Monday, November 30, 2015

With the Democrats' Demise, Republicans Rise

“It’s a great day to be a Republican in California!” I thought to myself when my colleagues elected me to be the next Beach Cities Republicans Club President, a growing grassroots organization in an otherwise deep blue state, which has witnessed and assisted remarkable Republican gains. I was following a long-list of who’s who in the South Bay. The prior president, David Hadley, won the state assembly seat for my district, the first Republican in over two decades. Another fiscal conservative Republican won a seat in the East Bay, the first in over thirty years. Los Angeles County will enjoy five state senate seat pickup opportunities this year, too.Republicans will be competitive in ten -- ten! – California Congressional contests going into 2016. Why? Dragged down by an unpopular party leader, California Democratic house reps are retiring, as they find their regressive agenda stymied in Washington. More of them (thankfully) are giving up and going home. Californians have an open US Senate seat to vote for, too, another first in many decades, with a broad cadre of Republican candidates ready to revive the conservative vision in the one Golden State.
Along with Republicans and conservatives gaining ground in California, let’s take a look out and about, and watch as Republicans are gaining ground in battlegrounds once thought unheard of! It’s a great day to be a Republican just about anywhere in the United States. From Maryland to Massachusetts, and Michigan to New Mexico (where Republicans took back the lower chamber for the first time since the 1950s), the Republican case for free markets, free enterprise, and free people is winning hearts and minds. Republicans have a solid lock on legislatures across the country, especially the once Solid Democratic South. Democrats in Mississippi and Alabama have found their national party leaving them on almost every issue, and have left them. One Dem in the Magnolia State just bolted, and now Republicans have a solid supermajority for the first time in the state’s history. West Virginia, a true-blue stronghold during the Reagan years, is a nice ruby red, with right to life, liberty (and work free from union pressures) on the rise.
Elbert Guillory of Louisiana was the first of a recent rising tide of minority Democrats not only voting Republican, but registering GOP. Even one sad outcome in the Pelican state, Democratic governor-elect Jon Bel Edwards, cannot undercut the triumph of Louisiana Republicans who are on track to hold the legislature in Baton Rouge. Alabama House Rep Artur Davis supported Obama,then switched four years later, and announced his decision at the 2012 RNC Convention. Following the 2014 Democrat shellacking, one of their Missouri reps joined the RepublicansConnecticut elected a young Puerto Rican Republican to the state legislature. Recently, Carlyle Begay, an Arizona state senator of Navajo descent, announced his switch to the GOP.

Republican Party Rising
What buoyed the Republican Party’s rise despite the last GOP President’s non-compassionate non-conservatism? The Tea Party backlash, certainly. The era of Big Business is ending, and Republicans are taking stronger stances against crony bailouts and greasy corporate welfare. More importantly, though, the Democratic Party’s deeply rotten demise has brought them oh so low. Haven’t you heard? The Donkey Party has been the jack-ass of politics for the last two decades, butting heads and kicking constituents, with rogue candidates running on union money (i.e. yours and mine without our consent). The Occupant in the White House, Barack Obama, aggressively shoved a bad, sad, and just pain immoral Saul Alinsky agenda of “Agree with me, or I will troll you to death!” down our throats, and We the People have said: “Enough!”
Americans are sick and tired of the pretenses: giving to one at the expense of another, redefining life, marriage, and individual liberty as an inclination of the state, rather than the decision of the citizen. The public has endured socialism on an unprecedented scale, and they hate it. Open borders, lax enforcement, selective tyranny against freedom of speech, assembly, and conscience have quickened once apathetic partisans. People who never spoke out are yelling and screaming. The homeowners who see their utility and property taxes skyrocket are crying out: “Where’s the hope and change?” More active activists are answering: “That’s where We the People step in!”
And the Democrats are taking their lumps in droves.
How many more Democrats will flee their party, now that they see how left-wing, anti-American, and anti-social socialist it has become? Barack Obama failed where Bill Clinton had succeeded: when your political posturing isn’t working and the voters reject your Big Government tendencies, you need to get back to the founding principles and remember your place. Bubba backed off, and the Republican Revolution took off. Obama never respected the Constitution, or the rights of the people. Let’s face it. He never cared about African-Americans or Hispanics, and used every divisive ploy to alienate his enemies, and now even his one-close colleagues.
The DNC is in debt ($7 million and growing), and their bench of Presidential candidates is as impoverished as it gets. Who really wants an over-long vetted grandma with honesty issues running our country? She can’t use technology, she doesn’t charm anyone, and she is losing to six Republican Presidential candidates. The alternative? An aged socialist who has to sell sweaters to raise money (a closet capitalist, after allor an unidentified bystander from Maryland who ruined his home state for eight years. They have diminished state presence, and at the local level, even in California, liberals and progressives are losing left and right.
With the Democrats’ demise, the Republicans rise, and not just bringing the same old “not as bad as they”. A new coalition of conservative Republicans, advocates for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is breaking forth. No longer looking out for Wall Street, or relying on a fawning press to disparage the best and misinform the rest, Republicans are setting the terms, adapting to the shifting political game, and adopting the values to get the votes.

We The People Rising in Congressman Ted Lieu's Office

On the second part of our Enforcement Tour against the Huntington Park City Council, We the People Rising visited the Los Angeles office of Congressman Ted Lieu (D-Torrance).

Our meeting with the congressman's staff was more pleasant and straightforward than WTPR contacts with other representatives.

Congressman Ted Lieu

The Congressman was not there.

My first complaint against the congressman: he does not have an open office in the South Bay. The Manhattan Beach, CA office is available for appointments only. How many constituents have the time or resources to drive all the way up to Downtown Los Angeles to submit forms or files complaints or even register concerns with their representative?

The office is located in pretty expensive real estate, and the inner lobby of the office barely accommodated twelve people. Some of our group sat down and rested from our Enforcement Tour.

I had to ring a buzzer and knock on the door a few times in order to enter the office. Chanell Temple has found nothing but locked doors and missing representatives in her home town. Other members of our group seek out their representatives, who end up running away or trying to stifle questions and comments.

When the entire group entered Congressman Lieu's office, his scheduler Lisa Pinto suddenly burst out of the inner office. She told us that our arrival was "bad timing" for her, but she handed me a bunch of her business cards, then fled.

Two other staffers listened as I shared my concerns and frustrations with federal officials, particularly law enforcement which was doing nothing to arrest and deport the two illegals sitting on city commissions.

Nick Ionnidis, i.e. Nick the Greek, talked about the struggles he has endured from the rogue city council, which reneged on a deal to compensate for the planning commission's poor directives on his property.

I reminded Congressman Lieu's staff that Los Angeles County has the largest population of homeless veterans in the entire country, and the previous Congressman Henry Waxman, did nothing. Before the end of our meeting, I informed the staffers of the city council's violation of our First Amendment rights -- throwing me and then Dr. Newman out of the city council chambers -- and then offered them all requisite documents dealing with our case against the city.

I finally submitted to them my privacy release form, so that they could investigate federal agencies not doing their job to enforce immigration law.

Why is Congressman Lieu more worried about climate change? Why does he promote illegals and their "contributions" at the expense of working Americans, including many in need?

Please, contact Congressman Ted Lieu's office, tell him to expedite investigations in Immigration Customs and Enforcement and the FBI. Tell him to put pressure on Huntington Park CA, City Council to rescind the appointments of the two illegal aliens to city commissions, to resign their posts, and to ensure that every city in the state of California respects and abides by the rule of law.

Washington, DC Office
415 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-3976

Los Angeles Office
5055 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 310
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Phone: (323) 651-1040

Manhattan Beach Office (by appointment only)
1600 Rosecrans Avenue, 4th Floor
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
Phone: (310) 321-7664

The Growing Controversies of Arnold Alvarez-Glasman

The Huntington Park, CA City Attorney Arnold Alvarez-Glasman is a figurehead for controversy.

The reporting I have located on this guy is deeply disturbing. Why would any city council hire this guy?

From April 2011, during Glasman's tenure with Montebello, CA:

Attina has a long-standing friendship with City Attorney Arnold Alvarez-Glasman, who signed off on the deal originally and then led the recent investigation into the account's origins.

Alvarez-Glasman has said his friendship with Attina doesn't affect his decision-making as a public official.

"The bottom line is (Alvarez-Glasman) doesn't vote (as a councilman)," Attina said last month. "If I'm doing something legal why should I care a friend of mine looks at it? I'm not benefiting from it, and he's not benefiting from me."

The Pasadena Star-News reported on concerns about Glasman's investigation into Montebello's off-the-account books:

City Attorney Arnold Alvarez-Glasman led an investigation of an off-books $1 million bank account tied to his friend and former client, developer Hank Attina.

Mayor Art Barajas tapped Alvarez-Glasman to investigate the $1-million Union Bank account discovered in February. Funds in the account were wired in November 2000 as a city subsidy to Attina, a developer who was building a restaurant at Montebello Town Square, according to bank records.

Alvarez-Glasman said he didn't know money in the account was used for Attina's project until the bank provided documentation.

"I've been the one most aggressive in attempting to get to the bottom of that account," he said. "Friendships aside I have an ethical, legal obligation to my client. My client's interests will always come first."

Sure you have, Arnie. Sure you have. . .

While this mired controversy gained traction and attention in the local press, Glasman acted homely and welcoming with one of his municipal clients in Napa Valley:

Arnold Alvarez-Glasman is the town attorney for Yountville, but he lives in Southern California, hundreds of miles from Yountville and wine country.

Has the city of Yountville hired illegals or appointed them to city commissions?

The idea of a town attorney who doesn’t live in town, or anywhere near Napa County, might surprise some people, but according to Alvarez-Glasman, the arrangement is actually common.

“Most cities and towns don’t have in-house counsel,” Alvarez-Glasman said. “They contract with a law firm. It gives them a great opportunity to meet their legal needs.

Granted, cities do hire attorneys from private firms, but an attorney who leaves seven hours away in Southern California? Why does this arrangement persist? It seems very strange that any city would settle for legal counsel which has to commute by plane to arrive at city council chambers.

Alvarez-Glasman is also a managing partner of Alvarez-Glasman & Colvin. Besides private sector clients, the legal firm also represents five other cities in Southern California: Pomona, Montebello, West Covina, Bell Gardens and Pico Rivera.

Not anymore. More info to follow.

One statement from his interview deserves more scrutiny:

Are there any misconceptions about your job?

One misconception is that as the lawyer for a town, people believe you make policy. As the lawyers, we don’t make the policy. You carry out your clients’ wishes and your clients define the policy for the town.

Yet even a city attorney is expected to uphold the rule of law. He has no business informing any city government that they have the right to flout federal, state, and even municipal codes to appoint two illegal aliens to city commissions. This lack of responsibility from the city attorney should ward off any further support for him representing the city. "I am just doing what my client tells me to." Even seasoned attorneys know their limits on such measures.

Huntington Park, CA City Attorney
Arnold Alvarez-Glasman

The 2011 interview mentioned that West Covina had hired him. They ended up firing him:

Alvarez-Glasman received a 30-day notice that his contract would end at Monday’s meeting, but the council will vote Tuesday to bring him on a special counsel while it wraps up some of the cases he has worked on for years, according to Councilman Mike Spence.

“I wish it was easy to get out of every case that we’re in, but it is my understanding that the new city attorney is going to evaluate all the cases and where it makes sense for Glasman to wrap it up, I think that’s what the plan is,” Spence said.

Perhaps his questionable relationship with one of the Montebello city council members hurt his chances with West Covina.

In other strange human resources shuffle, the Central West Basin Municipal Water District hired Glasman back, even though they had fired him before:

Controversial attorney Arnold Alvarez-Glasman, who was fired more than a year ago as the lawyer for Central Basin Municipal Water District, was rehired Thursday on a 3-1 vote of the board of directors as its interim attorney.

Say what? More controversy ensued three months later:

A complaint to the state bar seeks an investigation into Central Basin Municipal Water District’s hiring of attorney Arnold Alvarez-Glasman as legal counsel to the district, according to documents obtained by this news organization.

The complaint alleges Alvarez-Glasman has numerous conflicts of interest due to his representation of two district board members and a former employee who has a complaint and lawsuit pending against the district.

It also claims that the process the district used to hire Alvarez-Glasman was a violation of the Brown Act, and that Alvarez-Glasman has overbilled the district in the past.

One comunity activist, blasted Glasman's hiring outright:

Raul Murga, a Pico Rivera resident and longtime community activist, said Alvarez-Glasman should not have been considered for the position in the first place due to conflicts of interest.
“His affiliation with (former Pico Rivera city manager and district general manager) Chuck Fuentes and (former Pico Rivera city councilman and district assistant manager) Ron Beilke, and him being city attorney of Pico Rivera would definitely be a conflict of interest,” said Murga. “I don’t even see how they could consider him for the position.”

Final Reflections

Glasman has been under fire for conflicts of interest, has been fired and rehired,and now represents a corrupt city in Southeastern Los Angeles County, where the city council decided to appoint two illegals to city commissions, and he has tacitly supported this violation of federal and state law, as well as municipal codes, and the Brown Act.

It's time for every city in LA County and throughout the state of California to tell Arnold Alvarez-Glasman: "You're Fired!"

Clint Eastwood for Congress?

Congressional District Twenty is open for the first time in decades.

Sam Farr is calling it quits, in part  -- whether he admits it or not -- because Democratic policies in Washington have turned into an epic fail for the entire party. Democrats are losing elected officials left and right, as they bolt to the GOP or get wiped out of office in one election cycle after the next.

With the Citizens Commission creating more competitive seats in California, Democrats must defend or fight for TEN Congressional seats.

Now, the CD-20 race is a little disappointing right now..

The one Republican, Casey Lucius, is a full-blown liberal on almost every issue.

She even opposes government shut-downs, if those measures would stop the excessive spending of the state.

Richard Rider of San Diego, a libertarian-leaning Republican, blasted her campaign on two fronts:

Not a single word on her positions on FISCAL matters. Gosh, isn't that a significant part of what one votes on as a Congress critter? Guess not.

I don't blame the candidate. Surely she has positions, if only platitudes. But the PRESS should delve into this issue when gauging the positions of candidates on the issues.

Her fiscal prudence does not even add up to platitudes, however. The shut-down argument has no merit, since government workers do get paid, if a little later.

Clint Eastwood for Congress

Isn't there someone better who could run for this seat, besides Leon Panetta Jr.?

How about another Carmel, CA resident: Clint Eastwood.

He is a libertarian, and embraces socially liberal views, but wants the government out of people's lives.

He spoke at the 2012 RNC Convention, and drew more applause and acclaim that the Presidential nominee.

He threatened to shoot Michael Moore if the crockumentarian ever barged onto his doorstep with a camera.

Eastwood speaking at a GOP club
(Fun Facts About Carmel)

With major name ID and strong national celebrity, Eastwood the former mayor of Carmel could make the Monterey, San Benito County seat competitive, and more conservative in 2016.

So, will Eastwood rise above the bad and the ugly in that Congressional district? Or do we have to settle for a liberal Republican with little credentials and ask ourselves: "Do I feel lucky?"

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Labor Unions Fraying -- Liberty Rising

I have never been a big fan of unions. They force individual members to join, then force them to pay the fees for their collective bargaining representation. Then they spend the members’ money on candidates and causes, regardless of the individual members’ support. Granted, such forced cooperation would not be so bad, except that unionism and its precepts are hurting the very people whom they claim to represent. When unions functioned from a position of liberty and service, they succeeded and assisted their working man. Now in collusion with Big Government and Big Business, labor unions are working over their members rather than working for them.

Today, in spite of economic data discouraging this agenda, Big Labor is on the forefront of the open border amnesty lobby. Do these interest groups really think that driving in more cheap, unskilled labor will help the employment opportunities for Americans living here? Big Labor wants forced wage hikes, such as the $15 minimum wage bump in Los Angeles, then the same syndicates spend more resources backpedaling out of the requirements in their own firms. In California, the Unified Food and Commercial Workers colluded with the Grocery Industry in a backroom deal to ban plastic bags statewide. This ridiculous policy does nothing to stop waste, and will end up costing consumers money and put manufacturers out of work.

Whatever happened to “An injury to one is an injury to all?”

Consider the expose from, including desperate smear tactics of corrupt labor unions, protecting their free gravy train of political funding: “Using money taken from workers’ paychecks, union bosses are portraying Friedrichs and her peers as allies of evil corporations and white supremacists.”

In case you missed it, Rebecca Friedrichs of Orange County, CA is suing the California Teachers Association for their agency fees imposed on her and other working teachers. Friedrichs supports charter schools, school choice, and educational vouchers, yet her union vigorously opposes these reforms, and uses her money with her permission to frustrate these reforms.

One teacher, a middle-class working mom, has frightened the Labor Union establishment, enough that they are fundraising like crazy to stop her and prevent the Supreme Court, already siding more with individual liberty on this issue, from removing the coerced dues.

American Federation of Teachers President Tweeted the following:

Really? How about this attack from the National Education Association?:

Of course, who can forget this petty hit from AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka: “Scott Walker is a national disgrace.”

Despite his failure to win the 2016 Presidential nomination, Walker’s leading example and legislative reforms against Big Labor have worked wonders in Wisconsin. Right to Work (RTW) legislation is gaining ground in once hostile, pro-labor states. Today, the Labor Movement is on the run throughout the country, trying to put out more fires from individual workers fed up with bad representation and less money in their paychecks.

From twenty-five states which have gone RTW, three more are likely to join the ranks of liberty rising as union influence is fraying (yet flailing). Left-leaning Politico lamented that Kentucky elected a “right to work” governor Matt Bevin, who campaigned on bringing statewide. Individual Bluegrass state counties have enacted this pro-liberty policy despite the lagging state legislature. Similar divide political roadblocks have halted RTW in Missouri (Democratic Governor vs. supermajority GOP legislature) and New Mexico (GOP Governor and state assembly vs. a recalcitrant state senate).

West Virginia is looking like another prime target for RTW to win, since a supermajority of voters (and Republicans in the state legislature) support it. RTW does face more opposition in Big Sky Montana, Colorado workers are learning about the rights, in spite of a current lack of RTW support.

Next year will determine how much longer the anti-liberty puppets of union money will last. Unions are losing their present influence, and future recruitment. Townhall columnist Jared Meyer noted that millenials oppose joining them: “. . .[Y]oung workers are not interested in diverting a portion of their paychecks to dues that offer them few benefits in return.” Unions reward tenure rather than talent, and take money from the young to safeguard the aged and retired. Rather than providing better service to the current members, labor unions have opted for buying legislatures and corralling political influence.

Thankfully, this interventionism is waning, and Rebecca Friedrichs’ case will be the coup de grace, if SCOTUS rules in Friedrichs favor. Despite the growing attacks on liberty from a rogue Occupant in the White House, the progressive overreach of the state into individual lives has awakened a resurgence to fight for our rights, including the right to work, whether an individual joins a union or not.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Socialist Weekend at Bernie Sanders Raises Money Through Capitalism

I find it harder to believe that the Democratic Party has nothing better than a wizened grandma with no wisdom, honesty, or integrity; or a hypocritical socialist who raises money through capitalism.

I have been getting such rich material from a series of campaign fundraising eblasts.

Korrupt Kamala Harris is begging for money trying to make donation deadlines. Loretta Sanchez is taking away major endorsements throughout the Central Valley.

And Republicans are just getting ready to fight for the US Senate.

Then there's Bernie Sander's latest eblast. Sanders wants supporters to buy into his clothing line.

Introducing the Bernie t-shirt collectionBuy one for yourself, or buy one as a giftShop now in the Official Bernie StoreThey're not going to last long!Neither will these items: Bernie hat, Bernie hoodie, and Bernie car magnet Shop now at the Official Bernie Store
Shop now:
Sanders and Co. say "Buy now, while supplies last!"
Since when did socialists ever care about supply and demand? I mean really?!
This ad is just sad. Bernie wants to play the socialist game, yet raises money through trade. HA!

My Two Cents on Korrupt Kammy's Twenty-Two Cents

Kamala Harris is broke, desperate, and now repetitive and boring.

In another eblast trolling conservatives -- and just about anyone else who can add and pay attention -- 
Korrupt Kammy rolls  out the same tired arguments about women vs. men in terms of salary.

The fact is that "Equal pay for equal work" has been on the books for decades. 

John F. Kennedy signed that bill into law.

How could this Democrat forget the accomplishment of another Democrat toward ensuring 

equal treatment for women in the workplace?

This attorney general possesses inadequate knowledge of current wages laws, and now believes
that women are stupid enough to earn a lower wage than their male counterparts.

How about a detailed analysis of the statistics? Women take into account a wide range of health 
and lifestyle considerations before taking a job, or accepting a promotion. Women go on medical
or maternity leave, thus working fewer hours, thus making less money.

Kammy claims to respect women and want a fair playing field. Does she then support 
unequal pay structures, in which men do more work, yet get paid less?

Kamala Harris for Senate


You can’t talk about women’s issues without talking about the economy. When women get shortchanged, our economy does, too. And frustratingly, on average women still earn 78 cents on the dollar compared with men in the workforce.
And where does she get this fatuous factoid from, anyway?

California understood the magnitude of this injustice. The California Fair Pay Act was amended, and now it’s the nation’s strongest equal pay protection law to date.
The state of California is either doubling down on what is already law, or has created another set of cumbersome, onerous regulations which hamper business, dampen growth, and ensure more women out of work.

It’s time for Congress to follow in California’s footsteps. Join me in urging Congress to strengthen equal pay laws.

Although more women are taking on leadership roles in math and science fields, the boardroom, and possibly even the White House -- we’re still 22 cents on the dollar shy of paycheck equality. And this number is even larger for African American and Latina populations.
More women than men are entering college, taking on high-power professions. When will Kammy address the war on boys in our schools and men in our societies?

Twenty-two cents might not sound like a lot, but dollar-for-dollar it adds up to $10,876 less in median earnings per year. That’s $10,876 families could be using to make ends meet. It’s money that could be going back into our economy.
Kammy seems to know enough math to multiply numbers, yet she runs out of campaign money as quickly as she raises it, does not know how to budget for the long-term. She can't spend her own money well. She has no business lecturing the working women of California about which jobs they take and how much they make. She certainly should not be casting votes on how to spend our nation's funds.

Closing the wage gap isn’t just a women’s issue -- it’s an everyone issue. Sign on and tell Congress they are 22 cents short. Follow California and pass equal pay laws now!

I will be signing every petition I find which keeps Harris out of the US Senate and elects a fiscal conservative, moral Republican to the upper chamber. Now is not the time to allow empty-headed political one-liners into the US Senate. Now is definitely not the time to elect politicians who regurgitate left-wing talking points, none of which add up to any truth.
There's my two cents on Korrupt Kammy's twenty-two cents. I will also add that with such a lack of knowledge about our nation's laws, she is both overpaid and underqualified as California's current attorney general

Kasich = Obama

Ohio Governor John Kasich is sending out his own eblasts to registered, well-connected Republicans throughout the country, too.

He engages in this outreach despite his spiteful overreach in the latest debate. Viewer polling listed him dead last in a number of rankings. His overpreaching arrogance on expanding the government as a Christian service is grating on people.

I concur with one article, which contends that a Kasich nomination for the Republican Party will doom efforts to repeal Obamacare. Why? Kasich has touted the program as a model means for improving the health and wellbeing of marginalized Americans: elderly, infirm, mentally ill, homeless, foster children, etc.

Hillary Clinton would be an extension, and exacerbation of Obama. On too many fronts, however, so would John Kasich.

Here are the contents of Kasich's latest eblast:


Hillary Clinton unveiled her ISIS strategy last week. Simply put, it’s a continuation of the Obama policies and if we elect Hillary, America will continue to lead from behind.

Talk about hypocrisy. Kasich wants to continue much of Obama's domestic policies, including Common Core, amnesty for illegal aliens, as well as Obamacare.

Arthur, we cannot allow this to happen. I need your help right now.

This country cannot take four or eight more years of Obama-rama. For that reason, I will not help Kasich.

I released my own national security proposal recently and it involves leading a coalition of nations to put boots on the ground and wipe out ISIS. I first called for this back in February as it was clear that ISIS was only growing stronger every day we sat on the sidelines. 

National security is one of the chief responsibilities of the Chief Executive. No one disputes that. The problems arise when a presidential candidate calls for stronger arms, yet wants to fund and expand inordinate, unsustainable government programs at home, too.

The stakes in this election are far too high to elect somebody who cannot lead! Please chip in $10, $25, $50 or more right now to help us get this message out.

I have eighteen years of experience on the Armed Services Committee and as an executive of the nation’s 7th largest state, I’ve had to make the tough decisions that give me the executive experience President Obama never had.

Tough decisions include turning down big government bribes from Washington. Kasich failed that test.

Arthur, I need you on the team. Let’s win and go on to make America safer together.

Thank you.

John Kasich
Governor of Ohio & Presidential Candidate

P.S. We can't win the White House without winning Ohio. I won reelection as Governor with 64% percent of the vote and will defeat Hillary in Ohio. Chip in now.

John Kasich looking left (how accurate)

Baloney. Mitt Romney won Massachusetts in 2002 as governor, but lost the state by double-digits in 2012. Statewide elections differ considerably from national elections on many metrics. New Jersey Democrats had no problem reelecting Chris Christie in 2013, but admitted while casting their ballot that they would never vote for him to be President.

Final Reflection

John Kasich has embraced too much Big Government to make him a primary choice in the Election 2016 Presidential primaries. Democrats and liberals in general like Kasich, but those affinities are further proof why Republican voters, primary or general, should reject as a DOA Presidential candidate ASAP.

He likes Common Core. He loves Obamacare. He wants amnesty for eleven million (probably more) illegal aliens, all while the very poor and marginalized Americans he claims to care for - still need care.

Sorry, Johnny, but you are too much like Obama for my taste. This country endured eight years of "compassionate" conservatism under George W. Bush. Eight more years of relentless progressive policies have made matters worse. Kasich is Obama on so many policy issues, and should not be standing on a stage debating Republican candidates for the nomination.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Huntington Park Pep Rally

Huntington Park City Attorney Arnold Alvarez-Glasman ridiculed the  protesting citizens at the November 17th, 2015 City Council meeting.

Not that he should be making jokes or condescending towards anyone, since he is under investigation from the state bar, according to some reports, and one legal expert has yet to find a record of his California bar license.

His final remarks at the end of the meeting will haunt him for months to come, much like his silence about the status of the livescan for the two illegal aliens:

"With respect to the motion that was  made (to separate public comment, and non-agenda statements moved to the end of the meeting), the council's agenda can be changed, moved into a different order. . .It's not a subsequent need item. . "

Legal minds have already stated otherwise.

"This council has been extremely patient in allowing every speaker to speak. . ."

Even  though the city council threw me and Dr. Newman out of the chambers, and refused to allow another resident, Edmundo Perez, to address the city council.

"Tonight, quite frankly, there were numerous times when the mayor and the council could have ordered other individuals out. . ."

No there weren't. The members of the audience were not disruptive to the meeting or inciting violence.

"And I understand that you are exercising a great deal of caution."

"This is not a pep rally!"

Of course they are. Why? The LA County DA sent them a letter to stop silencing people in the council chambers.

"But the disruption from the audience. . .This is not a pep rally. This is not a high school football game. It is a business meeting."

These remarks were deeply offensive. The city council is treating this public office like a game to benefit their friends and political contacts. The moment that the city council appointed two illegals to city commissions, they lost any maturity credibility before the city and in the eyes of the community. Who wants to frequent a municipality where the individual council members do not respect the rule  of law, where nearly half the residents continue breaking the law just by residing in the city under illegal status?

The whole city council has turned into a joke, and the city residents and protesters have every right to deride and ridicule their bad decisions. They want to pretend that all is well in  "The City of Perfect Balance" when so much corruption and dysfunction lingers beneath the surface, pushing out for more people to see.

In truth, the city council meetings are turning into pep rallies, in which legal residents and US citizens are demanding the rule of law, putting increased pressure and scrutiny on the rogue, lawless city council members -- and they are having a lot of fun in the process.

If the Huntington Park City Attorney does not like the pep rally atmosphere of the recent meetings, then the council must restore the rule law, including the rescission of the two illegal appointments to city commissions. Those four members must stop down from office, as well.

LA County DA Vindicates Citizens -- Rebukes Rogue Huntington Park, CA City Council

On September 8th 2015, I not only attended the Huntington Park, CA City council meeting to protest their appointment of two illegal aliens to city commissions. I stayed on to listen to the council discuss and vote on the rest of their agenda.

In Torrance, CA, residents can choose to communicate on non-agenda items at the beginning or the end of the city council meeting. Residents are further permitted to pull out and comment on any or all agenda items.

Such should be the case in every municipal and state government meeting in California.

Yet in Huntington Park, the city council has strategically worked to prevent members of the city from speaking out to criticize the council or call out their concerns about poor governance, financial mismanagement, or ongoing nepotism.

When I wanted to address the city council on an agenda item, they told me that it was too late to speak on the item. When I further asked for reasons why I could not ask about those items, Mayor Karina Macias ruled me out of order, and I was forced to leave the chambers.


Yet this affront to freedom of speech and assembly pales in comparison to what the city council did to Dr. Robert Newman during the October 6th meeting. Following my orals during public communications,  Macias ruled Newman out of order for saying "Yes" three times during my comments. He was neither disruptive nor offensive, and he did not prevent me or anyone else in the chambers from hearing my comments.

Dr. Robert Newman

Nevertheless, the mayor ruled him out of  order. The rest of the audience started yelling out and faulting this ruling. The city council scrambled into closed sessions, except for Valentin Amezquita, who joined Dr. Newman in the hallway to support him. Police chief Cosme Lozamo explained that the doctor would be removed from the chambers for the rest of the meeting, even though he had done nothing wrong.

Completely outrageous!

I submitted a formal complaint to the Public Integrity Division of the LA County District Attorney's office.

On November 10th, they issues a stern letter rebuking the city council for removing me and then Dr. Newman from two meetings.

Specific passages in their letter included the following passages:

Dear Honorable [sic-- I can't help but add this] Council Members,

We have received complaints alleging violations of the Ralph M. Brown Act (the Act) by the Huntington Park City Council at the September 8, and October 6, 2015 City Council meetings. As explained below, we do not believe that any violation occurred during the September 8, 2015 meeting, when you denied a speaker a second chance to speak, but we do believe you improperly and unreasonably removed members of the public from the September 8, and October 6, 2015 meetings.


However, we do find that the member of the public was improperly and unreasonably removed from the meeting. The City Attorney has cited two cases that he believes supports his position to remove members of the public from City Council meetings. We note that in both cases cited by the City Attorney, the person who was deemed to be disruptive was first warned and asked to desist from his conduct, before further action was taken.

Here are the specific comments relating to my unjust removal:

As noted above, a member of the public simply inquired, "Excuse me, aren't you, isn't there supposed to be options for members of the audience to comment?" Many local cities, and indeed the Ins Angeles County Board of Supervisors, allow for multiple comments from audience
members, as each item of business is discussed. While we understand that the City of Huntington
Park has chosen to limit public discussion, this does not make the speaker's question unreasonable. Indeed, the speaker identified himself as a resident of Torrance during the public comment portion of the meeting, and may not have been familiar with the manner in which the Huntington Park City Council conducts its meetings. We additionally note that the speaker's tone was neutral, he did not raise his voice when asking the question, and he did not dispute the Mayor's or the City Attorney's ruling. The issue was resolved in seconds. Accordingly, there was absolutely no reason to remove the speaker from the meeting. To quote the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, removal is authorized only "when an attendee disrupts, disturbs or otherwise impedes the orderly conduct of the Council meeting." [Bold text mine]

Thank you, LA County District Attorney!

Now, in the case of Dr. Newman's unjust removal, the letter informed:

We have also reviewed the videotapes of the October 6, 2015 Huntington Park City Council meeting. We note that during the public comments portion of the meeting, the speaker who was
removed from the September 8, 2015 meeting, again spoke. We additionally note that the speaker's comments were again critical of a majority of the City Council. We observed that two members of the public, at separate times, exclaimed "yes" during his speech to the Council. One member of the
public, who exclaimed "yes" three times during the three minute speech, was removed from the meeting. While his "yes" comments were audible, they were not overly loud and did not interrupt the speaker. His "yes" comments, within the context of the speaker's speech, cannot be described as confrontational, inflammatory, belligerent or outrageous, nor did they impede the orderly conduct
of the meeting.'

Vindicated by these affirmations or our rights and the city council's wrongs, We the People Rising have continued attending the meetings, and have voiced our support for the citizens of Huntington Park and throughout the country. We have not ceased to demand the rule of law and right actions restored to the city.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

To all freedom-loving patriots and citizens in Southern California and throughout the United States, let our example serve to embolden you. You have nothing to fear from rogue local officials who think that they are above the law. They aren't, and through our consistent, persistent lobbying and activism, the rogue Hutntington Park City Council is buckling under the pressure.

Contact them right now, and tell them:

1. Rescind the appointments of the two illegal aliens to city commissions.

2. Resign their posts as city councilmembers.

3. Remind all elected officials throughout the country: cities are for citizens!

Jhonny Pineda
4326 E. 60th Street
Huntington Park, CA 90255
Phone Number: (323) 356-8967

Graciela Ortiz
6928 Mountain View Ave.
Huntington Park, CA 90255
Phone Number: (323) 356-8852

Karina Macias:
2411 E. Gage Ave, Apt. 10
Huntington Park, CA 90255
Phone Number: (323) 482-6640

Marilyn Sanabria:
3425 Live Oak Street
Huntington Park, CA 90255
Phone: (323) 356-9498

Please attend the Next Huntington Park City Council Meeting
December 1st, 2015 -- 5: 30 pm
6550 Miles Ave, Huntington Park, CA 90255

Korrupt Kammy Losing Money, Exploits Thanksgiving

Attorney General turned US Senate candidate Kamala Harris is  in trouble.

She is shuffling her campaign staff. She is meeting with hard-edged resistance from a number of potential donors. Apparently, she did not expect to campaign hard or meet with lots of people. Like a lot of out-of-touch elites, Harris wanted to ride Barack Obama's identity politick coattails, then watch the donations flow into her campaign coffers.

Hasn't happened. Who really wants an East Bay lawyer who picks and chooses which legal fights to fight, all while working Californians struggle from month to month to pay their bills? No discussions about water, or security, or even meaningful prison reforms. Harris has said nothing about economic growth, or increasing California's autonomy from a reckless Washington political cartel out for themselves, and taking out funds from everyone else's pockets.

Now she's losing cash as fast as she raises it. reports:

In that sense, it’s the perfect Democratic Senate campaign, no? The candidacy of Kamala Harris, California’s Attorney General, o replace Barbara Boxer seems like a shoo-in, to the point where campaign woes may be beside the point. However, said woes are looking problematic enough that they may actually introduce an element of risk at some point, The Hill reports, in large part because the candidate doesn’t possess sharp political instincts. Harris has replaced her campaign manager, but overspending and underfunding still threaten to derail her effort:

Should anyone be surprised by Harris' profligate spending? She is a liberal-progressive Democrat in one of the most Democratic states in the country. And of course, she has no comment on reining in the spending, waste, and fraud bankrupting this country. She will go after gun owners, but won't secure our borders. She wants to play the gender card on equal pay for equal work, even though her illiberal policies hurt working Californians, especially minorities.

To add insult to her political misery, Harris sent out an eblast touting one of her Thanksgiving recipes:


I know that Thanksgiving is still a few days away, but I wanted to reach out early to share one of my family’s recipes with you.
Does she have a recipe for restoring jobs, communities, and a culture of life and liberty to the Golden State? Not very likely.

During the holidays, cornbread dressing always has a place on my table. (I’ll also make a stuffing for the turkey, but that’s my mother’s recipe and there’s no way she would want me to share that – she absolutely guarded her recipes!)

How many native Californians  will sit at a table with enough to feed themselves?
This is what I’ll serve to my family on Thursday. Some of the people around our table will be related by blood, by marriage, or because we chose one another as family. My hope is that each of you has some combination of the above to spend this day with. Because to me, sharing a meal is what binds us, and there’s no better way to show your love for someone than by cooking for them.

Kammy running out of Kash
exploits Thanksgiving in desperate bid for US Senate

For a US Senate candidate who talks tough about uniting illegal immigrant families, it would be nice for her to talk about putting Americans first.
Kamala’s Cornbread Dressing

2 8oz packages of cornbread mix (I like the good, old fashioned mix. I’m not going to do product placement here, but the name starts with a “J”!)
1 pound spicy pork sausage (I recommend hot Italian sausage.)
2 onions, chopped (My husband Doug helps me with this part, as long as he gets to wear his onion goggles.)
2 apples, cored and chopped (Don’t forget to buy local – now is a great time for California apples!)
4 celery stalks, diced
¾ cup of chicken broth (This should be homemade, if possible. The broth I make after I roast a chicken for my family is perfect for dressing, and makes great matzo ball and tortilla soup – recipes I’ll have to share with you in the future!)
¼ cup unsalted butter, melted
¼ cup fresh parsley, chopped
2 tsp sage
½ tsp thyme
½ tsp rosemary 
(Note: I grow sage, thyme and rosemary in my backyard and use that. If you have access to fresh herbs, chop them and double the amount.)
salt and pepper to taste

Directions: Bake your cornbread according to the instructions on the package. This can be done the day before. Once it’s cooled, crumble it.

Take the sausage out of its casing, crumble it, and brown it in a little oil. When it’s cooked, use a slotted spoon to remove it from the pan and set it aside.

Sautee the vegetables and apples in the remaining oil. Cooking these in the same pan not only saves water, but helps us stick to my Uncle Freddie’s rule: wash every dish immediately after you use it!

Mix that with the sausage, cornbread crumbs, melted butter, herbs, and chicken broth.

Put the mixture in a baking dish and bake at 375F for about 40 minutes.

Let's state something clearly: Kammy has to look personable and down-to-earth, yet she is failing to connect with average voters, and even well-funded interests are turned off to her. reports:

"Critics point to Harris’s own personality as the reason for some of the problems.
"She’s perceived as very, very difficult to work for,” one strategist familiar with the campaign told The Hill. “She doesn’t have real relationships and partnerships. She has acquaintances

Hungry yet? Thanksgiving is about family, traditions, and food -- and I want to know what you’ll be serving at your table. Either reply back to this email or share on social using #CAThanksgiving.

I’d love to see your photos and hear about your family’s holiday. And if you don’t have a traditional dish you make, trust me on the cornbread dressing. It is delicious!
In particularly galling fashion, Harris appeals to traditions and family, yet her party has incessantly attacked BOTH for the past seven years. Barack Obama and their host of progressives have alienated so many working and middle class Democrats, that more of them have voted and even switch party registration to Republican!
At least there is one thing that California Republicans can be thankful for (along with stopping the Democratic supermajority in Sacramento, expanding their numbers around the state, electing more conservatives to local office): the top  tier Democrat is already struggling, losing money fast in a race where funding is preeminent above everything else.