Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Trump Supporter Scott LoBiado to Bitter-Clinging Hillary Snowflakes: "Suck It Up, Buttercup!

Now this is the kind of response I am looking for!

This man gets it, and more conservatives need to understand.

The fight is not about ideological clashes, but the proper role of the state in our daily lives.

Like, how about: "As Little As Possible"?

Meet Steve LoBiado:

The New York Post claims that he is still "as mad as hell."

I disagree.

I think that he is relieved but also laughing at the bitter clingers who wanted Hillary Clinton to win.

"Suck it up, Buttercup!"

His response to the gender identity distortions ...

"Whatever. I've got a job, I work 16 hours a day. I've got to feed my kinds. Leave me alone!"

Makes sense to me!

When you can't pay your bills, you're not worried about abortion as a discussion of ideas.

You are trying to keep your own family alive and thriving. Isn't that enough?

I really liked how he slammed the arrogant college kids.

"If I was going to college and paying $20,000 and not learning, my father would have taken me and thrown me off the roof!"

Sentiment well-received!

What insanity!

People have had enough!

Not just white people, or black people--but everyone who is an American. This idiocy is stupid and wasteful!

What a refreshing statement. something that conservatives could be listening and learning from!

UPDATE: RPLAC Restores Beach Cities Republicans on LOCAL GOP Page

Within twelve hours of filing a complaint and publishing the sudden removal of Beach Cities Republicans' removal from the LOCAL GOP page on the Republican Party of Los Angeles Page

The information was restored!

We the People stand up for what is right.

The Beach Cities Republicans are on the move and growing.

Let's #MakeCaliforniaGreatAgain!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

RPLAC Has Removed the Beach Cities Republicans From the LOCAL GOP List: Why?

As soon as I was elected to the Beach Cities Republicans, I had informed the Executive Director Jason Maruca to update the contact information for the Beach Cities Republicans.

Maruca made the changes.

I received phone calls from people in other parts of Southern California. They wanted to interact with the Beach Cities Republicans.

Our club has grown to 165 members.

It's been great seeing the club get active and involved. Members of the club have confronted elected officials. They have gotten busy helping their candidates get elected throughout the South Bay, too.

For the past three months, though, there has been rancor from some Central Committee members and leaders in RPLAC.

There was a shady attempt to have the BCR charter pulled, unless I stepped down as President.

No one should be forced out by bullying fiat. That is wrong.

Members of our club combined together to stop this attempted coup.

Now look what is happening ...

The LAGOP.ORG website has removed reference to the Beach Cities Republicans.

We are one of the largest clubs in the state and the largest in Los Angeles County (last time I checked) ...

Check out the page:

What is going on?

Republicans Need to Shape the Culture, Even in California!

Democrats shape the culture.

They are not thinking only about the next election. They want to indoctrinate the next generation of voters. The pursuit of power is a religion for Democrats. This is what they do.

For Republicans, they have focused on committing a few months during election to win a seat.

But the voting bloc, the surrounding region has no interest or awareness in what Republicans are doing. What do they stand for? What are they promising to do for me?

Where's the registration?

Where are the volunteer efforts?

Where is the outreach?

Are there any Republicans at naturalization ceremonies?

Republicans need to work with New Media sources, too.

They need to take back the Institutions--news, entertainment, education.

It's not enough to campaign.

How about taking the Los Angeles Times away from the illiberal, regressive phalanx of the Democratic Party?

Education! School choice, helping teachers, students, and parents to learn the truth about our nation's founding.

All of this is crucial.

Right now, however, where is the outreach to pro-school interest groups?

Big Labor is still running amok in California. I remember talking to one Republican during a Christmas Party in Torrance, California.

"California will never become a right-to-work state."

Says who?

Donald Trump is going to appoint a conservative justice, and a 5 to 4 coalition will re-emerge to strike down forced unionism and agency fees.

What about other cultural concerns?

Family, life, marriage--all of these issues matter.

Communities with diverse ethnic interests or backgrounds are just as grounded in these values. Why would the Republican Party run away from these basic necessary values?

The problem with conservatives, however, is that they have not organized for the effort to coalesce and ensure a conservative party which thwarts the destructive, illiberal agenda of the special interest Democratic Party.

This is a zero-sum game.

Conservatives need to win--and everyone in the state of California will win, too!

Big money is funding major operations of the Republican Party, and those limited interests are focusing on a theme of financial security for a wealthy class, while disdaining the wide-spread of the entire Republican Party platform.

We the People define the culture in the United States and in the state of California.

The principles which found civilization should not be trifled with.

Republicans of California, it's time to shape the culture in the Golden State.

Why I Fight--Why I Crusade for Conservatism

Am I making too much noise? Did I bother you?

Did I make a few moneyed special interests mad because I refused to be quiet, and I refused to say "Let's just keep doing what we are doing"?

Have I disturbed the peace and quiet of leadership in the Republican Party of Los Angeles County? I have had lots of fun messing with the "undocumented politicians" of the Democratic Party, who now command a two-thirds majority in Sacramento once again.

I want the people who represent me and my values to represent ... me and my values.

I am tired of hearing stories from local elected officials who say that they get no help.


I am also tired of not seeing the loyal, royal opposition taking down the destructive, corrupt Democrats upending our entire way of life.

Republicans have truth on their side. It's time for us to plainly make our case.

What is the matter with California voters?

Why is it that so many people simply do not see what is happening to this once Golden State?

No one is giving them something better.

Speaker Anthony Rendon, a Democrat from Paramount, emphatically announced that the state legislature would focus on Latinos.


That's racist.

What about the rest of California? Just because my skin color is slightly lighter, does that mean I am no longer a man and a brother?

Business interests are taking an untold pounding from the state legislature. If you want to make money, you are like that black man getting attacked by the NYPD: "I can't breathe! I can't breathe!"

Who is going to raise the money in order to stop being dependent on third-house funding?

How are we going to led the fight to take back our state?

A moderation of values is not working.

A mindset of trying to have opposing view points unify under one tent is not working, either.

A clear, precise appreciation for this fact is crucial.

The battle for this state stands out in terms of black and white.

Either we secure our borders, respect our businesses, and honor taxpayers, or we do not.

Either our elected officials abide by their pledges, or they do not.

A wishy-washy all-encompassing, believe whatever you want Republican Party is simply not working.

Let's stand for something, let's reach out to everyone, and let's fight for an open society, free and opportune.

Life, family, marriage, integrity of individual sovereignty--all of this matters. Why are we running away from the very principles which make civilization possible?

RPLAC Has Not Responded to Omar Navarro's Complaint About AD-66 Chair's By-Laws Violation--Why?

November 21, 2016.

The AD-66 Central Committee met in another location, without informing three  members of the committee.

Only one person received an apology.

That is wrong.

I have submitted a few complaints about this action.

And yet I have received no response.

What is going on?

Omar Navarro, the Vice-President of the Beach Cities Republicans, was particularly distressed about being shut out of the meeting.

He sent the following remarks to Executive Director Jason Maruca and By-Laws Committee Chairman Gary Aminoff:

Look , I wonder what the party is going to do about Janice Webb changing venues and not notifying me. I'm very simple and will say I definitely have the interest of Chair on the central Committee. I find it fascinating on the day I would announce that I would challenge Janice for central committee chair, I would not get any call.

I expect a proper shot at Chair of the central committee. If the party wants this internal bickering to stop coming out public then give me a proper shot at what should have happened in that meeting.

I'm going to say I don't take the County party seriously because it's a joke with no real brand. When I walk into a Republican group. I'm sorry to say but I see a dying crowd of people within the next 10 to 20 years. After most have fallen I will be here.

I represent millennials and Latinos. A demographic which democrats do such a great job of exploiting. I'm no longer going to argue but pushback hard if the party doesn't realize the reality of what's going on.  

What is going on?

This lack of communication is hurting the party, and it needs to stop.

Every person, young or old, mus know that they have a seat at the table, and that their efforts and skills are welcome.

Why all this secrecy? Why have the Executive Director of RPLAC and the By-Laws Committee Chairman said nothing about Janice Webb's violation of RPLAC by-laws?

Contact Jason Maruca and Gary Aminoff.

Let's restore transparency and accountability to Los Angeles County!

Let's #MakeRPLACGreatAgain!

Gary Aminoff: By-Laws Committee Chairman
(310) 387-6900

Jason Maruca: RPLAC Executive Director
(818) 558-7600

Election 2016: Did Obama's Endorsements Help California Democrats?

Election 2016, Barack Obama endorsed three Democrats in California Assembly races.

1. Al Muratsuchi for AD-66
2. Abigail Medina for AD-40
3. Cheryl Cook-Kallio for AD-16

How effective were his endorsements?

From the Sacramento Bee:

President Barack Obama, delivering on a promise to assist legislative hopefuls across the country, swooped in Thursday to offer a rare endorsement to a trio of Democratic candidates for the California Assembly.

Did he endorse Democrats in other states? How many?

He was looking for long-hanging fruit, presumably.

Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, in a congratulatory message posted on social media, said Obama is backing former Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi, D-Torrance, and fellow Democratic challengers Abigail Medina, a school board member in San Bernardino, and ex-Pleasanton Councilwoman Cheryl Cook-Kallio.

Only these three Democrats.

Probably because Obama believed that these three seats were most likely to flip.

Keep in mind that this was a Presidential election year. There was a Democratic candidate at the top of the ticket. Her name was Hillary Clinton, but most Democrats called her Crooked Hillary.

Notice that no Democratic state candidate asked for her support. Some candidates wanted Bernie Sanders' backing, though.

“Thanks to (Obama) for his support of Democrats up and down the ballot,” Rendon said. “As he recently reminded us, ‘Our progress is on the ballot.’”

Democrats pushing progress? The best one-liner of the day.

A reminder about Rendon:

Cook-Kallio is running against Assemblywoman Catharine Baker of Dublin, while Medina is trying to unseat Assemblyman Marc Steinorth of Rancho Cucamonga.

Catharine Baker won re-election.

So did Marc Steinorth.

Obama enjoys high approval ratings across parts of California – 60 percent in a new statewide poll out Wednesday – so his seal of approval could prove pivotal for the Assembly campaigns. Democrats are campaigning to restore their two-thirds supermajorities in both houses, which would allow them to raise taxes and pass specific types of legislation without Republican support.

The Sacramento Bee doesn't seem to have a problem with raising taxes. Where do they think this money will come from? 

Kerry Townsend Jacob, a spokeswoman for Muratsuchi, who is in a rematch with Republican David Hadley, said he planned to feature Obama’s support in several aspects of the campaign, from mailers and web ads to leaflets distributed by door-to-door canvassers.

Yes, and they weren't very well-done,

Muratsuchi said he was proud of the endorsement.

“I am the candidate who will protect a woman’s right to choose and Planned Parenthood funding, create jobs and improve our public schools. I will also stand up to powerful special interests to fight for clean air, water, and beaches,” he said in a statement.

Al Muratsuchi does not believe in a woman's right to choose a good job, or a good school for her children. All this abortionist talk is very sad. Who is going to pay for Planned Parenthood's murderous spree against unborn children.

Why do voters support this destruction? Surely South Bay residents are more interested in security, integrity, and a little bit of honesty from their elected officials.

Final Reflection

It's worth noting that even though Hillary Clinton won California, Obama's endorsements weren't really meaningful.

Only Al Muratsuchi won re-election, and even then he was running against a hard-working legislator who went out of his way to connect with as many constituents as possible. He had millions of special interest dollars invading the district.

Obama was an afterthought.

Keep in mind that Catharine Baker was running in a D+9 district for state assembly, and she won.

Marc Steinorth was a more worrisome contest, but he made it.

Obama's blessing doesn't mean much!

Why didn't his endorsements matter?

They came out very late in the election season.

Everyone was focusing on the Presidential election

Conditions of Republican Leadership in California

We need new leadership in California.

The Democrats have regained their supermajority power in the state legislature. Granted, a few of them will get sick or end up in jail or on forced leave, but the Democrats rule the Sacramento roost once again.

All the networking and foot-working were not enough to overcome the Democratic machine chicanery all over California. Some assemblymembers embraced some bad views and cast bad votes. Others were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Some Republican operatives want to blame Donald Trump. Honestly, though, Republicans up and down the state support Trump. What would you like to tell them? They were all wrong? And President-Elect Trump is selecting his cabinet.

And no, the answer to California and the country's problems do not lie in electing a liberal-leaning candidate like John Kasich. His policies expanded the welfare state and ensured less safety for Americans.

He wanted to grant amnesty to 11 million illegal aliens. That is a clear recipe for destruction. Open borders mean no country, no liberty, no sovereignty.

Most of the political operatives in Washington DC and California have not noticed that Trump's blunt appraisal of our nation's troubles were successful. This kind of clear-cut political incorrectness is exactly what we need.

So ...

What's the matter with California? How do we fix the vexing problems of the now-tarnished Golden State?

We need leadership with a populist heart beat. We need leadership that respects the everyday concerns of every Californian, but looks beyond the color of the skin and the endless tunnel of identity politics.

The following questions and conditions should apply to future leaders in any county:

1. Do you support or reject the full repeal of Proposition 14?

2. How do you want to engage registered Republicans on an ongoing, frequent basis?

3. How do you plan on increasing Republican registration in your country?

4. What are you views on volunteer clubs? How should by-laws be enforced? '

5. What plans or policies do you support to ensure economic growth, government integrity, and statewide security?

6. What steps will you take to invest and encourage Republican activism in blue as well as red areas of the state of California?

7. Do you have a plan to reach out to well-financed donors in California and other states to help the conservative cause?

8. What plans can you implement in county leadership to stop special interest invasions of local and statewide races?

9. Will you respect and defend the platform, or do you believe that more moderate values should determine the core principles of the Republican Party?

Any candidate for county leadership who cannot effectively answer these questions has no business running for CA GOP leadership, at the state or local level.

What do you think?

Monday, November 28, 2016

Why the Betsy DeVos Appointment is Trump-tastic Brilliant

Donald Trump, our President-elect, is off to a great start when it comes to cabinet appointments.

His first selection was wise on many levels, for the grassroots, the political scene, and even the media: Jeff Sessions for Attorney General. The junior US Senator from Alabama has worked tirelessly to protect the American worker from damaging immigration levels. He supports traditional--read, based on truth and reality--values, from marriage to life to family, to individual liberty.

But he is not a wacky liberal-tarian. He will protect our rights by enforcing our nation's laws, particularly along the border.

Trump's potential picks for Secretary of State, for senior staff advisers, and other cabinet positions indicate an excellence for precision and skill, rather than pure political posturing.

His selection for Department of Education is stunning and brilliant on many levels.

Betsy DeVos wth husband Richard

Betsy DeVos is a well-known conservative Christian philanthropist, entreprenuer, and activist. She married into the DeVos family by her husband Richard Jr. He ran for Governor in 2006, and despite his failure, he helped pave the way for Republican victories statewide, which have endured to this day.

How does all of this tie in with Mrs. DeVos?

She served as chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party.

She is one of the biggest supporters--financially as well as morally--for school choice, charter schools, vouchers.

The teachers unions hate this woman. That should be an indication of what a great pick she is.

She is a well-connected socialite who cares about the "social issues" which so enrage the Republican Establishment and the Democratic Party as a whole.

Her husband and his foundation helped transform Michigan from a forced unionism state to a right-to-work state. This free-market policy is widely and wildly popular, even among laborers and labor leaders. The protection of workplace fairness and equity has improved the business climate in Michigan, brought in more jobs and opportunity.

The reform has broken the power of Big Labor in the automotive capital of the United States. Now it's a pink state going ruby red. And the head of federal education policy is a Ruby Red Republican who loves school choice, who is connected to the national movement to expand education opportunity. And she's married to the scion who helped crush the corrosive, corrupting influence of Big Labor.

Michigan was a state that eluded Republicans for decades. The DeVos couple helped edge the seat back into Republican hands, and their expanded political might will ensure that Michigan is solidly red in 2020.

The liberal media will never talk about these connections, but I am surprised that conservative news outlets have not pointed out the smooth moral and political acumen of the DeVos pick. Trump will ensure that Michigan keeps going red, all while expanding school choice in all parts of America, especially inner-city wastelands like Detroit.

Imagine it! Betsy DeVos can tap the donors and grassroots of the Michigan Republican Party for all kinds of help, too!

What can I say? The press is making too little of the widespread Trump-tastic brilliance of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education!

SacBee Fail: California Went Blue Because of Government Abuse Unchecked

Dan Walters of the Sacramento Bee makes some good points.

However, if Republicans insist on following his advice, they may find themselves remaining forever in the minority in California.

Yes, the demographic shifts have been significant.

But if Republicans except to be competitive, they need to change their inner workings and their ground game. Giving up on their principles will only alienate their base and turnoff prospective voters.

It's as simple as that.

Dan Walters of the Sacramento Bee

Walters claimed the following:

Demography, it’s been said, is destiny – and the outcome of California’s election this month proves it again.

Yet across the country, Trump demonstrated otherwise, winning more of the black vote and the Hispanic vote than Romney in 2012. In spite of the government-backed brainwashing of the Obama Administration, more Americans--yes, they are Americans--are not going along with the identity politics. They are looking for politicians who care about principles.

California’s political evolution over the last four decades, from a mostly red state to a purple state and finally to a very blue state, corresponds to its powerful demographic trends, driven largely by equally powerful economic forces.

Is it economic or demographic? Can it really be both? Not really sure about that.

During that period – spanning Jerry Brown’s two governorships and four others in between – the state’s economy moved from industrialism to a post-industrial mélange of technology, trade and services.

Let's think about this model.

What enabled this change? The anti-business, anti-manufacturing policies discouraged energy exploration and construction. The anti-business agenda which continued to jack up taxes and fees while doing nothing to improve the legal and ethical structures within California also discouraged business growth.

The shift away from manufacturing did not happen as a result of creative destruction through the free market, but rather through the unnatural selection of winners and losers by political force and government fiat.

Those changes, plus California’s location on the Pacific Rim and adjacent to Mexico, spurred a massive influx of immigrants from other nations and a new baby boom that increased its population by more than 75 percent. Once overwhelmingly white, California became overwhelmingly nonwhite, with Latinos now the largest single ethnic group.

Hit the buzer: wrong again.

The mere proximity to an ocean or another country does not necessarily bring in migrants.

The lax enforcement of our borders, coupled with an expanding welfare state, enticed illegal immigration to California.

But there’s more to California’s demographic evolution than simple ethnicity. Its reputation for social tolerance and upward mobility also made the state a magnet – or a haven – for those of all ethnicities, genders and cultural inclinations seeking new beginnings.

I am not sure how Walters would classify Ricardo Lara's attempt to shut down Christians colleges with SB 1146. That legislation was pure intolerance.

This upward mobility has blessed the politically well-connected as well as the limited Silicon Valley skill-set. What about San Bernardino? What about Apple Valley? Clovis? The San Joauin Valley?

Meanwhile, the decline of its industrial economy – exemplified by the collapse of Southern California’s aerospace industry – plus high living expenses hollowed out its middle class. The state now loses more people to other states, Texas particularly, than it gains from domestic migration.

Indeed, the collapse of aerospace did hurt Southern California, specifically the South Bay, which was once a ruby red section of the Golden State, teeming with well-reasoned technocrats who paid attention to facts and figures, not flights of fancy or feelings.

The changes are visible almost everywhere in California, but most dramatically in Los Angeles County, home to more than a quarter of the state’s population.

What else has happened in Los Angeles County?

  • Crumbling infrastructure
  • Higher crime
  • More welfare
  • Illegal immigration
  • Forced unionism

Los Angeles, once neutral in highly contested statewide elections, shifted to the left in the 1990s as hundreds of thousands of displaced aerospace workers and their families sought employment elsewhere for their skills and Southern California became the destination of choice for the powerful flow of immigrants, legal and illegal.

ILLEGAL, not legal. Let's make sure that the difference remains clear.

The dramatic political change in the huge county, institutionalized by an immigrant-centered union movement, tilted the entire state, as a deep dive into political history demonstrates. And it was accompanied by an intensified leftward shift in the already liberal San Francisco Bay Area, including suburbs that had traditionally voted Republican, and other coastal regions.

Wow, I could be writing for the Bee.

The state’s Republican Party, meanwhile, failed miserably to adjust to the new demographics. It continued to trumpet themes, such as strident resistance to the undocumented immigrants that had become integral to the post-industrial economy, that alienated not only Latinos and other nonwhite communities but younger, well-educated white Californians as well.

"Undocumented immigrants." Really? Walters just wrote about "illegal immigrants" in the above passage, but now wants to play politically correct. Notice that there is no mention of the corrupt and biased media indoctrinating the reading public to go along with this liberalized nonsense.

How about the terrible education system which has gone from bad to worse because of Big Labor bullying? This disaster falls fully on the California Teachers Association, the most power special interest in Sacramento. Notice that Walters neglects that overpowering monster of California politics.

There is some truth to Republicans missing the demographic shifts, in that Republicans have gotten lazy. Being the land of Reagan will only get a political party so far. But this complacency can affect any political party. Look at what happened in Wisconsin and Michigan. The Democratic Party in those states were convinced that their reign over the Rust Belt would never wane.

Then came Scott Walker, Rick Snyder, Republican legislative majorities, dire economic needs, a readiness for innovation with free-market reforms. Right-to-work, lower taxes, better business climate, and the growing class of voters in these states are working people making better for themselves--and thus no longer seeking connections or compassion from the Big Government-Big Labor phalanx of the Democratic Party.

California’s voting outcomes this month, so starkly contrasting with national trends, directly reflected social currents of the past four decades. Democrats from Hillary Clinton down swept the state, and voters passed several liberal ballot measures, including taxes on the rich and legalizing recreational marijuana.

Republicans did not vote in decent numbers. Prop 14 has eroded the power of political parties, all while championing the business and labor interests out for their own ends, ignoring the long-term damage to the wide class of voters who pay for everything,

It was a high-turnout election, and an exit poll of voters by the University of Southern California and the Los Angeles Times found that just 56 percent were white, down about 20 points from just a few elections ago. Latinos had climbed to 24 percent, twice what they were just a few elections ago, and voters of every ethnic group favored Clinton over Donald Trump.

This still has nothing to do with race. It has to do with the class of candidates, and the economic stagnation which Americans were tired of.

The die has been cast. Demography is, indeed, political destiny.

Uh--No it isn't.

Demagoguery is destiny, if We the People don't step up and fight back.

Destruction of our culture is destiny, if voters, taxpayers, business owners, the Silent California Majority do not push back against the Bay Area arrogance of San Francisco.

This is not about the color of people's skin or the language that they speak.

What matters is the culture fostered by the government, and how much the citizenry will tolerate.

Eric Linder Embraced SEIU Endorsement. How Did That Work Out?

One Republican in the state of California embraced the endorsement of the Service Employees International Union:

Eric Linder.

How did that work out for him?

He lost.

Eric Linder

Here are the numbers which show by how much he lost:

Sabrina Cervantes
(Party Preference: DEM)              70,599   53.8%

Eric F. Linder

(Party Preference: REP)                60,745   46.2%

What did the Orange County Register have to say about Linder?

Several times in the last year, Assemblyman Eric Linder, R-Corona, pushed the green “yes” button on his desk when most of his Republican colleagues pressed “no.”

He broke from his party to vote for labor-backed bills requiring more disclosure of health care rates, new layoff protections for civil servants and a system for workers to collect unpaid wages from employers.

Notice that Linder was voting for Big Labor interests.

Those interests are not in concert with the Republican Party.

Those interests are not in concert with the best interests of middle class.

In fact, the labor union agenda is less and less supportive of the needs of working Californians!

The OC Register articles continues:

California’s largest public employee union supports tax increases and government spending, so it usually finds more in common with Democrats. Its endorsement of Linder – the son of a Mexican immigrant who first won election pledging not to raise taxes – has left some politicos scratching their heads, and others wondering if it signals an emerging trend of labor making nice with the GOP.

“He is the kind of guy who is going to start changing the Republican Party,” said SEIU’s political director, Alma Hernandez. “We’re willing to spend money and help good Republicans get elected.”

Does anyone not see the issues with this affiliation?

Linder had pledged not to raise taxes.

Then he turns around and supports the tax hikes!

By the way, the SEIU is aggressive as well as liberal. They have blocked streets, harassed taxpayers. They threatened to go on strike earlier this month.

He also voted for SB 10, the bill that allowed illegal aliens to purchase health insurance on the Obamacare state exchanges.


Sources from the Riverside area--where Eric Linder represented--noticed that he had not prepared any kind of volunteer base or GOTV operation.

I guess he thought that the SEIU would meet all those needs.

Guess what? It did not work.

Linder lost.

Check out the union's agenda in supporting Linder:

“We’re not going to endorse a Republican just to endorse a Republican,” Araby said. “They are going to have to want a relationship with us and think about how they can best represent our members.”

Turning Republicans into unions puppets--that was the name of the game.

This kind of political double-dealing has plagued Republicans looking for more power and influence in the state of California.

This one more misguided example of the bad advice that out-of-touch consultants and liberal-leaning GOP donors are embracing.

Identity politics and special interest pandering is not going to save the California GOP.

It sure did not help Linder, who lost an assembly seat with a R+5 registration!


Final Reflection

What have we learned from Linder's mistakes?

I hope that Republican leadership in the state of California realize that outreach for the sake of outreach is meaningless in the long run.

Inclusiveness absent from principle is counter-productive and even destructive.

Republicans run for office on a set of promises, They have to keep those promises.

The Republicans running for local or state office cannot arrogantly assume that Republican voters will hold their noses for key vote-betrayals.

No. They won't.

How Donald Trump Won: The Lunch Counter Vote

One of my favorite TV sitcoms is “Frasier.”

Kelsey Grammer (himself a well-respected conservative in Hollywood) played the nerve-racking Frasier Crane. This character gained compelling notoriety in “Cheers”, then headlined the award-winning spin-off sitcom for eleven more years.

Grammer’s well-educated shrink demonstrated erudition and flair, but still ran into the roadblocks of lives. He also bore a pompous air about him. For all of his education and elite nonchalance, he ended up failing, making mistakes, and just plain messing up—just like the rest of us humans.
There was one particular scene from the sitcom which struck me the most, and still makes me laugh when I think about it.

Frasier, a clumsy guy when it came to the rough-a-day activities like fishing and connecting with regular people, was visiting a coffee shop in a rural town. He reminisced out loud, like a self-absorbed Shakespearean actor, how he wanted to meet with “the locals” and take in the rustic air of the town coffee shop.

Straightaway, he turned to a rough-looking man sitting next to him at the lunch counter: “So tell me, my good man, how is it today? How are things with you?”

The response from this “country bumpkin” was fantastic and spot-on (and I am paraphrasing):
“So you want to learn more about ‘people like me’, do you? Well, guess what? I have thoughts and feelings, and struggles just like other people. I am a complicated, complex person with depth and determination. And I am very offended by your condescending remarks and attitude.”

Frasier Crane

The gruff man then huffed off from the lunch counter. Frasier backs away, blinking at the sudden, articulate rebuke from an “Average Joe.”

This scene encapsulates why Trump defeated his GOP rivals and the Democrats in the latest election.
The Democratic Party and the Republican Establishment have identified with the limited concerns of a few special interests. As a result, they are completely removed from the fears, needs, and challenges of “Average Joes.” They look down on “We the People”, the ones who actually form this more perfect union called America. They are convinced they know better, and their plans for themselves are better, regardless of the consequences waged against the rest of us.

This conflict surpasses the 99% rhetoric of the Occupy Movement. This conflict is about more than money, but about an arrogant vision of the politically connected chattering classes which everyone else is supposed to pay for.

Recall this plea of the black woman during the second debate from Election 2012. She had voted for “hope and change” for middle class families such as herself. She plainly explained her plight to Obama: “I am exhausted of defending you.” Her family worked hard to achieve a comfortable level of living. The economic downturn, much of which resulted from Obama’s disastrous domestic policies, were forcing her family back to eating beans and hot dogs.
He pushed off her down-home concerns. He tried the same platitudes of most politicians: “I understand your frustration.”

No he didn’t! He helped create it, though. His rambling answer conveyed what many of us figured out sooner: Obama did not care. His proto-socialist utopia was more important. His plans on how the world should work were more important than the upsets of a middle-income mother who was helping veterans for her day job.

Romney was not much better. He talked about “binders full of women,” then remained stiff and unrelatable. The country later learned why when his true sentiments floated out from a private event. He mocked and derided the “47% who will never vote for me” because they get something from the government or blame someone else for their troubles.

Sorry, Mittens, but that’s not me, and that does not describe the widowed mother, the veteran returning from his third tour in Afghanistan, or the minority parents of our broken inner cities. Those remarks exposed the latent arrogance of a political class that blames the peons of Lunch Counter America and ignores the poor national security, a bad economy, and a declining social order.
The men and women who have built—and continue to build—this country are not flat, static characters in a TV sitcom. They are men and women of diverse backgrounds, different skills, and deep concerns. They are not “victims of globalization” or bitter clingers who run to their Bibles and clutch their guns.

We are Americans, and we should be treated with respect, not disdain.

Even the conservative intelligentsia have missed how deep their disconnect has grown with the discontented millions upon millions of American voters. Consider George Will’s off-hand remarks about the illegal alien minors swarming our borders: “We ought to say to these children, ‘Welcome to America, you’re going to go to school and get a job and become Americans.’”

A friend of mine reacted to Will’s arrogance about this wave of illegal immigration: “What an a—hole! He does not have to pay the taxes to provide an education for those illegals!”
My sentiments exactly!

I would further add: “What would you like to tell the parents, and the friends and family members who lost loved ones to illegal aliens, Mr. Will? What would you like to tell them?”

Unlike the GOP-e and the Democrats, Donald Trump connected at a heart-level with the angry and forlorn, vast anti-Establishment conspiracy in this country. His charm connected with working people of Middle America. A solid resume, a convincing grasp of conservative principles, and flashy rhetoric were not enough. Trump responded to the concerns of us “lunch counter Average Joes” and respected us.

And Trump won.

Indeed, Election 2016 was truly a historic election.

A real estate mogul, then reality TV show host connected better with Americans than the most experienced—and even the most conservative—presidential candidates.

And how? Trump did not treat them like second-class oddities whose concerns did not matter.

And yes, he could probably sit at the lunch counter next to them and say “Hi” to show he really cared.

Crisis in Leadership in the CA GOP?

I noticed a nice little shout-out for me in the California Political Review Blog.

Thanks, Stephen Frank.

He reposted my comments about The War Within ...

Before I take on his comments, I want to share more good news ...

1. Darrell Issa has officially won re-election.


2. I have a great job and I am very well-paid to do what I want to do.

3. I spent a wonderful Thanksgiving with my father, his wife, and the rest of the extended family in Oregon!

4. I am in good health.

5. I am back to reading my Bible, and I sense the changes for the better already.

6. A good friend of mine gave me updates on what she is doing in Long Beach, CA.

Yes, indeed, Thanksgiving cannot be just one day--everyone of us should be encouraged to make it a lifestyle!

So, something more that makes me happy ...

Stephen Franks reprints something that I wrote on his California Political Review!

His preliminary comments are worth meditating on:

Since February, 2013, the California Republican Party has not spent a dime on voter registration—and it shows.  Since October 22, 2012 till October 24, 2016, the Party has lost over 300,000 net registered voters, though a couple of hundred thousand did, register Republican.  

I have heard nothing but complaints about the lack of registration for Republicans in California. Why is this? What is going on?

I can say that in the Beach Cities Republicans, people are re-registering.

I think that this method is doomed to fail, however.

What is going on?

We are told that under McCain-Feingold there are periods of time we can not, as a Party register voters without using “federal funds (Levin accounts).  OK, so why not register in the other times?  Why not raise Levin funds?  Instead the State Party has outsourced voter registration to an organization run by Charles Munger—unelected by Republicans at any level—HE decides where voter registrations happens.

Which organization is this? Membership is about leadership and doer-ship. Why does this habit persist, in which GOP leaders are doffing responsibilities onto other people?

How has it worked out?  A net loss of 300,000 registered Republicans.  I should add Munger also sponsored and financed Prop. 14, which ended political parties nominating candidates for office in California.  Hence no reason to be a Republican registrant.


That is unconscionable.

How can we be losing registered votes in such a dramatic fashion?

AD-66 was a terrible example of this. In 2012, the district was 36% Democrat and 33% Republican. Now it's 42% Democrat and 32% Republican. This is not success.

This pattern of failure is all wrong.

Prop 14 is bad. That proposition is a terrible idea, and needs to be scrapped or significantly altered.

There followed statements from my blog post:

“Instead of freaking out over principles, it’s time to reach out to more people.

"We need leadership, enforcement, and a no-nonsense attitude on the necessary basis for a sound government which protects the rights of all and offers special privileges to no one!

If the proper forces don’t take hold in the state of California, this will be the lingering fate of the California GOP:”

Leadership is about making clear differences and standing by them.

The goal is not to try and make nice with every segment of a population, especially those elements which vehemently oppose the political party and its principles.

Principle means nothing if it is not treated with primal importance.

Political parties have to coalesce around values. They always will. From the outset of the Republic, there were Federalists and then the anti-Federalists.

Two parties exist because of two different views on the role of the state, and the role of the citizen, of the individual within the state.

Here comes Frank's question: 

That takes leadership.  What do you think?

Yes, that takes leadership.

It will take leadership that stands for something.

That takes a personal connection with the day-to-day concerns of other people.

That means getting in bad people's faces to change things.

Fundraising is a necessity, but not dependence on one large donor, or on donors who are more interested in abandoning values and accommodating a dying culture.


I hope that I have begun fitting that mold. Everyone who wants to lead must be willing to follow, as well. I believe that there are other people who demonstrate leadership skills for building up California, and building up the California Republican Party.

How can we Californian Republicans generate support for our efforts?

And who will lead this rejuvenation?

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Leftists Attack Conservatives in Venice

During the 2016 Election, I received this statement from a Venice, California Republican and Christian:

We live in Venice, CA and people here are violence toward Republican and hate anything that is Christian. My back window was broken because of my Trump's sticker display. 


So now we are very quiet about been a Republican and Christian.  We was wondering if you could email Trump's address so we could inform him or his team that he should not provide Federal's money to the City of Los Angeles because our so call City of Los Angeles politician are providing sanctuary for persons that enter our country illegal. 

Imagine that?

There are residents in deep blue West Los Angeles who want an end to the sanctuary city policies.

(For the record, this man who shared this report with me

Hey--there are Christians and Republicans in Venice!

They need our help, and not ignorance.

What has happened when there are no support systems for these conservatives?

The same region of Los Angeles where wild liberals attack Democrats with threats, epithets, and sometimes violence--does have Republicans.

When Craig Huey ran for Congress in 2011, he face hatred and disruptions during his special election bid to replace Jane Harman.

What has happened in Los Angeles? Doesn't the First Amendment mean anything anymore?

We also love to enroll our son and daughter into a Christian school however due to our low income we can not afford it. 

Why is Los Angeles denying good education to poor families?

This is what has happened to the devilishly Democratic Los Angeles.

No protection for conservatives.

Also the Los Angeles Unified School District have the lowest education standard in the nation yet we have no choice but to send our son and our daughter to a Los Angeles School. We were wondering if Trump' New Administration will make it possible for us to send our son and daughter to a school for our choice.

Can you imagine this kind of wicked nonsense?

Look at what is happening to families in Los Angeles.

They cannot express their political views for fear of property damage or personal attacks.

Their children cannot get a good education in the public schools.

Los Angeles Unified is one of the worst districts in the country.

But to hear about such violence against a Republican ... unbelievable!

More Republicans need to confront these liberal areas, and stand up to this bullying!

Poor Democrats: How the Tables Have Turned!

Eight years ago, four years ago, the media, the special interests, the Democrats all declared that Republicans were finished as party.

“If we were a dog food, they would take us off the shelf,” Virginia Congressman Tom Davis admitted.

After Barack “The Great One” Obama won, Democrats were taking out their knives, and the media helped serve up the dish.

They were convinced—assuredly so—that Republicans were a dying breed, a bad brand who would go the way of Sears, Kmart, etc.

I still remember Time Magazine’s snide November 2008 edition, suggesting bright new logos for everyone. They had nice red Elephants, or post-modern drawings with think chalk lines. “2012 we can be great again!”

In 2009, James Carville poured gasoline on the Bonfire of the Democratic Vanities, and wrote “40 More Years: How the Democrats Will Rule the Next Generation.”

Of course, 2010 stopped that dream, at least in the House of Representatives.

And then came 2012. We got purplish Mitt Romney, the architect of Obamacare.

Was anyone really excited? Meh. Not me. He was not my first or second choice, and the GOP bench was one of the weakest in modern times.

An election which Romney should have won—from the failures of Obamacare, to Benghazi, to the unilateral executive orders—Romney ended up losing. Yes, Ted Cruz was so right, Romney “French-kissed” Barack Obama in Debate #3 on foreign policy.

Let’s not forget—Romney sucked, dragged down the ticket, turned off likely voters.
With a guy like the Blue Rhino of Massachusetts running for President, who needed Democrats?


Winnable US Senate seats slipped out of Republican hands that year, too, including Missouri, Montana and North Dakota. (It was an illegitimate rape of our chances that year.)

Obama’s GOTV machine was strong, but let’s not forget Romney at the top of the ticket was a weak—and weakened—front-runner. 54-60 million Evangelical voters did not turn out.

Indeed, it looked as if all was lost for the Republican Party. I remember hugging my Dad and crying. For the first time in his life, he had donated to a Presidential candidate. The setbacks of 2012, combined with the upset of 2008, would give any Republican, especially a conservative in California, the sinking feeling that we were losing, and would never gain any kind of traction or preeminence ever again.

Can you blame me for feeling so down?

After Romney’s loss, I talked to another, older man, who admired my pluck but was convinced we would be stuck, furious and fearful for the future, now that Obama had secured a second term. Another friend winced and shrugged his shoulders: “In 20 years, we’re going to be Greece!”

January 2013, I attended a town hall meeting in Hermosa Beach, California. Congressman Henry “Rat Face” Waxman had just beaten a well-financed independent in California’s newly drawn coastal 33rd Congressional district. He delighted in Republicans stunning losses that year.

“The Republican Party has become a regional party. They are only competitive in the South, and they are losing the rest of the country.”

The shellacking of 2010 was inspiring, and the Tea Party movement which wiped out all of the Democrats’ gains in the House of Representatives stirred our spirits again. The new crop of Republicans were going to flex their muscles, this time. No more negotiating with an ideologue who had no interest in working within the framework of the Constitution.

Obama shuffled his stuff. Talked about 57 states, forgot how to spell “Ohio” and “Respect.
Then Obama’s scandals hit the fan.

An alphabet soup of corruption, from the DOJ’s seizure of AP reports phone records, to the IRS’ arbitrary attacks, burst on the scene.

Then came 2014. The sixth year itch is always good for the party not in power in the White House.
Republicans were feeling their oats again, and Obama’s charm had already long worn off.
With RNC Chair Reince Prebius, fresh off of incredible victories in his blue state of Wisconsin, Republicans were ready to take on the country and win.

Republicans flipped nine US Senate seats, including five ousted incumbents.

Could Republicans turn their 2014 tide into a 2016 ride to glory?

An incredible, deep bench of Republican Presidential contenders were strutting their stuff on the stage, including Donald Trump (whom I had underestimated, disparaged, but now esteem).

Democrats showcased five old white New Englander socialists (except for DINO Jim Webb).
A new media, the Wikileaks revelations, the no longer Silent Majority who wanted hope and change turned on the Democratic Party.

The same party that was supposed to reign for forty years.

Their prized Ice queen got froze out by the High Energy Trumpster.



Oh, how the tables have turned for the Democrats!

Despite defending a tougher field of seats, Republicans held onto Congress.

Democrats have been shut out of legislative chambers all over the country. Republicans have gained governorships in New England for the first time in years.

Kentucky has a GOP trifecta, as do 24 other states.

For all their gloating and the media’s incessant cheer-leading for the Left while signing dirges for the right, Democrats are in the very spot they claimed would engulf the Republicans.



Rendered irrelevant and out of touch.

My former Congressman Henry Waxman was slapping his chest in 2013. I wonder what he thinks now.

And what about James Carville! Forty years? HA!

Democrats are the regional party, hugging effete coastlines while ignoring the vast swath of middle American. They remain an urban party, all while driving inner cities into poverty and moral blight, with no left to vote for their decrepit agenda.

For the first time in fifteen years, a credible challenge has emerged against Nancy Pelosi! Will Democrats learn that they are out of touch, or will they run out of time?

Loser Pelosi
One thing’s for sure: Republicans need to live up their promises, and they better not claim a forty-year mandate until they have followed the dictates of the no-longer Silent Majority.