Friday, October 20, 2017

Sanctuary State? No Such Thing to ICE! (Workplace Raids Are Coming)

Sanctuary state?

What sanctuary state in California?

ICE has announced that they will quintiple workplace raids to detain and deport illegal aliens in the state of California.

The administration’s top immigration enforcement official on Tuesday said his agency will vastly step up crackdowns on employers who hire undocumented immigrants — a new front in President Donald Trump’s hardline immigration agenda.

Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Tom Homan spoke at the conservative Heritage Foundation and was asked whether his agency would do more to target not just undocumented workers, but their places of work.

Homan said he has instructed Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), the investigative unit of ICE, to potentially quintuple worksite enforcement actions next year.

He said he recently asked HSI to audit how much of their time is spent on work site enforcement, and said he has ordered that to increase “by four to five times.”

Trolling the Anti-Trump Resistance at CAGOP 2017 Convention

A small, very small group of anti-Trump haters showed up outside of the Anaheim Marriott to protest the special guest appearance of Steve Bannon.

I have never seen a more pathetic gathering of anti-Trump left-wing hatemongers.

Here is my entire video of the event:

One of the left-wingers took a brief video of me, too!
So much fun!

And so much winning!

Even the Los Angeles Times could not hold back from mocking their tiny turnout:

WINNING: Trump Dismantles Obama's Legacy

When even the Daily Mail has to acknowledge that President Trump is dismantling Obama's legacy, it's a good day.

It's a good year, and without a doubt we have a good President!

The Daily Mail reports:

Brick by brick, the demolition job has begun: since taking office less than a year ago, Donald Trump has launched an all-out assault on the legacy of Barack Obama.

What a wonderful lede. Life is good!

Climate, free trade, health care, immigration, foreign policy -- the 45th US president has set about undoing just about everything done by the 44th.

Great news! What is NOT to like?

All new presidents, of course, break with their predecessor once in the Oval Office, especially if they come from a rival political party.

But what is striking is how systematic the hammer blows to Obama's legacy have been.

That's because the vast majority of working Americans hated what President Obama did to this country. His legacy was an exercise in self-love and self-worship. We the People wanted a break from Big Government and Big Business backing each other up at the expense of everyone else.

Those days are now over, and all of Obama's push for special interest financing is gone.

And rather than throw his weight behind new policies or projects, Trump has shown a willful desire to unpick, shred and erase everything his predecessor accomplished.

We want President Trump to make American great again, do we not? There is no better way to ensure a better America than getting rid of all traces of Barry Soetero's destructive transformative effects on the United States!

It's worth noting that each time he buries one of the reforms of the man who sat before him at the "Resolute desk," Trump sounds more like a candidate than a president.

Trump is candid, and that is all that counts.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership? Within days of taking office, Trump signed an order pulling America out of the free trade accord, the fruit of eight years of negotiations between 12 Asia-Pacific countries, from Chile to Canada and Japan.

The TPP sucked. It should have never been proposed in the first place. Shame on globalist Obama. To our credit, even Berniecrats recognized the danger of this massive bureaucratic deal gone wrong.

The Paris climate accord? Obama played a leading role in attaining that milestone in the effort to combat global warming.

Trump pulled out of the agreement signed by 195 countries, claiming that it "punishes the United States" and declaring: "I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris."

Yes. The Climate Accord would have wreaked economic discord on the entire country. Who needs that?!

What about Obamacare, the signature legislative achievement of Obama's first term? After trying in vain to get Congress to repeal it, Trump is now working to bring about its collapse through the regulatory process.

I am so glad that Obamacare is going down in flames. Whatever the President can do to pull the plug, I welcome the effort.

And the Iranian nuclear accord? The bid to prevent Tehran from developing a nuclear weapon in return for a lifting of sanctions more than any other bore came to represent Obama's approach to world affairs.

The President will not certify, but he has urged Congress to fix this problem, just like with the the DACA situation. I say let the whole Iran deal elapse and live it at that.

"This deal will have my name on it," the Democratic president said shortly before it was concluded. "Nobody has a bigger personal stake in making sure that it delivers on its promise."

And now Barry's name has been dragged through the mud all the more. Obama's pride has undermined whatever legacy he was hoping to leave. The sheer arrogance of this decrepit little man is incredible, a marvel to behold for its sheer idiocy.

While Trump has stopped short of tearing up the Iran deal, as he threatened on the campaign trail, on Friday he warned he could do so "at any time," raising doubts about the fate of an accord born of years of painstaking diplomacy.

He will have no choice but to tear it up very soon, since there is no interest from a radical Islamic state to comply with this deal,

- A break at any price -

How to explain the fixation on destroying Obama's legacy at all cost?

It's not a fixation. It's a natural response to undoing damage done for eight years because of the terrible previous president. Anyone seeking to Make America Great Again will do so by undoing all the undoing of the Obama Administration.

Trump has held high his determination to fulfill his campaign promises, and give form to a simple slogan: "America First."

And for Barry, it was America Second or "No America At All." No one should be surprised that the President is undermining the crap and corruption of the Obama Administration.

And his team recalls, with reason, that Obama acted by decree many times when thwarted by Congress. What has been decided by the stroke of a pen can be undone by the stroke of a pen.'

Exactly. Obama's legacy was built on sand!

Historian Jeffrey Engel, however, sees no equivalent in recent decades to Trump's systematic application of the simple principle that "if the other guy liked it, it must be bad."

To Engel, the explanation is that Trump's electoral base "never accepted fully Barack Obama as their president."

No, we simply hated everything that Obama did to this country. Of course we refused to accept him! He hated this country. He shamed the values on which this country is built.

"There was a move among Obama's opponents to delegitimize him and to say that this man is not really president and consequently anything that he did, Trump's base is ready to get rid of," said Engel, who heads Southern Methodist University's center for presidential history in Dallas, Texas.

A notable fact: Obama has until now remained largely silent as his legacy is demolished.

American tradition, which is generally respected, holds that a former president should remain above the fray.

But, in thinking about his place in history, Obama is also playing the patience card.

"I think that Obama understands that his legacy ultimately will be defined by how America reacts to Trump in the long term and how Trump's successors act," said Engel.

And they will be more than happy to confine Obama's history to the ash-heap of history.

On November 7, 2016, on the eve of the US elections, Obama warned voters "it all goes out the window" if they were to send Trump to the White House.

That attempt to rally Democratic voters now seems prophetic.

Amen! All my dreams are coming true!

NRSC Statement: "We Support Roy Moore"

NRSC Statement on Alabama's Special Primary Runoff Election
WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Cory Gardner, Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), made the following statement regarding the results of Alabama’s special primary runoff election:
“It has been an honor and a privilege to serve alongside Luther Strange in the Senate,” said NRSC Chairman Cory Gardner. “Big Luther worked tirelessly for Alabama families, and I appreciate how hard he fought to win this race. Our focus is always on keeping a strong Republican majority in the Senate, and that includes Alabama. Roy Moore will be imperative to passing a conservative agenda, and we support him in keeping this seat in Republican hands.”

More Winning! BOE Chairwoman Diane Harkey Endorses Travis Allen

Travis Allen Announces Endorsement
From Taxpayer Advocate BOE Chairwoman Diane Harkey

Sacramento County, CA – Today, the Travis Allen for Governor campaign announced the endorsement of taxpayer advocate and Board of Equalization Chairwoman Diane Harkey.

“Travis Allen has long record of fighting to help taxpayers keep Sacramento politicians out of their pockets. As Governor he will ensure Californians are able to hold onto more of their hard earned wages and work to stop California’s constant tax increases,” commented Diane Harkey.

This announcement comes after this week’s announcement of key Republican Legislators from across the state. These members include: Senate Leader Pat Bates, Assemblyman Bill Brough (R-Dana Point), Assemblyman Phillip Chen (R-Brea), Assemblyman Steven Choi (R-Irvine), Assemblyman James Gallagher (R-Yuba City), Assemblyman Matthew Harper (R-Huntington Beach), Assemblyman Tom Lackey (R-Palmdale), Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez (R-Lake Elsinore), Assemblyman Jay Obernolte (R-Big Bear), Assemblyman Jim Patterson (R-Fresno), Assemblyman Randy Voepel (R-Santee), Senator Joel Anderson (R-El Cajon), Senator Mike Morell (R-Rancho Cucamonga), and Senator Jeff Stone (R-Temecula).

“It is an honor to have the support of BOE Chairwoman Diane Harkey. She has been fighting for California taxpayers for years as an Assemblymember, and now as the Chair of the Board of Equalization,” said Assemblyman Allen. “I’m running for Governor to fight for everyday Californians and ensure that their hard earned money stays in their pockets. I’m honored that BOE Chairwoman Diane Harkey is joining me in the fight for California’s future.”

Another Reason to Ditch Mitch: NRSC Abandons Moore in Alabama

The National Republican Senatorial Committee is supposed to do one thing:

Get Republicans elected to the United States Senate.

Their choice for Alabama, Luther Strange, lost the primary.

They should be getting behind Roy Moore.

And yet they have all but abandoned him in the Yellowhammer State.

Is there any more reason needed to get rid of Mitch McConnell?!

This man is a total swamp thing, and he is not even doing his job as a committed GOP partisan.

When does this insanity stop?!

Shame on him!

Check out what the Senate Conservatives Fund has announced regarding this very contentious race:

Senate Conservatives Fund


Despite saying for years that all they want to do is elect more Republicans, the GOP establishment in Washington has decided to stay out of the Alabama Senate race.

Senator Mitch McConnell's super PAC and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce have announced that they have no plans to spend money helping Judge Roy Moore defeat his Democrat opponent.

And this decision comes after they spent millions attacking him!

It's further proof that they don't care about electing a Republican majority to the Senate; they only care about electing more pro-establishment candidates who support Mitch McConnell.

The Alabama Senate race is far from over and Judge Roy Moore needs our help to win it.

Recent polls have shown Moore with a single-digit lead, but he's not getting support from party leaders and his opponent is on TV all by himself. If we don't take action to help him get his message out, he could lose this race.

Please make a contribution to Roy Moore's campaign and to the Senate Conservatives Fund today.

Your support will help Roy Moore defeat Doug Jones, an ultra-liberal Democrat who supports Obamacare, amnesty for illegal immigrants, federally-controlled education, job-killing regulations, and taxpayer funding for abortion up until birth.

Please help us by making a contribution of $25, $50, $100, or more today. This is a race conservatives must win.

Thank you for doing so much to support conservative leadership in Washington. Together, we will drain the swamp!

Ken Cuccinelli II
Ken Cuccinelli II
Senate Conservatives Fund
@KenCuccinelli / @SCF

Another Media Sob-Story Fail: Illegal Alien Mom in Utah Must Go

Here we go.

Another sob story about an illegal alien who gets deported.

This mother is squalling about her kids, and then we hear the kids crying about how they don't want to lose their mommy.

As expected, we hear all the sob stories about
the illegal aliens and their kids.
Again, why do I have to read about the "tragedy" of these illegal aliens in our country? They should not even be here in the first place.

What's happening to their kids is not my problem, either.

This is offensive and outrageous. When will we read the sympathy accounts of the young American children who are pushed out of good colleges because illegal aliens are taking their place? What about the sob stories, the ones that matter, about Americans killed by illegal aliens, pushed out of work, and watching their neighborhoods fall apart because of rampant illegal immigration?

Whose fault is it that the kids are about to "lose their parents"? That is not our fault, but rather the fault of the 

Salt Lake City —

(KUTV) Maria Santiago, 40, hopes officials at Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, heed the requests of supporters who stood outside the immigration court building chanting on behalf of Maria and her four minor children.

Wow, these SJWs don't get it, do they?

Do they really think that law enforcement, which is doing their job rounding up illegal aliens, is somehow going to bend over and let this illegal alien get away with staying in the country just because a handful of protesters show up and make noise?

The delusional arrogance of these illegals and their open-border zealots is just astounding!

“Maria and her family are welcome here,” chanted the crowd outside the gate of the immigration court in West Valley on Monday.

Now, they are not welcome here, if they did not come into the country legally. We already have a pathway to citizenship, folks. If Maria didn't want to follow that pathway, then she should have never entered the country in the first place.

The single mother, who has been in the U.S. for 14 years, faces deportation.

Her attorney, Gage Herbst, said he will file a petition asking the court to stay her removal from the U.S., although under the current president, deportations of parents with U.S.-born children are more common.

They should be deported. Shame on her for having children in this country when she did not live in the country legally. If the kids don't want to live without their mother, then they can live with her in her home country.

Under the past administration, parents like Santiago were low-priority for deportation.

“I don’t want to be separated from my children,” said Santiago of the idea of leaving the country without her children.

She won’t leave them.

In Guatemala, she was orphaned at a young aged and suffered abuse. She fled the violence in that country and found refuge and peace in the U.S.

“I found security here,” she said.

But now we have Americans who have no security here. We have men and women who get killed by illegals. An average of 25 Americans a day are killed by illegal aliens, and where is their security? Those families are separated forever, while the illegals and their children will be separated for a short time, or they can stay together in another country.

The stifling bias toward illegals and the disregard for American citizens is just appalling.

According to Herbst, in the past, immigration officials recognized that deporting Santiago would have a detrimental effect on her children.

For years, she reported to immigration officials on a regular basis, hoping one day she could achieve permanent residency.

Recently, she was served with a deportation order.

Bye Maria!

Her children, ages 11, 9, 5 and 3 -- all born in Utah -- would have no choice but to leave with their mother to Guatemala.

Sarai, 9, said she is stressed over the idea of going to Guatemala.

Her 11-year-old brother Patrick said he wants to study computer science when he gets older, but he doesn’t want to leave his mom.

“I don’t want to stay here without my mom cause I want someone who takes care of us,” he said.

Oh, Boo hoo! Poor little illegals!


Final Reflection

Maria needs to go, and the rest of her family can go with her.

What about her dreams?
What about her family?

The uprising of Guatemalan citizens against their corrupt government should grant hope and solace to men and women who have feared the corruption and evil rampant in their country. The truth is that Central American nations will never be great again as long as the nationals in these countries insist on running to the United States to seek a better life there.

What about his dreams?
They need to start fighting back in their home countries, just as we are doing the same here in our own country. The United States simply cannot serve as the battered women's shelter for the entire world. We can't.

Other countries need to adopt the same Judeo-Christian values which we hold dear, and endorse the checks and balances implicit in our own United States Constitution. The rule of law, a culture of respect and dignity for life and property, these reforms are crucial in their own homelands. Nothing will improve as long as the foreign nationals of the world insist on running to the United States for refuge.

My Take Down of a Rude, Anti-Trump SJW Goes VIRAL!

Check out this tweet:

I had confronted this rude, pasty-white Beta Male about five months ago.

It was at the LA County Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission meeting in Downtown Los Angeles.

While I was standing at the podium discussing what had happened to DeAndre Mitchell, a black American who rushed into a fire to save four American lives, this little hater flipped me off.

Now, why did DeAndre die? Why did he risk his life in that fire?

An illegal alien had set the fire to retaliate against another transient in an abandoned building.

Shameful what our government has allowed to enter into our country.

This petty SJW basically flipped off a black man who had tried to save the lives of four other Americans, all killed by an illegal alien!

I confronted him during the break, and he of course proceeded to act like a little child.

He was not only embarrassed, taken down like a boss, but now the whole world gets to see it AGAIN!

Repost the Reproach: The Advocate's Hate Piece Against Me Fails ... Again!

They don't seem to understand that the more that they try to shame me for my strong views on life and family, the more that they fail.
Check out their latest attempt to hate below:
And the few commentaries we did find were over the moon, such as Arthur Schaper on BarbWire lauding both the so-called religious freedom guidance and the contraceptive exemption. “Instead of going along with these corrupt, perverse LGBT and Abortion lobbies, President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions have taken a stand for life and liberty,” he wrote.

The Advocate even quoted me
And Tony Perkins, president of the anti-LGBT Family Research Council (which recently hosted Trump at its Values Voter Summit), gave an exclusive interview to Breitbart saying Trump had kept “the most important promise that he made” with those two actions. Oh, we can hardly wait to see what he does next.
Andrew Breitbart used to pride himself on the hate he would induce from the Left on Twitter, so he would "retweet the hate."
When people write bad things about me or try to smear me in print, I just 
"Report the Reproach!"

Media Fail: Nick Green Lies About Omar Navarro

Nick Green has been spotted getting drunk at local restaurants in the past.

He was working directly with Leilani Kimmel-Dagostino when she was running for Torrance City Council--and she lost twice.

Now he is going after Congressional candidate Omar Navarro.

Not sure why and I am not sure what he intends to accomplish.

It was clearly a hit piece that was published today, with very little to show for itself.

Here are key portions of the hit piece, with corrections:

Omar Navarro, a fringe GOP activist in the South Bay making his second bid to unseat entrenched Rep. Maxine Waters, is on probation until March for a criminal conviction stemming from his use of an electronic tracking device he attached to his wife’s car, the Daily Breeze has learned.

"Fringe". If he were fringe, why would Nick be reporting on him? Doesn't that make him a fringe reporter?

His probation does not end until March 13, according to court records.

Navarro, who has never held elected office, is an ardent supporter of President Donald Trump who was trounced by Waters in 2016 in her heavily Democratic 43rd Congressional District that stretches from Westchester to Torrance and inland to South Los Angeles. Waters has become something of a liberal hero for her outspoken criticism of Trump.

Here's the official passage from the Daily Breeze
The lie about Omar and the BCR

She's also a laughingstock for anyone who breathes and knows how to count.

Navarro, who resigned from his volunteer post on the Torrance Traffic Commission earlier this year when faced with censure or removal for his political activities in various Los Angeles County cities, is second vice president of the rogue Beach Cities Republican Club. The county’s GOP leadership revoked the charter of the Redondo Beach-based club earlier this year for attacking members of its executive committee and violating its bylaws.

That is a flat-out lie.

Omar Navarro announced his decision to step down as Second Vice President at least three months ago. Where have you been, Nick? 

Navarro, reached for comment Wednesday morning, was evasive at first about his criminal conviction.

He initially said there are “a lot of Omar Navarros,” implying that perhaps someone with the same name was convicted of the charge. Then he said the incident that led to the criminal charge occurred “years ago,” rather than last year. Finally, he acknowledged the misdemeanor conviction, but at first blamed the Orange County District Attorney’s Office and the media for “fake news” before finally admitted it was his own doing.

“The district attorney refused to dismiss the case — it was (filed) under false pretenses,” Navarro said. “The Daily Breeze is biased news.

“I got what I deserved,” he finally said. “Everybody makes mistakes.”

Huh? It sounds more like the news reporter is being evasive than Omar.

“Omar continues to think he is above the law, ” said Jeff Benson, a former spokesman for Navarro’s 2014 Torrance City Council and 2016 congressional campaigns. “He recently suggested that I should track down his wife. As his closest adviser for over four years, I always condemned anyone who engages in risky behavior like that, so now he has a private investigator do it for him. He is a real hot head and persistent.”

Who is this Jeff Benson guy? He sounds bitter since he didn't jump on the Navarro train for his 2018 bid against Maxine Waters.

Navarro’s most recent campaign finance filing shows that on Sept. 13, Pasadena-based Grevillius Detective Service was paid $588 for “opp research,” an abbreviation for opposition research.

What does the "opp research" have to do with anything? Is Green suggesting that it has something to do with his wife? Another false smear.

A former car salesman who said he is living off savings while challenging Waters, Navarro hosted the  Thursday night fundraiser at Trump National Golf Club for guests paying $125 a plate. 
Arpaio, the featured speaker, was convicted last year of defying a court order to stop detaining suspected illegal immigrants. He later was pardoned by President Trump.

Yes, and that just fries liberals so much. They can't deal with the fact that an effective sheriff was able to crack down on so much crime and corruption.

Final Reflection

Here is the letter I issued to Nick Green:

Nick, you've done a poor job again.
Omar Navarro is not the second vice president of the Beach Cities Republicans. He stepped down in July so that he could focus completely on his Congressional bid. I noticed that you didn't write the fact that he's raised over $100,000 despite the fact that many see his bid for congress as nearly impossible.

You need to change that.
The fact that you couldn't do the basic research to confirm that Omar's no longer with BCR is pretty sad. If you wanted to write a hatchet piece, you should have at least done your research.
By the way the LA County Central Committee which unjustly revoked our charter has gone bankrupt. Their executive director was laid off because they can't afford him anymore.
Local club leaders refused to donate to them. Honestly I believe BCR probably has more money in our bank account then then the Central Committee does. Why haven't you written about that?

Last of all, there's a local blogger named Joseph Turner who did a better job of uncovering sexual perversion and Financial mismanagement in the state capital then you did. How could you have missed those stories?

I predict that the Daily Breeze will have to lay off Nick Green within the next 6 months.