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Justice for American Citizens--Nick the Greek

Election 2016 holds so much at stake for our nation.  Our next chief executive needs to be an … executive, a leader, an enforcer of the law. I just finished watching a Prager U video about Crime, Punishment, and Foreign Policy.

Why has there been a huge outbreak of global chaos?

Now boundaries. No enforcement.

This “Broken Windows” theory is breaking up our country, too, with an Occupant in the White House who decides which rules to keep and which to ignore.

On immigration, he has been the most cracked up. For two years, he could have enacted sweeping immigration reforms. He controlled Congress with strong Democratic majorities.

Yet he did nothing.

Just before his reelection, and just after, he announces DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and DAPA (Deferred Action for Parents of Americans).

Frankly, my father does not need deferred action. He is a legal resident, a citizen, thank you very much.

Of course, as you know, these programs are for the illegal aliens in our country.

Granted, the harrowing accounts of young children brought here at two or three years old, now all grown up as Americans, will make many shed tears. But national security is a paramount necessity. What about the needs of our American? There are millions of American youth who have dreams, too. 

What about them?

What about the millions of legal residents who have done everything right—passed all the tests, paid all the fees, played by every rule—and they are still waiting for their final naturalization papers?

What about them?

And what about Nick Ioannidis, aka Nick the Greek?

An immigrant from a hostile, rural town in Greece, Nikolas came to the United States with $.25 in his pocket.

He came legally, and did not depend on anything from the government. He spoke no English, but found a job within days as a tailor.

His father was a tailor, as were many of his ancestors. Sadly, his father would not teach him the trade, when Communists captured him, then hanged him and burned his body.

The simple yet harrowing portrait of his father remains in his quaint but lovely home in Huntington Park.

His tailor shop, a beautiful treasure filled with his love of country, has been sold.

He had no choice, since he entered into a bad loan.

The harassment he faced from local businesses, including the Cunningham Mortuary on the same corner, along with the Mexican mafia and the corrupt city leaders took their toll, too.

What has happened?

Huntington Park has been home for Nick for more than forty years, and yet the character of the city has shifted so dramatically.

One a stirring working class community, thriving with industrial workers, with a gleaming and wealthy Pacific Blvd, Huntington Park has turned into “Little TJ” to critics. Still very working class, but predominantly Hispanic, and a growing illegal alien population have all tarnished the once thriving city.

Pacific Boulevard has lost its once widespread, waving grandeur. Crime and corruption, including public malfeasance is the norm.

Some small businesses are making a comeback. But dirty politics have become the norm. The four Corruptitos on the city council--Jhonny Pineda, Karina Macias, Marilyn Sanabria, and current mayor Graciela Ortiz

Nick is one of the very few non-Hispanic residents in the city, yet residents still visiting him for alterations on their clothing. He participated in the annual Christmas parades.

He also worked with local schools, and talked about his love for America.

He still reaches out to young people to celebrate his anniversary as a citizen.

And he still deserves justice!

Justice for American Citizens, of which Nick the Greek is chief!

ICYMI: LA Times Praised Nick the Greek for Immigrants Day

Nick Ioannidis, AKA Nick the Greek, is the most passionate, freedom-loving patriot I know.

Yet Huntington Park treats him like an illegal alien.

Then they treat illegal aliens like citizens. granting them positions on advisory boards!

At one time, even the Los Angeles Times treated Nick the Greek with more respect!

October 27, 1988|LUCILLE RENWICK | Times Staff Writer

HUNTINGTON PARK — Nick Ioannidis, widely known in this city as Nick the Greek, says he is proud to be an immigrant and an American citizen. And he shows it.

Yes he is! Yes he does!

He calls his tailor shop Nick the Greek in America. Hanging from the ceiling is a chandelier with 50 red, white and blue light bulbs, each holding a miniature flag of one of the 50 states. Flags of the 13 colonies adorn a wall, accompanied by photos of current governors of the 13 states and letters they have sent him.


A ceramic-tile seal of the city of Huntington Park is roped off like a museum display in the middle of the store's floor at 2669 Gage Ave.

The voice of Kate Smith, singing "God Bless America," wafts through the store, ending a 90-minute cassette of American melodies.

The museum is now closed.

We the People Rising are helping Nick the Greek and one of the Huntington Park City councilmembers to find a better place for Nick's legacy.

Today, Ioannidis plans to erect three flagpoles outside his store. He will use the poles to fly the flags of the United Nations, California and Huntington Park alongside the American flag, which already is in place.

Ioannidis, 53, is making elaborate preparations to celebrate National Immigrants Day on Friday--the date selected last year by Congress to recognize this country's immigrants. The date is the anniversary of France's donation of the Statue of Liberty to the United States in 1886.


"We think this is a significant day because we're all immigrants, except for the American Indian," said Huntington Park Mayor James W. Parks, who presented Ioannidis with a proclamation honoring immigrants in the city and holding Oct. 28 as a day of recognition for all immigrants.

Here the perversion about immigrant begins. I was born here in the United States. I am not an immigrant.

"Nick is the only one in the city that's doing anything," the mayor said. "He's a very dedicated person."

To this day, he has been the only one actively celebrating immigrants, i.e. legal residents.

Ioannidis came to the United States from Greece in 1969, with his wife, Tessie, and their three children, after his sister, who had lived here for several years, "told me what a beautiful country this was." Arriving in Huntington Park with 25 cents in his pocket and speaking virtually no English, he found a $102-a-week job as a tailor at a May Co. store. Two years later, he had saved enough money to open his own tailor shop on Seville Avenue in Huntington Park. In 1979, he moved his store to Gage Avenue where he intends to remain.

Sadly, he has lost the store. He needs to find a better place.

The Greek immigrant has been working seriously on the celebration since his 13th anniversary last April as an American citizen. After purchasing two of the three flagpoles due to be erected today from the city for $20 each, Ioannidis set out to meet all the city's standards for erecting them. And he bought the flags that he will hoist on Friday.

The response to his effort to make the day special for all immigrants has been scattered, but Rep. Augustus F. Hawkins (D-Huntington Park) and Assistant City Administrator Craig Robinson are expected to appear at the 11 a.m. celebration in front of the store.

"Nick wanted to do this on his own," said Mayor Jack W. Parks. "He really didn't want any commercial involvement because he's doing it from his heart. That's the reason we sold him the flagpoles."


Ioannidis spent about $3,000 on the celebration. A banner across his store's front window reads: "The Country Celebrates National Immigrants Day--Friday, October 28. Everyone is welcome."

"It is a day for all immigrants--old and new--to come to this country together as brothers and sisters, to belong to the country," Ioannidis said in soft choppy English, glancing over his shoulder at four specially made red, white and blue suits hanging on the wall. On Friday, he plans to wear one of the outfits, with a pair of red patent leather wing-tipped shoes.

He sent letters to the governors of each of the 50 states as well as to nearly a dozen foreign dignitaries, inviting them to the celebration. While each politely declined, their letters were elaborate and applauded his intentions.


"The U.S. says welcome everyone and anyone," Ioannidis said. "Everyone can have their own custom, their own things and that makes it very important for the immigrant."

The tailor said his store will be open all day for people to visit. His future plans are to add more memorabilia to his shop to make it a mini-museum.

" America has given to me the opportunities and open roads and I give to others, to everyone for them to enjoy my happiness in this country," he said.

Anaheim Police: Arrest this Racist Anti-Trumptard!

April 26th, 2016.

The Anaheim City Council discussed a resolution to censure Donald Trump for his divisive, offensive rhetoric.

Trump supporters, and Free Speech supporters in large numbers, demonstrated in front of Anaheim city council to protest this outrageous and inappropriate decision.

Anti-Trump forces also showed up to push their hatred for the GOP Presidential front-runner.

One of them attacked members of We the People Rising.

This should not take so long. He should have been arrested by now!

This young wannabe social justice warrior pepper-sprayed We the People Rising.

Here is the video.

Notice that We the People Rising director Robin Hvidston asked for the Trump supporters.

Were any of them violent? Were any of them shouting abusive threats and slurs?


In fact, she was directing every individual at the scene, who was demonstrating on behalf of Donald Trump not to engage petty hateful attacks and the noisy, irreverent protesters.

Men and women gathered before the city council, all clad in patriotic splendor. They love this country, and like them I am tired of petty little children in adult bodies badgering law-abiding citizens.

Yes, I wrote citizens.

Some of the young voices started shouting "No Donald Trump."

We the People Rising responded in support for the presidential front-runner

And the attacks grew heated.

Hvidston continued to speak out against the resolution, and yet the anti-Trumptards continued shouting over her and tried to drown out her straightforward comments.

Why? What?!

Who is violent? Not the Trump supporters!

I also noticed a diverse crowd of Americans supporting Trump. Hispanic and black as well as white.

Where do people get off playing the race card against Trump supporters?

One young anti-Trumptard got disturbingly close to Mike McGetrick, and took pictures of him right in his face. Talk about invading one's personal space!

Then it got worse. A violent thug got in Raul Rodriguez' face and pepper-sprayed him.

Here is the photo of the young, racist hoodlum who attacked the peaceful protesters:

Police detail showed up soon after.

In the video, a left-wing activist curses at the crowd: "Hillary is gonna win, you F---king worthless mother f---ers!"

Peaceful protesters, huh?

What are the local authorities waiting for?

The young male in the picture above pepper-sprayed innocent people.

Arrest the racist anti-Trumptard!

Peaceful Anti-Trumptards Attack "Violent" Trump Supporters

The narrative which we have heard suggests that the Trump supporters are the violent protesters, and they want to intimidate anyone who opposes Trump.

The clash in Anaheim, California should make people rethink this media narrative:

Clash in Anaheim over anti-Trump motion leaves girls hurtamid pepper spray, Taser, harsh words

Trump backers, critics clash, fire pepper spray outside Anaheim City Hall

A divided Anaheim City Council voted late Tuesday to take no action on a resolution to formally denounce Donald J. Trump, capping a heated nearly four-hour debate that followed clashes outside City Hall between supporters and opponents of the Republican presidential candidate.

The Anaheim city council should focus on keep the streets clean and the residents safe--and free.

Individual councilmembers can share their distaste for a candidate. Why would they take up city time and resources to talk about a Presidential candidate? The initial sponsor of the resolution wanted to extend the measure to all candidates.

Thankfully, they quashed the snow-flake, wannabe SJW nullities.

But not without considerable fanfare.

Before the meeting began, the conflict turned violent as demonstrators on either side hurled obscenities at each other and fired pepper spray, witnesses said. An ambulance arrived to provide care for at least two young girls and a woman who were stung by pepper spray. Television news video of the clash appeared to show a pro-Trump demonstrator lunging with a Taser at an opponent.

Excuse me? Only one person used pepper spray: one of the anti-Trumptards.
Anti-Trumptards attacked We the PeopleRising

So much for peaceful protests. Notice, however, who are the violent ones ...

Here is the video from a recorder right on the ground who captured everything.

The rancor could prove to be an opening skirmish as the Republican presidential campaign moves to California ahead of the June 7 primary. Several polls show Trump leading his rivals in the state. But the billionaire has also faced criticism and protests by activists in California over his inflammatory comments about people who are in the U.S. illegally.

I have nothing against anyone who speaks out against illegal immigration. I am tired of squeamish leaders who refuse to protect citizens, who stand by or even encourage President Obama's offensive remarks and irreverent disregard for the rule of law.

The billionaire is scheduled to hold a rally in Costa Mesa on Thursday night at the Pacific Ampitheatre at the Orange County Fair & Event Center, according to Trump's campaign website. The rally is set for 7 p.m., with doors opening at 4 p.m.

The unruly debate in Anaheim continued inside the council chamber, where dozens of members of the public offered their views before the city leaders discussed the resolution that would have condemned the GOP front-runner's “divisive rhetoric.” The council voted 3-2 to take no action on the resolution.

People power. We the People power. Shame on Kim Murray for instigating such a shallow resolution.

Anaheim, the largest city in Orange County, is not the first in the country to consider denouncing Trump. Mayors from cities including Philadelphia and St. Petersburg, Fla., have condemned the billionaire developer, and former West Hollywood Mayor Lindsey Horvath has said Trump is not welcome in the city.

This latest stunt should encourage other elected officials to think twice before engaging in such anti-First Amendment activity!

But the proposal showed just how much Anaheim — once a bastion of conservatism in famously right-leaning Orange County — has drifted left as its population has become more diverse, making it an unlikely battleground in a polarizing national election.

Of course, the Los Angeles has to take some hollow digs at conservatives and play up the narrative that Orange County is going blue. Yawn.

“The rhetoric and the language he's using truly go against the grain of the city of Anaheim's core values as a city of kindness ... and as a city that's inclusive of our diverse community,” said Councilwoman Kris Murray, who proposed the motion during the last council meeting. The resolution, she said, was her bid to stand up for “tens of thousands of Anaheim residents who have been the target of Mr. Trump's campaign trail attacks.”

We do not need kindness, if it covers up lies, fraud, and lawlessness.

The resolution noted that Latinos make up a majority of Anaheim's residents and that the city is home to one of the nation's largest Muslim populations. Trump has drawn fierce criticism by claiming Mexico was sending rapists over the border. Later, he called for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims” entering the U.S.

How about someone review statistics before attacking someone's rhetoric. In the rising number of illegal aliens breaking into the United States, how many of them are committing sexual assaults or other sex-related crimes? What percentage of them are from Mexico? Or from which country?

Outside City Hall before the meeting, witnesses said pro- and anti-Trump demonstrators carried signs and yelled at each other.

And no one mentions that the anti-Trumptards pepper-sprayed women and children.

Linda Reedy, a Laguna Niguel resident and member of We the People Rising, a group of Trump supporters, said anti-Trump protesters “goaded” her and her friends. When an unidentified man attacked a friend, Reedy said, she tried to pull the stranger off and pepper spray stung her eyes.

For the record, I am a member of We the People Rising, and I support Ted Cruz. Thanks.

“I just think they're so out of control,” Reedy said of Trump's opponents, later pulling out a wet cloth to wipe her eyes. “I'm so sick of the anger in this country,” she said.

Read that again if you missed it. She had to wipe her eyes. She was not violent. She was not attacking anyone.

Anaheim Police Sgt. Daron Wyatt said that no arrests were made after the clash and that police believe the pepper spray was used by anti-Trump demonstrators. Two witnesses said people on both sides used pepper spray.

BS. We the People Rising do not attack others. They just speak out their minds, and they fight for what they believe through peaceful demonstrations. It is very offensive that once again the Los Angeles Times pretends to be impartial, when they end up tipping their hand against conservatives and pro-America advocates.

Once the meeting got underway, more than 55 people signed up to speak during the public comment portion, among them dozens of Trump defenders who viewed the council's proposed action as beyond the scope of its authority.

They were right.

“Your business is to govern Anaheim,” said Treva Wishart, a teacher's aide and 30-year resident of the city. “Keep your noses out of the national election.”

Yes, and notice that she said nothing good or bad about Trump.

Raul Rodriguez Jr., the state coordinator of the pro-Trump group America First Latinos, also blasted the resolution and called his chosen candidate a “humanitarian,” adding: “He cares about this great country of ours.”

I hope that Raul is right. I know for certain that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders hat this country and all that it stands for. Hillary, Obama, Bernie keep apologizing because America is great.

Mayor Tom Tait pounded his gavel again and again to try to control the increasingly angry crowd, which shrieked approval when one commenter announced that Trump had won all five states voting in Tuesday's primary.

Yes, he did. Why get angry about it?!

But Ibrahem Dalati, a high school senior, said he felt compelled to tell Murray how much he appreciated her proposal as a Muslim American, telling the crowd that Trump supporters “are full of hate.”

This is the biggest lie of them all. I am so tired of these hollow left-wing agitators playing the "hate"  card. The hatred begins and ends with these anti-Trumptards, who ATTACK people.

“If Trump has to use hate to gain votes, we cannot support him,” Dalati said. “A great America is where someone can walk outside and smile at everyone and be able to help one another despite race or religion.”

Tait, the Republican mayor, told The Times before the meeting that he would abstain from voting and said he questions the resolution's legality.

His abstention is a no vote. Good for him.

“We've taken positions on legislation, but never on a candidate,” Tait said. “Certainly, privately, any council member or I could, but as an official government action — it's not appropriate.”

Hmm ...

However, Murray said the city attorney reviewed the resolution and “it is fully authorized by state law.” The motion does not cost the city any money, she added.

Yes, the motion did cost the city money, because the city police had to invest exert resources and manpower: overtime pay! That costs residents!

As the meeting neared 10 p.m., the council considered a proposal by Murray to excise Trump's name from the language in the resolution, making it a broad condemnation of inflammatory presidential candidates.

Including Ted Cruz! As if!!

Murray said that omitting Trump's name would "accommodate" different sides of the issue and focus on the objective: that the city "will not condone any attacks.”

Tait opposed voting on the amendment and said it should go on a future meeting agenda, allowing people to weigh in on it.

"Taking out Donald Trump's name makes it an entirely different resolution," Tait said.

No date has been set for the council to take up the alternative version of the resolution.

I will be there if time permits. I support We the People Rising. As a member, we are fed up with illegal immigration, we are tired of lawlessness, and we demand that all elected officials put Americans first.

Cal State Fullerton psychology student Keith Carlson, a Trump critic, said he expected a fierce debate and chaos surrounding such a lightning rod of a candidate.

“They both want to be right. What ends up happening is both sides want to speak, but no one wants to listen,” he said. “That's the problem with this campaign.”

For Reedy, who was hit by pepper spray outside City Hall, opposing the council resolution was a matter of free speech.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

“I don't think it's right for a government body to denounce a citizen just because they don't like what he says,” Reedy said. “It's chilling. It's anti-American.”

Yes it is! Shame on the Anaheim City Council member Kris Murray for pushing that stupid resolution!

Final Reflection

What's really going on here?

Why would Kris Muray do this? I believe that she is a Democrat, all the Los Angles Times brazenly refused to do mention it. The LA Slimes wants to denigrate freedom-loving conservatives.

They are losing stock, and fast.

But really, what is going on?

This political stunt was a petty effort from the Democratic machine in Orange County to turn up the Dem vote. Liberals throughout the country are not going to the polls. They are disaffected with their leaders. Hillary Clinton is a total liar. Bernie Sanders is a crazy, immoral thief preaching envy as a political philosophy.

What do Democrats really have to look forward to?

They can get excited about stopping Donald Trump. These little stunts are designed  to ensure a hefty turnout on June 7th.

Nothing more.

Of course, Democrats are embracing another virulent strand of the virulent Left's embittered lines of attack.

Silence people! Stop men and women from speaking against corruption and lawlessness.

They are not going to get away with it! Never!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Media Trumping, and Our Trumped Media

On April 26th, within minutes of the polls closing in the New England and Mid-Atlantic states, media outlets up and down the Eastern seaboard projected Donald Trump as the big winner. With no votes tallied, no precincts fully accounted for or counted, the news sites, the bloggers, and the heavy anchors at their news desks predicted who would carry the New England states: two old, white New England liberals. Well, make that three: Sanders, along with Clinton and Trump.

Of course, I find it very offensive that the polling sites decide who is going to carry the states before actual votes are tallied. To ally my fears (and to rub in another victory for his guy), one Trump fan told me that these Internet polls draw projections from the exit polling. Yes, exit indeed, as in "watch election integrity, free of media prodding, EXIT out the window.”

For all the conservative efforts to limit the power of the media to shape, read distort, our elections, once again this country is riding a crash course toward conventions and general elections, with the CEOs of NBC, CBS, and ABC crowning the next nominee. Actually, nominees, since Big Media has wanted Hillary as Democratic nominee—and President—for four years. Donald Trump has strengthened their hand. This media pressure is nothing new. President Obama was a media creature. The papers, the nightly newscasters, and especially the Sunday morning talk shows wanted a hyped-up narrative of “the first black President.”

Oprah Winfrey dived right into Election 2008. Besides giving out free cars and high ratings for the American Broadcasting Corporation, the Queen of Day Time TV deigned her blessing to Barack Obama as our next chief executive. She could have selected Hillary Clinton, but the identity politics of the first black President exceeded the left-wing feel-good need to endorse the first woman president.  Perhaps she was thinking of running for the White House herself. She might have the chance, since the current GOP front-runner toyed with her as his next VP. Of course, he will change his mind as quickly as he opposed then welcomed, the hesitated, then opposed an expansion of H-1b visas.

We were off to a great start this election cycle, and now we have the anti-conservative touting himself as the anti-Obama. Look at that face! All that stuff Donald Trump said about abortion, gay marriage, gun control … all that other stuff Donald Trump had done in regards to illegal immigration (hiring illegal aliens, allowing them to continue to work for his firms, within his corporate empire): none of it matters.

The Mainstream Media keeps covering this guy, and the right-wing media seems content to cover for him. Every time he barks, the press asks “How high?” He says the same things over and over, and more people still want to hear it. I actually listen to the Sunday Morning talking heads. How can they keep interviewing this guy? Apparently, more viewers are tuning in. Nielsen’s loving them, I suppose. As for me, I have tuned them out. I rarely catch the nightly news. Before going to bed one night, I watched the Los Angeles news affiliates talk about the GOP front-runner’s latest exploits. Two stories back to back regaled the sleepy LA area audience with Trump’s silly statements or creepy feats. It was YUGE, and it made me sigh: UGH!

Donald Trump got booed at this event! (Credit: Larry Brown)

Ben Shapiro was right. Trump is the master of the media, and HAS trumped the press in the process.
The lying, vain-scream media are an easy target, anyway. The conservatives proved repeatedly that they deserved our revulsion, not our respect. The liberal-laced media elites have been telling us what we need to think, rather than what we want to hear. New Media journalists emerged since then, including The Drudge Report, followed by Breitbart, Truth Revolt, Hot Air.

To their credit, the Heritage Foundation’s new news media affiliate The Daily Signal has done an incredible job writing and promoting pro-liberty and pro-life reforms all over the country, even if conservatives fear the worst in the upcoming general election. And they do so without trying to pick Presidential winners and losers.

The diversity of opinion is a blessed necessity, and the monolithic influence of conservative counter-media efforts is more than welcome. But let’s cut the crap once again (transgendered bathrooms aside). Some conservative forces are just as guilty of pushing the hugely populist, yet questionably principled front-runner. Certain talk radio and major news sites, bent on raising their profile, have created their own sick and twisted version of a media hyped Presidential creation.


It’s all about the money. Ratings, viewers, advertising. Lather, rinse, repeat. Wash away a constitutional Republic, and replace with populist optimism. Of course, Trump made the media the focal point in this campaign, and manipulated the coverage to his gain. He’s been on TV for years, as a loud-mouth boss looking for the next apprentice. He also knew how to laugh at himself with his cover of the “Green Acres” theme song one year.  Donnie, they may love you, but I still choose Ted Cruz.

There are the chattering classes in Washington, and the cash-in cohorts like consultants, campaign managers, and lobbyists who win big when lawmakers vote in their interest (as opposed to the public interest in line with the national charter). Now we have the conservative media crowds, too. Consultants got rich off the pro-amnesty donor class who wanted Jeb! Now the conservative news outlets are ranking in the dough for cooking Trump’s worth and viability. Trump has been quite a money-maker for them. He says something inflammatory, they get to talk about it—for or against—and millions of their loyal listeners drink it up like kool-aid on a summer day. And the mainstream media hates them for it.

Unfortunately, their drunken need for easy press and solid, consistent media coverage is costing us a healthy discussion on the future of this country, and our much-needed recovery from the aggressive cancer of Obama’s progressivism.

Dear Furey Family: I Am Not an Extremist

Patrick Furey Jr. resigned from the Torrance Traffic Commission earlier this month.

But the work of cleaning up local government and restoring public trust is far from over.

Pat Furey the Mayor needs to rebuked, recalled, and rejected.

For the time being, let us expose the entitlement mentality which has afflicted the Furey political famy.

Instead of owning his repeated misfeasance with political campaigning, he blamed those who exposed him and then demanded his ouster.

The Daily Breeze reports:

The son of Mayor Pat Furey, Patrick Furey, blasted city officials and “sad political attacks on the mayor and my family” in a resignation letter sent when he stepped down at the City Council’s request.

Boo Hoo. The reporting from the Daily Breeze merely mirrored and informed the South Bay public about the perverse corruption of the son and his father buying up local offices at the expense of We the People

The panel was scheduled to discuss firing him from his volunteer Traffic Commission post at a meeting set to convene at 7 p.m. Tuesday.

Furey Jr. chickened out. He quit before the city council  fired him.

Officials received the resignation letter less than 20 minutes before the meeting was scheduled to begin, although a city source said the younger Furey was still pleading his case to city officials at about 6:30 that evening.

The younger Furey, a political consultant who ran his father’s 2014 mayoral campaign, stepped down because of his central role in coordinating and hiding illegal contributions in concert with a supposedly independent political action committee backing Furey’s election.

In total, there were eight violations of the state’s Political Reform Act. The mayor’s campaign and the PAC were fined $35,000.

Patrick Furey took no responsibility for his actions in his resignation letter, however. Instead, he blamed “the most extreme element of our city” for making “vicious public attacks,” as well as the City Council, who he said had “attacked two volunteer commissioners in one year.”

So, We the People are "extreme elements." Wow! Just wow!

Who has issues?!

Another volunteer commissioner was removed last year for pushing a personal political agenda; it was the first time that had occurred in at least four decades.

The entire Furey family is engaged in personal political agendas.

No, Pat Jr.: the residents of the city of Torrance are not extremists for expecting the city council's elected officials to do their jobs.

We are not extremists for demanding good and honest government.

The truth is, more people have started waking up in the city of Torrance. The city has become imbalanced with bad policies and corrupt leadership.

The city council has turned into a spring board for progressive politicians--Tim Goodrich--demanding a liberal agenda which costs everyone else.

The Big Labor lobby is dictating what everyone else has to pay.

The Big Green agenda is bleeding the region into the red, telling us how we get to and from home and work, without any consideration for the proper limits placed on the state based on the state and federal constitution.

We are not extremists for calling you out on your corrupt behavior, Mayor Furey and Son!

Mike Antonovich, the Pro-Liberty, Pro-Reality Supervisor

I support Mike Antonovich one hundred percent.

While the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has jumped on the Social Justice Warrior bandwagon, banning official travel to North Carolina. Mike Antonovich demonstrated maturity and class.

He rejected the hyped-up nullity of banning travel to North Carolina.

The Los Angeles Times reported:

Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich cast the lone "no" vote on the board.

Antonovich said in a statement on his vote afterward that "common sense should dictate bathroom rules."

"The politically correct agenda is full of hypocrisy," he said. "The corporations, (PayPal, Google) and entertainers, (Bruce Springsteen) and others are calling for the boycott of North Carolina — however, they are more than happy to entertain or conduct business in countries which support and sponsor the persecution, oppression, and violence against individuals based on gender, religion, and sexual orientation.”

Thank you State Senator ... er, Supervisor Mike Antonovich!

He is the only pro-liberty, pro-reality Supervisor in Los Angeles County.

We need this man in Sacramento!

Hillary: "Donald is Trying to Trick You!"

Here’s another eblast from the Hillary Clinton campaign to yours truly:

Donald Trump is preparing to pivot from this Republican primary to the general election -- and in order to make himself palatable to voters outside the Republican base, he’s preparing to undergo an extreme image makeover.

You noticed? I have read different reports which indicate he rejected that "advice".

“I’m very capable of changing to anything I want to change to,” he’s said. “At the right time, I will be so presidential, you will be so bored.”

No one has been bored watching the Donald tear up the TV screens and the airwaves.

No one has been bored in the slightest.

Trump thinks he can bully us, fool us, or cajole us into forgetting how he has derided women, Mexican Americans, Muslims, immigrants, and people with disabilities. He thinks he can trick the country into making him our president.

All of this talk about bullying, fooling, and then cajoling--it sounds a lot more like Hillary Clinton! She has been lying to voters for years. Millennials think that she is a total liar. How many of those Bernie supporters plan on turning out for HilLIARy in the general election?

But we know the truth of who Donald Trump is, and we’re not going to let anyone forget it.

Lot's of us know the truth about Donald, but more importantly we know the truth about YOU!

We’re not going to forget that Donald Trump called Mexican Americans criminals and rapists on the day he launched his campaign.

When did he say that all Mexicans are criminals and thugs? How many times has Hillary Clinton tried to apply to black or Hispanic voters? She tried to play herself up as "Abuelita" to Hispanic voters.

#NotMyAbuelita trended on Twitter the entire day. Hijole!

Or that he called for a ban on Muslims coming to America -- and surveillance of Muslims and mosques on American soil.

He sought a halt to Muslim immigration until this country's intelligence community can figure out what is going on. What is the problem here?

We won’t forget that he said he’d eliminate gun-free zones in schools on his first day in office, or that he advocated for the murder of innocent family members of suspected terrorists -- that’s a war crime, by the way.

I like the idea of getting rid of gun-free zones. Schools have turned into war zones because of the regressive, anti-security policies pushed by illiberal school administrators. Teachers are not even safe.

We’ll remember how he mocked a disabled journalist with crude gestures, and we’ll remember how he implied a female journalist who asked him tough questions was menstruating.

That sucked. He is not a class act. Remember: I am a Cruz supporter all the way. Still, Trump makes fun of a journalist. Hillary Clinton mocked the entire country when she winced "What difference does it make?!" about four dead diplomats in Benghazi.

She winks at all kinds of evil, including her predatory husband and of the Washington political class.

We won’t forget that he said women who get abortions deserve “some form of punishment.”

I won't forget that you think that a baby should be killed just because of "women's rights", even though most women do not share Hillary's extreme views on abortion.

We’ll remember how he incited violence at his rallies, encouraging his supporters to “knock the crap out of” protesters.

Ugh! How about the number of times #BlackLivesMatter has gone after Clinton campaign functions? What other kinds of violence has Hillary Clint incited? Look at the Middle East, where Islamic militants are targeting Christians for genocide. How many minority communities have endured the most cruel persecution, all because of the Obama-Clinton doctrine of "Do Nothing in the Face of Evil"?

And we won’t forget that when he received the endorsement of the notorious former leader of the Ku Klux Klan, Trump said he didn’t know enough about white supremacists to disavow their support.

Klansmen are supporting Hillary Clinton, too. How many other racist #BlackLivesMatter activists are lining up behind her campaign? La Raza activists want a Hillary Clinton presidency for the open borders. They have recently target pro-law enforcement activists with "Go Back to F---king Europe!"


Arthur, the prospect of a Trump presidency is terrifying -- and if we don’t hold him accountable for what he has said and done in this primary, he could win.

I want Ted Cruz for President, but the thought of a Hillary Clinton Presidency would motivate me just enough to vote for Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton is an old, wannabe Social Justice Princess who thinks that her pantsuits will do away with all the evil in the world.

Then again, she really doesn't believe in evil, or she would have to acknowledge who strong dalliances with dictators and alliance with rampant perversions in our society. She shames everyone who disagrees with her, just as her dark mentor Saul Alinsky taught her to.

So here’s what we need to do: Get to know his real record backwards and forwards. Talk to our friends and neighbors to make sure they know it, too. Grow a nationwide community that refuses to let Trump get away with what he’s said and done in this election -- we won’t let him fool voters into thinking he’s any kind of reasonable.

Guess what, Hillary?! We are learning your record, how backward you really are, and how forward we can be without you in the Presidency. As for all the precious snowflakes who hate Trump's blunt, blatant audacity, I don't see how they have managed to stop him.

The networks keep covering him, and he keeps getting high marks. Hillary Clinton gets more coverage, and more voters see what a trashy liar she really is.

And we have not yet begun to discuss--let alone dissect--Clinton Cash.

And one more thing -- we need to build a campaign strong enough to take him down. If you’re with Hillary, chip in right now to claim your free sticker, and let’s get to work:

Two words: Hill No!

Male and Female He Created Them (Deal With It!)

The attack is on.

SJWs on the ground (Credit: Fibonacci Blue)

The Social Justice Warriors (“SJWs” for the younger generation, who have endured their disruptive folly in full force on college campuses) have not stopped with redefining marriage.

They now attack the very notion of male and female. Transgenderism has turned into a splintered political movement, and the culture wars, in connection with this latest destructive fad, are putting pressure on state governments, private businesses, and individual Americans.

President Barack Obama enjoys another dubious distinction, as the first president to mention “transgender” in a State of the Union speech. He has spoken out against the common-sense North Carolina bathroom bill, and just met a non-binary Pakistani in Great Britain during an open forum.

She (or he, or what?) admitted she was really scared to tell the President, since she had not really told anyone else:

“Now I am about to do something terrifying, which is I am coming out to you as a non-binary person, which means that I don’t fit”

A few questions follow: How can she not fit? She has a female name, and no one had a problem with her.

If she has a problem (yes, I am going with “she” since she identified herself as “Maria”), it begins and ends with herself.

Then she whined to the President:

“We literally have no rights …”

Lady, rights do not get to run rough-shod over reality.

All this “non-binary” nonsense should cause you and me to do a double-take.

Gender is not just a social construct. Biology is more than a matter of belief, but fact.

Yet the Trans-SJWs view gender as bereft of any sense or value.

From Boy George’s gender-bending performances in the 1980s to the Transgenderism movement afoot (afloat, afoul!) across the United States, male and female are blending or leaking into different norms, labels, constructs.


There are two genders, or two biological realities: male and female.

The DNA in every individual reveals this blessed reality. No matter how much cosmetic, reconstructive surgery a person undergoes, the DNA in one’s flesh will read XY (Male) or XX (Female).

Deal with it!

Granted, in heaven, we will be redeemed sons and daughters of our loving heavenly Father. Our identity will rest in more than gender. Jesus explained this deep and moving promise to the materialist, skeptical Sadducees (who tried to trip Him up over the Resurrection):

29 Jesus answered and said unto them, Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God. 30 For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.(Matthew 22: 29-30)

Yet male and female God created humankind:

27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

Notice that the divine image of God was imprinted into His chief creation, and this divine stamp of approval included the binary distinction of male and female.

Let’s face this fundamental fact: gender sparks and shapes the divine nature which God intended us to have. The distinction of male and female informs the entire universe that we are God’s creation!

There is so much more we can see about God’s love for us in designing humankind into male and female:

How did God form the man? Straight out of the ground:

7 And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. (Genesis 2: 7)

The Man has an earthy aspect to him. He can handle the rugged, the rough, the rumble and tumble of life. He came first, and he is responsible to lead.

What about the female? Yes, She came from He. But let’s understand this origin properly:

21 And the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof; 22  And the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man. (Genesis 2: 21-22)

Notice that the man slept. He was not involved in the process, but rested in God’s goodness to produce a “help meet for him.”

Now, I candidly admit one of my long-held, mistaken assumptions about the Bible. I used to believe that God took the rib out of Man, then drew the dust from the ground and surrounded the rib to create another person.

Yet clearly, that’s not what the Word of God teaches.

Yes, Woman came from the dust, but in full accuracy God took the rib and transformed that one part into an entirely new person, Woman.

She is refined. She is special. She is delicate. She may come from the God, but indirectly, from Man.

She is also blessed with  the opportunity to bring a new life into this world, just as the rib in every body generates new blood!

Male is distinct from female. There is no changing this God-breathed binary blessing. He is denim. She is silk. Both serve as clothing, but for very different purposes.

Instead of trying to change or reject these God-given differences, it’s time for the Body of Christ, from the feet to the top of the head, to embrace and celebrate these differences.

As for the rest of the world, they just have to deal with it!:

9 Woe unto him that striveth with his Maker! Let the potsherd strive with the potsherds of the earth. Shall the clay say to him that fashioneth it, What makest thou? or thy work, He hath no hands? (Isaiah 45: 9)

Many Reasons to Choose Ted Cruz

The outcomes from last night were less than stellar.

Well, let's state the matter blatantly: Ted Cruz had probably the worst night of the primary.

First, New York State, where he finished third, behind "doesn't have a cake's chance in a wedding" Kasich.

He also got snuffed out in five more states right afterward: Pennsylvania, Maryland, and three New England dominions, including Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Little Rhody is one of the most liberal states in the union, by the way. Bernie Sanders defeated Hillary Clinton there!

At least Cruz won three delegates in the Ocean State! Roger Williams would be proud.

So, do I want to throw in the towel?

Honestly, I did last night.

I mean, in a sense, it's not fair to try and stop Donald Trump, since Cruz is behind in so many delegates.

Yet ...

I am a pro-free market, free-enterprise, and free-people advocate.

Cruz has fought for all of those things.

Out of seventeen candidates, he was the only other contender who stayed in, wisely investing his campaign resources for the longer fight.

Cruz was not my first choice, but he remains the best choice of the three.

Political parties do not exist merely to allow a dispersed consensus to choose a nominee.

Trump has a more significant edge over Cruz, compared to Ford against Reagan in 1976.

But I am going to rally for Ted Cruz as long as he chooses to contend for the Presidency.

I want this fight to roar all the way to the Cleveland convention

I want to see the increased Republican turnout in the remaining states, especially here in California.

For the first time in decades, California's voter turnout matters in the Presidential election

Trump has not yet won the nomination. He has not amassed the necessary 1, 237 delegates.

The junior US Senator from Texas is the real statesman in this race. He represents so much of what I care about. I am fighting for the long haul.

The fight for conservatism is not over.

It just needs new fighters, men and women--like Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina--who will not stop standing up for our God-given rights.

I choose to Go For Brokered.

Even if Trump gets the majority of delegates before the convention, at least I can say:

"I TrusTED and I TriED all that I could."