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Attorney for Rob Hoogland, Protection for Father of Tortured Daughter


For those with a serious interest  in the history of our Vancouver 14 year old transitioning case over father’s objection now going to appeal here is my telling of it. It is 20 minutes so you need to be very interested. But it is all there.

Please spread this email out to all you own groups. We need publicity. We need funds to pay expenses for experts offering their help. We need more mainstream media attention.

NOTE:  the appeal will be held in Vancouver Law Courts on Sept 3 and 4 2019. It is open to the public.

Any serious groups thinking of applying for intervener status at the appeal must contact me right away.

Take care


Law Offices of Carey Linde 605 - 1080 Howe Street Vancouver Canada V6Z 2T1 Tel: 604 - 684 -7794 Fax:604 - 682-1243

Open Letter to Hill County News, Texas -- Stop Smearing MassResistance Activists!

Mr. Moniz and Mr. Pullman, and the Hill Country News staff as a whole:

My name is Arthur Schaper, and I am the Organization Director for MassResistance.

I am pleased that your local newspaper reported on the efforts of our team's victory in getting the Drag Queen Story Hour program cancelled at the Leander, Texas, Library.
The Leander library has canceled two events originally scheduled for June, purportedly after receiving public backlash over one of those events. Valeri Abrego-Liszewski, an Austin-based …

However, the fact that your paper would reference the discredited, hateful smear machine "The Southern Poverty Law Center" in describing our international Organization MassResistance is nothing short of unprofessional. What kind of journalist would reference such an dishonest organization?

This is the citation of deep outrage to us:

Corpus Christi resident Tracy Shannon contacted the Hill Country News on Facebook Thursday, stating she was a founding member of the Houston chapter of MassResistance Texas, which bills itself as a “pro-family activist organization,” and said that group planned to hold a protest at the Leander Library if the event goes ahead as planned.

The group’s Texas Facebook page did not yet list anything about Leander Thursday afternoon, though its website includes several articles about their opposition to a similar event in Houston earlier this year.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has designated MassResistance an anti-gay hate group. MassResistance has rebuked the claim in past statements.

Before launching into the deeper concern connected with the SPLC, you should know that Mrs, Shannon lives in the Houston Metro, not Corpus Christi. That is a glaring mistake right there.

Now, regarding the Southern Poverty Law Center. Apparently, your editors and reporters have not done much research. The SPLC is a hate group. They are a determined smear merchant which labels any group or activism organization as a "hate group" simply because they do not agree with the views of the group.

Their hateful remarks have particularly defamed a number of Jewish Americans. I have researched this considerably, and my findings are quite troubling:
Nick Martin, investigative "journalist" Anti-Semitic bigot The Southern Poverty Law Center, a hate group in its own right, has spent t...

One of the SPLC's own members has affirmed that they merely want to target and destroy conservative groups, nothing more. The fact that you would reference a group which is the subject of at least four lawsuits for defamation as well as theft of private information is nothing short of despicable.

Morris Dees, FIRED for sexual abuse
and racial animus in SPLC

One of the co-founders, Mr. Morris Dees, was fired from the organization for creating a hostile working environment suffused with racism and sexism. He also engaged in sexual misconduct against other employees. The previous President, Mr. Richard Cohen, was forced to resign because he had overseen the organization, yet did nothing to protect the men and women including those individuals of color, within the organization. On top of that, the legal director was also forced to resign, in part because of damage control.

A free press includes the responsibility to report the truth and to monitor and way evidence. Honestly, a high school student would have written something more professional, more appropriate. Out of nowhere, Mr. Moniz just suddenly references the SPLC. Seriously? It doesn't even have anything to do with the main article! 

Furthermore, that label "hate group" is quite libelous. I will say this again:

1. Our President, Brian Camenker, is an orthodox Jew.
2. Our membership includes individuals from different countries (Nigeria, Chile, Taiwan, Hong Kong) as well as states. 
3. One of our most vocal activists, Linda Rodriguez of Houston, is of Hispanic descent, yet has longer and stronger ties to the United States than even I do.
4. We have mothers, grandmothers, fathers, grandfathers who are fighting to protect their children from predators and purveyors of mental disorders. Do you honestly believe that loving parents and guardians are "haters"? 

Brian Camenker
President, MassResistance

On behalf of our international organization, I demand the following:

1. You will issue a full retraction of that reference to the SPLC, and direct your staff no longer to reference that discredited group.
2. You will post an apology for such a hollow, uninformed reference.

Our community of activists will be contacting your office on the matter presently.

I am urging everyone who receives this email in BCC and on the public post to contact the Hill Country News. Inform that they must issue the retraction and apology, or you will begin boycotting their advertisers.

Phone: (512) 259-4449


Senior Editor Josh Moniz:

Publisher Scott Pullman:


Arthur Schaper
Organization Director, MassResistance

Thursday, May 23, 2019

BREAKING: Councilman Milton Herring Announces Resignation from Torrance City Council

Today is a sad day in Torrance.

Colonel, Pastor, and City Councilman Milton Herring has announced his resignation from the Torrance City Council, which will be effective June 30th, 2019.

Here is the full press release issued by the Torrance City Website:

Torrance, Calif., May 23, 2019 – On May 22, 2019 Torrance City Councilman Milton S. Herring I. announced his resignation from office effective June 30, 2019.

In his resignation letter, Herring writes, “Serving on the Torrance City Council has been an honor and privilege. Public service is an honorable calling, and I have been blessed to help lead the City during the past 3 years […] It is with a heavy heart that I, with the support of my wife, have made the difficult decision to step down from my position as Councilmember to dedicate more time to my family, and enjoy watching my grandchildren grow up.”

Herring serves as Chair of the Strategic Plan Committee, as well as the alternate Council liaison to the Torrance Sister City Association, as a member of the Finance and Governmental Operations and Transportation Committee, Armed Forces Day Committee, State Legislative Advocacy Committees, as well as the alternate for the South Bay Cities Council of Governments. Prior to his resignation he served as chairman of the Transportation Committee, as a member of the Citizen Development and Enrichment and the Strategic Plan Committee. He has been credited with advocating for our military and veterans and assisted in creating an Annual Veterans Appreciation Celebration and Social Services Commission. Earlier this year with concurrence from City Council, Councilman Herring participated in the creation of the City’s Torrance SERVES campaign, a month-long citywide celebration of service leaders. Aligned with Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, the celebration honored the service leaders of past and present with intentions of empowering the community to bring volunteers together for service projects that honor the spirit of giving, public service, and volunteerism.

Herring’s resignation immediately creates a vacancy on the Torrance City Council.  The six-member City Council may choose to have a special election or appoint a new councilmember to fill the vacancy. Councilman Herring was elected into office on June 7, 2016.

I imagine that more information will be forthcoming on this matter. A special election would cost a minimum of $100,000. It's expensive!

On the other hand, an appointment might awaken frustrations or a sense of insider power-politicking. If there is an appointment, let's hope that it won't awaken a sense of "starter advantage" for the upcoming city council elections, which will be held next March.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

MassResistance Takes Aggressive Stance Against "The Equality Act"

MassResistance confronts Democrat Congressmen face-to-face on tyrannical LGBT “Equality Act”

Not relying on the usual pro-family lobbying strategy on this issue

Direct discussion with them revealed a lot!

May 22, 2019
ALT TEXTCongresswoman Linda Sanchez of CA was willing to sit down with us, but would not take a copy of our book, The Health Hazards of Homosexuality, which documents huge problems regarding the "Equality Act."
Again, MassResistance breaks the mold when it comes to fighting the culture war.
Last week the US House of Representatives passed Bill HR5, the tyrannical “Equality Act,” by a vote of 236 to 173. As we recently reported, it would radically re-write the nation’s Civil Rights Act to force the homosexual and transgender agendas into the lives of every citizen. And it’s being pushed by the national LGBT movement and much of Corporate America. It now goes to the US Senate.
ALT TEXTThis was the scene when the bill officially passed. At that point, several Reps stood up and applauded.
This vote was not unexpected. The US House is controlled by pro-LGBT Democrats who have become unbelievably radical. Every House Democrat was a co-sponsor of the bill except one (Daniel Lipinski of IL) – and he caved in at the end and supported it. Eight RINO Republicans also voted for it. (See the vote HERE.)

Before the vote: MassResistance talks with seven liberal Congressmen

During the weeks leading up to the vote, most pro-family groups put their efforts on pressuring House Republicans to stick together and try to stop it, though they are outnumbered.
But MassResistance decided to take a more aggressive approach. We focused on liberal Democrat Congressmen. And we personally engaged them on this issue! Our National Organization Director, Arthur Schaper, selected seven of the worst in California.
Arthur, along with some constituents, went to their Congressman’s local “town hall” or “coffee” events and confronted them face-to-face about their support for the hideous “Equality Act.” It wasn’t easy getting them to talk with him, yet he persisted.
ALT TEXTMost of these town hall events were full of liberal supporters, but this time local MassResistance people also showed up!
No other pro-family group does this. And of course, these were all left-wing Democrat politicians, so their local town hall events were full of their supporters and definitely “enemy territory” for conservatives.
ALT TEXTArthur Schaper, our national organization director, who also lives in California, is unafraid to take on the Left or engage liberal politicians on the issues.
Arthur told these Congressmen the hard truths and asked them the hard questions about this lunatic and oppressive legislation. He did his best to pull answers out of them, and in the end, only one of them (a former Republican turned Democrat) refused to say something.
ALT TEXTCongresswoman Karen Bass (Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus) at April 6 Town Hall in Vista Del Mar, CA, takes questions from Arthur.
ALT TEXTCongressman Lou Correa talked with Arthur at his April 22 Town Hall in Santa Ana, CA.
ALT TEXTCongresswoman Katie Hill (openly bisexual) at her April 27 Town Hall in Santa Clarita, CA. She was less hostile to our criticism on this issue than we expected, but still completely committed to the LGBT agenda.
ALT TEXTCongressman Mike Thompson at the same April 27 Town Hall in Santa Clarita, CA, reads the flyer on the Equality Act that Arthur (pointing) just handed to him.
ALT TEXTCongresswoman Katie Porter at May 4 Town Hall in Irvine, CA would not address Arthur's points at all, except to say "I'm proud to support the Equality Act."
ALT TEXTCongressman Harley Rouda (a former Republican who morphed into a liberal Democrat) also at the May 4 Town Hall in Irvine, CA, was afraid to even talk to Arther. He would look right at Arthur and quickly walk away. Arthur tried again outside the hall, and got the same treatment. Definitely the weirdest encounter of all.
ALT TEXTCongresswoman Linda Sanchez sat down and talked with Arthur at her May 11 Community Coffee in La Mirada, CA.

Here's what we learned from talking to them

What we learned is quite frightening, though not really surprising.
First of all, we don’t think that any of these Congressmen actually read the text of the bill. They all seemed to understand it in the vague sense of “anti-discrimination” (especially relating to employment). But when Arthur brought up specific aspects of it, such as how it will force women athletes to compete with “transgenders” who are actually men, or how it will outlaw certain therapy to help people leave homosexuality, he would just get a blank stare from them.
Second, many of them had obviously been given talking points by LGBT activists. Congressman Lou Correa told his town hall crowd that he came to his decision because “I closed my eyes and asked myself: In fifty years how will history judge us?” This is right out of the LGBT playbook.
Third, it’s clear that none of these Congressmen even cares what the bill actually says or what it would do to society. They just want to be part of the “progressives” and so they adopted that group-think. That was reflected by their unwillingness to actually discuss it on any rational level with Arthur (or anyone else there who tried). Nor were any of them interested in exploring any facts that contradicted the accepted narrative.
This complete disconnect from fact, logic, and real discussion is very dangerous and should be frightening to everyone. But this is the horrible state of American democracy today.
Nevertheless, we believe it's very important to engage to them directly, face-to-face, with real facts and real questions. They're certainly not going to hear it from anyone else around them!
ALT TEXTCongresswoman Karen Bass included the "Equality Act" in her slide show. The misleading caption: "Introduced to end discrimination against LGBTQ Americans and advance full equality in America."
ALT TEXTAt most of the town halls, members of the rabid hard-left "Indivisible" local chapters were also there. This woman recognized Arthur and came over to harass him. Of course, Arthur was not bothered a bit and dished it right back to her!

And more pressure from MassResistance activists around the country!

Also during the six weeks leading up to the vote, Arthur Schaper worked with activists in Tennessee, New Jersey, New Mexico, Massachusetts, Texas, South Carolina, Maryland, Nevada, Utah, Oklahoma, California, New York, Minnesota, and Virginia. We particularly tried to focus on freshmen Democrat Congressmen in swing districts.
People passed out flyers at their churches or on street corners. They worked to get large numbers of people to call and email their Congressmen with their outrage about this bill. People found these flyers to be very informative!
Here is a sample of the flyerspassed out at the town hall events and around the country. Our NINE POINTS of the dangers of the bill have been quoted in several media outlets.
We think that this at least made the Congressmen aware that their support for this bizarre legislation will not be forgotten at election time, next year. Yesterday, in fact, Wall Street Journal columnist James Freeman speculated that the Equality Bill passage by the US House could be “the sleeper issue of 2020” that could come back to haunt these Reps. Probably fearing some backlash, seven of the Democratic House Reps who co-sponsored it declined to actually vote on it! Those seven include three who are running for President: Seth Moulton, Tim Ryan, and Eric Swalwell.

On to the Senate

Since the Senate is controlled by Republicans and the bill is not being pushed by the leadership, it’s a different political situation. Obviously, a major concern is how the RINOs will react to the huge LGBT onslaught, and whether the leadership will cave.
On the other hand, it could die in committee. As we write this, the bill is in the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is dominated by strong conservatives.
In any case, it’s a good idea now urge Senator Mitch McConnell and his leadership team to hold the line. Nothing can be taken for granted! Here are their contact forms:
Mitch McConnell (KY) - Senate Republican Leader
John Thune (SD) – Assistant Republican Leader
John Barrasso (WY) – Republican Conference Chairman
Joni Ernst (IA) – Vice Chairman of Senate Republican Conference
Roy Blunt (MO) – Republican Policy Committee Chairman
Todd Young (IN) – Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman
MassResistance will help step up the game on these seven squishy Republicans Senators if their leadership does agree to bring the bill up:
Burr (NC), Collins (ME), Graham (SC; he voted for Kagan on Supreme Ct), McSally (AZ), Murkowski (AK), Portman (OH; his son is openly homosexual), Romney (UT; “Father of Gay Marriage” in Mass.).
Sadly, we can’t trust that President Trump would veto this bill if passed by the Senate, especially if it were modified to take out a few of the “worst” parts..
We’ll keep you informed on all this!
ALT TEXTA constituent gives honest feedback.
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Please help us continue to do our uncompromising work!
Our successes depend on people like you.
Your support will make the difference!

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Cortez Pleas For Mercy -- While Getting Paid to Do Nothing

Sorry, Dana, but YOU'RE FIRED!

I can't wait to see her recalled.

Dana Cortez breaks silence in emotional interview, saying it's 'scary … to put your personal matters out there in the public'

Torrance City Treasurer Dana Cortez, who has not reported to work in nearly seven months because of an undisclosed medical condition, broke her public silence this week to explain why she has been so cryptic about her absence.

This is wrong. She needs to step down.

In an emotional interview with the Daily Breeze, Cortez — who quit showing up for work last October after she was stripped of half her duties and half her pay following allegations of mismanagement — said she stopped speaking publicly when it became emotionally exhausting.

Feelings cannot be the final arbiter or right and wrong. She needs to take responsibility for her actions. She was hired by residents of the city of Torrance to do a job. She has refused to do that job. She needs to be removed from office. Her dithering before the press and in the city is hurting lots of people, and that is simply unacceptable.


“This adds stress and worsens my condition,” she said, noting that the pressure has only intensified since last July, when the city aired its grievances about her competency in an open forum.

What about the tress for the residenst as a whole? Why about responsibilities for everyone else?

Cortez was slated to return to work again on Monday, May 13, but was a no-show. After prompting by city officials, she replied with a one-sentence email: “This is my doctor’s recommendation.”

She refused to come to work. What gives?

It included an attachment with a new doctor’s note — the fifth she’s given to the city thus far — stating that her new anticipated return-to-work date would be July 17.

She doesn't look sick. She just looks tired and bitter, nothing more.

City approves recall campaign

Cortez’s absence and subsequent lack of communication, both with the public and city officials, forced the City Council to declare a fiscal emergency late last year. Earlier this week, a citizen-led recall effort was approved by officials. Cortez had an opportunity to respond to the recall, but declined to do so.

She just wants to drag down the city. That is so shameful, so selfish. This woman needs to get with the program or get out of office. She is still getting paid big money, and she isn't doing anything! I know that she works for the government, but for her to go on like this is just sickening!

Cortez argued then, as she does now, that she has been transparent with her constituents, citing the public hearing last July — which, had she not requested, would have been held in private — where her management style and abilities as treasurer came under fire. A 300-page report alleged Cortez’s fiscal mismanagement had cost the city millions of dollars.

This woman has NOT be transparent with the city. She is more interested in everyone feeling sorry for her. She is not being honest, she is not demonstrating any level of integrity. She has no business acting like this. I think the city of Torrance should consider suing her and collecting back from her all the pay which she has collected even though she has done ... nothing.

The treasurer left on bereavement leave shortly thereafter and started sending in doctor’s notes a few weeks after that. Her duties were wholly reassigned to the Finance Department and her position was effectively dissolved in her absence.

Still, she collects a paycheck — about $65,000 a year — while also taking a $450-a-month car allowance. She’s also building a pension because she was a city employee before she became an elected official.

Not faking illness

Regardless, the timing of her absence prompted Councilman Mike Griffiths to wonder if it wasn’t premeditated. Griffiths speculated in March that this could have been a ruse, meant to buy time while Cortez readied a lawsuit.

“My focus is not a lawsuit, I’m not about revenge,” she said vehemently in the interview, denying that she was faking any sort of illness.

Lady, we have no reason to trust you at this point.

Griffiths’ suspicions were fueled by the dearth of information offered by Cortez. She has not told anyone what her diagnosis or prognosis entail.

Image result for dana cortez torrance
Absentee Treasurer

Yes, indeed. Talk about a lack of transparency.

Questioned by the Daily Breeze, she conceded that it is too painful to acknowledge. Saying the illness publicly — it made it worse. It made it real.

‘I am terrified’

“I still have a child in the community,” she said, choking through tears. “Kids try to pretend that they’re strong and it doesn’t bother them — she gets to see her mother every day, going through everything I’m going through and … she has to go to school and pretend that everything’s OK.

Give me a break! Mrs. Cortez' child is not in any mortal danger. This is unreal. I had no idea that she was a mother. One should rather ask: What kind of example are you giving to your child? You are shirking your duties as city Treasurer, Mrs. Cortez! What gives?

“I fear for her, too. I don’t want to push her over the edge,” she said. “Maybe if she reads it in the paper, it will make it more real for her, too. I don’t know that I can do that to her. Right now, we like to pretend that things are going to get better. And I really do want them to get better.

“I am terrified. I will own that. And I’m sorry. I’m just human.”

We are all human, Mrs. Cortez, but that is not an excuse not to do your job. You need to get back to work or get lost!

She argued that she has gone above and beyond what the law demands, which, under the Torrance charter, means that she only needs to tell officials that she is unable to come to work. Submitting doctor’s notes is above and beyond the requirements, she said.

So ...  it's time to amend the city charter. Simple as that.

“If people choose to believe that this doctor, who I have no personal relationship with other than the fact that I’m his patient, is lying for me … wow,” she said. “I will never change their minds.”

‘Let someone else’ step in

For activist Rick Marshall, who is leading the recall effort against Cortez, it’s not about changing minds. It’s about doing a job.

“Life can bring about changes, hardships, and personal situations that impair an elected official’s ability to do the job they were elected to do,” he wrote in an email to the Daily Breeze. “In that case, an elected official should resign and let someone else fulfill the duties of the job.”

Exactly. Be an adult. Be responsible.

Cortez said she wants to come back to work as soon as possible, but insists she is following the advice of her team of doctors, who have advised against it.

And yet the doctor's notes do not contain any information in regard to any of this!

So why not resign?

Needs health insurance

“My one and only concern at this time is my health,” she said. “If you want to understand why I haven’t resigned — it’s because I need health insurance so I can continue my treatments.”

Marshall argues that Cortez would leave office with a city pension and health benefits.

Yes. She has a pension coming to her, as well! This is unreal.

Griffiths, an outspoken critic of Cortez, shares similar sentiments.

“If this is just about medical benefits, she can decline her salary. She can decline her car allowance. No one is forcing her to take those things,” he said.

Yes indeed. Why is she still claiming the car allowance. This is bitterness on an unprecedented scale.

Has an obligation to public

Griffiths said Cortez has a duty to the public that she’s neglecting.

“She’s acting like an employee, which she is not,” he said. “She’s an elected official. She has to report to the people that put her in that position and she has not.”

Marshall makes a similar argument, which he says is what prompted the recall in the first place.

According to city officials, Marshall will need to collect nearly 13,000 signatures before Oct. 21 to put a recall on the ballot. Because some signatures inevitably will be invalidated, he said he will seek out 15,000.

I am helping Rick Marshall with this effort. Contact me if you want to help, too!

Marshall said the group will begin pushing in earnest during this weekend’s Armed Forces Day Parade.

Cortez said that she feels torn between her public duties and her personal needs.

That's a daily tussle for lots of people. Her decision to care for herself at the expense of everyone else is just sickening!

“I feel obligated to tell (the public) the truth,” she said. “At the same time, I’m scared. I’m scared because — do you know how scary it is to put your personal matters out there in the public?

“The only thing I’ve been wanting to do is just to get better. That’s it.”

She can get better without depriving the city of Torrance of its treasurer.

Daily Breeze Reports on "In God We Trust"

Here's another report to review from the Daily Breeze, this time about the passage of "In God We Trust" to be posted on the main dais of the city council chambers.

Torrance’s Council Chambers will soon have “In God We Trust” emblazoned above the dais.

This is wonderful. I wanted to see this happen, as did other people in the city of Torrance.

The City Council last week narrowly decided to put the motto in its chambers, despite no members of the public being present during the vote and one opposing councilman arguing the decision was made without transparency. The vote was 4 to 3.

The words will go on the wood paneling above the dais.

“The intention was to unite, though some may disagree,” said George Chen, who first suggested the idea and said he wanted the council to trust a higher power, even if it’s not God. “We’re here to serve the community, not to make a name for ourselves.”

It is a unifying motto, to reflect the national character. A couple of people in the city who oppose it, they are a bunch of vapid atheists, nothing more. Their offended feelings should not dictate what the rest of us want.

But Councilman Tim Goodrich railed against the idea, saying the council moved too fast on the item and didn’t receive enough public input.

Nonsense. Timmy was just throwing a sop to his fellow regressive, leftist supports, many of whom belong to Black Lives (Don't) Matter.

“I’m absolutely appalled at what my colleagues are doing up here,” he said. “Ramming it down our throats — your colleagues’ throats — and the public’s throats.”

It was not rammed down anyone's throats. An agenda item was returned to the city council three months ago.

Chen first brought up the motto during the panel’s March 19 meeting, after he and his colleagues received an email from a nonprofit called In God We Trust America, which works to get the logo put in local government buildings across the country.

During the meeting, several residents spoke against installing the motto in chambers – and only one supported the move.

There were other comments from the public, submitted in writing. What a crock.

Still, the council voted – also 4 to 3 – to have staff draw up designs.

Good for them. Here are some of the designs submitted to the city council:

Staffers came back on Tuesday, May 14, with several suggestions. Ultimately, the council went with their colleague Mike Griffiths’ suggestion to emblazon it on the wood paneling.

This wood paneling is situated above the city council dais. It's a perfect place to place the National Motto.

Griffiths said he was inspired during a trip to Washington D.C., when he saw “In God We Trust” above the podium on which the speaker of the House of Representatives sits.

“It made me feel really strong. It made me feel really patriotic,” Griffiths told the Daily Breeze. “And if it’s good enough for the house chamber in D.C., then it’s good enough for Torrance.”

Amen to that!

But the public wasn’t in the council chambers when the vote happened.

The room had been cleared earlier in the evening, following disruptions from protesters. The meeting was televised, but only city staffers and media were allowed in the chambers.

How telling! The Daily Breeze did not bother to mention that it was Black Lives (Don't) Matter which shut down the city council meeting on May 14th, 2019.

It was Milton Herring, the black city councilman, who called out BL(D)M for insisting on shutting down the meeting and preventing the city from conducting its business. 

Mayor Patrick Furey – who along with Goodrich and Councilman Geoff Rizzo – voted against the item, urged his colleagues to push the decision to the next meeting, scheduled for Tuesday, May 21.

I am really glad that the council majority refused to be bullied by the BL(D)M protesters. This a double victory for me as a Torrance resident and as an American.

Chen, Griffiths, and Councilmen Milton Herring and Aurelio Mattucci voted for it.

I am proud to relate that I voted for each of these men! So proud of my city of Torrance!

SAY THEIR NAMES! Four BL(D)M Haters Charged With Serious Crimes at Torrance City Council

In a previous post, I reported that four BLM thugs were arrested at the Torrance City Council meeting on May 14, 2019.

Here are the charges that were released to me to inform me of the seriousness of their charges.

Eugene Pesikov

PC403, -- disrupting a public meeting 
PC 245(c), -- assault with a deadly weapon  (not a firearm)
PC 69 -- Prevent an officer from doing his duty by using violence or threats of violence
PC 664/148b Claiming a false bomb threat to a police officer -- WOW!

Jeremy White

PC403, -- disrupting a public meeting 
PC 69 -- Prevent an officer from doing his duty by using violence or threats of violence

Edward Quinones

403.  Every person who, without authority of law, willfully disturbs or breaks up any assembly or meeting that is not unlawful in its character, other than an assembly or meeting referred to in Section 302 of the Penal Code or Section 18340 of the Elections Code, is guilty of a misdemeanor.

Sheila Bates

PC 403. Every person who, without authority of law, willfully disturbs or breaks up any assembly or meeting that is not unlawful in its character, other than an assembly or meeting referred to in Section 302 of the Penal Code or Section 18340 of the Elections Code, is guilty of a misdemeanor.

PC 148.  (a) (1) Every person who willfully resists, delays, or obstructs any public officer, peace officer, or an emergency medical technician, as defined in Division 2.5 (commencing with Section 1797) of the Health and Safety Code, in the discharge or attempt to discharge any duty of his or her office or employment, when no other punishment is prescribed, shall be punished by a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars ($1,000), or by imprisonment in a county jail not to exceed one year, or by both that fine and imprisonment.


Jeremy White PC 403 and PC 69f - Eugene PC 403, PC 245(c), PC 69f , PC 664/148b - Quinonez PC 403 - Sheila PC 403, 148(a)(1)