Saturday, May 6, 2017

"White People Only Have Five Years Left": Luis Nolasco at De Leon "Brown Power" Summit in Riverside

When I read it on the program for the Latino Summit at UC Riverisde, I almost did not believe it.

Yet there the name was clearly printed: Luis Nolasco.

Luis became famous about four months ago, at the January 17, 2017 Rialto City Council meeting.

This event took place about two weeks after We the People Rising busted up Rialto city councilman Rafael Trujillo's brazen, fraudulent attempt to turn the city into a sanctuary in defiance of federal law.

Boy, was he surprised when we showed up!

"Can you help me?"

Of course, Nolasco intended to come to Trujillo's defense at the meeting:

Official profile

He did not mince words about his stance on sanctuary cities, and the proper place for "white people":

He pushed in everyone's face that he was a real reasident of Rialto.

Then he went on and on about "due process", the pushed the fraud that illegal aliens can claim the same rights as citizens claim in the United States Constitution.

He targeted the "white minority".

Then he claimed that "they probably have five years left."

"White people, just die already!"

The Daily Caller didn't pass this up:

When confronted with this report, the ACLU issued the following statement:

“Everyone in America has a Constitutional right to free speech, and the employees of the ACLU of Southern California are no exception. However, we wish to make clear that Luis Nolasco was not speaking on behalf of the ACLU at the Rialto City Council meeting and his statements are not consistent with our stated policy. Nevertheless, we support his right to freely express his personal opinion to his elected representatives.”

Then guess who I saw at the De Leon Brown Power summit in UC Riverside?

He was not comfortable. I called him out on the rude, racist remark he had made in Rialto four months prior.

Oh Crap! Look at all these white people.
I thought they would be dead by now!

Here are his comments:

Let's just say that Luis was visibly uncomfortable.

As he should have been!

He discriminates against men and women who have lighter skin than he.

Instead of fighting for the civil liberties of all men and women, he wants to favor illegal aliens while ignoring the rule of law and dismissing the natural rights of all Americans.

Then he attends this Latino/Mexicano Brown Power town hall to instruct more people how to evade capture and violate the United States' immigration laws.

The American Civil Liberties Union should be ashamed of themselves.

Judging from the video clip above, Nolasco was ashamed of himself, caught in the firing line of agitating conservatives fed up with the one-sided demands for racial equality.


  1. I assume they are paying for this trash with taxpayers' money? Where the hell is Trump? Where is Congressman Duncan Hunter? I send both of them your videos all the time? Time to rise up before it gets any worse.

  2. its us against them I have not even done anything I just go to work while all they do is not work and use welfare, free clinics, drugs, rape crime and now they want to get me out of the picture I work and pay taxes to support these parasite mex-cans

    1. I call them mexicant's because they cant stay here illegally

    2. We have more guns!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. American need to fight back

  5. No more of your leftist brown racism! You're no better than a brown KKK!

  6. Well... after you destroy California.. you will be forced to leave it like you left Mexico...You are a cancer

  7. Judging by his face, he only has about two years left unless he lays off the enchiladas.

  8. If the Mexicans took control of the united States, and white people disappeared, where would the Mexicans flee to when they screwed this country up? Just a thought...

  9. Nice to know you can advocate white genocide in public and get away with it.

    1. Only if you're a precious illegal.

    2. Identity politics will always exist, no matter how you desperately want everybody to run away from it. By the way, a nation exists by identity politics.

  10. Trump keeps trying but gets shot down. He gives executive order that was deemed legal then someone else says it is illegal without going to the Supreme Court.

  11. Hey Pocho...who's going pay for all of the "entitlements" when the "white people" are all dead...?

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  13. Illegals receive more than equal treatment; they receive PREFERENTIAL treatment, even over our own disabled! The U.S. govt reimburses ERs, hospitals, and “free” clinics for each illegal they treat (courtesy of the commie liberals who voted for this) which directly affects length of stay, quality of care, meds received (or NOT), and any follow-up such as physical therapy and/or transfer to a convalescent facility (or NOT if you are not illegal). Try sitting for 20 hours on a hard plastic chair (after putting in a 10-12 hour work day) with your disabled friend that lives in pain 24/7 and never gets a break from it; never a day off from pain. Do this for 26 YEARS. And all the while ABLE-BODIED illegals are tying up precious time, doctors, and resources in the ER for hours for nothing more than a cold. They would rather STEAL from the disabled and the taxpayers, who are forced to pay for those able-bodied thieves. If the democrats want to whine and snivel over someone, try crying for those who are receiving less than equal care! It is us - yet we have to pay not only our own bills but those of the stealing illegals as well. This is not only discriminatory but enforced financial slavery. How arrogant they are to demand preferential treatment over everyone else and take cuts ahead of those who have worked and waited for years to become responsible citizens. Illegals are NOT persons of good character; quite the opposite. And neither are the Dems who use our govt as a club to steal and take from hardworking taxpayers and even our disabled.