Thursday, June 14, 2018

Two Other Noteworthy Victories from California Primary 2018

I had wanted to write about two other victories for the conservative movement in California following the Election 2018 California Primary.

In San Bernardino County, two Board of Supervisor seats were up for re-election. Currently, there are three Republicans on the Board of Supervisors: Janice Rutherford and Curt Hagman.

Rutherford faced a challenge from Marc Steinorth, the Cap-and-Traitor who was also cheating on his wife with his chief of staff and had 35 California Highway Patrol officers scare us off when we came to his office last year.

Janice Rutherford
Steinorth decided not to run for re-election in the 40th Assembly District, sensing correctly that he didn't have a chance. He had betrayed his constituents when he had pledged not to vote for that terrible program. Eight Republicans stabbed their party and the entire state in the back, and now we are struggling with $3.00+ a gallon gas, at least one dollar above the national average, and all of that was on top of the gas tax shoved down our throats earlier than that.

Marc Steinoth Lost Big Time
His political career is over

Steinorth had been the odds-on favorite to knock out Janice Rutherford.

He lost, and it's good!

Then there was the Curt Hagman seat. He represents a district which has been trending Democratic for the last four years. He was not supposed to win in 2014 when he was termed out of the California State Assembly. He threw his hat in the ring as a relative newcomer to partisan politics. His opponent was Gloria Negrete-McLeod. She had already served as an assemblywoman and a state senator before she decided to run for the open seat. By then, she finished serving one term in Congress and wanted out, since she got tired of the 3,000 commute every weekend.

Curt Hagman

She took her chances too lightly for the Supervisor seat, and in a surprising upset she lost! Hagman took her down in 2014, which was an epic bad year for Democrats even in California. She lost again in 2018, too!

Incredible, but true. Hopefully, these Republicans will start acting like Republicans going forward. There is no reason for the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors to sit on their hands and do nothing about SB 54, the awful sanctuary state law which should have never been passed. Thirteen counties have gone on record opposing SB 54. There is no reason for that county to sit out doing nothing.

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