Thursday, April 30, 2020

The Mental Illness of State Senator David Bradley: Transwomen Are Women

Arizona State Senator David Bradley opposes HB 2706.

He thinks that men should be allowed to compete and defeat women in any competitive sports arena.

In fact, his staffer in his main office asserted that Transwomen are women.

No, they are not.

Men cannot become women. Period.

Women cannot become men. Period.

There is debating this fact.

No one is born in the wrong body, nor do they possess certain chemicals or hormones at birth which insist that they must transition out of their birth sex and become another sex.

Why does David Bradley hate women? Why does he want to ruin women's sports?

Why does he push the delusion that men can become women?

Contact State Senator David Bradley, and tell him to respect natural rights and biological fact.

Keep men out of women's sports in Arizona: Vote for HB 2706!

Phone Number: 602-926-5262

Email prefix:

Gavin Hates OC: CA Governor Targets Orange County Beaches Exclusively

Already, Governor Gavin Newsom has backed off of his threat to shut down all the beaches in the state of California.

Still, he insisted on targeting Orange County.

This is even more ridiculous, since the governor is targeting once beach, one county.

This is patently unacceptable, and clearly unconstitutional.

Governor Newsom will lose this fight, big time.

We need to stand with Orange County and stand up against this agressive overreach by the Governor of California.

We need more people to speak up and say "Enough!"

Let our state open!

Let our people go!

Orange County Republicans -

Gavin Newsom just targeted Orange County residents. Late last night a memo was sent that all California beaches and hiking trails would be closed starting May 1st. Just minutes ago Governor Newsom changed his mind and now only Orange County beaches will be closed.

This is a clear attack on Orange County and revenge on our local elected officials pushing back on his draconian shut down measures. If it's safe to go to the beach in other counties with greater numbers of positive COVD-19 cases why is it unsafe in Orange County where we have been responsible and flattened the curve?

Orange County Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Michelle Steel released a statement this morning as she will be looking into a response to the Governor's "overreaction and abuse of power."

State Senator John Moorlach slammed the Governor "We need to trust people. If our citizens exercise proper social distancing, then we should allow access to the beaches. Let people have access to these facilities.”

Where are the Orange County Democrats on this targeted harassment of Orange County residents? We call on State Senate candidate Dave Min and Assemblywoman Cottie Petrie-Norris to stand up for residents. 

Gavin Newsom isn't making decisions based on science any longer. He is engaging in petty politics. His misguided order will result in an unnecessary stand off and he will only have himself to blame.

Orange County GOP Slams Governor Newsom's Unconstitutional Executive Order

April 30, 2020
CONTACT: Randall Avila
PHONE: (714) 453-0900
Statement on Governor Newsom's Order to Close All Beaches and Hikin Trails
ORANGE COUNTY, CA – Hon. Fred M. Whitaker, Chairman of the Republican Party of Orange County, released the following statement on Governor Newsom's order to close all California beaches and hiking trails:

“We are greatly angered that Governor Newsom decided to close all beaches and hiking trails starting this Friday. It is a complete slap in the face to local control and has nothing to do with health.

The Orange County Board of Supervisors and local city councils are the best to determine the status of public areas such as beaches and hiking trails. These local bodies looked at the data, consulted with health experts, and more important their constituents before deciding to keep our beaches open.
Every local law enforcement entity found last weekend’s beach usage in Orange County to be in compliance with social distancing. Yet King Gavin decided press stories were more worthy of trust than law enforcement. I guess we should not be surprised.

It has been a long six weeks since the Governor issued his original stay at home order. Orange County and California residents cooperated and flattened the curve. His actions are arrogant and unnecessary.

From his lack of transparency with the legislature on spending to closing our public spaces - it is clear Gavin Newsom thinks he can control all aspects of society without question.

A pandemic does not cancel our constitution, our branches of government or our right to be governed by those we elected in our local communities.”
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1422 Edinger Ave. Suite 110 Tustin, CA 92780

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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

I'd Rather Die on My Feet Than Live on My Knees, By Michael Greer

I’ve become very disheartened. The Leftist media has successfully convinced a significant number of people that it is necessary for us to be isolated for an indefinite period of time and now that the Left has gotten us locked down, they don’t want to let us out. This is a perfect opportunity for them to finish Agenda 21’s goals. The globalists dreams are coming true.

First it was two weeks, which we all thought was reasonable because the incubation period is 14 days. We were willing. But then it was a month, then two months, then they talked about six months or until there was a vaccine (which could be never). They talk about a “new normal”. Never shake hands again, maybe no sporting events with an audience, continued social distancing, maybe wearing masks indefinitely. Why? I don’t want their “new normal”.

The Left has demonstrated just how tyrannical they are capable of being. Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti saying he’ll “hunt down” the noncompliant people. He’s filling skate parks with sand, mandating people wear masks (after being told a month ago masks don’t help), extending the lock down when fewer are getting sick. A young man arrested for sail boarding alone in the ocean. People ticketed for watching the sunset in their cars. In other states with Democrat Governors, Moms and Dads are arrested for taking their kids to an empty park, worshipers fined for listening to Easter services in their cars, while Mosques are still open.

State Governors and Mayors deciding for us what businesses are “essential”. Interestingly, most government union jobs are considered essential and those employees are still being paid even though they are shut in their homes not working. Most of these workers are Democrats and are just fine having the lock down extended because they can still pay their mortgages and bills. Teachers come to mind. Why should we still be paying them when our schools are closed? But small businesses are closed and their incomes are stopped. They can’t pay their bills. I read that one third of New Yorkers couldn’t pay this months rent.

What I find most alarming is the media. Liberals always dismiss Fox as being unreliable and I always wonder why they think the other media sources are reliable. Fox has never edited audio or video to discredit someone, or used video from an Italian hospital saying it was an American hospital as CBS did, or used forged documents as Dan Rather did on 60 Minutes, or as CNN did recently with pictures of crowded beaches. Or not reported on an obvious news event because it hurt their narrative. Don’t get me started on the difference between how Christine Blasey-Ford and Tara Reade are being covered. I speak to Liberals all the time who have never heard of an news event because only Conservative news reported on it and they refuse to listen to Conservative media. We’re not talking about opinion, we’re talking about verifiable news.

Michael Greer
Vice-President, American Freedom Alliance (Retired)

At President Trump’s press briefings the media isn’t there to learn about what is being done, new discoveries, expanded testing, new studies, encouraging developments, they are there to find some way to make Teump look bad. The dishonesty of the media has never been so blatant. While they called the ban on travel from China unnecessary and xenophobic, they now say Trump didn’t act fast enough. When Trump banned travel, China, the World Health Organization, the CDC and the media were saying the virus couldn’t be passed human to human and wasn’t airborne. Dr. Fauci, head of then CDC the last 30 years, said on February 17th the danger was minuscule and to go to the Super Bowl, and on March 9th, there was nothing to worry about and no reason for healthy people not to go on cruises. On February 5th, New York Health Commissioner, Dr. Osiris Bardot, said not to change plans due to misinformation about the Coronavirus. And EVERY liberal talking head said this was no worse than the regular flu.

Not a single World Leader was expressing concern over the virus either, but with the WHO, the CDC, other World Leaders, the media, etc. expressing no concern, with Trump being in the middle of an unfair impeachment, he went against the prevailing opinion and imposed the travel ban on China and put together a task force to look into it. The media condemned the task force saying it was nothing but “old, White men”, pretending Dr. Birx and Seema Velma, Surgeon General, Jerome Adams (who happens to be Black), and Ben Carson weren’t there.

Trump was criticized for the tests not being available. That was the CDC’s job and the tests were contaminated so new ones needed to be manufactured. The CDC didn’t want private companies to make the tests and that slowed down production. The CDC also had strict regulations on who could be tested. Trump eliminated the regulations and opened up production to private companies, but the media doesn’t tell you that. They just keep blaming him for there not being millions of tests available this minute.

Trump is a problem solver, when he sees an obstacle to getting something done, he gets rid of it. But Trump isn’t a mind reader, he couldn’t know Cuomo was advised to buy several thousand ventilators but decided to spend the money on other priorities (perhaps to provide healthcare to illegal aliens) instead. But when he does learn of it, he finds a way to fix it.

New York and Los Angeles Governors complained that their hospitals would be overwhelmed so Trump sent hospital ships to each city in record time (While Rachel Maddow was saying he’d never get them there for weeks. Did she admit she was wrong and apologize? NO!). Trump had the Javits Center turned into a hospital, also in record time. He called together CEO’s of Corporations to see how they could help. He holds conference calls with Governors to see what they need. Both Governors Newsom and Cuomo, who are not exactly fans of his, have publicly admitted that he has gotten on the phone with them right away and been very receptive. They said he got them everything they asked for....and quickly. But he still gets NO credit for anything. I keep tweeting the media telling them it is statistically impossible for Trump to be wrong 100% of the time.

At the same time the media falls over themselves to protect the Liberal agenda. This weekend Jake Tapper spoke to Nancy Pelosi. She said when Trump banned travel from China he didn’t do enough. Any responsible journalist would have reminded her that she tried to overturn the travel ban, she said it was xenophobic and wanted to censor the President as being racist. A responsible journalist would have reminded her that when Trump extended the travel ban she said it was “discrimination described as policy”. He might have reminded her that on February 27th she was in Chinatown telling the public to come on down. But, no, Tapper just sat there and let her LIE.

Since China destroyed evidence, and the doctor who tried to warn of the virus died of it, we have no evidence to prove if the virus was accidentally released or on purpose, however, what IS clear is that once the virus was out, China purposely released it on the world. They stopped travel from Wuhan to the rest of China but DID NOT stop travel to other parts of the world, especially America. What is also clear, is that it didn’t come from the “wet market” in Wuhan. It didn’t come from eating bats. The Wuhan “wet market” sells seafood. It doesn’t, and never has, sold bats. But the Wuhan lab WAS testing on bats. They were testing species to species transmission. Why does the media pretend it is impossible for the virus to have escaped the lab? Especially, when a few years ago Americans visiting the lab expressed concern at their lax safety measures? But instead the media has no curiosity about who patient #1 was, or why China shut down travel to the rest of China but not the rest of the world. They simply repeat China’s propaganda.

From the day Trump took office he warned of how unfair our trade agreements with China have been. This virus has proven just how right he was. It has exposed how our representatives have been sending most of our manufacturing to China. Putting this country in a precarious position by having 90% of our drugs and medical supplies coming from a country that wants to dominate us. They have been letting China buy up companies here in America. And they have been enriching themselves In the process.

At the same time we have social platforms censoring anyone who disagrees with WHO, Fauci or the lock down. Yesterday, as ER doctors, Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi, were being interviewed on Laura Ingraham’s show, YouTube took down their video’s. There was nothing in those videos that wasn’t true. These doctors are more qualified to speak than any the Liberal media trots out. No one proved anything they said was incorrect, they just didn’t want it heard because the Left WANTS to keep us locked down. Why aren’t Republicans pushing to change the status of social media from platforms to editors? Liberals aren’t being censored. Liberals used to be big defenders of free speech. No more.

What this virus has shown is that descent of ANY kind is no longer tolerated. Look how the Left is treating Georgia Rep. Vernon Jones and Michigan Rep. Karen Whitsett. This is a time we need MORE informed debate, not less.

When liquor and Pot stores are “essential”, but churches aren’t, when you can go to a grocery store or Home Depot, but not vote in person, when you can sit on the sand but not in a beach chair, this isn’t about “science”, it’s about POWER!

I’ve spoken for years about Agenda 21 because I believed if people knew about it they’d stop it. Now that they have most of the world locked down, I’m not so sure we can.

May God Bless America.

Call to Action, Arizona MassResistance Save Women's Sports, HB 2706

Call to Action, Arizona MassResistance
Save Women's Sports, HB 2706

Hey, Arizona MassResistance!

In one of our previous email reports, all of you learned about MassResistance’s latest efforts in the state of Idaho. Despite a great deal of corporate and political pressure, Governor Brad Little signed into law two pieces of legislation to push back on the transgender insanity which has been harming men and women in general, and women’s sports in particular.
MassResistance is making the difference!

In Arizona, we have the opportunity to get a similar bill passed, just like in Idaho.

Even though the legislature has gone into recess because of the Coronavirus outbreak, staffers in the state legislature have informed us that they will be meeting on May 1st, 2020 to decide if they will continue the legislative session or end for the year.

The legislation has already passed the Arizona State House of Representatives. Currently, the legislation is still awaiting a committee assignment in the Arizona State Senate, then a final vote on the floor before going to Governor Doug Ducey’s desk.

Here’s what you can do to help get this bill passed:

Please contact the State Senate President Karen Fann. Tell her and her staff to get HB 2706 a committee assignment as soon as possible because you support this bill!

Email her:
Phone: (602) 926-5874

Please contact Arizona Speaker of the House Rusty Bowers. Please tell him to keep the state legislature open until HB 2706 is passed and on the Governor’s desk:

Call his office: (602) 926-3128

Please contact your state senator. Consult this website to find your state senator and contact information if you do not know already:

Find your legislative district:
State Legislators Contact Information:
Your State Senator represents the entire legislative district, so use the LD number to find your state senator.

Tell Governor Ducey to work with the legislature to stay open, and to sign HB 2706 when it comes to his desk:

Governor Doug Ducey: (602) 542-4331

Please tell your state senator, Senate President Fann, and Governor Doug Ducey to support the "Save Women's Sports Act" HB 2706.

Here are the key talking points:
  1. This piece of legislation will keep biological males from competing against girls in sports. It's so sad that it has come to this point in any state, but we need to take every step possible to ensure that the clear distinctions between male and female are respected and guarded.
  2. This legislation is common-sense, and should not be scuttled or rejected. It already passed out of the Arizona State House, but is awaiting a hearing in the State Senate.
  3. Transgenderism is a mental illness, not a civil right or a different form of being in the world. We should not be normalizing something that harms children.
  4. Transgenderism on children causes all kinds of horrific consequences, including depression, sterility, and other health complications. The state of Arizona must take every step to stop normalizing this abusive agenda.
We must not let this bill die just because of the Coronavirus problem which is putting legislatures on hold. This bill HB 2706 is a worthwhile opportunity to correct these abuses and stop the advance of this LGBT agenda in the Grand Canyon State.

Please contact me with any questions!
Arthur Schaper
MassResistance Organization Director

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Pacific Justice Institute: Know Your Rights as a Church During COVID-19

NEW Legal resources for churches on COVID-19 restrictions
April 11, 2020
Dear Pastors, Church Leaders, and Ministry Friends,  
I need to quickly update you on all the new legal resources we now have available for churches on the COVID-19 crisis. We need your help to get these free resources into as many hands as possible!  
Last month, as the crisis began to unfold, we were among the first to issue legal guidance for pastors and church leaders trying to make sense of the then-unthinkable orders effectively shutting down worship services in many states. As the pandemic has grown, our legal team has now created and updated more than 25 state-specific legal memos, listed below.
In addition, we’ve held two teleconferences for pastors and leaders; held a training on broadcasting church services over social media; are posting answers to questions we are receiving from pastors; and earlier this week we conducted our first three Zoom trainings for business leaders, Christian school administrators and church leaders on accessing critical funding through the CARES Act. 
Our resources are offered completely free of charge.  Visit and check out our homepage for the newest resources. And, while we greatly appreciate your support, you don’t have to become a member, give a “suggested” donation, or pay an insurance-type fee in order to be represented by PJI. Our commitment is to unconditionally serve the Body of Christ.  
States and jurisdictions for which we have now posted specific guidance include:
Please help us spread the word about all these terrific resources! In a time of great confusion and uncertainty, we want to bring as much clarity as is possible. (And if this e-mail was forwarded to you by a friend, be sure to sign up at for our weekly e-mail updates!)
If you appreciate our work and are able to “pay it forward” to help us make sure everyone gets the help they need in these desperate times, we are always grateful. God knows our needs and is faithful to provide!  But we never condition our help on the size of a church or ability to donate to our ministry. And we never will.   
Throughout this crisis, the PJI Legal Team is taking appropriate precautions but working harder than ever to serve you.
Running the Race,
Brad Dacus, Esq.
Founder and President, Pacific Justice Institute
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