Wednesday, June 27, 2018

SCOTUS Rules for Worker Freedom and Free Speech

President Trump has had so much to celebrate this week, and so do the rest of us!

The Supreme Court just released their decision Janus v.s AFSCME, and the Court ruled in favor for worker freedom and free speech. For the last four decades, public sector unions have continued to exort agency fees from non-union members. All that money goes to liberal, left-wing, would-be progressive causes, all of which undermine the rule of law, individual liberty, and fiscal prudence.

Blue states are dying from financial asphyxiation because of public sector union lobbying, which is funded by coerced dues from union and non-union members. Union leaders have never faced the pressure of providing a good service or any kind of goods as long as members have been forced to join or at least to pay the dues.

This Supreme Court decision has been long in coming.

President Trump celebrated the restoration of worker freedom:

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker also sent out his support for this decision, pointing out what he and his fellow Republicans had accomplished in 2011 to curb collective bargaining abuses:

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