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Liberal Former Clinton Administration Acolyte: "The Democratic Party is on Life Support"

It's time for tough love for the (Anti)Democratic Party.

They have lost an election which DNC leaders rigged to ensure that their prized queen would win, first through engineering her victory in the primary against Weekend at Bernie's, then through media frauds and collusion during the General Election.

And Democrats still lost.

Crooked Hillary actually believe that she could lie, cheat, and steal her way through this election, just as Barack Obama had demagogued key issues to shame conservative opponents into silence in the two previous elections.

The Democratic Party has been overrun by communists, socialists, thugs, public sector union cronies, and outright anti-patriotic hatemongers. The former mantra of playing to minorities and social grievances has not worked.

Their embrace of climate alarmism has turned off millions of voters, particularly in rural areas. Once Democratic strongholds have become rapidly Republican, embracing core pro-family values as well as attention to fiscal probity and responsibility.

The Democratic Party is now stuck in the past, with no chance of moving forward. People living in this country now, and those who lived in North America before this nation was born, have experimented with the closed model of oppressive government which stifles innovation and limits liberty.

Robert Reich (Credit: Danorton)
Now the Democratic Party is heading into another political wilderness, from which the leaders have no interest in listening or learning from their mistakes.

Robert Reich, former Labor Secretary under Bill Clinton and current pseudo-intellectual for, is trying to wake up and save the Democratic Party:

The ongoing contest between the Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders wings of the Democratic Party continues to divide Democrats.

This fight is going from bad to worse, no doubt about it.

Reich then declares some sobering news for Democrats (but great news for the rest of us):

The [Democratic] Party is on life support. 

No kidding!

Reich listed the reasons:

1. Democrats are in the minority in both the House and Senate, with no end in sight. 

Democrats are going to face a horrendous Senate map in 2018. In at last five of the 23 seats they have to defend, both Republican Presidential candidates carried those states. In three more. Trump won, and Republicans are dominating at the state level in the legislature as well as the governors' mansion.

The Democratic Party is not going to pick up enough House seats to win back the lower chamber, either. The districts have either been safely drawn to protect (Republican) incumbents, and states with Republican dominance are actually prospering or growing.

Besides, non-Presidential election years are better for Republicans, since they have the larger share of likely voters. And Donald Trump is waging unprecedented successes already.

2. Democrats lost 1,034 state and federal seats. They hold only 17 governorships, and face 32 state legislatures fully under GOP control. 

OUCH! Just let those numbers sink in. Republicans have had their troubles, during the 1930's and shortly after the Watergate Scandal. Both times, however, Republicans bounced back.

3. No one speaks for the party as a whole. 

What does the Democratic Party stand for? More socialism? Bigger government? Anarchism? Tolerance for international and domestic terrorist groups? Rampant corruption?

4. The Party’s top leaders are aging, and the back bench is thin.

They current Senate Minority and House minority leaders are continuing to embrace the very policies which have ensured Democratic minorities for years to come. Arrogance, elitist, out of touch, in bondage to wealthy donors in remote coastal enclaves with no understanding of what every day Americans are enduring.

What's worse for Reich, though, is that he fails to see past the populist mantra to the Constitutional republicanism re-installing itself in Washington DC:

We are now in a populist era. The strongest and most powerful force in American politics is a rejection of the status quo, a repudiation of politics as usual, and a deep and profound distrust of elites, including the current power structure of America.

The problem that Reich and other regressive Democrats are ignoring is that ... socialist policies like the massive redistributionist policies he favors have become ... the status quo.

Young people and their parents are relearning the blessings of liberty. They have experienced eight years of command-control governance, and they do not like it.

It's costly.

It's corrupt.

It's vastly ineffective.

All the hopes and dreams which regressive leftists imparted to Barack Obama are all about to be done away with through the flick of a pen and the use of a phone.

Such is the result of Big Government hubris, now brought low by voters.

Reich continues to diagnose the near-fatal status of the Democratic Party with:

1. Big moneyed interests subsidizing candidates, who in turn reward special interests and their greedy limited goals.

2. The destruction of labor unions, particularly public sector unions. 

In response to these two issues:

The Democratic Party establishment chose the most corrupt, colluding Presidential candidates in modern times. She was a Wall Street puppet from Day One. Further, Democratic policies by their very nature help Big Business to do its dirty deeds, regardless of the hollow mantras of the Democratic Party as "The Working Man's Party."

As for Big Labor, this phalanx represents the perverse and disastrous consequences of big government collectivism. Men and women have been forced to join syndicates and subsidize their left-wing, destructive policies. Cities and now states are going bankrupt as the bills now have to be paid.

The Democratic Power has played the public with their control of the media to spout lies about Republicans and conservatives. Now that the media is crashing and burning, the Democratic Party has nothing left but to consider embracing conservative ideals for a change or go further into irrelevance and decay with a doubling down on socialism.

It's no wonder, then, the Democratic Party is on life support, and with no viable ideas with respect to God, country, and citizenry, they will end up in the ash heap of history just like the Soviet Union and other communistic regimes around the world.

Twitter News Fail: TPP, Jedis, and Voter ID, Oh My!

The left-wing news continue losing whatever relevance they claim to have.

If they cannot destroy Trump, if they cannot stop his onslaught against the regressive liberalism which President Obama had championed, then they try to ignore him altogether.

President Trump is enacting incredible policy changes with the stroke of a pen, and nothing can stop him.

But instead of granting much needed pre-eminence to this massive policy shift, which Bernie Sanders voters also supported, the Twitter news feed wants to focus on ... the next title for the upcoming Star Wars Movie:

Mark Hamill has revealed himself to be an unrepentant leftist.

For a guy who has played a warrior for the force of good and against an Evil Empire, he has certainly taken a turn for the Dark Side.

He supports abortion, and wanted his girlfriend to get an abortion at one time.

He has routinely mocked President Trump, even though his policies are helping the vast majority of the American people.

I imagine that by withdrawing from this dreaded Trans Pacific Partnership, the American movie industry will remain robust and competitive. After all, Asian movie markets are eating up the international audience weekly.

Also, Twitter felt obligated to give us a slight tease about a Supreme Court case, but the implications of it are harrowing. The Voter ID law passed in Texas will remain struck down for now.

This is terrible. Voter ID opponents are arrogant elitists, much like Mark Hamill, who has advertised himself as a champion for the people. The same lie has emboldened Democrats and regressive liberals, who claim that Voter ID is a racist ploy to suppress the vote. The truth is that voter fraud suppressed the vote of law-abiding citizens, and must be challenged.

Simple as that.

I guess the Twitter News feed is an indictment of sorts against our culture.

They are more interested in knowing what will be the name of the next Star Wars movie, rather than the names of their elected representatives or the laws they are passing, which affect our daily lives.

Men and women should pay more attention to PResident TRump, who is doing more to fight the Evil Empire of death, destruction, and the Democratic Party than anyone on the silver screen in some fictional battle, even if its in galaxies far, far away.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

January 24, 2017: Claremont Contemplates California Liberal Craze, Seeking Sanctuary Status

On January 24, 2017, the Claremont City Council will decide whether or not Claremont will become a SANCTUARY CITY.  Please attend and tell the council not to declare Claremont a sanctuary city and to rescind all illegal sanctuary policies.

How this came about:  in December, 25 people spoke during public comment and urged the Council to declare Claremont a sanctuary city.  Their pleas were about bringing "people out of the shadows" and 'equal treatment for all people", etc.  Their urgency was to have Claremont declared a Sanctuary City as a rebuff against any action President Trump may take to withhold Federal Funding to Sanctuary Cities. 

We are anticipating those in favor of Sanctuary City status will be at the Council meeting in large numbers; college professors, students, liberal residents and people not from Claremont but who are working hard to have as many Sanctuary cities in CA as possible.   They are well organized.

I am asking for your help in countering the onslaught of liberals and illegal alien sympathizers who are trying hard to influence Claremont to make this declaration.

How you can help:

1.  Call Claremont City Council, Mayor and City Manager.  (Councilmembers and Mayor have the same City number, so please call each of them separately, rather than just using one call for all).  The City Manager has a different number.

Mayor Sam Pedroza,  909 399-5444
Councilman Corey Calaycay,  909 399-5444
Councilman Opanyi Nasiali, 909 399-5444
Councilman Joe Lyons, 909 399-5444
Councilman, Larry Schroeder,  909 399-5444

City Manager: Tony Ramos  909 399-5441

2.  Please email each Councilman, and voice your opposition.

3.  Lastly, please, if you can, join us at the meeting on January 24th at:

Claremont City Council
225 West 2nd Street
Claremont, CA 91711

Council Meeting: January 24th, 2017 starts at 6:30p.m.  (Arrive early if you can).

Your presence is important, so please address the Council, let them know of your opposition and why.  If you agree with another speaker, and don't want to say a lot, simply state:  "I just want to say,  I agree with the speakers opposing this Resolultion."  Your voice will then be counted, don't let the Council assume you are supporting the other side.

You don't have to live in Claremont to speak.

Thank you so much, so very much.  Many of us have spoken at neighboring Councils fighting this fight, and we have been successful at times.   There are some Democrats in Claremont who are very much against becoming a Sanctuary City, and I am hoping they will speak up too. 

I am grateful for all your help.  Thank you for anything you can do.

NOTE:  New article and poll shows the majority of Californians oppose sanctuary cities and policies.

Carolyn Gonzales
Claremont Resident

For more information please contact me via email at

Warren Buffet's Congressional Reform Act of 2017

I received this post by direct message on my Facebook page.

It lays what appears to by lengthy suggestions from Warren Buffet on how to reform Congress and its fundamental structures within, particulary targeting elected officials, their power, their perks, and their legacies.

What do you think?

Warren Buffett is asking everyone to forward this email to a minimum of 20 people, and to ask each of those to do likewise.

In three days, most people in the United States will have the message. This is an idea that should be passed around.


Let's see if these idiots understand what people pressure is all about.

Salary of retired US Presidents .. . . . .. . . . . .. . $180,000 FOR LIFE.

Salary of House/Senate members .. . . . .. . . . $174,000 FOR LIFE. This is stupid

Salary of Speaker of the House .. . . . .. . . . . $223,500 FOR LIFE. This is really stupid

Salary of Majority / Minority Leaders . . .. . . . . $193,400 FOR LIFE. Stupid

Average Salary of a teacher . . .. . . . .. . . . . .. .$40,065

Average Salary of a deployed Soldier . . .. . . .. $38,000

Here’s where the cuts should be made!

Warren Buffett, in a recent interview with CNBC, offers one of the best quotes about the debt ceiling:

"I could end the deficit in five minutes," he told CNBC. "You just pass a law that says that anytime there is a deficit of more than 3% of GDP, all sitting members of Congress are ineligible for re-election".

The 26th Amendment ( granting the right to vote for 18 year-olds ) took only three months and eight days to be ratified! Why? Simple! The people demanded it. That was in 1971 - before computers, e-mail, cell phones, etc.

Of the 27 amendments to the Constitution, seven (7) took one (1) year or less to become the law of the land - all because of public pressure.

Warren Buffett is asking each addressee to forward this email to a minimum of twenty people on their address list; in turn ask each of those to do likewise.

In three days, most people in The United States of America will have the message. This is one idea that really should be passed around.

Congressional Reform Act of 2017

1. No Tenure / No Pension. A Congressman / woman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when they're out of office.

2. Congress (past, present, & future) participates in Social Security.

All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security system, and Congress participates with the American people. It may not be used for any other purpose.

3. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all Americans do.

4. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise. Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.

5. Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the same health care system as the American people.

6. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American people.

7. All contracts with past and present Congressmen/women are void effective 3/1/17. The American people did not make this contract with Congressmen/women.

Congress made all these contracts for themselves. Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, so ours should serve their term(s), then go home and go back to work.

If each person contacts a minimum of twenty people, then it will only take three days for most people in the U.S. to receive the message. It's time!


If you agree, pass it on.

Hell Freezes Over: Bitter Partisan Enemies Reconcile, Co-Sponsor Pro-Israel Legislation in Washington

You know that Donald Trump is already making America Great Again when sworn enemies on the same side of the political aisle are shaking hands and agreeing on welcome policy reforms.

Check out the video below:

Lindsey Graham apologized to Ted Cruz for the nasty things that he had said about him during the Election 2016 general election.

Lindsey Graham gave two thumbs up and said "Make America Great Again."

Graham and Cruz talked about Rex Tillerson. The Senator from Texas introduced Tillerson to the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, too. That's interesting, indeed.

Cruz was not afraid to call Putin "a thug" for his aggressive, warlike behavior in Ukraine. Let's not forget what happened in Crimea!

Graham even suggested Cruz should be the next Secretary of State. Cruz would be great.

But they two of them were meeting together on Morning Joe to discuss bold legislation to defund the United Nations.

This is incredible. The Republicans should have don this decades ago. Now that we have all seen how the United Nations is a globalist, anti-Semitic cabal.

"Cut off their money, and that will get their attention."

He also appreciated Cruz' leadership on this matter to strengthen US-Israeli relations.

Two major foreign policy wins for our country and for conservatives:

1. Defund the UN
2. Move the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

Brought to you by two erstwhile enemies in the United States.

ICYMI: Hell Freezes Over--Lindsey Graham Apologizes to Cruz, Co-Sponsors Pro-Israel Legislation

You know that Donald Trump is already making America Great Again when sworn enemies on the same side of the political aisle are shaking hands and agreeing on welcome policy reforms.

Check out the video below:

Lindsey Graham apologized to Ted Cruz for the nasty things that he had said about him during the Election 2016 general election.

Lindsey Graham gave two thumbs up and said "Make America Great Again."

Graham and Cruz talked about Rex Tillerson. The Senator from Texas introduced Tillerson to the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, too. That's interesting, indeed.

Cruz was not afraid to call Putin "a thug" for his aggressive, warlike behavior in Ukraine. Let's not forget what happened in Crimea!

Graham even suggested Cruz should be the next Secretary of State. Cruz would be great.

But they two of them were meeting together on Morning Joe to discuss bold legislation to defund the United Nations.

This is incredible. The Republicans should have don this decades ago. Now that we have all seen how the United Nations is a globalist, anti-Semitic cabal.

"Cut off their money, and that will get their attention."

He also appreciated Cruz' leadership on this matter to strengthen US-Israeli relations.

Two major foreign policy wins for our country and for conservatives:

1. Defund the UN
2. Move the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

Brought to you by two erstwhile enemies in the United States.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

RPLAC Money Man Andy Gharakani Threatend GOP Candidate's First Amendment Rights, Refused to Offer Promised Donations

Here's another story that I had been sitting on for a little while, until I found that the times and pressures forced me to say something.

Before I learned about the lack of principles and treachery of Christopher Castillo, I had willingly supported for his bid to replace Janice Hahn.

Here are the photos with my support for Castillo:

He had made numerous visits with me and my group We the People Rising.

Here are a few photos where he had joined us:

Then one day, Christopher Castillo told me that Andy Gharakani, one of the leaders of the New Majority, and the current financial director for RPLAC, told Castillo to stop being an activist with We the People Rising--or he would not pay his filing fee to run for Congress.


Then Omar Navarro told me about Gharakani and what that "donor" had done to him.

Do as I say!
No Free Speech
No conservative platform
He had promised Omar more money after the June primary, but never go any.

Well, well, well.

Gharakani claims to support "The New Majority" for Republican leaders.

But Lo and Behold, he threatens some candidates from speaking out and working with grassroots groups. (The New Majority has also supported Democrats in the past, too)

Then he reneges on promise to donate more money to candidates!

What kind of Republican leadership is this?

The same kind of treachery which undermines volunteer clubs and takes the lead to revoke charters for light and transient reasons.

Beach Cities Republicans: January 19th, 2017 Meeting

The Beach Cities Republicans had 50 people attend, including our special guest Howard Hyde, the President of the Southern California Women and Men.

Right at the outset, I sensed that we would have an incredible meeting. In spite of the unjust and unethical setbacks from RINO-PLAC, I knew that everything was going to be fine.

Members of the club, including men and women who had been critical of decisions which I had made in the past, lined up and thanked me for all that I had been doing, and regretted all the hardships and setbacks I had faced from the LA GOP Central Committee leadership.

In effect, it was clear that they found the County Executive Committee (once again) to be at fault, not me or the rest of the Beach Cities Republican board members.

First, I explained to the members what I had shared with them in the past.

RPLAC leaders were trying to get rid of me as early as late August.

Before that, the Executive Director had faulted me for inviting a non-Republican to speak to the Beach Cities Republicans. I complied with this request, but that apparently was not enough. It seemed strange to me that they were beating me about that one mistake, especially when the previous Presidents had done the same thing.

They tried to waive that off by claiming that the had invited those members to speak, but had not endorsed or supported them. I caught them off guard when I revealed how the previous Presidents had offered affirmation or even hosted fundraisers for these candidates!

More excuses followed, of course.

Then Janice Webb had pressured me and tried to threaten me about the October 20th BCR meeting, as though that even would cost David Hadley his re-election bid, and I would be the #1 reason why Democrats regained the supermajority in Sacramento, blah blah blah.

When I reminded the audience how Janice Webb called my boss--and while I was at work!--to pressure me to cancel the meeting, that was the last straw. I had filed a number of complaints about this egregious behavior, but nothing happened.

Then came the threatening and outrageous email from the Executive Director, which demanded that I step down as President, or RPLAC would suspend then revoke our charter.

Give me a break! We stood our ground and pushed back. I exposed Janice Webb and then the rest of the leadership's unethical behavior.

They were sorely hurt about this, and plotted their final move to have the Beach Cities Republicans targeted, marginalized, and silenced. Really, what was going on? Why would the behave in such an abusive and intolerant manner?

I invited other members of the BCR board to speak, and they had great things to say about our fighting and win against the RINO-PLAC establishment.

Tracy Hopkins, our Secretary-Treasurer spoke:

Tracy was very affirming and supportive.

She called out RPLAC's nonsense as "unreasonable behavior. We will continue to be the best Republican club in LA County, if not California."

Then First Vice-President Omar Navarro shared a lot of disturbing information about RPLAC infighting:


There has been a whole of lot of crap going on!

Later, Steve Frank, the editor of California Political Review, spoke to our club about the mind-numbing conflicts and inaction which is hurting the California Republican Party:

The conflicts within the Republican Party are more common than most people realize. It's time to put an end to this abusive nonsense!

Then came Howard Hyde.

He talked about his past as an aggressive progressive Berkeley Liberal.

He then shared what changed him from a leftist to a free market capitalism. He is also a prolific and respected author!

We had a large and pretty active group there, too, and many people had questions that they wanted to ask him!

Hyde talked about his writing and his activism--including the threats he endured to his long-term career because of his political views.

Then Keith McCowen, the Vice-President for the South Los Angeles-Inglewood Republican Assembly, promoted his annual CRA awards dinner:

Final Reflection

The members are not afraid, they are not dissuaded by the corrupt shenanigans of county "leadership."

We gained more members and more momentum. We have incredible support from people all over the country. We are not afraid to work with Donald Trump, and we want to make California as well as America Great Again!

Making American Great Again: President Trump Starts First Day By Going to Church

The Daily Breeze printed something positive about President Trump, and it's only his second day on the job!

President Donald Trump opened his first full day as president Saturday at a national prayer service, the final piece of transition business for the nation’s new chief executive before a promised full-on shift into governing.

This is the kind of leadership we need.

The last thing that this country needs is another four years of a chief executive who does not believe he needs any other wisdom than his own self-confidence and hubris.

We have suffered long enough under the arrogant and feckless outrage of a little prince who ate in the morning and refused to listen to anyone else but his own university-induced hatred.

In his inaugural speech, Donald Trump mentioned that this country is one nation under God:

The Bible tells us, “how good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity.”

We must speak our minds openly, debate our disagreements honestly, but always pursue solidarity. When America is united, America is totally unstoppable. There should be no fear – we are protected, and we will always be protected.

We will be protected by the great men and women of our military and law enforcement and, most importantly, we are protected by God.

Amen to that!

Ronald Reagan believed in God, and our nation needed to rest as one nation under God!

Henry Waxman: Congressman-Turned Lobbyist, Corporate Sellout

I have wanted to write about the retirement and disappearance of former Congressman Henry Waxman.

I could not wait for this man to leave Congress.

Conservatives in the South Bay along with other grassroots interest throughout the 33rd Congressional District did everything they could to stop Waxman. He has been an unwelcome Washington shill since he was elected in 1974.

After forty years of doing the bidding of large corporate interests and labor unions, while ignoring the best interests of the public and the rule of law written in the United States Constitution, it was time for Waxman to go. He was the epitome of well-connected cronyism.

He secured big money for big donors.

His legislation helped bankrupt the United States Postal Service by reuiring the institution to pay ahead of time 75 years worth of benefits.

Yet throughout his tenure, Waxman liked to advertise himself as a champion for working people and the environment, while standing up to greedy capitalist raiders and corporate lobbyists


What's Henry the Taxman up to now?

He's a corporate lobbyist!

Laughing out loud? You should be! wrote a laughable tribute for the former Congressman:

When Henry Waxman announced in January of 2014 that he would retire from Congress after 40 years of service, he was rightly hailed as one of the most influential liberals, and one of the most skilled legislators, of his generation. Waxman’s list of accomplishments is astonishing – expanding Medicaid, strengthening of the Clean Air Act, regulating the tobacco industry, funding AIDS research, investigating steroid use, instituting, passing healthcare reform, and much more.

Expanding Medicaid is not something to be proud of. Passing the (Un)Affordable Care Act has actually been one of the biggest disasters for the Democratic Party which he claimed to champion. Arrogant, self-serving Waxman once bragged that the Democratic caucus could afford to lose House seats in order to pass the Affordable Care Act.

I wonder how his freshmen and sophomore Democratic colleagues felt when they heard the liberal Dean of the House throw them under the bus?! Obamacare has pretty much ruined the Democratic Party, with Obama at the helm convinced that his super status to the base would be enough to overcome national resistance to his policies.

Forward was further unsparing in their criticism:

But of course there is a legitimate side to the concerns about politicians who spend so long in Washington – namely, that they “go native” and adapt themselves to its corrupt and cozy ecosystem, using all that experience and savvy to turn a wealth of political connections into just plain wealth.

And now comes the news that Waxman has registered as a lobbyist for telecommunications giant T-Mobile, as well as four groups that focus on healthcare and service employees. This was, as the Washington Examiner noted, a bit of a turnaround for the man that the Atlanta Journal-Constitution once called a “Lobbyist’s Nightmare.”


The article then called Waxman a "sell-out,"

But one has to ask: "Why is the Left surprised."

Democrats for the most part get into government with no recognition that power corrupts, and human nature is corruptible. Progressive naivete has led to bitter disappointments over and over. We need less federal intervention into our lives, and more opportunities for individual Americans to step out and make the most of their lives. We don't need the government coddling and babying adults so that they remain dependents. All of this has to stop.

Henry Waxman wanted to created more children looking to the state as their parent and identity. All of that is perverse and wrong.

And there's more! Henry couldn't find any takers who would hire him!

Waxman’s rather pathetic sell-out is made even sadder by the fact that he’s actually been trying to sell out for a few months now but had trouble finding takers. In February, the National Law Journal reported that Waxman had shopped himself around to major DC law and lobbying firms without success, and had instead decided to join his son Michael’s firm, Waxman Strategies.

Poor Henry! After 40 years of scheming and stealing from taxpayers, of kowtowing to corporate interests in DC while pretending to be a progressive activist at home, nobody wants him anymore!