Thursday, June 21, 2018

Election 2018: Nevada Governor's Race By the Numbers

I just wanted to reach out again to say thanks for the overwhelming support during Tuesday's primary election! As one of our trusted supporters, I wanted to give you a quick look at our victory by the numbers: ​​
  • 142,329 Republicans voted in the 2018 primary election, up 21% from 2014 and 24% from 2016.
  • Adam Laxalt won the most statewide primary votes than any other 2018 Republican statewide or federal candidate with 101,617 votes.
  • Adam Laxalt won more statewide primary votes than any other non-incumbent Republican gubernatorial candidate since 1962.
  • Adam Laxalt won every county by an average of 5,000 votes and 44 percentage points.
  • Adam Laxalt won nearly 70% of Clark County.
  • Adam Laxalt won nearly 80% of Washoe County.
  • Adam Laxalt won nearly 30,000 more votes than Steve Sisolak.
  • Adam Laxalt won more primary votes than Steve Sisolak in all but one county.
  • Steve Sisolak lost seven counties (Carson City, Elko, Esmeralda, Eureka, Humboldt, Washoe, and White Pine).
  • Adam Laxalt’s highest county win percentage in was 80.68% (Churchill County) and lowest was still above 50%, with 62.11% (Lander County).
  • Democratic choices were so extreme, Democrats in Esmeralda County chose “None of the above.”
  • Money spent per vote:
    • Steve Sisolak: $90.69
    • Chris Giunchigliani: $22.21
    • Adam Laxalt: $13.06
    • Dan Schwartz: $49.12​
We couldn't have done it without YOU. Thanks for being part of Team Laxalt!
For Nevada, 
Kristin Davison

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