Friday, April 30, 2021

Contact Montana Governor, andTell Him to Sign HB 112: No Boys in Girls' Sports!

Hey MassResistance team!

Please contact Montana Governor Gianforte and urge him to sign HB 112! This bill will keep boys out of girls' sports, and stop the further normalization of transgenderism in the public square for the state of Montana.

Here are the talking points to use:

  1. No boys in girls' sports! Men are fundamentally different from women, and men who are confused enough to think that they are women need help, not enabling.
  2. Transgenderism is a mental illness. The state needs to stop enabling it in any of its forms.
  3. The NCAA is already starting to cave on their threatened en masse boycott of any state which will not allow men to compete against women in women's sports. Don't allow the NCAA to bully the Big Sky State.
  4. The state of Montana needs to do what is right for Montana's women and girls. They should not care what Big Business may or may not do to Montana in retaliation.
  5. The government has every right and necessity to step into this fight. The state exists to limit evil, and it is evil for men to pretend to be women and ruin women's sports with their unfair physical and developmental advantages over women.

This is our final step to get this law passed. The governor has until May 7th to sign or veto the bill.

Here's his email address:

His Office Phone Number: (406) 444-3111

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

CA MassResistance Call to Action: Stop AB 1084, Gender Confusion in Department Stores


The California State Legislature is pushing yet another outrageous pro-LGBT bill

AB 1084, if enacted, would require department stores with more than 500 employees to set up a "gender neutral section" besides the boy-girl sections in department stores.

Here's the bill summary:

This bill would require a retail department store with 500 or more employees that sells childcare items, children’s clothing, or toys, to maintain a gender neutral section or area, to be labeled at the discretion of the retailer, in which a reasonable selection of the items, articles, and toys for children that it sells shall be displayed, regardless of whether they have been traditionally marketed for either girls or for boys.

The bill is government overreach.

The bill is a waste of time and money.

AB 1084, No "Boys and Girls Sections in Department Stores"

Most importantly, however, this legislation is yet another step towards normalizing the destructive, delusional lie that human beings do not have a fixed sex, and that transgenderism, both ideas and behaviors, are normal and should be impressed upon children at a young age.

This legislation faced some opposition in the Assembly Business Committee, where it passed by a narrow 11-8 vote. It has recently moved from the Judiciary Committee in the State Assembly to the State Assembly Appropriations Committee.

There are 13 members on that committee, and we need seven votes to kill this bill.

This link below contains all the names and contacts for the current CA State Assembly Appropriations Committee:

There are four Republicans on the committee. They will all vote no.

The chair of this committee is Democrat Lorena Gonzalez:

Lorena Gonzalez (Chair)Dem - 80Contact Assembly Member Lorena Gonzalez
Capitol Office, Room 2114
P.O. Box 942849, Sacramento, CA 94249-0080; (916) 319-2080

One Democrat, Ed Chau, has abstained on this bill in a previous committee, which means that for now he is our Fifth NO vote.

Contact him anyway:

Ed ChauDem - 49Contact Assembly Member Ed Chau
Capitol Office, Room 5016
P.O. Box 942849, Sacramento, CA 94249-0049; (916) 319-2049

These are at least three other Democrats to target to vote NO on AB 1084:

Lisa CalderonDem - 57Contact Assembly Member Lisa Calderon
Capitol Office, Room 2137
P.O. Box 942849, Sacramento, CA 94249-0057; (916) 319-2057

Eduardo GarciaDem - 56Contact Assembly Member Eduardo Garcia
Capitol Office, Room 4140
P.O. Box 942849, Sacramento, CA 94249-0056; (916) 319-2056

Bill QuirkDem - 20Contact Assembly Member Bill Quirk
Capitol Office, Room 2163
P.O. Box 942849, Sacramento, CA 94249-0020; (916) 319-2020

Here are the key talking points to use when contacting the State Assemblymembers:

1. This legislation is a massive waste of time. There are homeless Californians dying on our streets, millions of Californians have not received unemployment disbursements because of state government fraud and incompetence, and California streets are getting more dangerous every day. Students have not even been allowed to go back to school! These are the more pressing issues which the state legislature should deal with.

2. The legislation is government overreach of the worst kind. Businesses in California are struggling to make ends meet as it is, and with high taxes and energy costs, they do not need another set of regulations to hurt their bottom line, and more importantly to hurt their workers and consumers.

3. This legislation wants to enable a set of destructive fictions in another institution. There is no reason to promote goods to children as "gender neutral." This lie that human beings do not have fixed traits that indicate sex is a perverse lie, one which is based on the faultiest of lies, that sex can change through surgeries or hormonal replacements.

4. This legislation will only create gender confusion for minors. There is no reason to allow for this abuse in department stores.

5. Boys' and Girls' clothing is structurally different. It is nonsensical to require stores to sell clothes in a "gender neutral" setting.

For more information, please contact:
Arthur Schaper, Organization Director
Cell: (781) 474-3005

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Texas MassResistance Confronts Transgender Protesters Harassing State Legislators


Texas MassResistance parents confront transgender activists trying to intimidate State Rep over his support for pro-family legislation.

“Save James” bills in Texas Legislature would stop ghoulish “sex-change” procedures on children. But LGBT activists demand these continue.

Protest and counter-protest outside Rep’s local office in suburban Dallas/Ft. Worth.

April 26, 2021
ALT TEXT Facing the transgender mob outside of Rep. Stukey's local office. You can't mince words with those people.

The LGBT movement’s dark obsession with children has rarely been so blatant. Few pro-family groups are willing to openly confront that – but MassResistance is an exception!

As we’ve recently reported, Texas MassResistance has been lobbying hard for three important bills moving forward in the Texas Legislature (dubbed the “Save James” bills). These would stop “sex-change” procedures on children. People are outraged that children are being disfigured for life and sterilized to please a radical ideology.


The bills have been aggressively opposed by the LGBT movement as well as big business. Children’s “sex-change” treatments are a huge money-maker for big pharma and “gender clinics.”

As LifeSiteNews recently reported, 43 companies – several of them major national corporations  – have announced their active opposition to this legislation. They are using their immense lobbying power and financial resources to stop it.

One of the opposition’s more distasteful strategies has been to harass and intimidate legislators supporting these bills with loud “protests” by hideous transgender activists at the doors of their home-town local offices.

One target, Rep. Lynn Stuckey (R-District 64), has been a consistent conservative on pro-family issues. But when lobbyists noticed that he was starting to waver over pressure on these bills, they saw him as an easy target. So on April 21, a horde of transgender activists descended on his local office in Denton, TX (a northern suburb of Dallas/Ft. Worth), hoping he’d cave.

ALT TEXT The transgender "protest" outside the local office of Rep. Stuckey in Denton. They hoped to intimidate him and his staff.
ALT TEXT The usual LGBT dishonesty. In fact, the best way to protect "trans lives" and "trans youth" is to give them the psychological help they need, not cruelly mutilate their bodies.
Not surprisingly, they twist and distort the Bible. Her sign says: "Jesus Loves Trans Kids. Be like Jesus." (If you love trans kids, don't mutilate their bodies!)

But it didn’t quite work out the way they planned. Kevin Whitt, our Texas MassResistance Assistant Director, had caught wind of the demonstration and quickly organized a robust counter-protest just several yards away. The LGBT crowd was clearly rattled. Telling the truth about what they’re doing to children tends to have that effect on them, and our people were not afraid to do it!

ALT TEXT Our group was fairly close to them, and definitely raining on their parade!

At one point, one of them came over to “dialogue” with our people. That is a common LGBT tactic when their opposition is resolute; they try to defuse our arguments and energy. But that didn’t work this time, either!

ALT TEXT One of the transgender activists (right, wearing mask) came over to "dialogue" with us.

We weren't in to mood to "dialogue." Here is some of the interaction:

MassResistance: Why can’t you wait until these children are adults?

Trans activist: Because their emotional evolving is absolutely at stake.

MassResistance: No. Only an adult can make that choice. The ramifications are huge. It’s castration. It’s genital mutilation.

Trans activist: They’re not doing that surgery at the clinics in Texas.

MassResistance: Yes, they are doing surgeries on 14-year-olds. And that is a proven fact.

Trans activist: Top surgery?

MassResistance: Yes. In Austin. And other places.

Trans activist: OK. I care about it. Any surgery is significant. But I also believe that there are some things that are worth it.

MassResistance: There are people who suffer from identity disorders well into adulthood, and it’s not just a matter of surgery to fix that. Doing this to a child is nuts … Gender dysphoria is a real mental illness.

ALT TEXT The police were standing nearby, but didn't need to get involved.

Our efforts were successful! We spoke with Rep. Stuckey’s office today. His staff told us that he is now solidly on board support all three “Save James” bills. We’re pleased that he got the message that the LGBT movement is the wrong group to listen to in Texas!

Final thoughts

Many pro-family people around the country believe that the transgender activists and their allies who fight against this kind of legislation are simply concerned, honest folks who have a misguided opinion on this issue. Our people often think that if we talk it through with them, they will see the truth.

Unfortunately, that is completely wrong. We’ve interacted with the other side many times over the years. They know full well what this does to children. They can see it themselves. And they certainly hear what we’ve been saying. But they don’t care. Their hatred of traditional values and their desire to be accepted by their friends is very powerful. They lie to themselves and to everyone else. And as we’ve all observed, many of the “activists” clearly have their own mental health problems that fuel that behavior. And they’re obsessed with “identity” and sexuality issues.

The only thing that’s effective is to stand up to them and never back down to their lies, anger, and hysteria.

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Monday, April 19, 2021

Call to Action: Tell Texas Governor and Lieutenant Governor to Ban Sex Mutilation of Children

Call to Action: Tell Texas Governor and Lieutenant Governor to Ban Sex Mutilation of Children

SB 1311 and SB 1646 will ban transgender treatments on minors in TEXAS. These procedures include puberty blockers which stop puberty and wrong-sex hormones that cause secondary sexual characteristics to develop in the child (e.g. Facial hair, deep voice for a girl, breast development for a boy).  Additionally, it will ban several surgeries that mutilate or amputate the healthy organs of minors.  Girls as young as 14 are having their breasts amputated in gender clinics in Texas as confirmed by activist Tracy Shannon and Gender Mapper volunteer, Lynn Meagher in this video:

For specifics

SB 1311 will prevent insurance coverage and deny liability insurance for doctors who practice sex mutilation surgeries on minors. The bill would also revoke medical licenses for doctors who practice these procedures.

SB 1646 will expand the definition of child abuse to include all the sex mutilation procedures associated with attempting to transition children.

Our youth are being targeted with gender ideology. More and more children are presenting to gender clinics because someone online or in public schools has confused them into thinking they may be transgender.

Communities of color are specifically being targeted by LGBTQ activists. Programs such as Drag Queen Story Hour is receiving grants to expand their gender confusing program to children in communities of color.

We oppose the indoctrination of youth with the harmful gender ideology and support SB 1311 and SB 1646 which will ban these life-altering and irreversible treatments for minors in Texas.

We respectfully ask that SB 1311 and SB 1646 be scheduled for a vote in the State Senate.  The time to protect Texas youth is now.

(Make sure to tell them to support HB 1399 (no sex mulilation surgeries on minors), too!)

Please Contact:

Governor Greg Abbot:

Office of the Texas Governor

P.O. Box 12428

Austin Texas 78711

(512) 463-2000


Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, who is the head of the State Senate:

The Texas Lieutenant Governor Message Line: (512) 463-5342

The Texas Lieutenant Governor Office Line: (512) 463-0001


Mailing Address:

Office of the Lieutenant Governor

P.O. Box 12068, Austin, Texas 78711

Call to Action: Help Texas MassResistance Pass Bill to Ban Sex Mutilation of Children

Call to Action: Help Texas MassResistance Pass Bill to Ban Sex Mutilation of Children

HB 1399 will ban transgender treatments on minors in TEXAS. These procedures include puberty blockers which stop puberty and wrong-sex hormones that cause secondary sexual characteristics to develop in the child (e.g. Facial hair, deep voice for a girl, breast development for a boy).  Additionally, it will ban several surgeries that mutilate or amputate the healthy organs of minors.  Girls as young as 14 are having their breasts amputated in gender clinics in Texas as confirmed by activist Tracy Shannon and Gender Mapper volunteer, Lynn Meagher in this video:

These efforts are all named after James Younger, a boy who is being targeted for sex mutilation by his mother. That is why we have been wearing "Save James" stickers:

Our youth are being targeted with gender ideology. More and more children are presenting to gender clinics because someone online or in public schools has confused them into thinking they may be transgender.

Communities of color are specifically being targeted by LGBTQ activists. Programs such as Drag Queen Story Hour is receiving grants to expand their gender confusing program to children in communities of color.

We oppose the indoctrination of youth with the harmful gender ideology and supports HB 1399 which will ban these life-altering and irreversible treatments for minors in Texas.

We respectfully ask that HB 1399 be scheduled for a vote.  The time to protect Texas youth is now. Testimony provided in the House Committee on Public Health by the founder of a gender clinic in Texas revealed that the gatekeepers have been replaced by cheerleaders for gender disfigurement of minors.

Please call, email and tag Dustin Burrows (Lubbock, District 83) and Joe Moody ( El Paso, District 78) asking them to support the safeguarding of minors by scheduling a vote on this bill which is in their Calendars Committee. We will not accept the excuse that the clock ran out when it comes to safeguarding Texas children.

Dustin Burrows

Capitol Phone: (512) 463-0542

District Address: 

10507 Quaker Avenue, Suite 103
Lubbock, TX 79424

District Phone: (806) 795-0635

@Burrows4TX on Twitter  @Burrows4TX 


Joe Moody:

Capitol Phone: (512) 463-0728

District Address: 

7365 Remcon Circle, C-301
El Paso, TX 79912

District Phone: (915) 751-2700

@moodyforelpaso on Twitter  @moodyforelpaso   on Facebook

Friday, April 16, 2021

Corrupt LGBT Judge Rejects Plea Deal for BC Father, Orders 6 Months in Jail, $30,000 Fine for Telling Truth About Transgenderism


Hostile judge rejects Rob Hoogland’s plea agreement with BC Attorney General in “criminal contempt” case for breaking gag order. Sentences Rob to six months in prison and $30,000 fine!

Judge claims that a lesser punishment would “bring the administration of justice into disrepute.”

Bizarre 2-day court proceeding after Rob had pleaded guilty (per plea agreement).

Judge angrily berates Rob for giving MassResistance “banned” information.

April 16, 2021
ALT TEXT Rob Hoogland, a British Columbia father trying to protect his daughter from sex-change procedures, takes a last look outside of the Court building before turning himself in on March 16.

The radical transgender agenda targeting children has become a national nightmare in Canada. The education system, the medical establishment, and now the courts are brutally enforcing this lunatic movement.

As we reported earlier Rob Hoogland, a British Columbia father, has been jailed without bail since mid-March. He was to go on trial on April 13. His crime: violating a gag order intended to cover up the gruesome “sex-change” procedures his 15-year-old daughter was undergoing – against his will. The court is now the enforcer for those ghoulish medical practitioners.

Plea bargain announced last week!

However, several days before the trial Rob’s lawyer, Carey Linde, announced that he and the Crown (Attorney General) had reached a plea bargain. On April 13, Rob Hoogland would admit to willfully breaching certain orders of the Supreme Court. He would accept 18 months probation and one month for time spent in custody. Thus, Rob would be released from custody on that day!

When the Court convened on the morning of April 13, everyone figured it would all go pretty quickly. Rob’s friends showed up, and were planning to drive him home soon afterwards and celebrate his freedom.

British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Michael Tammen got right to business. He put Rob on the stand, had the clerk read the charges, and asked, “How do you plead?” Rob answered, “Guilty.” The judge asked Rob if he understood that he is giving up his right to a trial. Rob answered, “Yes.”

… But then the judge rejected the deal!

Then, in a shocking (and frankly dishonest) move, Justice Tammen harshly announced that he was rejecting the plea bargain! He felt that Rob’s actions required much greater punishment – certainly more imprisonment – than the plea bargain called for. Otherwise, he said, “It would bring the administration of justice into dispute.” Rob’s friends in the courtroom were aghast.

Tammen clearly wanted to make an example of Hoogland, in case other parents got similar ideas of resisting if this happened to their children. So he opened up discussion between the two opposing lawyers to help him decide how much more punishment to give.

The “sentencing” debate begins

Over the next two days the “sentencing” debate between the Crown, Carey Linde, and Justice Tammen went on. Tammen was clearly hostile toward Rob and Linde, and much of the time it seemed like the judge was playing the part of a second prosecutor.

ALT TEXT Justice Michael Tammen was unbelievably hostile and biased.
ALT TEXT Attorney Carey Linde, Rob's lawyer, fought hard for him.

The Crown lawyer, Daniel Pruim, spoke first. He was well prepared. It appeared that he had prior knowledge that the judge would do this.

Describing every breach. The Crown started out by describing in lengthy detail every article and interview that Rob had participated in, and every piece of information that Rob had given out. Tammen was very focused on this, following it closely, and took notes.

Denunciation and deterrence required. The Crown went on to cite numerous cases where a “just cause” didn’t justify breaching court orders. The principles of sentencing demand that “denunciation and deterrence” are needed, and that precedents supported this. A court must “uphold the Rule of Law.”

Victim impact statement. Then the Crown announced that he had a “victim impact statement” from Rob’s daughter about how her father’s actions have harmed her. Rob’s lawyer objected, saying that there is no way to determine if the statement was actually written by one of the LGBT lawyers “supporting” the girl’s case. The statement was not allowed to be read in court, but a quote from it appeared in the Toronto Star newspaper the following day. Many people have since observed that it is unlikely this was written by a 15-year-old:

I am out as transgender only in some parts of my life and it terrifies me that I might be outed as a result of my dad’s actions. It would be very embarrassing to be outed as trans to people who know me only as male. Over and over private stuff about me was published online because of my dad. I have lost my faith that the courts can protect me. That makes me feel really vulnerable.

Judge’s angry outburst against MassResistance. The daughter’s impact statement caused Justice Tammen to let loose an angry outburst against Rob and his lawyer over the fact that MassResistance had been given several key documents by Rob, including the original hospital consent form for sex-change procedures signed by the daughter and mother (but not Rob) – and that MassResistance stubbornly refused to take it down. The judge said that this information was hurting the child, and the fact that the doctors’ names were on it was also a major violation of the gag order.

ALT TEXT From the BC Children's Hospital "Gender Clinic" website. This is what Justice Tammen wants desperately to protect from being exposed!

This was a bit unnerving, since Carey Linde had previously pointed out that all of this “personal” information was already known in the general community, and that the idea that it “harmed” her was an invention of the prior judge in collaboration with the LGBT lawyers. Moreover, the doctors have widely advertised that they do these procedures, so it is no secret.

Linde phones MassResistance. During the lunch break, Carey Linde telephoned MassResistance to get clarification as to why we weren’t taking down the material. We reminded him that Rob has specifically asked us to post it, and that he later said he was glad that it would be there to educate the world about what is really happening. And we obviously agree this needs to happen.

Rob’s fundraising for legal defense costs. After lunch, the Crown lit into Rob’s “GoGetFunding” page raising money for his legal defense. He noted that Rob has raised over $56,000, and had a photo of himself with his daughter (as a young girl) on that page. Thus, he said, that money was “ill-gotten gains” and should be confiscated in some way. Justice Tammen heartily agreed that Rob was “profiting” off his crime, and said that he would take that into consideration. (It is contemptible that Tammen and the Crown actually believe that an accused person should not be able to raise money to pay for lawyers or related expenses.)

Rob takes the stand. Next, Justice Tammen asked Rob to take the stand and explain why he ignored the court “gag orders.” He said he wanted to tell the world how his daughter was tricked by the school transgender program into deciding she should “transition” to a boy. He said his child was too immature and irresponsible to understand the dangers and risks of cardiovascular disease, bone decalcification, cervical cancer, sterility, botched surgery, and perpetual hormone imbalance - all side effects of experimental hormone therapy. He added that so-called transgender people do not find peace, but continue to contemplate suicide at an alarming rate. He knew it was too late to save his own child, but he felt he HAD to tell his story to save other families from this tragedy.

Justice Tammen was unsympathetic. He was angry that Rob’s full story was still displayed on the Mass Resistance website. He claimed Rob could have told his story without naming his daughter. (Actually, Rob did not ever name her; her name was written on a document).

Comparing Rob to Gandhi, etc. Rob’s lawyer ended the first day with an argument comparing Rob’s civil disobedience to Diogenes, Mahatma Gandhi, and Martin Luther King. As one person there told us, “It was very unconvincing. We left the court very, very discouraged.”

What the hospital consent form warned about. The next day, Carey Linde wanted to discuss the hospital consent form for the sex-change procedures that the mother and the daughter had signed. The judge angrily said no, because Rob had given it to MassResistance to post. There was a heated exchange over that, and the judge finally relented.

Linde said that the consent form clearly states that the cause of gender dysphoria is unknown. And if the cause of gender dysphoria is unknown, how is the diagnosis and proper treatment determined? He said the consent form also states that the impact of puberty blockers and testosterone are unknown, and that reproductive organs may need to be removed in the future. “How can a child consent to this?” he asked.

Linde said it’s important that the judge understand why Rob did what he did. But Tammen responded by chastising Linde, basically questioning his ability as a lawyer.

Jenn Smith allowed to address the Court with bizarre rant. Near the end of the second day, Linde asked Jenn Smith, a left-wing transgender activist who has supported Rob Hoogland, to address the Court. Jenn Smith is a very strange cross-dresser – a man who wears women’s clothes in public, but still refers to himself a man. Jenn Smith has befriended Rob and Carey Linde in this case. The Crown objected to his speaking, but the judge decided to allow it.

Jenn Smith stood up and gave a bizarre rant attempting to explain why Rob talked to MassResistance and other conservative groups. Smith said that Rob suffered “emotional trauma” and had nowhere to turn but to “right-wing grifters and nut jobs,” and that they’re “contaminating Rob’s brain with right wing propaganda.” He said that this should be a mitigating factor in sentencing.

ALT TEXT Jenn Smith (right), a cross-dressing man, is interviewed outside the courthouse by Rebel Media reporter on April 14. Smith continued his rant against MassResistance, and even our Organization Director Arthur Schaper!

The judge seemed pleased to hear bad things about people helping to expose the case. But the Crown objected to that reasoning, saying that Rob has made it clear numerous times that he did this on his own, and is responsible for his actions.

Rob certainly hasn’t appeared to be “in trauma” up until now. In fact, Rob had been very outspoken and enthusiastic about MassResistance and other groups getting the word out for him. In our March 11 video, he said:

We’ve all got to get to get behind this. I want to thank MassResistance. You guys are one of the leading examples of how we need to fight this. We’re beyond diplomacy on this matter. We’re at war. And people have to wake up. You can’t negotiate with terrorists who are experimenting with our children. That’s why I love what you do at MassResistance because you recognize that.

As Rob was going into the courthouse on March 16 to turn himself in, he was interviewed by Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson and said:

I’m definitely getting the word out in the United States, because that’s where word travels fast. And I can be more candid there than I can be here in Canada, for obvious reasons. I don’t want Canadians to get in trouble. So let the Americans help me in that way.

ALT TEXT Robert Hoogland gives an interview with MassResistance via Skype in early 2020.

Rob responds to Jenn Smith’s remarks – even more bizarre! Then the judge asked Rob if he wanted to respond to what Jenn Smith had said. It was really weird to hear how Rob responded this time. It was completely different than what he had testified the previous day.

Rob said that the first day he was incarcerated he was able to reflect on what he’d done, and that he’s regretting his civil disobedience. He said that he had just wanted to help his daughter, not hurt her. He thinks children should have to wait until they’re eighteen. He acknowledges what he did, and regrets it deeply. He said that “in hindsight" he would "navigate things differently." He wants to close this chapter and move on with his life, he said.

Someone who was there wrote, “This feels like a prisoner confessing under duress.” It certainly looks that way to us – and many others. It was surreal. (People who were there have said all this did more harm than good, in their opinion, given Rob’s sudden switch from the day before.)

At that point the judge concluded the court proceedings, and said he would announce the sentence on Friday, April 16.

The sentencing

Judge goes over the “history.” On Friday morning, Judge Tammen started off by going through the history of the case and the various breaches. He mentioned that the previous judge in the case had stated that if Rob referred to his daughter as a girl that it would constitute “family violence” – and Tammen seemed to agree with that.

MassResistance helping expose the horror is “most serious.” Tammen also recounted that Rob stated in interviews that he felt it was important to break the gag order. And Rob “instructed Americans to keep the story alive.” But in particular, Tammen insisted that the “most serious breech and gross violation” was Rob giving MassResistance the hospital “gender clinic” consent form and the hospital’s memo to Rob where they claim the 13-year-old daughter is “mature enough” to decide to have sex-change procedures. (That’s because these documents reveal how horrible all of this really is – something the government wants covered up.)

Thus, more punishment required. Judge Tammen said that agreeing to the plea bargain and merely giving Rob 45 days in prison is inadequate, and would “bring the administration of justice into disrepute.”

Shocking sentence. Tammen sentenced Rob to six months in prison. In addition, he fined Rob $30,000 - which he estimated Rob's GoGetFunding legal defense page had raised since his arrest - and Tammen said he is giving it to the Ronald McDonald House. The courtroom was stunned. (With time served and other factors, Rob is expected to serve about 4½ months in prison. But one never knows for sure.)

From what we’re already hearing it’s likely that the activism in British Columbia on Rob’s behalf is only just beginning. We’ll keep you informed!

ALT TEXT Activists across Canada - in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario - are prepared to post thousands of these stickers in public areas to keep Rob's fight alive while he is in jail.
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Monday, April 12, 2021

Texas MassResistance activists up against Corporate America – fighting to pass important “Save James” legislation at the Texas State House

Texas MassResistance activists up against Corporate America – fighting to pass important “Save James” legislation at the State House.

Goal: To stop ghoulish “gender clinics” from mutilating and sterilizing children in “sex-change” procedures. A big money-maker for clinics and pharma industry.

Lobbying hard in the Capitol – and protesting in Dallas!

Public hearings coming up this week.

April 10, 2021
ALT TEXT Outside the entrance to the infamous "gender clinic" in Dallas. These gruesome "medical" procedures on children must stop!

MassResistance parents and activists across Texas are fighting hard to get their State Senators and Representatives to pass important legislation to protect children from bodily mutilation, sterilization, puberty blockers, and other experimental “sex-change” surgeries and procedures. Texas MassResistance, with help from some other groups, has taken the lead in tirelessly lobbying to get this legislation passed into law this year.

Dubbed the “Save James” legislation, six bills have been filed in the Texas House and Senate that would ban these gruesome procedures on minors. The bills are named for James Younger, a 10-year-old boy whom a judge has ordered to go through “sex-change” treatments against his father’s wishes, but with the blessing of his left-wing pro-LGBT mother. The father, Jeff Younger, has been very outspoken against what is happening to his son – and MassResistance supported him.

But our activists are up against a cabal of wealthy national corporations that are threatening Texas politicians – vowing to take action against the state if any of these bills pass. Performing these procedures on children has become a huge money-maker for hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry. And national corporations, whose leaders are pro-LGBT and have no morals regarding children, want to strongly signal how “enlightened” they are and thus aggressively support their allies in this radical agenda.

Press conference outside the State House

On March 10, Texas MassResistance kicked off the lobbying blitz with a press conference outside the Texas State Capitol. Jeff Younger gave a chilling speech about what the state has done to his son.

ALT TEXT Jeff Younger speaking outside the Texas State House on March 10.

Protesting the Dallas “Gender Clinic”

Then on March 19, MassResistance activists converged outside of the notorious Dallas Children’s Hospital “Genecis Clinic” (which performs so-called "gender-affirming" care) to publicly protest the terrible quackery that this “medical facility” is performing on children.

To the consternation of hospital officials, they brought signs and a bullhorn.

ALT TEXT Outside the Dallas Children's Hospital "Genecis Clinic" that performs "gender" treatments on children.

Several police cars came to disperse the protesters, but the our people refused to leave and the police ultimately backed down and allowed them to stay until they were finished.

ALT TEXT Police were called to break up the demonstration ...
ALT TEXT ... But when the protesters engaged with the police and reminded them that public money helped fund this hospital, they backed down and let the demonstration continue.

Intense lobbying at the Texas State Capitol

After that, our lobbying at the Texas State Capitol intensified. A number of legislators and their aides are now working with us directly. The word is getting out that the people of Texas strongly support these protections for children.

ALT TEXT Outside the Texas State House, Texas MassResistance leader Tracy Shannon holds a sign showing young James with his dad - and the boy dressed as a girl with his pro-LGBT mother.
ALT TEXT Tracy and others preparing to go inside and lobby.

Corporations jumping into the battle – against parents and science

On Tuesday, April 6, the Arkansas legislature voted to override the RINO Governor’s veto of the Arkansas “Save Adolescents from Experimentation (SAFE) Act,” thereby becoming the first state to pass a law protecting children from being harmed for life by the LGBT movement. Immediately, the mainstream media began wailing about children being denied “gender-affirming care” – a monstrous corruption of the truth:

Forbes: Arkansas Passes Anti-Trans Health Care Bill After Lawmakers Override Veto

NBC News: Arkansas legislators override veto, enact transgender youth treatment ban

And a warning about Texas:

Chron: Texas could follow Arkansas in passing anti-trans health care bill

Two days later USA Today published an op-ed by a group of national corporate leaders announcing that they are organizing a corporate effort to target the Texas Legislature (and possibly other states) to stop the "Save James" legislation. Citing the recent Arkansas law, they intend to do whatever is necessary to stop similar bills from passing in any other state.


They plan to use not only threats of economic boycotts, but also absurd “studies” that “anti-LGBT” laws would have a negative impact on Texas’ economy totaling in the billions of dollars. And of course, they would bring in medical “experts” to support these lunatic procedures.

Parents fighting back as public hearings start next week

But our activists are pushing forward at full speed. We have just found out that two of the “Save James” bills will have public hearings next week in the Texas State Senate. (We don’t yet know when the other bills will be heard.)

SB 1311 – Hall – Relating to the provision of and professional liability insurance coverage for gender transitioning or gender reassignment medical procedures and treatments for certain children. (Senate State Affairs)

SB 1646 – Perry - Pediatric gender transition creating designation as child abuse. (Senate State Affairs).

We will have a team of true medical experts submit testimony to these hearings, as well as others who have personal experience with this horrible issue. Several will be there personally. We plan to be fully prepared to confront any and all misinformation and bullying that the other side uses.

Final thoughts

Corporate America is horrible enough. But it is truly frightening how thoroughly the medical establishment has bought into this destructive nonsense and complete medical quackery. Below is a letter that appeared in the left-wing Boston Globe on April 8. It’s an example of the toxic Orwellian drivel we get more and more of from the intellectual class. This “pediatrician” should have her medical license taken away.

ALT TEXT Letter to the Editor, Boston Globe, April 8, 2021

MassResistance will always stand for the truth, no matter what pressure there is to deny it.

This just in ...

After we posted this article, Jeff Younger, Tracy Shannon, and Robert Oscar Lopez posted this in-depth video explaining: What is happening behind the scenes, which Texas GOP leaders are caving in, and what the public needs to do to help push these critical bills over the finish line.

ALT TEXT This video gives you the important background!
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