Sunday, June 26, 2016

Facebook Shuts Down "News the Media Won't Show You"

Facebook has gone on an anti-conservative rampage for the past six months, but they have been targeting and limiting conservative for  much longer.

Tina Siegert, a friend and fighter for the conservative cause, has been reporting on important events which benefit freedom-loving American citizens, even though the mainstream media continues to seek every method to suppress stories which do not fit a narrative.

Now, it looks as if Facebook is trying to make sure that Siegert can't share the news that they won't show -- with anyone!

I have received the following texts from her and her supporters for the past two weeks.

The Orwellian censorship is deeply disturbing:

Journalist and Radio Host Friends please read. 

This is Tina Siegert with News The Media Won't Show You. I am being blocked from sharing news or even posting comments and photos to all groups. Facebook is allowing me to share to our Page my personal wall but I can't share to my group News The Media Won't Show You or any other groups. I post 50 to 100 news stories daily and share with many conservative groups. I have been posting more in Pamela Geller's group because of her being banned from posting for 30 days and now they've targeted me. 

The message I get that pops up doesn't even say why or for how long. Can you guys please write articles or get on the radio about this. So many are losing their accounts, having their Pages and Groups taken down. Journalist Joe Newby and I keep being targeted. He has written about this multiple times. He is an Admin in our News group as well. We need all of you to light this up and make it viral. if you're on radio, put the clip in YouTube with the heading showing what it is,  like, Facebook Knocking off conservatives, blocking from posting news and deleting accounts and groups. We are all being picked off. I have 1 friend who has been kicked off over 20 times. It could be you next. We all need to stick together and stand up to be 1 large voice. Ask other journalists and radio hosts you know in email, on here etc. to write & talk about this. We are a loud voice if we all work together. If you want me to go on the air and talk about it, I will and I'm sure Joe and Pamela will as well. God Bless.

Shame on Facebook for censoring freedom of speech!

The messages continued to pour in from Tina and her supporters.

Here was an immediate response from one of Tina's many supporters:

This is exactly what happened to me last month on the very day I buried my mom and I wasn't even online and hadn't been for days! NO explanation given just a 30 day n including on messenger.

I have faced this similar frustration. I then had to write to one of the administrators for them to stop preventing me from sharing key content.

Very frustrating. No one some conservatives want to have nothing to do with Facebook!

Tina then responded:

Mine doesn't even show how many days. We are small voices when we do a story or show here and there. If we all work together at the same time doing stories on this and also putting links to each other's stories, radio segments, together, we can make a difference and reach more people and possibly a bigger conservative person who can help.

We can all work together to put pressure on the Facebook administrators, Shame them into doing the right thing, and let the right speak for themselves.

Diane Sori wrote a story about this Facebook persecution of conservatives. Here is the link to read more. 

As most of you know I have not been on Facebook for quite some time and for two reasons...first, I was out of town for over a month dealing with the final weeks of my mom's life and her most horrific of deaths. I wrote about this in a two-part series on this, my blog 'The Patriot Factor,' entitled 'The Battle Between God and Medicine' which you can read by clicking these links here and here for parts one and two respectively.

And second, while dealing with my mom's impending death and the aftermath...and I do want to thank those personal Facebook friends who stood by me and helped me through this most difficult of times...the Facebook powers-that-be once again banned me for a post I did NOT...I repeat...NOT... post. Facebook's reason given...I was one of the admin/editors on the site it (the post in question was a meme) was posted on and as such I should have done my due diligence and taken it down.

The double standard gets worse.

Apparently, another page with the same name as Tina's had opened up, and Facebook did nothing to stop it:

Well, that's another thing. I just found out the other day a liberal made a Page called the exact same name as ours 4 months ago and somehow Facebook allowed them our Page name. I sent this to my group and Admins to let them know. Well, I figured out why so many liberals, Muslims and socialists are trying to join our news group. Someone went and made a liberal Page with our name this past Feb. and somehow got 87,000 likes on their page! HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN? Then on the link they took out the word "the"

Well, well, well.

Two weeks later, the same crap is still going on:

>:( Well, I figured since I can't post to my group, I'd start adding the 250 people asking for friendship requests. When I add people as a friend, I tell them about our group. They have blocked me from giving people the information. I have a feeling I don't have much longer on facebook. I really need someone that knows how to make a news website like Drudge Report. 

This needs to stop!

Pamela Geller faced a block-out because her website exposes the destructive core of Islam. The media outreach was incredible, and the backlash insurmountable.

Another friend of mine in the East Los Angeles region was posting his points of view about stopping neo-cons and their destructive foreign policy agenda. He got into a Facebook-commentary fight with detractors, and he lost control of his Facebook page for a few hours.

Left-wing fanactics rely on similar tactics to join, Friend, and then complain ad nauseum about conservative pages to get them shut down. That's what happened to Rhode Island state representative Mike W. Chippendale in 2014. Read  more here.

Just because a news group on Facebook does not have multimedia or multi-national reach does not mean that the media giants can pick on them and get away with it!

As we are learning more and more, the Left cannot win the arguments, and their lies to cheat and steal the vote are getting exposed. Their last remaining tactic is to silence all debate and refute the First Amendment.

PLEASE share this information far and wide! This exclusive is more news which the media will not share with you, or with anyone else.

California DREAMers? Dream on!

Guess what?!

The thousands of illegal alien residents who were supposed to profit from Governor Brown's immoral DREAM Act ... are not using the money at all.

Why? They are still rightfully fearful of being deported.

Legitimacy is essential to all things.

Anyone who lives in this country must do so legally.

This is not a hard concept, and the state of California should stop enticing more illegal aliens with these ridiculous, piecemeal proposals!

Thousands inDream Act grants being left on the table

Undocumented college students are leaving a wealth of unspent aid money on the table five years after the passage of the landmark California law that provides those immigrants grants for higher education. Student Paola Mora is pictured here. (Courtesy photo) 

Undocumented college students are leaving a wealth of unspent aid money on the table five years after the passage of the landmark California law that provides those immigrants grants for higher education.
ARRGH! Let's cut the crap, please! They are not "undocumented immigrants." They are illegal aliens.
Yes, human beings can be illegal, if their status is illegal, based on unlawful presence.
The California Dream Act made them eligible for several kinds of grants to attend community colleges, California State Universities, the University of California and some private campuses. But the euphoria among advocates that accompanied the law’s passage has been dampened by the reality that the state-funded Cal Grant portion of the aid is reaching far fewer undocumented students than originally envisioned, particularly at community colleges.
Silly liberals. College is for American kids, for citizens, for men and women who obey the law, who follow the rules, who regard this country with honor, not error.
A variety of bureaucratic hurdles, along with students’ personal money problems, confusion about rules and fears of government, are causing students to not tap their Dream Act Cal Grants, according to officials and students.
Personal money problems! Ha! Ha! How about living in the country legally?
I have no compassion for the parents who put their children in harm's way like this. We need to control our borders and demand legal restraint and process.
At this time, I favor a necessary pause in immigration, until we can sort out the necessary reforms to ensure the rule of law.
About a third of the overall awards went unused last year, even after careful vetting of applicants for low income, high school grades and other eligibility factors. Making matters worse, nearly half of the Cal Grants awarded for community college costs were left on the table, as millions of state dollars earmarked for immigrant students went unspent. UC and CSU had better records.
American students need those awards. They belong to those who respect the rule of law.
Community colleges are overwhelmed as it is. When will people get it though their thick heads that we need to stop enabling this nonsense?
Lupita Cortez Alcalá, executive director of the California Student Aid Commission, said she was “not comfortable” with the participation rates in the Dreamer grants at community colleges in particular.
“Of course we are concerned about those numbers,” she said, “and we want more students who are awarded those grants to use them for their higher education.”
I am not comfortable with illegal aliens getting taxpayer grant  money for college. How about that?!
She said efforts are underway to reach out to more students and community colleges to learn why young people — many of whom were brought to the U.S. as small children — are bypassing the aid. The agency, which administers Cal Grants, wants to solve any communication and payment problems, she said.
The state of California needs to stop government by sob-story. Secure the border, protect our rights, and ensuring enforcement of the law.
One contributing factor is that these undocumented students are not eligible for federal grants and loans; so the California aid — even bolstered by waivers of community college fees and other grants for UC and Cal State students — may not be enough to cover total expenses, including food, housing and books. As a result, some students abandon college and instead take full-time jobs, forgoing the Cal grants, which range for full-time students from $1,656 a year at community colleges to $12,240 at UC.
The cost of college is already high, and these Illegal Alien grants are making it worse.
A recent survey by the California Student Aid Commission found that some students who did not take the aid blamed high costs of living in the state. In other cases, the reason was less about hardship than communication: many students in the survey reported they had not known of the Cal Grant offers despite what commission officials say were numerous attempts to contact them. A significant number enrolled at community colleges anyway, getting fee waivers but not the Cal Grants, which require more information to qualify, such as high school grades. The colleges contend this shows they are helping these students as much as possible and that the commission’s statewide rules for verifying and distributing the Cal Grants are partly at fault for the low number of takers.
The high cost of living? Boo-Hoo! The only ones who should be complaining about the high cost of anything in this state are the legal residents--you know, the people who work hard and play by the rules, from birth to death.
What about Americans?

The same people who are trying to work a forty-hour week and earn enough money to care for their own children and provide for a better life for their future.
These arrogant illegals: "It costs so much to live here." There is an easy solution to this mess, of course.
*Channeling Sam Kinison* -- LEAVE!!!!!
Some students say some community colleges are themselves confused about how to administer the program and put up needless barriers. Problems arise as schools seek to verify data in some applications as required by the aid commission.
David Rojas Torres, who is in his second year at Santa Monica College, said he was unable to get his Cal Grant funds because the college wanted, among other things, copies of his parents’ tax returns. His parents are undocumented themselves and filed late. They then became nervous that handing over the paperwork might trigger an immigration status review or even deportation, even though the Student Aid Commission insists that no information is shared with immigration authorities.
Ha! Ha! You cannot escape the rule of law! Shame on all of you!
“I was a little bit frightened. What if I was doing something wrong? What would happen to me and my parents?” recalled Rojas Torres, who was brought to the U.S. from Mexico at age 2 and has temporary protection from deportation under the Obama administration’s federal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy. So while he wound up getting the separate fee waiver, he stopped pursuing the $1,656 Cal Grant and took a cashier job to pay for books and other expenses.

I would like to deport President Obama. Who's with me? The Democratic Party has never been interested in solving the immigration problems. They enjoy fostering hatred, class strife, and even. They love exploiting illegal aliens and allowing their pandering political leaders take advantage of them and then turn on them once Democrats win their next election.
Secure the border. Americans have dreams which need to be honored. We are DREAMers too!
The work, he said, “is cutting down on my study time.” He said he thinks that some other students were so exasperated by bureaucracy that they decided to drop out.
Poor illegal alien! Tough!

But Rojas Torres, who studies business administration, received help recently from a college counselor and expects to receive the Cal Grant next year at Santa Monica and later transfer to Cal State Long Beach.
Federal privacy rules bar colleges from publicly discussing individuals’ aid cases, according to Teresita Rodriguez, Santa Monica’s vice president of enrollment development, and officials at other colleges statewide. But Rodriguez said her school works hard with counseling and workshops to encourage Dreamers to obtain all the grants.
“We put a lot of emphasis and resources in trying to get the money in the hands of these students,” she said.
About 30,700 students met the application deadline for Dream Act funds for the 2015-16 school year, yet many were eliminated for not having the requisite high school grade point average — a 2.0 for community college and a 3.0 for others — or for having family income above the $47,600 cutoff for community colleges. After vetting, 8,274 Dream Act Cal Grants were offered statewide and their usage rate varied widely among the education systems, Aid Commission statistics show. By April, only 47 percent of the 4,003 community college awards were paid to students. That contrasts sharply with 84 percent of the 1,170 at UC and 68 percent of the 2,847 offered at Cal State campuses, according to aid commission statistics.
DREAMers are here illegally, and they are not learning, either. Well, well, well. This whole scam is blowing up in illegals' faces. Justice served.
Student Aid Commission officials said the percentages for Cal Grant usage during the current school year will grow as some late spring quarter enrollments are added. They expect the final tally to be about the same as last year’s levels: 67 percent overall, 54 percent at community colleges, 91 percent at UC and 75 percent at Cal State campuses.
Since the undocumented are banned from submitting the regular federal financial aid form, the Dream application can be used to access other California aid as well. Low-income community college students often receive a separate waiver from paying all tuition costs; many are eligible as well for up to $1,656 in a Cal Grant for such costs as books, transportation and housing (the amount is pro-rated for less than full-time studies). At UC and Cal State schools, the Cal Grants cover all of tuition; additional aid from the schools often pays for dorms and other costs.
The author of the California Dream Act, former state Assemblyman Gil Cedillo, said government and nonprofit organizations should work harder to convince undocumented families that no information they provide will be shared with immigration services. In addition, Cedillo, who is now a Los Angeles city councilman, said in an email that he has heard from many eligible students about “challenges they had with their school’s financial aid office.”
Gil Cedillo needs to be deported, too. Heave Ho over the border.
He said schools in more politically conservative areas “refused to inform” students about how to get the aid, a contention that the statewide chancellor’s office said seems unlikely to be occurring in deliberate ways since that information is widely available online.
Schools should not have to inform illegal aliens about anything else but ... get legal!
A large number of U.S. citizens also wind up not using their regular Cal Grants, but those students can receive substantial federal grants and loans while undocumented students are ineligible for both. And, in contrast to the Dreamers, some U.S. citizens had no intention of seeking Cal Grants but were automatically offered them, along with federal aid, simply by filling out the federal aid application; those citizens also are more likely to attend out-of-state schools and forfeit their Cal Grants.
I wonder why. Maybe California's legal residents are tired of being treated like illegals!
Tim Bonnel, a financial aid specialist at the California Community Colleges system headquarters, said he was “not aware” of colleges purposefully blocking grants or incorrectly applying rules.
“Most colleges understand the law is the law,” he said.
Yet he added that some community college financial aid offices are short-staffed compared with Cal State or UC and that might “unfortunately lead to students falling between the cracks.”
“We need to help them get what they qualify for,” he said.
Excuse me?! Illegals do not ualify for anything! All this entitlement talk is really offensive. What about the thousands of legal residents and their children, who have worked so hard to ensure a  better life for themselves?
They have dreams, too, you know!
Amiel Lopez was brought to the United States from Mexico at age 5 and now is a student at San Diego City College. When she started college last year, she was not able to receive her Cal Grant because of issues related to her parents’ marital and income tax filing status, she said. (Many undocumented residents pay taxes by using an alternative to a Social Security number.) Lopez said she incorrectly had reported her parents as married when, to her surprise, it turned out that they are not. Her parents, who are undocumented, then were reluctant to provide the paperwork that would have cleared up the confusion. Lopez, who has DACA protection, got a bank loan to help cover some costs.
So, parents are illegal, the kids are illegal, they are not married, they do not pay their taxes on time, they have no regard for the customs and mores of this country ...
This was no DREAM Act, but actually a total nightmare!
This year, after straightening things out, she was delighted to receive her full awards. For most U.S. citizens seeking financial aid, “it’s easier and there are a lot more opportunities for them,” she said. In contrast, undocumented students “have to make that extra step and put in a lot more effort.”
Who cares if the process is harder for illegals? Too damn bad!
“We have to prove that these things cannot put us down,” she said.
They are not getting you down, as much as you are not in line with the law. That needs to be taken are of first!
Other undocumented students say they are pleased to have received the grants without any hassles or delays. For example, at UC Berkeley, third-year student Paola Mora said she knows older students who had to take off alternate years from school to work so they could afford tuition before the California Dream Act was enacted.
“I’m really grateful I don’t have to go through that, and I can just focus on school for the four or five years I’m here. I work on the side, but I don’t necessarily depend on that work to sustain me here at school,” said Mora, who came from Mexico as a small child and now receives the grants plus wages from a work-study job on campus. The aid “has changed my experience compared to people in the past.”

EdSource is an independent, nonprofit organization whose mission is to engage Californians on key education challenges. Read more at
Final Reflection
Shame on the whole lot of them.
Shame on the state of California's Democratic regime for encouraging this utter lawlessness.
Instead of helping to solve problems, they have merely created more.
We really do need a wall, and the only beautiful door which should be open should be for the legal residents trying to make it in this world
The state of California needs to be turned up and over, with something better put in place for the legal residents.
For Californians, for the true DREAMERS. 
Also, notice that pervasive element of entitlement and intolerance.
The large number of illegals mentioned and quoted in the article above care about themselves. Thet act as though the state of California and the residents who pay the taxes should be accommodating them.
That is very offensive.
At one time, I was so pressed to find a way to help those illegal alien youth who were brought here illegally.
Our nation, our state must focus on border integrity and the rule of law. We need to put the needs of Americans FIRST!

Protest Janice Hahn's Gun-Grabbing Media Stunt

Aunt Janice is at it again,

The woman has no integrity, not ingenuity, and no capacity to stand up for issues that matter to voting people, to the San Pedrans whom she claimed to represent for years.

Hahn is more than social climber, she is a political mountaineer with no regard for those she steps on while on her way to the top.

After three terms in Congress, where the process is "broken" -- because she is in the minority party where she belongs, she is running back to Los Angeles to sit on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.

This past week, she further demonstrated her irrelevance by sitting on the floor of the House of Representatives to protest gun violence, and demand a floor vote on the gun bill.

Guns for me, but not for thee!

So, instead of fighting against terrorism, or tackling the insurmountable national debt, or repealing Obamacare, or expanding individual worker opportunities ...

Aunt Janice sat on her ass and did nothing for nearly an entire day.

The elitist, arrogant hypocrisy gets worse. Dozens of the same House reps own guns themselves, or they rely on armed security.

Of course, this was no real sit-in. They were not protesting for their rights, as much as they were fighting to take away yours and mine.

They were not the hard-core advocates that the media tries to play them up to be, either.

Along with the rest of her illiberal caucus, Aunt Janice got something to eat, catering brought Chik-Fil-A brought some goodies. I wonder what the the LGBT caucus thought of this rank hypocrisy!

Here's more information about what she is proposing to do this Monday.

From the Daily Breeze about Congresswoman Janice Hahn:

Democratic Rep. Janice Hahn will bring a taste of the recent House sit-in over gun control to her district on Monday.

Hahn, D-San Pedro, will be joined by local community members at a sit-in from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Monday at Port of Los Angeles High School, 250 W. Fifth St., San Pedro.

The 25-hour sit-in on the floor of the House of Representations was held to demand passage of stricter gun laws in the wake of the Orlando terrorist massacre.

Now she wants to expand her laziness to San Pedro, again.

Doesn't she know that San Pedrans are the scrappiest bunch in the South Bay?

Union members, Democrats, gun-owners by and large love their firearms--because they love their rights, chief of which is the right to self-preservation.

Stop the Second Amendment Hate, Aunt Janice!

I urge every South Bay citizen, countryman, and particularly every Second Amendment advocate to join Aunt Janice at her gun-grab sit-in, and tell her to SIT ON IT!

Port of Los Angeles High School,
250 W. Fifth St., San Pedro. CA 90731
Monday, June 27th, 2016 -- 5:30-7:30 p.m

There Should Be No Floor Fight Over Trump at the Convention

Republicans who do not like Trump, and who do not think that he should be the GOP nominee need to sit down and relax or just not show up to the convention in Cleveland.

Look, I supported three different candidates for President:

1. Scott Walker
2. Bobby Jindal
3. And finally Ted Cruz.

You know what? None of them made it.

Donald Trump won by record margins in state primaries, open or closed, throughout the country,

If you do not like the outcomes, then agitate for the RNC to take necessary steps to change the rules of the future.

For any uprising of voters, delegates, or frustrated partisans to thrown out the convention over Trump's fair victory is just ... unfair.

And wrong.

And immoral.

The party leaders and the elected officials--particularly those in Washington DC--have routinely failed to fight for our rights.

They have refused to do what is best for the country.

More of part leaders are proving themselves to be dedicated globalists rather than committed constitutionalists.

You don't like Donald Trump? Look, I am they guy who slammed him as a Democrat, who derided his rhetoric and his hold on reality, and still calls him a rodeo clown.

A bad-ass rodeo clown, by the way.

The delegate revolt in waiting is all wrong.

There should be no floor fight.

Donald Trump won the necessary delegates to clinch the  nomination.

Deal with it.

For the Christians, the pro-family advocates, and the pro-biology fighters who want the proper recognition of man and woman, you already have the power to make the necessary changes and restoration in our society.

Politics is about the art and advocacy of the citizen,

For too long, we have forgotten all of this.

You do not have to like the people who are running for office, but sometimes their pattern of actions better serves us.

There were teachers which I did not always like, but still I learned so much from them.

Men and women who have served our country in combat endured some of the most difficult, oppressive training imaginable.

But they are glad that they went through it.

No, frustrated conservatives, the answer to your Trumper-Tantrums is not more lawlessness.

George Will chose to leave the Republican Party. Fine.

Red State editor Erick Erickson and Media Research Center Brent Bozell are still pouting. Ben Shapiro is an inspiring conservative fighter for the cause, too.

Yet like the other two, he needs to get over the fact that Trump is the nominee, whether they like it or not, and trying to derail his chances will not guarantee much good for the country.

Instead of throwing a fit their fizzled advocacy of Walker, Jindal, or Cruz, they need to ask why their message about free markets, free enterprise, and free people is no resonating with average Americans. The message needs to start permeating back into our local schools and cities. The blogosphore, convention-o-sphere, the seminar-o-sphere is not enough. Working people who are suffering the greater brunt of hurt, upset, and outrage from the Big Business, Big Amnesty, Big Homosexual Lobby buying up both side of the aisle in Washington DC.

And yet … many of the media outlets are not really concerned about these real-life concerns. Conservatives lament the growth of the state, the hampering of the free marketing, the attacks on the sharing economy. What are they doing about it?

The theo-cons, of which I am proudly one of them. Steve Deace and I were seeing eye to eye all the way until the end, i.e. when Ted Cruz dropped out of the race, losing traditionally conservative Indiana by double-digits, and not one delegate. Right now, I don’t have clear answers about why Cruz and the Christian coalition failed. Bitterness towards Trump’s nomination will not solve this problem, and pre-empting the convention will only make matters worse.

Then there are the neo-cons. Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol needs to recognize that overseas nation-building is not in the best interest of this country right now, and a strong America focused on its own domestic needs will ensure a strong Israel in the face of the weak, weakened, rabid Islamic tyrannies throughout the Middle East.

There concerns have been ideological, not imminent or realistic. In this regard, Beltway conservatives have lost touch with the rough life and times of working, striving, struggling Middle America,

Get over it, people. Stop fighting it, Never Trumpers.

He won the nomination. Just go with it or go away.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Luis Gutiérrez Weeps Over SCOTUS Strike Down of DACA/DAPA

I got more great news today in my email box.

Amnesty traitor Luis Gutierrez whined  about the tragic limbo for the millions of illegal aliens in our country.

Please enjoy!

We got terrible news:

The four conservative Supreme Court Justices just delivered a gut-wrenching blow to President Obama’s executive order protecting immigrant families.

Actually, the split decision protects all legal families, whether immigrant or natural born,

An immigrant resides in this country legally. What is so hard about this basic concept?!

Donald Trump and the anti-immigrant faction of the GOP are celebrating a decision that will tear parents from their children.

The ugly bigotry rears its ugly head once again. The Republican Party is not anti-immigrant. Many people within the party and conservative leaders across the country are immigrants are come from recent immigrant families.

Right now, we need your grassroots enthusiasm more than ever before. Please sign our petition to stand with immigrant families:


I’ve met with hundreds of DREAMers and I’ve heard their heartbreaking stories.

Excuse me?! Americans are DREAMERS too! Poor Luis!

These are American kids -- American families -- who came here to build a better life, only to be forced to live in the shadows.

No, they are not American, because they are not here legally.

These people are a part of our society. They are our neighbors, our peers, and our friends; they go to our schools, shop in our businesses, and pray in our houses of worship.

This is not my problem, this is not anyone's problem. The fact is that these individuals are in the country illegally, and the rule of law matters.

But every day they live in fear of being torn away from their families and from the only true home that many of them have ever known.

I am tired of hearing about the plight of illegals. At least four members of SCOTUS recognize that the rule of law matters, and 

I refuse to live in a country where a person is criminalized for trying to build a better life for their family. That’s just not what America represents.

You know what?! I am tired of people who think that breaking into this country is not a crime!

We’re better than this. Now is the time to stand up and demand action. We can no longer be silent.

Final Reflection

Luis Gutierrez is a shameful cockroach,

He refuses to distinguish between immigrants and illegal aliens. Law matters, and people who come t to this country are looking for ... the rule of law!

Gutierrez does not care about the rule of law.  He does not care about ... anyone if he does not care about the rule of law.

I am so happy that Gutierrez is so sad!

As long as we keep fighting, in can only get better for this country!

"No Fly, No Buy" Doesn't Fly--So Don't Buy Into it

The gun control fanatics in this country won't stop.

Every time there's a massacre, or any violent gun crime, they use the action as a pretext to limit the number of firearms one can purchase, or how many firearms can be banned altogether.

Guns do not commit crimes.

Criminals do.

Gun Control does not control guns.

Gun Control laws only control law-abiding gun owners, but do nothing to stop gun criminals.

When will these gun control fanatics stop?!

The Democrats in the House staged a cushy, mushy sit-in to protest the lack of a vote for expanding gun checks, or limiting purchases, or just about anything,

Now they want to ensure that anyone on a no-fly list cannot purchase a firearm.

One problem--a number of people on this list are not terrorists, never were.

Consider Tom McClintock, the Congressman.

He was mixed up with another McClintock, an Irish domestic terrorist,

Another woman shared a harrowing story of the ordeals she went through to get off a no-fly list.

Eight years.

Due process is something that every citizen is ... due.

The Second Amendment is not a right to trifle with.

The more that the regressive left tinkers or tries to take away this right, the more that law-abiding citizens will dig in their heels to stop this insanity.

I am still a little disturbed by how insistent the gun grabbers have become.

They need to put in the corner and disciplined severely for the frequent insistence to take away people's guns.

Too many US citizens have read the stories of dictatorial governments which seize firearms.

Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Communist China.

In today''s Germany, a country with some of the strictest gun laws in Europe, a mass shooting destroyed a theater and many lives. So much for gun control. Haven't any of the German people read their own history?"

The migrant crisis has endangered countless lives, including women, children, and minorities, particularly Jewish citizens throughout the continent.

They have every right to protect themselves, and it is outrageous that this fundamental necessity is stripped from so many.

This no-fly, no-buy nonsense does not fly, and no one should buy it.

I applaud US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for quashing the No-Fly No-Buy bill.

Susan Collins is a fool for thinking that such measures will protect us from gun violence.

Pro-Second Amendment advocates need to build their fight and go on the offense.

The left wants to limit the full exercise of the Second Amendment.

What are some policy reforms which would ensure and expand gun rights and ownership in our country?

How about relying on the "gay marriage" ruling to enforce "shall issue" concealed-carry in all states?

How about ensuring a secure border and the enforcement of our laws?!

Friday, June 24, 2016

House Democrats, Sit ON It!

Democrats love representative democracy, especially for minorities, except when they hold the minority of seats.

So, instead of respecting the rules of decorum, the House minority Democrats throw a temper tantrum. They just staged another sit-in this week. They want gun control, and they want it right now. They demand a vote from the Speaker of the House, and they don’t have a lot of power over themselves to demand the vote.

So, they decided to … sit.

With Civil Rights Movement icon John Lewis of Georgia leading the way, the illiberal, regressive Democratic minority, willing to use every tool in their arsenal, now want to agitate for rights. Not for those rights to be represented, mind you, but rather to take them away.
Republicans need to admire, then admonish what Democrats do, from the local offices to the federal legislature.

If they don’t have the numbers in elected office, they use other means to make their point, to bully and shame their majority opposition into doing what they want. How many voters, though, will find this adult-child pity-party worth responding to? My first reaction to the Democratic sit-in in the House of Representatives?

“Get off your ass, and get back to work!”

The previous House Speaker, John Boehner, exhorted his Democratic colleagues to do that. Unfortunately, the Orange One (and I am not talking about Donald Trump) was K-Street destined to do the bidding of Big Business.

Bang. Bang.

The dwindling number of out-of-touch Democrats believe that they are representing the best interests of their constituents. Check out this whopper by email from Karen Bass of Culver City:

“At this moment, I am on the House Floor protesting to demand a House vote to curb gun violence once and for all. We cannot give up on this until House Republicans are forced to represent the interests of the American people, not the gun lobby.”

Wow! Up to the moment! They must be working really hard for me!

Actually, every time a Democrat takes up their arms (legs and hands) to push some form of gun control, they are actually fighting against the best interests of this country. Karen Bass is a slothful liberal who held the reins of power in Sacramento for two years. In those days, California lawmakers could not pass a budget without one or two votes from the Republican minority. At least then Republicans relied on the statutory checks and balances, recently removed by statewide initiative a few years ago. The tax-and-spending spree which followed has chased out Middle-Class California. The lingering homeowners, and the rising number of illegal aliens, are clashing for what’s left of this one-Golden State.

Instead of a sit-in over gun control, how about every taxpayer in the county sit on their hands, with their wallets in their pockets, and declare to the federal government: not a dollar more!

Those California Democrats are cute, though, pouting like the spoiled, unhappy kindergartners they really are. Political opportunism rears its hoary head, too, since Janice Hahn of San Pedro is leaving Congress anyway, running back to the comforts of Los Angeles to take seat on the Board of Supervisors, where her Daddy once sat. Her shot at this gun control insanity? “The American people are sick of silence. They are demanding that Congress take action and protect their families. This nation has just witnessed the deadliest mass shooting in history and more people are dying every day. If we do not take action now, when will we?”

More Americans, especially in California, would take action—if they could acquire a firearm more readily! Jared Huffman of Ukiah had to beg for mercy from the Big Green activists because he favored Hillary well in advance. Now he slams the Republicans for refusing to Big Gun Grab. Ha! Then you have weak freshman Democrat Peter Aguilar of Redlands. He is already tied with his strong conservative, patriotic, anti-terrorist challenger Paul Chabot—and this is an election year!
California Democrats, from Sacramento to DC, are shooting back at the “gun lobby.” They are actually taking aim at the Framers of the Constitution and the entire blessed legacy of Common Law, which enshrined the right to self-protection and self-preservation. Imagine if those care workers in San Bernardino had concealed-carry permits. Those Islamic militants would have met a just and fatal end without wiping out so many innocents. What about Orlando?

Of course, Democrats are not interested in working for the American People. The bidding of the gun control lobby, the environmental activists, and the Big Labor radicals dictate what the remaining Democrats are allowed to do. Those backroom backstabbers never consider the best interests of this country.

If they tell them to run around the floor of the House and scream, they will find any time to get away with such childish antics. I still remember during the 2013 government shut-down (which was former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s fault), that Congressman George Miller of the Bay Area (who thankfully retired the next year) shamed his Republican colleagues for their “jihad.”

What was the Republicans’ holy war? To stop  Obamacare, and keep the government running for the basic necessities. Not sure how such piecemeal reforms count as “terrorism”, but we will never know. Miller is gone with the wind.

What else can we conservatives learn from this abortive, insipid, and just plain silly sit-in stunt?
Democrats fight for what they believe in, even when the numbers are not lined up in their favor. Republicans see their minority status at the state or local level, and just give up. That’s wrong. Not only should they fight for what they believe in, but they should recognize that their policies and values pay off. Democrats should do a sit-in. How about far away in their homes, no longer in power!

 Gun control does not work. Control of Muslim migration and relaxing the application process for a firearm will help law-abiding citizens and deter the lawless criminals. 

Media Advisory: Protest Lara and His Anti-Christian Bigotry

Christians--and Americans in general--are facing attacks on their religious liberty like never before.

Not just with shaming or ridicule, but now Christians are forced to compromise their values, or go out of business, lose their jobs, or even face massive fines or jail time!

In California, the state legislation now wants to impose more restrictions on the practice of our faith in Christ and our Great Commission to spread to the Gospel.

State Senator Ricardo Lara
anti-Christian, anti-liberty bigot

Senate Bill 1146 will lead to more discrimination against Christians, particularly Christian institutions of higher education!

The bill’s author, California State Senator Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens, Long Beach) claims the following:
“Under state law, at least 34 California universities are exempt and do not have to comply with state nondiscrimination laws, leaving thousands of students open to discrimination based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. These universities have a license to discriminate and students have absolutely no recourse. Addressing this issue is long overdue.”
What will SB 1146 actually do?

Here are key concerns about this legislation:
  • Eliminate faith-based decisions when it comes to admission, housing, and perhaps even employment at faith-based campuses 
  • Require institutions that receive California public funds and that claim an exemption from state or federal discrimination laws and regulations, as specified, to provide public disclosures

Imagine Christian Colleges forced to do the following:

  • ·    Allow men who identify as women into women’s bathrooms.

  • ·    Limit pastors and Christians professors’ discussion on Biblical principles relating to gender, marriage, family, and sexual behavior.

  • ·    Forbid private and parochial schools from operating in line with their biblical values!

This bill could force Christian schools to abandon their intended mission altogether.

What schools will your children go to, who are seeking a Bible-based education based on truth and revelation, as opposed the decadent secularism eating away at our society?

But you can make a difference! You can stop this anti-freedom bigotry, even in liberal California.

By encouraging your congregations to rise up and stop this terrible bill, you can ensure that your First Amendment Freedoms of Religion, Speech, Press, Assembly, and Petition will remain strong and growing!


A time and place have been organized with California MassResistance Director Arthur Schaper.
State Senator Ricardo Lara’s Long Beach Office:

PHONE: 562-256-7921
FAX: 562-256-9991
June 29th, 4:00pm.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker: Flushing the GOP Pro-Family Agenda

Liberal Governor Charlie Baker of Massachusetts rode the second Republican wave of national victories in 2014. Democrats damaged themselves with Obamacare, even in “RomneyCare” Mass. A Republican won Massachusetts’ U.S. Senate special election in 2010. A Republican stronghold of working-class Americans is breaking out in the middle of the state.

And now, Massachusetts has Baker.

He had run for Governor in 2010, rightfully banking on the Tea Party wave. He didn’t make it against incumbent “Mr. Governor” Deval Patrick. The second time, Massachusetts voters welcomed him to the corner office.

He made some welcome changes to the way the commonwealth political class does business. He removed a lot of the frills and trappings from the governor’s office. He did away with a lot of the unnecessary glitz. He submitted budgets which didn’t raise taxes or fees. He is a “good guy” with Democrats as well as Republicans (after all, the Massachusetts state legislatures retains a wall of blue). He has expanded cooperation between ICE and the Massachusetts State police. Public safety and fiscal prudence matter to him.

But on those cultural issues, Baker really burns his base!

He promoted an openly gay rights platform. In 2010, he candidly admitted himself to the left of President Obama on gay marriage (at the time, Obama remained coy on the subject, until Vice President Uncle Joe Biden opened his mouth—again). A number of commercials advertised Baker as “100% pro-choice.” In 2014, he stayed true to this agenda, although pro-liberty advocates hoped that he wouldn’t trample their rights in the process.

He still seems happy with gun-grabbing in a state where “Live Free or Die” New Hampshire and Gun-Enthusiastic Vermont border to the North. How about those farmers who fired “The Shot Heard Round the World”?

So, is Baker a Republican’s dream in a Democratic strong-hold? In 2014, concerned conservatives asked the same question. They were rooting for pro-family Mark Fisher, a Tea Party activist with strong connections and conservative values. In a head-to-head debate with candidate Baker, he identified his political role model with ease: Scott Walker. Baker laughed, chuckled, struggled with the question, then blurted out the least objectionable leader: Jeb! By the way, Walker is planning a third term in a purple state turning red. Jeb repudiated his conservative legacy as Florida’s governor when he ran against the base for the presidency, then dropped out after South Carolina.
Because Republican forces believed “moderate” Baker would be better, Fisher lost at the state convention (despite allegations of electoral misconduct. Baker challenged major loser Martha Coakley, a terrible campaigner and figurehead for the Massachusetts Dems.

Yes, Baker won, but at what cost? And how should the pro-family Republican Party respond?
The Massachusetts conservatives (weary of their new leader) and the Republican base have already started asking: “How much longer will Baker defy his base?”

The answer: as long as possible.

Earlier this year, Baker raised a million dollars to elect liberals to the state Republican central committee. He attacked fellow Republicans—while three contested legislative seats went unchallenged to Democrats.

Now, he’s turning more heads, flushing the GOP pro-family agenda in the process. Baker announced support for a statewide “Transgender Bathroom Bill.” This crappy capitulation is worse that his decidedly liberal stance on cultural issues.

Even though he had caved to the left on abortion and gay marriage, he had staunchly opposed the transgender agenda, and did not support allowing biological men into women’s bathrooms, and vice versa.

“Governor-elect Charlie Baker would not support expanding the state's anti-discrimination laws to add protection for transgender people in public places, such as restaurants or theaters.”

Let’s remember that those “public places” are also private property. Men and women may operate their businesses as they see fit. Baker stood on the right side of this issue.

“Baker, a Republican, does support an existing law that protects transgender people from discrimination in employment and housing. But he said Monday that he does not favor a bill that is expected to come before the legislature next session to add a prohibition against discrimination in places of "public accommodation.”

Well, now he does!

What does this turn-around say about the state of the Republican Party, especially in a region where conservatives are just now clawing back inch by inch? A stark lack of conviction is the norm, and has infected elected officials. The LGBT lobby enshrined same-sex “marriage” in Massachusetts. This battleground victory allowed the further advance of this horrific agenda around the country. Because of judicial fiat, “gay” marriage has become the dictate of the land. Schools teach it, require kids to learn about it, and even encourage experimentation with their own identities. People have lost their jobs for speaking out against gay marriage or the dangers of same-sex conduct (including well-respected Dr. Paul Church of Beth Israel Deaconness Medical Center).

Now, even in the reddest of states, politicians are avoiding or caving to this controversy. They want to be liked, they want to win on issues that will generate little conflict with a wide swath of the electorate. While South Carolina lawmakers discussed enacting a similar set of restrictions on public bathrooms, Tea Party Governor Nikki Haley questioned the necessity of such a measure. U.S. Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina (in a tight re-election bid) has refused to dig in his tar heels with Governor Pat McCrory. Other states have already rolled out these transgender laws, without regard to public consideration.

Will the transgender bathroom agenda be the next Republican capitulation, with RINO Baker leading the way?

Conservatives need to stop the stalling. Republican leaders need to protect the gender distinctions within bathroom stalls, stand up for the normal, moral distinctions of male and female. This bathroom fight is about more than “Splish Splash” restrooms, but public safety, individual privacy, and the fundamental definitions and distinctions which make life and prosperity possible: male and female, and the families which follow.