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California is Still Very Much America

When I spoke at the Patriot Movement Arizona rally in early March, I heard a lot of people say “Make California America Again.” A former Navy seal who later ran for Congress made the same joke to me when he was out of state. “I’m not in California right now. I’m in America.”
Those comments really incensed me, though. Four and a half million Californians voted for Trump in 2016. Even though the state legislature has gone full-tilt communist, Californians up and down the state are rising up against the state legislature, which has become destructive to the ends for which governments are instituted among men. The media won’t cover these restorative trends emerging throughout the state, so here goes. Entire counties in North State (Siskiyou, Tehama, Shasta, and El Dorado) have resolutely refused to comply with California’s sanctuary state insanity. Kern County has also joined that list.

Then the cities started rising up. On March 19th, 2018, the Los Alamitos City Council passed their first draft of the official Constitution Compliance ordinance, rejecting California’s ill-conceived, abusive, unconstitutional sanctuary state law. In spite of a massive crowd from within the city and throughout the region, plus intimidation from the ACLU, the city council voted 4-to-1 for the ordinance. On April 16th, they will vote for the second reading and make it official. March 19thwill be viewed as a historic day in California and for the country, not a date of infamy, but defiance against the arrogant, narrow-minded political establishment, conservative and liberal, as well as the well-wishing yet cynical media.

Los Alamitos fired the Second Shot Heard Round the World, and the fight hasn’t stopped here. The little city with a world-renowned race-track took the risk, and it is paying off. Within days, Yorba Linda, CA (the birthplace of Richard Nixon) filed an amicus brief with Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s lawsuit against California’s sanctuary state policies. Then the Orange County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution condemning the sanctuary state law and filed their own amicus brief in turn. I was there, and the thrill of victory filled the chamber, even while open border zealots and left-wing interest groups pouted in disgust as the Board unanimously voted to defy the lawless state legislature.

Then another welcome surprise emerged on the breaking news horizon: Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens has published all the release times for inmates in her county jail, legal or illegal! This move skirts the demonic spirit of the sanctuary state law and put the lawless statewide law enforcement officials (like California Attorney General Xavier Becerra) in a worse bind. Becerra then had to face a crushing press conference in which he was forced to answer whether he planned to prosecute Sheriff Hutchens. Laughably, he told the press corps that he would uphold state law. Funny! The state legislature routinely flouts their own rules, and they pass legislation defying federal law. The Democrats in Sacramento started out threatening cities and private businesses. Now they are feeling the heat.

The winning didn’t stop that day. Quickly, I dashed over to Buena Park in North Orange County, the location of Knott’s Berry Farm. One city councilmember was prepared to seek a resolution against SB 54, too, but backed off at the last minute. I fired back during public comment. Now more than ever, we need elected officials to protect citizens, our law enforcement, and most importantly the rule of law! Then I dashed down to Mission Viejo. For the first time in three years, I attended a city council meeting where likeminded, pro-American patriots outnumbered the vocal yet viciously ignorant opposition.

Naui Huitzilopochtli was there, too, the man who has routinely harassed women, children, and people of color over their pro-enforcement views. Not only was he outnumbered, but Mission Viejo Mayor Ed Sachs slammed him for his repeated interruptions and outbursts in the city council chambers: “Some people don’t seem to realize that this country is the last place on earth where you can say whatever you want, even if it means the right to act like a buffoon!” The whole chamber rocked with laughter at the bigot in our midst. The city council then voted unanimously to approve a resolution condemning SB 54 and join the DOJ lawsuit with an amicus brief.

It was a stunning victory. It is nothing short of a dream now becoming a reality. The cities of Escondido, San Juan Capistrano, and now San Diego County are joining the fight! Granted, residents in droves are fleeing California. Businesses are closing, and homeowners can’t sell off fast enough. U-Haul companies are running out of trucks to rent to customers ready to move out of California. But for me, and for many of my conservative friends, we are not leaving. Why should we have to pull up stakes and run from the state where we were born, which we call home? The American colonists didn’t run away when the British came. They stood up and fought back.

So are we Californians, for California is still very much America—and worth fighting for!

Letter to the Editor: You Give Us Hope

Another great one, Arthur!  (and I just saw you jumping up and down at some council meeting on Fox--probably the one you mentioned in your article.)

This does give us some hope, even if we are surrounded by crazies.

Are you going to the Unite IE conference next week? Hope I see you there.


Delusional Democrats Still Can't Understand Why They Lost So Many National Elections

The Democratic Party is still not learning from their failures. Under Barack Obama, Democrats lost seats all over the country, including blue states. Republican Governors are leading an unprecedented 34 states, and the few Democratic Governors outside of the deep blue states are more conservative.

Did they really think that they could embrace communism without thinking twice about it? Did they really think that the voting public would go along with arrogant, out-of-touch media and academic elites shaming them just for being white, or poor, or working-class individuals?

Of course, the Democratic National Committee in their latest fundraising eblast simply announces their epic losses at the local, state, and federal levels as some kind of unforeseen tragedy:

Join us.
Here's the honest truth, Arthur:

Since 2008, we've lost about a thousand state legislative seats, 12 governorships, and 26 state legislatures, and both houses of Congress -- but 2018 is the year we can start winning them back.

When Tom and I say we need to reach 50 million voters to elect Democrats nationwide, we aren't just saying that to check off a box. That's what it will take to win this November.

Tonight at midnight is a critical FEC deadline -- and what we raise before then will determine how many voters we'll be able to reach by November. So I am asking you today:

Chip in $3 before midnight tonight if you're ready to elect Democrats in all 50 states this year. Winning in November starts with what we do right now.

Thanks for stepping up ahead of tonight's deadline.


Keith Ellison
Deputy Chair
Democratic National Committee

P.S. -- Right now we're a bit short of hitting our goal, but we're close enough that your contribution could be the one that helps us get there. Donate $3 before tonight's deadline.
It's too bad that national politics has turned into something so consistently cyclical. Why do all of these voters not realize that voting in Democrats will only bring in another set of socialist agitators into power? We need more MAGA, and we can't get that if we have socialist, communists, and anti-American tyrants coming into power.

Keith Ellison has hob-knobbed with notorious anti-Semites, and then there's Tom Perez, a corrupt Hillary Clinton puppet who probably never turned a bribe. The former Labor Secretary won the DNC Chairmanship through a lot of internal manipulation, demonstration to anyone paying attention that the corrupt Wall Street Establishment still runs the Democratic Party.'

What a shameful displace of blind hubris. They just happened to lose all those elected offices after 8 years of Obama. They can't put two and two together? Worse yet, they look poised to win back the House. Do we really want that kind of delusion overseeing appropriations in Washington DC?

The Vicious, Communist Left: "Find This MotherF---cker!"

Check out another lovely day on Twitter, in which hostile white supremacist bigots and communist agitators look for anyone they can harm:
By the way, I reported this hatemonger. That sounds like a threat to me!

Communism is a violent, hateful ideology. The argument that people have a right to other people's stuff is the essence of thuggery. We must not tolerate this evil in any way, shape, or form.

Truth Revolt Closes Up Shop --- They Became More Revolting Than Truthful

This is fitting and yet unsurprising.

Truth Revolt began as a collaborative project between David Horowitz and Ben Shapiro.

Kurt Schlichter also contributed to the site, and they published syndicated columnists like Ann Coulter.

Then one day all the major editors and writers left. I had contacted Ben Shapiro, and he agreed to print one of my articles, but he informed me that they couldn't pay us because they were cutting staff.

Major staff changes were taking over in Truth Revolt. They weren't getting the kind of traffic they hoped to bring in. Mark Tapson would take over as the managing editor.

I had hoped for them to start compensating writers, but after two or three meetings with leaders of the website, Tapson said that the website owners were essentially "tapped out."

Later I learned that David Horowitz was pro-gay, refused to stand up to the assault on life and family. I even submitted a mock-up of an editorial from the Washington Post from an Education professor out of Minnesota. Her daughter was black, and she was identifying as a lesbian. She then decided to be transgender.

I hammered how ludicrous this obsession with intersectionality has become in academia, but Truth Revolt wouldn't print it. They actually refused to print a number of articles that I had written dealing with abusive LGBT Bullying.

I quit writing for Truth Revolt and exposed how they were more interesting avoiding difficult subjects on family issues. Culture, civilization depend on strong families, Moms and Dads--not two moms, not two dads, not sexual license which borders into destructive, anti-human anarchy.

Tapson and Horowitz refused to take on the fight. Is it any surprise that this flagship enterprise came crashing down?

Check out the announcement below:

Announcement: TruthRevolt Closing Shop

... to make way for exciting changes to come at the Freedom Center.

This is to announce that TruthRevolt will be closing up shop as of the end of today, Wednesday, March 7.
Ben Shapiro and David Horowitz created TruthRevolt with a mission to expose the leftist news media and hold them accountable for their hypocrisy and bias. Launched in October 2013, it was not just a media watchdog, but a media bulldog. TruthRevolt sought to help loosen the leftist death grip on the organs of culture: the news media, academia, and entertainment.
As the editor of TruthRevolt for nearly three years, I am proud of the fight we waged and grateful for the support of our readers and supporters. We aren’t giving up that fight, however; I want to emphasize that TruthRevolt is shuttering to enable the David Horowitz Freedom Center to focus on exciting new developments which will give us a more prominent presence and make us an even more formidable foe of the radical left.
Again, thanks to all our readers. For now, stay with us at the Freedom Center by following our flagship site FrontPage Mag, edited by Jamie Glazov, and keep an eye out for big changes in the very near future.
Mark Tapson, editor

The conservative movement will not survive without a strong return to a full embrace of the Gospel and the complete Judeo-Christian ethic.

That includes a rugged, robust fight to defend life and family, including natural marriage. When groups of any stripe cave on that necessary issue, they are pretty much throwing in the towel entirely. The attack on natural marriage and the nuclear family is a Marxist sneak attack destabilizing the entire Western World. It must be confronted.

Kids need a Mom and a Dad, not two Moms or two Dads. It is unthinkable that any society would permit this attack on the next generation and refuse to protect the most vulnerable among us. Truth Revolt was not interesting in fighting for the whole truth. In fact, it was quite revolting that they would downplay the destructive transgender movement and accept gay marriage.

If you are not willing to fight all the way for everything that matters, then there is no point in fighting in the first place.

MassResistance: Georgia Pro-Family Activist Arrested on False Charges is Fighting Back

Georgia MassResistance activist arrested and jailed for LEGALLY protesting against LGBT agenda in front of State Capitol

Humiliating treatment by police and jail authorities

Absurd, contrived charges filed against her

But she is still not backing down

Part 3 of 3

March 29, 2018

Marquitta R. Ford stands on the sidewalk in front of the Georgia State Capitol where she was arrested on Jan. 25.
One of our most cherished freedoms is the right to peacefully protest our public officials. But what happens when they don’t like your politically incorrect message? In Georgia, apparently, they can just suddenly arrest you using contrived charges, humiliate you, and throw you in jail. What you are about to read is a civil rights nightmare.
Marquitta R. Ford, a courageous Georgia MassResistance activist, was arrested and jailed and humiliated by the authorities after legally protesting against the LGBT agenda in front of the Georgia State Capitol, and demanding protection from the government. She had been demonstrating on the same spot – a public sidewalk – for nearly three months and had previously been assured by police that it was legal to be there.
Marquitta has been protesting and lobbying public officials because businesses in Georgia have begun allowing men in women’s restrooms – and the government refuses to take action to protect women. Even though she’s only 5 feet tall, she backs down to nobody!
Our report on this outrageous incident has been presented in three parts. Part 1described the horror stories of men in women’s bathrooms that Marquitta and others endured. Part 2 described her tireless protests and lobbying of politicians, churches, and others. Here in Part 3 you’ll read about her bizarre and unlawful arrest and jailing.

Protesting outside the Georgia State Capitol

Starting in mid-October 2017, Marquitta regularly protested with a sign on the wide sidewalk outside the Georgia State Capitol building. Early on she had been told by a State Police officer that if she kept moving while holding the sign – going back and forth on that sidewalk area – it was perfectly legal. So that’s what she always did.

Marquitta protested on the public sidewalk where the "one way" sign is, on the lower left of the photo.
By late January, State Reps and aides would recognize her and speak to her. Several told her they supported what she was doing. She was also told that a photo of her and her sign was circulating around the State Capitol. She was clearly making her statement heard inside that building! But all of this apparently bothered some powerful people.

This is the sign that Marquitta carried outside the Georgia State Capitol. Not exactly politically correct. But it certainly got their attention!
Here is what Marquitta related to us:
On Thursday, Jan. 25, 2018, Marquitta protested in the same spot as usual.
She arrived about 1:30 pm. An hour or so later a black unmarked SUV pulled up and stopped next to her. There was a policemen inside. He opened his window and told Marquitta that she was not allowed to protest on that sidewalk. He briskly told her to go and protest in a park across the street from the other side of the Capitol building.
Marquitta told him “No.” She said it was a public sidewalk and she had every right to peacefully protest there – and that she had been doing so since October. He told her that if she didn’t leave, she’d go to jail. Then he made a phone call. Marquitta continued her protest.

Absurd show of force against a lone woman

Soon another policeman pulled up, got out of his car, and went over to talk with the officer in the black SUV. 
A few seconds later a group of about a dozen police officers came out from the Capitol, and stood near her. She recognized several of them as the same officers who had previously allowed her to protest there. She told them she wasn’t leaving. Then more police cars pulled up and 4 or 5 more officers approached her.
There were at least 15-20 police officers on the scene. Most were Capitol police, but there were also Georgia State Troopers and Atlanta city police. Five of them surrounded her and the others stood a few feet away.
Marquitta not only stood her ground, but she explained to the police in detail why she was there. She told them about her restroom experiences and her attempts to engage politicians. She made sure they all knew exactly what she was protesting.
The two in the black SUV then drove off. Immediately a Police K-9 unit pulled up with its lights flashing as if Marquitta was a drug dealer. “I think the point was to humiliate me while onlookers drove by,” she told us. “It was made to look like I was a violent criminal.”
One of the police in the group was the officer who, back in October after confronting her, had phoned his chief and was told that Marquitta had a right to protest on that sidewalk. Marquitta glared at him, and he turned his head away, clearly ashamed.
A few of the officers continued to tell her to go to the park and protest. They took her sign and said they would give it back to her if she left. Marquitta said she knew her rights and refused to leave, and continued the issue with them. Finally, one of the officers standing behind her handcuffed her arms in back of her.
She was not read any Miranda rights. Instead, one of the officers told her that “Fulton County Jail is one of the worst jails in the nation for women,” and that she would be there 48 hours before she would get a chance to go in front of a judge. Marquitta did not reply. He then took everything out of her pockets, and others went through her bag and took her cell phone and everything else. Then she was put in the back seat of a squad car.
One of the policemen, who identified himself as Officer Robinson, sat in the front seat and phoned another officer. They were trying to figure out what charges to bring against Marquitta. It seemed like they were not very sure.
Marquitta then looked through the rearview mirror and saw an officer take a photo of her sign and then rolled up her sign and put it a nearby trash receptacle.

Horror at the Fulton County Jail

It certainly appeared that they wanted to teach Marquitta a lesson.
When they got to the Fulton County Jail Marquitta had to wait in the back of the car for about 40 minutes. This was particularly painful because she has a metal rod in her hip, and needed to stretch.
Then, when she was taken inside, they immediately made her go through a strip search. She told us:
So I had to get completely naked in front of a female guard. I had to squat down and cough to prove I had nothing in my vagina or my rectum – HORRIBLE.
Marquitta was very upset. Then, while waiting to be booked, she was put in a waiting area that was mixed with men and women, not sex-segregated.
For the rest of the day and all night long, she was put in a four different holding cells along with several deranged women. As she told us:
One woman supposedly had AIDS and was in the first holding cell with me. In the second holding cell one woman licked cell windows, sexually suggestively dancing, singing and making outbursts. Another woman was rolling over on her food and then eating it off the floor because she was experiencing detox from coming down from her cocaine high. Another woman sat directly next to me and she made outbursts and was attempting to provoke a fight constantly with another inmate.
But more than anything else, she was infuriated and angry that her rights had been violated.
The following morning at 9:00 a.m. she was brought into court. It was a quick process. However, the judge seemed confused about the charges. Even the public defender was asking if a vehicle was involved. “Throughout the process, everyone could sense something was wrong,” Marquitta told us.
The judge granted her a “signature bond.” Theoretically, she was free to go. But it continued to be difficult for Marquitta. The Fulton County Jail authorities kept her locked up there until 6:30 p.m. to “finish processing” her. And to get her belongings back, she had to go to a separate building in downtown Atlanta a few days later.
Marquitta’s 20-year-old son wanted to attend his mother’s hearing. It was unexpectedly changed from the county courthouse to a hearing room in the fail. When her son finally got there, he was told that family members were not allowed inside the hearing room. We spoke to him about it; he was quite upset. This was particularly outrageous.

Terribly bogus charges

When Marquitta got into court she was stunned to discover the bogus charges that Officer Robinson had filed against her. We have never seen anything like this.
  • Traffic citation – but no vehicles involved. Marquitta’s charges were in the form of an automobile traffic citation – for a person who had committed a crime with a vehicle! But no vehicles were involved. Marquitta was standing alone on the sidewalk, not the street. Marquitta does not drive a car or own a car.

    The traffic citation lists Marquitta’s driver’s license number and her license class is listed as “C”. These are bogus. Marquitta does not even have a driver’s license. The officer wrote in her Georgia State ID number as if it were a driver’s license number. The citation says the offense took place on “blacktop.” The sidewalk is white concrete.

The bogus "traffic citation" issued to Marquitta that even got court officials confused.
  • Ridiculous charge of “Obstruction.” On the traffic citation is a line item for “Offense (other than above).”  Officer Robinson filled in 16-11-34.1 of the Georgia State Statutes, which is “Preventing or disrupting General Assembly sessions or other meetings of members; unlawful activities within the state capitol or certain Capitol Square buildings.”

    The pertinent part of Statute 16-11-34.1 is:

    “(c)  It shall be unlawful for any person purposely or recklessly and without authority of law to obstruct any street, sidewalk, hallway, office, or other passageway in that area designated as Capitol Square by Code Section 50-2-28 in such a manner as to render it impassable without unreasonable inconvenience or hazard or to fail or refuse to remove such obstruction after receiving a reasonable official request or the order of a peace officer to do so.”
    The sidewalk where Marquitta was protesting was quite wide and was never crowded. No one could seriously claim, or ever did claim, that Marquitta was obstructing anything or anyone in any way. This charge is absurd.
  • Disrupting lawful meetings? On the Court documents, the charge against Marquitta lists the parent statute of the original charge: Statute 16-11-34,which is titled “Preventing or disrupting lawful meetings, gatherings, or processions.” This appears to be a purposeful deception by the Prosecutor’s office.

Official listing of the "updated" bogus charge against Marquitta.
  • Other mistakes. In some places in the court documentation Marquitta’s name was misspelled and other information not entered properly. She found this upsetting.

Sealing of Marquitta’s court records

On Feb. 23, 2018, Marquitta called the courthouse to find out about the status of her case. The clerk informed her that her case information suddenly had a lock symbol beside it and could not be opened. She was given no reason for that. A few days later she called again and was told that that the court is probably “protecting” her information from the public (even from her)! She is very suspicious about this.

This is bigger than just an “obstruction” charge

The right to peaceably protest is enshrined in our Constitution and legal system. When the government decides to arbitrarily and without warning deny a politically incorrect message it doesn’t like – and oppress and humiliate the protester – we are all in trouble. This is not just Marquitta’s battle; it is a battle for all of us.
A lot has been written about this because it’s becoming a problem (particularly for conservatives). Last year, the Georgia Law Review published an interesting paper, You Have the Right to Free Speech: Retaliatory Arrests and the Pretext of Probable Cause.

What happens next

Marquitta R. Ford is an outstanding Georgia MassResistance activist, she is fearless, articulate, passionate about protecting people, and does not back down to anyone. She is a devout Christian. And she really understands what the radical LGBT movement is doing to society. We are lucky to have her in our ranks. We all need to come to her aid in this terrible situation.
This past week she was told that her next court date will probably be in late April.
Right now, Marquitta does not have a lawyer to represent her. And in fact, because of the “LGBT” nature of this case most lawyers may not be inclined to zealously defend her.
Moreover, there is a serious Constitutional part of this case that should be addressed in court. It calls for an attorney who will pursue this aggressively.
Marquitta has contacted several pro-bono conservative law groups, but has unfortunately been turned down by all of them. But we are not giving up. We are dedicated to standing by Marquitta.

We will keep you up to date as the court hearing nears.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Letter to the Editor: You Have a Fan in the Inland Empire


I know you have never met me but I have read your articles about California on Townhall with much interest.  I moved here in 1/2014 to start a new office for the company I work for and have been very surprised to find that not everything you hear or read about this state is even close to being true.  The people I have working for me are AWESOME.  I was not sure what I would find as I am from Florida and had heard about the California thing, what ever that is.

My point is I am Uber conservative and I think this may be the greatest state that I have every been in and would love to see it become the state it could be. I will not stay here because it is the worst state to live in with TAXES and the immigration issue.  I am thankful for the local governments that are fighting back against the state and the irresponsible status Sacramento is trying to foist upon the lawful citizens of California.

Just know you have a supporter in the Inland Empire, work in Ontario and live in San Dimas.


San Dimas Avoids Sanctuary State Fight? Tell City Council "Opt Out of SB 54!"

I contacted the San Dimas City Council earlier this week, urging them to take on the SB 54 fight.

I received an email from Councilman Ryan Vienna:

Good morning Mr. Schaper,

First and foremost, thank you for taking a moment to write Council and staff.  It is appreciated.

As a point of clarification, I actually asked council to have this discussion after last meeting they would not even discuss the matter I brought forward with a urgency clause.  This was to ask the city to join the FAIR amicus briefing in support of the US DOJ lawsuit against the state.  The motion failed by one vote (3/5) to have the discussion.

As a result, in my public comments at the last two council meetings I shared my thoughts that the city must have this conversation.  This past meeting, Councilman Badar proposed a study session to discuss and Councilman Ebiner echoed that desire.  That’s how we got there. 

My plan will be to move the matter to a formal meeting after asking staff to prepare a resolution.  That is, if we can get it that far.

Thank you for all you do and keep fighting the fight.

Ryan A. Vienna
Council Member
City of San Dimas

City Hall: (909) 394-6200
Direct: (909) 480-1960''

Here is the next letter:

Without the strong input from the people, my fear is this City Council will choose to remain idle and take no action on this as a result of the study session.

 Please watch for the publicly posted meetings as well.  Specifically, for the study session.  If you visit the city’s website, , and check “Upcoming Events” on the homepage, click the events that say “Study Session” and then click to see the agenda.  If you see this topic, I invite you and all your neighbors to come speak during the Public Comments section to the City Council.  

Ryan A. Vienna
Council Member
City of San Dimas

City Hall:    (909) 394-6200
Direct:        (909) 480-1960

We need every city councilmember in San Dimas on board to go after Sanctuary State. Hardworking Californians in San Dimas and throughout the state of California deserve elected officials who will fight for their rights and stand with law enforcement, taxpayers, and the rule of law.

Contact the San Dimas City Council ASAP, and tell them: "Opt Out of SB 54!"


Breaking: YouTube Strikes Down My Video Against Anti-Semitism for ... Hate Speech!

Yes, it begins.

I can't believe this.

Yesterday (March 29, 2018), I posted a video where I commented on the rising trends of Anti-Semitism emerging on YouTube and among otherwise new conservative, or "Red-pilled" chat groups.

This is ridiculous.

I simply spoke for about ten minutes against the anti-Israel, anti-Zionist sentiment among different alt-right or "conservative" groups. A hostility to Israel has become a new form of chic, as well.

Here's the statement from YouTube:

Here is the video:

I am uploading the video to GAB at this time. It should be ready very soon.

WINNING! Director of Pro-Enforcement Activist Group Files Request for SB 54 Opposition in Upland, CA

Robin Hvidston, the Executive Director of We the People Rising, has officially filed a request with the city of Upland, urging the city to pass their own resolution/ordinance opposing SB 54.

Robin Hvidston
I am so glad to see more leaders rising up throughout Southern California and the entire state against this unfettered, unjust, and unconstitutional lawlessless.

Check out her report and her video below:
We The People Rising
Email not displaying correctly?
View it in your browser.


VIDEO Letter hand delivered to Upland mayor - asking the city council to sign onto Attorney General Jeff Sessions' California Sanctuary State Law amicus brief and to support a resolution opposing the Sanctuary State Law. Cities that sign onto the amicus brief must do so by April 6, 2018.






If you would like to ask your city council to oppose the Sanctuary State Law, below is a sample letter and info that Arthur Schaper has been presenting to cities.

City of [CITY]
Agenda Report Date:
Ordinance Item No.:
To: Mayor & Members of the City Council
Via: City Manager
Subject: Introduce Ordinance Adding Chapter X Constitution
of the United States Compliance

Summary: This is an opportunity to discuss the Council’s desire to show its resolve
and support for the Constitution of the United States by adopting a Resolution or


1. Introduce for first reading, read by title only, and waive further reading of
Ordinance No. X; and,

Background and Discussion

The California Values Act (SB54) is contrary to the United States Constitution and
infringes on the rights of the citizens of the City of [CITY]. Furthermore, it affects
the City Council’s oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.
In view of this contradiction, it is impossible to comply with both the Constitution of the
United States and the Constitution of the State of California. When two governing
documents contradict each other, the order of precedence needs to be invoked and

In this situation, my belief is that the Constitution of the United States has precedence
over the Constitution of the State of California, so therefore I am proposing that the City
Council discuss and adopt Ordinance No. 2018-03 to exempt the City of [CITY]
from the California Values Act.


WHEREAS, the members of the City of [CITY] City Council have taken an
oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of
the State of California, and

WHEREAS, the State of California enacted SB54, called the California Values
Act, and

WHEREAS, the California Values Act is codified into Government Code Title 1,
Division 7, Chapter 17.25 entitled "Cooperation with Immigration Authorities", and
WHEREAS, the Council of the City of [CITY], a Charter City, finds that it is
impossible to honor our oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United
States and to be in compliance with California Government Code Title 1, Division 7,
Chapter 17.25, and

WHEREAS, employees of the City of [CITY], residents, business owners,
guests, visitors, employees and employees of the United States Department of Defense
who proudly serve our Nation while stationed on the Joint Forces Training Base, are
entitled to the protections afforded by the Constitution of the United States, the Bill of
Rights, and the Amendments to the Constitution, and

WHEREAS, employers, including the City of [CITY], operating within the
jurisdiction of the City of [CITY]who accept Federal Contracts and must comply
with Federal Law, including lawful requests for access to premises, and

WHEREAS, the entire Joint Forces Training Base may be required to comply
with Federal Laws and is wholly located within the boundaries of the City of [CITY], and

WHEREAS, the California Values Act may be in direct conflict with Federal Laws
and the Constitution of the United States;

SECTION 1. The City Council of the City of [CITY], California finds that the
above recitals are true and correct and incorporates them by reference herein.
CC ORD 2018-03

SECTION 2. Chapter 9.30 Constitution of the United States Compliance is hereby
added to the [CITY]Municipal Code as follows:
X Constitution of the United States Compliance

The City of [CITY], a Charter City, does hereby exempt the City of [CITY]
 from the California Values Act, Government Code Title 1, Division 7,
Chapter 17.25 and instead will comply with the appropriate Federal Laws and the
Constitution of the United States.

SECTION 3. If any section, subsection, subdivision, sentence, clause, phrase, or
portion of this Ordinance for any reason is held to be invalid or unconstitutional by the
decision of any court of competent jurisdiction, such decision shall not affect the validity
of the remaining portions of this Ordinance. The City Council hereby declares that it
would have adopted this Ordinance, and each section, subsection, subdivision,
sentence, clause, phrase, or portion thereof, irrespective of the fact that any one or
more sections, subsections, subdivisions, sentences, clauses, phrases, or portions
thereof be declared invalid or unconstitutional.

SECTION 4. The City Clerk shall certify as to the adoption of this Ordinance and shall
cause a summary thereof to be published within fifteen (15) days of the adoption and
shall post a Certified copy of this Ordinance, including the vote for and against the
same, in the Office of the City Clerk, in accordance with Government Code Section
PASSED, APPROVED, AND ADOPTED this 16th day of April, 2018.
, Mayor
City Clerk
X, City Attorney
I, CMC, City Clerk of the City of [CITY], do hereby
certify that the foregoing Ordinance No. 2018-03 was duly introduced and placed upon
its first reading at a regular meeting of the City Council on X day of X, 2018, and
that thereafter, said Ordinance was duly adopted and passed at a regular meeting of
the City Council on the X day of X, 2018, by the following roll-call vote, to wit:
Los Alamitos Council members voted 4-1 to ignore CA sanctuary laws Monday night.