Friday, June 30, 2017

Progressives Want to Kill the Democratic Party for Good: That's GREAT!

The Big Government, socialist, wannabe progressives are absolutely furious.

They expected Barack Obama to usher in all the final hopes to ensure that the United States would turn into a socialist republic, in which a couple of well-connected experts would take over and then slowly give everything to everyone, ensuring that everyone is fully and forever equal.

Not only did none of this ever happen, but the most radical of progressives complained, calling Obama the most Republican president ever elected by the Democratic Party.

What a wash. What a brazen disappointment.

The failure of Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff to capture the vacant House seat left in a suburban Atlanta district by the Trump nomination of Republican Rep. Tom Price as Secretary of Health and Human Services shows the disastrous state of the Democratic Party.

I could not agree more. Reality is not progressive, as Lindorff would have hoped.

Life is very much fallen and fallible. Conservative principles stop trying to ignore or change the laws of nature and the facts of life. Conservatives recognize these limitations and make the most of overcoming them through effort and investment.

So beholden is that party to corporate interests that it cannot put up or support any candidate who is willing to challenge its neo-liberal paradigm. The 30-year-old Ossoff tried to win by appealing to the so called "moderate middle" of voters, offering vague promises of economic growth and challenges to President Trump's policies -- for example his attack on the Obama administration's so-called Affordable Care Act. 

The only what that a candidate reaching out to middle-income voters in suburban Atlanta was to appeal to those middle-income realities. The Progressives are all a bunch of wealthy elitists or welfare queens.

Nothing more. Most of them have been taught to see themselves as victims and demand that someone pay for the injustice which they have so unjustly suffered.
It was a stupid campaign approach, especially for a special election, when voter turnouts are typically very low and voter enthusiasm is the key. No matter: despite polls showing overwhelming American support for a Canadian-style single-payer "Medicare for All" health care system, Ossoff did not call for such a change. Nor did he mention at all the need to slash US military spending -- the single biggest reason, because it lays claim to some 54% of all federal tax dollars each year, why the US is approaching Third World status by most measures such as life-expectancy, infant mortality, infrastructure, education, etc.

All of this a bunch of garbage.

There is no way that the military expenditures consume 54% of the budget.

No way. It;s the entitlement spending that is eating our country into bankruptcy.

The question now for progressives is: What is to be done?

Clearly to be a viable and genuine opposition party to the ruling Republicans, the Democratic Party would have to be thoroughly deconstructed and rebuilt. The millionaire-packed Democratic National Committee leadership -- the lobbyists, the elected officials and the well-heeled donors -- would have to be tossed out entirely, and replaced by genuine progressives, labor activists, environmentalists, representatives of various minority groups and (gasp!) socialists. 

You heard it from the progressive right in this post.

They want to create a "socialist paradise" in the United States.

He should see how that's working out in Venezuela and Cuba.

This is essentially what Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters in the British Labour Party have done, but I have hard time, particularly after watching the overt and underhanded subversion of the Bernie Sanders primary campaign last year, and the inability of progressive Democrats to challenge and replace an the ossified and thoroughly discredited party leadership, imagining that this can happen here in the US with the Democratic Party, which internally is clearly anything but democratic. 

I do agree that the Democratic Party is the every antithesis to democracy. They are undermining their own party rules and cheating the grassroots out of fair representation. They have no interest in listening to the will of the individual members, probably because they realize that the progressive fantasies are completely unworkable in this place called "The Real World."

Funny but true. Progressivism is just radical backward insanity.

Please, adults who call themselves progressives--it's time to grow up.

Of course, this fight is not going to stop

* A Medicare for All health care system modeled on what they have in Canada

* An end to US militarism abroad and at home, the closing of most if not all foreign bases, an end to all US wars and arms sales to conflict zones, and a reduction in the US military budget by 50%. As well, a call for the US to return to negotiations with all nuclear nations to eliminate these weapons of mass destruction.

* A fair, non-racist immigration policy that is generous in accepting political refugees, that doesn't threaten with deportation those young people brought illegally into the US not by their own choice, that, while securing borders to prevent illegal crossings, is humane and follows constitutional norms in dealing with those who sneak into the country seeking work, and that, finally, recognizes and works to end the role that US economic and foreign policy plays in creating economic problems in neighboring countries that compel people to try and enter the US seeking work.

The point is that the progressives want AMNESTY.

My answer is NO! And many Democrats are in agreement. No sanctuary state or city policies. Everyone has to abide by the laws of this country and come in legally.

* A crash program to reduce US carbon emissions, and to help other countries do so, particularly those developing countries that have limited resources and that are being most impacted already by global warming.

Such a crash program will crash the economy. Just say no.

* A program to shift funding for education away from its current reliance on local property taxes to federal funding on a per-student basis in order to equalize access to good public schools -- an approach taken by most European countries -- and a program of free college education to all who qualify for admission at public institutions of higher education.

Expand the education bureaucracy? I thought that these progressives wanted to get rid of the corporate interests and stop allowing the rich to pull all the strings.

* A jobs program modeled on the New Deal's Works Progress Administration, to create jobs for the jobless in needed areas like infrastructure repair, parks maintenance, environmental clean-up, school safety monitoring and the like.

Been there. Done that. These socialists are living in the past. Don't they have any new, fresh ideas for how to make this country strong and thriving?

* A living federal minimum wage.

What is "living"? $15 an hour? Why not $1,000 an hour?!

Everyone--just look at Seattle, Washington, and you will see how all this talk about raising the wage has actually raised the costs of living and unemployment.

This minimum wage crap doesn't work. It's time to allow  market forces to determine the wage and price levels.

* A break-up of the too-big-to-fail banks, re-passage of the Glass-Steagal Act separating banks and investment banks, and a reinvigoration of anti-trust law to prevent the creation of monopolies or oligopolies, and undo those that already exist.

The most effective way to break up big banks revolves around not bailing them out. No more moral hazard.

* Elimination of the cap on income subject to the Social Security (FICA) payroll tax, and addition of a 0.25% transaction tax on all stock and bond trades except in tax-advantaged retirement plans, a much higher capital gains tax and a restoration of the inheritance tax to apply to all inherited wealth above $100,000. All these new revenues would be used to raise Social Security benefits sufficiently to ensure for the first time a decent income for all Americans in retirement.

Another soak-the-rich scheme. How has that worked out in Illinois or California?

Answer? It doesn't work. Illinois will have no cash on hand at all in one month. California is facing a nearly $1 trillion pension liability. Municipalities in otherwise wealth enclaves are paying one fourth of their budget toward pension costs.

The reckoning is coming, and it will not be pretty.

I believe that a such national movement, which must be grass-roots, democratic and locally based, if it organized frequent mass actions both in Washington and in the states and municipalities, swarming of Congressional offices both in the capital and in home districts, and pressing candidates during election years, would compel at least the Democratic Party, and perhaps even many Republican office-holders, to act, even if they hold antithetical political views.

 Whatever national movement this guy believes in, he won't find any inroads for it in this country.

The key is to avoid being co-opted by the Democratic Party, and to remain an independent movement.

DAVE LINDORFF is a member of ThisCantBeHappening!, the uncompromised, collectively run, five-time Project Censored Award-winning online alternative news site. His work, and that of colleagues JOHN GRANT, JESS GUH, GARY LINDORFF, ALFREDO LOPEZ, LINN WASHINGTON, JR. and the late CHARLES M. YOUNG, can be found at

There is one element to this story that I like.

He wants to destroy the Democratic Party, which has been co-opted then overtaken by the Communists.

And there is one thing that working people hate more than anything else--allowing someone to take what they have worked for to give to someone else. Those who have survived the welfare cycle have no interest in going back to it, either.

"The Democracy" is doomed, and I am glad to see that the grassroots activists whom the Democratic Party depends on are running away from them, then want to overrun them in droves!

Why Dianne Feinstein Refused to Vote Against Sanctuary Cities

In May, I received an e-letter from Dianne Feinstein explaining why she did not vote to defund or outlaw sanctuary cities in the United States. I believe that she issued me this response following my attendance at her town hall in West Adams.

Dear Mr. Schaper:

Thank you for writing to share your concerns about policies regarding “sanctuary cities.”  I appreciate the time you took to write, and I welcome the opportunity to respond.

I understand that you are concerned about so-called “sanctuary cities,” in which local governments deny requests from federal authorities to detain undocumented immigrants or notify about the pending release of an undocumented immigrant.  I recognize that you support penalizing these jurisdictions for not complying with immigration detainer and notification requests, and impose greater Federal criminal penalties on individuals who unlawfully reenter the country.

"Undocumented immigrants"? Oh brother, this is what we are dealing with.


Shame on Feinstein! She refused to join
Senator Toomey to honor Kate Steinle

As you may know, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) introduced legislation last Congress regarding sanctuary cities.  Senator Cruz’s bill, the “Stop Illegal Reentry Act” (S. 2193), also known as “Kate’s Law,” would have increased sentences for immigrants who reenter the U.S. unlawfully.  Senator Toomey’s bill, the “Stop Dangerous Sanctuary Cities Act” (S. 3100) would have denied federal funding to any jurisdictions that did not comply with detention or notification requests from federal authorities. 

Guess what, DiFi? The House passed similar legislation--with the same names!--yesterday. How about that?! You better get busy and vote for these bills, or you are facing an early retirement.

To her limited credit, she has signaled her opposition to SB 54. Thank goodness, but let's see how long this lasts, especially if a more left-wing Democrat makes it into the Top Two against her.

I firmly believe that local governments should notify federal authorities upon request before releasing dangerous individuals into our communities.  In addition, I agree that local governments should be required to comply with these requests for such notice where they are unwilling to comply.


However, I voted against bills authored by Senator Cruz and Senator Toomey because I believe these bills would have swept up otherwise law-abiding immigrants and diverted important resources away from law enforcement agencies where it is most needed.  For instance, S. 3100 would have withheld numerous federal grants from local communities, including those that fund disaster relief efforts, economic adjustment assistance to those affected by military base closures, and public infrastructure projects.  In fiscal year 2015, California received $376.5 million in federal funding from grants targeted by Senator Toomey’s bill.  So, under this bill, California communities would have been at risk of losing important national security and safety funding.

"Otherwise law-abiding" except for the fact that they are in the country illegally, which make them not law-abiding, and therefore (wait for it) ... criminals. Therefore, they need to be deported, too.

Immigration is about safety and also sovereignty. We the People are entitled to secure borders and a clear cultural and moral identity separate from other nations.

Additionally, Senator Cruz’s bill created two new mandatory minimum sentences, which the U.S. Sentencing Commission estimated would have added 57,000 people to the prison population over five years, costing as many as billions of dollars to U.S. taxpayers.

Oh brother. Feinstein and her Democratic ilk doubled the national debt in eight years. Do we really care about another billion here or there? If she wants to engage in cost savings, why not ensure entitlement reforms and the closure of unnecessary programs.

Locking up violent offenders, especially illegal aliens, is worth the cost.

You may be interested to know that I had been working with local jurisdictions to strengthen participation in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Priority Enforcement Program (PEP), which facilitated collaboration between local and federal law enforcement to take custody of those individuals who pose a danger to public safety.  Unfortunately, President Trump terminated this program through his executive order titled “Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States.”  This executive order also directs the Attorney General and Secretary of Homeland Security to withhold all federal funding to any “sanctuary” jurisdictions that fail to comply with federal immigration laws.

Yes! Any jurisdiction which refuses to comply with and abide by federal law should lose its funding. This is an example of Democratic blaming the law-abiding President and his widespread supporters for the problems created by illberal, lawless municipalities.

Please know that protecting the safety of Americans is my top priority as a United States Senator, and I have strongly supported, and will continue to support, securing our border and preventing dangerous individuals from entering the United States.  During the 113th Congress, I voted in favor of the Senate's comprehensive immigration reform bill, the "Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act" (S. 744), which passed the Senate by a strong bipartisan vote of 68 to 32 on June 27, 2013.  Among other things, this bill would have provided an unprecedented $46 billion for border security, required the deployment of 38,405 new trained, full-time, Border Patrol agents, and mandated the completion of at least 700 miles of pedestrian fencing along our Southern border.  Unfortunately, S. 744 was not considered by the House of Representatives before the 113th Congress adjourned.

If DiFi really cared about securing our border, then why hasn't she appropriated the funding for the wall? Her vote for the Obamacare of Immigration Reform bills was a total dude, since it would allow for amnesty first before the securing of our borders.

No way.

She should help appropriate the $46 billion first--and only that.

Once again, thank you for writing. Should you have any other questions or comments, please call my Washington office at (202) 224-3841 or visit my website at 

You can also follow me online at YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, and you can sign up for my email newsletter at

Best regards.

Sincerely yours,

  Dianne Feinstein

         United States Senator

Hawaii GOP on the Rocks! RINOs Sinking the Boat!

Finance Reports Reveal Shirlene Ostrov Off to a VERY Rocky Start

EXAMINING THE MONTHLY FINANCE REPORT filed by the Hawaii Republican Party (HRP) with the Federal Election Commission (FEC):
IN THE RED:  HRP FEC  HRP end of May is REDBIG REDReceipts are just $5,266 + $0 RNC bailout + $0 state CSC transfer.  HRP's 'Sustaining Donors': $0 Exec Cmte (no Ostrov, Saiki, Shin, Blackman, Hellreich, Ward, Ready, Rohlfing, Tupola, nor any), 0 district chairs, and only ONE party member!  When leaders don't buy in, don't expect others to do so.  Disbursements$11,536 is ALL admin overhead with $0 for elections and $0 for lobbying and $0 for messaging.  CoH (cash on hand) down from $51.5k to $45.2k means that CoH for operations = $12k actual operating funds with $33.2k in the building account.
Pay outs
= $3,010 for Jack Jamessalary + $1,298 in payroll taxes, $1,476 for the mortgage + $760 for new HQ light bulbs, $326 for the underutilized phone, $150 for MailChimp email service, and a whopping double hit of $3,005 on the ridiculous 'compliance' consulting (paying nonvolunteers to do the work of volunteers).  For whatever reason, the $2,591 to pay the staggeringly high monthly building maintenance fee went unpaid in May -- though it will still need to be paid.  Money out is more than two times money in.
It took more than a month for HRP HQ to change the FEC papers to reflect the change in Treasurer from Mary Smart to Gwen Honjo. A month to submit a routine, administrative form is an indicator of unpreparedness and inefficiency and confirms the reported disarray.
New state chair Shirlene Ostrov's May 2017 mere 15-page FEC report is tied for second shortest in HRP history.  That's because there's simply no money coming into party coffers except for a lifeline thrown by Charles Djou's $2,500 'charitable' contribution to keep HRP's lights on.
To get elected, Ostrov and her finance chair in waiting Mark Blackburn promised they had thousands in contributions lined up to end the HRP financial crisis (the crisis being that they are broke). With her administration's election May 13, until May 31, Ostrov, Hellreich and Blackburn brought in a whopping $295 to the FEC account (and, $250 of that was actually from Rohlfing's team).  So, a whopping 45 dollars.
When embarrassed past-Treasurer Smart announced at the State Convention on Kauai that HRP was in trouble, having even less operating funds makes that hole deeper.

Severance Pay:  Rohlfing's terminated executive director Jack "Music Man" James was paid through the end of May though he was, thankfully, gone by the third week of May.  His now shredded contract required him to raise $15,000 per month.  He didn't.
Screw you (no pun) on the way out.  The immediate past state chair Fritz Rohlfing left his successor Ostrov with a $760 bill to change all the lightbulbsin HQ. (instead of $760 on, say, winning elections).
The party's next report to the State Campaign Spending Commission (CSC) is due in a month. HQ says CSC has $13k of firewalled funds belonging to the five county GOP organizations mixed in with the total of nearly $30k in the party's 'soft money' state account (which begs question of why none was transferred to the party's far more flexible 'hard money' Fed account).  The not-very-steep learning curve seems insurmountable to the new party leaders.
National Committeeman (NCM) Gene Ward sent another worthless (mostly open source White House talking points) NCM update with his assessment.  When asked if he has raised funds for HRP per his very definitive Committeeman campaign promises, he responds 'Well, not really funds. I meant not, actual, money.  I talk to people. See, we get advice from RNC and others, for free.  Really, I mean, I didn't mean I would bring actual funds to HRP.'  The problem, Gene, is that your promises were made on camera.

June 2017 is scary: HQ deferred the monthly $2500 building maintenance bill + ~$200 utilities, deferred $750 copier rental and $152 cable, and again bought no office supplies (makes you wonder why Music Man bought so much and what he did with it). No Director's Insurance payment for liability coverage (though that may be an annual or semi-annual payment). Had they paid bills on time, their debt this month would be astronomical. They already weren't paying for health insurance.
 promised to follow her own rules, then embarrassingly breaks them her first month. She still has not presented a budget to the State Committee, more than three weeks past deadline. Yes, this is the budget which delegates should have asked to see, at least in draft, before they threw away their vote to an unprepared State chair (to be fair, rival Andria Tupola also did NOT have a budget prepared).
Rumor is that the botched February Lincoln Day Dinner (LDD), which became March, then July, will be in October, just before HQ is forced to let state Democrats (the folks who run the Hawaii convention center) gobble up HRP's huge security deposit. Rumor only i.e. it may not happen even then.
The private entity Oahu League of Republican Women has stepped in to fill the void of no official state party fundraiser this year.  OLRW is using Sam Slom as headliner to raise funds (they say) for 2018 elections, though OLRW's focus has always been on the mortgage. In the past, the majority of their funds went to liberal incumbents and a few selected liberal challengers. 
 account evaporating. In addition to $1,476 mortgage/month, HQ now pays monthly building maintenance fee andutilities from the "mortgage only" account. Mortgage due is reduced by only $1k to $65.5k, which becomes $100k+ as HQ uses the building fund for other expenses, plus any maintenance which may rise.  All these funds get wasted before any candidate or campaign is supported.  [Note: The $65k due may be "HQ fake news" because of a blurt by Smart at Convention that the mortgage is actually several tens of thousands more.]
Assisted suicide, HRP-style. For 2017 Rohlfing, Hellreich, and Ward (R/H/W) and now Ostrov and Blackman FEC report shows $45.3k in receipts with $75.3k in disbursements -- i.e. $30k in the RED even with their big January 2017 event, LDD pre-sales (without actually providing an event), and all those pledges promised by Ostrov and Blackburn.

Yes, it's looking pretty bleak . . .


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Yes Indeed, CNN Lies and Is Hitler--Bitchez!

Former Breitbart editor and now Daily Wire editor John Nolte has some of the greatest memes.

I love watching him mocking the dying, desiccated corrupt media for all to see.

If Donald Trump has accomplished nothing else, the fact that he stood up to and then body-slammed the media so savagely.

Especially CNN, which is in the words of John Nolte "Lies and is Hitler."

"CNN Lies and Is Hitler" was Nolte's Twitter title for years.

He recently changed it, in light of the Real News revelations that CNN is anything but news:


And oh so accurate!

Also ...

Every time that Trump would trump the Left, Nolte would release this funny Tweet:

(•_•) /
<)   ) Merry
/    \

\ (•_•)
  (   (>  "Trumpmas"
  /    \

<)   )>  Bitchez!

/    \

How do we know this?

Check out this first video, from the undercover investigative  group Project Veritas:

The whole Trump-Russia narrative is "Bull--sh**t"


They were running the trashy hateful narrative against the President for what? Clicks? Views? A grasping attempt at relevance?

What do all the lawmakers from around the country have to say about this now?

Karen Bass? What Russia narrative? Malcolm Mance was the puppet spouting these lies at Karen Bass' town hall three months ago. She is awfully uiet now, isn't she?

When will she apologize for smearing the President with these Russia lies?

Oh, and the fraud pushed by Corrupt News Network only gets worse:

Communist Van Jones admits that the whole Russia conspiracy thing is a "Nothing Burger."

Ouch! Van Jones was the first discredited executive appointee in the Obama Administration. Even in the first year of the media-frenzied fawning over Obama, they could not cover for this card-carrying communist.

Jones had to go. Now he works for CNN. That should have alarmed the public about the Clinton News Network. Then, Lo and Behold, Van Jones spills the beans on the whole Russia fraud.

Wow! It just sucks to be Jeff Zucker, doesn't it?!

Then comes the latest bomb-shell from Project Veritas:

The CNN staffers think that "Voters are sh*t".

Elitist, arrogant, out of touch, and full-on liars, that is CNN.

They are going down hard, unable to keep up with their own frauds.

The reporters and staffers also stressed their hatred of Trump. They have a maniacal disgust of the President. How can they be objective if they hold such a rabid hatred of the President to begin with, and refuse to hide their bile?

By the way, the only reason why Crappy News Network kept pushing the Russia Fake News was for ... ratings.

So much for that now!

Yes, indeed, CNN Lies and Is Hitler--Bitchez!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

WINNING! Newman Gets a Recall!

Thank GOD!

The Republican Party of California is not a total lost cause.

I was worried. Really, what else would it have taken to ensure that our government actually served we the people rather than they the special, corrupt, lawless interests?!

There is a hope for this state.

Check out the latest eblast from the California Republican Party:


  Contact: Kaitlyn MacGregor
June 27, 2017
84,988 Signatures Submitted to Recall State Senator Josh Newman
Today, the California Republican Party (CRP) announced that it has collected and submitted 84,988 signatures in the effort to recall State Senator Josh Newman. The campaign needs at least 63,593 signatures from voters within Senate District 29 by mid-October to qualify the recall for a vote.

“Voters in Senate District 29 have made their opposition to Newman’s vote on the gas tax and car tax increases very clear. The speed with which voters signed the petitions is a testament to the anger they feel towards these tax increases and a fear of what liberal Josh Newman might decide to tax next,” stated California Republican Party Chairman Jim Brulte.

In a cynically corrupt attempt to shield Senator Newman from the impending recall, Democrats in the Legislature scrambled to pass Senate Bill 96, a gut and amend bill that would needlessly extend the state’s recall approval process, denying voters in Senate District 29 the due process of a speedy election.

“It is a clear abuse of power for the same legislators who voted for a wildly unpopular gas tax to now change the rules applying to recall elections in order to protect their colleague form the voters of his community,” stated Brulte. “The Democrats’ attempt to quell the movement by retroactively changing the rules is pure political gamesmanship and completely undermines our democratic process."

In light of the legislative tomfoolery the CRP will continue to circulate recall petitions and turn in signatures to ensure all voters who desire to sign have the ability to do so.

This is great news!
The Republicans and all the conservative activists raised enough time and resources to collect the signatures.
We have it within us to change the course of the state of California. 
We the People can do this! I am so honored that I could join the fight and help collect signatures in Brea California earlier this week, too!
By the way, I am convinced that Newman should not have won that senate seat. It was the slimmest of margins following a sudden surge of votes in the last weeks of the count. I say "Voter Fraud!"

LA Times Fail--Print Version Leaves Out Legal Action Against Huntington Park

Yesterday, I shared how I had forced the Los Angeles Times to print more accurate, updated information about in relation to the false arrest I had endured in Huntington Park in June 6th.

Here are all the captures from  the LA Times article online:

Then the changes that followed affirmed that I was pursuing legal action because the Huntington Park Mayor and police ruled me out of order wrongfully, then falsely arrested me:

And yet, what was in the paper this morning?

Looking at the bottom of the article, there is no mention whatsoever of my being arrested in Huntington Park--or that I was filing a claim against the city for false arrest and wrongful ruling of out of order.

The Los Angeles Times had plenty of time to update the article on the website.

But they couldnn't to print what I had written to them yesterday?

What is up with the editing department at this newspaper? Was Hailey Branson upset because I called her out earlier yesterday for attempting to spin a negative narrative?

After all, the idea is developing--at least among the Fake News outlets--that Trump supporters are protecting illegal immigration in the Southeastern Los Angeles region, and looking for every opportunity possible to get arrested.

The narrative is to portray the "immigrant" communities and their brown supremacist enablers as the victims, while the citizens fighting for the rule of law or the lawless aggressors.

What a crock!

And once again, the Los Angeles Times refused to cover anything about me in Huntington Park right after I had called them out on my unjust arrest in Huntington Park!

Keep in mind that the incident with Tom Green drawing out his weapon took place on Monday, June 26.

The LA Times article was online by Wednesday, June 28, including corrections about my legal claim.

Then comes the print version on June 29, with no mention of Huntington Park?

Come on, LA Times, get it together!

Exclusive: Interview with Omar Navarro, Republican for Congress

Here's the full interview I was privileged to conduct with Omar Navarro, the candidate who is targeting Maxine Waters in 2018.

Navarro is a Torrance resident just like  me.

Jennifer, a friend from North Hollywood assisted the interview by holding the camera.

Vote for Omar Navarro for Congress!

Comments to Corrupt Cudahy City Council: June 29, 2017

The Cudahy City Council has had three city council meetings in three days.

What a waste of time and money. Or is this on purpose to hide your criminal abuse and misuse of city funds.

And where is Chris Garcia? Shouldn’t he be here? After all, this meeting is all about the budget, isn’t it?

What a shameful display of incompetence and corruption.

By the way, why is Chris Garcia staying in a 5-star hotel in Mexico? He was here on Tuesday for that special meeting. He is an unemployed bachelor who lives with his college girlfriend in Lawndale.

How could he get that kind of money to fly to Mexico and stay in such an expensive hotel, all while his city faces dire financial straits, and his constituents are overtaxed and underrepresented?

This whole thing stinks, a gross misuse of funds and the truth in this city.

Also, On June 26, 2017, brown supremacists, and wicked racist hordes—all thugs who work for Chris Garcia--stalked a group of Trump supporters beyond the limits of this city hall.

They surrounded the vehicle driven by Tom Green, a retired parole officer and veteran, who had four people with him, including two women.

Because of the menacing threats of Garcia’s thugs, Green drew out his weapon, which he had the legal and moral right to do, to ward off danger.

He was unjustly charged, and the display of acrimony from 20 sheriff’s deputies is untenable.
Slowly but surely the truth is coming out about this corrupt, abusive city council.

By the way, Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ issued a deadline for all sanctuary jurisdictions to comply with federal law: June 30th.

Since you cannot budget based on facts and figures, and it’s well-known that this city has only $500,000 left in the bank, you are on the brink of bankruptcy. The repeal of the utility user’s tax isn’t going to subsidize your corrupt mismanagement, either. I suggest you comply with federal law, or be prepared to explain to your tax-paying residents why all core services have been cut off.

No Sanctuary for Criminals Act HR 3003 PASSES! Who Voted How?!

Kate's law has passed the House.

As predicted, Republicans voted for it, and Democrats opposed it.

But ... there were Democrats who voted for the bill!

And there were Republicans who voted against it!

Who were the Republicans who voted NO?!


Three of the Republicans are from Florida. They have been unreliable on immigration, especially Mario Diaz-Balart, who thought he could get other Tea Party people in line with his amnesty views.

Justin Amash has turned into a real disappointment. 

Why did he vote against this common-sense federal enforcement bill?

Would someone like to tell me how overriding abusive, arrogant sanctuary state and city laws violate the constitution?

They don't. Our immigration laws fall within the bounds of the federal government: Article 1, Section 8. The Supremacy clause of the United States Constitution clearly outlines that any laws which try to oppose or overturn federal laws are null and void.

Point taken: the United States government has every right to enforce immigration laws and permit ICE detainers to stand.

Amash is a wash. He needs to go.

Where there any other way Republicans who voted against this bill?

Peter King voted no? I find this hard to understand. He has been one of the most vocal opponents of national security threats.

New York is a more liberal enclave, but still the New York City police and lawmakers in general are cracking down on illegal immigration. The Sheriff for liberal Suffolk County rolled back the sanctuary city policy there.

Anyone else?

David Reichert is another amnesty squish, and he wants to make nice with the DREAMers.


Amash is another disappoint, too.