Wednesday, May 31, 2017

We the People Rising at the Lou Correa Town Hall

We The People Rising
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Pro Illegal Alien Rep Lou Correa's Immigration Town Hall & Workshop

Santa Ana, CA 5/30/17
Report by Robin Hvidston

Pro illegal Congressman Lou Correa held an immigration town hall that featured CHIRLA, the open border organization that trains illegals on how to disobey and avoid Immigration Customs & Enforcement ICE. Trump supporters engaged Congressman Correa as he began the pro illegal event and soon after the verbal exchange began, the town hall was officially shut down by police officers.

Town Hall Shut Down By Police Officers.

Trump Supporter Struck While In her Seat Before Pro Illegal Immigration Town Hall Began.

There was a representative from the Mexican Consulate as well as an immigration attorney featured as speakers on the immigration town hall panel.

The open border group CHIRLA was scheduled to present their Know Your Rights slideshow.

The event was held at the Dehli Community Center in Santa Ana.

After the town hall was shut down, officers stationed outside of the building as attendees from all sides of the political spectrum engaged in heated debate while exiting the town hall.  An Antifa protester struck and injured a Trump Supporter's hand and also struck an officer. The assailant was arrested.

Above one of the pro illegal activists hollering in the parking lot after the event had ended.

Congressman Lou Correa

OCGOP: "Stop the Car Tax!!!

Fellow Republican – your help is urgently needed to stop the recent car and gas tax hikes approved by the liberal Democrats in Sacramento!

As you may know, a coalition including the California Republican Party, KOGO’s Carl DeMaio and the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association are leading a signature drive to block tax hikes from the Democrats.

Volunteers are needed!

To sign up, please go to

Thank you for your support of this important effort!


Hon. Fred M. Whitaker
Republican Party of Orange County


Karina La Korrupta of Huntington Park Caught in Corruption

When Bell was exposed, almost every member of the city council was locked up, along with the city manager and the city clerk. The takedown of this pre-eminently corrupt city, overcharging city residents with high taxes and fees proved too much, even for the normally liberal-leaning Los Angeles Times to deal with.

The way a small-town politician used her relationship with city contractors to draw income could pose an important test of the state’s conflict of interest laws, good-government experts said.

FYI: We the People Rising have been reporting on these corrupt transactions for at least two years.

Huntington Park Councilwoman Karina Macias raised money for a 2015 state Assembly candidate who never actually filed to run, and she was paid a commission based on a percentage of the total. The district attorney’s office launched a review of Macias’ commission and her votes as a councilwoman after a Times article that revealed the arrangement.

Karina Macias got rich off of consulting fees for private vendors. Then she voted nicely on the contracts for these vendors. I call this whole scheme a conflict of interest!

Experts said last week that if the practice is found to be legal, or is otherwise permitted, it would provide public officials a loophole they could potentially use for self-enrichment.

Maybe I should be a consultant and help raise money for non-candidates, and then I can vote on nice rich contracts for corrupt vendors, too! YAY!

Macias raised money from people linked to companies that were awarded contracts by Macias and Huntington Park's council majority. Those included the city’s bus service and dial-a-ride operator, its street sweeping and bus stop maintenance vendor and a towing company.

Just because Kreepy Karina announced to the vendors

According to Macias, she informed these people that, if they contributed, she would receive a commission. In prior interviews with The Times, she could not give an example of someone who contributed and was not connected to a city contractor. She was paid $6,800 total for her fundraising work.

Macias has denied that the commission in any way influenced her votes on contracts.

WOW! This is the same lady who shot the middle finger at We the People Rising at a fundraising function near the city hall. Keep it classy, Karina!

There are two main conflict of interest laws on the state’s books that might apply to Macias’ situation. A violation of the law known as the Political Reform Act, which makes it illegal to cast votes that financially benefit sources of income, could mean a possible misdemeanor or an administrative fine.

Lock her up! LOCK HER UP!

What a creepy lady. What a crappy city council!

Steve Cooley, the former L.A. County district attorney who created the office’s public integrity division, said Macias’ commission and votes could have violated the more serious felony conflict of interest law.

The essential question for prosecutors, Cooley said, is whether Macias structured a “quid pro quo” deal.

If the district attorney's office files criminal charges, it would “send a message” that “this is a no-fly zone. Don’t go there,” Cooley said.

Thank goodness for Steve Cooley. There would have never been a public integrity division without Cooley.

Jessica Levinson, a government ethics professor at Loyola Law School, said such a precedent might encourage ill-disposed politicians in places where fewer people are paying attention. That would include relatively small cities and scores of often obscure agencies that make up the patchwork of governments in places like L.A.

Jessica Levinson has weighed on integrity and public interest issues a number of times. When is she going to start focusing on the corruption in local cities, like Torrance California? How about why city council members in the Palos Verdes Peninsula chose to abandon their elected offices? There is a lot of corruption going on in Hermosa Beach--or so I have heard reports about getting people employment by elected office.

Bob Stern, who coauthored the Political Reform Act, said that if there is a determination that what Macias did is aboveboard, then it would be clear that the Huntington Park councilwoman had found a loophole in the law he helped write.

Oh No! I want Karina Macias in prison for her corruption, for her lawlessness, for her hatred of everything that is American!

Final Reflection

When do they lock up Karina Macias?

How about the rest of her corrupt colleagues alone with her?

I am fed upw

Trump Supporters Chase Congressman Out Of His Illegal Alien Town Hall

Congressman Lou Correa (D-Santa Ana) felt compelled and justified to host an illegal alien town hall.


Sources and followers are now telling me Correa and his fellow illegal alien pandering Congressmen should be arrested on the spot for hosting these outrageous, illegal gatherings.

Think it through, people. How would you react of a Congressman was teaching professional thieves how to get away with burglary and avoid capture?

That's what these Congressmen--Grace Napolitano, Lou Correa, Nanette Barragan, and others--are doing!

Enough is enough.

We the People Rising, Los Angeles County for Trump, all of us and our friends who could come arrived on scene at the Delhi Center to record and report on Lou Correa's abortive town hall. The paperwork lining the tables as we checked it had taxpayered resources telling illegal aliens and their enablers how to get counseling, how to apply for citizenship (now? finally?!).

Almost all of the materials were written in Spanish! Talk about racist and prejudicial--on two levels! First, the documentation does not permit law-abiding, English-speaking citizens to know what the federal government and the illegal alien Congressman is pushing. Second, such a limited about of translation sends the clear signal that only Spanish-speaking nationals are coming into the country illegally.

Terrible precedented, and We the People are paying for it!

Cyrus Hojjaty showed up a little bit later, but before the meeting was set to begin. He called out the Congressman and his staff for pushing welfare to illegal aliens.

I had to suffer with adults in the room who resorted to telling me to shut up. Some of them called me and fellow Trump supporters names. Such childish behavior. One of the biggest children in the room was Naui Huitzilopochtli. He was ready for any opportunity to shame and harrass anyone he could find.

I had so much fun with him! I brought a coconut for Naui to realize what is a coconut--and it's not Raymond O'Hara. Who has a hard brown head with bits of fuzz all over? NAUI! Of course, he did not find that every funny. When I wanted to hand him a pacifier, he seized it out of my hands, then threw it back in my bag. I guess he just wants to cry!

For the next fifteen minutes, while the rest of the group was gathering in the front rows, I connected briefly with Lupe Morfin. SHE CAME! Lupe is awesome! She has been fighting illegal immigration for years. She was one of the Minutemen in 2006. And she knows Naui all too well! "Naui would come after and my grandchildren. He made them cry!

Shameful! These amnesty panderers are cruel and unusal. They have neither respect nor regard for anyone. When I started slamming Naui's legacy of harrassing children and their guardians, he rushed over right away to try and correct the record. He is getting scared and angry!

Victory for Trump Supporters!

The other "Stolen Land" crew showed up with their little signs.I started putting the uestion back to them. "Why are you trying to steal other people's land?" I reminded another wannabe Native American that her ancestors had enslaved other people, even after the Civil War ended in 1865. She wasn't too happy to hear about that. Someone else should remind these Mexica, La Raza nativists, and other anti-American communists that all peoples have enslaved others. It was the Western World, particularly in the United States, which took diligent steps to end slavery. The conscientious objections of godly men enabled them to end the slave trade all over the world.

At one point, Jessica Runfola was attacked by a hateful Chicana who believes that the United States is "stolen land." A court hearing will take place later in July. We expect that Jessica will be released as the charges will be dismissed.

The altercations between Correa and Trump supporters grew more heated after that. Clearly, the patriots in the room were not going to sit back and arbitrarily tolerate the treasonous disregard of our nation's Constitution and immigration laws.

Correa closed down the meeting, but we refused to let him get away with his arbitrary pandering for illegal aliens. The Santa Ana police began escorting everyone out of the room. Then a fight broke out in the parking lot. An Antifa thug was arrested. The police told everyone to leave the area.

Naui was completely triggered, along with the rest of the "Stolen Land" bigots.

All of us were able to escape without fear.

And we had so much to celebrate!!!

CAGOP: Democrats are Targeting Devin Nunes and Duncan Hunter, too?!

Now this is just plain insane.

The National Democratic Party really thinks that California is their gold mine for flipping seats and building back their majority in the House of Representatives.

I don't think so.

The California GOP Eblast just called out this desperate attempt:

Election 2018 Stop Top Two in California! DONATE NOW!

Dear Stop Top 2 supporter,

For those of you who have not contributed to the Stop Top 2 Initiative, please do so after reading this email.  You can go online to contribute at:  or send a check to the Foundation at the address appearing below.

I’m counting on each of you.  You can’t achieve success at the magnitude this effort requires unless EVERYONE steps up to the plate financially!  I now have over $30,000 of my time and $3,000+ out-of-pocket dedicated to this cause and I’m not stopping.  No amount is too small to contribute.  It all adds up.

Thank you.


Thomas E. Palzer
State Coordinator
P.O. Box 2413
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729

HIRA Open Letter to Hawaii GOP: Get Rid of RINO Imposter Boyd Ready

Infiltrates Hawaii GOP Leadership with Phony Credentials

May 30, 2017
Ms. Shirlene Ostrov
Hawaii Republican Party
725 Kapiolani Blvd., #C-105
Honolulu, HI 96813
RE:   Request for Cessation of Impostor Boyd Ready's Fake County Officer Status
Dear Chairwoman Ostrov:
First of all, please accept my congratulations upon your election as chairwoman of the Hawaii Republican Party for the next two years.  On behalf of the Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA), we sincerely hope that the future of Republicans will be a brighter one with the end of the disastrous Fritz Rohlfing era which came on the heels of the disastrous Pat Saiki era.
With nearly seven months having transpired since the 2016 general election, we are genuinely hopeful that your campaign promises of improved issues advocacy, messaging, grassroots organizing, public education and persuasion, platform development, fundraising, party modernization, financial transparency, accountability, and eliminating the decades long manipulation of party processes and decision-making by your best known backers will be swiftly realized in time to impact the 2018 elections just 17 months away.  Happily, these are the very priorities HIRA has regularly urged the Hawaii GOP to pursue.  We sincerely hope you can right the ship accordingly.
Here's my main reason for writing you today.  As a card-carrying member of the Hawaii Republican Party since the 1980's,please accept this letter as my formal request that you take all action necessary to stop Boyd Ready from improperly pretending to occupy the non-existent position of "Vice-Chair" of the Honolulu County Republican Party and to compel Mr. Ready to cease and desist from attempting to continue exerting any authority which he is attempting to derive from pretending to occupy this position.
Allow me to explain the fraud and rule breaking so that you can move with speed to correct this situation.
At this the meeting of the state rules committee held just three days ago, on Saturday, 27 May 2017, Fritz Rohlfing holdover Andrew Walden -- your newly-reappointed chairman of the state rules committee and the same guy who wanted the Hawaii GOP to endorse Democrat donor and endorser Kym Pine for re-election -- explicitly advised Maui GOP county chairman Greg Lussier to check the state party's website to review the official repository of county and state rules in order to find answers to his questions.  Perhaps you heard this exchange between Mssrs. Walden and Lussier, since you were in attendance at this very meeting.  Well, HIRA enthusiastically took Mr. Walden's advice to heart; especially knowing that Boyd Ready and a team of three other top party leaders have been in charge of the state website for quite some time:
Directly responsible for placing and maintaining the most current versions of the county and state rules on the state party website are these high-ranking individuals at the Hawaii GOP:
Boyd Ready, immediate past state party secretary and four-year member of the state executive committee;
Andrew Walden, chairman of the state rules committee under Rohlfing and Ostrov;
Andy Mukk, immediate past state vice-chair for communications (who held the post for four years);
Fritz Rohlfing, immediate past state chairman and past chairman of the Honolulu County Republican Party.
These are the four individuals whose positions made them responsible for the relevant content of the state party's website,which Walden himself vouched for only three days ago.
Oddly enough, Rohlfing, Mukk, Ready are still listed as top state party officers today, two full weeks since the state convention on Kauai.  But that's another matter entirely.  What matters is that the very same party rules and the very same website Mr. Walden vouched for is the same website which is online today.
I visited the Hawaii GOP website this past Saturday that you and your team of state party officers (mostly comprised of current Oahu League officers) are now responsible for.  At, I clicked on the "About" link, then "Downloadable Resources" which brought me to this section of the website (screenshot below):
Just as Mr. Walden explicitly assured everyone on the state rules committee this past Saturday, listed on the site were all of the current state and county rules available for download and reading, including the rules of the Honolulu County Republican Party which hyperlink is copied below:
As you can see from the upload date contained in the URL of this file, these posted rules for the Honolulu County Republican Party were uploaded to the official Hawaii GOP website in July 2014.  These rules, adopted on 22 March 2005, are the most recently adopted rules of the Honolulu County GOP.  More importantly, your state rules committee chair explicitly vouched for these rules as recently as three short days ago in front of the entire statewide membership of the state party's rules committee.
Now, Section 301 of these rules clearly establishes the legitimate officer positions for the Honolulu County Republican Party.  "Vice-Chair" is not one of these.  There is, of course, a county chair position along with several regional vice-chair positions, plus a treasurer and a secretary.  But there is no "Vice-Chair" listed as a legitimate officer post.  That's because there is no such position which Boyd Ready is currently pretending to occupy.
The Hawaii GOP has enough problems without having people pretending to be officers at any level of the troubled organization.  It doesn't even matter that Boyd Ready has demonstrated himself to be unfit for any party office by participating several weeks ago in an outrageous and deceitful coordinated power grab for personal power that debased the entire county committee, to say nothing of his sordid record of collusion and coverup of financial and other problems as state party secretary or his failed record as state party vice-chair for coordinated campaigns before that (under Pat Saiki).  All that matters is that Boyd Ready is improperly pretending to hold an office which does not exist.
What must happen now is making sure that our party's rules are no longer being broken.  As your own campaign website makes abundantly clear:
You are absolutely right on point with your campaign pledge, Chairwoman Ostrov.  Blatant rule breaking is absolutely unacceptable.  Yet Boyd Ready has been improperly representing himself as "Vice-Chair" of the Honolulu County Republican Party for more than two months; fraudulently occupying a position which does not even exist under the rules of the Honolulu County Republican Party -- rules which we were directed to by your own rules committee chairman, Mr. Walden.
Boyd Ready's improper misrepresentation of himself as "Vice-Chair" of the Honolulu County Republican Party and his assertion of any authority derived from holding this bogus position must come to an immediate end.  As the state party's most recent secretary and as a member of the state executive committee for four long years, Mr. Ready himself has no excuse to claim ignorance of the ruleswhich he and Mr. Walden and Mr. Rohlfing and Mr. Mukk posted on the Hawaii GOP website.  There is no such position as "Vice-Chair" of the Honolulu County Republican Party and Mr. Ready must be stopped from pretending to hold that position any longer, as this example from 24 April 2017 clearly exhibits Mr. Ready's fraudulent pretense, when the same Boyd Ready who didn't like losing the election for county chair at the county convention a month earlier still refuses to accept the outcome after overwhelmingly losing the vote again at a special county committee meeting engineered byBoyd Ready with fellow corruptniks Fritz RohlfingJack James,Bob McDermott and McDermott's aide Keith Trollman:

I call upon you and Mr. Walden to immediately declare that Mr. Ready may no longer pretend to be "Vice-Chair" of the Honolulu County Republican Party and to affirm that no such position exists under the rules of the Honolulu County Republican Party organization.   I expect that this matter can be swiftly ruled upon and concrete action taken by the end of this week, unless a concerted effort by party officials is made to invent some twisted logic or falsification of documents to preserve Mr. Ready in this non-existent position.
At the 23 April 2017 meeting of the county committee, Ready had to be instructed by house district chairman Mike Palcic to turn over the gavel after Ready's reprehensible power grab failed.  Now, I believe it is your turn (and Mr. Walden's) to instruct power-hungry Boyd Ready to stop desperately pretending to hold a party post which does not even exist.
I understand this enforcement could prove difficult, since Boyd Ready is one of only three people whose endorsements you listed on your campaign website for state chair:

But I hope you'll agree that it is a shame that Mr. Ready woulddeliberately misrepresent himself to others as holding a nonexistent party officer post.  I doubt that many would be truly surprised given Mr. Ready's many insidious past actions.
Finally, please know that should Boyd Ready remain as "Vice-Chair" of the Honolulu County Republican Party, then it will beabundantly clear to everyone that the new party leadership remains as unserious about following the party's own published rules as previous party leaders.
Thanks in advance for your speedy action on this urgent matter.   I look forward to your reply and to the action you and Mr. Walden take to remedy this unfortunate and highly problematic situation.
Good luck to you and your team over the next two years.

Member, Hawaii Republican Party (HRP)
President, Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA)
Chairman, HIRA Action SuperPAC