Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Flashback: Standing up to Cudahy Corrupto Amnesty Agitators (H/T Shuttershot45)

The February 27, 2017 Cudhay City Council meeting was contentious and crazy

I feared for the worse at the time, especially since all the Brown Supremacists and La Raza thugs from throughout the Southeastern LA region were looking for trouble.

The room was standing-room only at one point. So much chanting and race-baiting filled the room.

Shuttershot 45 was on hand to record what was going on.

If I got hurt, at least there would be evidence that someone had done something to hurt me.

Thankfully, I was not hurt, and neither was anyone else in our team.

Here's the first part of the February 27, 2017 Cudahy city council meeting:

First I confronted Alan Garcia and what I would soon learn was his partner in Cudahy sanctuary city collusion.

Now Enamorado wants to run for city council? Or is Congress?

Whatever is the flavor for the day, I guess.

This time with this post, I want you to see my view of the encounter with Alan Garcia and Edin Enamorado:

Then check out this video:

You will notice Edin in the background along with the Alan Garcia, both left-wing illegal alien advocates, tried to one-up or shame me about my conservative views

I refused to be intimidate, but I realized that they were becoming more alarmed about the efforts of We the People Rising and LA County for Trump to take on the illegal alien problems infesting the Southeastern Los Angeles County region. It's time to put a stop to all of this.

Notice also below that I was not afraid to confront Edin about the comments he had made at the podium, specifically when he called immigrants to the United States "wetbacks."

It's about time that more people throughout the country, particularly in California, confront these corrupt agitators. American is for Americans and for all immigrants who come into the United States legally.

No more sanctuary cities, no more sanctuary state, no more illegal immigration, and no more brazen disregard for our nation's sovereignty. None!

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