Thursday, December 8, 2016

California MassResistance Stands With The People of Taiwan for Natural Marriage

California MassResistance stands with the tens of thousands of families in Taiwan who reject gay marriage.

It is truly unsettling that both of Taiwan's major political parties favor undermining the family and rejecting a sound institution--one man and one woman as parents raising children.

What has been truly impressive has been the large number of demonstrations of loving families, men and women--standing up to their own government.

I believe that more countries around the world are learning how this "benign eccentricity" called gay marriage is in fact a Trojan horse full of unintended, negative consequences.

Churches, charities, and small businesses will face increased pressure from rabid LGBT groups to conform and accommodate same-sex marriages and the multi-gender ideologies which follow. Failure to comply will mean fines, imprisonment, the closure of private businesses, etc.

Worse yet, children will  have to learn about homosexuality in public school as a normal behavior, and their parents will have no say in preventing this curriculum.

The devastating impact to public health and individual rights cannot be ignored.

My hope is that the Taiwanese people -- who have already voted in an opposition government for the first time--will recognize their renewed power and affirm the true definition of marriage: one man and one woman.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Chicano Park Does Not Deserve Preservation: Tell Congress to Vote No On HR 3711

I have received a number of emails and updates about a key bill which may be sneaked through Congress during the lame-duck sessions.

It is called HR 3711, or more specifically: Chicano Park Preservation Act

The park is located in San Diego, CA.

Check out some photos of the area:

This photo is particularly disturbing:

Notice the Nazi swastika right in the middle of the mural.

Yes, indeed. The Chicano movement and La Raza ideology is based on neo-nazi hatred. The author and intellectual godfather of the movement, José Vasconcelos, was a Mexican with Nazi sympathies, and he wrote the Chicano movement primer La Raza Cósmica.

This is serious.

Congress should take no steps for Chicano Park to turn the location into a national monument. The area is a national disgrace!

Here is the text of Congressman Vargas' bill:

To authorize the Secretary of the Interior to conduct a special resource study of Chicano Park, located in San Diego, California, and for other purposes.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,
This Act may be cited as the “Chicano Park Preservation Act”.
(a) Study.—The Secretary of the Interior shall conduct a special resource study of Chicano Park and its murals located in San Diego, California.
(b) Contents.—In conducting the study under subsection (a), the Secretary shall—
(1) evaluate the national significance of the site;
(2) determine the suitability and feasibility of designating the site as a National Historic Landmark or Affiliated Area of the National Park System;
(3) consider other alternatives for preservation, protection, and interpretation of Chicano Park and its murals by Federal, State, or local governmental entities, or private and nonprofit organizations;
(4) consult with interested Federal, State, or local governmental entities, private and nonprofit organizations or any other interested individuals; and
(5) identify cost estimates for any development, interpretation, operation, and maintenance associated with the alternatives.
(c) Applicable Law.—The study required under subsection (a) shall be conducted in accordance with section 100507 of title 54, United States Code, except that the study shall not consider any options that involve Federal acquisition of lands, interests in lands, or any other property related to the Chicano Park and its murals.
(d) Report.—Not later than 18 months after the date on which funds are first made available for the study under subsection (a), the Secretary shall submit to the Committee on Natural Resources of the House of Representatives and the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources of the Senate a report containing the results of the study and any conclusions and recommendations of the Secretary
The sponsor of the legislation Congressman Juan Vargas:

Vargas represents California’s 51st Congressional District which includes the southern portion of San Diego County, all of Imperial County and California’s entire US/Mexico border.  Vargas was first elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2012 and is currently serving his second term in Congress.  He serves on the House Financial Services Committee and the Committee on House Administration.   

Here is a statement exposing the subversive intentions of the bill:

Just when you thought the GOPe and Congress was finally getting our “America First” and secure our borders message, they go and jump in bed with Mexico/La Raza to try to put their anti-America, seditious “Chicano Park” in San Diego into the U.S. National Park system!  This bill is sponsored by Mexican loyalist Rep. Juan Vargas (D-San Diego) and other radical Marxist leftists in our Congress.  And the naïve or corrupt GOP leadership is trying to approve it for them before Trump takes office!  They are hoping no one is paying attention as we enter the holiday season.

Call your REPUBLICAN Congress member now!  Tell them to kill this bill!  Or at least vote NO.  It will only take a few Republican House members to vote yes for the radical leftist Dems to sneak this through before Congress adjourns for December starting Friday.


The bill has passed out of the House and is headed to the US Senate.

No park, no national monument should praise enemies of the United States.

The murals are decadent and despicable, referencing blood, death, hearts broken and torn--all references to the Aztec pagan sacrifices of human beings.

The murals in the park showcase Spanish conquistadores murdered or destroyed, or in skeletal form.

Here is more information to learn about what the "Chicano" movement is really about:

La Raza claims that the Southwestern United States belongs to Mexico, and that they have a stern duty to take back that portion of our country.

They also engage in cult-like, neo-pagan rituals.

There is also a virulent disdain for Anglos, or for anyone who is not Chicano.

The whole concept of this identity is based on hatred and misinformation, as well as storied propaganda forced upon Hispanic students.

Here is more

One constituent reported the following treatment from California Congressional representatives:

I have called or e-mailed a number of representatives.  The staff of a couple were sympathetic and said they would watch my video and forward the info.  Others hung up on me. 

The staff of Tom McClintock, who is head of the subcommittee that approved the bill, hung up abruptly on me.  Duncan Hunter's staff was not too friendly, either.  Issa's staff said they would look at the video below.  Louie Gohmert staff person was interested enough to give me her e-mail address and tell me to send the video to her.  She said she would let Louie know about it.  Gohmert was actually one of these, who voted for it in the committee.  He may not have realized what it is about though.

Did Tom McClintock vote for this bill?!

Unbelievable! Isn't anyone paying attention to this legislation?

The last thing that any Congressman--and especially any Republican--should be doing is to vote along with legitimizing and promoting internal hatred for the United States of America. We have once again a bad case of representatives' voting for something which they have not read, or do not are about!

If you are talking to them on the phone and they are willing to look at the video, but won't give you an e-mail address, you can tell  them to search YouTube for "Chicano Park Anti-American".

The bill has passed the House.

It's headed for the United States. It's not too late to stop this legislation

There are key US Senators whom We the People can contact to stop this legislation.

Here is a partial list of pro-immigration enforcement US Senators (two who just won re-election in tight races).

Contact them and urge them to vote NO! (and filibuster)  the Chicano Park Preservation Act (HR 3711):

Lisa Murkowski (R - AK) Chairwoman of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee
709 Hart Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510
(202) 224-6665

Tom Cotton - (R - AR)    Class II
124 Russell Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510
(202) 224-2353

Ted Cruz (R - TX)           Class I
404 Russell Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510
(202) 224-5922

Ron Johnson (R - WI)  Class III
328 Hart Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510
(202) 224-5323

David Perdue (R - GA)    Class II
383 Russell Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510
(202) 224-3521

Pat Toomey - (R - PA)        Class III
248 Russell Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510
(202) 224-4254

It is not too late for those insistent on stopping this terrible bill!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Does California Have a Two-Party System Anymore?

Election night 2016: Republicans took a heavy drubbing in California.

They lost three Assembly seats and one state senate seat

Democrats regained their supermajority in both chambers of the state legislature. The state senate seat loss was particularly damaging, since the margin of loss was pretty close.

Taxpayers, homeowners, and law-abiding citizens will have to depend on absent or criminal Democratic legislators in order to have any chance of staving off tax increases.

It happened in the months leading up to Election 2014, then Republicans scooped up some seats to stave off the supermajority.

Then over the next two years, voters witnessed Republicans peeling away from the minority to join the Democratic majority on offensive legislation.

Voters have to pose the question--is there a two-party system in California? Do the Republicans really stand for anything, or stand together to do what is right for all Californians? Carl DeMaio (himself a wavering Republican if there ever was one) asked what the Republican Party stands for, and what those values are.

The truth is, it's really hard to tell when some Republicans cave on immigration, and other Republicans do whatever the unions or the big business interests tell them to. In case most voters are not aware, big business has no problem with tax increases. They don't individual voters and small businesses paying more taxes. It gets rid of the competition and puts all the pressure for infrastructure on someone else.

It is truly upsetting to see so many Republicans in Sacramento take a stand for the legal residents of our state. There are 38 million people in California. They obey the law, do they not? Don't they deserve to have representatives who ... represent us?

The two political parties are eroding in California.

We are seeing a pro-business flank and a pro-labor flank dominating Sacramento.

We the People are being forced out of the process, stuck with the bill of paying for these extravagant, wasteful promises.

Prop 14 is one culprit for this perversity. But let's not forget the power of Big Labor up and down the state. They look at the registration in a district. Whichever candidate has the advantage, they will shower millions on that candidate.

No matter who ends up in Sacramento, that candidate will vote to keep the taxpayer-funded gravy train flowing and rolling for the Big Labor bosses.

And on immigration.

The press and the loud, arrogant Illegal Alien, Big Business, La Raza lobby, in tandem with a corrupt press, will tell sob stories about the illegal alien youth just trying to flee gangs and death in their  homelands.

The stories which the newspapers refuse to report:

1. Americans who are pushed out of jobs because of the glut of cheap labor.

2. The Americans killed by illegal aliens, especially those deported multiple times.

3. The cost to taxpayers housing criminal illegals who have broken other laws.

4. The drain of illegal aliens on public resources, like education and health.

When will the press tell the whole story about "immigrants."

And the language issue itself exposes how corrupted the whole discussion has become.

Those who break into this country are not immigrants. They are illegal aliens. We must stop allowing the press, the government, and local businesses to tarnish the name of "immigrant,"

The residents of California are in real trouble on immigration.

The business wing wants the cheap labor, The Labor win wants the new membership.

Is there anyone in the state capital who cares about you and me?

There are a handful of conservative Republicans who will vote in line with the rule of law. They are a diligent minority, but a minority nonetheless.

And a minority of the minority is really ineffective.

If California does have a two party system, it's a system which works for limited interests, and not for the voters as a whole.

This is a huge problem, and helps explain why Republican voters meet freuent frustration with their elected officials.

Is there any way to change this unjust system?

Californians witnessed the entire country buck this unjust hustle.

There must be a way to cut through this mess for the rest of us. We the People are still a greater number than those who hold the levers of power (at this time).

Taiwan: Say "No!" to Gay Marriage

President-Elect Donald Trump got a phone call. It was the President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-Wen.

She signaled her support and offered congratulations to our leader.

Reminder, embittered liberals: she called him, so back off and take a deep breath.  Looking for any last-minute push for relevance, the media insisted in another fitful field day following that call. “How could Trump take a phone call from the opposition nationalists?” For some left-wing reason (actually, no reason at all), the President-Elect shouldn’t be talking to Taiwanese President without permission from Communist China.

Not anymore, folks. That’s not how Trump rolls.

Traditions and arrogant assumptions are getting rejected all over the world.

The “little people” have stood up to the British elites, the American media (and the Democratic Party). Even the Italians rejected centralized governance and European Union austerity.

It’s a new morning in the world.

So, traditions are falling to the wayside …

Another “tradition” should be put away, as well: the global(ist) obsession with “gay marriage.”
And Taiwan, incidentally enough, is the next battle ground.

Taiwan’s new President, a member of the island nation’s loyal opposition, has pledged a commitment to helping the poor, the disadvantaged. Like a number of left-leaning politicos, she is also reaching out to the “LGBT” movement.

Oh brother.

I have great hopes for the Asian countries, just as I have witnessed the Latin American nations resist the homosexual agenda and the gender-bending ideologies of anti-Western snobs.

To their credit, the Taiwanese people elected a popular leader to their Presidency, who resists a strong alliance with Beijing. She also bested another attempt by President Barack Obama to influence a foreign election for his limited ambitions. Besides, President Tsai’s ascension is the latest step in a trend away from the autocratic Kuomintang, which has held decades-long one-party rule in Taiwan, since the 1940s, when the Nationalists fled China following World War II.
Still, she has a distinctly “progressive” platform, to be sure.

Flag of Taiwan
I learned a great deal about her party (The Democratic Progressive Party) and their history at a local celebration held in Monterey Park, California. The event took place on Veterans Day, 2016—three days after Donald Trump’s historic and unprecedented win against Hillary Clinton, defeating the media, political elites of both parties, plus the corporatist, globalist interests from Washington to Brussels.

The Democratic Progressive Party of Taiwan had sent delegates to the United States. They were learning about the electoral and political systems of the United States. Two Congressman attended—Judy Chu of Pasadena, and Ed Royce of Brea. Local officials informed me that Republican efforts have committed to working with the DPP to bring them more to the political center. The invitation from a DPP ambassador was well-appreciated (they wanted to learn about local as well as national politics).  I could not turn down the opportunity.

So, my knowledge of Taiwan—the nation’s culture and politics—has grown.
Then surprise, surprise: one month later, I received an email from a correspondent at Taiwan’s Central News Agency in Los Angeles.

His request was abrupt yet professional:

The confrontation for gay marriage in Taiwan is becoming one of the major causes of the instability of Taiwanese society.

I do not know how you think about those who live in Taiwan after you read all stories above.

For me, it is too naive for Taiwanese to understand how gay marriage may hurt Taiwanese society seriously.

In view of this, I would like to write a report to introduce impacts and effects of gay marriage to Taiwanese after gay marriage was legalized for several years in California.

Could you please help me?

All I need your help is offer me some actual and real examples, stories or incidents as to impacts and effects of gay marriage over California, please.

I will be very grateful if you would like to help me for my article as soon as you can.

I was surprised that a member of the press would want to know the effects of “gay marriage” and report on the consequences for the readership in the home country.

Most media types want to promote the destruction of family as a net positive.

First, I provided a litany of clear talking points, however politically incorrect they may be:'

1. Homosexuality is destructive.

2. It is neither genetic nor an innate characteristic of human beings: a very inconvenient truth for the Left.

3. Homosexuality and transgenderism are not civil or natural rights, but behaviors.

4. Marriage—by design, biological recognition, as well as societal and civil preference—must  remain for one man and one woman.

5. Gay marriage is not progressive, but regressive. Ancient Romans and Greeks engaged in similar "gay marriages", to the utter destruction of the Ancient Western world. Click here.

The health factors cannot be ignored.

Los Angeles County alone (where I live) has suffered unprecedented outbreaks of severe venereal diseases, which have particularly afflicted gay and bi-sexual men.

I documented the psychological and physical risks associated with homosexual conduct (freely acknowledged by homosexuals themselves), all detailed in the liberal-leaning LA Weekly. (Click here and here for more information).

I then related the battle which Californians across the state, from the Christians colleges to the local churches, to stop SB 1146, a bill which in its original form would have shut down Christian colleges and destroyed religious liberty.

The overwhelming threats posed by gay marriage or any celebration of the gay agenda are all too real, and no country should undermine its essential civil or biological structure all in the name of “social progress.”  I emailed him MassResistance’s documentary “What Gay Marriage Did to Massachusetts.” The Taiwanese need to see the entire consequences of gay marriage. I also emailed a version of the documentary in Chinese.

Pro-life, pro-family forces have halted this destructive movement in other countries. Let us hope and pray that the free people of Taiwan will embrace true democratic progress, shout “Shi!” (“Yes!”) to life and liberty and reject gay marriage in their country.

Anthony Rendon and the Anti-American Apartheid of the California Democratic Party

Through voter fraud, forced unionism, and outright lies, the California Democratic Party has taken back supermajority power in the state legislature.

The first act of the Democratic majority?

They have declared their stern refusal to comply with federal, particularly on immigration.

Pro-amnesty advocates and illegal aliens are demanding that the attorney general not turn over the data base of Mexican and other Hispanic-oriented gangs to the feds.

Two bills have already been introduced into the state legislature.

AB 3 and SB 6

These two bills focus on granting proper funding for legal counsel to illegal aliens once they are dragged into immigration court.

Let me see if I get this right ...

The state legislators, who took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, are now openly defying federal law and the federal government.

They are giving jobs, housing, money, privileges to illegal aliens.

Let's not forget the easy money from food stamps and other welfare subsidies going to the poorest of the poor (if they can be called poor.) Veterans are dying in the streets of California. Moms and Dads who obey the rule of law and work for themselves and their families are heavily taxed.

But the public sector unions, the illegals, and the welfare queens live the life of Riley.


This is a modern-day, California Crazy apartheid!

Speaker Anthony Rendon, a Big Fan of Apartheid
and racist George Wallace

Here are the words from the racist, anti-American, pro-La Raza California State Speaker Anthony Rendon:

“Californians should be wary of the national calls for unity and healing,” Rendon (D-Paramount) said, according to the text of his remarks as prepared for delivery. “Unity must be separated from complicity. And we must be defiant whenever justice, fairness, and righteousness require.

“Californians do not need healing. We need to fight."

Fight for what? The right to endanger and discriminate against American citizens, or to despise and reject the will of the voters through the Electoral College?

The La Raza infestation of California politics must be confronted and purged.

Men and women of all backgrounds, citizens of every stripe, and being told to sit in the back of the bus, and watch as our borders are overrun by lawlessness, with illegal aliens playing the asylum card, only to still, kill, and destroy.

Shame on these people.

Breitbart's Joel Pollack reported:

Rendon called the Trump administration a “major existential threat” on a par with the Second World War. He also repeated false charges against Stephen K. Bannon, the Executive Chair of Breitbart News (on leave) who was appointed CEO of the Trump campaign in August and has been named incoming White House Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor.

Steve Bannon has been one of the most vocal supporters of the state of Israel. If any anti-Semitism needs to be confronted, look no further than MeCHA and La Raza. 

I wonder if Speaker Rendon is an anti-Semite, too?

“White nationalists and anti-Semites have no business working in the White House,” Rendon said of Bannon.

Lies, damned lies, and slander.

Tim Donnelly spelled it out so well what the racist, apartheid Democrats are doing in Sacramento:

California’s Marxist-progressive leadership has vowed to defy federal law and protect the millions of illegal aliens and welfare recipients to whom they owe their political power.
How President-elect Donald Trump reacts will signal to the world what kind of leadership we should expect.

At some people, we have to stop calling these DemoRATS "progressive." There is nothing about progress connected to the California Democratic Party, which has  enacted its own form of apartheid and slavery--this time against minority citizens who want to get out of poverty, as well as all citizens and law-abiding legal residents trying to get by.

The warning last week from California Democrats, “Come at us,” was a first salvo — a warning shot — testing the waters.

California is launching a direct attack on the Union, something that hasn’t happened since the civil rights movement, and even the Civil War.  And when I say California, I mean the Democrat supermajority that controls the legislature, and every statewide office; and the leftist media, who make up two-thirds of the unholy trifecta that rules California.

Yes indeed. The California Democratic Party is feeling its racist roots all over again. If Speaker Anthony Rendon had his way. he would have implemented an anti-white, anti-black, anti-Asian apartheid system against us. He does not care for the rights of all Americans.

He wants to do what is "best" (or at least politically expedient) for the limited, anti-American political elite.

No apartheid! I am fed up with this arrogant state political class ignoring the needs of ordinary Americans!

California citizens--it's time for our Civil Rights Movement!

How Donald Trump Can Make California Great Again

Election 2016 was great news for almost all Republicans.

We know about the blue states that went red. Wisconsin went from a sea of blue to a near red-state (except Madison and Milwaukee). Michigan is on the road to recovery, and red all over, too. In Pennsylvania, Democratic strongholds  like Erie County and the surrounding suburbs of Philadelphia County went Republican. States which stayed Democratic got redder, too. Minnesota was a near-win for Trump. A Republican Governor with a now ruby-red legislature will flip the Land of 10,000 flip into the GOP column in 2018. Illinois Republicans also made modest legislative gains. A new Republican Rust Belt strategy will pay future dividends. Globalist pressures, immigration, and anti-American trade deals are forcing conservatives to target the industrial core of America, long neglected by the think tanks.

But the Republican resurgence missed other deep-blue states like Rhode Island and Delaware. Hawaii’s lone GOP state senator succumbed to the Blue Hawaii syndrome. Aloha State Democrats now hold unanimous control in the state senate.

It was bad news in California, too, following modest gains in 2014. Democrats took back the state legislative supermajority. The final blow fell when Democrats flipped a state senate seat in the reliably Republican SoCal region of Diamond Bar. The California press—from the Sacramento Bee to the Los Angeles Times—have downplayed this progressive political restoration, claiming that Sacramento’s moderate Democrats will hold back the hyper-liberalism of their peers.

Yeah, sure!

The State Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (who represents cities with the lowest quality of life among cities nationwide) will enjoy a longer shelf-life (since reformed term limits extended his potential tenure to 12 years). He wants to focus on “Latinos.” What? The rest of Californians don’t matter?! Taxes are coming. Water is not. Labor unions rule, and uniformed voters drool. Anti-religious bigot state senator Ricardo Lara will take another crack at criminalizing Christianity.
California’s Liberals ruling class despises Trump, and demand secession. Should we be surprised? Progressives resemble the Confederates of 1860. They like their slaves (welfare-dependent and illegal), and they don’t want the federal government messing with their peculiar institution of “Government First, Individual Last.” If there is a secession, the 19 northeastern California counties that voted for Trump should form The State of Jefferson and call it a day.

But seriously, is there a silver lining for the Golden State?

Former Congressional candidate-turned-radio host Carl DeMaio (who ran on nearly every Democratic plank in 2014) discussed with libertarian Steven Greenhut the need for a robust opposition. They claim that Republicans are too focused on law-and-order issues. They need to be libertarian, fit their district. My assemblyman David Hadley checked off every box on their list … and still lost.

Should California Republicans just pull up stakes and leave? I met California transplants in Texas, but I’m not ready to leave, yet. After three weeks of reviewing California’s epic losses, I believe California can be saved. Trump’s most enthusiastic supporters—from Marco “Taco Trucks” Gutierrez to We the People Rising—all hail from California. Long Beach, CA is the seat for one of the most active national Trump contingents.

How can President Trump and Company Make California Great Again?

1. Voter ID. Voter fraud is the norm, not an anomaly, in California. CBS news investigator David Goldstein discovered dead people voting in Los Angeles County elections. In San Pedro, CA, an apartment received 83 ballots mailed to different people. The Democratic state legislature enacted automatic motor-voter registration, and the year before, California Democrats allowed illegal aliens to get drivers’ licenses.

Do you see the problems here?

California’s Secretary of State Alex Padilla (who denies the existence of voter fraud) allows people to register to vote online. California Republicans are mulling a lawsuit (finally!). I would like to see Attorney General Sessions sue the state of California for rampant voter irregularities. After all, voter fraud violates the civil rights of all Californians!

2. Labor reforms.  Big Labor buys politicians the way chefs buy meat at the butcher shop. Their domination in Sacramento ensures the progressive agenda for all, while taxpayers get to pay for it.
South Orange County teacher Rebecca Friedrichs sued California’s largest labor union—the California Teachers Association—because the coerced dues violated her First Amendment rights. Her case stalled before the Supreme Court following Justice Antonin Scalia’s untimely passing. Still, anti-forced unionism cases are advancing through federal courts. Trump appoints Super-Scalia, and forced unionism in California—plus the dues which fund the Democratic Party—is dead. (Trump should also sign the National Right-To-Work, sponsored by US Senator Rand Paul!)

3. Religious Freedom Restoration Initiatives. The churches across the country did not sit out Election 2016. Religious liberty faced extinction if Jezebel Hillary won the Presidency. Ricardo Lara’s SB 1146 woke up Christians even in Sodom-and-Gomorrah California. Conservatives need to tap into this momentum. California’s churches are alive and well, but need to get active. Donald Trump was the only Presidential candidate to suggest repeal of the nefarious Johnson amendment during the campaign. If Congress repeals this law, churches and pastors will reassert their freedom, then participate in politics and shape the culture.

4. A Donald Trump Presidency is ready to defund sanctuary cities. California has at least 35. Securing the borders and ending welfare to illegal aliens will remove California’s Democratic voter base while welcoming back taxpayers and middle-income families.

5. Expand School Choice and Defend Charter schools. Trump’s Department of Education nominee, Betsy DeVos, will take these reforms national. In California, parents and students have organized against corrupt, union-bought city councils which oppose school choice and impose moratoria on charter schools.

Californians can do their part, too, of course:

6. Repeal Prop 14. In 2008, California enacted Louisiana-style jungle primary. The result? Three quarters of Los Angeles Country residents have o Republican on their ballot, besides Donald Trump. Epic fail. It must be repealed.

Is this a tall order for California?

It would be YUGE! But with President Trump, Californians have nothing to lose!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Random Lengths News: Trump Wins! Deal With It!

Election 2016: The Obama-Pelosi-Reid-Clinton-Progressive Tyranny is over!

Trump is our new President!

Republicans will hold onto Congress, too: Triple Crown Victory!

I was not a Trump supporter early on. I thought he was a Democrat in Republican clothing. Today, I recognize him as the right man to be President.

He gained my trust following his outreach to the 50-state activist group “The Remembrance Project.” They represent the loved ones of those killed by illegal aliens, victims which the federal and state governments have forgotten. Trump received neither funding nor endorsements from this group, yet he connected with the leader of this organization—Maria Espinoza, whom I met while visiting Houston, Texas earlier this year. His rocksteady stance on immigration and hi  pro-individual, pro-nation platform are much-needed: secure the border, deport illegal aliens, put Americans first.

I admired his uncanny genius to troll the disgraceful, smear-driven media. The Clinton News Network (CNN), the Clearly Biased System (CBS) and MSNBC (Must Submit News Clearance to Clintons) bent over backwards to get Crooked Hillary elected. In the end, they got screwed:
Trump won!

And please, spare me the race card. Everywhere I go wearing my “Trump: Make America Great Again” shirt, people of all colors and backgrounds smile and agree—they welcome President-Elect Trump. He is the first candidate in over 30 years to express an unabated love for this country and all Americans--warts and all. That is not racism. It’s called patriotism.

The populist temperament of San Pedro, as well the working and middle-income classes of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania resonated with a candidate who cared about working people—all Americans. Granted, conservatives lost touch with these communities, but Trump reconnected Republicans to the backbone and bread-basket of America.

Donald Trump: "Random Lengths News? Very sad!"

And one more thing about the liberal media …

I am saddened by Random Lengths News’ wretched narrative portraying Trump as some “Alt-Right” fascist. Your journalism was always slanted, but for you to engage in such shoddy hack writing … well, it should come as no surprise, really. Progressives have always pushed racism, fascism, and pro-government cynicism from Wilson to Johnson to Obama. I see RLn going the way of Weekly World News, the New York Times, and CNN—Fake News that falls out of circulation, because who would want to subsidize brazen, baseless slander?

God Bless America.

God Bless Donald Trump!

As for the Progressive elitists and the press—“You’re Fired!”

Where All Californians Go: Texas

I visited Houston, Texas earlier this year. The city is beautiful, clean, without tent cities of arrogant homeless crowding the sidewalks (that’s a allusion to the devil-possessed city of Los Angeles).

Houston is one of the bluest section of Texas? The Democrats can’t do much damage. Congressman John Culberson (who is picking up steam to ban sanctuary cities—finally!) represents a part of the city! The openly lesbian mayor Anise Parker tried to force San Francisco-style “non-discrimination” statutes on the city—which meant that men could enter women’s bathrooms, and bakeries would have to prepare wedding cakes for homosexual weddings, regardless of the conscience of the business owner.

But Texans are not San Franciscans, and even the residents in the city punched back at this immoral ordinance.
The Houston Five

The Houston Five—a team of pastors in the city—rallied the churches throughout the city and across the state. The mayor and her LGBT-bullying ilk tried to push confusing language. Twice the Houston team went to court to have the question written clearly and properly. Like the skewed polling and biased reporting during the Brexit campaign and the Presidential election, the press published poll after polling showing the “No” vote losing by double digits.

On Election Day, the ordinance lost by double-digits.

That was in 2015.

Today, with President-Elect Trump ready to assume power, blue states are doubling down on their liberal insanity, with no regard for the law, but full attention paid to George Soros and the left-wing special interest infiltrations into our country.

Texas is booming. Who knows what will happen in ten years, or even in six, as Texas gains three or four more House seats while California stagnates, or perhaps loses a Congressional seat for the first time in its history.

Late October was a warm 87 degrees from day to day. Not sure what to make of the weather, and not sure I could handle it.

I also met so many Californians in Texas.

They moved to the Lone Star State ten or twenty years ago. Even then, they could not afford their own home. The housing crisis has only gotten worse.

I ran into another friend of mine two weeks ago. Apparently, he had already moved to Texas nine months prior. He bought a home--large, welcome--for a mere $200,000. Incredible! He let his daughter live in the home owns in Torrance. If he wanted to, he could sell the California home for $700,000 easy.

Friends in Hermosa Beach could sell their home for twice that amount. They would still have money left over to invest after buying one (or two!) more homes if they wanted!

Californians are fleeing just about everything in California.

No jobs.

Crumbling infrastructure.

High costs of living.

Overpriced housing market.

Arrogant political class.

Millennials are fleeing Los Angeles. College graduates take jobs in other states, where economic growth is not measure in welfare payments.

Californians get wait to leave, it seems. If factors don't improve, I may be joining the Golden State flight to Texas very soon, too!

Election 2016: What California Republicans Need to Learn ...

Steve Greenhut
In my view, Hadley was the toughest loss. He is thoughtful and effective — a principled limited-government guy who was able to work with liberal Democrats to accomplish some meaningful things. That sounds improbable, but his co-authorship of an important bill reforming the state’s abusive asset-forfeiture laws was a key to its passage. Frankly, Hadley fit the model I’ve often touted — offer principled libertarian-oriented candidates who can do a good job explaining our issues to the public. Never mind about that idea. -- Stephen Greenhut, "California GOP’s Final Death Throes"

Hadley voted against every single tax increase.

He put together an incredible fundraising machine based on voluntary donations instead of forced unionism and coerced dues.

He talked to and reached out to every section of the South Bay.

There was not one event sponsored by city representatives that Hadley would not miss.

And yet ... he lost.

No wonder Greenhut was crushed about Hadley's loss.

And yet, he writes earlier in his article:

No one was surprised that Assemblyman David Hadley of Torrance lost his seat. The 66th Assembly District in the Los Angeles South Bay area has an 8-point Democratic advantage. That makes it more Republican than other districts in Los Angeles County, but it’s still tough sledding.

The slant turned into a 10 point advantage. When the district was first carved out by the Citizens Commission, however, it was only a D+3 advantage, and Republican statewide candidates Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman carried the district (although by a slim margin, and they eventually lost their bids for office).

Registration is down for Republicans, and the investment to improve this stark disadvantage needs to be fixed. Power brokers and major donors seemed content to allow a Pro-Business and a Pro-Labor faction fight for power in Sacramento, regardless of political parties. Prop 14 has not helped.

Add to this mess a fawning, corrupt media with left-leaning intentions--still-- plus endorsements from Governor Jerry Brown and President Barack Obama, and the forces were just to great for the Republican incumbent.

When Hadley was elected in 2014, it was the first time a Republican won that seat in 16 years. “Republicans across California sent a clear message that with the right candidate that matches the district and the right team behind them, Republicans are more than competitive,” GOP consultant Mitch Zak told the Daily Breeze. “And Republican philosophies and ideologies are alive and well in California.”

It amazes me how often writers and reporters get this information messed up.

The last assemblyman to represent the greater South Bay (Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Torrance, etc) was 1992.

Former Palos Verdes mayor Steve Kuykendall would win election to the state assembly in a district that covered the Palos Verdes Peninsula, San Pedro, and parts of Long Beach. He later ran for Congress and won in 1998. Then lost that re-election bid in 2000.

The moral of this short foray into Congressional history? Greater factors are at play in the South Bay, where the aerospace base has gone away, while wealthy, liberal-leaning interests have invaded pushing pet Big Green projects. Add to that the power of the labor unions and the rising liberal sentiment of illegal immigration and its enablers, and a perfect Democratic storm emerges.

About California Republican ideologies ....

Hadley voted for SB 10, allowing illegal aliens to purchase health insurance on the Obamacare exchanges. That was the worst vote he cast (worst than the assisted suicide vote, was intellectually consistent with his libertarian credentials). A number of well-connected and active Republicans refused to support him after other votes, too.

A California Republican Party which dabbles in amnesty and unionism will not last long. Where is the integrity? Where is the trust and consistency?

This is crucial. A vision and a consensus are necessary if the opposition wants to succeed.

Now, about Hadley's grassroots vision, which I applaud ...

The South Bay One Hundred in 2014 gave way to the South Bay 300. Residents, citizens, supporters throughout the South Bay. This forum would serve as the endorsement body to ensure one Republican candidate would compete for a seat. Hadley's long-term goal with this extended network? Counterbalance the public sector unions.

Election 2016, and Hadley still lost. The truth is that a South Bay 1000, with each member contributing $500, would never overcome the labor unions' unfair, unconstitutional fundraising advantage. What's $500,000 when labor unions will pour in ten times--twenty times--that amount of money if needed? They can draw on massive funds to make that happen.

Then add voter fraud, voter apathy, Prop 14, and mismanaged State GOP priorities, and Hadley lost.

It's a sad lesson to learn that the hardest working elected official can go unnoticed or rejected just because of party label, or because special interests drown a district in big money. The same fate has fallen on incumbents from local office who seek higher office across the country, too. How many incumbents were kicked out after 30 years of "service" in the state capital or Washington DC, too?