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Torrance Democratic Club: Racism, Wayward RINOs, Sexual Harrasment Issues, And Schaper Derangement Syndrome

The Torrance Daemocratic Club has some terrible skeletons in their closet.

Who would have known? Who would have guessed?

Some of the Torrance Democratic Club members have engaged in some pretty unseemly acts. TDC President Jimmy Gow's tresspassing on a veteran's hall is right there at the top of the list, for example.

We could also mention how he tried to turn the removal of a traffic commissioner into a partisan affair, going after me at the Beach Cities Republicans because we all took the lead to ensure that Patrick Furey Jr. was removed from the commission right away.

And then I received some incredible intel.

The Torrance Democratic Club is now meeting at the Hometown Buffet in Torrance.

And someone was able to find out for what is going on in there!

I have spies everywhere.

I have friends, contacts, fellow conservatives, activists, fighters of all backgrounds who are furious with the illiberal political perversities of Mayor Pat Furey, Tim Goodrich, and Social Services Commissioner Jimmy Gow.

Check out the info that I got about the Torrance Democratic Club at one of their more recent meetings!

First, let's talk about Sue Herbers. She is running for District Four to replace Councilman Milton Herring.

And she was speaking at the Torrance Democratic Club. However, she is a registered Independent, but still ... she was speaking at the Torrance Democratic Club!

According to one source, Herbers is using Patrick Furey Jr. as her campaign consultant. Wow! This is unbelieveable. What kind of folly is this? What is she thinking? This guy has been hit with multiple ethical violations. He was fined by the FPPC, too!

Her biggest pitch to the Torrance Democratic Club? She wants young blood in the Democratic party and on the city council. She needs to run because of all the "right-wingers" on the city council. Wow. Not a very centered, non-partisan lady, is she? And to think that she was the Clerk for the City of Torrance for years.

Then there was Andrew De Block. He is running against Councilman Mike Griffiths.

He is very progressive, of course, since he was the chief of staff for Al Muratsuchi. He has beeen talking a great deal about the homeless issue, and he is on par with housing the homeless as the best solution to the whole crisis.

Then there's Geoff Rizzo. He has turned out to be the biggest disappointment of them all. This guy is supposed to be a registered Republican, and yet he was speaking at the Torrance Democratic Club meeting at Hometown Buffet earlier this month.

Check out this grainy photo op of Rizzo with Gow:

Here are some things that he shared at the latest Torrance Democratic Club Meeting:

He wants to house the homeless in commercial building, and he wants to build showers for them.

According to my source, Rizzo said that "we must progress " on the homeless issue. Really.

Rizzo has been moving to the left for a long time, since he got elected in 2014, and even after that. He had no interest in doing anything about the pension issues when I talked to him. He has spoken out against concealed carry.

Then he shared that the following image was shared with the Torrance City Council:

This is unreal. Shame on the Black Lives Matter Hate Group that has been harassing Torrance City Council and residents. They think that they have a right to punish everyone else because Christopher "Cowboy" Mitchell chose to steal cars and drive around with an air rifle at his feet.

Notice how they have him floating in the sky with his little angel wings, and a marijuana leaf covering his private parts. Really? This is how they do justice to Christopher Mitchell.

Man, I am so tired of this crap. I am so tired of black thugs getting celebrated, when there are plenty of black lives doing good for this country. Many of these black lives do not want to be seen merely for their skin color, either. They are Americans. They may think of themselves as "African Americans" or "Black Americans", but they are Americans, nonetheless.

Christopher "Cowboy" Mitchell was a violent criminal. If BL(D)M has a problem with the DA not pressing charges on the police, then they need to complain to Jackie Lacey. They are wasting their breath screaming at the Torrance City Council

The very notion of this KKK crap and combining it with the police department is really insulting. On top of that, they have a picture of Christopher "Cowboy" Mitchell looking like some kind of angel, and they portray him getting beaten down by four police officers. Give me a break.

Does the Torrance Democratic Club endorse calling the Torrance Police Department "KKK"?

Rizzo did not want the above picture getting out, because he feared that residents might file a FOIA request on the matter. This is quite disturbing. These Anti-Black haters need to exposed for all that they are doing.

And there's more ...

My source then tod me that there is a major lingering problem in the Torrance Democratic Club.

The California Democratic Party is struggling with several sexual harassment issues. During their meeting in November, Jimmy Gow actually laughed about this. He thinks it's funny.

Another guy was attending the meetings, of course.

His name?

John Paul Tabakian.

This is the same guy who has been switching sides for the longest time, trying to find whichever side he thinks will help him win something or gain ground.

During some he meetings, he says nothing.  He just watches.  When the Torrance Democratic Club talks about the harassment issues that are coming to the forefront, Tabakian supports the women being harassed. In one meeting, John Paul was yelling at Jimmy Gow over the sex harassment issues, and he did this in public, in the parking lot in front of Hometown Buffet.

At one point, John Paul Tabakian announced that he did not want to help the club anymore.

Then there's Torrance Unified School Board member Terry Ragins.

Terry Ragins is seated on the far right

Terry Ragins ... she just sits there, says nothing.  She looked scared. According to my source, she did not react or say anything when the discussions turn to the issue.

And guess who else they talk about?

Yours truly.

They talk about Arthur a lot. Schaper Derangement Syndrome is at an all-time high with the Torrance Democratic Club.

Jimmy Gow saiys I am "unhinged". Tabakian actually spoke in my defense: "At least he doesn't fuck kids."

Jimmy Gow calls me "unhinged." Yes. Right, Sure.

True that. Democrats have a much sicker penchant of doing that. Should we be surprised, since they endorse homosexuality, transgenderism, at the rest of the sorry set of sexual deviance into their arty? Say "No" to all sexual perversions. Of course, Tabakian was very likely alluding to Mr. Eric Bauman, the previous chairman of the California Democratic Party who was ousted after numerous allegations of sexual misconduct. Very serious stuff. So serious, that even Governor Gavin Newsom got involved and demanded his ouster.

But as I wrote above, there is a whole slew of sexual misconduct issues plaguing the California Democratic Party.

They make fun of my videos. They also talked about the video where I got arrested. Good times.

They say I'm a Nazi, part of a hate group, Ku Klux Klan. Blah, Blah, Blah. I wish they could be more original when attacking me.

They are suspicious that I might be bringing in a gun. Funny! They were saying that that is why I can't teach kids anymore. Really funny.


They make fun of Aurelio... they make cub of his Italian voice. What kind of liberal group goes out of its way to make fun of immigrants? Two immigrants sit on the Torrance City Council, and yet the Torrance Democratic Club and the liberals in the surrounding city go out of their way to mock them. It is nothing short of disgusting. They talk a great game about caring about immigrants, but in reality they just want to use them for their own sick, narrowminded benefit.

My source also told me that:

1. The Torrance Democratic Club wants to raise taxes.

2. They want to form a group to destroy the wall.

3. They are afraid of  Sharon Kalani, who is running for Torrance City Council District Four. They actually that she's is a Nazi, too.

Too bad that they don't know their history all that well. The Nazis were progressives, just like them. EEK!

Final Reflection

A good friend of mine took the time to get this information about the Torrance Democratic Club. This little snippet into their inner workings should give people enough of an idea why people like this--especially Jimmy Gow--should not be anywhere near leadership or governing power in the city of Torrance.

Response to Rob Smith: Is There A Place For Gays in the Republican Party?

Rob Smith is an openly gay, black Iraq War Veteran.

Check, check, check the list of identity politics talking points.

He has also been a featured guest and guest host with Charlie Kirk at the different town halls on college campuses. "Culture War" has turned out into a war of all against all, it seems, at least from an ideological perspective.

There are those on the Left going after Kirk and Co. for supporting free enterprise.

Then there are those on the right (at least, for the most part) who are pushing concerns about demographic changes, illegal immigration, mass migration, and the promotion of LGBT issues, along with growing reserve about the United States' relationship with Israel.

I want to focus on the LGBT issues.

Rob Smith is a so-called "gay conservative". I have often found this coupling quite troubling.

Rob Smith: Is There A Place For Gays in the Republican Party?


During last week’s Turning Point USA “Culture War” event at Ohio State University, private questions about the increasing visibility of gay conservatives in the Donald Trump era came into full public view.

I agree with Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson:

This is immoral insanity.

We simply cannot keep making accommodations for every little interest group, especially groups that are based on a false understanding of biology, genetics, and human develoment.

Homosexuality, transgenderism, and other paraphilias are mental disorders. We cannot endorse them, and the conservative movement, if it wishes to have any salience and relevance, needs to stand for natural law and natural rights. There should be no equivocation whatsoever.

Aside from the vulgar provocations of a few bad-faith trolls, the underlying question from Christian conservatives in the movement is a valid one: is there a place for gays in the Republican party?

Supposedly, as long as they keep their private perversions well, private. People may struggle with all kinds of vices, but that does not undermine the truth and necessity of standing up for natural law, natural rights, and biological truth.

Since you’re reading my words on his eponymous website, we can point to Andrew Breitbart’s own take on the question of gay conservatives before his untimely death.

So what? Andrew Breitbart was not right about everything. Being LGBT "friendly" is not really helpful to the fight for taking back the constitutionalism and the Judeo-Christian culture so needed in our country.

In 2011, the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) came under fire from religious groups due to their inclusion of gay conservative groups. In response, he helped to organize a party for the gay groups. Speaking on radio at the time, he said:

"I am not endorsing gay marriage, I’m not endorsing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” I will be the harshest critic of the activist gay left, who I fear more than al-Qaida. But for these people not to exist in a two-party system, for you to tell them they’re not welcome in the big tent, I have a huge problem with that and I’m going to indulge in my all ’80s Depeche Mode, Cure, New Order fetish — and we’re going to have a big ‘ol gay party at CPAC."

I disagree with Andrew Breitbart on that sentiment. To promote conservative values, you must conserve those values, and you cannot conserve those values without the family.

That's one man and one woman in marriage, who in turn have children. Not two moms, not two dads, and not broken pandering to homosexuality, transgenderism, and the like.

Gays have always served in more peripheral functions in the party. One former staffer from a very prominent (and very heterosexual) Republican politician told me at one event that gays “practically ran” the office of this particular politician.

And what's Rob Smith's point? There is no point. This does not justify promoting and ingratiating oneself to homosexuality in the conservative cause.

So on one hand, there’s absolutely a place for gays in the party. I mean, honestly, do you think a straight man is making Melania look that good all the time?

WOW! That's kind of ... homophobic, there, Rob, don't you think?

And, speaking of The White House, in a viral moment from a few weeks back, I shook the President’s hand, looked him right in the eyes, and said three words: “Gays For Trump!” His eyes lit up in wonder and excitement, undoubtedly seeing the possibility of millions of potential new voters.

Jair Bolsonaro won 20% of the vote fro mthe homosexual population in Brazil, and he campaigned openly as a "proud homophobe" himself. This pandering to identity groups is a foolish waste of time. It is undermining our civic culture and eroding the fundamental values which make a country great.

So, yes, the Trump era is much different on the subject of gays than, say, the Romney era would have been (even typing those last three words made me shudder).

What a crock. Mitt Romney was actively pushing homosexual causes in Massachusetts. During the 2012 New Hampshire debates, he declared his determination to push for so-called gay rights.

The increased visibility and prominence of people like us in the Trump era seems to be ruffling feathers within the party. So the question isn’t really if the party has a place for gays, but rather: does it have a place for very public and very visible gays like myself, or Guy Benson, or Scott Presler, or any number of openly gay conservatives doing good work right now?

There is no place for promoting homosexuality, transgenderism, etc. It's time to challenge the fundamental narrative of the question "Is there a place for gays?"

This notion that homosexuality, transgenderism, etc. constitute identities needs to be challenged at its core. These behaviors cannot, should not establish an identity. It makes no sense. People are far more than feelings in their flesh.

To that, I say yes — with a few caveats. Gay conservatives are more sympathetic to the rights that Christians have to their deeply held biblical beliefs than our leftist counterparts, and even heterosexuals on the left. How else can you explain failed presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke’s insane idea to revoke the tax-exempt status of churches that refuse to perform gay marriages? That was just another bad idea that didn’t take off — much like his campaign, and I went on none other than Tucker Carlson Tonight to smack that one down.

It's not just a bad idea, Rob--it's evil. Churches should not face any attacks for promoting the beliefs cherished in their fundamental dogma. The lack of moral clarity is all to disconcerting. It needs to be confronted. Furthermore, trying to wed together two clearly conflicted ideologies: Christianity and homosexualism--is going to create problems, not unity.

The fundamental tenets of any stable society is family. Sex is about more than the pleasure of two individuals. It's about the protection and promotion of the the human race and the rights and dignity which God has accorded to each of us.

There are some that believe that I, as a gay man, cannot have a relationship with God. What others think of my relationship with God is not a concern of mine. I’m open about that relationship because it disgusts me how the far-left seeks to paint all Evangelical Christians as monsters who seek to destroy all gay people, and I believe that is a leftist agenda to move people away from God when I personally believe we should all do what we can to be closer to Him.

There are two responses to this:

1. You are not really a Christian
2. You are a Christian in bondage to a great lie.

Consider what Paul wrote to the Romans:

"For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet." (Romans 1:26-27)

How about First Corinthians?

"9Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, 10Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. 11And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God." (1 Corinthians 6: 9-11)

It is no secret that I am legally married to a man. Whether you believe my marriage is relevant or not in the eyes of God is none of my business, but I like to believe if God really didn’t like my marriage, he would’ve done something to destroy my big day, and with the exception of a bartender that was drinking more than he was serving, it went off without a hitch!

He allows all men free choice, but there is a reckoning for the wrongdoing they perpetrate. God allows free will, including the freedom to sin, and even to blaspheme his name. But there is a reckoning.

God is patient. His forbearance is great, because he wants all men to come to repentance.

"The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance." (2 Peter 3:9)

Breitbart was absolutely right: the far-left gay activist wing of the Democratic Party is a threat to the moral foundation of our society. However, it’s important to separate even those gays and lesbians from the leftist LGBTQIAK+++ agenda, whom I call the “Alphabet Soup.”

No. Homosexuality is wrong. Period. It's time to stop accommodating this folly.

The Alphabet Soup seeks to ‘transition’ young children, thinks tweens dancing for tips in a gay bar at 3AM is A-OK, and takes a particular interest in having adult drag queens have ‘story hour’ with children in public libraries. This particular wing of leftist insanity I’ve spoken out about many times, as have other prominent gay conservatives. The most terrifying thing about the far-left’s outsized interest in children is that gay men in particular have fought for decades to shed the “pedophile” stigma that has unfairly been ascribed to us, but the attention-starved degenerates of the far-left Alphabet Soup are rebuilding that stigma all over again, one child drag queen and “trans” 4 year old at a time.

Pedophilia is endemic in gay culture, Rob. There is no getting away with it. That is not to say that every homosexual is a pedophile. The correlation between the two populations is staggering, however, and cannot be ignored.

I believe that gays and lesbians of any political leaning stay silent about these perversions at their own peril, and I believe that aside from relentlessly pointing out Democratic hypocrisy towards African-Americans and supporting my veteran community in any way I can, my job as a gay conservative is to speak out about the sexualization of children that is happening on the far left as loudly and forcefully as I can.

Another perversion that they should not stay silent about? Homosexuality, transgenderism, and the rest. I submit that there are men and women who struggle with same-sex temptations. Those individuals should not run from promoting conservative causes and principles. They should not be promoting sexual deviancy or perversion either, however.

If there is any place for gay conservatives in the party, I believe that should be one of the top priorities. Even Evangelical Christians may agree with me on that.

No, not this Evangelical voter, and I am sure there are more who are finding the courage to speak out.


This had to be one of the worst articles I have ever read on Breitbart. Rob Smith could not justify his perverse lifestyle.

The arguments he offers had no substance, no basis in law, facts, moral bases, or truth. This notion of a gay Christian, and a gay Christian who is married to a man? This is nonsense. This is offensive, and this is completely out of line with the truth.

Consider what Paul says about those who call themselves believers but continue living in sin:

"But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one no not to eat." (1 Corinthians 5:11)

Anyone who claims to be a Christian but lives out homosexual conduct is not a Christian. For Rob Smith to be proud of this perversion is just outrageous. It should not be tolerated. Not in the slightest.

And check this out!

One word: Cringe.

Two words: Really cringe.

So, back to the question: is there a place for gays in the Republican Party?

Well, I reject the premise of that question. People are not born gay, and the behaviors should not be treated as an identity, either.

Second of all, there are all kinds of people who struggle with issues, whether privately or publicly. People who struggle with same-sex temptations can sort those issues out privately. They should not be promoting them, and they should not accommdate them. Simple as that.

There are conservatives who smoke. Let's hope that they can give up smoking, but there is no reason to exclude them from advancing conservative causes. After all, it's not as though they are promoting "smoking pride parades", for example.

Homosexuality, however, should not be promoted, and when anyone asks this question "Is there a place for the gays?" the pretext, or the subtext to that question is simple: promotion of homosexuality.

This is wrong, and Rob Smith's article for Breitbart was wrong on so many levels, too.

West Virginia MassResistance Exposes Morgantown Drag Queen Story Hour, Drag Performers, Lack of Background Checks, Etc.

MassResistance Exposed, Help Stop Drag Queen Story Hour in Morgantown, WV
Library Did No Background Checks on Drag Queens (One Has Criminal Record)
No Evidence of Threats Against Drag Queens, but LGBT Activists Threatened Local Pro-Family Activist

Morgantown, West Virginia ---

MassResistance, the international pro-family group that makes the difference, has been shutting down Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) programs all over the United States, starting last year in Atlanta, Georgia.

Our activists received word of another Drag Queen Story Hour, this time Morgantown, West Virginia. For the last six months, MassResistance has been working with pro-family contacts who have wanted to stop the spread of this corrupt LGBT agenda, which has been targeting children far more heavily. MassResistance got to work getting the word out to stop this Drag Queen Story Hour in Morgantown, West Virginia.

The Drag Queen Story Hour program was scheduled to take place in November 16, 2019. However, Following repeated phone calls, emails, and social media protests from our activists and other allies against the program, the Morgantown Library rightfully cancelled the program.

Despite the cancellation of the drag queen program, serious questions have remained unanswered. MassResistance filed a number of FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests with the Morgantown Library. In some of the email communications between the DQSH organizers and the library regarding the planned DQSH, the librarian Sarah Palfrey indicated that the program was cancelled due to supposed “death threats” issued to the library and to the performers. However, no record detailed the actual threats. What were those supposed threats? The media simply quoted the librarian that there had indeed been death threats, but there is no evidence of those threats to this day.
Another FOIA request, conducted by our Texas MassResistance director Tracy Shannon, turned up the actual police reports filed to the Morgantown, West Virginia police department. The two performers, Paul Liller and Michael Sinnett, filed these complaints. One of their remarks in the police report is distinctly odd: “[Paul] Liller advised that he did not want an investigation completed at this time, but wanted the incident documented.”

“This is really strange,” says Arthur Schaper, Organization Director for MassResistance. “If the Drag Queen performers were so worried about these death threats, then why would they file a report, but not seek an investigation?”

In addition to these specious claims of death threats, one of the local community leaders who protested the Drag Queen Story Hour, Cindy Frich, was actually the victim of a number of threats from comments on her own social media profiles. LGBT Activists even doxxed her, i.e. they posted her home address to the public hoping to cause her harm. They also posted screen shots of comments made on Facebook with the image of Ms. Frich, making her a target. Last of all, the librarian reinforced the misinformation by stating death threats were made by Ms. Frich, when nothing of the sort happened.

“The hypocrisy from the LGBT activists is simply stunning,” Schaper added. “They make unfounded claims about death threats, but Ms. Frich was actually placed in considerable danger. Also, the county prosecutor said there was not sufficient evidence to move forward with charges of making threats to the drag queens themselves.”

Following further FOIA requests to the Morgantown Library, it became evident that the library did not even conduct background checks on the Drag performers. This is truly alarming because one of them, Paul Liller, took a plea to theft charges a few years back.

Just as leaders from the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center of Baltimore and Central Maryland (GLCCB) are gearing up to host Pride 2016, the 2015 Pride Coordinator, Paul Liller, accepted a plea deal in a case in which he had been accused of theft by GLCCB’s board president Jabari Lyles.
Following three postponements that began in Baltimore’s District Court last December, Liller signed an Alford plea agreement in Baltimore Circuit Court on March 30. He pled guilty to a misdemeanor (Theft — less than $1,000 value) without admitting guilt and maintaining his innocence but admitting that the prosecution could likely prove the charge based on the evidence.

Schaper continued: “That anyone can call this man—or any adult performer—a ‘role model’ shows a complete lack of respect for children or common decency. It’s sickening!”

MassResistance also researched the social media profiles of the two drag queens scheduled to read at the Morgantown Library. The contents on their social media feeds are sexually explicit, and further demonstrate that Drag entertainers of any kind are not for children, nor should such performers be around children. Click here to see what MassResistance found out about Paul Liller and Michael Sinnett.

Tracy Shannon of Texas MassResistance shared her thoughts: “Sadly, this is not surprising. Libraries seem more interested in pushing an ideology than protecting children.”   In recent months the Texas MassResistance team found that two Drag Queens in a Houston public library were convicted child molesters. A third Drag Queen was convicted for male prostitution. Other Drag Queens around the country have similarly disturbing backgrounds, including the ones that wanted to read to children at the Morgantown Public Library.

MassResistance is urging the West Virginia State Legislature to take action to ensure that adult entertainers are not around children in any public setting, including libraries and public schools. MassResistance is also calling on local stakeholders and community leaders to contact us if elected officials at the local or state level are attempting to push the LGBT agenda further onto children and violate parental rights in the process.

Furthermore, MassResistance demands that the Morgantown library issue a public apology to Ms. Frich and the community at large as it put Ms. Frich’s life in danger and stirred division in the community.

For more information, please contact:
Arthur Schaper
Organization Director, MassResistance
Phone: (781) 890-6001

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Ben Shapiro Caved to LGBT, Fired Denise McAllister to Protect His "Brand"

I was so pleased to find Denise McAllister's Twitter feed promoted on my feed--at last.

Silicon Valley cannot silence righteous people speaking the truth.

Denise McAllister wrote some damning remarks condemning a homosexual's behavior.

Denise may have deleted the tweet, and perhaps the comments were a little crude.

But so what? Sometimes, speaking the truth makes us a little rough around the edges.

Here's the tweet that set off so many conservatives, as quoted by Yashar Ali, the gay, Catholic Iranian journalist (whatever):

Let's not forget, however, that Ali had also attacked Denise's relationship with her husband:

She later commented the following about Yashar Ali:

Indeed, it is. Homosexuals need to get help. There is no need for them to live in bondage to a lie.

And then finally she related that she had been fired by "The Federalist":

For speaking for men, for masculinity, for marriage, and for calling out homosexual perversion for what it is, she should have been applauded and encouraged.

No man can find love in another man's anus. It's just not possible. A man's anus is not the place or means for communicating conjugal love. It's just that simple.

Where McAllister's comments a little crude. Sure. I would have avoided the curse words. It's not really necessary. But that does not obfuscate the larger points which she was making:

1. Homosexuals have no business criticizing men and women and their relationships. Their relationship dynamics are based on biological fact and Biblical truth.
2. Homosexuals are in bondage to destructive behaviors which should not be normalized

Instead, she was fired.

Well, Denise finally revealed to the public what happened, and particularly what happened in connection with Ben Shapiro, the Editor-In-Chief of the Daily Wire:

Indeed, Conservative Inc. is not conserving anything.

In fact, why are we calling ourselves "conservatives" in the first place? I am a constitutionalist, a republican, and above a child of God who believes the Gospel!

It's time for us to go beyond merely conserving what we've got. It's time for us to expand the affirmation of what the Constitution so richly promises us, and the Declaration of Indpendence outlines that we have.

So, let's look at Ben Shapiro's remarks:

"We don't want our brand linked to the kind of gross attack you dropped on Yashar Ali today."

Really? So, for Ben it was all about protecting a brand? Whatever happened to advancing conservative, constitutional principles? Whatever happened to actually winning the culture war? Why does he care more about rhetoric than reality?

Then Shapiro writes:

"He [Yashar Ali] is not linked to our brand. You are. Please remove our brand."

Whose brand is that? It's more than just Ben's.

Then he chides Denise:

"You accused him [Yashar Ali] of finding meaning in another man's asshole. That's self explanatory beyond all boundaries of decency. Please remove us."

Denise added this final remark:
"Gotta protect the brand." "Must protect the brand." OK ...

One contributor writes something negative, off-color, heated, and

But the larger issue is that Denise McAllister called out homosexuality for what it is: a perversion. People have shared bad ideas, inappropriate remarks, even off-color statements on Twitter, Facebook, or other platforms without any real risk to the brands or programs that they work for.

But if someone crosses Big Homo or Big Tranny, everyone loses their minds! If you speak out against homosexuality or transgenderism, you are denigrated, decimated, and dismissed from the public sphere.

This tyranny is unacceptable. We should have the liberty to speak our minds, to speak freely, And printing groups, newsites, and other information organizations should not cut people because they misspeak once in a while.

For the Federalist and the Daily Wire to cave to the threatened labelings of "homophobe" or "transphobe" is just outrageous.

Denise McAllister should not have been summarily dismissed for calling out homosexuality for what it is: a destructive perversion. Instead, Conservative Inc. typermasters at the Daily Wire and the Federalist chose to cave rather than stand their ground. Sad. Sad indeed.

Press Release from Fight Sanctuary State: Justice for Angel Mom Agnes Gibboney


I was awakened this morning with marvelous news. The kind of news that makes you pause briefly and thank our Father in Heaven.

A couple of years ago I was introduced to a wonderful woman by the name of Agnes Gibboney. Agnes had a story to tell that was both inspiring while at the same time tragic. Let me briefly introduce you to Agnes.

Agnes and her family are from Hungary. When she was a young girl they fled the Communist repression that the creation of The Iron Curtain had brought to a once proud and free nation. They’r dreams and aspirations were to come to the US and start a new and better life for themselves.

Now, Agnes and her family didn’t do as most immigrants do today!

They applied at the US Embassy. They soon discovered that their port of entry to freedom would not be the USA, rather they were sent to Brazil.

Agnes spent her formative years growing up stateless, as the Communist in Hungary stripped her family’s citizenship, confiscated they’re passports and loaded them on a train and then a ship; stateless.

It would be some 20 years before they got world from the US Embassy in Rio de Janeiro that their application for entry to the US had been granted.

From there they followed all of the laws and were in short order naturalized. Finally, after years in refugee camps they were free...Free at last, as the late Dr. King exclaimed from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

Soon after becoming a American, Agnes found herself with child. She gave birth in the early 70’s to a wonderful baby boy. Ronald as their loving parents christen him was a “Freedom Baby”...As Agnes has recounted many times to me; “my Ronald was born the freest of the free, he was our first generation American!”

Ronald’s life was like most kids growing up in Southern California. He was bright, precocious, played sports, he was on his way to enjoying the fruits of American Greatness.

Then came April 27th of 2002...

On that day, while visiting with his children Ronald’s life was cut short by three bullets at the hands of an illegal alien thug. This scumbag had approached Ronald and his friend to dish out retribution for some slight at some Cholo hangout. As Ronald lay in the streets dying, this thug ran away.

Upon his arrest and interrogation, he discovered that he had “busted a cap” on the wrong person. In the glow of a street light he had mistaken Ronald for his intended victim.

April 27, 2002 the day the American Dream ended for Agnes.

The illegal Alien Murderer was charged with 187 Murder in the First Degree.

Thanks to a feckless leftist Judge who took pity on this poor “Victim of Society”,.The Judge continually urged him to accept a plea bargain. This plea bargain allowed a blood soaked murderer to “cop” to voluntarily manslaughter. He received 11 years on the plea and an additional 10, for special circumstances because a fire arm was used in the Commission of his crime.

Luis Humberto Gonzalez y Valencia was sentenced to “break big rocks into little rocks” in a California State Prison until June 24, 2020.

Folks...Remember, Jerry Brown, Gavin Newsom, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and Ted Lieu all cry out “Illegal Aliens don’t commit crimes!!!!

To that I say let them meet Agnes Gibboney!!!

Fast forward now...We go farther down the Rabbit Hole.

State Senator Kevin de Leon authors and passers SB54...The FIRST statewide Sanctuary Bill in the nation.

It was then that I locked arms with Agnes, Don Rosenberg(son Drew murdered by a thrice deported illegal), Ben Barquam and thousands of other great Californian’s to fight the malignant tumor on our state.

A couple of months ago, Agnes and her family received a letter from the Department of Corrections informing her that the illegal thug who took Ronald’s life was scheduled to be released a year ahead of time (thank you AB109) and that there would be no ICE Detainer filed on him.

No one needs to tell you that at that moment, Agnes was forced to relive all the horrors of losing her son.

Agnes wrapped herself in the full armor of God...and in a “Howard Beale” moment said out loud...”I’m mad as Hell and I’m not going to take it anymore”

She started a letter writing campaign to toe DOC. She rallied the troops up and down the state.

I know that calls were made to DHS, ICE, because I reached out to another “Angel Parent” with those connections. (H/T to Don Rosenberg)

This Thug was released on November 21st. That same day Agnes took to the podium in a well attended Press Conference and decried this injustice.

At this point I want to give a shout out to Ben Barquam, Don Rosenberg, Sabine Durbin, Cynthia Truhan, Greg Brooks and my good friend Ravi Mehta for your “long suffering” dedication to the repeal of not only SB54, but AB460...Thank you!!

I also want to shout out again to Ben and to John Berry for your great job on that Press Conference.

This morning Agnes got news that “ERO” The Enforcement Removal Operations” a division of ICE had descended on this punk cuffed him and he has a one way ticket back to Mexico.

I also want to give a shout out and express gratitude to our Commander in Chief. Thanks to him, this punk will be off our streets, hopefully for good.

Agnes has been to the White House many times. The President calls Ronald “Tom Selleck...only better looking”.

If any of you are unaware of Fight Sanctuary you can read Agnes’ story and more at:

Thanks to all of you.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Charlie Kirk Fail (Again): Calls Christian Truth "Anti-Gay Extremism"

Charlie Kirk may have backed off on handing out green cards to foreign nationals who graduate from American Universities.

But he has not backed away from defending homosexuality as acceptable.

Charlie Kirk with openly gay "conservative" Rob Smith
at The Ohio State University Culture War Town Hall

He keeps pushing this idea that "gay" is some kind of identity, when it's a set of behaviors which should not be normalized. There are many ex-gays. There is no such thing as an "ex-black" or an "ex-male".

Consider this exchange that Charlie Kirk had with another college student at another "Culture War" event:

At the outset, Kirk shames the questioner with "Wow, that's the slippery slope fallacy!"

But it's not a fallacy. The slippery slope is real. Brian Camenker, the President of MassResistance, warned the public about the dangers, short and long-term, posed by normalizing homosexuality, false marriage, and the rest.

Once again, as in other posts and statements, Charlie Kirk goes along with this false premise: "gay people."

It's not an identity. It's a behavior, and it's a mental disorder which should not be promoted or celebrated. Any set of behaviors which diminishes an individual's life-span is neither wise nor good. Why would anyone consider this wise or appropriate?

On another note: loving all people does not mean endorsing their behaviors. It does not mean promoting lifestyles that are destructive and wrong.

In fact, God's Word is pretty clear-cut when it comes to dealing with Christians who do not walk in concourse with the truth :

"I wrote unto you in an epistle not to company with fornicators: Yet not altogether with the fornicators of this world, or with the covetous, or extortioners, or with idolaters; for then must ye needs go out of the world. But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one no not to eat." (1 Corinthians 5:9-11)

Conservatism should not be normalizing homosexuality, transgenderism, and other sexual paraphilias. It is essential to fight for the family, to fight for children to have a mom and a dad as much as is possible.

I also want to speak to the phrase "I believe marriage is one man and one woman."

It does not matter what I believe. Facts, truth, evidence are not based on what I believe, or what someone else surmises. They are true because they reflect reality. They are true because they are in concert with what is so.

Why Charlie Kirk insists on caving on this issue is just surprising to me.

His exchange with the young student in the video above was really bad form, as well.

When Kirk questioned whether the young man was a proud Trump supporter or not, he then denounced the student because Trump has allied with some openly gay individuals. Peter Thiel, for example, spoke at the RNC Convention. That really is a problem. Our culture is dying. Our culture is in trouble.

You can be a proud Trump supporter and still not agree with everything that he says or does. In fact, even Ed Koch, the liberal New Yorker who began supporting Republican candidates, often told prospective voters: "If you agree with me 70%, vote for me. If you agree with me 100%, see a psychiatrist!"

Then Kirk wanted to deflect the core issue--which is the conflict between calling yourself a Christian and promoting homosexuals who share other conservatives.

He wanted to put the speaker on the spot and make him look bad in front of others. Charlie then went off on how the Bible is the greatest book ever written. OK, great, that is true. But why then does he support promoting lifestyles that are destructive and unbiblical? If the Bible is the greatest book, and he believes in championing Judeo-Christian values, why does he then make exceptions for promoting and accommodating homosexuals?

Then Kirk fired back with this final question: "Why does what people do in the privacy of their own homes matter to you?"

First of all, this whole LGBT agenda, movement, etc. is no longer---and never has been--about safeguarding individuals to engage in sexual perversions in private.

Second of all, sexual perversion has public consequences. The declining human capital, the monetary costs, the mental illness, the venereal diseases which have become so widespread because of these beahavior make it all clear that private behavior has public consequences.

The government has every right to criminalize prostitution, incest, terrorist plots, lying on one's tax forms, etc. These behaviors often occur in private, but they have public consequences.

For moral good to have any guidance, it must be consistent and referenced as unchanging. The principles have to apply in public and in private. Simple as that. This argument of "live and let live" no longer lives up to its standards, simply because the homoseuxal lobby has never been interested in "Live and Let Live".

For decades, the general public heard from homosexual activists that they did not want to disrupt other people's lives. They merely wanted to "live and let live." Yet the truth has always been from LGBT activists: "We live, and you have to live with it", or as one homosexual activist had told me "You have to accept me. I will not accept tolerance." Yet the essence of tolerance is that we do not have to celebrate, like, enjoy, treasure, or prize ideas that we disagree with. Tolerance requires an adherence to clear-cut moral principles, or then a society, a culture turns into a miasma of tyranny,

This libertarian temptation which Charlie Kirk betrays is all too strong with some of these college-level Conservative Inc. types. It needs to be resisted, not accommodated.

Check out this powerful statement that best sums up the need to defend moral virtue:
There is no liberty without morality. There is no peace and prosperity without the rule of law.  There is no social order to allow freedom if there is no fixed moral framework.

It's time for these so-called groypers to get their facts together and strenghten their arguments when dealing with homosexuality, transgenderism, and the influence of other sexual paraphilias into the conservative moment.

It's not "anti-gay extremism" to stand up for natural marriage. The extremism came out of Charlie Kirk, when he went to great lengths to shame the person asking the questions calling out the conflict between Christian revelation and homosexual accommodation which Mr. Kirk has been engaging in for the last three years.

This has been going on much longer than most people realize. Check out what Mark Dice discovered:
No, homosexuals should not be adopting children. Children by many metrics need a mother and father, not two moms or two dads. Where did anyone get this foolish idea that we should begin compromising and appeasing homosexual activists? Why is this going on?

Because for too long, conservatives have continued to cave in the fight for what matters. They allowed the left to one battle after another without fighting back, and the consequences have become catastrophic.

Calling Out Amnesty Pandering at the Beach Cities Republicans (Endorsements for AD-66 Central Committee)

It was really good--and invigorating--to speak out at the Beach Cities Republicans meeting last night.
I liked meeting with many familiar faces, and there were some other people whom I did not recognize, or whom I had not seen for at least two years.
The first guest speaker talked about Lyin' Ted Lieu and his
One of the guest speakers, William Valladares, was talking about immigration. He was playing up the fact that he is a "minority Latino GOP" whatever. Aren't we at a point in this country where we stopped judging people by the color of their skin, but started looking at the content of their character?
He then started talking about the "Dreamers", the so-called "Dreamers." He said that he supports giving them amnesty. He also said that some of them love this country more than other Americans. I was really offended by these liberal talking points.

Illegal immigration is illegal immigration. Illegal is illegal. Just because your parents broke the law and brought you into the country does not mean that we should ignore the integrity of a nation's borders and the sanctity of the rule of law. Children often have to deal with the consequences of their parents' crimes. There should be no exceptions made in the case of illegal immigration.

I spoke out at length about this, and I refused to relent. One person told me to let him finish. I responded that I had a right to counter him on that point. Allan Ku (whom I enthusiastically endorse for Central Committee), also known as Allan Wright, was sitting next to me. He's an immigrant, and he came legally. He completely agreed with my decision to speak out. I then left the meeting because I was tired, because I had had a long day.
Two minutes later, I received a phone call. A friend of mine, Marlene Silva (whom I also enthusiastically endorse for Central Committee!). She applauded me for speaking out against the speaker who wanted to give amnesty to illegal aliens.
THEN, THEN she told me that six other people also walked out of the meeting because they were so disgusted with the comments from the speaker.
This is the movement that we are starting. This is how we start making a difference. It's time to stop being civil and play defense in the face of wrong ideas and wrong-doing!
Let's speak out and win!

Allan Ku (aka Wright)
Peter Michel
Todd Rubenstein
Arthur Schaper (Of course!)
Eric Shuchman
Marlene Silva
Claude Todoroff

Singapore Christian Lawyer Dishonors Faith in Suit to Repeal 377A

It is very troubling to me the lengths that individuals will go to in order to justify promoting or defending worldly or ungodly tenets all while calling themselves Christians.

One of the thorniest issues in this conflict is homosexuality.

There are a cohort of Christians who think that tolerance of homosexuality is acceptable. It's not.

The proper, holy response to this matter is the Gospel. God sent His Son to die for us sinners, to put away our sins forever, and to bring us into reconciliation with His Father, and now our Father.

This reconciliation takes us from death to life, from sin to son:

"And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God." (1 Corinthians 6:11)

"Such were some of you". We are not called to remain in sin once we receive the perfect work of the Son.

So, why do Christians insist on placating homosexuals and accommodating homosexuality?

This problem comes up in a considerable fashion in the legal challenges to Singapore's statute 377a, a law from Britian's colonial rule over Singapore (and other countries) which criminalizes sodomy and other acts of gross indecency.

One lawyer who is fighting for repeal of this law, Jordan Tan, makes the case that his advocacy to repeal this law is fully in concert with his Christian faith:

Christian lawyer in 377A constitutional challenge explains why hisinvolvement is consistent with his faith

Jordan Tan is one of the lawyers bringing the constitutional challenge against Section 377A in the Singapore Court right now.

Mr Tan is also a Christian. This is noteworthy now because he mentioned that there have been queries as to why a Christian lawyer would be involved in such a case, given that he is advocating to repeal a law that criminalises consensual sexual acts between adult males which goes against the teachings of the church.

Indeed, and it goes against nature itself. God made mankind male and female, and He designed marriage for one man and one woman. This is not open for debate.

On 15 November, Mr Tan took to Facebook to answer this question. He said, “Although my relationship with God is a personal private matter, Christian accountability and the exhortation not to stumble others (Romans 14:12-13) calls for an open and honest response to such queries.”

Here is his Facebook post:

Our Relationship, our standing before God is NOT a private matter. This idea that our relationship with God has no bearing with public awareness and conviction is just inconsistent with Biblical revelation.

"But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven." (Matthew 10:33)

How do we come to faith in Christ?

"That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved." (Romans 10:9)

Confession is a public act. Christians do not have a private faith with Christ Jesus.

He explains why he is acting as a counsel to advocate for the constitutional challenge against 377A and why he considers it consistent with and is an advancement of his Christian Faith. He said, “I am completely at peace with my role advocating the constitutional challenge against section 377A in the Singapore courts.”


"They have healed also the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace." (Jeremiah 6:14)

People can say peace all do, but it does not mean that their standing is in concert with God's grace or His goodness in a fallen world.

In his post titled “A Christian Advocate’s Role in the Constitutional Challenge against Section 377A”, Mr Tan laid out five points to explain why he thinks that not only is it appropriate for him as a Christian advocate to be involved in this challenge but that it is “required” by his faith.

Quoting Romans 13:1 which says that Christians should submit to the government authorities for all authorities come from God, this means that the constitution is the highest authority in Singapore since that is where the power of all three branches of the government – executive, legislative, judicial – is derived.

We submit to governing authorities as unto the Lord, for:

"Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God." (Romans 13:1)

The highest power belongs to God, and He has empowered all who believe in His son to reign in life (Romans 5:17). Paul the Apostle did not hesitate to appeal to Caesar when he was wronged in court, for example (Acts 25:1-12).

Mr Tan explained, “Given that there are legally meritorious grounds to support the conclusion that section 377A is unconstitutional, it would be wholly inappropriate to shirk away from the responsibility of scrutinising that law against the Constitution and to have it construed or read-down in a manner so that it is consistent with the Constitution.”

No, there are no grounds for repealing the law. Acts which criminalize, and thus discourage gross indecency, carry merit all of themselves.

He added, “Accordingly, advocating the constitutional challenge against section 377A advances, instead of detracts from, the highest authority of the land, namely, the Constitution. It is a submission to authority which is called for in the Word.”

The highest authority for a Christian is not a man-made Constitution, but Christ Himself. Full stop.

Mr Tan’s second reason was that he is assisting the court by presenting rigorous arguments in an intellectually honest manner, which is in line with the value of justice. He said, “in our system of law, the adversarial system works best when both sides of an issue are presented rigorously and in an intellectually honest manner. The Court is more ably assisted and the crucible of the adversarial system produces more robust and better-reasoned judgments.

Honesty requires a recognition of the truth, not just speaking one's honest feelings or thoughts on a matter. I may honestly believe that I am the prime minister of Singapore, and I may ardently profess that I am such. That does not make me the prime minister.

Mr Tan quoted Psalm 37:28 which highlight’s God’s love for justice and said that “it is appropriate to participate in a process which serves the ends of justice and to do so in a manner that promotes, at the minimum, better-reasoned judgments.”

Therefore, the just thing to do is maintain 377a. Acts of gross indecency should be criminalized.

The third reason Mr Tan outlined was his view that God prefers obedience grounded in faith instead of fear. He said “my firm view that God does not delight in compliance with the law for fear by persons of criminal sanction; God delights in obedience which comes from believing in Him and having a personal relationship with Him, not fear of going to jail.”

Yes, we should come to God in faith, not fear. His perfect love sent His Son to die for us, to rise for us, and that through Him we live. Part of walking by faith is walking in concert under His grace. The grace of God teaches us to reject sin and live godly lives (Titus 2:11-14). Homosexual conduct is sin, and anyone under grace is no longer under the dominion of sin:

"For sin shall not have dominion over you: for ye are not under the law, but under grace." (Romans 6:14)

Next, Mr Tan highlighted Jesus’ iconoclastic way of life as he spent time “in the company of the very religious and the powerful, pursued the marginalised, the weak, and the downtrodden”. Quoting Matthew 20:16 which says the last shall be the first and the first shall be the last, Mr Tan noted how Jesus “loved and cared for the last”.

Connecting that to Singapore, Mr Tan talked about how Section 377A alienates, discriminates, and marginalises an entire community. He said, “In the course of my work, I have found that it has had seriously damaging effects on the LGBTQ+ community and demeans them. In some extreme cases, it emboldens those who would actively discriminate against them.”

This is the most outrageous, failed argument yet. Homosexuality is a behavior, not an identity. LGBT "people" is a non sequitur, and this flawed reasoning evades proper debate.

The behaviors themselves are demeaning, for God did not create man to engage in sexual perversion, male with male, or female with female.

He says this is morally wrong.

Finally, Mr Tan pointed out that 377A forms a serious barrier in the communication and forming of relationships between the Christian community and the LGBTQ+ community, and presents a block for the latter community to form relationships with God.

The Christian community is the Church, the Body of Christ. The Church is not peripheral to the world, but vice versa. The Church does not need to change and conform to allow for more people, but to speak the truth of God's grace in love.

God calls all of us to come out of the fallen world and come home to Him, to come home to His love.

He says, “It is self-evident which is more important: the roadblock or the potential of forming meaningful relationships with the entire LGBTQ+ community.”

The Church needs to invite homosexuals, transgenders, and other sexual paraphiliacs to be reconciled to God!

"20Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ's stead, be ye reconciled to God. 21For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him." (2 Corinthians 5:20-21)

He continued, “It also self-evident which will lead more people into a relationship with God.”

No. The purpose of the state is to restrain evil. The purpose of the Church is to bring the Goodness of God to the world.

In concluding his post, Mr Tan said he wanted to title the post “A (struggling) Christian’s Role…” for fear that he might be holding himself out as a paragon of a Christian, which he admits he is not. But he decided against it because all Christians are struggling Christians, said Mr Tan.

Mr. Tan is not a paragon of Christian virtue. Not once has he magnified Christ Jesus and His finished work. Not once has he declared that homosexuality is something to abhor and reject, but that God loves sinners, and does not reject those who come to Him.

Rather than normalizing or enabling the destructive behaviors, Mr. Tan should be advocating for the further dissemination of God's Word, Grace, and Truth to those who are in bondage to homosexuality, transgenderism, and the like.

He then recalled something his senior pastor once said, “The litmus test of whether one is a Christian is whether one struggles. The struggle reflects the continued desire to do God’s will and the human failings which call for the need to rely on God’s strength.”

NONSENSE. The Christian life is a life of rest--the only struggle is to enter into His rest!

"Let us therefore fear, lest, a promise being left us of entering into his rest, any of you should seem to come short of it." (Hebrews 4:1)

Yes, there is a passage about fighting:

"Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses." (1 Timothy 6:12)

The literal translation reads "Let the good fight of faith by fight."

This is a fight of trusting God, of resting in the truth of His Word. Faith, after all, is about seeing what is invisible, and recognizing that God's promises have come to pass.

Mr Tan continued, “In my years on this journey with God I have found that in addition to weighing decisions against the Word and prayer, it is peace which characterises making the correct decision which pleases God.”

No. We are always supposed to have his peace. It's not the sudden presence of peace upon making a decision which matters. We should refrain from actions when there is a lack of peace:

"And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful." (Colossians 3:15)

In this case, Mr Tan says “I am completely at peace with my role advocating the constitutional challenge against section 377A in the Singapore courts.”

Final Reflection

This Jordan Tan fellow is brazenly disregarding Christ and Him Crucified. There is some other perverse pretext for his advocating the repeal of 377A. He is more interested in being liked and accepted by some community of sexual deviants, perhaps.

Or, if his sentiments are genuine, he is clearly misguided about this effort. He thinks that he is helping individuals come closer to Christ by taking away the secular sanction against an abominable behavior. What church, what pastor has told him that the quiet promotion of homosexuality is acceptable and in keeping with Biblical truth?

This challenge must be met with conviction and clear understanding of God's Word. The churches of Singapore must restore the full understanding of the Gospel, which takes us from death to life, which takes from living in sin to living in the Son, and thus sets us free from dead works, sin and death.

Keep 377A.