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About Trump's Illegal Alien Employees. . .

Did you know that Donald Trump hired illegal aliens, or rather had illegal aliens working for him in his vast empire?

From the New York Times:

Donald J. Trump took the witness stand yesterday to deny seven-year-old charges that he knowingly used 200 undocumented workers to demolish the old Bonwit Teller building to make way for Trump Tower, the glittering centerpiece of his real-estate empire. 

Ouch! Illegal aliens were working on a construction project in his media empire?

The union members, led by a retired demolition worker, Harry Diduck, charge that by using undocumented workers Mr. Trump avoided paying their pension fund. They say he should now pay $1 million, including interest.

They also contend that Kaszycki & Sons never paid the workers all they were owed, and that Trump subordinates threatened deportation when they tried to collect.

Mr. Trump was cool and confident in a case that comes to court just after he faced severe cash shortages in his real-estate and casino empire. He said he rarely visited the demolition site and knew little about its details. 

OK, so Trump supposedly did not know that illegal aliens were working for him.

Yet this charge has come up again. CNN reports:

If Donald Trump is elected president, he wants to send undocumented immigrants like Ricardo Aca back to Mexico.

There's just one hitch for the 2016 presidential candidate: Aca works in the Trump Soho Hotel in New York City. 

More illegals working in his properties? So, he wants to build a big, beautiful wall with a nice door in the middle. This country also needs E-Verify to ensure that prospective hires are not illegals, too. I have not heard him mention this necessary reform.

Ricarda Aca is still an illegal alien, regardless of the President's executive orders.

He crossed the border illegally. He is a criminal. He has broken the law. He needs to be deported.

What did Donald Trump say?

When Trump was asked specifically about Aca, he told The New York Times: "He's got a legal work permit. I've heard he does a good job. We thought he was an illegal immigrant at first."

Trump said he wouldn't push for any punishment, and Aca was at work as usual on Wednesday. The video Aca made with the New Left Media project is starting to go viral with over 32,000 shares on Facebook. 

What?! Trump is letting him stay in this country and work here? Huh?!

Ricardo Aca is arrogant. He is a proud American, he claims. He is not a legal resident of this country. He then declares that he is a proud Mexican. Excuse me?! No, this is America. If you want to live here, to it legally.

Mr. Trump, we are waiting. Are you going to enforce the immigration laws in your own real estate empire?

Donald Trump (Credit: Gage Skidmore)

There's more.

For weeks, dozens of construction workers from Latin America have streamed onto the site of the Old Post Office Pavilion in downtown Washington and taken pride in their work building one of the city’s newest luxury hotels.

Dozens. . .from Latin America. Aren't there enough American laborers in the Washington area?

But that job site is now laden with tension after the man behind the project — billionaire developer Donald Trump — put himself at the center of the nation’s debate over illegal immigration.

Trump garnered headlines — and prompted several business associates to sever relations with him — when he launched his bid for the Republican presidential nomination last month with a controversial description of drug dealers and “rapists” crossing the border each day into the United States from Mexico. 

For the record, Donald Trump never declared that all Mexicans are this or that. He did point out rightly that a number of miscreant elements are pouring across the Southern border, hurting our country and communities throughout.

One laborer, now a legal resident, spoke on behalf his fellow workers, many of whom remain illegal aliens:

“It’s something ironic,” said Ivan Arellano, 29, who is from Mexico and obtained legal status through marriage. He now works as a mason laying the stonework for the lobby floor and walls of what will become the Trump International Hotel.

“The majority of us are Hispanics, many who came illegally,” Arellano said in Spanish. “And we’re all here working very hard to build a better life for our families.” 

"Many who came illegally. . ."

Charity begins at home. Those workers need to get in line, get legal, and then get working.

Integrity begins at home. Donald Trump needs to scour the employment throughout his property, media, and real estate empire. He should start deporting the illegals working for his company before talking about building a big beautiful wall with one big door in the middle along the Southern border.

The Youthful Fascination With Rubio

In the South Bay, I know two young Hispanic conservatives who are big fans of Marco Rubio.

He is telegenic. He knows how to present himself on camera.

Ben Shapiro explained as much at a Mizzou U discussion forum on how to fight the Left. Donald Trump looks good on TV, too, and knows how to manipulate the moment, despite his legacy of liberalism.

Rubio is young, a few months behind Ted Cruz. He qualifies as the youngest Republican candidate running for office.

Not by much.

He bested the Establishment and the Democratic contender in his 2010 Florida US Senate race.

He has an incredibly strong record on life and other social issues, including the Second Amendment.

He also has a record of being told what to do, and caving on key issues just to be liked.

I do not see him as a leader. He has gone along to get along too much of the time.

As speaker of the Florida House, he conceded that Cap and Trade was going to pass, so every state needed to line up and make it work.

It stalled then died in the US Senate: Thank God! One of the most recent elected officials to the US Senate, Joe Manchin, campaigned as a Republican and shot a bullet through the Cap and Trade bill in one commercial.

That legislation had no chance of passage. Even if the bill had passed and been signed into law, why would concerned and committed conservatives just cave on the issue?

Ted Cruz and Rand Paul fought against this legalistic Washington cabal time and again. The first three words of the US Constitution state "We the People". Just because a law passes does not mean it should stay enforced. The US Constitution enshrines the natural law endowed to each person by God Almighty.

We have governors who sue the President, who refuse to comply with bad laws.

Marco Rubio (credit: Gage Skidmore)

So, what is the fascination with Rubio, then?

Young people want to be accepted. They want to be liked. Rubio wants to be accepted. Rubio wants to be liked.

A lot of people argue for a candidate who can win. Of course. But winning an election means nothing without a winning candidate who wins on the issues which matter. Besides, aside from Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, Republican Presidential candidates during the general election have not been winners, despite the constant pleading for "a winner" or "someone who can win".

The psychological similarities are pulling in young people. I want to be liked, I want to win, and I do not want to be rejected as old-fashioned or stuffy.

And yet. . .

Rubio refuses to budge on his support for immigration "reform", and there are cohorts within the Hispanic communities who want pathways to citizenship and the relaxing of our borders. How many young Americans know that they are paying top dollar for a public college education, and young illegals get the discount? Huh?!

Do young people like working two jobs to eke out a forty-hour week?

All this talk of amnesty may

Yet -- who cares? The rule of law is essential, and law-breakers, regardless of their age, should not be rewarded. No borders, no country. No country, no rule of law.

Rubio has caved on other issues, as well, including gay marriage. He has also shown himself as easy to push around.

Young people face these pressures, too. They are looking for someone like them. Leadership should be about more than looking for someone like you, or even someone whom you like.

I want someone who stands up and fights, not just someone young looking.

Besides, Ted Cruz is just a few months older than Rubio, and Rand Paul has a youthful vitality and energy which rivals adolescents and young people whom I have met.

Updates on Maryland Governor Larry Hogan

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan is charting a new course and bringing fiscal discipline and conservative principles back to Maryland.

More than a celebrity, Hogan is a statesman who is thinking big, moving forward, and opening Maryland for business.

Check out what he's doing in the Old Line State.

But first, let's talk about the right stances Hogan took early on.

Just after his election, he presented the following values on abortion. reports:

I was a bit surprised that this didn’t result in further pushback by the
Democrats since Hogan answered a question about late term abortions by the Maryland Catholic Conference by saying:

If legislation were passed by the legislature that reflected reasonable restrictions to that effect on third trimester abortions past the point of fetal viability I would sign it.

Only the most extreme (and extremely perverse) abortionists would support killing a baby at any time. With the release of those terrible videos within Planned Murderhood, even pro-choice elements in the country want to cut funding to the agency.

Stopping abortion at the third-trimester is a good start in a state where partial-birth abortions were on the rise.

How did Hogan handle other hot-button issues, like homosexual marriage? The Washington Blade reported:

Republican Maryland gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan on Friday said his position on marriage rights for same-sex couples has “evolved.” Hogan said on News Talk with Bruce DePuyt on News Channel 8 in response to a question about whether he voted for the state’s same-sex marriage law in a 2012 referendum on it that he was “originally for civil unions.”

“I was a supporter of traditional marriage,” he told DePuyt. “It’s an issue that I fully understand. The voters have made their decision. I support their decision and will uphold the law. I’ve evolved I guess on the issue.” 

Evolved on the issue? He was not sure about it, and in greater likelihood, the issue was not an up-front concern to him.

Hogan said marriage rights for same-sex couples, extending in-state tuition to undocumented immigrants and other social issues “are really decided in Maryland.” “They have no part in this campaign whatsoever,” he said. “We’ve been completely focused on the issues that all Marylanders are focused on right now, and that’s economic issues.”

Governor Larry Hogan
Notice that he did not necessarily support those issues. He merely acknowledged that the Maryland voters had already decided on those issues. Then he segued to the major focus: those issues which everyone was focused on right then and there. In the same article, Hogan clearly opposed the transgender bathroom bills and other discriminatory agendas which would allow men into women's bathrooms.

Has Governor Hogan caved to Big Homo on other issues? Not at all.

Hogan refused to sign off on other regulations, like ending discrimination against same-sex couples in fertility treatments, or allowing transgendered individuals to change their listed sex on their birth certificates. He informed the public and the legislature that those laws would have to go into effect without his support. As a governor, Hogan has a number of tools at his disposal, and even if he cannot stop bad legislation, he can reject tacitly or oppose them publicly.

He also held back late-night regulations from the outgoing O'Malley administration. The Baltimore Sun reports:

In one of his first acts, Hogan held up a regulation that would have banned Medicaid providers in the state from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, according to state officials. The provision was proposed in recent months under the administration of Hogan's predecessor, Martin O'Malley, at the urging of LGBT groups.

Hogan was undeterred by the gay-hate rhetoric. He also refused to ban official government business travel to Indiana while the state legislature was discussing how to protect individual liberties in the face of homofascist attacks.

Hogan had more courage than the red state governor and supermajority of Republican legislators in Indiana, who all caved from the pressure of Big Business threatening to pull out all investments from the state.

Check out his remarks on gun control after the San Bernardino, CA attacks:

Gov. Larry Hogan said Friday gun control laws did not prevent a mass shooting in California or a spate of violence in Baltimore, and he suggested that public officials need to look elsewhere for answers.

Hogan told reporters that the killing of 14 people in San Bernadino, California this week was an "outrage" and terrible tragedy, but that gun control was "not the only solution."

"This issue goes beyond gun control," the Republican said outside a Baltimore diner.

This conservative Governor in a blue state is not afraid to speak the truth about gun control: it's not working.

He's making the best of a difficult situation for most Republicans in blue states: how best to governor for the better interests of all residents, while dealing with a progressive-leftist political part bent on business as usual statism and corruption?

His latest measures against the Maryland state legislature should encourage more conservatives in the minority. The state legislature wants to re-enfranchise convicted felons. Hogan vetoed the bill, citing that those felons must pay back their debt to society first.

Right. Instead of just using his pen and phone to say no, Hogan appealed to all Marylanders to call their state reps and sustain the governor's veto.

#HoganStrong is showing real muscle!

Go Larry!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Report Brown Act Violations in Cudahy, CA

At the January 11th 2016 Cudahy city council meeting, the city council yelled at the members of the audience.

They had enacted a political vendetta against a contractor, who taught a group of girls to dance in a Christmas recital. Four of the city councilmembers then canceled the performance at the last minute. They also took away the best toys for the community and gave them worthless junk. They have awarded lavish contracts to rich special interests, even though the city now faces a $1 million shortfall.

I have filed a few complaints against the city of Huntington Park, and now the city of Cudahy.

Sean Hasset of the Los Angeles County Public Integrity Office responded to my complaint about Cudahy Chris" Garcia taking pictures of the audience during the city council meeting:

His response:

Re: Possible Brown Act violation by Cudahy City Council member Chris Garcia
Dear Mr. Schaper,

We are in receipt of your correspondence sent January 13 , 2016, regarding Cudahy City Council member Chris Garcia taking photographs of the audience and posting them to his Facebook page during the January 20 [sic], 2016 Cudahy City Council meeting. Although this behavior tends to erode the dignity and solemnity of his office, it is not a violation of the Brown Act.

We thank you for taking an interest in your community and bringing this matter to our attention.

Very truly yours,
District Attorney of Los Angeles County

Sean Hassett

Deputy District Attorney

The LA County DA does recognize that Garcia is eroding the dignity of his office, and not just by taking photos of the audience.

He should watch this video, and see how low Garcia has gone.

There is more good news, however, in spite of this one letter.

The California Chapter of LULAC issued the following letter to the LA County District Attorney's office, too:

Dear District Attorney Lacey:

Greetings from the California League of United Latin American Citizens. LULAC is a national civil rights organization that has been in existence for over 87 years. Our Mission is to advance
the educational attainment, economic condition, health, civil rights, and political empowerment of the Hispanic population of the United States through community based programs operating in
over 1200 membership chapters throughout the United States including nearly 100 in California.
We are writing to request that your office fully investigate possible violations of California

Government Code 54950, also known as the Ralph M. Brown Act, in the City or Cudahy. Members of our organization in Cudahy allege that there have been recent repeated violations thal have had the effect or restricting the right of residents to participate in the governance of
their community.

As an organization, we believe that any action which willfully prohibits residents from engaging their elected representatives in discussing issues warrants a full inquiry by your offce. Please
contact me directly at 805-258-1800 or by email at


Dave Rodriguez


More organizations are stepping up and demanding respect for the First Amendment rights of residents in Cudahy.

If you are a resident of the city, please contact the Los Angeles County Public Integrity Office:

Address: 320 W Temple St # 766, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Phone: (213) 974-6501

Hillary Clinton: (Un)Holy Cow

Another eblast from the Hillary Clinton camp, with the following subject headline

Holy Cow

Once again - I kid you not.

I don't know if I would call Clinton a cow, although she was a cash cow for the Clinton Foundation as she made deals with dictators and rogue regimes throughout the world.

She likes to milk people for all they are worth. She certainly chews the cud when prospective voters ask her direct questions, which has no intention of asking. Liberal voters do not like her or trust her.

Her supporters worship this woman. Carville wrote in the last Hillary eblast that this country should elect the first woman President.

This country made the mistake of wading, then drowning in identity politics before.

Let's not go there again. We do not need a sacred cow candidate in the White House. We need a statesman--or woman. Someone whom we can trust to serve and abide by the law.

If the American people want to elect a female President, they should select Carly Fiorina.

I would vote for Carly not because she is a woman, however, but because she is a smart and effective business leaders, a force to be reckoned with.

As for Hillary Clinton, she is a farce to be ridiculed: i.e. a Holy Cow.

(Credit: Gamerscoreblog)

Here is the contents from the latest Hillary eblast:

Friend --

More of Bernie Sanders' supporters have stepped up to donate to his campaign than ours have.

Of course they have! They trust Weekend at Bernie Sanders more than Hil-LIAR-y.

I know that. You probably know that. And holy cow does Bernie Sanders' campaign know that.

Holy cow, Hillary needs to milk her supporters for more money. She is a real cash cow, isn't she? Her Wall Street connections should be able to see her through, right?

You probably also know that national polls clearly show Hillary has more supporters than Bernie does -- and that's great. But the Iowa caucuses are in two days, and unless you'll be there caucusing in Dubuque or Des Moines, the best way to be counted as a Hillary supporter is to chip in $1 to show it right now:

The polling has not been very clear, actually. Sanders and Clinton are neck and neck, or "a photo finish" per diverse pundits chomping at the bit to guess who will make it on top in Iowa.

Donate $1

Two days,


Robby Mook

Campaign Manager

No money. two days, and we can expect Hillary Clinton to be led out to pasture or slaughtered in her weakening bid for the Presidency.


Friday, January 29, 2016

Where Does "Cudahy Chris" Garcia WORK?

Cudahy Chris Garcia likes to bully people who do not agree with him.

He attacks members of the audience from the city council dias when they oppose his decisions.

If you do not get along with his illiberal, fascist agenda, he will do just about anything to ruin you and make your life miserable.

He likes to call people's work place and get them fired, too.

Cudahy Chris Garcia Has Issues

A contact in the region shared the following information with me:

Chris Garcia has the habit of calling the work places of the people who complain about him and gives bad references to get the person fired from the workplace.  Chris Garcia asked his lawyers friends to do a background check on people who do not like him, try to find ways to put them in jail, to lose their immigration process or get deported by Immigration.

Wow! And Cudahy Chris claims that he supports immigrants! 

He undermines legal residents.

Why would he make it harder for people to enter this country legally, then?

Chris Garcia is hurting people who follow the law and are in the process of immigration.


Another question: what does Cudahy Chris do for a living? After all, turnabout is fair play.

Let's start calling his workplace, and tell his employers that he needs to be terminated.

One source informed me that he lives with his girlfriend, and she pays all the bills.

He does not have a job? 

Well, he is supposed to serve as a city councilmember, but he is failing miserably at this job.

We need to talk to Chris' employers, the voters of the city of Cudahy, and get him fired!

Call Councilmember Chris Garcia, and tell him:


¡Est├ís despedido(a)!

323-773-5143 ext. 301

Hillary Clinton: An Alligator in a Tutu

I kid you not.

I just received a campaign eblast from the Hillary Clinton for President campaign with the following subject line:

"An Alligator in a Tutu!"

Yes, Hillary is an alligator. The mainstream media and her political support team keep trying to make her look good.

But people see her as immoral and dishonest.

She is a distant, stale, establishment fraud.

Who wrote this metaphor? Not Hillary Clinton, of course

It was James Carville:

I read the other day that more of Bernie's supporters have donated to support his campaign than Hillary's.

Weekend at Bernie's is raising lots of money.

I don't mean to be cranky, but what in the hell is that all about?! We've got the best chance we've ever had to put a woman in the White House, and oh, by the way, she just happens to be the most qualified candidate maybe since General George Washington himself!!

Hillary is a Woman in Name Only. She has no class or dignity. She is a total fraud, and many perceive her as a total liar. She drinks up iniquity like a milkshake.


Chip in $1 and let's catch up to Bernie's donors right now. This is crunch time now: This election is tighter than an alligator wearing a tutu.

Elections in Iowa and New Hampshire come down to getting a few extra voters here and there to come out for you, and you’ve gotta have that extra little edge to do that.

That's what you can give Hillary today -- that extra little edge. Chip in $1 right now, and let’s put this lady in the White House:
Donate $1

Let's go,


Carville called Ted Cruz "fearless". He was right. He called Hillary Clinton an alligator.

How right he is!

The only difference? This alligator is going to turn into a purse and get taken away!

ICYMI: Huntington Park Election in 2015

Just last year, Huntington Park held municipal elections for city council.

The three candidates who won--Marilyn Sanabria, Jhonny Pineda, and Graciela Ortiz-- joined with Karina Macias and began wreaking havoc on the city.

How many people ran for three seats?

Ten candidates ran for Huntington Park City Council in 2015.

These were the issues that they debated.

From the LA Wave:

HUNTINGTON PARK — Resolving the city’s financial problems, bringing businesses to town and the $17 million cost of police operations were among key issues discussed by five candidates for the City Council in a forum Feb. 12 at the Oldtimers Hall here.

Financial problems then and now have loomed large. The city is paying $17 million of its budget for police?!

Those five police officers are stationed in the city council chambers at every city council meeting. What a waste of city resources! Why does the city council staff all the police at the chambers? To intimidate or to preempt the protests of We the People Rising.

Taking part in the forum, sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Long Beach and Whittier, were challengers Rudolfo Cruz, Leticia Martinez, Alex Reynoso, Elba Romo and David Sanchez.

Rodolfo Cruz, Alex Reynoso, and David Sanchez ran for city council last year. I wonder if they will run again in  2017?

Five other candidates for the March 3 election were absent — former Councilman Andy Molina, Mayor Rosa Perez, Planning Commissioner Jhonny Pineda, Marilyn Sanabria and Graciela Ortiz. Perez is the only incumbent running as council members Mario Gomez and Ofelia Hernandez are prevented from seeking re-election because of the city’s term limits law.

Rosa Perez lost her seat, and the other three won. Why is it that debates seem to hurt candidates more than they help? Maybe winning candidates should spend less time debating in large forums and more time raising money and reaching out to voters.

Reynoso called for a state audit of the city “to see where all the money is going” and called for decreased spending, citing the recent purchase of Christmas lights and decorations for Pacific Boulevard as not necessary.

Before We the People Rising arrived, residents in the city demanded a forensic audit. The city was facing dire financial straits, and candidates wanted the city residents to know what was going on.

He also suggested that the city file for bankruptcy and consider hiring the Sheriff’s Department, for whom he has worked, “if it’s best for the city” and suggested that police cadets by hired part time to patrol parts of the city.

Great idea. Compton did that, saved a lot of money, and brought greater safety and security to the city.

Romo a former council member, noted that the police budget of $17 million is about-three fourths of the total general fund budget of $25 million and called for more careful spending and a more efficient police operation.

Former councilmembers are running for their seats in a number of cities throughout the Southeastern Los Angeles area.

She said bankruptcy is not on the table and supported the police department.

Bankruptcy may be the only option iif the city has no money, and the current city councilmembers end up in jail.

“The sheriff is not the answer,” Sanchez said.

I disagree. Contract out with the sheriff. Bring down crime and ease the burden on the city and its taxpayers.

Cruz, a frequent critic of the Police Department, called for a wait-and-see stance on the financial issues, pending more information.

Martinez, the executive director of the Greater Huntington Park Area Chamber of  Commerce, said more parking for businesses and customers is needed, especially on Pacific Boulevard.

Huntington Park City Hall

Parking is terrible in Huntington Park. The city should be renamed "Huntington No-Park".

She called for a return to past practices of sending a delegation to the annual shopping center developers convention in Las Vegas, where successful contacts were made in the past for such stores as Home Depot and Starbucks.

The current city council voted to send the city to Las Vegas later this year.

In answer to questions from the audience, Reynoso and Romo stressed that the city could not reduce the water bill or decrease property taxes. Most property taxes are levied by Los Angeles County or the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Why not?!

“We can’t lower the water bill but we can watch it,” Reynoso said.

Watching a rising water bill? Why?! Watching finances will not lower costs.

“We voted for most of these [county and school taxes] via bond issues,” said Romo, who added that as a resident she opposed the city’s utility tax.

Sanchez said that council members “should advocate for the people” against the county and water providers to lower taxes and rates.

Cruz again pledged to fight “the illegal 21 percent property tax.” Officials have pointed out that the tax was approved by voters in the 1970s to pay for pensions for city employees and that the amount is .21 percent, which is a fraction of 1 percent.

Cruz is still talking about that property tax. The costs on the taxpayers in that city are unbelievable. Registration of animals, parking, citations. The costs have grown, and yet the services have not improved.

The candidates agreed that the next city manager should be qualified and someone who will stay with the city and not bring friends and former colleagues to Huntington Park.

Edgar Cisneros is anything but qualified, a former field deputy for Gloria Molina, and the left-wing corruption of the Los Angeles political machines.

They were referring to former City Manager Rene Bobadilla, who brought with him as finance director Julio Morales and as public works director, James Enriquez. Enriquez has since joined Bobabilla in Pico Rivera while Morales left to accept a federal job in Paraguay.

In opening statements, Reynoso said he’s lived in the city for some 30 years, is a military veteran, has a degree in criminal law and is a federal law enforcement officer for the Department of Justice and is based in Long Beach.

He also called for bringing businesses back to Pacific Boulevard, the city’s main shopping area, saying “the boulevard looks like a ghost town. We are losing our businesses (and its customers) to other cities.”

Of course Huntington Park is losing business. The city punishes those who follow the law, and rewards those who live and work in the city ILLEGALLY!

Reynoso voiced support for youth programs, noting he has founded a non-profit community group called Reynoso’s Hit and Walk, which provides social services and has a youth group.

Cruz, a business manager, said he has lived in Huntington Park for 36 years. He and his wife, Eva, have raised three children.

“We need to change the city. I am running because I want to help the city. We want a safe and clean city,” Cruz said.

“I love the city. I am a proud Catholic. I believe the Lord has encouraged me to serve the city,” said Martinez, who has been with the chamber for 25 years.

Another holy roller. I have heard residents in the city claim she is anything but holy.

She said economic development is a key issue along with reducing the city’s unemployment rate, now about 11.3 percent. “We need to generate jobs,” she said.

“People have asked me to run [again],” Romo said. “We need a dedicated, experienced leader in the area of community service who will not become corrupt.”

Sanchez has twice run unsuccessfully for against Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard, D-Commerce.

I wish that he had been successful the previous two times. She is useless and unfit for federal office, doing nothing to enforce the immigration laws in Huntington Park, Cudahy, and elsewhere in her district.

He said he has taught American and Mexican history at area community colleges for 12 years, worked as an aide to a Los Angeles County supervisor, was a representative in county health services and is a former county parks commissioner.

“Huntington Park needs checks and balances to stop corruption,” he said. “There has been a lot of that in the past. It’s been a waste of taxpayers money.

“I hope to bring in jobs and be a leader who will not fall back, who will not tarnish your civil rights,” he added.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Final Reflection

Next year, there will be two seats available. Valentin Amezuita and Karina Macias are up for reelection. Macias must go. Who can replace her? Would any of the 2015 candidates want to run again? They should consider doing something, and implement the principles and policies discussed during the campaign last year.

Hillary's Faithless Faith

The Christian Post published a revealing article about Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's religious affiliations.

She claims to have faith in God, not just herself or in her capacity to win the Democratic nomination and the Presidency.

Her strange and distorted understanding of the Bible reveals not just her moral depravity, but more about the country's spiritual status, and why this country needs revival.

Hillary Clinton on Her Christian Faith: Judgment Left to God; Be Open, Tolerant, Respectful

Hillary Clinton obviously think God is supposed to be like us. Why would anyone want a deity who brazenly lies to the American People and justifies inaction in the face of evil. No, Hillary, God is nothing like you (Thank God!)

During a Monday campaign event in Iowa, Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton explained how her Christian faith has guided her views on politics and life.

Guidance? Really? Someone needs to tell Hillary that whatever God she is praying to, is not the true God, if she thinks that she can get away with lying to the public about her crony connections to the Clinton Foundation, the serial lying and cover-ups for his abusive, perverse husband, or her routine ambition for power and celebrity at the expense of everyone else.

At a campaign rally at a local school gymnasium in Knoxville, Iowa, the former Secretary of State, who rarely discusses her Methodist faith and upbringing on the campaign trail, explained to the small crowd that she is indeed a "person of faith."

Clinton's discussion on her faith was not planned as it was a response to a question posed by 36-year-old high school guidance counselor Jessica Manning.

Her discussion was NOT plan. I thought that Hillary Clinton was working on being spontaneous. Right?! I guess not. . .

Manning mentioned that she was Catholic and a Democrat because of her faith. She added that she was unsure whether she should vote for Clinton in the upcoming Feb. 1 Iowa Caucus and asked the former first lady of the United States if the Ten Commandments mattered to her.

How can someone still be a Democrat after the 2012 DNC Convention? The Democratic Party wanted to remove all mentions of God from their party platform. They also wanted to remove recognition of Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel. Loud boos ensued on the floor, and yet President Obama and the chairman at the time, former Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, overruled the will of the majority.

So much for Democracy. So much for godliness.

"Thank you for asking that. I am a person of faith. I am a Christian. I am a Methodist," Clinton explained, according to the New York Times. "I have been raised Methodist. I feel very grateful for the instructions and support I received starting in my family but through my church, and I think that any of us who are Christian have a constantly, constant, conversation in our own heads about what we are called to do and how we are asked to do it, and I think it is absolutely appropriate for people to have very strong convictions and also, though, to discuss those with other people of faith."

We do not need a conversation about the meaning of Christianity. What we do need is a growing revelation of Jesus. Who is He, how much He loves us, and how much He wishes to live in and through us. We are not called to do, as much as we are called to believe!

"This is the work of God, that you believe on Him whom He hath sent (John 6:29)

Hillary continues with the same bland platitudes about religious fervor.

"My study of the Bible, my many conversations with people of faith, has led me to believe the most important commandment is to love the Lord with all your might and to love your neighbor as yourself, and that is what I think we are commanded by Christ to do," Clinton added. 

I want to focus on this comment. Those two great commandments fall under the Old Covenant. Let us stop kidding ourselves. Let us give up this self-righteousness. None of us can love God with anything. We are all dead in trespasses without Christ and His resurrection life within us.

We do not need a set of rules to live by. We need life, His!

"I have come that you may have life, and that more abundantly" (John 10: 10)

Now, Hillary's self-righteousness has infected the Body of Christ in terrible ways. Too many Christians have come back under law, trying to be holy, righteous, good. A dead body does not need rules on how to move. We need life, we need the grace of God.

"There is so much more in the Bible about taking care of the poor, visiting the prisoners, taking in the stranger, creating opportunities for others to be lifted up, to find faith themselves that I think there are many different ways of exercising your faith."

A denomination does not speak of faith. There is one faith, in Christ Jesus. She was raised Methodist, and yet the modern organization has strayed from Biblical orthodoxy on way too many issues.
"Exercising your faith." Huh? Is she trying to be a Jehovah's witness, now?

Hillary Clinton (C-SPAN)

Clinton added that her faith has called her to be more tolerant toward others who don't share the same religious beliefs.

Her faith? And tolerance? What about the four diplomats in Benghazi? She tolerates a lot of evil in and around her. How many dalliances did Bill Clinton perpetrate against other women? Against this country?

"But I do believe that in many areas judgment should be left to God, that being more open, tolerant and respectful is part of what makes me humble about my faith," Clinton asserted. "I am in awe of people who truly turn the other cheek all the time, who can go that extra mile that we are called to go, who keep finding ways to forgive and move on."

Judgment left to God. She sounds an awful lot like Joel Olsteen. No power there, and more Christians tell me that they have stopped watching that non-Bible believing speaker. We do not need motivation. We need life. We do not need help. We need grace. We do not need a teacher or an example. We need a SAVIOR!

In a seeming knock on conservative Christians, Clinton implied that Christians often misuse their faith to condemn others without looking at themselves in the mirror.

There is no condemnation in Christ (Romans 8:1), yet the grace of God came at a Supreme price, through the Prince of Peace, an incalculable cost which none of us will ever understand. We are not bought with a price to continue in sin. Jesus died for us and as us, to deliver us from death and grant us life, peace, grace, and prosperity in Himself. There is no condemnation in Christ, but there is chastening. We are trained, transformed from glory to glory by the Holy Spirit, that more of Jesus is revealed in us. (2 Corinthians 3: 17)

"I have been very disappointed and sorry that Christianity, which has such great love at its core, is sometimes used to condemn so quickly and judge so harshly," Clinton argued. "When I think part of the message that I certainly have tried to understand and live with is to look at yourself first, to make sure you are being the kind of person you should be in how you are treating others."

Christianity is a set of ideas. Christ is the core, the heart, the center of all things. Apart from Him, we can do nothing (John 15: 5). We have nothing, we are nothing, because in Him, all things are held together (Colossians 1: 15-20)

Clinton admitted that she is no angel either.

None of us are angels. In fact, for those who believe in Jesus, they will judge angels!

"I am by no means a perfect person, I will certainly confess that to one and all, but I feel the continuing urge to try to do better, to try to be kinder, to try to be more loving, even with people who are quite harsh," Clinton said. "So, I think you have to keep asking yourself, if you are a person of faith, what is expected of me and am I actually acting the way that I should? And that starts in small ways and goes out in very large ones, but it's something that I take very seriously."

We are not called to be perfect, if we understand that in Christ, we are perfected forever (Hebrews 10: 14)

Clinton also advised that Jesus' Sermon on the Mount should be something that people need to really "pay attention to."

Yes, to see that none of us can be holy in our actions. None of us. The standard is impossible, and the message needed for every disciple listening to that Sermon should have been: "We are unprofitable servants." (Luke 17: 10)

"There's a lot of great Bible studies: What does the Sermon on the Mount really mean? What is it calling us to do and to understand?" Clinton explained. "Because it sure does seem to favor the poor and the merciful and those who in worldly terms don't have a lot but who have the spirit that God recognizes as being at the core of love and salvation."

There are a great deal of Bible studies, sure. The most important Bible study reveals more of Jesus and His work in our lives. Luke 24 demonstrated what the Old Testament is all about: the New Covenant, cut for us through Christ Jesus, our High Priest forever!

Although many conservative Christians feel that abortion is sinful and staunchly oppose the procedure, Clinton suggested last April that religious beliefs against abortion have to be "changed."

Uh, no! Which God is Hillary Clinton praying to? She should read Jeremiah as well as the letters of Paul, in which they and many others affirm that God called them to great works, before they were even born!

"Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will," she explained. "And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed. As I have said and as I believe, the advancement of the full participation of women and girls in every aspect of their societies is the great unfinished business of the 21st century and not just for women but for everyone — and not just in far away countries but right here in the United States."

Then Hillary resorts to her knee-jerk feminism. Yawn. If she read the Bible more closely, she would recognize that Jesus restored dignity and grace to woman's place in the world. They were honored in so many ways, including the opportunity for Mary to meet Jesus at His tomb once He was raised from the dead!

Final Reflection

Hillary Clinton wants to be all things to all people, which most politicians effect with very little finesse. Honesty is supposed to be the best policy, yet Hillary Clinton's record of lies and wrongdoings undermines and hope or trust in her campaign or future career.

She is a faithless woman, and yet her failing example serves, much like Donald Trump's, to reveal the the poverty of faith, the lack of hearing of God's Word in our churches and communities.

Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of Christ (Romans 10: 17).

Faith does not come from the work that we do, but the Work which Jesus did!

Faith is not about us, but about Jesus!

Faith is not something tied to our efforts, or our records. Faith is about Jesus, His Work, His life, and His love for us.

My Comments to Maywood City Council: January 28th, 2016

Good Evening, Maywood City Council:

My name is Arthur Schaper, a resident of Torrance, CA, citizen of the United States, and proud member of We the People Rising.

I am visiting this city council today because I want to know for a fact whether this city has declared itself a “sanctuary city”.

I have submitted two records requests on this matter, and I am still waiting for an answer.

I understand that a new city clerk has been elected. Very Good. I would like to have that individual’s contact information to submit requests for the future.

In Los Angeles County, lawlessness in regards to our borders and our rule of law has increased terribly. Cudahy decided to declare itself a sanctuary city. The result: crime, corruption, and chaos. I witnessed the sorry display at their January 11th and 27th city council meetings.

Huntington Park, CA appointed two illegal aliens to city commissions in August. Those assignments command no respect or regard, and they must be rescinded.  With We the People Rising, I have protested these outrageous, illegal, and immoral actions.

San Francisco, CA is a more notorious example, a city whose elected officials decided to become a “city of refuge” in 1985 in order not to discriminate against those individuals seeking asylum from war-torn countries.

This status became an official law in 1989, with the following information provided:

"No department, agency, commission, officer or employee of the City and County of San Francisco shall use any City funds or resources to assist in the enforcement of federal immigration law or to gather or disseminate information regarding the immigration status of individuals in the city.”

Even as recently as 2010, both Governor Brown as well as Republican candidate Meg Whitman declared their opposition to these policies. To this day, Governor Brown has done nothing. In fact, Brown has thrown out the welcome mat to illegal aliens, at the expense of legal residents and law abiding citizens.


His inaction, and the lawlessness imposed by all municipalities, has made us all less safe.

Here are the names of the following individuals killed by illegal aliens in the state of California:

Jamiel Shaw Jr.,

Sabine Durden,

Don Rosenberg,

Lupe Moreno,

Brenda Sparks,

Marilyn Pharis – Santa Maria

Kathryn Steinle – San Francisco

Steinle’s death is particularly telling, because it occurred in San Francisco, and the

Now former Sheriff of San Francisco County doubled down on this policy, even following her death.

Thankfully, the voters of San Francisco deported him.

And now we need our government, from the federal and the state, right down to the local, to enforce the law.

If Maywood has declared itself a sanctuary city policy in the past, this edict must be repealed, overturned, or removed.

If not, then I hope that the elected officials of this city will press on their neighboring cities – Cuday and Huntington Park, to start enforcing the law, respecting our Constitution, and demand the rule of law and respect for all citizens in Los Angeles County.

Thank you.

Even More Choose Ted Cruz

It’s good to be in great conservative company.

Steve King, Steve Deace, and Rick Perry, Dana Rohrabacher (my Congressman when I was a kid), Tom McClintock (another great Congressman, and my choice for Governor during the 2003 California Total Recall): what do they all have in common?

They understand the threats—immanent and existential—posed by illegal immigration.
They vote against Big Government spending sprees, but support a common defense and promote the general welfare. Indeed, they regard the United States Constitution as a charter of clear and convincing mandates, not a bunch of ephemeral suggestions which the President can push aside with a phone and pen.

What else do they all have in common?

They choose Ted Cruz to be the Republican nominee and the next President of the United States.
I have so much respect for the above mentioned, that I would also vote for them to be President. Conservative, and consistently so.

The current front-runner has been burning up the polls, and for months.

 I would not call myself Trump-o-phobic, but he simply is not my first choice.

Yes, I want a great big wall along the Southern border, with a beautiful door in the middle. I want someone with some business savvy, who knows how to manipulate the media and expand the Republican brand. I want a President who has lead more than a crowd of miscreants in Chicago.
But when the next President goes to Washington, I do not want him to move on “Let’s make a deal.”
With this trait in mind, let us recall that Donald announced following: “I’ll make deals with Democrats.”

Two words came to mind: “You’re Fired!”

Ted Cruz (Gage Skidmore)

I want the next President to stare down every Congressman, and every Senator (Republican and Democrat), take out the Constitution and declare: “This is the deal.”

Forget “The Apprentice” (and Scott Walker was right: we don’t need an apprentice in the White House). I am thinking more along the lines of “Deal or No Deal”.  (And no, I do not want Howie Mandel to run for Chief Executive. Great guy, but definitely born in Canada, and better served working the comedy clubs in Hollywood.)

My fellow Americans, let us recognize that the Presidency is not a game.

It’s not a pep rally. It’s not a high school football tournament.

It’s also more, so much more than a business venture.

Our country, and the values which America stands for—they are at stake. Understandably, Franklin Graham broke away from the GOP, and not just because they voted to keep funding Planned Murderhood.

This country needs revival or there will be no survival of the American Dream.

We need to take Graham’s latest pronouncements seriously: This country is very near the tipping point (granted, another sport’s term, but you know what I mean). We don’t have time for demagogues who boast: “I could shoot somebody and not lose votes.” Sorry, but leadership is about more than self. Would that we found a Presidential contender like George Washington, who resisted the high calling of Chief Executive, yet took it.

So for me, the closest candidate that I know of who can fight with dignity, with foresight to tell the truth and guide the country. . . I choose Ted Cruz. He was not my first choice only because I wanted the requisite executive experience of a Governor. Yet his record in the US Senate and before that as Texas’ Solicitor General commands enough respect for me.

Even more people agree and have endorsed him.

Hopefully, more Americans will vote for him in the months to come.

He’s a fighter, holding onto his campaign warchest until now. Unlike other contenders, Cruz has pulled off the gloves and reminded everyone of Trump’s litany of liberal positions. From abortion to gay marriage, to gun control and even immigration, Trump has more 180’s then a Harlem Globetrotter basketball. Don’t like my spin? Don’t blame me. I am putting more of Trump’s New York Values on display.

And that last debate. Finally, someone pushed back at the real estate mogul. Trump met his match, and it was glorious!

More good news: like a frump, Donald Trump is going to dump the last GOP debate before the Iowa caucuses. He doesn’t like Megyn Kelly, and thinks that the Fox News moderators were unfair to him last August. Why would he complain? He gave one of the best lines at the first debate and came out stronger, at least on the surface. “Only Rosie O’Donnell. . .”

Then again, major news organizations rely on spurious polling and cut out good candidates from the first tier forums. At the last debate, Rand Paul failed to make the cut, but instead of throwing a pity party, Paul opened up his Twitter feed to questions from the national public and his supporters. He won the undercard by not playing at all.

So Trump won’t play because he thinks the playing field isn’t fair. Fine with me. His abrupt decision to jump the last debate will leave my favorite in first place on that stage.

You know who.

Ted Cruz (Gage Skidmore)

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Brief Highlights from the Cudahy City Council: January 27th, 2016

Los Cuatro Corruptos de Cudahy -- Cristian Markovich, Christian Hernandez, Chris Garcia, and Baru Sanchez -- have voted on huge spending sprees with no oversight.

They want to give out lavish contracts to the labor unions, then continue imposing high taxes and fees on the working-class residents.

They cancelled the January 25th, 2016 city council meeting, then tried to call a special meeting for Jan. 22nd. They failed to grant adequate notice to the residents, and even one of the city council members, Jack Guerrero, published to the city residents at large that the meeting would violate the Brown Act, since he did not receive written notice in time.

That city council meeting was cancelled.

Then another meeting was scheduled, this time for January 27th.

We the People Rising were ready to be there.

We the People Rising

Our team has gotten stronger, well-connected and ready to protest when necessary against rogue actions from local governments.

Huntington Park, CA appointed two illegal aliens to city commissions. Our efforts have not ceased there for the city council to reverse their perverse decision.

In Cudahy, the city council announced that they would declare their municipality a "sanctuary city".


The Cudahy Kids have been trying to suppress public input. They tried to throw the activists off and prevent them from coming to protest.

At the latest city council meeting, which began at 5:00pm (a time which clashes with their colleague Jack Guerrero's work schedule), the three members present voted to approve loans and spending totaling nearly one million dollars!

And there was no discussion on any of those items.

Only the residents in the city and members in the audience spoke to those matters.

They are not adults. Los Cuatro Corruptos are children, boys who have no sense of responsibility.

And they routinely tried to limit or shut down our public comments.

They did not even permit public comment on issues NOT on the agenda for that evening!

Outrageous! This sanctuary city has not sanctity whatsoever. None.

More to follow. . .

Vote Out Los Cuatro Corruptos de Huntington Park!

High cellphone taxes!
Rising water rates!
High city fees!
No parking spaces!
Corruption with city contracts!
Crime in the streets!
Illegal aliens on city commissions!
Enough is Enough!

Afuera Macias!

Vote out Macias!
Vote out Ortiz!
Vote on Sanabria!
Vote out Pineda!
Afuera Pineda!

On March 7, 2017 
Vote out 
Los Cuatro Corruptos!

Hispanic-Americans Against
Los Cuatro Corruptos de Huntington Park

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

"Cool Kid" from Manhattan Beach Writes About Immigration

Manhattan Beach, CA has made it into the news a few times.

The high school terminated a good French teacher just because the administration did not like him.

A great white shark was spotted off the coast lingering near the piers, then swam away.

Last year, balls of oil appeared on the shoreline.

On a more policy/political front, another recent development in MB hit the nightly news.

Two weeks ago, ABC 7 spotlighted Jason Fong for his blog on immigration.

ABC 7 reports:

MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif. (KABC) -- Our ABC7 Cool Kid for Thursday, Jan. 14, is Jason Fong, who created a blog to address issues involving immigrants and the Asian-American experience.

Asian groups are moving to the United States in larger numbers. Pundits like Congressman Ted Lieu (D-Torrance, Los Angeles) have posted stats suggesting that Asian populations will become the largest minority group in California soon.

Fong said one comment from a presidential candidate was all it took for him to head down his path of writing.

"Jeb Bush's controversial comments referring to Asian Americans as 'anchor babies.' And I just wanted to give Asian Americans a chance to present our own stories," he said.

When did Jeb Bush say this? August, 2015.

CNN gives more background:

Jeb Bush was trying to dig himself out from a pile of criticism for using the term "anchor babies." But his comments at a press conference Monday only brought heaps of new outrage.

Defending himself from charges that he had used a derogatory term stereotyping Hispanics, he told the cameras that "anchor babies" were "frankly more related to Asian people."

The comment sparked outrage from Asian-American politicians, interest groups and Twitter users.

Then CNN added:

But there is a real if little-documented practice of so-called birth tourism from Asia, where foreign nationals come to the United States for the purpose of ensuring their children become American citizens. The phrase "anchor babies" implies that the parents of these children are also hoping to obtain legal status through them.

The statement above comes from CNN, not Fox News, Huffington Post, or Breitbart, by the way. 

Bush did not make a racist remark. His comments were impolitic, perhaps, but not necessarily prejudicial.

Besides, after five months, Bush can barely budge out of single digits, despite his exorbitant campaign wealth.

Now, let's return to young Mr. Fong's blog about immigration:

He started a website,, which provides information on the latest issues and a voice.

"I don't expect to change everyone's mind because people are really stuck in what they believe, but hopefully if it gets them asking questions then that's all I can hope for," he said.

Is that really true?

He's also encouraging people to use #MyAsianExperience on Twitter as a way to stir action.

"Beyond which party and which political preferences you have, I just think it's really important for us to get involved in the political process," he said.

Of course it it! Thank you!

Jason hopes by turning around words that can hurt, he can provide a place to help people through his blog.

Jason Fong (Sparks Mag)

How about not focusing on words that hurt our feelings, and instead focus on words which hurt the truth and undermine our capacity to reason with one another?

We do need to foster discussion on this very contentious issue.

Illegal immigration is a serious problem in the state of California and the country.

I wonder how Jason Fong would respond to the following:

1. Two illegal aliens appointed to city commissions in Huntington Park, CA

2. Sanctuary city status declared in Cudahy (and perhaps Maywood), CA.

3. The death of Kathryn Steinle and others from repeat offender illegal aliens.

4. The strain of illegal immigration on our welfare and entitlements systems. as well as public institutions like the school system.

5. The erosion of cultural and national integrity because of perverse disregard for the rule of law.

More to follow.

Bible Trumping and America's Grace Problem

Donald Trump, front-runner in the United States' Presidential election, has excited diverse interest. Americans of many ethnic backgrounds are getting behind the Manhattan, New York real estate mogul and reality TV start.

He has also piqued concern among Christians.

Trump once claimed that he never had to ask God for forgiveness.

For God's Glory Alone Ministries (FGGAM) reported the following:

Donald Trump told CNN last Sunday that he has a “great relationship” with God. He explained: “I like to be good. I don’t like to have to ask for forgiveness, and I am good. I don’t do a lot of things that are bad. I try to do nothing that’s bad.”

Granted, there is nothing wrong with confidence. Yet confidence which does not stand on truthful, gracious grounds is useless. Perhaps today we do not ask for forgiveness of sins. Under the New Covenant (Hebrews 8: 10-12), men and women in Christ rest because they received and continue receiving it. In the case of Trump, he seems convinced that he never had reason to be ashamed or sorry for.

There's little to Trump’s trumped-up theology. Hot air can only soar so far. Lots of people believe in God. In fact, even demons believe in God, and they are scared.

"Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble." (James 2: 19)

Faith in God does not save.

Faith in Christ Jesus does! His blood saves, cleanses, restores, and blesses us in every way!

Trump’s confession is definitely troubling, not just for his supposed beliefs, but also the warped misunderstanding of many Christians in America.

He says that he's a good person.

What does the Bible say about our good works, or about making ourselves good?

Donald Trump

"But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags; and we all do fade as a leaf; and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away." (Isaiah 64: 6)

and then
"They are all gone out of the way, they are together become unprofitable; there is none that doeth good, no, not one." (Romans 3: 12)
and also
"For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;" (Romans 3: 23)

Notwithstanding the truth, that all men have sin and need a savior and a new life, Trump thinks that he is a pretty good guy who does good things.


FGGAM reported the truth with conviction and clarity--through a clear reference to the Scriptures:

Hopefully you know better. Hopefully you know that you are saved only on the basis of God’s grace (Ephesians 2:8–9), and that you can do nothing to deserve such love.

We are saved by the grace of God, shed upon us through His Son, who died for us, who rose from the dead for us, and sits as us at the right hand of God the Father:

"Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: because as he is, so are we in this world." (1 John 4:17)

Why would I settle for my own works? His work is so much better!

"For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men, 12Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world; 13Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ; 14Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works." (Titus 2: 11-14)

Notice how we start with grace, and then good works follow.

Apart from Christ Jesus, we can do nothing (John 15:5)

Whatever good things Donald Trump has, he did not earn them through his efforts. 

"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning." (James 1: 17)

Donald has a big problem, and yet his arrogance is a symptom of the greater malaise killing the United States.

Notice once again that as many as 71% of Americans think works play an essential role in salvation.


Read the Bible much?

These beliefs are heresy at its core. Tragically, the common denominator in many modern denominations allowed this little bit of leaven into the whole lump.

We are not saved by what we do, but what Jesus did! This country has drifted so far away from the truth of the Gospel. Today, if anyone preaches the grace of God, he is branded a heretic or a fraud.

And yet. . .

"Be it known unto you therefore, men and brethren, that through this man is preached unto you the forgiveness of sins: 39And by him all that believe are justified from all things, from which ye could not be justified by the law of Moses." (Acts 13: 38-39)

Too many Christians really do not know the Gospel. Many Christians (especially in the United States) are still walking around with a sense of guilt and shame, or pride in their self-efforts.
None of us have what we have, or go anywhere with any greatness, by our own efforts. We are saved by grace through faith, taken from our dead selves in Adam to living forever in Christ. Still, so many Americans, including Presidential front-runner Donald Trump, believe that their good works (or big donations) can get them to heaven or at least help keep them there.

Forget Bible thumping. The United States suffers from Bible trumping, in that they do not believe the Gospel in its fullest, and reduce grace to an aid or assist to our own works. America—and the world—needs a revival of the truth, and the truth is revealed to us through the grace of God, granted to us in Christ Jesus: not our works, our wealth, or our inflated sense of self-worth.