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"Journalist" Flora Gill: Child Porn Propagandist (Call to Action--Get Her FIRED!)

Flora Gill is a pervert. She is a propagandist for sexual perversion, for cultural marxist dreck, all under the guise of a freelance journalist.

But it is far worse than just that.

Last week, she tweeted the following:

Of course, she deleted the tweet following the momentous backlash that broke out across the Internet. As of press time (August 4th, 2021), she has not posted anything on Twitter.

Her temporary silence is not enough, of course.

This sick, demented woman needs to be canceled.

She actually tried to defend herself by sweeping this perverse tweet under the rug, as if it were some casual accident:

No, Flora, we are not going to just "let it die." You thoughtfully, purposefully posted a tweet that advocated for giving pornography to children.

And this is not her first time!

Check out her personal website (Click here):

And how about this?

Let me be clear: I am OK with cancel culture when we are talking about cancelling evil, or get rid of disgraceful, damaging, and dangerous things in the public square.

Children and adults alike should roundly denounce this despicable woman.

She clearly hates children. She hates adults, she despises authorities, and her complete contempt for what is moral and good is just so striking, and how brazen she is in the midst of it all, is deeply troubling.

To push pornography on children, that is a crime.

This woman's criminal antics need to be shut down immediately.

First, send her a comment directly to denounce her perverse evil and child endangerment. Click here.

She also works for Times Radio. Click here for the website.

Contact the Times and tell them to FIRE (or "SACK" in British parlance) Flora Gill!

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The Confused Bigotry of LGBT Youth: Jenna "Cumboy Bebop"

 There are LGBT militants, even in the city of Torrance. The Balanced City is working hard on balancing itself through hard times, especially because of the corruption that has become endemic in Washington DC and Sacramento.

This time, another LGBT bigot named Jenna, a (thankfully former) Torrance resident who ran away to hide in Santa Barbara.

She seems to think it's OK to push sexual perversion on children. This hatred is evident because she opposes MassResistance.

She also hates Jews, since she is so pro-Palestinian, even though there is no such thing as Palestine. She thinks that terrorism is OK since she wants to abolish ICE and the police. What kind of bigoted madness is this, especially when the vast majority of black and Hispanic people ("people of color") want the police in their neighborhoods and want them well-funded to serve and protect their communities?

Check out her Twitter avatar here:

She is a childish communist, for starters. Who would think that putting "Communist Manifesto" in the same frame with children's book characters Frog and Toad would even make sense?

It gets worse, or better ...

She calls herself (?) a "self-hating graduate student." Self-loathing is very common on the left, especially because they see it as a form of virtue. It certain sounds like a classic case of mental illness.

And she's a graduate student in Santa Barbara. Is she being UC Tuition to be a grad student? And in what subject, exactly? That alone would set a person up for major depression.

And lo and behold, look what she wrote next on her Twitter profile:

"Clinically depressed and anxious homo."


She has mental health issues, but she finds time to defame men and women who want to protect children and the general public from destructive LGBT perversion. Really.

For the record, individuals who fall into unnatural affection, i.e. "homo" are going to struggle with mental health issues of all kinds. No one should be surprised.

And it gets worse from there.

Check out her hate against me, for starters:

She thinks that standing up for children and against sexual perversion is hate. No wonder she is self-loathing.

And then check out her "comeback":

And yes, her Twitter handle is "Cumboy Bebop." Seriously.

Without the profile, anyone could have figured out that she was mentally ill.

Since when is "ableist" a thing? This is nonsense. All of this intersectionality garbage covers up for someone who is needy, bitter, and angry--nothing more.

Why is that people are so desperate to identify themselves as victims? It's really quite sad.

Bigots like Jenna are nothing but unemployed, over-wrought hate-mongers who have a problem with people who do not look like them. By her own admission, she has mental health issues. She probably should not be out in public, let alone in civilized society as a whole.

It's good that she no longer lives in the city of Torrance. Such bigotry, she hate, such white supremacy has no place in the South Bay.


MA MassResistance: Hatemongers in Ludlow Harrass Parents and Children Who Want to Stop LGBT Perversion


Unhinged local leftists attack parents on social media. Claim parents who want to shield their middle school children from pornography and “transgender” persuasion are “hateful.”

Leftist attack group includes a School Board member!

These clearly dysfunctional adults even attack a student.

Part 11 in a series. (See entire series here.)

August 4, 2021
ALT TEXT A few parents were outside of a Ludlow School Board meeting supporting the family whose children were coached to identify as "transgender." This is what a local leftist immediately posted.

Using social media to viciously attack conservatives is something we’ve observed across the country. It’s time to recognize it for the façade it generally is.

Ludlow is a conservative town. Located in deep-blue Massachusetts, the community voted for President Trump in 2016 and 2020. But as in many conservative places, progressives (i.e., leftists) managed to get themselves elected to the School Board. And as we’ve reported, they have brought lurid pornographic books for children into the local middle school. Staff members there actively groom children to identify as “transgender.” They purposely keep this from parents. And the school officials fired a teacher who informed some parents what was happening to their children.

Local parents (with the help of MassResistance) organized and relentlessly opposed these abuses. Since leftists have no rational defense when they do these things, they resort to demonizing and intimidating parents. In May and June, the School Board used their public meetings to harshly attack the parents.

But as in many places around the country, the relentless barrage of anger and vitriol against those who complained was done on social media, where the bullying went on for several months. Parents were called vile names, and told that they are such terrible parents that their children should be taken away, Christianity is profaned, and more. The leftists are not shy about expressing their hatred – but call anyone who disagrees with them a “hater.”

Is it really an organic “community” reaction to the parents? No. The attackers post constantly to make it look like it’s a community-wide movement. But in Ludlow (as in most other places), it’s actually just a small group of unhinged, obsessed people, including at least one School Board member.

Who are these people? We’ve seen similar types over the years: disrupters of conservative events, vandals who damage participants’ cars, threaten people’s employers, accost you close up in your face, etc. They are sociopaths: angry, hateful people with dysfunctional lives. Normal people would not behave this way.

From time to time we have infiltrated the meetings of people who do these things. Our meetings are orderly and fairly calm. Their meetings are invariably full of shouting, profanity, and bizarre anti-social behavior.

Here are some random posts from one of the Ludlow Facebook forums:


Alex, a 10th-grade student at Ludlow High School, wrote an email to the School Board about his concern that the middle school staff was pushing extreme ideas on sex and gender to children. The leftists attacked him for speaking out:


A father and mother asked the school not to discuss "transgenderism" with their 11-year-old daughter. They said she had some emotional issues, she was in counseling, and they were handling it as a family. The leftists attacked them for that:


Occasionally, parents would try to explain their side of the story. But these people aren't interented in any kind of civil interaction:


The parents simply want to be left alone, but the leftists keep bringing up Christianity:


One parent tried to explain that this was about the school giving children pornographic books. But these people fully support giving pornography to children, and their reasoning is weird and irrational.


They found out that the parent group was meeting at a local Catholic church.


Ludlow School Board member Sarah F. Bowler is also part of the leftist attack group, posting as "Sarah Frances." Below, she suggests that the group harass the parents at their homes and follow them to their meeting at the Catholic church. (Her reference to violating privacy appears to be parents "violating" the privacy of their own children's transgender behavior.)

Ludlow School Board member Sarah F. Bowler posts as Sarah Frances (below).



More unhinged hatred from the "tolerance" crowd.




Final thoughts

What you have been reading about the Ludlow, Mass. schools is unfortunately being replicated in cities and towns across the country. What that school system has been doing to middle school children is (in the view of any normal person) reprehensible. Our side must continue to confront this and speak the truth. We will not let a small, dysfunctional group of people denigrate, humiliate, and intimidate parents and others.

The recent resignations of the middle school librarian and Superintendent - after pressure from parents - have sent a message to the lunatic “progressives.” Now, the news of what has been happening must reverberate across the community and be honestly discussed. More heads need to roll, and their agenda must be derailed. With MassResistance’s support, these parents are not backing down!

Next: The School Board stages an even more outrageous attack.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Tim Pool Exposes Media Double-Dealing

 The double dealings of the media are inescapable.

This kind of double-talking fraud is unbelievable.

But that is the media for you. They really do believe that the American people are that stupid, that they take them seriously.

Well, are they right in your case?

Neil Oliver Blasts Covid Lockdowns: "To be alive is not enough. What matters is to live in freedom."

Check out Neil Oliver of Scotland taking on the COVID-19 tyranny in Great Britian!

TRANSCRIPT from Neil Oliver:

For me, it’s all and only about freedom. For me without freedom, there is no point in anything. So, take away all the numbers, all the statistics, all the models and predictions, all the promises and threats; all the steel hand in velvet glove coercion. Take all of that away. To me it all boils down into something simple.

I declare that I am a free man.

I was born 54 years ago into part of the world, just a relatively small part of the world, but I was taught that my freedom had been won for me by men and women who had fought and died to make it so. I was born just 22 years after World War II into a world, still full of those men and women who had fought for my freedom and lived to tell the tale and what a tale it was. It started with the sudden appearance of a force bent on tyranny. Of course, the sudden appearance was an optical illusion. In truth that force had been on the rise and making plans for years before it was ready to pull the trigger. It’s worth remembering that that force believed it was poised to make the world a better place. A glorious place. When that force started moving it seemed nothing could or would stop it. In the beginning of the fight to prevent the victory of that tyranny it was a minority -a minority outgunned and shouted down by fellow citizens- who feared that deals might be struck with tyranny, that stood up and shouted no. English writer Mervyn Peake said “To live at all is miracle enough.” It’s a good line and I’ve quoted it for years, but now I see merely to live at all is not enough, not nearly. A caged bird is alive but without the freedom to fly the Limitless sky, it is denied everything that makes a bird in the first place. To be alive is not enough. What matters is to live in freedom. A bird is such a fragile creature. It’s really all and only about movement. Take away a bird’s movement and it’s a handful of feathers and air.

Freedom is not negotiable. You’re either free or you’re not. Freedom is not even safe. Those who’ve been imprisoned are often terrified of freedom. All those choices, for all of our personal responsibility. This is why ex-cons often reoffend, to go back behind bars where it feels safer, out of harm’s way. I have three children. Teenagers all. Often, I think I would like to keep them close by me forever, where I can stop them doing stupid things. Dangerous things. If I kept them in the house no stranger would hurt them, but that would be no life. Not for them and not even for me. I would be their jailer and they would be my caged birds. As it happens, this past year-and-a-half has let me see what happens to children kept safe in the house. It’s not good, not good at all. And so if I didn’t know it before, I know now that I have to let them go into a world that is full of all manner of things, danger included.

Here’s the thing is, if your freedom means that I might catch COVID from you, then so be it. If my freedom means you might catch COVID from me then so be it. That’s honestly how I see it. For the sake of freedom…I will cheerfully risk catching COVID. That is a chance. One among many that I am prepared to take and happily. Life is not safe; freedom is not safe. For the sake of freedom, yours and mine together, both freedoms being of equal value, I will cheerfully risk much else besides.

We ALL need to make his Braveheart Declaration:

"They may take our lives, but they will never take our freedom!" -- William Wallace

Sunday, August 1, 2021

K-Mac Fail: Anti-Semitic Jew Hates Israel (Hates Self, Hates America etc.)

 Kevin MacDonald is a moron.

That is not a scholarly statement, granted, but I don't care at this point. He was an inveterate bigot who dressed up his hate under the haze of polished academia with his book "The Culture of Critique."

He asserted throughout his book that Jews form an evolutionary psychology to promote their own interests and undermine their home countries. He also asserted that they have shared interested..

None of this holds up to any real scrutiny.

And here is further proof.

There are Jews that not only hate Israel (you know the "Jewish State"), but hate other Jews, too. Doesn't quite fit K-Mac's thesis, does it?

This is from the website "Stop Anti-Semitism." I think the rest of the post will explain everything to you.

Antisemite of the Week:
Ken Roth - Human Rights Hypocrite
Ken Roth serves as the Executive Director of Human Rights Watch (HRW), a global NGO with an annual budget exceeding $90 million USD, known for its antisemitic bias.
Roth, the son of Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany, is the typical self-hating Jew who has transformed HRW into an obsessive platform for targeting Israel and under his leadership, HRW dedicates disproportionate efforts to isolate the Jewish state and attack it through false allegations of “war crimes” and “collective punishment”.
Roth refuses to acknowledge Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state and often accuses the Jewish nation of false human rights violations and apartheid. Abe Foxman, the previous head of the ADL, referred to Roth's rhetoric as a reflection of "classic antisemitic stereotype about Jews”.
He also repeatedly defends the terror organization Hamas, covers up its war crimes, and justifies its various avenues of killing and kidnapping Israelis, including through terror tunnels.
Ken Roth's obsession with the Jewish nation has gone so overboard that HRW's founder, Robert Bernstein, accused Roth of abandoning HRW's original mission and instead focusing on Israel, trying to turn it into a pariah state. For example, HRW under Roth published nearly twice as many reports on Israel’s alleged human rights abuses as it did on Iran between 1993 and 2017.
Roth's vile obsessions with the Jewish nation dates many years back including:

  • In 2009, Roth denied that Hamas stores weapons in residential and business areas of Gaza despite evidence proving otherwise.
  • Roth has accused Jews of being fascists and compared Zionism to white supremacy.
  • Roth has shamefully compared Israel to some of the worst human rights abusers in the world including Cuba, Venezuela, and Sudan.
  • Roth is an ardent supporter of the antisemitic BDS movement and often criticizes legislation enacted by several U.S. states forbidding boycotts against the Jewish nation. To date, 35 states have such laws.

In April of this year, HRW under Roth continued its quest to isolate and vilify Israel, publishing a massively flawed report filled with double standards and false accusations. The report was authored by Omar Shakir, a previous 'Antisemite of the Week', who was barred from entering Israel due to his vile bigotry. This week, Roth followed up with another report filled with falsehoods about Israel's 11-day military escalation with Hamas in May.
Earlier this month, Ken Roth had the audacity to blame the skyrocketing antisemitism in the United Kingdom on the Jewish Nation. After causing massive outrage, even amongst some of his most loyal supporters, he deleted a tweet in which he blamed the author of the article he linked and the users for not understanding his true intentions. This wasn't Roth's first time blaming Jew-hatred on the Jews. In 2014, he tweeted nearly the same message blaming the antisemitism in Germany on "Israel's conduct in Gaza".
Hostility and hypocrisy are Ken Roth's hallmark traits when it comes to the Jewish people and nation. While HRW under his leadership keeps tabs on human rights abuses in 100 countries around the world, Roth obscenely focuses most of his work and social media vitriol on Israel while ignoring actual global atrocities.

Most troubling is Roth's role at the United Nations. Despite his antisemitic bias he continues to be viewed as an expert on the Israel/Palestinian conflict. He will be front and center at this year's Durban Conference, an international Israel-bashing session taking place this September, where he will be able to spread his antisemitism to a larger global audience.

Final Reflection

A number of Jews think it is cool, chic to bash Israel. Reminder: Israel is a Jewish state, and Jews are bashing this state on a constant basis.

Kevin MacDonald has never answered this credible challenge to his central thesis in "The Culture of Critique." Just sayin'.

MA MassResistance: After Public Pressure Campaign, Ludlow Schools Superintendent Resigns, Launches Final Attack at Ludlow Parents


Ludlow Superintendent resigns after months of pressure. School Board members join him in vicious public attacks on parents.

An unbelievable display: Using all the leftist talking points to demean and demonize parents during consecutive School Board meetings - after complaints about radical agenda in middle school.

See two video clips below.

Part 10 in a series. (See entire series here.)

August 1, 2021
ALT TEXT The ringleaders against parents (left to right): Superintendent Todd Gazda, Board Chairman Michael Kelliher, "Chip" Harrington.
ALT TEXT Board members Jeffrey Lang, Charles Mullin, Sarah Bowler.

The vitriol that school officials unleash against parents who hold traditional values is truly chilling. But it is extremely common, though rarely displayed in public.

At the May 25, 2021 Ludlow, Mass. School Board meeting, Superintendent Todd Gazda announced his resignation. This followed more than a year of pressure and outrage from parents and members of the local community over a toxic agenda in the middle school. The resignation came less than a week after the Superintendent and Principal fired Bonnie, an outspoken teacher who supported the parents.

At both that School Board meeting and the following meeting two weeks later, Gazda and Board members publicly attacked, demeaned, and demonized the parents, community members, and even a student who had spoken out. Normal meeting procedures were blatantly set aside, allowing for these shocking attacks.

Background: Pushing a toxic agenda on middle school children

The outrages started in late 2019 when lurid pornographic books for teenagers appeared in the school library and classrooms of Baird Middle School in Ludlow, Mass. The books had been brought in by the school librarian, a strange cross-dressing woman.

In late 2020, the situation got much worse. Teachers and guidance counselors at Baird took advantage of the COVID disruption to introduce radical “transgender” ideas to children. They persuaded children as young as 11 that they were “transgender” – and the school staff purposely kept this from the children’s parents.

Bonnie, a Social Studies teacher, was upset at what she saw and raised the alarm in February 2021. Parents and even some teachers were shocked and demanded the books be removed. But the school officials refused to take any action. Then, as the word got out in the community, the pressure led to the librarian’s resignation in early 2021.

MassResistance helped parents inform the larger community through a flyer, and people in Ludlow were livid at the school officials. In May, the Superintendent and Principal retaliated against Bonnie by firing her. They had to concoct phony charges, since she had a spotless 20-year record as a teacher.

School Board disallows direct public comment at meetings

During the COVID shutdowns, most School Boards and other government bodies around the world held their meetings online via Zoom. Members of the public would still be able to speak directly to the school officials during the public comments part of online meetings.

But the Ludlow School Board did not want to hear from angry parents. So instead of using Zoom, they held their Board meetings in their regular meeting room (wearing their masks). But they did not allow the public into the meetings; the Board met before an empty room! As before, the meetings were broadcast on cable-TV and the videos were posted later.

If Ludlow citizens wanted to register comments, they had to email them beforehand. The Superintendent would decide which emails would be read aloud during the meeting. This outrageous restriction – not being able to address their officials in person – only added to the anger of the parents.

Changing meeting procedures to lash out at parents

With the news that the librarian had quit and the Superintendent was about to announce his resignation, the School Board was extremely angry at the parents and wanted to lash back publicly.

So, for their May 25 and June 8 meetings, the School Board decided to deviate even further from normal meeting procedures. Usually, School Boards just listen to the public comments without replying. But now, if there were emailed comments from critics of the middle school situation, the Superintendent and/or Board members would prepare a “rebuttal” beforehand (attacking that person’s remarks) and read it out loud. We have never seen that done before anywhere. It was shameful, childish, and simply vindictive.

At the May 25, 2021 School Board meeting: Superintendent’s resignation and angry attack

VIDEO: Clip from 5/25/21 Ludlow School Board meeting (6 min 12 sec)

Superintendent Todd Gazda started off by formally announcing his resignation, adding that he had accepted a job with a local non-profit organization. (Usually, Superintendents leave to take a job with a bigger school system – and a higher salary. We’ve never seen one leave to work for a non-profit.) With accumulated vacation, his last day would be June 17, he said.

Then, during “citizen participation,” the Board read aloud one email. It was from Alex, a 10th-grade student at Ludlow High School, who (like many parents) was outraged at the abuses of children at the middle school and particularly Bonnie’s firing for exposing it. He pointed out that parental rights were being disregarded.

Alex said that staff members were pushing extreme ideas to children 11-14 years old. “This agenda has been trying to convince them to change who they are, change their sexuality and gender at an age that many kids don’t fully understand either,” he wrote. “The school committee ignores the concerns of the parents. You ignore us. You won’t talk to us.”

He ended: “So I ask, who will finally listen to the parents of this district? When will this be fixed? When can we have a discussion about this? Or will you just continue to ignore the people in this town who should matter the most to this committee?”

Right after Alex’s email was read, the School Board Chairman, Michael Kelleher, blurted out, “Most of that’s just baloney.”

Then Superintendent Gazda read aloud his prepared “rebuttal” to Alex’s letter. It was a shrill, angry rant that largely repeated the LGBT movement’s talking points.

Gazda stated that the issues Alex was complaining about – sexual books, pushing transgenderism on children without telling parents, etc. – are really about “inclusion” and “making schools safe.” These help children to “be free to be themselves.” Rather than stop these programs, he said, “we do not do enough … and we need to do more.”

He made the disingenuous claim that this is “in compliance with the laws and regulations of our state and the guidance of the Department of Education (DOE).” (MassResistance is not aware of any Mass. state law or regulation that requires this, and he grossly misrepresented the DOE “guidance.”)

He stated that such complaints amounted to “intolerance of LGBTQ individuals” and were in fact “thinly veiled behind a camouflage of parental rights” and half-truths, misrepresentations, and false accusations. (In other words, the parents were lying.)

He claimed that the schools are the true “safe place” for students – not their homes with their parents. He said this controversy is about supporting children’s true “identity” (i.e., homosexual or transgender) and that the school supplies “caring adults” where students can discuss “problems they might have.” He said, “For many students school is their only safe place, and that safety evaporates when they leave the confines of our buildings.”

Gazda said that the middle school will absolutely continue to help the children “express who they are” despite parents’ wishes to the contrary.

With that, the Chairman adjourned the meeting. But there was much more to come at the next meeting.

The June 8 School Board meeting: more vile attacks on parents

VIDEO: Clip from 6/8/21 Ludlow School Board meeting (10 min 13 sec)

On June 8, 2021, the Superintendent attended his last School Board meeting.

In the “public comments” section, the Board again read aloud just one email. It was sent by a Ludlow father and mother of middle school children, and was signed by several other Ludlow parents.

The letter stated seven demands that the parents have regarding the middle school:

  1. Stop promotion of transgender and homosexual ideas to middle school children.
  2. Remove all destructive transgender and homosexual materials from the middle school library and classrooms.
  3. Establish a book review committee with parents, which would include library books, school websites. and textbooks.
  4. Stop retribution against teachers who expose these abuses to parents.
  5. Stop the hostility, intimidation, and harassment of parents who complain about these abuses.
  6. Instruct the Superintendent and school staff not to attack, shame, or demean parents and residents in the community because they criticize decisions by the School Board or school staff.
  7. Establish a policy that requires use of students’ given names and actual pronouns. We want all students treated with proper respect and dignity, with no attempt at coercion or manipulation.

These “demands” express normal and obvious sentiments parents hold for their middle school children. But they prompted a nearly hysterical reaction against these parents from the Superintendent and Board members.

School Board Chairman Michael Kelliher started by reading aloud his prepared reply - a nasty hate-filled rant, using numerous time-worn LGBT talking points. First, he repeated the claim that what the school did is supported by “state and federal law,” but he didn’t identify which laws.

He then said that it was just a “small group of vocal parents” who were attacking books in the library and were now opposing “the inclusive policies of the Ludlow Public Schools.”  He said that “the staff are simply doing their jobs” being “welcoming and supporting” to the children.

Kelliher said the Ludlow parents are actually under the spell of “outside groups” including MassResistance and which are “recruiting members” in Ludlow. (Of course, he ignores the fact that the entire LGBT agenda in Ludlow is fueled by outside groups, and earlier this year the American Library Association became very active pushing the sexual agenda in the town’s schools.)

Whenever liberals have no substantive argument, they call the other side “bigots” or “haters.” So it was no surprise that Kelliher called MassResistance a “hate group,” mentioning our opposition to the LGBT agenda and what he called “marriage equality.” His name-calling only reveals his own childish anger.

Kelliher ended by making the ridiculous charge that it is “MassResistance [that] is trying to change people’s identities, not the school staff.” He said that our efforts to protect children constitute “hateful rhetoric” and that we are creating “divisive battles” in Ludlow.

Then the Superintendent read his prepared rebuttal to the parents’ letter. It was mostly a repeat of the absurd points he’d made at the previous meeting. But he added:

Myself [sic] and other members of our Ludlow staff have been called evil, sick, twisted, and deviant. We have been accused of grooming students, implying we are pedophiles – for supporting an inclusive environment in our schools where all students can feel safe and supported.

Harassing phone calls have been made to our personal home phones and cell phones all in a pathetic attempt to intimidate and harass.

Actually, the phone calls were attempts by parents to set up meetings. The school officials had ignored the emails and calls to their offices. However, the terms “evil, sick, twisted, and deviant” seem appropriate in this perverse situation.

Gazda ended by characterizing the parents’ complaints as “prejudice and bigotry.”

Then Board Member James “Chip” Harrington spoke up. While the previous officials made remarks that were hateful and offensive, Harrington’s were just plain stupid:

I am all in favor of giving parents the right to decide how they’re going to raise their children. But if they’re going to reach in and tell other parents how to raise their children because it’s not in line with how they feel, then shame on them. You raise your kid how you want. But don’t start dictating to other parents how they should raise their kids.

This is exactly the opposite of what’s really going on. The parents have no interest in how others raise their kids. They simply want their own children left alone by school personnel. It’s a little frightening that Ludlow trusts someone as dense as Harrington to decide on school policies.

And he didn’t stop there. Harrington ended by saying that the parents’ letter is “inaccurate” because “there already is a process in place” to decide these issues. Yes, that’s technically true. But it’s a phony process where a bogus “committee” of left-wing faculty members is created to make a decision, and it always rules against the parents.

This is what the parents are up against!

Final reflection

You need to watch the two videos above (especially the second one) to appreciate how unbelievably offensive and repulsive these officials are. The three who did not comment were silent because they had nothing to add – not because they disagreed in any way.

Regular people – especially conservatives – make the same mistake across the country. They assume that these kinds of school officials and School Board members are basically like the rest of us, but simply “misguided” and can be reasoned with. Without exception, our experience has been the opposite.

These people are not normal. Normal people do not do repugnant and immoral things that can cause immeasurable emotional and psychological harm to other people’s children. Normal people do not lash out with this kind of unhinged hostility, hate, lies, and anger when challenged on it by constituents. The education system attracts some very, very bad people. We need to understand that and act accordingly.

More to come!

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