Saturday, June 30, 2018

Keeping American Families Together: LA County for Trump Counter-Protests

"Families Belong Together" is just another iteration of the George Soros, anti-American, anti-liberty Left looking for any excuse to shut down reasonable debate and destroy the United States from within. This protest culture is alive and well in the Los Angeles, just like across the rest of the country.

It's amazing to me the lengths that left-wing groups like will go to in order to stop President Trump's agenda and get everyone riled up to take down everything that is good about the United States.

This "Families Belong Together" protest is based on some pretty false premises and misleading information. First of all, families get separated all the time, and for good reason. Our military are often separated from their children for long periods of time. For decades, immigrants coming to the United States often had to leave their children in the home country and provide adequate food and housing for themselves before bringing the rest of their families.

Now, the Left wants to let illegal aliens overrun the borders and demand asylum anywhere at any time.

It's unreal.

LA County for Trump showed up to push back against the racist lies and distortions of the press and the Democratic Party. The President is simply enforcing the laws laid down by previous Congresses and honored by other Presidents, including Barack Obama as well as George W. Bush. Obama not only separated families, but housed them in the worst conditions. Under the Obama Administration, the kids did sleep in cages, and many of them were stuffed or stranded in large rooms with other minors. Let's not forget that many of these "children" actually were adults--and many adults still sneak into the country claiming to be unaccompanied minors.

I wanted to counter-protest above all to give a voice and recognition for the thousands of American children murdered by illegal aliens. Angel parents are separated from their children forever. Where is the solace for them? Why won't the state and federal governments do more to protect these parents and ensure that no one else ever has to go through what they have endured?

I spoke to one of the Angel Moms, and she told me that law enforcement encouraged them to stay out of the public eye this weekend. They have been receiving hate mail and death threats. Their plight undoes the left-wing, open borders "innocent immigrant" narrative pushed by the protesters, and they want to silence these parents any way they can.

But we refused to be intimidated.

We parked about ten blocks away from the final meeting place for the resistance march:

The police presence was large and foreboding.

Still, we had to walk much of the way on our own, and it took us a while to get to our designated protest location.

We met some interesting people on the way, let's just say ...

One of the event organizers told us that we could not march in the street. What? I don't think so. We wanted to cross over to the corner of Commercial and Alameda, but the march had already begun, so we ended up walking around the Roybal Federal Building to the other side.=

Here's the entire video that I recorded on YouTube Live from walking to our cars to capturing our counter-protest:

There were six of us walking to the meeting place. It surprised me that everyone had started marching already, since I hadn't expected them to start walking from City Hall until 1:30pm

We eventually arrived at our destination to counter-protest:

Notice that we had to have two lines of police officers protecting us. The left-wing crowds get pretty violent. One of them stole my sign!

Check out the brazen insanity on some of the posters

They continue to push the "Stolen Land" perversity. It's incredible. Notice the other sign that reads "ICE are the real terrorists." Really?

The "Basta" sign dramatizes the picture of the crying little girl, but every major media outlet has had to retract the misprint. That girl was not separated from her parents at all. Yet check out how the protesters still run with that lie!

More of the race, of course.

Lots of Mexican flags, too:

They still push that "No one is illegal".

Give me a break.

We had good people there to counter-protest, to show their support for President Trump:

Robin Hvidston of We the People Rising also joined us!

Check out this proud Omar Navarro supporter, too!

Check out all the Abolish ICE signs!


The crowd was particularly hostile. 

One little Hispanic lady started harassing two younger white males on the corner of Alameda and Commercial. She talked about how she supported race mixing but then began shouting "F-ck Europe! F-ck Europe!" She was clearly unhinged, perhaps even autistic or suffering from some other special needs intellectual disorder.

In one corner of our designated area, I tried to dialogue with two of the anti-Trump protesters. 

One woman told me that the Americans killed by illegal aliens are nothing more than "talking points." I showed her a picture of Jamiel Shaw Jr. and asked her: "Is he a talking point, too?" She got indignant. I then dropped my sign by accident. 

She took it and ran away. She stole my sign! It was terrible, but at least I reported it to the press and they got the word out.

One guy called us Russian puppets and Russian whores, but then told us to get back on the Mayflower. It was hilarious! Their hatred has warped their minds, and their delusional rants show how they are losing power! He also kept chanting "Put f-cks Trump! Putin f--cks Trump!" That Russia nonsense is so old, and nobody believes it. 

Another voice shouted out "You are the minority now!"

I tried to dialogue with one guy, and he just automatically called me a "Nazi" and a racist because I wanted to have a secure border and a secure country. The talking points are old ... and now pretty stupid!

We outlasted the crowds, too, in spite of the heat and the turmoil from the crowds:

The police escorted us to our vehicles, too. Some of the Brown Supremacists in the remaining crowd tried to rush at us, but the police held them off. It's brutal sometimes for Trump supporters amidst all the left-wing hatred.

Here's one more video documenting their insanity!

Final Reflection

The Los Angeles protest culture scene is dying a slow death.

They had hoped to stop the Trump agenda with more voters, but the California primaries have exposed how weak those threats have become. Some will counter that the big Democratic wins in Virginia and in Alabama suggest that Republicans are facing harsh headwinds going into November, but opposition parties tend to do very well in special elections. Republicans won a Congressional seat in Hawaii in 2010, for example. There were plenty more open seats and special elections following President Trump's numerous appointments. Republicans are following a degree of wisdom not spending too much money on state legislative seats here and there, especially if they cannot tip the balance of power in a state legislature.

As for Los Angeles, specifically Downtown, it was pretty humorous to listen to the brazen, outrageous abuse from the protesters. They can't get their conspiracies straight. They resort to flipping people off and screaming at others. The race-baiting which they engage is really terrible. Do these protesters really think that they can make a difference spewing so much hatred? The fact that they continued to push around this lie that the President was determined to separate parents and children was really trashy. And the frequent references to the Holocaust? The misuse of history has become so prevalent among the left, but it must be confronted.

Why ultimately is it worth our while to counter-protest these events?

We need to make the case for our President, for secure borders, for the deportation of illegal aliens. The media need to hear the other side, whether there are many or few of us to counter-protest:

Someone has to speak up for the Americans whose children are dead because of illegals.

Someone has to speak up for the other millions of working parents who have to raise their children and pay the bills, and therefore they don't have the time to protest on weekends.

Someone has to support and promote the President's MAGA Agenda in spite of the brainwashing.

The media do pay attention to our side, and even members of the LAPD greet us and thank us for being there to support the rule of law and law enforcement.

And LA County for Trump is happy to do it.