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May 18, 2017 Beach Cities Republicans Meeting: The Remembrance Project

The Beach Cities Republicans continues to hold strong meetings and engage people from all over Los Angeles County, even in the state of California, to get into the game and Make California Great Again.

The Trump Train is forging ahead throughout the country, and even in California, there is growing hope--and opportunity, that Republicans and Trump supporters of all other backgrounds can get on board to take back the Golden State from the phalanx of corrupt special interests looking out for their own interests--at the expense of the public interest.

For the May Meeting, a number of guests stepped up to share their views and their fight for our country and our President.

We had an incredible turnout that night!

This video contains the first part of the Beach Cities Republicans meeting:

Joseph Turner of American Children First addressed the audience:

He has been the spear-head for many pro-immigration enforcement initiatives throughout the state of California. His initiative process to pass ordinances to ban the hire of illegal aliens in local cities, and to prevent landlords from renting out their facilities to illegal aliens.

Now he's targeting Torrance, CA, telling the city council that if they do not pass a resolution condemning SB 54, then he will go after the city's utility user's tax, which accounts for 20% of the citiy's revenue.

Jo Reitkopf of Make California Great Again showed up to get everyone excited about turning Califonria Red for Election 2020. This team of hard-working organizers and activists has already combined outreach with key demographics across the state.

She also highlighted and praised Andrew Reeder's efforts to coordinated LA for Trump team members for events in Berkeley ... and other states!

Matthew Woods showed up, too!

And he brought one of his great signs, too!

Our featured speakers were the members of the Remembrance Project.

California Director Robin Hvidston:

Raul Rodriguez of  America First Latinos:

Betty Robinson of Tustin. She keeps a tally of every American who has been killed by an illegal alien since Kate Steinle's death in September, 2015:

Then Angel Mom Agnes Gibboney spoke:

The account of her struggles with illegal immigration, and how painfully close to home they hit and her family, are moving beyond words.

Check out her moving remarks during this part of the meeting:

Matthew Woods of LA County for Trump talked about First Amendment rights, and the steps that we can take to reregister voters and take back California. All of us are furious with what's happening in teh state of California. High taxes and fees, wasteful spending on the boondoggle crazy train. The pandering and pre-eminence of illegal aliens has infuriated the vast majority of California residents.

So, let's change the numbers and get good candidates to run for office!

Here are some other great people who attended the meeting:

Miriam Fogler and Robin Hvidston
Miriam drove 2 hours to attend this meeting because she wanted to see the Remembrance Project

Valeria Kennedy wants to stop illegal immigration!

Christine Williams and Agnes Gibboney

Ken Hartley
Please take a look at the uilts and the posters from The Remembrance Project, in which the 50-state movement represents the countless lives lost to illegal aliens, because our federal government refuses to enforce our immigration laws.

HAWAII RINOS and Dems Give Entire Store to Public Sector Unions

Hawaii Democrats and RINO's are the Clear and Present Danger

Aloha Republicans:

One of the most dangerous bills passed during the recently concluded session of the 2017 Hawaii State Legislature was adopted unanimously by Democrats and Republicans.  Yes, unanimously by both parties.
This just-approved collective bargaining bill is so bad that even the liberals who run the editorial page of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser have come out against this giveaway to Hawaii's government employee unions.
The pro-Democrat Star-Advertiser openly admits that Senate Bill 410 "tips the balance toward the unions to a degree that works contrary to the public interest."  Yes, CONTRARY to the public interest while the Hawaii GOP sits silently on the sidelines and turns a blind eye as Republican legislators sell us out.
Naturally, Democrats were all in favor of screwing the public by voting for SB410 and giving wide leeway to the already powerful public employee unions.  But, tragically, every single elected Republican voted for this bill.  McDermott voted yes.  Ward voted yes.  Tupola voted yes.  Cheape voted yes.  And Thielen voted yes.  Why even bother having a caucus separate from Democrats if voting the same way???

Even worse, this solid GOP support for SB410 occurred AFTER Beth Fukumoto had already been replaced by Andria Tupola as GOP minority leader in the State House . . . the very same Andria Tupola who wanted to become state chair of the Hawaii Republican Party; apparently in order to help guide our party even further to the left than Miriam Hellreich and Pat Saiki have taken us over the past 20 years.
PLEASE ACT QUICKLY:  Your urgent help is needed right away to undo the damage by convincing Governor Ige to veto this legislation.  PLEASE CLICKHERE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO GOVERNOR IGE RIGHT AWAY -- Please tell him to veto Senate Bill 410.

Examples of RINO voting -- such as supporting SB410 -- are precisely why Republicans statewide must remain vigilant.  Having watched Democrats and RINO's take Hawaii down the drain over the past 63 years, Republicans and conservatives have to remain engaged, watchful, and assertive.  Step one is that we simply need to stop worshiping at the feet of politicians from either party.  They're supposed to work for us.
LURCHING LEFTWARD:   Only a few years ago, RINO Gene Ward led the entire GOP caucus at the State House to support creation of the disastrous Obamacare exchange, the Hawaii Health Connector, which lost hundreds of millions of dollars after Democrats and RINO's who worship Barack Obama finally realized they were so incompetent that they couldn't even run a website to sell overpriced Obamacare insurance policies.  They should have voted NO so that Hawaii voters would see the difference between Republicans and Democrats.  But here in Hawaii, there's very little difference . . . which is exactly why we keep losing every two years.
It's critical to understand that this same GOP caucus at the State Capitol has brought us billions in tax hikesdriver's licenses for tens of thousands of illegal aliens in Hawaiibillions in wasteful spending, and dozens of really terrible policies which only HIRA has the courage to talk about.  In fact, if not for HIRA's vigilance, you might not have been aware how far to the left that the GOP Caucus and HRP have been pulling "Republicanism" in Hawaii.

Perhaps the best example of HIRA's unapologetic and exclusive advocacy against RINO's came while liberal party leaders like Boyd ReadyFritz RohlfingAndria TupolaGene WardBob McDermottPat Saiki and Miriam Hellreich were defending the choice of Beth Fukumoto as leader of elected Republicans statewide.
Disgraceful longtime Hawaii GOP leaders like Oahu county vice chair Boyd Readyand immediate past chair Fritz Rohlfingactively tried to prevent HIRA from succeeding in getting rid of Beth Fukumoto. They begged her to stay ("we need you") so she could provide "liberal opinion" inside the already ideologically confused state party.   Boyd Ready wanted Fukumoto to 
ignore the conservative voices of real Republicans represented by HIRA ("a tiny minority faction with a social media loudspeaker"), to help make the party a "big tent" full of liberal voices like Fukumoto's.  The begging by these failed RINO party leaders was bad enough.  But their outright determination to make the Hawaii GOP even more liberal and even more like the Democrats is outright sickening.  Fukumoto's Republican colleagues unanimously supported making her their GOP leader for another two years only four months ago at the start of the 2017 legislative session.  Horrible judgement.
On the contrary, HIRA repeatedly pointed out how Fukumoto was the
worst possible choice to serve as the standard-bearer of Republicans in Hawaii since she really preferred Democrat policies.  Our evidence?  Her terrible voting record.  Her unwillingness to lead the fight against Democrats.  Her failure to coordinate with the Hawaii GOP to activate card-carrying Republicans to join the fight.  Her record of selling out to accommodate Democrats.  And so on.  But liberals like Boyd Ready and the rest of the RINO party leaders kept telling us how good a Republican Beth Fukumoto is and how good she'd be for the GOP.
Well, yesterday's newspaper should remove any and all doubts.  Democrat Party leaders openly agree with HIRA in admitting that 
Beth Fukumoto is a progressive Democrat.  Fukumoto quit the GOP (at HIRA's urging) and is now joining the Democrat Party.  She had no business ever being the leader of Hawaii Republicans at the State Capitol.  And her colleagues had no sense unanimously elevating her to minority leader. Good riddance.


WHY HIRA FIGHTS:   The people named above are STILL running our party today.  While our party organization remains infested with liberal party leaders determined to keep the Hawaii GOP quietly on the sidelines (Kauai's state convention made no difference), RINO's are actively helping Democrats to make the daily struggle of Hawaii families and businesses even harder by voting for harmful policies.  Not only are liberals Miriam Hellreich and Pat Saiki still calling the shots through new puppet party officers they've hand-selected, but you simply can't put the fox in charge of the hen-house.

As the American Conservative Union (ACU) warns us, East Honolulu state house member Gene Ward has the most Democrat-like voting record out of all Republicans at the State Capitol.  But, Ward is also the national committeeman of the Hawaii GOP (elected at the 2016 state convention for a 4-year term along with Hellreich).  Party leaders won't lift a finger keep politicians like Gene Ward honest because he is also a party leader.  And THAT is another of the many reasons why HIRA exists and, more importantly, why we fight.

*** Stay tuned for eye-opening stories from HIRA which reveal that nothing has changed since last weekend's state convention on Kauai. Without your vigilance, RINO's will continue to disappoint you at the Hawaii GOP and at the State Capitol. ***

Finally, please take a few minutes to contact Governor Ige today and tell him to veto SB410.  The balance of power is horribly skewed already without Democrats and RINO's teaming up against taxpayers in 2017 to make matters even worse.

Thanks and God Bless Hawaii.


President, Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA)
Chairman, HIRA Action SuperPAC

¡Si Se Puede DEPORT! CALL ICE About Illegal Alien Activist In Custody

We The People Rising http://wethepeoplerising.com
EMAIL robinhvidston@wethepeoplerising.com or  rhvidston1@yahoo.com
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On 5/18/17, Los Angeles Illegal alien activist and college student, Claudia Rueda Vidal was apprehended by ICE agents. She is an organizer with pro illegal Immigrant Youth Coalition and California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance and is pursuing a degree in Latin American Studies. It has been reported that she, along with family members, were part of an immigration Boyle Heights drug raid, when she was taken into custody.

According to the LA Times, in a statement issued 5/19/17, Border Patrol officials said Rueda was one of seven people arrested as part of an investigation into “a cross-border narcotics smuggling operation.” Rueda’s arrest was part of the larger criminal investigation and she had been identified as “part of a support network” for the drug organization. Claudia Rueda was previously arrested by the LAPD in January 2015 on suspicion of trespassing outside the downtown office of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

She is currently in ICE custody in Otay Mesa and activists are protesting and calling for her release.
CALL  in support of enforcing immigration laws. NOTE: per a phone call on 5/23/17 to ICE San Diego, Claudia Rueda Vidal is currently being detained at the Otay Mesa ICE facility. Instructions were to call 619.661.3800. .https://www.ice.gov/detention-facility/otay-mesa-detention-center

619.661.3800 (Otay Mesa) &  619.338.3707 (San Diego)
Claudia Rueda Vidal (A# 213-081-680) ENFORCE THE LAW.

From the Free Claudia posting

Early May 18, 2017, Border Patrol conducted a raid in Boyle Heights, kidnapping beloved organizer Claudia Rueda outside her home. When the officials showed up, residents at the house knew not to open the door since the agents couldn’t produce a warrant. But the agents got to Claudia anyway as she was outside moving the family’s car. For several hours her anguished family and community had no idea where she was.

Claudia Rueda is 22-year-old immigrant youth who came to the United States in 2001. She set roots in Los Angeles and has been residing in Boyle Heights for years. Claudia has been an active member of her community and started getting involved in community organizing when she was 17 years old. She attended Roosevelt High School and then went to UC Santa Cruz. She transferred to Cal State LA where she is currently pursuing a B.A. in Latin American Studies. Claudia has been an active member of the Immigrant Youth Coalition and California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance, and was a Dream Summer intern.

During her time at IYC, she was the Los Angeles IYC Youth Organizer, educating youth about their rights, coordinating political education workshops and helping organize many mobilizations against the criminalization of immigrant communities, deportations and detention. Claudia has been a fierce advocate for gender and racial justice within the immigrant youth movement. She has supported multiple campaigns including divesting from incarceration and investing in youth, disentanglement of law enforcement and immigration, access to health for immigrant communities, access to higher education resources for undocumented youth and against detention/deportations.

Claudia is an immigrant rights organizer with the Los Angeles Immigrant Youth Coalition and student at Cal State Los Angeles. Claudia most recently lead a campaign to free her mom, Teresa, from ICE detention after Border Patrol agents similarly kidnapped Teresa from their home. The timing of Claudia’s detention, just days after she secured her mother’s release on bond, raises the troubling specter of retaliation.
Subject: Support for Claudia Sarahi Rueda Vidal (A# 213-081-680) Prosecutorial Discretion Request

22 Year Old Apprehended By ICE