Thursday, March 23, 2017

EasyReader FAIL!: Redondo Beach Has to Revote CCA

I have long suspected that Easy Reader News was more left-leaning than The Beach Reporter or even the Daily Breeze.

Once, the magazine displayed an elderly gay couple on the cover.

A number of families were really offended by that.

Another article focused on the plight of a wounded veteran who lost his home because of mismanagement from Wells Fargo.

A third story looked into the troubled background of a few store thieves who had wreaked havoc on a convenience store. It's a very left-wing world view that puts the needs of the criminal ahead of the needs of the community.

When the Hermosa Beach residents rose up to protest the Carbon Neutrality programs, Easy Reader maligned them as "riotous."

No, they weren't! That's very offensive.

Now I feel that my concerns are justified with what just happened in their report on the Redondo Beach City Council meeting from March 21, 2017.

That meeting was Mayor Steve Aspel's last full meeting.

I am sad to see him go.

I am even more sad at the notion that creepy Big Greenie Meanie Joe Galliani was going to bully another city council into going Community Choice Aggregation (CCA).

But our team of conservatives was ready to step up and fight.

Big Green Fascist Joe Galliani

At the end of the meeting, the city council posited a number of meaningful questions to Galliani and the city staffers. The commonsense questions focused on issues like "How much time will this take from city staff?" and "How much is this going to cost?"

Then came the final vote on whether to continue exploration of CCA.

Laura Emdee: No
Steve Sammarco: Abstain
Bill Brand: Yes
Christian Horvath: Yes

Now, as I understand Robert's Rules of Order, that means two "No" votes, since an abstention means no.

The mayor signaled that he had no idea what happens next, since such a voter result had never happened before.

The city manager declared that the motion failed.


But now the City Attorney claims that such a vote means passage?

I contacted someone in the city to explain. She told me that the city council will revote the issue, since there is so much confusion.

The Beach Reporter got that right.

But not Easy Reader!

They jumped into the narrative head-first, convinced that the Green proposal won!

From Easy Reader:

When time came for a vote and direction, Councilman Christian Horvath, who has been leading the charge for a CCA in Redondo Beach, was joined by Councilman Bill Brand in voting to continue a study. Emdee voted against, while Sammarco quietly abstained.

As Councilwoman Martha Barbee left the meeting early with an illness, the vote initially seemed dead for want of a three-vote quorum.

However, according to Horvath, an assertion by City Manager Joe Hoefgen that the measure had died was found to be incorrect.

Sammarco did not respond to a request for comment.

Why does Christian Horvath have the final say on this? What about the city attorney? Or other city staffers?

This report went out in a very hasty fashion to say the least.

Check out the difference between the URL and the headline for the article:

Notice that the URL says "Split Vote Sinks" study:

But then the printed headline reads:

What is going on?

Easy Reader News is showing its left-leaning bias once again, pushing the Big Green agenda.

It's time to hold the local news as well as local elected officials accountable.

Until then, the Redondo Beach City Council must stage a re-vote on this contentious issue.

It's time for residents throughout the South Bay to recognize that the CCA nonsense is more government, less energy, and less accountability. President Donald Trump is already cutting the funding for these Joint Power Associations, which include Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) and South Bay Council of Governments (SBCOG).

Do we need another one based on false premises and abortive opportunities in the South Bay? I say "NO!"

And Easy Reader News needs to print more objective reporting.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

LA for Trump: Protest Against Sanctuary Cities in Downtown Los Angeles

During the St. Patrick's Day Party in Long Beach, members of LA for Trump wanted to ...


Outreach and opportunity make all the difference. It's nice to go to parties. It's nice to meet with fellow Trump supporters and celebrate his victories.

But there is a big blue sea of lost political souls out there in Los Angeles County, and nothing is going to change staying in our safe spaces and meeting with fellow conservatives.

So, with so many Trump supporters in one place, what was going to stop us from rallying against sanctuary cities?


Within one hour, LA for Trump was rally on the Spring Street side of LA City Hall:


March 18 in the evening worked out to be the perfect timing. There were no scheduled protests. Instead of hordes of hatemongers, a few passersby spoke to us. 

Most of them were surprised to see Trump supporters stumping for the President ...

and against sanctuary cities.

Within minutes, LA for Trump received this incredible reception:

This woman did not hold back her disdain for illegal immigration:

And while this woman was emphatic about every immigrant entering this country LEGALLY, another young man walked across the street.

His name is Justin, and he admired our courage for standing out there.

He ended up joining us for the rest of the rally!

He's only 16 years old!

Already, we have more reason to hope for the future!

A few more minutes passed by, and two black ladies approached us to talk!

They were willing to listen to us, but they thought that Trump was more of an actor than a real leader:

This is what we are all about.

LA for Trump is reaching out and turning blue hearts red.

Then we headed for the corner of First and Spring Street so that more people driving or walking by could see us:

Here's some shots of the LA for Trump team:

Yes, there were haters, but we just shake them off:

Then this group of very rude, natty girls wanted to "Talk to us", and they spent more time mocking other people rather than listening.

One of the ladies was visiting from Singapore, and they acted as though they had all the answers on immigration, and we were backward bigots.

Reminder, the woman in the blue dress had flipped us off ...

We won't stop stumping for Trump!

After we were attacked by a bunch of thug skateboards, LA for Trump continued to speak the truth about Trump, trade, and his immigration policies.

One family witnessed what happened to us. They were willing to listen, and we corrected a major mistake that many people keep repeating:

Donald Trump is not going to deport immigrants--if they are in the country legally!

More people came to speak to us:

 A couple of racist activists got in our face and tried to silence our support for Trump.

But we pushed back:

These two ladies kicked butt!

This guy was completely confused! He kept playing this "white privilege" card.

It was weird:

(This video showed up on Vidmax, too!)

So much happened, that I will focus on those events in separate blog posts, including what LA for Trump did about the thugs who attacked us.

Check out our final moments on First and Spring Street below:

Bruce Bialosky: Time to Repeal Prop 14--NOW!

When Prop 14 appeared on the 2008 ballot, I believed what the supporters told me.

Prop 14 would bring out moderate candidates and force them to compete for all votes.

I wanted to see Republicans have a chance to win in otherwise unwinnable districts. In very few cases, two Republicans were the candidates who competed for votes in one district.

But after six years of Prop 14, it has become one of the worst thing that could happen to the California Republican Party.

Bruce Bialosky

In at least three major elections, I did not vote for a candidate at all, since I had to choose between two very left-wing Democrats.

This is not real representative democracy. This is not a qualified republican form of government at all.

Our elections are flowing south and turning Left. Fewer people are voting, since two Democrats are both equally poisonous or disappointing to prospective voters. All the premises on which Prop 14 was presented to us--have failed.

What a sham.

Bruce Bialosky provided key remarks about Prop 14:

Back in the early part of the last decade, people often asked me about running for public office. Other than I could not afford it because I was putting two kids through private school, I told them I could not run for any office except a statewide position because as a Republican it would be a hopeless cause and I don’t do hopeless political causes. Now because of the genius and money of Charles Munger, Jr., I cannot even run statewide in California with any hope of winning.

This is so sad. Republican prospective candidates are giving up, and even Republican voters are giving up. They see any bid for office, whether at the local or state level, as a lost cause and a waste of money.

Granted, no citizen or set of activists should look at a candidate as the final arbiter of his fate. They need to ensure any candidate that there is a strong base of support and a willing machine ready to help a candidate win.

Talk about a good idea gone bad -- if it was ever even a good idea. What this process has done has virtually wiped out the Republican Party from even having a chance to win statewide elections. A perfect example was the recent U.S. Senate race in California.

I worked for Duf Sundheim to have the chance to duke it out with Kamala Harris, since she entertained the race as the presumptive front-runner. She already held a statewide office, and she racked up all the endorsements from the state Democratic Party on down.

Her closest challenger became Loretta Sanchez, who was a laughable simpleton. She routinely embarrassed herself on television.

Kamala Harris did not even have to campaign that hard to win.

California now has a legislature that is not only controlled by Democrats; but, because they have super majorities in both the State Senate and Assembly, Republicans are only showing up to Sacramento to collect their per diem. 

It's a cynical yet very accurate way of describing what has happened to the California Republican Party.

What's the point of running in a primary when there is no guarantee that any Republican will make it into the general election? It has been difficult enough to get people to run. Now candidates are thinking about switching their party affiliation or not even trying at all.

Bialosky then outlined the down-ticket decimation entering into the general election:

· Five of the 20 State Senate races had no Republican.


· Thirteen of the 80 Assembly Races had no Republican


· Seven of the 53 Congressional races in California had no Republican.

When does the hurting stop?!

And people wonder why Hillary Clinton won a higher margin of the vote (aside from allegations of voter fraud.)

In many districts, Republicans had little incentive to vote!

One can say that in those districts Republicans probably had no chance in the general election. But the voters never actually got to hear an opposing view to the existing power structure. 

I like that Bialosky brings up this point. Republicans don't have a chance to build rapport with voters even during an election cycle, since no one runs in the race! Even the Republican is pretty much guaranteed to lose, at least there's a Republican who portray the brand.

It's hard for a weakened party to force Republican candidates to stop aside from one candidate. It just won't happen. Look at the Election 2016 US Senate race. There were over 30 candidates! 

Then Bialosky points out that even though Democrats end up spending multiple times more money because of Dem. on Dem. clashes, the final outcome hurts everyone. The intra-party fighting doesn't help Republicans, who don't even show up on the ballot!

Charles Munger., Jr.

The final point in his article cannot be overstated:

There are many factors that have led to Republicans having such a dismal performance, including a mass migration from the state of Republicans to what they perceive as more business friendly and sane places. But Munger’s ill-thought out plan to make elected officials more moderate has been an abysmal failure and given California a radical Leftist government.

What a sad irony indeed. Munger Jr. wanted to moderate as well as modernize the Republican Party.

What happened? His Prop 14 pet project failed, and has created one of the most left-wing, nigh communistic governments in the country.

It's time for repeal.

Book Her, Dano! RINO-Dem Fukumoto Misues Public Funds

Hawaiian Republican elected officials are a growing disappointment, as well as a dwindling presence in Honolulu.

This is beyond painful for anyone who expects nothing less than commonsense limited government which serves the best interests of all citizens.

A previous eblast from the Hawaiian Islands Republican Assembly announced the no-so-surprising departure of Beth Fukumoto from the Republican Party:

just like the previous minority leader, Aaron Johanson:

I believe it's time for Republicans of all backgrounds to fight back and ensure that all representatives are fighting for constitutional principles.

I am sick and tired of moderates and liberal leaning Republicans who keep making the flimsy case that the Republican Party needs to flame out and play to the center. It does not work, and more importantly, such capitulation is terrible for any state or local government.

Strong principles are essential to victory, and it's about time that conservatives started making the case for these core principles.

Consider the latest eblast from HIRA, pointing out that even Beth Fukumoto did not have principles, even as basic as party loyalty or fidelity to one's voters:

Party-Switcher Beth Fukumoto
has been using State Resources
and State Employees to PROMOTE
Her Jump from GOP to Democrat 

Aloha Republicans:

Wow, Democrat Beth Fukumoto started her lawbreaking as a Democrat before even switching parties. Thanks to behind-the-scenes video provided to HIRA by liberal mainland reporters (who came to town for exclusive advance media access to Fukumoto's big announcement), we learned that she has been using
public resources in her State Capitol office for her partisan rebranding and using her state employees as political consultants.
For months, Fukumoto and her state employees have been promoting her party switch with press releases, press conferences, promo on social media, planning political rallies and lots more in her State Capitol office. Using tax dollars, state resources, and liberal reporters to launch her new political affiliation and partisan transformation is NOT legal state business --- NOT BY A LONG SHOT.

By her own admission, her political affiliation won't affect how she does her job. So, by providing extensive special treatment to herself, Fukumoto, her chief of staff (her sister), and her employees at the State Capitol have likely violated State Ethics Laws repeatedly; which can easily constitute THEFT of public resources.

Yep, she'll fit in nicely as a crooked Democrat. She clearly already knows how to be one. Ironically, getting busted and caught on video seems to be her comeuppance for opportunistically exploiting hardcore Democrat, anti-Trump sentiment to belatedly justify her long-planned defection to the ruling Democrat Party of Hawaii. Damn, state subsidized party switching. Breakin' the law!!

President, Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA)
Chairman, HIRA Action SuperPAC 

Please donate to HIRA Action, the official SuperPAC for the Hawaii Republican Assembly, to support HIRA's work to educate voters about failed Democrat policies and about conservative Republican solutions for Hawaii.

Your kokua will help us continue to provide a voice for conservatives.
 Donate $10, $25, or $100 today to let the establishment know we're not going away.

The Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA), an affiliated chapter of 
the National Federation of Republican Assemblies 
is the conservative standard-bearer of the Republican Party of Hawaii 
and the leading advocate for conservative solutions in the islands.
We are not an official arm of the Republican Party of Hawaii (RPH). 
We are the conservative base of the Republican Party. 
Please visit us at  
Hawaii Republican Assembly | P.O. Box 2567 | Ewa Beach, HI 96706 

Perhaps it's time for another American Revolution, but this time with some Hawaiian Punch!

Hawaii RI-NO: Beth Fukumoto Jumps Ship, Abandons GOP Ohana

Is there any hope left for the Hawaiian Islands?

They could probably lock up every Democrat in the state legislature and in local office, and the establishment Hawaii Republican Party would still lose.

The party leadership outside and inside the state legislature just sells out and shuffles along, more content to play nice rather than get down and fight for what is right.

This generic strain of "Nice-Nice" tends to plague the Republican Party as a whole. Rather than get a little dirty in the fight for life, liberty, and the pursuit if happiness, Republican party leaders and elected officials want to stay away from the fray, while they allow the Democratic Party to get away with all kinds of dirty deeds, which sully the nature of our country and taint the government process against taxpaying citizens and in favor of corrupt, connivcing special interests.

This collusion of corruption and cowardice is on full display in Hawaii which has turned into anything but a paradise.

Thanks a lot, Helen!

Freddy Mercury was wrong
We have lots of time for losers!
Now Beth Fukumoto, the liberal wannabe GOP Minority leader has abandoned the Republican caucus and joined the Democratic Party.

Really, though, Fukumoto was a traitor to the GOP Ohana from the beginning.


Eric Ryan, President of the Hawaiian Island Republican Assembly, has issued the following press release:

For Immediate Release

March 22, 2017

Eric Ryan - HIRA President


Honolulu, Hawaii -- The Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA) believes that disgraceful Beth Fukumoto is an absolutely perfect fit for the Democrat Party which has severely harmed Hawaii for the past 62 years; with failed and punishing policies that have caused half of Hawaii residents to struggle from paycheck to paycheck and which force children Beth's age and younger to leave Hawaii for the mainland because the very Democrats Fukumoto idolizes have destroyed any real job opportunities here while ratcheting up our terrible cost of living.

It's really no wonder that chameleon Beth Fukumoto identifies with being a power-starved, overtaxing, reckless spending island Democrat.  The reason her defection comes as a surprise is because the news media has consistently failed to reveal that Beth Fukumoto has been threatening and teasing this defection for more than two years; long before Donald Trump ever ran for president and long before Beth thought to exploit Trump as an excuse to enlist in the powerful Democrat Machine where her voting record won't need to change one bit.
Now that the closet Democrat has officially become an actual Democrat, let's take stock of the fact that she wants to join the party responsible for 62 years of failed policies that she has fully embraced since running for office in Mililani. Yes, Beth Fukumoto now has a fitting home to call her own. A place where her consistent votes on legislation and high taxes and wasteful spending make more sense.
The Kabuki drama with the predictable ending is now over. Fukumoto made herself as famous as possible with the anti-Trump, GOP-hating crowd by infiltrating the Republican Party, pushing it in a more liberal direction, and then burning it down on her way out the door. She calls the GOP a "failing party", but she was one of the leaders which consistently used her position and authority to guarantee our party would fail by being completely indistinguishable from the Democrats she so admires.

With HIRA being credited for outing Beth Fukumoto as a Republican In Name Only, or RINO, we are happy to see her go.  She's been a practicing Democrat since she was elected four years ago.  More importantly, it should be reported and remembered that on bumbling GOP chairman Fritz Rohlfing's watch, we've lost the GOP Senate Leader (Sam Slom) and our 2nd GOP House Leader in a row (Aaron "Ling" Johanson before Fukumoto), in addition to an appalling downward trend which would cause any other organization leader to resign out of shame and humiliation.
Republicans statewide are anything but inconsolable about Fukumoto's long-signaled departure. In fact, Republicans have been embarrassed that top GOP leaders like Rohlfing have been begging Fukumoto to stay in our party.  But you don't cure cancer by leaving in the tumor.
Today, the Democrats got another rubber stamping drone in their ranks and the Republicans got a fresh political target in Mililani named Beth Fukumoto, formerly Beth Fukumoto-Chang.
Now, she must prepare herself to become another faceless Democrat politician among many, toiling in obscurity and wondering why she volunteered to become another puppet; another cog in the broken, corrupt, self-serving machine.
Goodbye, Beth Fukumoto. Don't let the door hit you in the okole on the way out.

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