Sunday, April 23, 2017

Commie Chu Violates Trump Supporter's First Amendment Rights in Town Hall: "Put Away The Trump Cape!"

Congresswoman Judy Chu (D-Claremont) is probably not a big fan of man.

After all, I went after her with a number of memes about her routine ethical violations in Congress during Election 2016:

This one was a particular favorite:

After the election, when Donald Trump won the Presidency, I attend a dinner function hosted by the Democratic Progressive Party.

Guess who sat at the same table with me?!

She doesn't look too happy!

But I had a great reception with Congressman Ed Royce:

But back to Commie Chu.

This woman is a full-on disgrace, anti-constitutional as they come.

Instead of respecting my First Amendment rights, she directed staff to force  me to remove from Trump cape:

From the February, 2017 CRP Convention

First, one of her staffers got in my face:

Then Corporal Martinez #3835 confronted me:

This is ridiculous.

I was discriminated against, and they twisted the rules to make me put away the cape. At the Dianne Feinstein town hall, one of the staffers told me it was fine to wear it, just as long as I did not block anyone:

No wonder Commie Chu didn't want me to wear it -- it looks good when worn.

Faris Ibrik wears his banner as a cape, too!

Oh, and here are the rules of conduct for the town hall:

Thank you for your RSVP! We look forward to having you at our event. In order to ensure that everyone in attendance has a good time we have outlined a code of conduct for this event.

The Following Items are Prohibited:
·         Posters, signs and banners (We want everyone to be able to see the stage.)
·         Loudspeakers and Noisemaking Devices
·         Weapons of any kind
·         Laser pens and pointers

We Expect Everyone in Attendance to:
·         Exercise consideration and respect in your speech and actions
·         Refrain from demeaning, discriminatory or harassing behavior and speech
·         Enjoy the company and keep an open mind

The Following Behaviors are Unacceptable:
·         Violence, threats of violence or violent language directed against another person
·         Discriminatory jokes or comments
·         Sustained disruption of the event

Above all, please respect everyone in the room. Thank you and see you soon!

Office of Congresswoman Judy Chu (CA-27)
527 S. Lake Ave. Ste. 106
Pasadena, CA 91101
Phone: (626) 304-0110
Fax: (626) 304-0132 

Notice the directive about banners--"We want everyone t be able t see the stage."

Wearing the banner as a cape ensured that no one would be blocked from viewing the stage!

This is discrimination!

I will be filing official complaints persuant to the Unruh Act as well as with the Claremont Police Department.

More news to follow.

Brad Sherman Town Hall: Delusional Democrats (You Wanna Get Into This?!)

Congressman Brad Sherman is a hard-core leftist.

He also hosted a town hall in Reseda, California ... at Reseda High School!

I got a new camera, and I was ready to hold the elected officials accountable!

As soon as I walked up to the high school, guess who I ran into?!

He didn't seem to keen on speaking with me!

If I had had a little where withal, I would have gone after him a little further and demanded more answers. Of course, I actually believed that I would ask him a question.

Please, don't laugh at me.

"You wanna get into this?!"

Here are the next set of videos I took:

I walked in and faced some pretty welcome people. This one black man wearing a green shirt and tie was very glad to see me. He handily admitted that he had never seen a Trump supporter before, and he was glad to see me.

The next video shows me going after Sherman for a statement on immigration, and then I tangled with a woman who was pushing the whole single-payer racket.

This woman has joined the single-payer train, and I refused to let her get away with promoting the proposal without justifying.

Later on this woman claimed that I was supporting corporations. Uh, no.

They have been bewitched by the siren song of socialism:

The madness of single-payer supporters is very sad.

Here's the first part of the town hall:

I found a few Trump supporters, or rather they found me. Their presence gave me a greater sense of boldness.

As I was sitting down, a few other people came by and thanked me for attending, even though they did not like Trump and did not agree with many of the viewpoints I share.

It was really nice to get that kind of support. Another lady actually walked up to me and told me: 

"You are very brave. I will go out of my way to protect you. No one better mess with you!"

To this day, I have no idea if she was a Trump supporter or not.

It got really frustrating for me, though, as Congressman Sherman spent more time showcasing fellow politicians rather than answering questions from the audience.

A few people were grateful that I spoke up during the town hall, too.

Here's the second part of the town hall:

You will notice that some of the audience members became particularly hostile.

One of them even told me to move to a red state.

Wolfman (in the center) gave me a hard time.
He was  more light-hearted though, after the meeting.

Another woman fought to enforce the argument that all of us are immigrants. Uh, not me, since I was born in this country.

After the meeting, a number of people approached me to thank me for attending.

One Bernie supporter with a independent media program interviewed me. Glad to speak with him.

Another man shared his views about Trump, and I was willing to listen.

Then the black pastor came back and we started talking. He was really excited when I explained why I supported Donald Trump for President, since he did not expect to get substantive reasons for why.

It was a great time, and I am so glad that it all worked out.

California Secretary of State Does not Know About the Sanctuary State Legislation

We the People Rising kick butt all over California. 

Robin Hvidston and her partner in patriotism Raul Rodriguez of America First Latinos gave a key presentation to the Auburn Republican Women Federated, a city 60 miles north of Sacramento.

After their presentation, they rushed back to the Sacramento airport to get home by the end of the evening.

And guess who they ran into?!

Secretary of State Alex Padilla!

This video clip from We the People Rising lasts a little over one minute.

In this small space of time, however, we learn that this Secretary of State does not know about SB 54 and SB 6.


SB 54: Turning California into a sanctuary state, in which law enforcement will not be permitted to communicate with ICE.

SB 6: Funding legal counsel for illegal aliens.


How can this man claim any status of responsibility in the state of California, when he doesn't even pay attention to the highlighted pieces of legislation coursing through the state legislature? This is beyond crazy.

Oh, and this Padilla fellow is the same thug who has enabled illegal aliens to register to vote!

But at least for We the People Rising, they had another runner!

Adam Schiff Town Hall: "Climate Change Will Kill Us All!"

The town hall circuit is in full swing throughout the state of California.

I have to ask, though: do the liberals who have overrun California with so much destruction and Democratic despair really think that they are making California Great Again against Donald Trump's agenda?

Give me a break. Californians in larger numbers are doing well, as they flee to other states like Nevada, Texas, or even Oregon!

Yet Congressman Adam Schiff is blissfully  convinced that California is the vanguard of everything good in California. How can anyone look at the dysfunctional mess that has become the Golden State under progressive-communistic leadership and actually conclude that Democrats are doing a great job?!

If you are a politician, a public sector employee, a welfare dependent, or an illegal alien, then perhaps life is so-so behind the California Iron Curtain. As for everyone else, it sucks.

Instead of tackling these basic bread-and-butter issues, of course, Schiff sat on a stage with three doctorate climate alarmists to push this need for more government to protect the environment.

Oh brother.

The hour and a half affair had small value as far as public participation. Schiff directed staff to walk around with a microphone and select different people to speak. Not very fair, in my view.

It's getting harder and harder to find town halls where individuals present will have the chance to just walk up to the mike and make a statement. These Democrats are not interested in free speech, of course. Their minute interest is only about revving up the grassroots machine to try and win back Congressional seats or at least take back the US Senate.

Of course, their chances are not going to be as strong as predictors and historical indicators would suggest. But even in California, Democrats who are not taking a strong enough stance can face their own primary challenge from the left, which will in turn bleed over into a costly general election. Just ask what happened to Howard Berman in 2012.

Gary Grindall61 was there, and he got some great footage of the town hall that really was not.

Adam Schiff wants to use transportation money to get people out of their cars and into public transit.

Here's the entire town hall:

Notice how we hear nothing but liberals asking their loony questions, and nothing more.

Climate change, climate change, federal funding for scientific research, etc.

The best thing that I heard at the meeting?

First, Schiff read off a list of "terrible" things that have happened since Donald Trump became President, including interests in cutting at east 38% of the budget from the EPA.

Those cuts do not go far enough!

Adam Schiff lost his first bid for office in 1994, when he ran on a platform opposing Proposition 187, even though the vast majority of voters declared their growing opposition to illegal immigration. He compared his situation to having his feet tied to railroad tracks with the train barrelling down towards him.

Those were good times, 1994.

Is it possible for any kind of revolution of that kind to happen again?

Not sure at this point ...

LA Weekly: Pandering to Illegal Aliens, Ignoring Citizens

The press is all up in arms about illegals and their plight under the Trump Administration.

Why is there any surprise? Trump ran on a platform of enforcing our immigration laws? And yet everyone is upset about this? What is the Los Angeles, liberal basin mindset that makes them so obsessed with the plight of lawless criminals?

No wonder the press is facing steep declines.

They continue pushing a crappy, useless liberal narrative about the poor illegals, all while no one cares about the American citizens who are struggling to get by in this country.

Why does the liberal media and their elite peers in Hollywood and uber-wealthy sections of Los Angeles and New York City care so much about illegal aliens?

What about our homeless, veterans, foster children, too?

Instead, we are hearing about the illegal alien children ...

Since President Trump's Jan. 20 inauguration, previously unseen numbers of undocumented immigrant parents in Los Angeles, fearing the splintering of their families, have taken steps to ensure they have someone to care for their children in the event they are deported ...

Oh, poor babies! Look, parents, if you had not broke this nation's immigration laws, you would have never been in this mess in the first place. There is no one to blame besides yourselves.

The traditional route for appointing a legal guardian is through a court appearance, but that option has proved tricky now that agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement appear to be stalking undocumented immigrants in courthouses to make arrests. 

It's called enforcing our laws. What's the problem, LA Weekly? If you do not like the laws of this nation, then you change them through your elected representatives. The DACA and other executive orders are not the way to deal with these immigration issues.

How big is this illegal alien problem, anyway?

A 2014 report by the Migration Policy Institute estimates that 489,000 children in L.A. County have at least one parent who is undocumented — the highest number of any county in the United States. The same study found that 410,000 of those children are U.S. citizens.

Wow. This is a sticky situation, but this fault does not lie with the law-abiding citizens of this country, and specifically with the state of California. We the People did not create this problem, so do not feel guilt-tripped into doing something about it -- as if it's your fault.

"It used to be that as long as you lived right and went to work you could live without fear. But with the new rules one has to look at things differently." —Areli, an undocumented mother who's filing a caregiver affidavit for her two young daughters

Where do these arrogant people get the idea that they had any right to live and work in the United States in the first place? What part of "illegal" do they not understand?

Most undocumented parents, if detained by ICE and thrust into removal proceedings, would choose to take their children with them, even if the children are U.S. citizens, advocates say.

So who says anything about enforcement breaking up families?! It's simply untrue.

"It's heartbreaking seeing so many parents' concerns about the plight of [their] children if they're arrested or deported while going to work or taking their children to school," Bastida says. "I haven't seen that fear in the community before."

And what about Jamiel Shaw? What about Kate Steinle's parents?

What about them?

The rest of the article focuses on the specific plight of illegal alien parents organizing care for their children when they get deported. Please, liberal, marginalized media, do not bore me the sob stories of illegal aliens who undermined our country's federal immigration laws.

The compassion must return to American citizens of all backgrounds and views. It's time to put Americans First.

So, in the above article, we are subjected to hearing all the sad accounts of illegal aliens ensuring that their children will be safe when they get deported.

Of course, LA Weekly also had to share with us what happens to illegal aliens Mexicans when they are returned to their home country:


Now we have to look at border security as a matter of heaven or hell. Does that make the United States hell? Or Mexico?

José Mares had arrived to work five minutes early one morning in February when four men in street clothes grabbed him in the parking lot. He was mere feet from the shop entrance, a hot coffee and Egg McMuffin in hand. One of the men was wearing a bulletproof vest underneath his shirt. Mares sensed he was being arrested. He didn't know the reason for it, but he didn't resist.

Of course he did not resist. He was in the country illegally. For that reason he should have been deported long ago!

The agents took him 90 miles away to Camarillo, driving in convoy with two other vehicles to a holding center for migrants with outstanding removal orders. Mares noticed large binoculars on the front seat. The agents had had eyes on him for days, they told him. One of them asked why he took an unusual route to work that morning, seeming to insinuate Mares had discovered the agents and was preparing to flee. Mares told them he had run out of coffee that morning and had to stop at McDonald's.

Anyone reading the account will find that the word "illegal" is not mentioned, to give off the impression of unjust police action.

But ICE has every right and necessity to enforce our nation's immigration laws. Mexico, Argentina, China all have immigration laws, too, and they work hard to ensure that they are enforce, do they not?

The agents knew where he lived, they knew where he worked, they knew his daily routine and what route he took to work. "They were watching me," he says, "like I threatened to kill the president or something."

This guy just does not get it. He was in the country illegally, and he took no steps to become legal. There are scores of accounts of men and women who may have illegal status but they get it right! What is the matter with these people? He had a job, he was raising his daughter, and yet he refused to take the necessary steps to become a law-abiding citizen of this country.

That's on him at this point.

"To me, this is a nightmare," he says. "You get taken away from everything you care about, your loved ones, everything. That's the only way I can describe it — it's a nightmare."

Yes, but you were in the country illegally. That's not our fault. Being separated from your family for a time is not as bad as losing your son or daughter forever. Such is the fate for many

The feeling of desperation is what drove him to try to sneak back in.

OH! He breaks the law again!

A week after he was deported, Mares climbed over the border fence and ran. He chose a place where the fence crosses through a busy part of the city. A stranger he met on the street recommended the spot, and some passers-by gave him a boost over the top.

Now we have to read about how this illegal hurt himself while breaking into the United States--again.

This is so shameful. For these stories alone, readers should just throw the LA Weekly rag in the truth and not think twice.

THEN we find out how this person is -- an illegal alien:

José Mares was one of 161 undocumented immigrants netted in the L.A. sweeps that ICE conducted in early February, the first significant enforcement surge of the Trump presidency. The sweeps were part of a nationally coordinated surge of 680 arrests in 11 states. Yet it was not the size of the raid that's notable but, rather, how abruptly ICE had jettisoned the "felons not families" guidelines for removal established under President Obama.

GOOD. Obama's guidelines were unconstitutional in the first place. They should have never been enacted or enforced -- at all!

Trump appeared to endorse the sweeps a few days after Mares was deported, tweeting: "The crackdown on illegal criminals is merely the keeping of my campaign promise. Gang members, drug dealers & others are being removed!" It is the "others" he mentions that most concern advocates for immigrant rights.

ICE under Trump is going after low-hanging fruit, migrants with final orders of removal for a petty misdemeanor offense, according to lawyers who work with the recently deported in Tijuana. 

So, that's more information that the article holds back. Mares is a criminal, or at least he has a further record in addition to being illegal.

Final Reflection

The remainder of the second article follows the "tragic" account of other illegals swept up in the ICE raids.


It's time for the media to write and represent the accounts of American citizens who lost their loved ones to illegal aliens. Where was the story about Sandra Duran, killed by an illegal alien in a hit-and-run in North Hills?

What about the Steinles, whose daughter was murdered, shot by a five-time deportee who had stolen the firearm from a federal agent? After nearly two years, no one is asking about this family and what they have been through. This is beyond incredible--it's a shameful stain on the media industry for ignoring the truth about the devastating consequences of illegal immigration on American citizens.

Perhaps it's time for hard-core patriots to boycott these publications and then signal to the advertisers their non-interest in their goods, too.

Al Franken Is Worried? Doggone it, I Like It!

Now check this out.

US Senator Al Franken is worried about the next election cycle.

He should be.

With a foreboding map facing Democrats inn 2018, they can only hope that they can staunch the losses.

The truth is that Democrats have to defend a record 25 seats, and at least five of them represent states which both Mitt Romney and Donald Trump won by double digits.

Not good.

Then there are the Rust Belt states and a few other swing states which Trump won in 2016. Those states have seen a growing surge in Republican registration, too.

Not really, Al! Not really at all! (Credit: Madmedic)

Of course Franken is worried. Doggone it, I like it!

The Democratic Party is in its death throes, have sacrificed whatever remaining scruples and pro-American sentiment they claimed to have.

They embrace a communist, globalist, secular, anti-American agenda, none of which lines up with the United States Constitution. They have left their own members behind, as they pander to and care for the needs of illegal aliens while ignoring the concerns of American citizens. They want open borders, government-run health care, gun control for all, and cessation of freedom of speech.

The Democratic Party is dying for a reason, and Republicans, or fair-minded citizens, cannot hope for any kind of compromise with such perversity!

Check out Franken's latest eblast:
Hi Arthur—I wanted to make sure that you saw my email from a few days ago.

Dear MoveOn member,
It's Al Franken, and I'm writing you today because I'm worried. Not about what Donald Trump has tried (and, so far, failed) to do already, like Trumpcare and the Muslim ban. But about the storm that's coming.
You see, we're just 93 days into the Trump presidency. Fortunately, we're also 93 days into a powerful resistance movement.
Up until now, we've been doing surprisingly well stalling Trump's agenda. But the thing is, he's just getting started—so we can't let up for a second. There are so many more fights to come: Stopping Trump's tax breaks for rich people like himself. Standing up to Jeff Sessions' deportation force. Resisting attacks on Medicare and the environment.
And we still have a year and a half before we've got a shot at taking back Congress.
Trump governs by chaos. He wants us to get tired and slow down, but we can't let him win.
My Democratic colleagues and I are counting on you to keep marching, and protesting, and calling. Will you chip in $5 a month to MoveOn to help keep the resistance strong for the next four years?
MoveOn members worked day and night to stop Trump from being elected. And then, the day after the election, MoveOn members began organizing to build the resistance, with vigils around the country. You never stopped.
In fact, after Trump was elected, there was a huge spike in grassroots energy—the biggest I've seen in my entire political career. Record-setting numbers of people flooded the streets. It was impossible to get a call through to Congress (believe me, I know, because my office phone lines were ringing off the hook). And while my Republican colleagues are trying to put on a brave face, I can tell that they are under stress. (And that stress helped defeat their first attempt at Trumpcare!)
But here's what has me worried: We're fighting on so many fronts. And if energy drops off, we'll start losing.
The antidote? Millions of us involved so that together we can continue to organize non-stop. The kind of organizing that MoveOn excels at.
We can't let up. I'm counting on MoveOn members like you to be there every day that Trump is in office—to help lead the resistance, stop his agenda in Congress, and help win back political power. Can you support the resistance with a monthly donation to MoveOn?
As a senator, even one who's in the minority, there are a lot of things that I can do. I can ask nominees tough and important questions (see: Betsy DeVos, Jeff Sessions, and Neil Gorsuch). I can vote against terrible bills. I can shine a spotlight on the cruel and absurd.
But millions of activists like you, working together through MoveOn, can do even more.
When Republicans in the House tried to get the votes to take health care away from 24 million Americans, it wasn't me who stopped them. It was millions of activists like you.
When Republican town halls were packed, it was with activists like you.
And it was because of activists like you that Congress has been flooded with phone calls—including on the day when House Republicans were supposed to vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act, when MoveOn members made 40,000 calls and Republicans couldn't muster the votes for repeal.
The resistance is working, and I hope you'll help keep it going. That's why I'm asking you to sign up to donate $5 a month to MoveOn. MoveOn's organizers are some of the best in the business, and MoveOn will put your money to work where it's needed most. What do you say? Are you in?
If we stop Republicans from passing Trumpcare for the next two years, it will be because activists like you don't let up, fund the resistance, and make your voices heard.
And winning back seats in special elections this year and in the Senate and House in 2018 won't happen without activists like you giving it your all.
So I hope that you'll keep doing whatever you can: calling your members of Congress, showing up in person at their local offices, getting involved in elections, and—if you can afford it—chipping in, too.
If you're ready to make sure that the resistance can organize every single day that Trump is in office, then will you become a MoveOn monthly donor today?
Thanks for all you do.
–Al Franken

Anaheim: The Happiest Place on Earth for ... Illegal Aliens?

Anaheim City Council has gotten into trouble before for playing nice with illegal aliens and pandering to open borders and amnesty advocates.

Check out what happened to We the People Rising and Trump supporters in general who blasted the city council for trying to condemn then candidate Trump.

In more recent reports, the Anaheim City Council is flirting with appointing illegal aliens to their own city commissions!

Have they not learned the lessons regarding what happened to Huntington Park once that city descended into the madness of disregarding and undermining citizenship? Let us not forget that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has issued clear, blistering warnings to sanctuary jurisdictions to reject thwarting immigration officials, or face the penalties for doing so.

Anaheim and other liberal municipalities throughout California are not learning their lessons. Do they really believe that they can reject federal dictates on immigration?


First, they tried to condemn Donald Trump.

Now they want to condemn President Trump's travel ban.


The city council is also leaning toward removing all the tax credits for the hotel industry throughout the city. What are they thinking? Don't they realize the abrupt costs they are placing on the public services?

Once, Anaheim prided itself on furnishing for the entire world "The Happiest Place on Earth.

Now it looks like Anaheim wants to be the Happiest Place on Earth for illegal aliens.

I wonder how many people will want to visit Disneyland once the crime rate skyrockets and the quality of life diminishes.

INCREDIBLE! Hawaii Republican Assembly Defeats RINO Coup d'Etat

The Hawaiian Islands Republican Assembly is so inspiring.

They have routinely exposed the corruption, malfeasance, and incompetence of the current leadership of the Hawaii Republican Party under the leadership of Miriam Hellreich, Fritz Rohfling, and Gene Ward.

They have never shied away from slamming the corrupt and useless Democratic Party of Hawaii, which has overwhelmed the Aloha State with spending, tax hikes, moral malaise, and rampant poverty.

Veterans are routinely mistreated, as well, and the Republicans who get elected often go along with the same destructive Democratic agenda of tax hikes, anti-family values, and anti-security political correctness.

Need I remind the readers that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, and the federal judge of Hawaii struck down the latest travel ban executive order issued by our President?

Enough said.

In spite of the deleterious political situation in Hawaii, the Hawaiian Islands Republican Assembly (HIRA) is rising up--and they fight back! Conservatives throughout the country, especially in blue states like California and Nevada, can learn a great deal from HIRA.

In their previous eblast, HIRA announced an attempted, illegal coup by the Hawaii GOP Chairman Fritz Rohfling to invalidate the Honolulu County GOP electons, in which HIRA conservatives swept all offices. HIRA and their team of dedicated conservatives did not take such a brazenly illegal maneuver silently.

Check out their epic victory here:

RINO's Go Down In Flames at Hawaii GOP Headquarters Today

Aloha Republicans:

Stand up and cheer.  The draining of the swamp at the Hawaii GOP has begun again.  The six county party officers who were fired Wednesday by a corrupt, inept and failed state party chairman Fritz Rohlfing (plus five more district level officers who were indirectly fired) have all been restored to their posts.  Amen!

Stay tuned for our comprehensive, exclusive insider report from HIRA this weekend about today's MINDBLOWING happenings at the Hawaii GOP headquarters.  You will really want to sit down for that 'full report' newsletter.  It will be a wild ride.

For now, here's a quick rundown . . .
You should have seen the look on demented Rohlfing's ever-reddening face as he kept losing vote after vote after vote.  It looked a lot like this. --->  How can this crooked mental midget live with himself knowing he is such a complete loser and filthy scumbag?  [He must have sold his barely-used conscience on eBay to the lowest bidder years ago along with his political skills and sportsmanship.]

In anticipation of what he and his scum-sucking friends hopes would be a successful coup, RINO Rohlfing and his RINO towelboy Jack "Mehoff" James had already sanitized the Hawaii GOP's Facebook page to eliminate any record of the election of the six fired county officers at the county convention three weeks ago. That's how petty these RINO's can be.

But Fritzy Boy and his RINO co-conspirators did NOT get away with their plot to consolidate power under Rohlfing's other RINO towelboy and fluffer, Boyd Not-So-Ready. As you'll see in our full report this weekend, there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY Boyd Ready can remain as an officer of the Honolulu County Republican Party. When you learn about the last-minute, disgusting and completely fraudulent tactics Ready deliberately employed in furtherance of the Rohlfing-Tupola-Ward conspiracy to consolidate RINO power at the Hawaii GOP -- and we mean reprehensible and unforgivable -- you'll easily agree with us that the only sound we should hear is the door whacking Ready on the okole as he leaves the GOP for a lengthy sabbatical of spiritual renewal (and to have his head surgically removed from his ass, then his lips surgically removed from Rohlfing's ass).
So a hearty congrats from HIRA to the duly elected county GOP officers -- Brett Kulbis, Marissa Kerns, Eric Eads, Mela Kealoha-Lindsey, Matt Darnell and Dennis Kim -- on being returned to your posts.  And hats off to the brave, principled members of the Honolulu County Republican Party 'county committee' for doing the right thing in the face of lies, hostility, swearing, and manipulation by RINO's at party headquarters and at the State Capitol.

This was a TERRIBLE day for RINO's at the Hawaii Republican Party.  Really, really HORRIBLE.  And it was a great day for what appears to be a rejuvenated Honolulu GOP. Let's hope so.
Finally, here's a very special, heartfelt message to Rohlfing, Ready, James, Tupola, Ward and the rest of their RINO collaborators and co-conspirators.  Sorry, but nobody cares what you have to say anymore . . . especially after the all-out smear campaign orchestrated by the shameless, ethically challenged boneheads made up of outgoing state chair "Fritzy Boy" Rohlfing, Rohlfing's towelboy Jack 'Mehoff' James, Rep. Bobby McDonut, Rep. Andrea Topullyou for State Chair 2017 (no way), Kief "I love Mufi" Trollman, and Rohlfing's other RINO towelboy Boyd Not-So-Ready.  Your mojo and mana are all used up.

Read more about their disturbing antics in HIRA's Weekend Edition of our newsletter. That's right, please stay tuned for more details this weekend . . . and some riveting, mindblowing audio of RINO politician and tax-hiker Bob McDonut completely melting down, swearing up a storm, and being booed out of party headquarters halfway through today's wild-ride-of-a-meeting.

It's as if McDonut took TheBus and then rode TheRail to today's meeting straight from spending all night in his smelly basement in old Ewa Beach; drunk on stale Doritos and a gallon of Keif "I Luv Mufi" Trollman's 200 proof fermented urine.  Psychotic Bobby McDouchebag can kiss that gubernatorial campaign goodbye.  Fritz will have to start his search for the perfect candidate all over again.  Paging Rohlfing's 2016 superstar candidate Rod Tam!!   :-)

Thanks for your help in draining the swamp at the Hawaii GOP so we can finally, finally take on the Democrats for real.


President, Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA)

Chairman, HIRA Action SuperPAC