Thursday, May 13, 2021

Texas MassResistance Keeps Fighting to Stop Sex Mutilation Surgeries, Pass Key Bills, Oppose Big Business LGBT Interests

Big battle in Texas Legislature over banning “sex-change” procedures on children. MassResistance lobbying hard – up against big corporate money and LGBT militants.

“Conservative” legislators quietly caving in to Big Pharma, but Texas MassResistance is stepping up the pressure.

Deadline looming as legislative session ends this month.

May 13, 2021
ALT TEXT On Tuesday, May 10, our Texas MassResistance chapter arranged for this banner to be flown back and forth over the State House!

Parents and citizens are facing off against wealthy corporations and radical LGBT militants in the battle to stop gruesome “sex-change” procedures (including castration and genital mutilation) being performed on children.

As we’ve reported, our Texas MassResistance chapter has been relentlessly lobbying at the Texas State Capitol and across the state to get this ban passed in the current session. People everywhere are outraged that children are being disfigured for life and sterilized to please a radical ideology.

ALT TEXT A Texas MassResistance flyer.

The legislative session at the Texas State Capitol finishes at the end of May. There are currently two bills in play (dubbed the “Save James” bills):

  • SB 1646 (Senate) is a very strong bill. It amends the criminal code definition of “child abuse” to include administering or supplying of puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones to a child, or performing surgery on a child, for the purpose of gender transitioning or gender reassignment.
  • HB 1399 (House) is also important. It would prohibit professional liability insurance from covering medical procedures and treatments for gender transitioning or gender reassignment for children.

On April 28, SB 1646 passed the Texas Senate by a party-line vote, and has been sent to the House, where it must pass before the end of the month. That will probably be the big battle.

The immediate problem is HB 1399. It needs to pass the House this week to be able to go forward to the Senate. But it’s been purposefully stalled in the “Calendar Committee” from coming to a vote. The fight to move it forward has gotten nasty!

This past week: Fighting to keep HB 1399 alive

This past week, Texas MassResistance brought together several other pro-family groups in Texas and organized a full-court press in the State Capitol. Texas MassResistance Director Tracy Shannon, Asst. Director Kevin, and others have been going door to door in the Legislature. Other parents have been holding demonstrations in the hallways to make sure this is on everyone’s mind.


Rally and press conference. On Tuesday, Tracy and Kevin organized a rally and press conference outside the front of the State Capitol, along with other groups. Several prominent statewide elected officials came and spoke at the rally, demanding that HB 1399 be passed!

Texas MassResistance also arranged for a large banner to fly over the Capitol during the event. (See photo at top.)

ALT TEXT Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller speaks at the rally. Next to him (at left) is Weston Martinez, the State Real Estate Commissioner. At far left in back with glasses is Jeff Younger, father of James. At center in front are Tracy Shannon and Kevin Whitt.
ALT TEXT Rep Bryan Slaton, who is championing these bills and doing a lot of work to get them passed, was the first to speak.
ALT TEXT It seems that whenever there's a conservative gathering, a lot of State Police cars show up.

Here’s the video of the rally:

VIDEO: State House Rally and Press Conference - Pro-family parents and activists, plus statewide elected officials, demand that bill SB 1399 be allowed to be voted on. (39 min 48 sec)

Texas State Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, who spoke at the rally, also put out his own commercial blasting the chairman of the “Calendar Committee” for stalling HB 1399:

VIDEO: Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller's commercial demanding that phony conservative Rep. Dustin Burrows, chairman of the Calendar Committee, release bill HB 1399 to go to the House floor for a vote. (59 sec)

What’s going on behind the scenes

On paper, all this should not be difficult to get passed. The Texas Legislature has a reputation for being one of the most conservative in the country, and the ban is supported by citizens overwhelmingly, especially in conservative districts.

But these ghoulish “sex-change” procedures generate big money for hospitals and “gender clinics.” And the problem is growing. There are now 17 “gender clinics” for children in Texas. There were only 2 or 3 just a few years ago.

The concept of “transitioning” kids is also supported by big corporations like Amazon, HP, and others that have been moving into Texas – as well as the LGBT movement that continues to be obsessed with children. These groups are also very involved in the fight in Texas.

According to reports, many corporations have been threatening their donations to the GOP leadership and are putting other pressure on them. As a result, the Governor, Lt. Governor, and House Speaker have been have in turn been pressuring other GOP legislative leaders (especially in the House) to make sure the bills don’t pass.

Thus, many key “conservative” Texas Republican legislators are playing “kabuki theater” with their constituents. They publicly support these bills. Many have even co-sponsored them. But in the background they are slow-walking them in the “Calendar Committee” and other venues so they’ll never come up for a House vote. That way they can tell their constituents, “I advocated for these bills,” and at the same time keep the business interests happy. It’s a disgusting sham, but not uncommon in politics.

(At the same time that HB 1399 has been stalling, frivolous bills like making Dr. Pepper the official state soft drink are moving forward with ease.)

But our Texas MassResistance parents and activists are on to this fraud. They have been directly confronting the key “conservative” legislators and demanding that they stand up for the people, not the evil corporations. They’ve even been threatening to “primary” them in the next election – with real conservatives. Needless to say, the politicians don’t like that. But that’s what often gets results.

Final thoughts

Words cannot describe how disgusting it is that corporations would put so much effort into continuing these hideous treatments on children – and that so-called “conservative” legislators would cave in. But our Texas MassResistance parents and citizens are not standing for this. They’re taking off the gloves and giving the legislators treatment they aren’t used to from their constituents.

There are two more weeks to go. We’ll keep up the fight!


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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

No, Jenner, No!

My name is Arthur Schaper, and I am a male. It doesn’t matter how I feel about it, or what you may think about it.  My name is Arthur Schaper, and I am a life-long resident of the state of California. I voted in the 2003 recall to get rid of lame Governor Gray Davis. Fast forward 18 years, and I have collected signatures to recall sham Governor Gavin Newsom. My name is Arthur Schaper. Who I am is not going to change just because I feel differently from day to day. This repetition of names and identities may seem trite and degrading, but it’s important to the larger point that I wish to make.

Identity matters, and reality matters even more, especially now in a time in which corporate, legacy media outlets routinely lie to our faces, in which corporate interests, and even “American First” rabblerousers and politicos seem interested in putting themselves first, ignoring the foundational principles of our great constitutional republic.

Identity means very little without recognizing what is real. Just because I feel like a nut does not mean I am one. Just because I want to be President of the United States, or at least just because I wish President Donald Trump were still in the White House does not mean that either I or he is currently serving as President. Reality bites, even if it does not reflect moral truth. But you have to bite in order to eat. The pangs of reality help deal with worse pangs down the road. Reality matters. Conservatism can’t conserve anything, let alone fight to gain anything, if we conservatives refuse to tell the truth about issues. Wasn’t it a Soviet dissident who told people “Live Not By Lies” as the first step to fighting tyranny?

Tyranny is based on lies, based on forcing people to go along with lies, and that has been the modus operandi for California politics for the last ten years. We hear about California as the 5th largest economy in the world, and yet half of the population leaves their homes, only to find homeless sprawled all over the sidewalks, with waste, filth, and trash strewn about. We are told that California is a progressive utopia, when the irony of the word is lost on them (utopia means “nowhere” in Greek). There is no such thing as a progressive utopia. When the government declares war on small businesses; kowtows to teachers unions who do not want to teach students but still get a paycheck every month; enforces ridiculous lockdowns with mask mandates which have nothing to do with science or expertise, all while childing us to follow the science and listen to the experts, you have tyranny, not utopia.

California needs principled governance to govern us out of this mess. California is a mess, so messed up, it’s like a professional athlete who won gold medals running arduous decathlons, only to wake up thirty years later, declare to the world that he is actually a she, and that everyone should celebrate this strange transition of events. Of course, the mess that is California is aligned all to well with the mess that is Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner. For biological fact and empirical reality, I will refer to Caitlyn as a he. It is scientifically, surgically, and psychologically impossible for a man to become a woman, and a woman to become a man. I just finished celebrating Mothers’ Day with other members of my local church, and it’s clear to me that not only men and women are fundamentally different, but that being a mother—and becoming a mother—is something that men cannot do.

We need new leadership in California.

That new leadership is not Caitlyn Jenner.

I am sickened that there are staunch, realistic, constitutionalist conservatives who are willing to jump on the Bruce Jenner bender. Trump voters are getting all giggly about this guy in drag. Even Sean Hannity gave Cait a softball interview, when he (Cait, that is) actually said “I support illegal immigration.” Following that slip of the tongue or a slip of the mind, Hannity slipped in to correct the recently declared gubernatorial candidate. “Thanks for having my back, Sean.”

Really. Really? Is this some kind of joke? Is this what California has been reduced to?!

California needs not just one recall, but a Total Recall (and not the Schwarzenegger kind). We need to recall what America is all about, what California used to be all about. But at the very least, we need to recall the fundamental basics, i.e. that there is male, there is female, and never the two shall transition.

“Cait for Gov” is madness. Why would anyone want to elect someone who is mentally ill to govern an entire state? Politicians are sick in head by and large, but a man who wears a slip with a few plastic bags shoved in his chest—that is just plain nuts!

My name is Arthur Schaper, and I am not voting for Bruce, Caitlyn, former Olympic Gold Medalist, whatever you want to call him (yes, HIM). This identity politicking, left-lean pandering among conservatives, even in liberal bastions like California, must stop.

Conservatives have been caving on the cultural issues for too long. Reagan WON two national elections by fighting for life, against abortion, for God, against secularism. Trump fought and won a number of cultural fights, too. One would think that the conservative movement would have learned the lesson by now that we need to fight, not flee, from contentious cultural issues. Want to win black, Hispanic, Asian votes? You don’t win those cohorts with social liberalism. How about some constitutional back-to-basics instead? How about fighting for faith, family, and freedom? Whatever happened to destroying the twin relics of barbarism, slavery and polygamy, which the founding GOP targeted in 1854?

Yes, California needs to Recall Newsom, but Californians must recall some sanity to California’s culture, and that starts with saying the ever so obvious: “No, Jenner, No!”

Friday, May 7, 2021

Canada MassResistance: Rob Hoogland is FREE on Appeal

Rob Hoogland is freed from prison! Powerful new attorney takes over his case and successfully files for appeal.

Hoogland thanks MassResistance for standing up for the truth and not backing down.

Describes horrible conditions in prison – just for breaking ‘gag order’ (about his teenage daughter's "sex-change" procedures).

Case reverberates across Canada. Rob got a letter of support from a Member of Parliament while in prison.

May 7, 2021
ALT TEXT Rob Hoogland's new attorney, Vincent Larochelle, argues a case in a Canadian court. He specializes in criminal appeals.

Two weeks after British Columbia father Rob Hoogland was sentenced to a prison term, he has been freed and is back home! He was imprisoned for violating a “gag order” that barred him from discussing his teenage daughter’s gruesome government-supported “sex-change” procedures.

An angry judge and harsh punishment

As we recently reported, British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Michael Tammen angrily overrode a preliminary plea bargain and sentenced Rob to six months in prison (which would likely have ended up being about 4½ months) and a $30,000 fine. (We have since learned that Rob’s lawyer had rejected the final version of the plea deal, which made it easier for the judge to intervene.)

Tammen was furious that Rob had told MassResistance and others what the government is doing to his daughter – and that MassResistance had subsequently posted incriminating documents exposing the terrible behavior of the “gender clinic.” Tammen said that unless Rob were imprisoned for several months, it would “bring the administration of justice into disrepute.” This sentence is widely considered overly harsh given that it concerns a relatively minor crime and Rob is a first-time offender.

Tammen’s emotional obsession with this case and with punishing Rob is exhibited in a detailed 18-page “Reasons for Judgment” paper he wrote after the sentencing. Like the punishment he gave out, it seems rather excessive given the relatively mundane nature of the “crime.” (Note that Tammen refers to MassResistance in the document only as "MR" so that no one will look us up and see our posts!)

ALT TEXT Rob Hoogland takes a last look outside of the Court building before turning himself in on March 16.

A new attorney takes on the appeal!

After he was jailed, Rob’s friends and family contacted one of the top young criminal-appeal lawyers in British Columbia, Attorney Vincent Larochelle, who has taken the case. Larochelle is a graduate of Oxford Law School, a Rhodes Scholar, and is considered a “rising star” in this field. His fees are coming from the money Rob raised on his GoGetFunding page.

Larochelle successfully filed an appeal for Rob, arguing that his rights were clearly violated under Canada’s Charter of Rights. On April 30, the British Columbia Court of Appeal granted the application for Rob to be released on $1,000 bail until his appeal hearing, which has been scheduled for Nov. 1, 2021.

Strict release order

However, the Court of Appeal’s Release Order has outlined several strict stipulations which Rob is required to obey during this time. These include:

  1. A full and thorough reinstatement of the “gag order”: Rob may not in any way, directly or indirectly, identify himself, his daughter, or anyone else involved with his daughter’s situation by name, nor may he discuss or provide documentation about her medical status, mental health, or treatments. He also may not, through any means, identify himself as the father.
  2. He must keep the peace and be of good behavior, and diligently pursue his appeal.
  3. He must maintain his current employment.
  4. He must remain within the province of British Columbia, and surrender his travel documents to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Rob spoke with us a few days after he got home. It was basically to let us know that he was free, because he knew we were very concerned.

He said that he intends to fully abide by all the terms of the Release Order. During the conversation, he did not identify himself by name, nor make any reference to his daughter’s situation or to any of the other people involved.

In the prison

He talked about his experience in the prison since being incarcerated after his initial hearing in March. Rob was a first-time offender who had violated a gag order – a fairly minor, non-violent crime. But Justice Tammen purposefully placed Rob in the North Fraser Pretrial Centre, which is a high-security facility for violent offenders. It has a history of being a brutal place.

ALT TEXT The infamous North Fraser Pretrial Centre in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia.

It was horrible, Rob said. He was in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day. But during the one hour he was out of his cell, it was even worse. “It’s a very violent place. You had to be very careful because confrontations happened frequently. And the guards would only step in after a person gets beaten up,” he told us.

A letter from a Member of Parliament

What has happened to Rob’s daughter and the grotesque way that Rob was treated by the Court has reverberated across Canada, despite a virtual blackout by the mainstream media. (Only Canada’s alternative press, Rebel News has covered it with any consistency.)

While he was in prison, Rob received a letter from a Member of Parliament, Derek Sloan of Ontario, who is an outspoken conservative. MP Sloan was very supportive. He told Rob:

Stay Strong. The biggest changes come from government overreach like this. This is a tough time, but know that you are in the hearts and minds of many. This is a low point, but it’s things like this that will cause your plight to spread and the government to eventually break. You’re in all of our prayers.

High praise for MassResistance

At the trial, Justice Tammen blamed MassResistance’s refusal to take down the incriminating documents as a reason he was so harsh on Rob. But despite everything that has happened to him, Rob still has high praise for us. Although he was careful to speak in very general terms and not bring up specifics, Rob said that he “absolutely supports what we did” and “is glad that we stood up” to the pressure.

He added that he is angry at the few detractors of MassResistance in British Columbia, particularly the “transgender activist” Jenn Smith. Rob clearly understands the larger fight!

Final thoughts

The government of Canada has become completely out of control in its frightening oppression of citizens who do not submit to the increasingly radical and destructive LGBT movement. The appeals trial starting on Nov. 1 will likely be a landmark event. This time, Rob will have an energetic and skilled attorney with a track record for winning. Will it turn the tide? Rob is personally very upbeat about it! We’ll definitely continue to report this case.

In the meantime, you can donate to Rob’s legal defense fund HERE.

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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Soy Boy Shamed for Harassing Pro-Family Activist

 A hateful troll named Duane Paul Murphy attempted to harass me on my Facebook page.

He's clearly a soy boy. Check out his profile:

Here's another picture:

Judging by his excessively pale skin, he probably does not go out that much. Like many soy boys, he probably stays at home, watching TV in his mother's basement, doing unspeakable things to himself while looking at illicit sites online.

And he is a child abuser.

Consider the hateful invective he used against me in a private chat:

He is clearly a militant in the LGBT camp. He uses the same tired, hateful tirades like "Fascist" "Transphobic, homophobic" etc.

He supports this agenda, clearly.

And he goes out of his way to flaunt it, too:

Anyone who supports the corruption of minors, mulilation of children, or the promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism to the public is engaging in child abuse. There is no other way out of it.

Duane Paul Murphy is a child abuser.

He also looks like a sex offender. Let's hope and pray that he is nowhere near children.

Please report him if you see him in near you or in your community. Anyone who pushes LGBT perversion is a child abuser, and that is Soy Boy Duane with a Capital D.

Tell him to stop abusing children! Click on his Facebook profile here.

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Love is Love: Gay Activist Jailed for Violent Death Threats Against Judge

The gaslighting never stops with the LGBT militants.

Check out this post from "Dear Straight People".

This post focuses on one gay activist in the Republic of Singapore, Muhammad Hanif Mohamed Huzairi, who made death threats against the judge who dismissed three constitutional challenges against Section 377a of the Singapore criminal code, i.e. the statute which criminalizes gross indecent acts between men, i.e. sodomy, homosexuality, etc.

"Love is Love" LGBT activist: "Kill Judges!"

What did Huzairi say, and what does this reveal about the LGBT agenda and the community at large, particularly the post written by LGBT activist Sean Foo?

First, let's analyze the title of the post:

Singaporean Man Jailed For IG Stories And Comments Against Judge Who Dismissed S377A Challenges

What were those stories and comments, exactly?

Here's a sample:

“To the deadass boomer of a judge who dismissed the challenges against S377A, you better f****** watch out!!”

"You better f------- watch out!!" A threat. This is more than some comment.

Here's more:

“Time to hunt down the oppressive judges, who basically maintained the legalisation of discrimination against us, and make them pay the ultimate price.”

"Time to hunt down ..." This is particularly disturbing. Such speech is not protected in the United States, either. Speech cannot incite immediate and imminent threats.

This violent reaction to a court upholding sanctions on perverse sexual conduct shows the sheer deeps of LGBT mental illness. No one should discount this militancy latent in the homosexual movement.

What's really telling about this post, however, is that Sean Foo sweeps under the wrong the violent nature, the death threats of this LGBT activist.

Homosexuals and their perverse allies cannot minimize this very destructive essence in the LGBT agenda.

Consider the further gaslighting and minimizing of wrongdoing in other reports on this account.

From Pink News in the United Kingdom:

Singapore man jailed for threatening ‘torture’ and ‘death curses’ against judges who upheld anti-gay law

Was it really mere death curses? No! The Huzairi wanted to kill the judge! Yes, KILL!

At least Pink News included another incredibly disturbing threat from the Instagram posts:

And another of his posts read: “Can we please torture the corrupted judges until they f**king crumble & repeal S377A on the spot!? Pretty please, I’d love to personally torture them to their breaking point.”

Read that again. These homosexual militants write: "I'd love to personally torture them to their breaking point." Incredible. Is this really a "Love is Love" movement?

He published the messages on 30 March, the day that High Court justice See Kee Oon dismissed three separate challenges to the colonial-era Section 377A, which defines sex between consenting men as “acts of gross indecency” punishable by up to two years in prison.

Check out this report from the Bharat Express News:

The prosecution called for seven months in prison, saying it was the law to “protect one’s guardians” and that “any dissatisfaction with court decisions, no matter how controversial, should be expressed with respect, and the challenges of judicial decisions must be avenues “.

They added that Hanif had shown contempt for Judge See, a prominent member of the judiciary, by calling him an “impassive boomer” and accusing him of legalizing discrimination.

For communicating incitement to violence, he could have been jailed for up to five years, fined, or both. For making threatening communications against an official, he could have been jailed for up to a year, fined up to S $ 5,000, or both.

Singapore does not play around!

Notice that if there is a disagreement, that dissent cannot include threatening to kill someone.

Yet this kind latent hatred is so bound up in the LGBT movement, one simply cannot ignore it.

For all their protestations about tolerance, inclusiveness, and diversity, the LGBT agenda and its proponents are militant, violent in their demands for legitimacy, pre-eminence, and ultimately supremacy. Of course, this outcome of vicious bigotry should come as no surprise.

Consider the Biblical account in Genesis:

"5And they called unto Lot, and said unto him, Where are the men which came in to thee this night? bring them out unto us, that we may know them. 6And Lot went out at the door unto them, and shut the door after him, 7And said, I pray you, brethren, do not so wickedly. 8Behold now, I have two daughters which have not known man; let me, I pray you, bring them out unto you, and do ye to them as is good in your eyes: only unto these men do nothing; for therefore came they under the shadow of my roof. 9And they said, Stand back. And they said again, This one fellow came in to sojourn, and he will needs be a judge: now will we deal worse with thee, than with them. And they pressed sore upon the man, even Lot, and came near to break the door." (Genesis 19:5-9)

Militancy and homosexuality are so connected, it's almost inseparable. The Sodomites wanted to rape the men whom Lot brought into his house. This was not about hospitality, nor was this about "Getting to know someone". It was about rape. When Lot prevented them, the homosexual militants became more adamant, and they threatened to do worse things to Lot!

Let's also acknowledge that homosexuality is an emotional disorder, to say the least. Clearly a maladjustment, and this kind of brutal bigotry coming from Huzairi just proves the latent emotional and mental problems which buttress these behaviors.

Of course, the LGBT movement has to go out of its way to hide their insidious nature. Consider that the blogger for Dear Straight People deliberately downplayed why Huzairi was jailed. It was about more than mere comments! Those statements were vicious, violent threats against judges! And let no one play victim on this matter, either. The lack of reason, the lack of self-control from these homosexual militants simply cannot be ignored or underplayed.

So much or "Love is Love", right?

Next time someone promoting LGBT hegemony or "civil rights" wants to play that card about love, tolerance, or acceptance, share this story with them, and ask them their thoughts on the matter.

Los Alamitos School District Call to Action

Please share as much as you can.


The Los Alamitos school board has been trying to sneak Critical Race Theory  in its schools by the adoption of K-12 Social Justice Standards provided by the Southern Poverty Law center with classroom resources (lesson plans, professional development trainings and articles) drawn from the  The resources have a definite progressive left wing slant that does NOT align with our Judeo -Christian beliefs, nor our love for America. It’s anti-American and Anti-white rhetoric is woven throughout its resources.

They're voting on the standards May 11 and its  the last day to speak against it.  Last meeting proponents of the standards submitted their comment cards beginning at 8am so they got to speak first.   The meeting starts at 6:30 but the opposition started lining up at 3!  The opposition called in Antifa last week so please ask our warrior men to come and keep them in line.

Please bombard the school board every day. Scroll down to the bottom of the link for all their email addresses.


I am emailing to urge you to Vote NO on the K-12 Social Justice Standards.  They give board sanctioned approval of classroom resources (lesson plans, professional development,  and articles) which in no way align with our Judeo-Christian Values or our belief in American Exceptionalism. A vote to approve these standards is a vote to alienate more than half of you constituents and force them to change their educational setting.

I urge you to take these points into consideration, and please VOTE “NO” on The K-12 Social Justice Standards


For more information, please visit

Friday, April 30, 2021

Contact Montana Governor, andTell Him to Sign HB 112: No Boys in Girls' Sports!

Hey MassResistance team!

Please contact Montana Governor Gianforte and urge him to sign HB 112! This bill will keep boys out of girls' sports, and stop the further normalization of transgenderism in the public square for the state of Montana.

Here are the talking points to use:

  1. No boys in girls' sports! Men are fundamentally different from women, and men who are confused enough to think that they are women need help, not enabling.
  2. Transgenderism is a mental illness. The state needs to stop enabling it in any of its forms.
  3. The NCAA is already starting to cave on their threatened en masse boycott of any state which will not allow men to compete against women in women's sports. Don't allow the NCAA to bully the Big Sky State.
  4. The state of Montana needs to do what is right for Montana's women and girls. They should not care what Big Business may or may not do to Montana in retaliation.
  5. The government has every right and necessity to step into this fight. The state exists to limit evil, and it is evil for men to pretend to be women and ruin women's sports with their unfair physical and developmental advantages over women.

This is our final step to get this law passed. The governor has until May 7th to sign or veto the bill.

Here's his email address:

His Office Phone Number: (406) 444-3111

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

CA MassResistance Call to Action: Stop AB 1084, Gender Confusion in Department Stores


The California State Legislature is pushing yet another outrageous pro-LGBT bill

AB 1084, if enacted, would require department stores with more than 500 employees to set up a "gender neutral section" besides the boy-girl sections in department stores.

Here's the bill summary:

This bill would require a retail department store with 500 or more employees that sells childcare items, children’s clothing, or toys, to maintain a gender neutral section or area, to be labeled at the discretion of the retailer, in which a reasonable selection of the items, articles, and toys for children that it sells shall be displayed, regardless of whether they have been traditionally marketed for either girls or for boys.

The bill is government overreach.

The bill is a waste of time and money.

AB 1084, No "Boys and Girls Sections in Department Stores"

Most importantly, however, this legislation is yet another step towards normalizing the destructive, delusional lie that human beings do not have a fixed sex, and that transgenderism, both ideas and behaviors, are normal and should be impressed upon children at a young age.

This legislation faced some opposition in the Assembly Business Committee, where it passed by a narrow 11-8 vote. It has recently moved from the Judiciary Committee in the State Assembly to the State Assembly Appropriations Committee.

There are 13 members on that committee, and we need seven votes to kill this bill.

This link below contains all the names and contacts for the current CA State Assembly Appropriations Committee:

There are four Republicans on the committee. They will all vote no.

The chair of this committee is Democrat Lorena Gonzalez:

Lorena Gonzalez (Chair)Dem - 80Contact Assembly Member Lorena Gonzalez
Capitol Office, Room 2114
P.O. Box 942849, Sacramento, CA 94249-0080; (916) 319-2080

One Democrat, Ed Chau, has abstained on this bill in a previous committee, which means that for now he is our Fifth NO vote.

Contact him anyway:

Ed ChauDem - 49Contact Assembly Member Ed Chau
Capitol Office, Room 5016
P.O. Box 942849, Sacramento, CA 94249-0049; (916) 319-2049

These are at least three other Democrats to target to vote NO on AB 1084:

Lisa CalderonDem - 57Contact Assembly Member Lisa Calderon
Capitol Office, Room 2137
P.O. Box 942849, Sacramento, CA 94249-0057; (916) 319-2057

Eduardo GarciaDem - 56Contact Assembly Member Eduardo Garcia
Capitol Office, Room 4140
P.O. Box 942849, Sacramento, CA 94249-0056; (916) 319-2056

Bill QuirkDem - 20Contact Assembly Member Bill Quirk
Capitol Office, Room 2163
P.O. Box 942849, Sacramento, CA 94249-0020; (916) 319-2020

Here are the key talking points to use when contacting the State Assemblymembers:

1. This legislation is a massive waste of time. There are homeless Californians dying on our streets, millions of Californians have not received unemployment disbursements because of state government fraud and incompetence, and California streets are getting more dangerous every day. Students have not even been allowed to go back to school! These are the more pressing issues which the state legislature should deal with.

2. The legislation is government overreach of the worst kind. Businesses in California are struggling to make ends meet as it is, and with high taxes and energy costs, they do not need another set of regulations to hurt their bottom line, and more importantly to hurt their workers and consumers.

3. This legislation wants to enable a set of destructive fictions in another institution. There is no reason to promote goods to children as "gender neutral." This lie that human beings do not have fixed traits that indicate sex is a perverse lie, one which is based on the faultiest of lies, that sex can change through surgeries or hormonal replacements.

4. This legislation will only create gender confusion for minors. There is no reason to allow for this abuse in department stores.

5. Boys' and Girls' clothing is structurally different. It is nonsensical to require stores to sell clothes in a "gender neutral" setting.

For more information, please contact:
Arthur Schaper, Organization Director
Cell: (781) 474-3005

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Texas MassResistance Confronts Transgender Protesters Harassing State Legislators


Texas MassResistance parents confront transgender activists trying to intimidate State Rep over his support for pro-family legislation.

“Save James” bills in Texas Legislature would stop ghoulish “sex-change” procedures on children. But LGBT activists demand these continue.

Protest and counter-protest outside Rep’s local office in suburban Dallas/Ft. Worth.

April 26, 2021
ALT TEXT Facing the transgender mob outside of Rep. Stukey's local office. You can't mince words with those people.

The LGBT movement’s dark obsession with children has rarely been so blatant. Few pro-family groups are willing to openly confront that – but MassResistance is an exception!

As we’ve recently reported, Texas MassResistance has been lobbying hard for three important bills moving forward in the Texas Legislature (dubbed the “Save James” bills). These would stop “sex-change” procedures on children. People are outraged that children are being disfigured for life and sterilized to please a radical ideology.


The bills have been aggressively opposed by the LGBT movement as well as big business. Children’s “sex-change” treatments are a huge money-maker for big pharma and “gender clinics.”

As LifeSiteNews recently reported, 43 companies – several of them major national corporations  – have announced their active opposition to this legislation. They are using their immense lobbying power and financial resources to stop it.

One of the opposition’s more distasteful strategies has been to harass and intimidate legislators supporting these bills with loud “protests” by hideous transgender activists at the doors of their home-town local offices.

One target, Rep. Lynn Stuckey (R-District 64), has been a consistent conservative on pro-family issues. But when lobbyists noticed that he was starting to waver over pressure on these bills, they saw him as an easy target. So on April 21, a horde of transgender activists descended on his local office in Denton, TX (a northern suburb of Dallas/Ft. Worth), hoping he’d cave.

ALT TEXT The transgender "protest" outside the local office of Rep. Stuckey in Denton. They hoped to intimidate him and his staff.
ALT TEXT The usual LGBT dishonesty. In fact, the best way to protect "trans lives" and "trans youth" is to give them the psychological help they need, not cruelly mutilate their bodies.
Not surprisingly, they twist and distort the Bible. Her sign says: "Jesus Loves Trans Kids. Be like Jesus." (If you love trans kids, don't mutilate their bodies!)

But it didn’t quite work out the way they planned. Kevin Whitt, our Texas MassResistance Assistant Director, had caught wind of the demonstration and quickly organized a robust counter-protest just several yards away. The LGBT crowd was clearly rattled. Telling the truth about what they’re doing to children tends to have that effect on them, and our people were not afraid to do it!

ALT TEXT Our group was fairly close to them, and definitely raining on their parade!

At one point, one of them came over to “dialogue” with our people. That is a common LGBT tactic when their opposition is resolute; they try to defuse our arguments and energy. But that didn’t work this time, either!

ALT TEXT One of the transgender activists (right, wearing mask) came over to "dialogue" with us.

We weren't in to mood to "dialogue." Here is some of the interaction:

MassResistance: Why can’t you wait until these children are adults?

Trans activist: Because their emotional evolving is absolutely at stake.

MassResistance: No. Only an adult can make that choice. The ramifications are huge. It’s castration. It’s genital mutilation.

Trans activist: They’re not doing that surgery at the clinics in Texas.

MassResistance: Yes, they are doing surgeries on 14-year-olds. And that is a proven fact.

Trans activist: Top surgery?

MassResistance: Yes. In Austin. And other places.

Trans activist: OK. I care about it. Any surgery is significant. But I also believe that there are some things that are worth it.

MassResistance: There are people who suffer from identity disorders well into adulthood, and it’s not just a matter of surgery to fix that. Doing this to a child is nuts … Gender dysphoria is a real mental illness.

ALT TEXT The police were standing nearby, but didn't need to get involved.

Our efforts were successful! We spoke with Rep. Stuckey’s office today. His staff told us that he is now solidly on board support all three “Save James” bills. We’re pleased that he got the message that the LGBT movement is the wrong group to listen to in Texas!

Final thoughts

Many pro-family people around the country believe that the transgender activists and their allies who fight against this kind of legislation are simply concerned, honest folks who have a misguided opinion on this issue. Our people often think that if we talk it through with them, they will see the truth.

Unfortunately, that is completely wrong. We’ve interacted with the other side many times over the years. They know full well what this does to children. They can see it themselves. And they certainly hear what we’ve been saying. But they don’t care. Their hatred of traditional values and their desire to be accepted by their friends is very powerful. They lie to themselves and to everyone else. And as we’ve all observed, many of the “activists” clearly have their own mental health problems that fuel that behavior. And they’re obsessed with “identity” and sexuality issues.

The only thing that’s effective is to stand up to them and never back down to their lies, anger, and hysteria.

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