Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Deep Blue Oregon: Worse Than California?

The State of Oregon the Beaver State, the Oregon Trail, the rough-hewn pioneer West Coast which made this country greats, has turned into razorblade snowflake territory.

This is just untenable. I cannot believe how depressingly blue Oregon has become.

Everything East of the I-5 corridor is nothing but red state wonderland. Greg Walden is the Congressman for a wide, diverse, lively region. But three cities run the state: Eugene, Portland, and Salem. It's terrible.

Why should three cities along the coast tilt the entire state? But that is what is happening.

My father lives close to the 1-5 corridor, and the city where he lives is getting bigger and more built out every day. Like him, more people are leaving California for low cost, no sales tax Oregon.

One has to wonder how long the low-cost culture will last.

Oregon is not doing as well as it could. The state has had a deeper descent into Democratic power, and the state is worse for wear on account of it. Election 2014 was a wipeout for Democrats as Republicans picked up seats all over the country, including California, particularly my own Assembly district as well as a seat in the East Bay region near Alameda County. But in Oregon, Republicans actually lost seats. Incredible but true, especially when in 2010 the Oregon state legislature ended up at an 50-50 split, which required co-chairmen for all committees. One consultant/staffer in the region told me that this kind of forced bipartisanship created one of the most effective sessions in Oregon's history.

Those days are long gone.

During Thanksgiving 2016, I visited Oregon to celebrate with my family. We drove to the state capital to see the sights for a little while. Earlier that day,  a state police officer pulled my Dad over because he had made a U-turn. What's wrong a U-turn? In Salem, drivers can make the turn only if there is a sign that informs drivers they may do so. What? Such legal illogic is destructive, undermining the rule of law in our communities. Since when do we wait for signs to tell us that we may do something? The Common Law tradition promotes signage in order for citizens NOT to do something!

And it gets crazier.

When I visited the state legislature earlier this year, I was followed by state police because I was taking pictures with my hat. For some reason, I am not allowed to use my Trump banner or my hat to take pictures. At one point, I confronted one of the officers on duty and asked for his badge number. Such behavior is unseemly.

I am certain that the police officer didn't expect a citizen to speak up and push back at an officer.

There's more.

Salem passed laws to allow children as young as 15 years old to get sex-change operations without the parents' approval. I learned about this from a conservative general assemblyman, Andy Olsen of Albany Oregon. During one legislative session, I was listening to the state House determine how much to limit permitting individual cities and county jurisdictions to pass their own right-to-work statutes. Unbelievable.

It's so bad, that even Republicans are as a part of the problem. A Republican submitted gun control legislation in Oregon! Breitbart reports:

Oregon lawmakers passed legislation co-sponsored by Sen. Brian Boquist (R-Dallas) that allows a judge to issue an ex parte ruling for the confiscation of an individual’s firearms.

The bill is SB 719, and it has now passed Oregon’s House and Senate. It creates an Extreme Risk Protection Order, which forces the subject of the order to hand over all firearms, as well as his concealed carry permit if he possesses one.

Again, a Republican, a member of a party which is supposed to defend Second Amendment rights, introduced this bill, not just voted for it! Terrifying!

Now let's talk about Governor Kate Brown.  Before Kate Brown, let's talk about the disgraced previous governor John Kitzhaber, who was forced to resign following a long spate of scandals. Even though his wife (#2? #3?) was a mail order bride to help an immigrant get his papers, too, Kitzhaber was re-elected in 2014. Unbelievable.

The "Honorable" Kate Brown a same-sex kiss
(Credit: GoLocalPDX)

So, Kate Brown the Secretary of State became the second Brown on the West Coast to become a governor. Her first claim to fame? She advertises herself as the first openly bisexual governor in United States history.. In other words, she likes to sleep around, a distinction not to be proud of.  She  signed a bill which forces insurance companies to pay for abortions. Taxpayers will also have to provide abortions to illegal aliens, too. The governor also signed off on an automatic voter-motor law, just like in California, which will enable voter fraud on a massive scale. Add to that the fact that Oregon residents no longer vote at polling stations. They either mail in their ballot or drop it off. Can you say "voter fraud"?

And she just instituted a policy by order and signature that has turned Oregon into a sanctuary state for illegal aliens.

Sometimes I chide my father for moving to Oregon, in part because he wanted to flee the liberal insanity infecting California. In a way, California feels like a purple state compared to the overwhelming progressive perversity overtaking Oregon. I rib my father sometimes, saying "You should have stayed in California!"

There is hope, though  Election 2014 was a disaster for Oregon Republicans. But a statewide initiative  to allow illegal aliens to have driver's licenses failed by a 2-to-1 margin. Even though Bi-Sexual Kate has signed off on sanctuary state, three lawmakers (including Hispanic Sal Esquivel of Medford) are launching an initiative to overturn this abject lawlessness.

And they are targeting Kate Brown for recall!

There is hope for the Beaver State, the Duck State, the State which gave Lewis and Clark increased prominence. Let's hope this populist revolt will lead to a constitutional resurgence in respect of limited government and individual liberty, too!

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