Sunday, June 25, 2017

Update on Congressman Steve Scalise: Staying Strong

Congressman Steve Scalise
"Tonight, our thoughts and prayers remain with one friend who is not here, a man we have all come to know and respect and to love, Congressman Steve Scalise. The outpouring of support for Steve and his family has been truly inspiring.

"We are so touched that joining us here this evening are Steve and Jennifer’s children, Harrison and Madison. Beautiful children. In fact, we just gave them a tour of the White House. Just gave them a beautiful tour of the White House. They got the A tour. You know, sometimes we give the B, the C, the D, and the F tours—just like, “Here it is, let’s get out of here.” We gave them the A tour.

"I want them to know that the whole country is praying for their courageous dad, and all of us are praying for them. It’s been amazing. The recovery is going now well. For two days [they were] saying it’s really tough, but today I can report that things are looking very, very good, so we’re very happy about that.

"I also want to give a very special thanks to Special Agents Griner and Bailey of the Capitol Police. Lucky they were there for their life-saving actions and all of the members of Congress, a lot of brave people in Congress who acted in those moments of danger and protected each other. They cared for the wounded, they shielded the vulnerable, and they really did put their own safety aside. So, I want to thank some of those people were really, very, very brave. We would’ve never maybe found out about them, except we got to see them in action, so now we know for sure. But we want to thank them. There was a great deal of bravery on behalf of everybody."

The True LGBT Agenda: HATE

I have been saying this for a long time.

MassResistance has been beating this drum even longer..

The LGBT Agenda is not about love.

It's never been about acceptance, either.

It's about hatred.

Check out the latest fad from the LGBT movememnt:

Here's a great tweet which highlighted the above photo:
But here's what I am proud of!
I am amazed at the positive reactions I have received for standing up to the LGBT agenda.

I was worried about what people would say when I confronted the Wiseburn School District:

The reposne has been overwhelming and supportive.

More people are not just awake and aware, but now they are no longer afraid to call out homosexuality and transgenderism as full-on perversions. These behaviors are not civil rights. They
are are not normal, and they are not normative. They are destructive--and it's time for us to shout "Enough!" This is wrong, and we are not going to tolerate it anymore.

The true LGBT agenda has always been and will ever be hate.

Hatred of God.

Hatred of Truth

Hatred of Family

Hatred of self!

Let's face it: many people who struggle with same-sex attraction or have engaged in same-sex conduct or have fallen into transgender dsyfunction are hurting people.

The answer is not shame for those individuals in pain. The answer is the truth which sets us free.

As for those who enable these perverse and abusive agendas, lying and deceiving parents and children alike, they need to feel the wrath of the voters, the parents, and every citizen in the state of Californa.

Let us cast asideany shame  they try to push on us. Let us all stand tall for truth. Let us be Out and Proud for Biblical morality--life, gender, sexuality, and marriage.

Eough with LGBT  Hate. For Love trumps hate!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Wave Reports on Turner, We the People Rising vs. Huntington Park

Finally, the Wave Newspaper reported on the updates in our efforts in Huntington Park (and also Cudahy)

The sign says welcome to Huntington Park but members of groups from outside the community think the city if too welcoming to undocumented residents. The groups, American Children First and We the People Rising, have protested the city having two commissioners who aren't citizens at recent council meetings. (Courtesy photo)

HUNTINGTON PARK — A second organization concerned about illegal immigration is targeting the city.

Now Huntington Park is really feeling the heat.

A third coalition of activists, the Brown Supremacists, are targeting Huntington Park to make themselves a de jure sanctuary city, too.

American Children First filed an a initiative “to defund the sanctuary city of Huntington Park,” after a June 19 press conference at City Hall, said its executive director, Joseph Turner, who founded the organization.

Yes, the city is a sanctuary city. They should get no funding whatsoever for their lawlessness.

“Huntington Park is not a sanctuary city and never was,” Police Chief Cosme Lozano told a reporter after some speakers called for the city to declare itself a sanctuary city during public comments at the June 20 council meeting.

This is a total lie. The fact that the city has appointed two illegal aliens to city commissions is the very essence of a sanctuary city. Do these corrupt city council members and plice officials really think that we are that stupid?

Cosme has no business being a chief of police. He doesn't have the proper training. He's not even educated at the appropriate level for the job. On top of that, he's corrupt, and he sued the city. What kind of a police chief and the association with it would endorse the corrupt Karina Macias and her chosen partner in crime?

American Children First joins We The People Rising, which since August 2015 has protested at almost every council meeting the appointment of two non-citizens to advisory commissions by Councilman Jhonny Pineda.

One thing I really do not like about the media--the continue to write "non-citizens", when those two criminals on the city commisions are illegal aliens!

They are illegals. They are aliens.

It's nice to see the media joining us together. We share a commitment to the rule of law, and we expect the Huntington Park City Council to do the same or resign.

Pineda appointed Francisco Medina to the city’s Health and Education Commission and Julian Zatarain to the Parks and Recreation Commission 22 months ago. He acknowledged that both worked on his election campaign in March 2015.

It was a total political pay off. How shameful does it get. They need to be removed and deported. 

We the People Rising have said council members are violating the U.S. Constitution and breaking the law.

This matter is not just based on what We the People Rising say about the matter. This is also about what the rule of law outlines about this issue.

Huntington Park City Attorney Arnold Alvarez-Glasman said June 20 he received the election initiative June 19 but had not had a chance to review it and compile a ballot proposition.

BAM! The city has to comply. The city has to prepare the initiative for circulation. There is nothing they can do to stop it.

He did not say when he would do it and said he wasn’t sure how many votes were needed for its passage. It would depend on voter turnout percentage at the last city election, he said.

The state statute reuires that

The American Children First plan is to convince residents to vote down the city’s utility tax, giving residents a tax break, but also forcing the city to reduce police, fire, recreation and public works services.

Not "vote down", but repeal. Get rid of it. The journalists who write the articles need to get better editors.

“The measure is identical to the one we filed in Cudahy [June 12] where we seek to repeal Cudahy’s 4 percent utility user tax,” Turner said.


Deputy City Clerk Richard Ybarra said the Cudahy City Council received the petition and said “the people will decide.”

This is the third affirmation that all the paperwork is taken care of.

The Huntington Park utility user tax generates more than $6 million a year and accounts for more than 20 percent of the city’s general revenue fund, Turner said in a news release.

“I will take that money away from you,” Turner told the Huntington Park City Council June 20.

That's right! If a city will not comply with federal and event state law, then take their money away!

That tax is 9.25 percent a month on telecommunications equipment, 9.75 percent on water, natural gas and electricity and 9 percent on pre-paid telephones, a city finance staffer said.

Like We the People Rising, American Children First says it welcomes immigrants who become citizens. The organization rails against crime allegedly caused by immigrants as well as accusing them of taking American jobs and posing terrorist threats.

Wrong as usual. We welcome immigrants who come legally. That's exactly what makes them "immigrants."

The group also seeks to ban children of illegal immigrants from attending public schools.

Members of the two groups and City Council supporters clashed in the Huntington Park City Hall lobby June 6.

At the meeting later, We the People Rising member Arthur Schaper was arrested after he allegedly refused to halt loud rhetoric during the council meeting. Schaper, a blogger from Torrance who records all his actions with the council, said June 20 he will file suit.

Yes, I was unjustly arrested. It should have never happened. And what is this record about "loud rhetoric"? What is that? The truth is that I was neither loud nor disruptive. Adler needs to work on the record he reports for his newspaper.

Shame on the Huntington Park City Council and the Police Department.

“If the [loss of the] utility tax doesn’t break you, my lawsuit will,” he said in a loud voice, calling council members and the police department criminals and saying “Jeff Sessions is on the way,” a reference to President Donald Trump’s attorney general who has advocated a hard line on illegal immigration.

I actually said "Jeff Sessions is coming." I am glad that ordinary citizens can now drive the media narrative. We are more accurate in portraying our own events than any of them can report.

Robin Hividsten of Claremont, head of We the People Rising, said Schaper was falsely accused of disrupting the meeting and actually did not comment from the audience June 20.

But a man sitting near Schaper June 6 said the blogger was indeed guilty and appeared to be asking to be arrested, possibly giving him an excuse to sue.

The "man sitting near Schaper" was who? Was is the guy who lied about me to the mayor, who then added another false order? I was not asking to get arrested at all.

No, it was overweight, unjustified Alex Sanchez, who can't stand it when people speak the truth -- who was indeed out of order when he shouted out during my public comment at the podium.

Members of the two groups and those defending the city spoke for about an hour with more than 20 people taking the podium. Some screamed at the council, accusing it of harboring criminals, while others cautioned residents not to listen to “the outsiders who want to tell our city what do.”

Some members alleged that illegal immigrants are treated better than citizens in health care, jobs and government aid, but Alex Sanchez said non-citizens receive no health care and government aid.

That is a lie. In the state of California, Ricardo Lara pushed legislation to let "all children" to jump into Medi-Cal, since his destructive, undermining efforts to give free healthcare to everyone--including illegal alien adults--failed miserably.

“If you want jobs, see me. I have a lot of them,” he added.

No he doesn't. Does this guy Sanchez even have a job?

Lozano took issue with a woman who said the Huntington Park crime rate was 64 percent higher than the national average, saying upon examination the woman was found to be using 2012 figures.

Fearing problems, 12 police officers were on hand June 20 with orders to let audience members in one by one, to allow no one to loiter in the lobby and to prohibit admission once the 128 seats in the council chambers and 30 seats in the “overflow room” were filled.

That's right. We Trump supporters who oppose illegal immigration are the ones causing all the trouble, right? It's all our fault, huh? Reminder

However, the crowd was smaller than expected and did not fill the council chambers.

One detail that Adler leaves out: the pro-Trump, pro-enforcement members outnumbers the Brown Supremacists.

Chris Garcia and the Brown Supremacy, La Raza World Agenda

Cudahy Corrupto Chris Garcia is big into the Brown Power movement.

Check out what he was doing two years ago:

So what was all this about?

For more info:

Chris Garcia was supposed to attend another Brown Power movement at UC Riverside two months ago.

Yet for some reason, he saw no reason to attend.

Much like his habit for not going to Cudahy city council meetings.

Does Chris have any shame?

While maligning Americans of all ethnic backgrounds "white supremacists", it is crystal clear that Garcia is a hardened bigot who only cares about Hispanics.

This man has no business holding any office or trust in the state of California.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Police State: Oregon Police Prevented Pictures With Signs in State House

It's been about three weeks since I could look over what happened to me in Oregon over the Free Speech rally that occurred during the weekend of June 3-5.

First, there was the widespread, nationally recognized free speech rally in the midst of deep blue Portland in the middle of deep blue Oregon.

Then I went to the state legislature located in Salem, which is located only 30 minutes away from my parents' home.

As soon as I had a chance to go, I brought with me Trump gear, including my hat and my batter:

Within five seconds of these photos taken, one of the state troopers told me "No signs in the state legislature."


I was able to take photos with in the California State capitol.

But not in Oregon?


Then check out what I had to tolerate when I was looking over the State House of Representatives Floor:

A plainclothes state policeman gripped me by the sides and told me not to take out my hat or use it as a sign.



I confronted him, and told him my concerns. I recorded him the whole time.

I asked for his badge number:

That was the second time in the weekend that I had to confront a police officer and push back on seeming violation of my rights.

The police officer got more than an earful.

Then he told me that state troopers were following someone who had their signs out.

There's the state trooper

That was me, yes, and I told the police officer that I respect the rules of the state house.

A state police officer about 50 feet away walked off.

FYI--the last time I checked the First Amendment was sacrosanct.

Since when did the state of Oregon decided that they did not have to abide by Constitutional law?

And I decided to have the last laugh!

Beach Cities Republicans Meeting, June 15th, 2017--Bruce Bialosky

The June 15th, 2017 Beach Cities Republicans meeting was more than I expected.

Our guest speaker was willing to take time out of a very busy schedule and address our club on a number of issues, including illegal immigration as well as Obamacare and the state of political discourse today in the United States.

We had Bruce Bialosky, celebrated columnist and radio host:

 Check out the audience!

Bruce established a number of great points.

We had men and women from all over Southern California attending the meeting:


Here is the first video:

Here's the second part of the event:

Lots of people had questions to ask:



Here is a final conversation I had with Bruce Bialosky after his speech.

And it was great!

Check out his final remarks with other members of our club below!

Bruce and me
I am so glad that Bialosky had so much to share with us!