Thursday, January 23, 2020

Reflection on "Conservative" Drag Queen Denouncing Drag Queen Story Hour

I had had to spend some time thinking about this development surrounding this "MAGA Drag Queen" coming forward to speak out against Drag Queen Story Hour. My focus is on the promotion and normalization of a drag queen as a spokesman for promoting a conservative, pro-family value.

I am glad that a drag queen is openly admitting that the whole drag culture is saturated with sex, drugs, and alcohol. It's an abusive, adult scene which children should have nothing to do with.

Kitty Demure, whose real name we do not know, shared the following:

“What in the hell has a drag queen ever done to make you have so much respect for them, and admire them so much?” asked Demure, “other than put on makeup and jump on the floor and writhe around and do sexual things on stage?”

This Kitty Demure is known as a "conservative Drag Queen", according to The Blaze. Seriously? A conservative Drag Queen?

Wow. I don't think so!

He, Mr. Kitty Demure, forgets to mention, that drag culture is overwhelmed with sexual degradation and debasement. He forgets to mention that predominantly men in bondage to same-sex lusts are involved in this whole perversion. Her certainly forgets to make the point that kids should not get involved in homosexuality, transgenderism, or other paraphilias burning within the LGBT dumpster fire.

Furthermore, I am deeply disturbed by the fact that TPUSA, (and Conservative Inc in general) once again want to normalize this whole Drag Culture in the sense that they are offering this man a platform to share his opinion at length.

Drag Queens are not for kids. Guess what? WE KNOW THAT ALREADY!

I will go one step further.

DRAG QUEENS ARE NOT FOR ADULTS! Demure pretty much admits as much in his video! Smoking is not for adults. Drinking excessive alcohol is not for adults. Sexual degeneracy is not for adults, either. However, in a free, civil society, adults are afforded the option to make those bad choices, and thus also to absorb the consequences of those bad choices. Children do not have the experience, development, knowledge base, or skill to assess the consequences of their actions. It's cruel to allow children to engage in such behaviors and also endure the consequences of those decisions and suffer irreparable harm when they literally do not--cannot--know better at their young age.

We should not start parading "conservative" Drag Queens as if they are heroes because they are telling us the down-to-earth obvious. OF COURSE Drag Queens are not for kids! Kitty Demure makes a point, sure, but so have many of us in MassResistance and in other pro-family movements. Kitty Demure is getting fifteen minutes of fame because a gay "conservative" is making the same case, and therefore his opinion somehow has more value. Wrong.

The issue about Drag Queen Story Hour has gone beyond making an argument. The issue is about winning the fight and stopping not just Drag Queen Story Hour, but ending the normalization of LGBT behaviors to children, to adults, and to our communities as a whole.

A few weeks ago, Wilson Gavin (God bless that young man) joined with his conservative college friends to protest a Drag Queen Story Hour in the local library. They were not trying to convince the drag queen at the Brisbane library that Drag Queens are not for kids. He and his fellow Liberal college students (the conservative party in Australia is called "Liberal") were opposing the filthy man, to prevent him from getting access to the kids in the first place!

Furthermore, Wilson Gavin opposed gay marriage and the full-on normalization of LGBT behaviors and ideas in the general public. These are the people whom we need to recognize and imitate, not just appreciate.

And you know what? We need to stop promoting drag queens in general, and we need to stop promoting LGBT "conservatism" in particular. If individuals are struggling with same-sex temptations or gender dysphoria, they can advocate for conservative causes, but why are they celebrating a so-called LGBT "identity"? That is wrong. Consider this: Wilson Gavin was dealing with same-sex temptations. He didn't go around calling himself "gay conservative" to the best of my knowledge, nor did he expect people to praise him for not acting on his feelings. He recognized the struggle, but spoke out against the advancement of the LGBT agenda. That's what really matters: not this petty identity politics nonsense to expand the number of people telling everyone else the obvious.

On a larger note, we need to stop allowing sexual deviants who espouse some conservative talking points to then promote themselves and thus normalize their perverse lifestyles. There are conservatives who eat too much, drink too much, lose their temper without warning. We don't celebrate their personal failings, do we? Why then are we celebrating drag queens who tell us what we already know about drag culture to begin with?


Lo and behold, look what's happening to Kitty Demure:
This is more grifting, nothing more. Why are we putting gay or transgender people on pedestals for stating the obvious about sexual perversion around minors?

The reason why Drag Queen Story Hour is not for kids is that drag queen entertainment is illicit to begin with. The moment that conservatives begin normalizing LGBT behaviors among adults, and then divert opposition only to keeping it away from children, there will come a point where they will no longer have any argument to keep such filth away from children.

Gender confusion is occuring because there is so much confusion about truth, fact, and reality. All of this sexual confusion must be confronted with uncompromising truth. It's time to:

Make Male and Female Great Again
Make Marriage Great Again
Make Mom and Dad Great Again
(and yes, Reclaim the Rainbow!)

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Bill Whatcott, Enemy of the Canadian LGBT State, Facing Hate Crime Trial for Passing Out Gospel Tracts

Canada MassResistance contact Bill Whatcott is a true freedom fighter.

He is committed to fighting the LGBT Hate Machine with all the ardor at his disposal. He has faced numerous attacks and unprecedented persecution in "free nation" Canada for years.

Yet he refuses to relent in releasing the truth about the dangers of the LGBT lifestyle and agenda.

He was arrested last year for "inciting hatred" just for passing out Gospel tracts at the 2016 Gay Pride Parade in Toronto, one of the most notoriously perverse, disgusting displays of anti-God, anti-Christ perversity imaginable. The LGBT disgust is so deep, with pot-bellied naked men running around in front of children, one has to wonder why no legal authority in Canada takes a stand to stop this evil.

Notwithstanding the unprecendented challenges and Satanic opposition he has faced, Whatcott perseveres. He was facing a $104 million civil action from the 2016 Toronto Shame Parade organizers, but the lawsuit was first rejected, and then upon appeal the LGBT legal activists decided to quit, since they were losing more money than they could have ever hoped to have gained (the appellate court would have likely rejected the lawsuit, too).

David Cooke of Campaign Life Coalition recently connected with Bill Whatcott and interviewed him so that more people would know about the plight that he is facing in his own country. Let no one think that LGBT tyranny won't descend upon him in his own country. This agenda is pernicious, having no interest in love, tolerance, diversity, or acceptance of any kind. In fact, LGBT activists have been clear-cut in their demands that other people "must accept them", or else. That is not liberty, that is not right. There must be no acquiescing to this hateful ideology.

And for the millions of people who are engaged in these behaviors, they need to know the truth which sets them free.

Here's the full report from Mr. David Cooke:

I had the opportunity this week to sit down with Bill Whatcott and talk candidly with him about his ongoing judicial saga. Bill’s trial began over a year and a half ago, after he was charged in June of 2018 with “public incitement to hatred”. This alleged crime occurred two full years prior, when he was distributing literature at a homosexual “pride” parade in Toronto in June of 2016. That literature – which was distributed peacefully and without fuss – presented the real, physical and spiritual dangers of practising homosexuality. It also offered the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to LGBT practitioners.

Bill Whatcott and David Cooke

For this supposed “hate crime” the wrath of the Liberal government of former Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne fell heavy upon Bill. However, it appears this charge was not in the interests of justice, but in the interests of politics. The fact that Premier Wynne was herself an open homosexual might suggest a conflict of interest. Also, the fact that Ms. Wynne was seeking to rally her left-wing base in a difficult election year might suggest a self-serving political agenda.

Bill now faces up to eighteen months in jail if convicted – which seems to be a foregone conclusion. All this for politely handing out Gospel pamphlets to people who willingly received them.

Bill’s full trial has been scheduled in Toronto for the entire month of June this year. This “conveniently” happens to be so-called “Gay Pride Month”, with Canada’s biggest and lewdest pro-LGBT parade taking place at the end of the month. I guess the parade will be just in time for the expected guilty verdict! This sounds more and more like a show trial than any real semblance of justice.

In my ten-minute video interview, I talk with Bill one-on-one about his experience thus far. We also discuss some important elements of his upcoming trial. In addition, Bill mentions the threat posed to all Christians by Bill S-202 (the “conversion therapy ban”).


As Pastor Art Pawlowski commented when Bill was first charged, “We’re turning Canada into a Nazi state, into a communist state, where if you voice your politically incorrect views, you will be attacked by the forces of the government.” Now it seems you may not only be attacked and arrested, but they may hold a parade to celebrate your condemnation!

Bill will make a brief appearance in court next week, on Tuesday, January 14th at 9:30 AM at 361 University Ave., Toronto.

God Bless.

David Cooke

P.S. You can read more about the dangerous “conversion therapy ban” being proposed by the Trudeau government here:

Sunday, January 5, 2020

MassResistance Warned Ahead of Time What USA Today Op-Ed Shares Today

The fifth anniversary of Obergefell v. Hodges is coming up this year.

Five years ago, five bad lawyers in black dresses decided that somewhere in the United States Constitution, there is a right for two men or two women to marry.

Image result for End obergefell v. hodges
It takes a family, and a family takes one man and one woman.

The truth is that the four clearly liberal justices and the one swing justice (no pun intended) named Anthony Kennedy decided to draw up a new right out of nowhere and impose it on the country.

First of all, let's cut through all the haze, smoke, and fog. There is no such thing as a "right to marriage".

Marriage is a sacrament, an institution, a covenant. I do not have the right to demand that a woman marry me. She has to consent to that marriage. There is a fundamental understanding when it comes to consent, that it requires maturation, the attainment of majority, i.e. adulthood.

Children should not be getting married, and if a seventeen and a sixteen year old do want to marry, in many states in the United States they must obtain the consent of their parents.

Just five years later, and there is massive cultural and moral fallout in the United States. MassResistance sounded the alarm on the damage that the travesty of same-sex marriage would have on the country as soon as the Massachusetts Supreme Court shoved false marriage onto the Commonwealth.

Folks, the stakes could not be higher. We need to take a firm stance against false marraige. It's about one man and one woman, not two men, not two women, not any other relic of barbarism.

Check out the commentary in this latest USA Today editorial:

The transformation of our legal system as to marriage was rapid and top-down. Changes in law brought changes in culture, and they're not all rainbows.

There are no rainbows in the LGBT movement, simple as that. The Rainbow is God's promise to the world that He would never again wipe out the world in a flood. The LGBT movement has a six-colored band.

A decade ago, President Barack Obama affirmed that marriage unites a man and woman. So did 45 states and the federal government. The only states to redefine marriage had done so through activist court rulings or, in 2009, legislative action. At the ballot box, citizens had uniformly voted against redefinition. A majority agreed with Obama.

Yes indeed. The public declared clearly that marriage is for one man and one woman. In North Carolina, 65% of voters made it very clear that they would not accept any redefinition of marriage. That amendment passed the same year that Obama got re-elected, by the way.

Then, in 2012, Obama “evolved,” and the Supreme Court took cases involving marriage law. Nothing in the Constitution answered the actual question at hand: What is marriage? The court should have left the issue to the people. But in 2013, it struck down the federal definition of marriage as a male-female union in a 5-4 ruling.


The court also punted on a challenge to a state definition of marriage adopted in a 2008 constitutional referendum by which a majority of Californians — yes, Californians — overturned an activist court. Only in 2015 did the Supreme Court, breaking 5-4 again, redefine marriage for the nation, provoking four irrefutable dissents.

I voted for Prop 8 in 2008. I was so glad to do that. I know lots of people who voted to retain the definition of marriage as the eternal institution, the union of one man and one woman.

Same-sex marriage advocates told the public that they sought only the “freedom to marry.” Same-sex couples were already free to live as they chose, but legal recognition was about the definition of marriage for all of society. It was about affirmation — by the government and everyone else.

Homosexuals were free to live together, but perhaps we need to start having the discussion about why sexual perversion between two men or two women had been decriminalized. There is no reason for this. There is no right to sexual predation, degradation, or sodomy in the United States Constitution.

It’s unsurprising that once a campaign that used to cry “live and let live” prevailed, it began working to shut down Catholic adoption agencies and harass evangelical bakers and florists. This shows it was never really about “live and let live” — that was a merely tactical stance.

This movement was never about "Live and Let Live." Homosexual activists were crystal clear early on that 

Family, marriage — redefined

While these were the early effects of redefinition, the more profound consequences will be to marriage itself. Law shapes culture; culture shapes beliefs; beliefs shape action. The law now effectively teaches that mothers and fathers are replaceable, that marriage is simply about consenting adult relationships, of whatever formation the parties happen to prefer. This undermines the truth that children deserve a mother and a father — one of each.

It's time for us to shape the law. It's time for the laws of nature to push back against the corruption of the natural law, the natural rights of individuals, and natural marriage itself.

It also undercuts any reasonable justification for marital norms. After all, if marriage is about romantic connection, why require monogamy? There’s nothing magical about the number two, as defenders of “polyamory” point out. If marriage isn’t a conjugal union uniting a man and a woman as one flesh, why should it involve or imply sexual exclusivity? If it isn’t a comprehensive union inherently ordered to childbearing and rearing, why should it be pledged to permanence?

Marriage is about much more than feelings. It is a covenant, a commitment to the truth, that God designed man and woman to be united in a marriage covenant, or to live in singlehood.

Marriage redefiners could not answer these questions when challenged to show that the elimination of sexual complementarity did not undermine other marital norms. Today, they increasingly admit that they have no stake in upholding norms of monogamy, exclusivity and permanence.

Once the definition is shifted in one way, then anything goes. Of course, marriage and family advocates had long pointed this out.

Same-sex marriage didn’t create these problems. Many in America had unwisely already gone along with the erosion of marital norms in the wake of the sexual revolution — with the rise of cohabitation, nonmarital childbearing, no-fault divorce and the hookup culture. It was no surprise that many would then question the relevance of the male-female norm. Legal redefinition is a consequence of the cultural breakdown of marriage.


Monogamy is old news

But same-sex marriage is a catalyst for further erosion. Already, we see respectable opinion-makers mainstreaming “throuples,” “ethical nonmonogamy” and “open relationships.” This was predictable; we and others predicted it.

FYI: Told you so!

Something we didn’t predict are the headlines about transgender and nonbinary “identities.” A decade ago, few Americans had given much thought to the "T" in "LGBT." Today, transgender identity seems to dominate the discussion of sexuality and sexual morality.

MassResistance predicted this. They talked about what happened in Massachusetts shortly after the imposition of false marriage on the state. Transgenderism became a growing, rampant reality very quickly in the Commonwealth.

There’s a logic here. If we can’t see the point of our sexual embodiment where it matters most — in marriage — we’ll question whether it matters at all. Hence the push to see gender as “fluid” and existing along a "spectrum” of nonbinary options.

Hence Drag Queen Story Hour has become a "thing." We need to resist this perverse program, and then at length stand up to the whole LGBT agenda.

There’s a deeper logic, too. Implicit in the push for same-sex marriage was body-self dualism — the idea that we’re actually nonphysical entities inhabiting physical bodies, or ghosts in machines. That’s why the "plumbing" in sexual acts seemed not to matter.

Of course, it does. We are not mere beings, but beings whom God designed as male or female.

True one-flesh union, the foundation of conjugal marriage, was thought illusory. What mattered was emotional union and partners’ use of their bodies to induce desirable sensations and feelings. Of course, two men or two women (or throuples or even larger sexual ensembles) could do that. But the logic didn’t stay with marriage. If the body is mere plumbing, then sex matters less than identity.

This recognition of complementarity is profound. Indeed, the pro-family lawyers who were arguing to retain marriage, i.e. between one man and one woman, for some reason refused to discuss the biological as well as the psychological and sociological implications.

The pro-family movement, for lack of a better label, has never really been interested in fighting to win. They want to be liked, they want to appear respectable, they want to gain the favor of the media (which will never happen), and they don't want to fight back hard.

Image result for repeal obergefell
Marriage is for one man and one woman

Yet that does not work. It never works, in fact. The LGBT lobby has been hardcore in their demands. They don't, they won't take "No" for an answer. The behaviors which undergird this whole agenda are unceasing. There is no peace, there is no real consumation. It's a perversion, it's destructive, and it communicates a lie which no one can make right, real, or true.

This has had tragic consequences, especially for children.

Children burdened by our mistakes

Nearly unthinkable a decade ago, certain medical professionals tell children experiencing gender dysphoria that they are trapped in the wrong body, even that their bodies are merely like Pop-Tarts foil packets, as one expert explained.

Transgenderism was the inevitable result to this destruction, dissimulation of true marriage, of natural marriage. This is hurting children. Whatever happened to doing what is best for boys, for girls?

Some doctors now prescribe puberty-blocking drugs to otherwise healthy children struggling to accept their bodies. They prescribe cross-sex hormones for young teens to transform their bodies to align with their gender identities.

This is child abuse, and it is time to take a stand against it. The good news is that more states are looking at legislation which will make it a crime to transition children from their sex at birth. We need to affirm for boys and girls that they are just fine in their bodies. There is no need for them to change, and there is no need for them to take medications or undergo harmful surgeries. They need to be trained to accept the truth of their bodies.

As part of a government grant-supported study, doctors even performed double mastectomies on adolescent girls — including two 13-year-olds.


These changes weren’t grassroots movements. They’ve come from people wielding political, economic and cultural power to advance sexual-liberationist ideology. The change has been top down — from Hollywood’s portrayal of LGBT characters to business executives boycotting states over religious-freedom laws. Having lost at the ballot box over and over — even in California — activists found new avenues: ideologically friendly courts, federal agencies, big corporations.

Yes, but thankfully the Left is losing the courts. Now it's time to go after the corporations which insist on pushing these agendas through economic bullying. We as consumers have the power to decide "I am not going to buy this product or seek this service" if the company insists on pushing a destructive, false ideology onto others. What do we do about federal agencies, though? President Trump is removing all references to protecting so-called "sexual minorities." He has removed all protections for these behaviors from the different executive branches, too. He has even ordered state departments and embassies not to fly the six-colored LGBT flag. These are profound, welcome victories.

And there are more coming.

Having secured a judicial redefinition of marriage, they pivoted to the “T,” with the Obama administration redefining “sex” to mean “gender identity” and imposing a new policy on all schools.

President Trump is rolling back this nonsense. He also forbade "transgender" troops from serving in the military. This decision was long overdue. As Governor Mike Huckabee declared: "The military is not a social experiment. They exist to break things and kill people." Done.

And having won government support, activists turned to eliminating private dissent. Former presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke wants to yank the tax-exemption of noncompliant churches. Megadonor Tim Gill vows to spend his fortunes to “punish the wicked.” Who are “the wicked”? Those who refuse to accept the new sexual orthodoxy.

Tim Gill is wicked. His time is coming. Thankfully, perverted former elected officials like Beto (male) O'Rourke did not make it into office, either as US Senator or as President. They got taken down on the chopping block, and no doubt they would not have had a discernable chance of getting elected. 

All of us, including those identifying as LGBT, are made in God’s image, are endowed with profound dignity and thus deserve respect. It’s because of this dignity and out of such respect that the institutions serving the human good — like the marriage-based family — should be supported, not undermined or redefined. That basic rights like religious freedom ought to be upheld, not infringed. That a healthy moral and physical ecology — especially for children — must be preserved.

Those who "identify" as LGBT are called to be restored to God's image. Let's be Biblically accurate. We are all God's creatures, but it takes the Spirit of Adoption for us to call God "Daddy" (Romans 8:15), and thus to be restored to God's image.

When we understand that love has been perfected among us, then we can declare: "As He is, so are we in this world." (1 John 4:17).

Still, it's worthwhile that more writers, editors, and academics are pointing out that LGBT behaviors, the forced imposition of false marriage is hurting the essential dignity which God wants for all people. Let's continue to push for this revelation to grow into the greater revelation of others!

The “progress” of the past decade has exacted steep costs.

It's not progress.

Final Reflection

After five years, the rampant costs of false marriage beyond forced on the United States is breaking out for all to see. Marriage cannot be redefined, no matter what any overreaching court has declared. 

What is needed now is concerted activism. It is essential that grassroots activists fight back at the lcoal, state, and federal level against this fraudulent, deceptive agenda. We cannot allow the cultural, corporate, and government elites to dictate to the world that marriage can be anything that anyone wants it to be.

God's will, nature's design, general recognition of the truth will never abide allowing marriage to be anything but the union of one man and one woman. This is what is best, this is what is true, and this is what is essential to any country, to any culture, to any community.

Ryan T. Anderson is the William E. Simon senior research fellow at The Heritage Foundation, and the founder and editor of Public Discourse, the online journal of the Witherspoon Institute. Follow him on Twitter: @RyanTand

Robert P. George is the McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence and director of the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions at Princeton University. Follow him on Twitter: @McCormickProf