Sunday, October 23, 2016

Johnson-Weld: The ILL-Libertarian Joke

I cannot hide my schadenfreude about the Election 2016 Libertarian ticket.

Gary Johnson and William Weld should call themselves the LINO team.

They are completely “Libertarian in Name Only.”

Gary Johnson loves his open borders, and he has embraced Barack Obama's executive amnesty.

What a joke!

This guy flew off the handle when Guy Benson of called illegal aliens "illegal.” This harsh exchange is no fantasy. Check out the interview here.

Gary Johnson is offended by the term "illegal immigrant." He insisted—twice—that  Benson refrain from using the term "illegal" to describe people whose presence in this country is a violation of the law. Incredible. I really have to hand it to journalist Benson for not letting the presidential candidate getting away with treating illegal immigration like a big fat nothing. It's a huge issue, especially for the men and women who have lost safety and security, employment and wealth, or who have lost loved ones killed by illegal aliens.

How embarrassing for Johnson.

There have been other interview faux-pas, too!

Not once but twice, Johnson has flubbed famously on foreign policy issues, even though they have mocked Trump's potential international expertise. He did not know what 'Aleppo' was. That is sad and embarrassing. That city is witnessing the massive destruction of men, women, and children in the midst of a flaming cauldron of sectarian and tribal rivalries.

He also couldn't name one foreign leader he admired. MSNBC screwball Chris Matthews, who lives to skewer Republican chances, tried to assist the Libertarian candidate during another pop-quiz. Johnson blanked, again. Even if he genuinely could not think of an admirable foreign leader, he exposed his arrogance as well as ignorance.  Even Weld couldn't cover for Johnson's joke of a performance.

I can think of three on the fly: Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, Marine LePen of Le Front National in France, Nicholas Sarkozy former French President, and the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban (OK, that was four).

Now, let's talk about what they think of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

ABC's left-wing anchor Chris Cuomo tried to get a feel for how Gary Johnson and William Weld felt about Bill and Hillary Clinton. Following key word associations, we learned how these Libertarian candidates felt about the President and the other Presidential candidates running for office.

What did Gary Johnson think of Barack Obama? "Good guy."

Really? Awful. The Libertarian ticket is completely out of touch with the ups and downs of Middle America and their private lives.

What about William Weld’s opinion of Obama? "Statesman-like."

Now the ticket went from derisive to dangerous. There has been nothing—nothing
 at all—statesman-like about Obama. He is a Chicago community organizing thug out to push his progressive agenda, using brute state power, whether the Constitution wants it or not, shoving aside anyone who stands in his way.

Obama has lied, bullied, and trolled his political opposition, expanding the role of the state into our daily lives with no regard for what is right, good, or true. Shame on him!

What did they have to say about Hillary Clinton? These admissions are truly embarrassing:

Gary Johnson, after hemming and hawing for a few seconds, blurted out: "A wonderful public servant."

Yes, Hillary Clinton, the wonderful public servant who:

1. Lied about her inaction following the death of four diplomats in Benghazi, Libya
2. Tried to scrub the talking points and any meaningful discussion about the issue
3. Ran a corrupt Foundation funneling and laundering money from rogues, thugs, dictators, and Islamic terrorists
4. Allowed her predator husband to rape numerous women, and still covers for his abusive philandering
5. Is a serial lair, with no conception of how to articulate the truth, even when telling the truth would never hurt her.
6. The attorney who smeared a young victim of rape to get off a child predator, and laughed about it years later ...

Yeah, what an incredible public servant. Indeed.

Then William Weld engaged in the same Hillary Clinton hind-lick maneuver: "Good friend, nice kid, shared an office during the Nixon impeachment. Real bond, life-long."

Did he forget that #CrookedHillary Rodham was fired from the Watergate investigation because of her penchant for lying … even then? He still has a life-long bond with that old, corrupted fraud? Sad, very sad.

The Johnson-Weld tag team is the epitome Liberal-tarian or Il-libertarianism. They are a gross disappointment who should thank the media polling apparatus for keeping them off the debate sage

Johnson wants a carbon tax, supports executive amnesty, and would throw Christians in jail for not catering events celebrating homosexual conduct.

William Weld is the epitome of RINO-awful. As governor, he shoved abortion, gay marriage, and big government environmentalism onto Massachusetts. His legacy includes Charlie Baker, a total RINO who thinks it's a good idea to allow men into women's restrooms if they think that they are women. This transgender agenda is played up as part of the “live and let live” mentality, but is actually hurting our society, putting women and children at risk. Yet the Massachusetts GOP Establishment think that blurring genetic distinctions is "progressive."

By the way, William Weld loves assaults weapons bans and playing nice with the Massachusetts Democratic Kleptocracy. To this day, LINO Weld has consistently endorsed pro-Big Government, tyranny Democrats over fellow Republicans in Commonwealth legislative races.

But really, should we be surprised?

Weld admitted that his larger goal has been to slow down Trump's rise. Admittedly, the Donald is doing more damage to his own campaign (sadly). At least Johnson-Weld are hurting Hillary Clinton's chances in key states (good news for me!)

Let's face it. Instead of standing on principle and nominating a Presidential ticket based on its values, Libertarian voters looked for a pragmatic "celebrity" ticket that wavered on key issues, including life, liberty, and the proper individual pursuit of happiness. No one should be surprised that the last A-list Libertarian Presidential candidate (from 1988) Ron Paul won't vote for Johnson-Weld, the ill-libertarian embarrassment.

The Criminal Media: A Bunch of Drips

Wikileaks is doing what the mainstream media was supposed to be doing.

The role of the press is to:
  • 1.       Serve as watchdog for our local/federal elected officials.
  • 2.       Inform readers to know what’s going on in the cultural as well as the political realm.
  • 3.       Generate an awareness of our country, states, and cities.
  • 4.       Get us mad about anything going wrong, and enough to do something about it.

Wow, silly me!

Today, I recognize how much the Big Three—ABC, CBS, and NBC—have turned into a softer version of the Soviet Union’s Provda.

Bill Clinton could rape a woman on camera live, and the press would spin it.

Todd Akin defends an unborn baby, and his comment as listed as an A-list scandal, right down there with Anthony Weiner’s weenie on Twitter. The same creepy New York Congressman turned failed New York City mayoral candidate still can’t keep his private life (and parts) off social media, and faced investigation from the Department of Child Services for his lewd pics with his child.
Where’s the outrage?

George W. Bush could rescue kittens and stop global hunger, and the press would still mock his accent and chant “Bush Lied. People Died.” Barack Obama promises you can keep your doctor and health plan with Obamacare, that our economy is strong, and ISIS is on the run.

Uh … nope!

Point of fact … it was Wikileaks that vindicated George W. Bush. Not only did he not lie about the weapons of mass destruction, but armed forces actually found them throughout Iraq. Not one apology from the Democratic hatemongers or the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, etc.

Of course, pesky things like facts, data, and logic have never prevented the press from spinning its own myths to create a narrative and advance an illiberal agenda. Democrats frequently fall back on the media to cover for (rather than simply cover) their failures. During his last term in office, former Congressman Henry Waxman (D-Los Angeles/South Bay) intervened to save key departments of the Los Angeles Times, since the paper had served as the left-wing cheerleader for progressive Democrats throughout the region!

Besides the biased print media, here in Los Angeles, we also have our local morning shows like News Conference with Conan Nolan. (I’ll rant about the national talk shows next). The staggering lack of accountability they exhibit toward Democratic lawmakers, particularly legislative leaders and their executive counterparts, is staggering and saddening, although no longer surprising.

For example, California has a record teacher shortage--again. Instead of going after Democratic leaders like Senate President Kevin de Leon (D-Los Angeles) for their corrupt, destructive collusion with labor unions like the teachers associations, News Conference host Conan Nolan lets them slide with “We need to hire more teachers.”

They never corner lawmakers about the long-term damage waged by excessive taxation on revenue streams or illegal immigration on our public schools. More illegal students demand more resources, and the schools cannot turn them away.

When legislators like my state senator Ben Allen (D-Santa Monica) show up to defend forcing parents to vaccinate their children for public school enrollment, despite religious exemptions, moderator (or enabler?) Nolan indicated little outrage about First Amendment rights or the violation of freedom of conscience. Why are there so many communicable diseases in public schools, anyway? (Hint: See above).

This Sunday, Chuck Todd was discussing the Presidential race with Nolan. Instead of mutual fact-finding about both major party candidates, they were groping (pun intended) for more ways to implicate Donald Trump in tawdry private behavior.

Pivot to Chuck Todd’s national program Meet the Press.

More about the groped women who sound, look, and seem to be groping for national attention. The counter-media has routinely exposed that the latest allegations against Trump have witnesses to discredit the alleged behavior. Some of these women are high-end Democratic operatives and donors, too. Don’t you think the mainstream media would be the least bit interested in investigating this clear conflict of interest? Whatever happened to objective, professional journalism? Jake Tapper has offered some shock and awe. A little louder, there, Jake!

To top it off, Todd sat down with another Democratic official to get his take on these “scandalous accusations.” Who?

Vice President Joe Biden.

Has anyone seen the photos, the photo-ops, or just about anything else this guy does in front of the camera? Biden drapes his arms, hands, lips on nearly every woman he meets! Do we really want Creepy Uncle Joe’s take on sexual assault against women? Really?!His too-close-for-comfort cloying around US Senator Chris Coons’ daughter was borderline criminal. Why not ask Bill Clinton for his advice on a lasting, fulfilling marriage … or Hillary Clinton’s commitment to public integrity while we’re at it?

While the drips at the Big Three, CNN, and the major newspaper establishment report non-stop garbage about Trump, Wikileaks has dropped bombshells blowing open Clinton the woman, the political operative, and public official:

1. She despises average Americans.
2. She intended to take over the Catholic Church with a regressive agenda destroying the basic Biblical foundations of morality.
3. She did indeed give the stand-down order to prospective security forces to go to Benghazi.
4. She resolutely hid her illnesses from the public.
5. The Clinton Foundation is running afoul of tax laws (and yet the IRS harasses law-abiding conservatives and voter integrity projects like True the Vote).
6. Clinton and Company discussed the propriety of taking foreign donations for the Clinton Foundation.

My God? Where’s the Millennial version of Bob Woodward when you need him?

Woodward himself got stabbed in the back when he took steps to unravel the Obama. 

Administration’s false narrative that sequestration was hurting the economy in 2013!

Everyone I talk to, whether young or old, in the South Bay has accepted the sickening reality that the corporate media is telling tales and selling clicks per ad rather than reporting the truth.

Ugh! Please, Wikileaks, wash away this dirty corrupt media for good!

Conservatives Must Learn This Lesson: Stand Your Ground, and the SJW's Will Flee

The October 20th, 2016 meeting of the Beach Cities Republicans meeting was met with fanfare and protest.

From the outset, I knew the hub-bub about the meeting was much ado about nothing.

Here is the flyer:

We had a diverse group ready to speak to the Beach Cities Republicans.

And within days, we found this Facebook Event page set up for us:

Here is more specific information about the event:

And here's the specific commentary under the event page:

Nothing but hatred. Nothing but racism?

What is going on here?

This is just sad.

Now, there was an event prior this one.

The South Bay Impact Republicans hosted a meeting with Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Initially, they were going to hold this event in Southeast turnout, at Mattucci Reality,

Then this Event Page came up:

The organizers for the event decided to move the event to a different, sercret location.

That was a mistake.

The SJW protesters who wanted to disrupt this event (not merely protest) tricked one of the organizers, and showed up in full (or rather fool) force.

Here's the video:

They found the event and continued to disrupt.

Eventually, law enforcement arrived and forced them to protest on the curb, on public  property.

Once again, the South Bay Impact Republicans made a mistake.

There was no reason for them to move their meeting.

When criminal protesters want to start something, especially when their behavior is unjust, you don't move  away.

You don't run.

You stand your ground!

Conservatives need to stop trying to stop the conflict, especially when it's someone else trying to foment this behavior.

When a bully tries to fight, you step TOWARDS him, and right away their defenses crumble.

Now, what did the Beach Cities Republicans do?

Well, before I tell you what happened, I need to report that Republican leaders (without getting into specifics at this time) wanted me to cancel the October 20th meeting.

Unbelieveable, yet true.

They feared that something newsworthy or camera worthy might happen (particularly something that comes from me), and it would compromise the club, Republicans across the county, and specifically Assembly David Hadley (R-Torrance).

The overwhelming terror of some Republican operatives in the county leadership is very discouraging to me. Leadership should be about standing up to challenges instead of running away from them. It should be about embracing conflict and confrontation without recrimination or fear, knowing that you have the facts and the law on your side.

If all the illiberal, regressive leftists can do is pound the table, they won't last long.

When there were threats of a massive protest, we informed the restaurant owner.

Then police did step in next, fearful that something destructive could happen. The Torrance city attorney shared that the restaurant owner could not arbitrarily remove someone from the restaurant. If the person committed a crime, like loitering in the area, then they could be removed by the police.

In order to ensure a private and peaceful event, I drafted up a lease for the room for the evening. Only members and guests would be allowed to attend. Anyone who tried to enter who was not invited would be reuired to leave.

Now, check out the "Shut Them Down"" event page again:

They had invited 800+ people to attend.

It looked as though at least 26 were coming.

Guess how many people actually showed up?


Here he is--Ernesto Ayala:

This meme communicates more accurately his impact that evening:

Or whatever else.

Conservatives, it's time for us to stop fearing what the Left tries to do.

They have read the Saul Alinksy playbook, and so have I.

Even though the son of Satan from Chicago (and I am not talking about Obama) claimed that the fear of the thing is greater than the thing itself, the truth remains that we must be committed to doing what is right and not ceding our First Amendment rights because of a couple of arbitrary threats from some dissolute, racist punks.

It's sad, really, to see how university-educated hatred has led to such sad protests.

Very sad, indeed. The Trump supporter had the larger sign and commanded more influence along Sepulveda Blvd!

Don't flee, but stand your ground.

"Resist the devil, and he will flee from ye!"

"Social Services" Commissioner Gets Taste of His Own Medicine

Rabid, Illiberal, anti-social, in-justice warriors have to get a taste of their own medicine.

They want to play the race card? Then you and I have to command the courage to throw back at them their own destructive, perverse policies.

The big difference between conservatives and illiberals? We are the constructive alternative, and there is no way that they can fight against it.

There is something about facts, logic, and truth which is unassailable. It's time for all of us to stop running away from petty threats and stand for the truth.

It's time for us to stop being shamed into silence and stand up for what is right.

When I was a teacher, kids would chant "Racist" when I held them accountable for something.

I got so fed up with that petty taunt, that I would fire back:

"You want to play the race card? I will play the whole deck, and this joker is wild!"

To another student, I retorted: "It's not racist. It's elitist. It's about excellence, and right now you don't have it!"

That's what has to be done.

For the past three years, since the Torrance Democratic Club President refused to allow a few conservatives into a public meeting to confront Congressman Henry Waxman (thankfully, former and now retired), we have been holding one man consistently accountable for his bad ideas, irreligious ideologies, and abusive rhetoric.

His name is Jimmy Gow, the current President of the Torrance Democratic Club.

Torrance Democratic Club President Jimmy Gow got a taste of his own medicine on October 12,

The Torrance Social Services Commission met in the City Council chambers, and for this meeting they actually had a quorum.

I was a little disturbed that there were two police officers in the city council chambers. What's going on? I attended a planning commission meeting last year, and I did not see any police presence there.

Two police officers present? Why?!

This was going to be an interesting meeting. I do not think that Jimmy Gow was expecting us to show up.

This routine from the Democrats has been all to common. They attack conservatives, pro-life forces Republicans, and those who get attacked often do not do anything.

That lack of response has changed for good.

Here's the full video of my attendance then comments which followed:

Tracy Hopkins then Perry Johnson attended along with me.

Here they are!

Gow as Chairman
The meeting began fairly well, on time.

Mark Ragins showed up a little later.

When public comment came, the presiding officer--Jimmy Gow!--tried to skip over me and called someone else up to the dias.

There's the lady who tried to get ahead. She ended up signing in.

I was really surprised that Gow knew who this lady was, and called on her right away.

Was he reallly that intent on stopping Tracy, Perry, and me from addressing the social services commission?

Very disturbing.

Now, below you can see the blown up photo which I presented to the Torrance City Council on October 12:

I called him out on that immediately. Why was I being skipped over? What was he so concerned about?

The lady who tried to cut in front of me laughed me off.

Very offensive, but I was able to speak first.

I showed the dias the blown-up photo of the anti-social injustice warriors flipping off Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and Jimmy Gow in the middle of the picture smiling about it.

I do not take offensive that elected or appointed officials use exercise their First Amendment rights.

I do take offense when protests turn violent and abusive, and the Torrance Democratic Club President is allowed to get away with it.

All of this is wrong, and he has to be held accountable for it.

Before I left, I made sure to present the picture again, with Gow:

If a protester can do nothing more than flip off someone, they must not understand the full range of expression available to human beings.

It was a win for decency and integrity that the three of us showed up to confront this abusive conduct.

One person on the dias, Cindy Scotto, was particularly disturbed by the photo.

Final Reflection

The double standard ends.

Enough is enough. We are not going to tolerate two sets of law in our society, where illiberals, regressives, and leftists are allowed to break the law in the name of social protest, and we have to tolerate it.

We need to stop being afraid, and stand for truth.

We need to step up to spoiled, entitlement anti-social in-justice warriors and hold them accountable for their criminal behavior.

Let us not forget that the anti-SWJs tresspassed on private property, stolen a man's phone, spit at people, and pushed people to the ground.

Here are my comments to the Torrance City Council from October 4th to get a full understanding of what happened and who was involved:

Enough is enough. Give the illiberal protesters a taste of their own medicine!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

October 2016 Beach Cities Republicans Meeting--It Was YUGE!! (Part Two)

I had anticipated more people would come.

But it made no difference.

I was glad that those who came, had come.

I even saw Bob Valentine, whom I had not seen for at least a year or two.

People from Huntington Park, Downey, Upland, as well as the South Bay (Manhattan Beach, Torrance, etc) attended.

A few members came up to me after the meeting, thrilled that they had learned about Latinos who support Donald Trump, including Marco Gutierrez.

Our meeting was a pretty busy affair, and we had so many people who came from the debates attend, too!

The four Latinos for Trump who addressed the group were all featured in an article of The Guardian.

Click on this link to learn more.

Omar Navarro, the Second Vice President, was the first person to speak to the group.

Here are his comments.

Then Francisco Rivera of Huntington Park addressed the group.

Men and women in the room were particularly impressed with his dedication to the city he has lived in and grew up in for the past 36 years, which was once one of the most beautiful communities in Southern  California, but has turned into a lawless, gang-ridden ghetto.

Check out his comments here:

It's really sad to learn how the rampant corruption of a once scintillating city could drag it down into a mess where illegal immigration and the reckless disregard for the laws and customs of our country reign supreme. One of his most damning statements followed from an anecdote he share.

He would show young people photos of a nice, clean homes in well-kept streets. Most young people think they are looking at a photo from homes in Downey or the Beach Cities. Francisco is showing them photos of Huntington Park from 40 years ago!

We need to make America Great Again, and enforce our laws, protect the rights of all citizens, and end the corruption and lawlessness.

Then Raul Rodriguez spoke.

He is the head of the California branch of America First Latinos, as well as an active member of We the People Rising. He drove all the way from Apple Valley to speak at this event, and the audience was so impressed.

Rodriguez admitted that he felt a little nervous, but no one could tell.

He gave a telling speech about his efforts to fight for this country, and the American Dream, to stop illegal immigration, and stop the ongoing slaughter of our citizens at the hands of illegal aliens.

Listen to his speech here:

Raul has faced his own version of prejudice and discrimination. Latinos have branded him a sell-out because he supports Donald Trump, and yet Trump is not a racist, and has no record of discrimination against Mexican-Americans.

Our next President, however, must take the leadership to put the needs of Americans first. This nation exists because of the rule of law. If we welcome immigrants, they are called to assimilate to our culture, our values, our way of life.

These are not racist or xenophobic demands, but decent and reasonable expectations.

Then came our last guest: Marco Gutierrez.

He started the group "Latinos Por Trump", and held their first event in front of Anaheim City Hall on August 28th, 2016.

Here are some photos of the event:


Check out all these other people, LATINOS, for Trump!

Marco Gutierrez talked about the assimilation process for him as an American.

He talked about the American Dream that is seeping away in this country.

We have to fight for our country, and we have to stop being limited by the political correctness of our leaders.

Here's the rest of his comments:

For me, as for the other long-term members of our community, introducing these courageous Latinos was really important.

We need to knock the hell out of the lie that Donald Trump is a bigot who wants to deport every single person with brown skin.

That is simply not the case.

He has widespread support across the board from Americans of all backgrounds.

I neglected to mention that Marco Gutierrez drove all the way from Brentwood, California, i.e. the Bay Area, Northern California.

Quite a drive, but they did it for the Beach Cities Republicans.

So glad they came!

Final Reflection

The Beach Cities Republicans had a great meeting October 20th.

We listened to four outstanding Latinos who are not afraid of supporting Donald Trump.

They want a better America. They want to Make America Great Again.

They are not afraid of left-wing bigotry.

And neither are we!

Check out our group's photos!

The Beach Cities Republicans expanded their numbers considerably at the meeting, too.

Members are joining from all over Southern California.

May our tribe increase into the next year!

WSJ Features Left-Right Victory, Led by Assemblyman David Hadley (R-Torrance)

The Wall Street Journal featured California Republican Assemblyman David Hadley (R-Torrance).

No one can make this stuff up.

For a Republican in California, who inhabits the minority party barely bouncing back from a record number of failures at the state and local level, to get featured in an internationally respected newspaper like The Wall Street Journal is a true accomplishment!

A rare coalition comes together to limit civil forfeiture.

Americans on the right and left don’t agree on much these days, but they can unite in reining in government abuse of civil forfeiture. An example is California’s new law that closes a loophole that allowed police to seize property without adequate due process.

Gov. Jerry Brown last week signed a bill to require a criminal conviction before forfeiture proceeds can be sent to state law enforcement. Since 1994, California law has required a criminal conviction for forfeitures under $25,000. That’s better than many other states, but local police began to use federal law as a way to dodge the state restrictions. California police would file state charges against a target, but then outsource the forfeiture to the federal government.

This ducked the state criminal conviction requirement and increased the cash haul from forfeiture. The feds have a process known as “equitable sharing” that divides forfeiture proceeds with local police. California cops were getting about 80% of federal forfeiture proceeds, compared with 66.25% if they kept the actions local.

Can you imagine the forum shopping that has been sweeping throughout the United States, specifically in California?

David Hadley defending SB 443
Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform

This is unconscionably. The Fourth Amendment has to mean something!

According to the Institute for Justice, whose reports on “policing for profit” galvanized political reaction against forfeiture abuse, from 2000 to 2013 the Justice Department kicked back some $696 million in forfeiture money to state and local law enforcement. The new California law closes the federal loophole and will protect those who can’t afford to fight unjust forfeiture. The new law also raises the threshold for forfeiture to $40,000 from $25,000. According to the Drug Policy Alliance, 94% of California forfeitures in 1992 were $5,000 or less, and it had barely increased in real dollars by 2013.

I had not learned about the closure of the federal loophole before. So glad that that has been removed.

The reform was the product of a rare left-right coalition led by Democratic state senator Holly Mitchell and Republican assembly member David Hadley. Prosecutors have used civil forfeiture to prop up state and municipal budgets, but it has become a racket that exploits those least able to defend themselves. More states should follow California’s lead.


More legislators should follow David Hadley's lead!

Let's clarify a few things, though.

First of all, there was no way that "Black Lives Matter" Holly Mitchell was going to get that bill passed through the state assembly. Her hard-edged opposition to police in particular and authority in general left a bad taste in many assemblymembers' mouths.

In 2015, Mitchell tried to pass a similar bill, and it died. Only four Republicans voted for it, including Hadley.

The Republican assemblyman took a stronger lead to work with lawmakers from both sides of the aisle, and the second time they managed to pass it with overwhelming support.

Mitchell could not cobble together the necessary compromise.

Hadley did!

Bobko Sets Record Straight: Muratsuchi Did Nothing for Hermosa Beach

Patrick "Kit" Bobko, former mayor of Hermosa Beach, worked with his colleague Michael DiVirgilio to ensure pension reform.

They also teamed up to protect Hermosa Beach from a bankruptcy inducing settlement in court following the city's decision to ban oil drilling in the city.

And yet ... in spite of all their work, Al Muratsuchi and his dwindling number of supporters claim that the fired former assemblyman did much of the work to stop drilling and save the city.

Kit Bobko

Here are Bobko's words on what really happened.

Where was Muratsuchi?

Dear ER:

George Orwell wrote “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” I was recently reminded of this quote when I got a piece of campaign mail from former Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi and Hermosa Beach City Council member Stacey Armato suggesting that Muratsuchi’s opponent, Assemblymember David Hadley, was a responsible for the prospect of oil drilling in Hermosa Beach. 

Now this is the stupidest lie yet. Who would even begin to believe such nonsense?

This assertion is 100 percent false. Muratsuchi, not Hadley, was a member of the state’s legislative majority when our city was facing the prospect of an adverse judgment at trial and inevitable bankruptcy (and possible city-hood disincorporation?). Muratsuchi, not Hadley, was our representative in Sacramento when the trial against Macpherson and its $750 million damages claim was coming to a head in March 2012. 

That's right. How quickly Democrats forget!

One would think the financial extinguishment of a constituent city would be enough to move an elected official to action, particularly when the injury would come at the hands of (gasp) an oil company. But it wasn’t. Muratsuchi didn’t sponsor any last-minute bills to protect Hermosa Beach. He didn’t do anything at all. If he was so gravely concerned about oil drilling in Hermosa Beach, this would have been the time to help. I know this because I was on City Council and we asked. Muratsuchi left Hermosa Beach to fend for itself.

Stacey Armato

I will ualify this comment. Muratsuchi floated an emergency loan to cover the $17.5 million settlement, but rescinded within weeks. It was a PR stunt. Nothing more. On principle, why should the entire state pay for the settlement of one city, especially one with such a high retail index and some of the wealthiest residents in the state?

Miraculously, the City Council was able to settle the case, and in 2015 Hermosa’s voters decided to pay off the $17.5 million settlement instead of allowing oil drilling in our community.

Which brings us to the present, and Muratsuchi and Armato’s mail piece, which would have you believe David Hadley is the real life incarnation of Daniel Day Lewis’ character from “There Will Be Blood.” Hadley had nothing to do with the Macpherson settlement or the oil vote in 2015. The truth is Hadley had as much influence over oil drilling in Hermosa Beach as my mailman. Maybe less.


Understandably, it is politically expedient for Armato and Muratsuchi to revise the history of the oil issue, now comfortably (and rightly) in our city’s past, and claim credit for a victory neither had any hand in winning. But it’s unfair and untruthful to accuse Hadley of something he didn’t do. Don’t be fooled by their mail. And don’t let the people who are in control of the present rewrite the past to control our future.

Kit Bobko

Final Reflection

Stacey Armato and Al Muratsuchi are engaging in some slimy politics.

Should anyone be surprised?

We don't call him "Oil Muratsuchi" for nothing!

Friday, October 21, 2016

October 2016 Beach Cities Republicans Meeting--It Was YUGE!! (Part One)

In spite of the perverse and fearful resistance to the meeting, the Beach Cities Repubicans held their meeting!

It went very well.

Residents from Huntington Park, Downey, as well as throughout the South Bay.

One resident from Lawndale also attended.

At least twenty people submitted applications and joined the Beach Cities Republicans, too!

Our itinerary focused on four Latinos For Trump!

But check out the photos of all the people who came!

And also:

Check out this patriotic couple:

Check out these two members from We the People Rising:

We all gathered together at the end, too:

Here's another great photo,too!

I regret all of those who chose not to come, for fear of the protest.

Oh wait ... there was no protest ...

It was actually a form of entertainment!

More Blowback for Muratsuchi's "Trump-Hadley" Sign: Democrats Voting for Hadley

I just read this letter in the Daily Breeze today, from Southwood Homeowner's Association President Marc Danziger:

Apparently campaign signs are appearing in the South Bay saying, “Trump Hadley.” It appears that these are being paid for and placed by Assemblyman David Hadley’s election opponent, Al Muratsuchi.

In an earlier letter here, I said Muratsuchi needed to do better than try to link Hadley to Donald Trump in order to win my vote (again).

With this stunt, I’ve given up. Muratsuchi has sent two mailers that weren’t Trump-Hadley nonsense. One was a list of platitudes and the other listed his support from the always staunchly Democratic local public unions. Color me unimpressed.

Based purely on the underhanded politics that are sullying this campaign, this lifetime Democrat is crossing party lines for this race.

I’m infuriated that cheap stunts like this are a part of this election.

I invite other local citizens — regardless of party affiliation — to take a stand and let candidates and their consultants know that this kind of nonsense isn’t welcome in the South Bay, in any race, ever.

— Marc Danziger, Torrance


How does that feel, Al? But I already told the fired former Assemblyman that the South Bay does not want Al Muratsuchi back in the state assembly.

What can one say? Politicians who treat the voters like idiots and their opponents like the dregs of humanity can expect nothing less than derision and contempt from South Bay citizens.

Another Democrat wrote the Daily Breeze that she will be voting for David Hadley, too!

As a lifelong Democrat, I will vote for David Hadley to represent me in the state Assembly.

David has earned my vote because his actions demonstrate his love of the South Bay, where he and his family have lived for 20 years. He knows what is important to us.

Arnette Travis

I am appreciative of the civil asset forfeiture law he wrote — signed by Gov. Jerry Brown — that makes it illegal for police to take property from citizens until and unless they receive a criminal conviction.

David has also earned the support of Redondo Beach Democratic Mayor Steve Aspel and many independents because he works well with both sides.

He is a good man and does not support Donald Trump’s bid for the presidency.

On Nov. 8, please vote for David Hadley.

-- Arnette Travis

Way to go, David!

The SJW Protest of the Beach Cities Republicans: Where Was It?

The October 2016 Meeting of the Beach Cities Republicans was supposed to be a spooky affair.

Halloween is two weeks away but people were already in a spirited, fearful mood.

It has been a heart-beats of thrills and spills for me, that's for sure.

Within days of the event's announcement in mid September, threats of protests and trouble emerged on social media.

I was not concerned, but I did get frustrated with some people who were very jittery about the whole thing.

One Republican official in the South Bay urged me--twice--to cancel the meeting. She feared that a "record-worthy" event would take place at the meeting, and hurt the Republican brand and candidates in the region at the November election.

So, what started this hobgoblin of troubles?

First, let me share with you the flyer which BCR distributed to the public for the October 20th meeting.

Our meeting featured prominent Latinos in the state of California who support Donald Trump.

The media narrative portends that Trump is an irascible racist. The truth is, however, that Trump does not discriminate against anyone. He has worked within individuals of diverse ethnic backgrounds for decades.

In the business world, it simply does not pay to discriminate.

The one comment which set the world ablaze was "Mexico is not sending their best people."

Automatically, anyone who is listening should recognize that he was not talking about all Mexicans. The drug trade, tribalist war culture developing in the country, however, is not conducive to freedom and prosperity in the United States.

Immigrants who come to the United States need to assimilate to our culture. That is not a chauvinist, racist, or jingoist sentiment. It's a policy which benefits everyone. If individuals come to the United States with no interest in embracing our culture, then why come?

Now, the featured guest was Macro Gutierrez, and he is a controversial figure.

He started the group "Latinos Por Trump," which eventually broke into two groups after Marco suggested that the United States would see "Taco trucks on every corner" if our government did not take control of the borders and protect our American Culture and foster the American Dream.

Check out the video below:

Marco is a strong patriot who loves our country, and his comments may not have made sense, but the media's rude, rogue insistence on distorting his words, intentions, and actions were petty and mean-spirited.

Check out these photos from his first rally in front of Anaheim City Hall on August 28th:

I was honored to stand with him that day, too:

Marco and Me

Enough with the tyranny of political correctness, I say,

Of course, the violent, regressive left doesn't like anyone saying anything that does not align with their abusive agenda, particularly from men and women who have dark skin.

Why so much prejudice and hatred among the regressive left? Why, indeed?

La Raza hatemongers at the Sheriff Joe Event
So much so, that the same La Raza thugs who had disrupted the South Bay Impact Republicans event with Sheriff Joe Arpaio on September 25th intended to do the same at the Beach Cities Republican meeting on October 20th.

Check out these hateful posts on Facebook:

Here's a clip showing what these angry protesters intended to do:

Notice the embittered racism of this post.

John Perez (most likely John Paul Tabakian) called Marco Gutierrez a "Vendido", and other remarks which suggest "white-washed Mexican."

Very offensive. Very shameful. The illiberal logical of the Regressive Left is unfathomable.

Now check out how many people had "signed up" to protest:

Here's a photo on the night of the meeting, which shows how many actually showed up:

The "Scary" SJW: Ernesto  Ayala
So, these are the protesters we were supposed to be scared?

Excuse me, "this", since only one showed up!

How sad and yet how funny at the same time. Of course, a little perspective makes all the difference.

One person commented on the event page that the protesters should not go.

Why? Because the law enforcement in Torrance takes their calling seriously: they enforce the law!

Now, check out the "protest" (if you can really call it that), which took place on the sidewalk on the other side of the restaurant driveway.

If you look closely behind Ernesto here, you will see a nice, YUGE Trump sign, because right behind him stood Rogue Matthew from the Inland Empire:

In fact, some of the staffers at the restaurant were more unhappy with Rogue Matthew, predominantly because they wanted something positive, not "Kill Hillary" negative.

But it was all good, and all peaceful.

One source later told me that a small group of anti-social injustice warriors had shown up a little earlier, but ultimately left because ... there were so few of them.


Matthew later informed me about other Trump rallies throughout Southern California, including a protest in  front of the Clinton News Network (CNN) headuarters.

One more profile of Matthew:

Rogue Matthew

And so the uestion remains:

Where Was the Protest?

I sure didn't see one!