Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Election 2018: Major Victories for Torrance!

For the Torrance City Council elections on June 5th, 2018, I had no idea what to expect.

The mayor's race was a loss to me, since two other candidates running, once again guaranteeing that the vote would be split and Creepy Pat would win re-election.

Yep, that's what happened.

But I will leave that aside for now, since that was all but predicted to happen.

Check out what happened with the city council race:

New York State lefitst carpetbagger Tim Goodrich got the top vote just because he played the veteran card (and with lots of help from east coast campaign firms), even though he was burning our flag rather than standing for it after his deployment in Iraq.

He also got big money from major labor unions, but he is the lone outright leftist on the council, so his aggressive agenda will be further curtailed for the next two years.

But the big victory, and I call it big, is that two of my picks for city council won!

George Chen

Aurelio Mattucci

These victories are huge wins for the following reasons:

1. They edged out one of the liberal, anti-refinery incumbents: Kurt Weideman. Kurt was a partisan Democrat even though he had rebuffed me four years ago because I was so partisan myself. He had given me his business card and invited me to talk with him shortly after his election, but I just could not get behind a guy who stood with Al "Union Whore" Muratsuchi.

Kurt was working with the Big Green agenda types in the city, too, including 350 Joe "Green Nazi" Galliani.

Getting rid of an incumbent is next to impossible, and I had no idea what to expect from this election. Then again, with multiple candidates running, all with strong credentials in opposition to big spending and other wasteful projects, it's good to see that the city was willing to get rid of one of then.

2. Weideman's loss and Chen and Mattucci's gain is a defeat for the Torrance public sector union cabal.

Heidi Aschcraft had been endorsed by the Torrance Police Officer's Association in 2014, which was one of the reasons why I had not supported her. She retired, and now we have George and Aurelio, neither of whom were endorsed by the Torrance POA.

We need representatives on the city council who aren't going to fall in line and hand out big money to the public employees. Not to dishonor their service, but the unions do not represent workers nor the best interests of the city. They represent unions, nothing more.

It's good to see the union chokehold loosened even further.

3. Both candidates are conservative Republicans. The partisan balance on the city council has now shifted from 4-3 to 5-2 Republican (even though Geoff Rizzo is more RINO-ish than conservative), and even then Pat Furey does not vote as left-wing as Tim Goodrich does. Why? As mayor, Furey has to be the adult in the room to some extent. Furey did not vote with Weideman and Goodrich for a resolution to ban MHF in the city of Torrance, either.

Aside from his union whore affiliations, Furey's liberal partisan wranglings will have little effect on our city politics. Five Republicans (and four conservatives, to say the least) now hold the city council.

4. Two immigrants (they came legally!) join the city council. That's a big deal in my view, especially to push against the bigots who have shamed me and other conservatives for being anti-immigrant. We have more immigrants on our city council than cities in Southeastern Los Angeles County, including Cudahy and Huntington Park.

5. Two pro-business, anti-Agenda 21 candidates will turn Torrance away from Community Choice Aggregation, other wasteful green programs. Aurelio ran for city council in 2014 opposing Agenda 21 programs as well as pushing against the other green subsidy nonsense. George Chen has been informed and is opposed to this program, too. The two candidates are also pro-economic growth. We need as many people as possible on the city council who will work toward getting our city's finances and financial opportunities on firm footing.

6. Chen and Mattucci CAMPAIGNED against SB 54! This issue was one of the most vital for me. We need more people on the city council to take a stand against this lawlessness. I anticipate that the city council will finally take a vote against this terrible law. So excited!

7. Pension issues will get due attention. Because the Torrance POA candidates didn't sweep the election, I predict that the new city council will take a closer look at the rising pension costs in the city. Right now, one out of every four dollars in tax revenue is going toward a pension. This is unacceptable. Cities are for citizens and tax dollars belong to the best public use, not just for politically-connected retirees.

8. The Torrance Establishment/Political Machine died big time. The Scotto-Brewer-Sutherland machine died hard last night. The rumblings behind the scenes about what happened to scuttle Brewer's second attempt at mayor will be forthcoming soon. The political establishment in general took a big hit last night, too, because George Chen ran as a total outside. He never sat on a city commission or other governing board in the city of Torrance. Finally, we have candidates who have served their community in a variety of ways without "kissing the ring" for a token appointment on a city commission.

9. I told Craig Huey to scuttle his endorsement for Kurt Weideman, and that paid off! I am glad that I could exert a little more influence in this race than in the past. At first, Craig Huey--who runs "California/LA Voter Guide"--had endorsed Kurt Weideman along with George Chen and Aurelio Mattucci. I received an email from another Torrance voter about this very strange, inconsistent endorsement. I contacted Craig right away about this, then told him that despite what some sources had shared, Weideman was no conservative Democrat.

Huey called me a week later and relented, removing the endorsement. He refused to support Bill Sutherland, which I could understand, since Sutherland betrayed the Torrance voters and the county Republicans by endorsing Al Muratsuchi instead of Huey in the 2012 66th State Assembly race.

10. Jimmy Gow, the Torrance Democratic Club President, lost big time. I was so shocked and offended that Jimmy Gow ran for city council, that I almost jumped in myself. How arrogant can these liberals get? To remind everyone, Jimmy Gow was one of the anti-social injustice warriors who attacked a veterans hall in West Carson in 2016. Sheriff Joe Arpaio was the special guest of the Los Angeles County Impact Republicans, and as expected a bunch of regressive leftist SJWs showed up to raise hell.

A reminder of the terrible things they did:

a. One of them called a black woman a "house n---ger"
b. They stole the phone from one veteran
c. They spit at the veterans.
d. They trespassed on private property
e. They pushed innocent people to the ground.

Here's the video footage:

I had called out Jimmy Gow publicly for doing this, and yet the city council did nothing about it. 

At least Torrance voters did! He bottomed out completely!

For me, as a long-time Torrance resident, these election results are a big victory in some ways.

We have much to hope for in the city of Torrance. Let's work hard to Keep Torrance Great!

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