Thursday, June 30, 2022

Back-Handed Compliment: Special Thanks to John Paul Tabakian

I have been so busy with all the election stuff for the last three months, and then there was all the work I was doing for MassResistance, that now, finally I have the chance to write about this discovery.

Back in 2016, I exposed mega (not "MAGA") grifter John Paul Takabian and his racist, La Raza type minions. They had conspired to trespass on a veterans hall in West Carson, CA. Jimmy Gow, the President of the Torrance Democratic Club.

Later on, though, I found out that Tabakian had been saying some positive things about me in the Torrance Democratic Club meetings.

Here's a report I reportedly received from an employee at Hometown Buffet in Torrance in late 2019 (during the 2020 city council elections).

At the time, I believed that the lady who was sharing everything with me was a relative of a guy named "Jose Perez."

Two years later, it has occured to me that there is no way that this so-called "Jose Perez" person or his supposed cousin could have gotten those photos in the Torrance Democratic club if that lady was an employee.

And then it dawned on me: someone who was attending the club meeting as a member took the photos in the meeting.

Who else could that have been?

John Paul Tabakian.

He has had a massive breakup with Jimmy Gow and the Torrance Democratic Club, I suppose. He was looking for any means to get back at them, so ...

It makes perfect sense that he took some revealing photos of the Torrance Democratic Club meeting in late November 2019 to expose what they were doing.

And based on what some people in the city told me, after Jimmy Gow and his miscreants trespassed on the veterans hall in West Carson, that this "John Perez" or "Jose Perez" person was in fact Joh Paul Tabakian!

All the pieces seem to fit. John Paul gave me the photos to ruin the Torrance Democratic Club's chances in the 2020 election. He has been playing both sides of the political spectrum for a long time.

Just this once, then, I can give him a little thanks.

Thank you, John Paul, for exposing the corrupted inner workings of the Torrance Democratic Club. There is one question that remains, however: How will Jimmy Gow react when he finds out that another Democrat, John Paul, helped me expose the Torrance Democratic Club's shenanigans?

Democrats Are Grifters, Too

Check out this outrage from progressive abortion activists:

The Democratic Party demagogued the abortion issue for decades. They always claimed that they cared about a "woman's right to choose." The funny thing, though, is that Democrats had strong majorities in Congress for decades, and yet they did nothing to codify Roe v. Wade into law.

When Barack was first elected in 2008, he commanded a filibuster-proof majority in the United States Senate along with broad majorities in the House of Representatives.

And instead of codifying abortion once for all, he focused on Cap-and-Trade (which died in the US Senate without a vote), and then pushed Obamacare, which was so roundly hated that Democrats lost 63 seats in the House in 2010.

Republicans gained six US Senates, too. People were so angry at Obama and his wasted political capitol.

Now, here were are in 2022, and the United States Supreme Court has struck down Roe v. Wade.

Oh, Happy Day indeed!

This is a huge victory for the conservative cause generally, for Republicans particularly, and for President Trump completely.

What makes this victory so ... vindicating is that the Democrats are losing their base, votes, and money because of this issue. They promised, they fundraised, they begged, they pleaded for progressive voters to stick with them, that they would do everything in their power to protect abortion privileges.

And when they had the power, they did nothing with it.

Check out this epic rant from a frazzled progressive:

This guy is tired of the fundraising emails, too.

In a sense, though, I can imagine how frustrated these left-wing activists are. For decades, Republicans have faced the same frustrations and disappointments from national Republican elected officials. They said they would repeal Obamacare, and they did not. They said they would secure the border, and many of them reneged or ran away from the pledge.

They also said that they would End the Fed, stop the taxation, and that they would curb the excessive spending, which they have never done. 

The biggest difference between Democrats and Republicans, at least among the grassroots, is that we Republicans learned a LONG, LONG time ago that Republicans in and of themselves were untrustworhty. We have carried this healthy suspicious of the state for a long time. We know that the government is full of liars, cheats, and thieves, and we were never under any pretense that they will follow through on anything they promise to do, unless we push them.

Also unlike the Democrats, we had President Donald Trump. He was an outsider, a disruptor, someone who was beholden to no one. He accomplished many of the promises he had outlined on his political platform. He came through for us on many issues, and even when he failed on some issues, we did not throw up our collective hands and give up. Trump really cares about this country, and the voters who supported him picked up on that caring.

Democrats have no "Trump-like" equivalent. Even Bernie Sanders, the outspoken Independent Socialist, has sold out his morals, becoming a best-selling writer and millionaire. He has abandoned the fight for his crypto-communist agenda, and at the end of the day, he is too cowardly to fight for what he believes in, anyway.

Democrats have so much to grieve from these past two weeks. President Trump came through on so many promises, he delivered a winning conservative majority on the United States Supreme Court, and he has accomplished one of the most fundamental platforms of the Republican National Committee: the repeal of Roe v. Wade.

Democrats are still waiting for single-payer healthcare (which they will never get). They are still waiting for the massive corporate tax hikes. They are still clamoring for some sort of Green New Deal (which will also never happen.)

In fact, Democratic partisans, progressive activists, and left-wing agitators are really feeling the heat, since conservative activists have learned to fight hard, fight back, and not accept less than everything that is best for our country. Unlike regressive leftists, made conservatives and common-sense citizens have children, they own property, and they want to protect their progeny and their legacies. They will fight for more than power for power's sake.

Democrats, progressives, regressive leftists have nothing to fight for, because they do not believe in anything. They have embraced nothing but a transvaluation of values, and now they have nothing. What's worse, they have endured one of the most rigorous political disappointments and cultural defeats in a generation.

And I am loving every minute of it!

For the longest time, I assumed that Republicans were the grifters. After all, Dinesh D'Souza explained to a young conservative in Letters to a Young Conservative that conservative in general care about money, while liberals care about power. Over the last six years, conservatives have learned to care about power, and they no longer shrink away from using their newly-acquired power to do good, to further their causes, to promote their agenda.

The grift is no longer enough for conservatives and common-sense constitutionalists. We expect results, because Trump delivered. Democrats are going to find out, however, that the elected officials whom they have trusted are not up to the task of delivering. They don't want to. They don't care, because they never did.

MoveOn.Org Self-Parody: "Impeach Clarence Thomas" has moved into self-parody.

They are actually trying to fundraise from embittered leftists by demanding the impeachment and removal of Justice Clarence Thomas.

This is beyond Trump Derangement Syndrome. This more than Thomas Derangement Syndrome, too.

This is just plain Self-Parody. Is "MoveOn.Org" a serious organization at all?

This is a joke.

But you have to read their latest email campaign to believe it:

SIGN NOW: Clarence Thomas must resign from the Supreme Court immediately or else be impeached.Dear MoveOn member,After the right-wing-rigged Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last week—effectively taking away abortion rights and the right to privacy that's been considered legal precedent for the past 50 years—local and national press outlets are covering reform of the Supreme Court like never before.1 We won't go back. That's why more than 450,000 MoveOn members have signed the petition calling on Clarence Thomas to either resign or be impeached. Will you take a minute and add your name too?And as if the ruling on Roe is not enough, Justice Clarence Thomas—who sided with the majority on overturning Roe—made it clear what's next: to overturn high court rulings that established LGBTQ+ rights, marriage equality and contraception rights.2Thomas's own ties with Big Money's right-wing organizations and his wife's, Ginni Thomas, leading role in right-wing organizations (especially her efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election) have been well documented.3 For decades, Thomas has refused to step back from cases that involve his and his wife's interests. Thomas's participation in the Supreme Court case on this matter, and a slew of others, is only the latest example of his severely compromised sense of impartiality and morality. Thomas never should have been confirmed for the court. Now, it is clearer than ever that he must resign—or Congress must investigate, reveal what he knew and when he knew it, and impeach him.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas should either resign or be impeached.

Now is the time to keep up the pressure. We cannot allow this to be business as usual. Justice Thomas has a history of outrageous, abusive, and immoral actions—and now that it's clear he was willing to use his power to attempt to conceal his wife's role in Trump's 2020 coup attempt, he needs to go. Add your name to the petition to join hundreds of thousands of MoveOn members who agree: Clarence Thomas must go.


Thomas's failure to recuse warrants immediate investigation and heightened alarm. And it's only the latest in a long history of conflicts of interest in the service of a right-wing agenda and mixing his powerful role with his conservative political activism. He has shown he cannot be an impartial justice and is more concerned with covering up his wife's coup attempts than in the health of the Supreme Court.

He must resign—or Congress must immediately investigate and impeach.

Click here to add your name to this petition, and then pass it along to your friends.

Thanks for all you do.

–Nakia, Justin, David, Chloe, and the rest of the teamSources:1. "Where abortion 'trigger laws' stand after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade," CNN, June 27, 2022 "Justice Thomas: SCOTUS ‘should reconsider’ contraception, same-sex marriage rulings," Politico, June 24, 2022 "Is Ginni Thomas a Threat to the Supreme Court?" The New Yorker, January 31, 2022

You're receiving this petition because we thought it might interest you. It was created on, where anyone can start their own online petitions. You can start your own petition here.

This is the most unserious political appeal yet from They know that their progressive agenda is danger, and that all the screaming and yelling is not going to save them. In fact, this pathetic self-parody of an email appeal reminds of the corrupt cardinal Johann Tetzel trying to raise money through indulgences after Martin Luther nailed the 95 Theses to the Wittenberg Church Door.

No one was buying their "hellfire" pleas anymore, and no one paid for those vile indulgences.

Monday, June 27, 2022

The Torrance Democratic Club Becomes "The Arthur Schaper Fan Club"

Jimmy Gow, President of the Torrance Democratic Club,
Can't Get Enough of Arthur Schaper


When I had the chance, I used to watch "The Big Bang Theory."

One of my favorite episodes focused on Sheldon Cooper's deep rivalry with Wil Wheaton, who routinely ran rings around poor Sheldon.

At one point, Sheldon was so mad, he renamed his bowling team "The Wesley Crushers."

And when Wil Wheaton comes on the scene, he declares:

"Hey Look! They named their team after me!"

And in a way, that is precisely what the Torrance Democratic Club has done.

Of course, just like Sheldon Cooper, they write too much, and think too much, and don't have a real sense of wit or style.

They must really like me, since they insist on wearing my name on their shirts:

What can I say? They are slowly but surely changing the name of their club!

Oh, and it gets better!

Check out this latest REEEEEEEEEEE! from the Torranec Democratic Club President Jimmy Gow:



Here's the picture/meme:

More people need to learn "Arthur Schaper" logic ...
It's also known as "Telling The Truth."

You really have to pity these people. They don't know how to spell. They are functionally illiterate. Now that they have started a fan club with my name on it, they are more than welcome to hire me as their tutor, too!

Check out the people who liked the post, too:

A grand total of seven people liked Jimmy Gow's post. That is pretty sad. They need to work on building their "Fan Club" numbers.

At any rate, here are the full comments/rants/whining/whinging/reeeeeeee from the Torrance Democratic Club about yours truly:

For those of you who cannot read the comments, here they are:

“Aurther Schapper LOGIC” = if the Southern Poverty Law Center proclaims your organization a hate group, you say, “Nuh-uh, the SPLC is a hate group for calling me a hate group.” And now you know how to play the game called “Aurther Schapper LOGIC” it’s a “fun” waste of time and energy. If you “call him out” for his anti-LGBTQ+ activities, it’s actually YOU that’s bullying him and YOU that hates “the gays” because you are preventing him from saving the sinners. A special target of his attacks is “Drag Queen Story Hour.” Is that why he wanted to be appointed to the Library Commission, so he could ban its non-existence in Torrance? 

Perhaps more “Aurther Schapper LOGIC” is the math he uses to explain that when he ran and lost to Asm. Al Muratsuchi with only 36% of the vote, it was BETTER than the previous guy who lost with 40% because that guy spent a lot of money to lose. 

But the best example of “Aurther Schapper LOGIC” is when he was the President of the local Republican club and because of his own behavior the organization charter was pulled by the LAGOP. But just because he fails to “play well” with those running the party, doesn’t mean he isn’t a true believer in Republican ideology and he will use “Aurther Schapper LOGIC” to twist it so that despite apparent racism in the GOP, HE is the one fighting against slavery by challenging CRT. 

He’s been using “Alternative Facts” way before Kellyanne ever coined the phrase. He currently has about 6 nesting doll type articles about the Torrance Community Group FB page on his blog. But this is nothing new, he’s been blogging about the TorranceDems for over a dozen years now. So much we had shirts* made. He says he lives “rent-free” in our heads, but I think it’s us Democrats who own the real estate beneath his red hat, we obviously were camping out in there long enough that he just had to write about us, over and over again. But that’s just more “Aurther Schapper LOGIC” if he writes about you and YOU reply, somehow you are the ones obsessed with him. It’s only “Aurther Schapper LOGIC.”

I am thrilled that the Torrance Democratic Club is accepting my arguments about the Alabama Hate Group known as "The Southern Poverty Law Center."

I am glad that they are renaming their club after me (little by little).

I am glad that they are accepting real logic, i.e. standing up to LGBT perversion is necessary.

I am certainly glad that they are willing to recognize that the Southern Poverty Law Center is a hate group.

Last of all, I can only hope that they learn to spell. It's too bad that they are so uneducated that they do not know how to write or spell properly.

"Look! They named their team after me!"

So, to sum up:

There's "Living in their head rent free."

Then there's "Having the penthouse in their head."

And then there's "Taking over their world."

I think the Torrance Democratic Club has pretty much given me the keys to the city, state, and country in their heads--rent free!

Torrance City Council Election 2022, Reflections: City Council District One


The election for Torrance City Council District One was the most contentious.

Four candidates!

Two Democrats, one Republican, and an Independent: Jon Kaji.

And Kaji carried the seat by the widest margin of any of the candidates running for office in the city of Torrance!

Like George Chen, Lauren Cotner, and even Aurelio Mattucci, Jon Kaji ran as an outsider. He had never served on a Torrance commission, and he did not brown-nose a bunch of political insiders to get their support.

In fact, the RINO establishment pick for this race was David Kartsonis, the same candidate who had racked up every major endorsement across the political spectrum in his bid to become a member of the El Camino College Board of Trustees ... and lost.

He was too young, according to a number of people in the city, and he was too connected with the political status quo. Even some of the more engaged Republican activists were turned off to Kartsonis' campaign when they found out he was connected, supported by the local teachers union. Of course he would have their support, since he had garnered the backing of a number of government public sector unions during his time with the El Camino College district.

Then there were two Democrats: David Zygielbaum and Jimmy Gow (please, stop laughing).

Zygielbaum is a good dude. He's a respectable guy. He cares about public safety, and he listens to other people with a willing ear. I have met him a few times at the Torrance Commission trainings in the past. I have no qualms with him per se. Yes, Pat Furey endorsed him, but that's not the end of the world for me.

Jimmy Gow, on the other hand, was the clearcut partisan favorite for every activist Democrat in the city and throughout Los Angeles County. Jimmy Gow boasted endorsements from every Democratic Party elected official in the region!

  • Congresswoman Maxine Waters
  • Congresman Ted Lieu
  • Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi
  • LA County Supervisor Janice Hahn
Jimmy Gow had a veritable Who's Who of the California Democratic Party lined up behind him.

Yet he not only lost, but the other Democrat in the race, Zygielbaum, got more votes than he did! It's pretty shocking, to put in mildly. District One is about 70% Democrat, based on the latest census data that I have read.

And yet voters went for a registered Independent!

I was really honored to participate in this fight. I am glad that I could help (a little) to get Jon Kaji across the finish line. Of course, Kaji, who has extensive connections and a long history of contacts and support with the city of Torrance, relied on a great deal of support from many others, too.

Kaji was endorsed by Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.

Kaji raised a considerable amount of money for the city council race, too, around $120,000. His extensive business and cultural networks enabled him to do very well in this race--and he certainly deserved to win.

This race was a big victory for the everyday citizen and the outsiders generally. The RINO establishment lined up behind Kartsonis, and the Democratic Establishment lined up behind Gow, and they both not only lost, but they were the bottom two vote-getters of the four candidates, too.

Which brings up another set of observations ...

1. It's become crystal clear to me that Torrance voters are not interested in crass, outspoken partisanship. They want real representation and good governance. They want able adults to do their job, to keep the city safe and to keep the funding stable for all core services. 

2. Torrance is not like Santa Monica or West Hollywood, not just in terms of ideological bent, but in terms of the fact that city residents are not interested in political posturing of any kind from their elected officials. The voters here are rightfully consensus-based conservatives, not so much looking for right-wing political agitation, but they want deliberate changes, if there must be changes at all.

3. Torrance residents wants the city council and mayor to represent their interests and listen to their concerns. They are tired of the political class focusing on themselves and not listening to residents. They are fed up with the Furey-Scotto phalanx which allows for business-as-usual while ignoring the needs of everyone else.

Jon Kaji won a blow-out victory in District One. He was attentive to the needs and concerns of residents throughout the district. He stuck to local issues, and relied on years of good will that he built up with local residents and business owners throughout the region. We need more city councilmembers with the same kind of drive and attention to detail.

Torrance City Council Election 2022, Reflections: The Mayor's Race

Torrance Mayor George Chen

Now that the dust is settling after the June 7th, 2022 election day, I wanted to take some time to analyze the results of the Torrance City Council races.

There is so much to unpack, and more importantly there is so much to celebrate.

Let's start with the Mayor's race.

It was a contest between twice-elected city councilman George Chen and twice-elected FORMER city councilman Cliff Numark.

Councilman, and now MAYOR Chen, has had an incredible, meteoric rise in the city of Torrance.

He first ran for city council in 2018, and he was elected by the at-large electorate, since the city council districts were imposed later that year.

He and Councilman Mattucci were elected that year, and their triumph was only augmented by the fact that they pushed out left-leaning incumbent Kurt Weideman. Quite an upset!

But Councilman, now MAYOR Chen's victories deserve more recognition.

Every time that Chen has run, he has not received the support for the political establishment in any way, shape, or form.

Every public sector union operating in the city has endorsed someone else (as in 2018), or they have endorsed George Chen's appoint. He became 0 for 3 in terms of public sector union endorsements.

Yet each time, George Chen has prevailed. This is really amazing!

But it gets better.

Chen has never sat on a commission in the city of Torrance. Ever. He has not played the "Torrance Way" political games which other city councilmembers and mayors have played for the last thirty years. As Southeast Torrance Homeowners Association President John Bailey had shared with me a few years ago, there is a political establishment in this town, something of a uniparty of Republicans and Democrats who give into all the special interests, who maintain their little club of politically connected self-congratulators. They have pretty much run things in the city of Torrance for the last few decades.

Mayor Chen is not part of that system. He has really broken it up!

He had no backing from the public sector unions.

He had no support from the Scotto-Furey-Ashcraft-Geissert-Armstrong political establishment.

And he won!

His second victory deserves considerable recognition, too.

In 2020, after the city council divided up the city elections in council districts, Chen had to make a choice: either finish the rest of his term at large and not run for city council again, or run a second time for a new seat, District Two.

To make the second choice even more challenging, another city council incumbent Geoff Rizzo lived in District Two, and he was up for re-election in 2020 regardless.

Rizzo had been elected twice already, and city wide: first in 2014, where he was the fourth from the top vote-getter. He had to run again in 2016, because his election filled in a seat for someone else. I even endorsed Rizzo in 2016, just to make sure that turncoat RINO Lie-Lani Kimmel-Dagostino did not get into city council that year.

Rizzo had two victories under his belt. What's more, he was a retired lieutenant from the Torrance Police Department. On top of that, he had the backing of every political machine in the city, including Scotto's people as well as the Torrance Police Officers Association.

Yet for all of that support, Rizzo lost to Councilman Chen by double digits: 57%-43%!

What an incredible upset for the city, and a big win for all city residents. It was really something! I spoke with a number of local conservative activists in Torrance, and they were convinced that Rizzo was going to win out, since he had the backing of the police officers' union.

And yet George Chen won!

Remember, that was his second victory, too.

And now, George Chen is mayor. I cannot think of any mayor in the city's history who did not first serve on one of the commissions. To the best of my knowledge, Councilman Chen is the first outsider to get elected to the city council without "playing the game."

What's also remarkable is that unlike the two previous elections for mayor, George Chen did not have to contend with another Republican splitting the vote. In 2014, Tom Brewer and Bill Sutherland refused to adults and put the needs of the city first, and they both insisted on running for mayor. That split allowed Creepy Pat Furey to cut through the middle and become mayor with a bare 40% of the vote.

This is a big deal, folks. This is not just a win for better governance in the city of Torrance, but a victory for everyone in the city who has felt slighted, ignored, or dismissed by the uniparty political class that put their own narrow interests ahead of the city.

And let's contrast George Chen with Cliff Numark more discretely.

Numark was the machine candidate, if there ever was one. As I had shared above, he had already been elected twice before to the Torrance city council. He was first elected in 2008, a record year for Democrats nationally as well as locally. He was then elected again in 2012.

But then came 2013, when Numark wanted to climb up the political ladder. He ran for the El Camino College Board of Trustees, and he got elected there. Numark abandoned the city of Torrance for political posturing: let's call it what it is.

Numark would get elected two more time to the college board, where without a doubt he locked up the support from teachers unions and other political special interests. He was riding high on the Democratic Party pathway to power. A number of powerbrokers in the South Bay wanted Cliff Numark to think about running for State Assembly next, since Al Muratsuchi will be termed out in 2026, but he may just as well as retire in 2024.

So, out of nowhere, nine years later, after serving on the College Board out of the public eye, where he went to every length to impose onerous health mandates on every student (regardless of their health status), Cliff Numark wanted to run for mayor of the city of Torrance. Really? 

"Where have you been, Cliff?" was probably the first question on a lot of people's minds.

Of course, the political establishment in Torrance asked Cliff to run for city council. I was really shocked, dismayed, and downright disgusted to see so many so-called "Republicans" line up behind Cliff Numark. Geoff "The RINO" Rizzo supported Cliff Numark, of course, since Chen had knocked him off the city council in 2020. It was just bitterness, pure and simple. But then Heide Ashcraft, too? A number of conservatives in the city told me that Heidi was a tough lady, and that nothing phased her.

And yet she caved and pandered to the political establishment, just like everyone else. Of course, no one should take this as a shock. She has been part of the political class herself for at least two decades. She served at least three terms on the Torrance School Board, and then the city council appointed her to fill in Sue Rhilinger's seat in 2013, followed by her top victory in Election 2014.

Still, I would have assumed that Councilwoman Ashcraft would have had enough fortitude to stand up to Creepy Pat Furey and his bullying, too. After all, retired Councilman Maureen O'Donnell rushed down to the Torrance City Council chambers in 2014 after soon-to-be former Mayor Pat Furey shamed Councilman Ashcraft in front of everyone.

Furey has been a true blight on the city of Torrance, yet of course he would endorse Cliff Numark, too. No surprises there. And just as every special interest in the city lined up behind Geoff Rizzo, so too they supported Cliff Numark for mayor. The police officers union, the firefighters association, and every other government union in the city AND THE COUNTY lined up behind Cliff Numark. The Sierra Club even leant their endorsement to Cliff Numark!

"Quittin'" Cliff was the machine candidate. He had more money, more endorsements, more of just about everything one presumably needs to get elected ...

And he lost!

George Chen beat the system, beat the political machine, beat the long-standing "Torrance Way" establishment in the city. What a victory!

Truly, it's all because of the Grace of God. There was nothing in George's strengh, experience, or skill-set which would have determined his victory. It's the blessings and grace of God that Torrance finally has a good mayor, Mayor Chen, to lead the city through the tough times ahead.

SO MUCH WINNING! Boston PRIDE Parade Cancelled!


Some good news for “Pride” month: Boston Gay Pride Parade is cancelled – possibly permanently – after accusations of racism from Black Lives Matter and threat of boycott!

Boston Pride organizers also accused of not being sufficiently transgender-friendly. Unhinged leftist “identity” groups turn on each other.

Boston Pride Board of Directors reacted by disbanding the organization!

See photos below from hideous past parades!

June 27, 2022
ALT TEXT The massive "Boston Gay Pride" parade started off each year with this banner. But no more, they say! [All photos by MassResistance]

The month of June has become an insufferable time for normal people as corporations, schools, governments, the media, and leftists push “Gay Pride Month” into everyone’s face.

Over the past 50 years, Boston (like hundreds of other cities) has endured an increasingly massive and perverse “Gay Pride Parade” - ending with a “Gay Pride Festival” at Boston City Hall Plaza. It’s frightened summer tourists, scared away families, and destroyed the aura of a once beautiful city.

For a dozen years, MassResistance documented the depraved event, sharing photos and videos – and exposing the participating corporations, schools, and politicians.

But this year there was no parade, no festival, and no plans for any in the future. The Board of Directors of the Boston Pride Committee, which planned, funded, and organized it, voted to permanently disband the whole organization. The streets of downtown Boston are (relatively) safe and sane again!

What happened? You can’t make this up! According to multiple news reports, the gays who run the event were being accused of racism by Black Lives Matter (BLM). BLM also accused them of snubbing some of the weirder transgender groups, and not supporting the “entire” gay community.

The bizarre complaints from Black Lives Matter began back in 2015 but were pretty much brushed aside. However, the big eruption came during 2020 and 2021 while the event was postponed due to COVID. Black Lives Matter aligned with a gaggle of local fringe LGBT groups and targeted Boston Pride’s all-white (and “gentrified”) Board of Directors with a list of complaints and demands. This wacky list of complaints (which itself reflects a racist attitude) included:

  • "The Boston Pride board has had a long history of poor relationships with Greater Boston’s communities of Queer & Trans, Black, Indigenous, People of Color (QTBIPOC) ..."
  • "For decades the board has failed to recruit and retain a racially diverse volunteer workforce. The lack of diversity throughout the Pride organization indicates that the inability of Boston Pride to address issues of racism and white privilege continues to be systemic."

The BLM coalition also persuaded most of the Pride volunteers to resign. Then they began organizing a boycott of the upcoming (June 2021) Pride event.

The June 2021 Pride event was postponed because of COVID. But that didn't quiet anything down. In July 2021, the BLM coalition publicly demanded that the Pride Board resign. A week later the Pride Board reacted by voting to disband the organization completely.

This whole thing isn’t really surprising. By 2020, the City of Boston had become ultra-pro-LGBT, so there was basically nothing left for them to fight for. But left-wing, revolutionary organizations are made up of obsessive, dysfunctional, and irrational people. Without a pressing cause, these radical groups invariably turn on each other. This is typical for leftist revolutionary movements going back to the French Revolution and the Lenin-Stalin era in the Soviet Union. The revolutionaries eventually eat their own.

So here's what you're missing

Since there’s no 2022 Boston Pride Parade and accompanying festival to remind everyone what the LGBT movement is about, we are presenting below just a few highlights from our past reports – to show everyone in Boston what they’re missing!

ALT TEXT Anti-Catholic bigotry seemed to be a big part of every parade. This is a contingent of men mocking Catholic nuns.
ALT TEXT BDSM (bondage, discipline, and sado-masochism) was also a big part each year. This group marched with a giant black-and-blue flag, apparently celebrating the results of their bondage and torture practices.
ALT TEXT The 'Grand Marshall' of one of the BDSM contingents. Note the nipple rings and open trousers.
ALT TEXT At the end of the parade this BDSM weirdness continued marching into the Festival.
ALT TEXT The "transgender" movement was a mainstay at "Gay Pride" parades. This man calls himself "Miss Transgender New England."
There were a lot of men like this every year.
And of course, what would "GayPride" be without this kind of behavior on the floats?
The Parade and Festival attracted a lot of people like this...
... and this.
At one Festival following the parade this troubled young man entertained the crowd. The man at right in the green "I-heart-sperm" shirt has probably seen it all before, we'd bet.
One of the more honest marchers.
ALT TEXT Bank of America was just one of many national corporations marching and supporting it.
ALT TEXT Pfizer.
ALT TEXT Massachusetts Governor Duval Patrick marched with his wife and daughter (not pictured), who had just "come out" as a lesbian. In this parade, they marched right behind a big BDSM contingent.
ALT TEXT U.S. Senator Ed Markey.
ALT TEXT Boston Children's Hospital. Every major hospital in Boston had a contingent in the parade and/or a booth in the festival.
ALT TEXT Every "Gay Pride" event seems to have an emphasis on "youth" and children ...
ALT TEXT Medford High School.
ALT TEXT Even private schools: Beaver Country Day School (the kids appear to be middle schoolers).
ALT TEXT The Lexington Montessori School contingent appears to have elementary school children marching.
ALT TEXT This man is typical of the extreme weirdness and dysfunction that public LGBT events bring out.

Final thoughts

We never thought we’d ever find ourselves cheering for Black Lives Matter! Let’s hope that this “conflict” spreads across the country.
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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Schaper Derangement Syndrome: Pro-LGBT Groomer Leah Nora Smith-Enciso Needed to "Seek Help"

 Leah Nora Smith-Enciso is one of the most aggressive, vile haters in Torrance.

I am just disgusted and dismayed at the amount of spittle and shrapnel she has spewed against me.

Really, Leah? Are you that afflicted with "Schaper Derangement Syndrome"? Seriously?

You all really have to see how dsyfunctional the regressive left is in Torrance.

First, I am reposting some of the comments that they had shared, specifically about targeting city council candidates with defamation about racism:

In yet another source of laugh-out-loud merriment, I discovered the following from Leah Nora-Smith "Pro-LGBT" Enciso:

I wish I was braver than I am but when he targeted [sic] me I was scared to run into him around town, since at the time he and I lived in the same neighborhood.

Once again, give me a break! This is either cowardice virtue-signaling, or more proof of the lingering effects of Schaper Derangement Syndrome.

My anxiety went through the roof and I had to seek help in dealing with it after all this. I can[t ut myself in that position again.

The hypocrisy is shocking and striking all in one throw. I cannot believe these people. They have no problem launching hateful tirades and defamatory hate against anyone and everyone whom they disagree with, but as soon as someone fights back and calls out their hate, they cry, they whine, the crawl into a ball on the floor, then plea for help.

This woman actually sought counseling for anxiety because ... I called her out for her hate? Here's a solution, Leah: stop hating people who do not look like you. Stop hating on people just because they disagree with you. Stop shaming mothers and fathers who care about kids and oppose LGBT grooming in the  public schools.

And on this issue especially, I am going to be unsparing in my criticism.

Here's another hateful, defamatory remark that Smith-Enciso wrote about me:

Smith-Enciso writes:

Some of the worst I've seen is him tarteting young LGBTQ youth. Like teenagers. He will stop at nothing.

First of all, does this woman ever bother to edit or spell-check what she writes. "Young LGBTQ youth ..." Seriously?

Then for her talk about so-called LGBT "youth." This is really, really disturbing and disgusting.

Florida State Senator Ileana Garcia could not have said it better: "LGBT is not forever." People are not "born that way," and that certainly applies to children. For decades, the whole homosexual-transgender lobby has been targeting children, especially young, at-risk, emotional unstable youth, and pressuring or posturing them to accept false LGBT "identities."

This is grooming, nothing more. Any adult who thinks that it is OK to normalize LGBT anything to children is a GROOMER. It is absolutely disgusting. What kind of sick adult thinks that it is OK to have a "Gay-Straight Alliance" or a "Gender-Sexuality Alliance" club on a high school, middle school--or even elementary school!-campus?

Young people naturally struggle with identity issues. They have problems at home, they may have parents who do not care about them, or they may have one over-bearing parent and another parent who is distant and unhelpful. But for any adult to celebrate "LGBT Youth" is nothing more than child abuse and grooming.

Kids are not gay, either, and adults should not be pressuring or seducing them into such harmful, destructive lifestyles.

Shame on Leah Nora Smith-Enciso for normalizing childhood traum and abuse! Shame on her for being a groomer.

SHAME ON ANY ADULT who pushes or celebrates LGBT on children. This is absolutely disgusting, reprehensible, and appalling. Indeed, people like Leah should be ashamed of themselves, and ashamed to show themselves in public, and I am not ashamed nor afraid to call them out!

"Torrance Community Group" Hate: Amy Strauss Josefek Wanted to Target Asian-Americans and Immigrants

The "Torrance Community Group" on Facebook have Schaper Derangement Syndrome.

But their derangement was so bad, that they wanted to defame immigrants in the city of Torrance, too!

Check out what they wanted to do during the Torrance City Council elections earlier this year: 

Amy Strauss Josefek is another hater, and she made the following suggestion:

What about having people outside of eitehr the forums or candidates headquarters with signs that say "endorses racist Arthur Schaper," or something like that??  Maybe iunclude a photo or a quote on the sign.

They wanted to defame the candidates whom I supported for Torrance City Council. They wanted to make it seem as though they are racist.

Of course, it is rank defamation for them to call me racist. I supported Taiwanese-American George Chen for Mayor, Japanese-America Jon Kaji for City Council District One, and Italian-American Aurelio Mattucci for City Council District Five.

Unlike the hateful (mostly white) Karens in the Torrance Community Group, I do not have a problem with a people who do not look like me. In fact, residents in the 99% Hispanic communities of Huntington Park and Cudahy supported my activism, as did the parents in the 80% Hispanic community of Downey, CA. I have never seen any of those hateful men and women in the Torrance Community Group do anything for anyone who did not look like them.

So, who's the racist again?

But I am amazed at the amount of anti-Asian, anti-immigrant rhetoric coming out of these hateful, left-wing harpies and Karens in the "Torrance Community Group". Why do they have a problem with people who do not look like them?

But I really enjoyed the comments which they shared after Amy Josefek's hateful suggestions. Ultra-triggered pro-LGBT Groomer Leah Nora Smith Enciso whined:

The problem is Arthur will target them. I wish I was braver than I am but when he targeted me I was cared to run into him around town.

Oh brother! I laughed out loud (yet again) when I read how triggered Leah Nora Smith-Enciso got.

She was shaming and defaming me, and then she throws a fit when I called her out on it.

These snowlakes love to dish it out, but they can't stand the heat when someone steps up and fights back. (There will be more this post later.)

The most important thing in this post, however, is their insistence in trying to shame and defame immigrants and Asian-Americans in the city of Torrance. This is really disgusting! Isn't this the very "white supremacy" that Black Lives Matter supposedly opposes?!

Again, notice how this Torrance Community Group targets Asian-Americans and immigrants. They target two immigrants, Aurelio Mattucci and George Chen, frequently, and now they want to shame and defame Jon Kaji, too. They all remind me of that violent Long Beach-based Karen who was harassing Asian-Americans in Wilson Park for a few months.

Torrance is better than all of this hate, and I certainly hope that the Torrance Community Group shuts down shortly. They have no business stirring up so much hate in the city of Torrance!

Schaper Derangement Syndrome: Nyssa Wilson, Leah Nora Smith-Enciso Wanted to Sue Me

Now, this is really laughable.

Two more leftist Karens in the "Torrance Community Group", Nyssa Wilson, whoever she is, and Lean Nora Smith-Enciso carped about how they wanted to pursue legal action next!

They can't stand the heat, they want to dish out hate, and they couldn't stand the fact that I refused to sit idly by and let them hurt me and others.

Check out their ramblings below:

Seriously? They want to file a restraining order because I exposed them and their views and the nasty things that they have said about me?

If they can't take it, then they shouldn't dish it out!

The fact is that the Left is in a hyperbolic melt-down right now because conservatives, Christians, constitutionalists, men and women of conscience, and everyday people with common sense are tired of the systemic racism and bigotry that comes from regressive leftists like Leah Nora Smith-Enciso, Jen "Karen" Graham, Nyssa Wilson, and others.

Residents in the South Bay are routinely defamed, heckled, and persecuted just for speaking their minds and disagreeing with people. Now it's time to hold them accountable for their hate.

And just for that, they want to cry to a lawyer. SHAMEFUL!



They can't take the heat, and now they want to cry to court. Waahh!

I find it really interesting that Nyssa claims to know people who knew me from my high school days (Go Tartars!), but so what?

Once again, what is so gratifying, what is so vindicating about these revelations is that I live in these people's heads rent-free. And I am loving every minute of it!

Reminder: Jen "Karen" Graham Promotes Violent Hate Group

Jen "Karen" Graham of Torrance
promotes violent hate group
Southern Poverty Law Center

In a previous post, I shared with you the defamatory hate written by "Torrance Community Group" Admin Jen "Karen" Graham.

Here's the post that she had shared about me. She has a special level of Schaper Derangement Syndrome thate I cannot begin to understand.

It's really sad. I don't understand why some people in the city of Torrance insist on allowing me to live in their heads rent free. Don't they have lives of their own? There is something of a mental illness afflicting these poor souls, and I can only hope that they get some help.

At any rate ...

In one of her first comments, she defames me as a "national agitator for a national hate group."

I worked for an international (not national) pro-family organization called MassResistance. You can learn more about them here.

Now, why does she defame MassResistance as a hate group? She relies on the slander of a real hate group: The Southern Poverty Law Center:

The Southern Poverty Law Center is not just any ordinary hate group, however. They are a violent hate group which instigates terrorist threats and attacks against anyone whom they disagree with.

So, because Jen Graham slanders MassResistance by referencing the SPLC, one must accept that Graham promotes a violent hate group herself.

The Family Research Council can attest to this. They were attacked by a deranged gunman who wanted to kill as many people as possible in the building. Why? Because the FRC was unjustly placed on the SPLC's "Hate Map."

The First Works Baptist Church in (majority Hispanic and Asian) El Monte can testify to this hate, as well. They were firebombed by a deranged domestic terrorst because ... (wait for it) the SPLC defames them as a hate group. A church being labeled a hate group and getting firebombed ... this reminds me of the same line of domestic terror waged by other Democrats in the South who wore white hoods and terrorized minority communities, aka the KKK.

But back to the Hate Group from Alabama. 

The Southern Poverty Law Center vilifies men, women, immigrants, Jews, Christians, and Muslims who do not agree with their radical, aggressive, progressive agenda. They even create a so-called "Hate Map" to set up these innocent groups to be targeted!

Let's state the facts plainly: Jen Graham of Torrance promotes and supports a violent hate group.

And if you need any further evidence of this long litany of hate regarding the Southern Poverty Law Center, just click here.

Everything You Need to Know about Alabama Hate Group "The Southern Poverty Law Center" (But Were Afraid to Ask)

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is an illicit, discredited hate group.

They have a long history of defaming and libeling women, minorities, and people of faith.

Anyone who cites the Southern Poverty Law Center as a serious source for anything is ... well ... a hater, a bigot, a pervert, and probably a big-time groomer.

Here's all you need to know about the Alabama Hate Group otherwise known as "The Southern Poverty Law Center."


1.      The agency's co-founder, Morris Dees, was fired for fostering a work culture of sexism and racism, as well as engaging sexual misconduct. Not exactly tolerant or loving, right? Minority employees never received promotions—ever.



2.      The President of the SPLC, Richard Cohen, was forced to resign for enabling Mr. Dees' misdeeds. So did the SPLC legal director Rhonda Brownstein. Ironically, they fostered and permitted the very culture of hate they claimed to combat. Their organization routinely refused to hire anyone aside from white males and females.



3.      Bob Moser (liberal and openly gay), a former employee of the SPLC, informed the public in an exposé for The New Yorker that the whole SPLC is just a smear-machine fundraising mill, nothing more. The agency was never intended to actually stop extremism and hate, but just raise money off of gullible corporate donors who wanted to feel that they were helping the fight.



Moser states:


“All the time, dark shadows hung over everything: the racial and gender disparities, the whispers about sexual harassment, the abuses that stemmed from the top-down management, and the guilt you couldn’t help feeling about the legions of donors who believed that their money was being used, faithfully and well …. We were part of the con, and we knew it.”


4.      The SPLC was forced to pay a $3.3 million settlement to Maajid Nawaz for libeling (not just labeling) him and his organization the Quilliam foundation as an "anti-Muslim extremist" simply because as a Muslim reformer he opposes Sharia Law and supports women’s rights. Former President Richard Cohen had to make an official apology, too.

Here’s their apology:


Maajid Nawaz said that he was “targeted” by the SPLC:


5.      SPLC has smeared MassResistance as a "hate group." It's a laughable charge.


a.       Our organization spans chapters throughout the world, including Nigeria, Chile, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, as well as the United Kingdom. We have men and women of all ages and ethnic backgrounds who have sought MassResistance to help them combat the LGBT agenda and its lies. How is that hate?

b.      For the record, mothers and fathers who care about their children do not constitute any kind of "hate group". The truth is, it is hateful to call loving parents "haters" for protecting their children from sexual deviance and perversion.

c.       Homosexuals have contacted our activists and our main office to voice SUPPORT for our activism. A number of them want to leave the LGBT culture, but fear the repercussions of breaking away.


6.      The Southern Poverty Law Center has listed the following groups as so-called hate groups. The collection of groups which they have smeared with this canard is so laughable, that any pro-family/conservative activist group that is NOT on their list should question their effectiveness!



a.       The Alliance Defending Freedom

b.      The Family Research Council

c.       The American Family Association

d.      The American Freedom Alliance

e.       Family Watch International

f.        World Congress of Families

g.      The Remembrance Project – This group fights illegal immigration, and represents the concerns of families whose loved ones have been killed by illegal aliens. This is hate?!

h.      Liberty Counsel

i.        National Coalition for Issue Reform – This is the most nonsensical I have seen yet.

j.        The American College of Pediatricians – Yes, the SPLC labels caregiver doctors for children as a “hate group” – are you laughing yet?!

k.      The Pacific Justice Center – This group based in California fights for religious liberties and parental rights. That’s hate?

l.        The Jewish Defense League – I kid you not. They consider Jews who defend Israel a “hate group” – This is beyond ridiculous.

m.    Christians and Jews United for Israel – Once again, the SPLC attacks Jews as a hate group. They sound more like Nazis or the KKK.

n.      The Center for Immigration Studies – This group is headed by an Armenian-American, by the way. This group is one of six suing the SPLC for libel.

o.      Federation for American Immigration Reform – This group has supporters of all backgrounds, including Black and Jewish Americans.


7.      The Southern Poverty Law Center tried to shut down charter schools which served predominantly poor, black communities in Mississippi. It’s documented below:



8.      The Washington Post printed an editorial slamming the SPLC as having lost all integrity:


When even the Washington Post has given up on you, you are a lost cause!


9.      Regarding the charge of Homophobia: "Homophobia" suggests a fear of homosexuals. On the contrary, MassResistance and its members have never shied away from confronting individuals on the dangers of LGBT behaviors. In fact, our main office has received commendations from currently practicing LGBT individuals to support our efforts to confront this agenda! It is not a mental disorder to oppose LGBT Behaviors, since they are fraught with disease, dysfunction, and death.


10.  Current Affairs, a Liberal Magazine, wrote the following article:


The Southern Poverty Law Center Is Everything That’s Wrong With Liberalism by Nathan J. Robinson

Key quote:

“The Southern Poverty Law Center perfectly shows social change done wrong. It was a top-down organization controlled by an incompetent and venal leadership. It was hypocritical in the extreme, preaching anti-racism while fostering a racist internal culture and being led by men whose own commitment to equality was questionable. It didn’t care about listening to and incorporating the viewpoints of the people it was supposed to serve. It was obscenely rich in a time of terrible poverty, and squandered much its considerable wealth. Finally, it picked the wrong political targets, and focused on symbolic over substantive change. Each of these practices goes beyond the SPLC, and is endemic to a certain kind of “elite liberalism” that desires “progress” without sacrifice. It is the kind of liberalism recognized by Phil Ochs in 1966, and its chief characteristics are a deep hypocrisy and a lack of willingness to seriously challenge the status quo.”

11.  John Stossel (libertarian, social liberal) exposed and shamed the Southern Poverty Law Center:

“The center has become a hate group itself” – John Stossel

12.  The SPLC smears a Dutch-Somali immigrant Ayaan Hirsi Ali because she supports women’s rights. There’s your intersectionality backfiring on the SPLC, right there!

One can ask: “Do they have a problem with black immigrants? Women who have survived sexual assault?”

13.  The SPLC takes in hundreds of millions for dollars, pays their senior employees six figure salaries, and stashes huge amounts of cash in offshore accounts. How is this fighting hate? How is this an example of “poverty”?

14.  Harpers Magazine exposed how the SPLC profits from intolerance:


The Church of Morris Dees


15.   The SPLC has become so discredited, that the FBI no longer lies on them for information about hate groups:


16.   The magazine Foreign Policy has analyzed and concluded that the SPLC does not provide objective information to monitor hate groups:


17.   The new President and CEO of the SPLC is Margaret Huang. She took a picture of the intolerant anti-white, anti-Semite Nick Cannon, and she has still not taken down the picture or disavowed the picture:


18.   SPLC had to retract article for defaming progressive journalists like Max Blumenthal


19.   The Republican National Committee has repudiated the Southern Poverty Law Center


20.   USA Today released an editorial slamming the SPLC:

21.  The Southern Poverty Law Center has raised hundreds of millions of dollars, and then stashes the massive amounts of cash in off-shore accounts. How does any of this help fight for civil rights?


22.  The Southern Poverty Law Center members have gone on record making it clear that they are not a non-biased civil rights organization, but a partisan group that targets conservatives:

23.  The Southern Poverty Law Center is no longer a credible source, even according to liberal journalists:

22. Wikipedia does list MassResistance as a hate group, but that’s only because of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s defamation. The founder of Wikipedia left the company in 2007, and he has announced that Wikipedia has no credibility:

23. The Southern Poverty Law Center Hate Map targets innocent pro-family organizations, and their hate induced a deranged gunman to target staff at the Family Research Council in Washington, DC.

Check out this statement from one of the survivors from that massacre:

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a hate-based scam thatnearly caused me to be murdered