churches. The Christian communities are becoming more active. There is so much failure on the island, and the homelessness crisis has only exploded from bad to worse. The rising cost of living is a real shock, and combine that with the fact that people can't simply cross the border into another state.

Hawaii is in deep trouble, but right now there is no Republican Party to compete with the corrupt Democratic dominance and the Republican establishment to remove this crony, progressive chokehold on state power and liberty.

MassResistance: Fighting Against Abusive LGBT Curriculum in Local Schools (Part One)

Here’s how Planned Parenthood (and their allies) defeat parents to get “comprehensive sex ed” into schools.

… And what parents can do to counter it!

Revealed: Their systematic tactics to deceive, marginalize, confuse, and overwhelm anyone who gets in their way.

Part 1 of 2

June 18, 2018

Parents challenging proposed sex-ed / LGBT curriculum in Fairfax County, VA.
For decades the national sex-ed lobby has been using sophisticated organizing tactics to defeat parents and push their radical programs into the public schools. We will show you what those tactics are (in their own words!) and explain how parents can counter them.

What we’ve all seen over the years

Sex education is very different than English, math, history, band, or anything else taught in schools. In 25 years, we have never seen a single school anywhere where it was brought in because there was a demand for it by parents.

In every case, sexuality education (now updated to “comprehensive sex ed” with LGBT components) was brought in through a targeted effort by well-organized special-interest groups affiliated with Planned Parenthood and similar organizations. It was done in a very systematic manner, as quietly as possible, using a great deal of deception to mask its radical and objectionable content.

Starting with a few key faculty members, administrators, and local activists, they would get the school authorities to let them form a formal “health curriculum committee” (or some similar name, such as “Family Life Education Curriculum Advisory Committee” in Fairfax County, VA). They would then add many prominent community members to give it credibility (though no conservatives, of course). But the core group would control the agenda and everything the committee did. The committee would later present the School Board with a “health curriculum” which coincidentally mirrored that of Planned Parenthood and its allies. The School Board would then quietly vote it in – with little dissent or serious questioning by the Board members.

But often during this process, parents would find out what the health curriculum committee was proposing. They would be shocked at the radical and vastly inappropriate sexuality, pro-abortion messages, homosexuality, “gender identity,” and other content of the proposed curriculum. Sometimes they would form a parents’ group voice their concerns. 

But when parents would try to stop it or at least get it modified, they would be thwarted at every turn, often publicly attacked and humiliated, and completely defeated. As soon as a conflict became public, there would be a well-crafted PR campaign in the schools and local media to “reach out” to parents about how “healthy” the curriculum really is (cherry-picking the non-objectionable parts), and how “backward” the parents were who objected. It was a horrible experience for parents everywhere.

Here’s what parents have been facing

Parents don’t realize it, but they have been facing a very well-oiled machine. It appears to be something local but is actually organized on a national level.

Planned Parenthood and its affiliated groups (including LGBT groups) are determined to push their radical programs on schoolchildren everywhere. They receive enormous funding from corporations and government, including even the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). They have devoted allies in virtually every state and local education system. Most parents cannot appreciate the degree to which these people are driven by a social and political agenda. These people do not care what the average parent thinks, or how their bizarre programs affect the lives of children. Many of them are involved with these sexual lifestyles themselves.

The strategies being used against parents

“Advocates for Youth” is a national group that acts as Planned Parenthood’s hardcore organizing arm in local school districts across the country. We have seen them publicly in action against parents’ groups, but most people have never heard of them. They almost always work behind the scenes.

Back in 2008, Advocates for Youth published a series of articles outlining the strategies and tactics they had been using for years to defeat parents who interfere with their efforts to a force sex-ed curriculum into a school. The most prominent article, Managing Controversy in Pressure Cooker Situations, was recently noted on the Wisconsin Dept. of Public Instruction website. Since then we’ve tracked down the others from that series.

Bear in mind that every year, more radical topics are brought into sex-ed or “family life” curricula, for example, anal sex or the recent push for transgenderism. But the tactics remain the same.

Here is the main article: See the counter-tactics by MassResistance in Part 2of this report
Managing Controversy in Pressure Cooker Situations
(and MassResistance counter-strategies)

This is the main set of tactics that sex-ed activists use to defeat parents who challenge the sex-ed agenda being pushed through. We’re sure that any parents who’ve been in this fight in their town will recognize a lot of these tactics which have been used against them!
These two additional articles are also useful for understanding their strategies and tactics against parents:
Curriculum Controversy – Lessons from the Field
This outlines their broader strategies for subverting parents during the process of bringing in the sex-ed. It discusses the creation of the curriculum committee (“a broad sex education working group”). It also has strategies for dealing with public hearings and School Board members.

Hot Potatoes: Keeping Cool in the Midst of Controversy
This is a fascinating guide for sex-ed activists on how to prepare for dealing with the press, and the questions they plan to have responses to. Basically, this reveals that they already know how shocking and objectionable this is to parents.

Parents need to take this seriously

The basic aim is to push radical sexuality (and LGBT) information to children under the guise of “health,” and have as much of it as possible be considered “confidential” – i.e., kept from the parents’ knowledge.

Once their curriculum gets in, school systems open the doors to bringing in all kinds of bizarre and dangerous groups targeting children. For example, the Wisconsin Dept. of Public Instruction website is involved with several radical national groups. (And Wisconsin is typical in directing teachers and children to radical websites such as SexEtc., GSAnetwork, GLSEN, Human Rights Campaign, and PFLAG.)

Overall, there is virtually no limit on what these people want to push on schoolchildren. It is extremely frightening, and parents need to take this seriously. It’s important to understand that attempting to reason with these people is completely futile. They are single-minded and quite ruthless.

Unfortunately, most parents are ill-equipped to stop it. What they intuitively think is a good approach (and what mainstream pro-family groups will tell them: be polite, have a dialogue, run for school board) is usually completely ineffective. But you can fight them and win – by enlisting more community members to help, by not being afraid, and by using the right counter-tactics and strategies.

Hawaii RINO GOP Chairwoman Totally MIA for Election 2018

Aloha, Republicans:

During a cringe-inducing interview this past Friday on Rick Hamada’s radio show on KHVH 830 AM, current GOP state chair Shirlene "Do Nothing" Ostrov actually described herself on the air as a "military commander" and proclaimed boldly that "I'm looking at campaigns to win the war" against Democrats.  [Pause reading here to allow yourself a full minute of laughter.]

With only four short months until early balloting begins in the 2018 General Election, there's a very real chance that folks are so used to watching Hewaii's Republican Party blow election after election that RINO Ostrov's failed chairmanship is not any more shocking than Fritz Rohlfing's or Pat Saiki's or David Chang's.  Likewise, the liberal voting record of RINO minority leader Andria "Driver's Licenses for Illegal Aliens" Tupola might not be any more shocking than her RINO party leader predecessors Beth "I've always been a Democrat" Fukumoto-Chang, Aaron "Ling" Johanson, and Gene "Obamacare" Ward.  We've all just gotten used to this toxic mix of incompetence and liberalism and losing.

While many former supporters of Shirlene Ostrov have begun parting company with the puppet chair who was plucked from obscurity by Pat Saiki and the Lingle Rail-Tax Deniers at the Oahu League of RINO Women (also turncoat Djou's biggest donors), Ostrov's remaining supporters appear to have been overcome with an acute form of Stockholm Syndrome which paralyzes the sections of the brain where memory and logic are centered.

Since Day One, Ostrov’s faux ‘military campaign’ at the state party has been made up of very specific promises -- promises Ostrov made when she ran for the post of state chair 15 months ago.  Today's HIRA newsletter revisits Ostrov's explicit promises so that the electoral disaster awaiting the Hawaii GOP in a few weeks will make perfect sense to even the most brainwashed Patty Hearst types down at the Oahu League.  First, however, we start with Ostrov's recent multiple assurances that all is great at the state party . . . so great, in fact, that 2018 will be "historic".

*** PROMISE #1:  On 19 March 2018, Ostrov issued a press release in the wake of Charles Djou's resignation from the Hawaii GOP with an unmistakable pledge that, ”Our new leadership team is moving steadily forward with a bold and ambitious agenda and are poised to make historic gains in the 2018 elections.”  Then again, as recently as last month at the state party convention in Kaneohe, Ostrov promised Republicans and the news media alike that the Hawaii GOP "would make HISTORIC GAINS gains this election cycle".  Historic gains.  Well, on last Friday's Hamada radio show, Ostrov explained that her new vice chair for candidate recruitment is former 90's party chair Jane Tatibouet, whom Ostrov erroneously credited for increasing the ranks of elected Republicans at the State Capitol by a whopping 17 new members of the legislature (a rise from 4 to 21). Sadly, the reality is that the increase was merely from 7 to 12 (an increase of 5).  But, hey, what’s a little resume padding?  Still, let's agree to call an increase of 5 "historic".  And let's call breaking even or even losing seats when the issues are on our side as "disastrous".  But the reason Ostrov's promise of "historic gains" can’t and won’t be kept is because the rest of her promises made 16 months ago were just buzz words selected to fool gullible convention delegates who actually WANTED those very things to be delivered.

*** PROMISE #2:   Education, outreach, persuasion, blah, blah, blah . . .

From Ostrov's campaign website:  https://www.shirleneostrov.net/statement-of-candidacy

The Verdict? -- Broken.  Sorry, just ask voters anywhere.  At the grocery store, just ask the people in front of you or behind you if they know any reasons that they should vote R instead of D in 2018.  Simply no case has been made.  The entire burden has been put (as usual) on the shoulders of our underfunded, undersupported, late-starting candidates.  There's been no education of voters, no persuasion, no outreach, and no 'stepping on the gas to accelerate'.  Nothing but silence.  Ostrov and her slate of running mates completely failed to make the case for change to Hawaii voters.  Was she hoping that Democrats would publicly blame themselves for everything wrong?  Did she think Democrats would make the case to vote Republican?  Think again.

*** PROMISE #3:   Independent Audit

The Verdict? -- Broken.  Maybe "first order of business" means something different to Ostrov than everyone else walking the planet.  But the "very short-term completion date" for her "independent analysis" has slipped now into the 13th month of her tenure.  Her claim of "transparency at all levels of leadership" was as flimsy as her empty commitment to spreading the word about GOP solutions and reforms to voters. Disingenuously, she claims to "have no personal or private agenda", yet fails to note that she serves simultaneously as state chair for the Hawaii GOP and vice-president for the Oahu League of RINO Women; a liberal Republican auxiliary which has controlled the Hawaii GOP (and a half-ownership share of the party's Kapiolani headquarters) for decades.  Democrats won't take our call for an audit of HART seriously when the head of the Hawaii GOP fails to deliver to its own members the audit of the party she promised on Day One.

*** PROMISE #4:   Party Platform Free of Manipulation

The Verdict? -- Broken.  Ostrov deliberately manipulated the outcome of the platform process to a degree which makes her manipulative predecessors seem innocent by comparison.  On the eve of the state convention last month, Ostrov shredded the final work product of the statewide platform committee, applied undue influence by sequestering herself with Andria Tupola's running mate (from the state chair race in 2017) behind closed doors, rewrote the platform (cutting out pages and pages of approved planks), re-convened a handful of members of the platform committee to obtain an illusory 're-approval' of her manipulated platform, and then didn't even allow discussion of the platform by convention delegates.  Ostrov abused her power and violated party rules, by unacceptably ramming through the Ostrov rewrite with zero debate, zero discussion, and zero adherence to either her promise or party rules.  This woman simply cannot be believed.

*** PROMISE #5:   Published Calendar of Party Meetings

The Verdict? -- Broken.  Sorry, Shirlene.  You simply haven't done this.  The party website and communications are a total embarrassment.  The lack of a calendar is just another glaring black hole in a sea of nothingness.  Perhaps the problem is that you are out-of-town so often on non-party business like running your company on the mainland, unlike the "full-time party chair" you repeatedly promised to be.  But even busy people use calendars so they don't miss meetings.  And calendars are easy to publish in the 21st Century, if you've got nothing to hide and if the "tough work" is really being tackled.  SPOILER ALERT:  We already know the tough work needed to win elections is NOT being done.

*** PROMISE #6:   Ostrov and Her Running Mates Will Actually Do Their Jobs

The Verdict? -- Broken.  Not one party officer that Ostrov ran with on her slate in 2017 has been succeeding in their jobs and Ostrov doesn't seem to care.  Ostrov's Vice Chair for Coalitions is leaving our candidates empty-handed with no winning coalitions developed.  Ostrov's low energy Vice Chair for Community Service has likewise left the public wondering if Republicans in Hawaii ever perform volunteer work at all.  Jonathan Kunimura, Ostrov's Vice Chair for Communications, has arguably done more to help his pal Charles Djou to attack the Hawaii GOP upon renouncing his party membership than he's done to advance the cause of the state party after more than 13 months on the job.  Ostrov's Vice Chair for Candidate Recruitment failed to find candidates for most races in 2018.  There are more Democrats running unopposed for re-election than there are districts with Republican candidates.  Worst of all, Ostrov's Vice Chair for Coordinated Campaigns is Pat Saiki.  The coming political disaster in 2018 is primarily attributable to Ostrov and Saiki's gross negligence explained with the next broken promise.

*** PROMISE #7:   Ostrov says Party Rules will be Followed

The Verdict? -- Broken.  Obviously, Ostrov was only kidding when she made this promise.  Rulebreaking is rampant at party headquarters.  Most notable is how Ostrov and her party officer running mates blatantly ignore their own explicit job descriptions which were written to make sure that party officers actually tried to win elections.  One of the most crucial breakdowns is Ostrov's failure to perform the required duty of supervising (Section 406 of HRP Rules) the work of her Vice Chair for Coordinated Campaigns, Pat Saiki.  And with Ostrov having promised to be a "full-time" state chair, she has no excuse for this breakdown in performance.

Under party rules (Section 407), Saiki is responsible for the Hawaii GOP's Voter Identification campaign (canvassing all 700,000 registered voters to see who the Republicans are), the Voter Registrationcampaign (signing up hundreds of thousands more potentially Republican voters), the Absentee Ballot program (getting folks to vote early and for Republicans), the Get-Out-The-Vote program (making sure all the identified Republicans actually cast ballots), and much more.  NONE of this is happening.  Pat Saiki isn't doing any of this.  And Shirlene Ostrov knows it.  At a recent meeting of the party's State Committee, a chilling report was given that revealed how a total of ZERO voters out of 700,000 had been canvassed under Saiki and Ostrov in order to identify their political leanings (so that candidates know who to focus their campaigns on -AND- so that the Get-Out-The-Vote effort in October and November only encourages Republican-leaning voters in each race to cast ballots).  This gross negligence by Saiki and Ostrov is a scary situation which completely blows up Ostrov's pretense of being a 'military commander campaigning against Democrats'.  Let's be honest.  Without this important work being done, the Hawaii GOP is in a war with no weapons, no ammunition, no supplies, and no idea where the enemy is located.  In 2018, Hawaii Republicans are sitting ducks with idiots for generals.  Long story short, the party and its 'thrown-to-the-wolves' candidates have no way to make sure that Republican-leaning voters actually turn out to vote in 2018 because Shirlene Ostrov, Pat Saiki and the rest of Ostrov's RINO running mates refused to do the work needed to win.

*** PROMISE #8:   Ostrov says Party Will Take on the Democrats

The Verdict? -- Broken.  Since absolutely no 'strategic messages' have been 'planted all over the state', the average Hawaii voter has been given no idea why they should vote any differently than they have in years gone by.  Perhaps Ostrov means to start doing this AFTER the 2018 election?  Because there's no 'contrast', there's no 'message', there's no 'communication', there's no 'values and issues'.  Just total silence which sets up our candidates for failure and which emboldens the state legislature and county councils to continue ignoring conservative reforms and solutions while continuing to move leftward with each new law, budget, and tax passed.
In closing, it’s a terrible thing knowing that our state party is still controlled by closet Democrats who systematically engineer the weakening of the Republican Party.  What this means is that Hawaii's Democrats face no real challenge every two years, just an illusory one.  Even potential GOP candidates know this as they decline to run for office.  As the Honolulu Star-Advertiser recently noted, "With each passing election cycle the state has become, increasingly, a Democratic Party stronghold, with the isle Republicans fielding fewer candidates."

Sadly, Shirlene Ostrov's promises aren't worth jack squat.  Call it malfeasance, misfeasance or nonfeasance, the job simply isn't getting done by the state chair and her do-nothing posse elected last year at the Kauai state convention.  They promised to make everything better.  They promised "historic gains" in 2018.  Even the local news media can see we're on the verge of a historic trainwreck.  You can draw a straight line from Ostrov's broken promises to the the widely-reported "collapse" of the Isle GOP which will culminate in historic losses on November 6th.

As Star-Advertiser columnist David Shapiro laments, "With each election cycle, it becomes more difficult to take Hawaii Republicans seriously as a major political party."  And this joke of a party was made possible by a succession of RINO's and closet Democrats like Shirlene Ostrov whose idea of 'leadership' is to tell party members what they want to hear in order to win top officer positions at state conventions, then merely sit back and let Democrats win.

The next opportunity to break this vicious cycle through new party leadership comes in 2019 after another two wasted years.  Until then, HIRA urges you to help conservative candidates in 2018 all you can.  Beware of the RINO's on the ballot (and there are several) who make no bones about the fact that positions on issues and political principles and ideology don't matter much to them - just getting into office and getting along with Democrats.  Sorry, we've had enough of closet Democrats after enduring Beth Fukumoto, Andria Tupola, Aaron Johanson, Kym Pine, Cynthia Thielen, Lauren Cheape, Bob "Rail Tax" McDermott, and Gene Ward without electing Fukumoto's clone to replace her in office.  Auwe to that!

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