Wednesday, February 28, 2018

BUMMER: Torrance Councilwoman Heidi Ashcraft Not Running for Re-Election

I heard from two sources about this sad development in Torrance politics.

Heidi Ann Ashcraft, the former Torrance School Board member and highest vote getter in the 2014 City Council election, is not running for re-election.

I am really sad to see her go.

She stood up to a lot of abusive powers and interests in the city. She was not afraid to vote "No" and signal her opposition to the rest of the city council.

She has a been a calm yet strong opposition to corrupt Pat Furey and the rest of the left-wing phalanx which wanted to shut down the the Torrance Refinery.

I am really sad to see her go. I wish her the best in whatever other ventures that she pursues.

Thanks for everything, Heidi!

New Mexico GOP: Thank You, State Auditor Wayne Johnson

Way to Go, New Mexico GOP!

We need more state auditors like this guy!

New Mexico was finally blessed with an honest and responsible State Auditor when Wayne Johnson took over that office earlier this year. Today was his last day serving as a Bernalillo County Commissioner and he leaves behind a legacy that will make Bernalillo county great for years to come. 

As he leaves his Commission office tonight, we wanted to highlight some of his achievements over the last 7 years... 
  • He uncovered the Bernalillo County Treasurer's risky investment scheme that cost the county millions of dollars. 
  • He authored the state's toughest transparency ordinance and built a culture of openness at the county level.
  • He fought job-killing policies and supported private investments that create jobs.
  • From the moment he took office, he has worked to make the county more open, accountable, and transparent.
Commissioner Johnson served his community well and we are excited to see him do even more for the State of New Mexico as he continues to serve as it's Auditor. 

To learn more about Wayne Johnson, click here. 

BRILLIANT! Trump Supporters Interrupt "Tax Scam" Town Hall With Song: "'Fake News' Paul!"


This is just brilliant! Paul Krugman is a snide, liberal elitist shill for the New York Times. In spite of all the massive failures and missed predictions which he had written about the Trump Administration, he insists on continuing the never-ending onslaught of hate against President Trump.

Here is Paul Krugman lying yet against about the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

"OK! I'' stop talking
if you stop signing!"

This time, a trio of Trump Supporters burst into song mocking the quack economist right in the middle of his perverse presentation.

Notice how violent the audience gets around them. They start grabbing at their song sheets, and one person grabs the arm of one of the singers.

Please enjoy!

Here are the lyrics if you want to sing along:

Ha! Ha! Ha! Fake News Paul, Fake News Paul, Mueller's Coup d'etat is failing -- just like you! Russiagate is nothing but a fraud -- it's true. Let the FBI go to Hell with the British, Or they'll drag us into World War III. Glass-Steagall, Glass-Steagall, Pass It Now! Krugman's acting like a Wall Street errand boy! Anything but Glass-Steagall is just a ploy. Let the Wall Street Banks go to Hell with the Fake News, It's time to listen to Ol' Lyndon LaRouche!

Anti-Social, Anti-Veteran Leftist Running for Torrance City Council (Not Tim Goodrich)

I can't believe how desperate the left has become, even in the "Balanced" City of Torrance.

We have two regressive leftists on the city council, Kurt Weideman and Tim Goodrich, who are both committed to shutting down the Torrance refinery.

Now we have Jimmy Gow, the previous President of the Torrance Democratic Club, is running for city council.

He still serves as the chairman of the Social Services Commission, even though he and a bunch of left-wing anti-social in-justice warriors trespassed on a veterans hall, spit at veterans, and stole the phone of one veteran.

Here's the video:

I confronted about him about his disgusting affront against our veterans:

Apparently, Jimmy Gow doesn't like it when someone reminds him of his trespasses!

Election 2018 Torrance Election Endorsement: George Chen for City Council

George Chen has my vote for city council.

Now that a seat is vacant, since Heidi Ashcraft is not running for re-election, it is essential that we have a pro-growth, limited government conservative on the city council.

That man is George Chen.

He has lived and thrived in the city for many years.

He has diverse experience in business and administration.

He is easy to connect with and cares about the future well-being of the city.

He is aware of the fiscal and public safety issues facing our city.

Please support George Chen for City Council.

Please visit his website here.

Donate and support George!

Please consider attending his next fundraiser March 10!

We need new faces with great ideas representing our city!

Election 2018 Torrance Election Endorsement: Ron Riggs for Mayor

It's time to step up and make the decision.

Torrance needs new leadership, and not the same old corruption.

Pat Furey is a bigot, and he sold himself to the lowest bidder for the McCormick Contract.

He thinks that he is above the law, and we just cannot have that.

We need new blood, we need people who are willing to fight for what is best for the city, and we need people who are ethical and willing to work hard for the city.

The next mayor of Torrance should be:

Ron is a businessman and community leader. He is readily available. He shows up when you need him.

He is not part of the old political class (Tom Brewer, for example) that is more interested in just going along with doing what has already been happening.

Visit his website here.

Please donate to him, too.

Let's make Torrance Great Again--vote for Ron Riggs for Mayor.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Democratic Lunacy on Full Display in California

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has promised everything she can for the young illegal aliens and her increasingly restive left-leaning caucus. The house members are grousing privately about how their leader is ruining their brand across the country. As for the illegal aliens and their activist enablers, they overwhelmed one of her press conferences in San Francisco. They badgered her US Senate colleagues, including Chuck Schumer by protesting outside of his home in New York State. Two weeks ago, Pelosi stood for 8 hours to demand that a clean DREAM Act be attached to the latest budget spending bill.

Nothing happened.

Meanwhile, since 2016 the Democratic Party has moved further left than anyone would have anticipated. They will embrace every letter in the LGBTQAI etc. list, they want to repeal the Second Amendment, abolish the First, get rid of the United States Constitution. They pretty much want to resurrect Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin and have them both run for President/Vice-President in 2020. Unless they can get Che Guevara and Mao Ze-Dong for diversity’s sake, then they will go for that tag team.

Dan Lipinski, a pro-life Democratic Congressman from Illinois, has not gotten an endorsement from the National Party. He also faces a stiff primary challenge from the Left. Republicans might have another pick-up opportunity in Illinois.

There is no better battleground state for the complete Communist-ization of the Democratic Party than California, where regressive leftists are stuck between overrunning the Democratic Party apparatus, or starting their own Berniecrat revolution to counter the corporatist Hillary Clinton wing of the party. They want free college for anyone. The Berniecrats are pushing Medicare for all (and who will pay for it? Mexico?!). They want to divest from oil, they want everyone driving in soybean-powered vehicles, living in greenhouse enclaves. And let’s not forget the perennial stream of foreign nationals pouring across the border, treated better than our veterans and vetted far less than …

Last year’s California Democratic Party convention was a hate-fest of corruption charges and curse words. Retired chairman John Burton (himself the target of harassment allegation and among many Democrats targeted for sexual assault, battery, etc.) resorted to repeated F-bombs and middle fingers. The election for next California Democratic Party chairman came down to a 60-vote margin between progressive populist outsider Kimberly Ellis and corporate establishmentarian Eric Bauman.

Bauman won the battle, but the war for the California Democratic Party’s heart and soul has only deepened. Berniecrats are crying foul louder than ever. Their precious push for single-payer healthcare, full-on sanctuary state status is running smack-dab into big business interests and lobbying firms who play both sides of the aisle for wealth. The only thing that unifies California Democrats right now is their vicious hatred of Trump, and even on that point they are disagreeing! To impeach or not impeach? Should they invest efforts to secede from the union? How about breaking up the state of California?

The 2018 California Democratic Party convention was deeply chaotic, as well, opening in San Diego with multiple candidates contesting, vying for the much-coveted Democratic Party endorsements for different offices. The first major shock: US Senator Dianne Feinstein, the Grande Dame of California liberal politics, not only failed to capture the party delegation’s support, but actually lost to State Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De Leon, and neither one of them hit the 60% threshold, which means no endorsement. De Leon needed the party nod more than Feinstein. Still, her woman card and length of experience, plus hatred of firearms, couldn’t push her over the top. This is disturbing. DiFi is not left-wing enough! Scary thought.

The other contested statewide races offered shocking results (and refreshing hope for Republicans) going forward. Incumbent Attorney General Xavier Becerra is facing termed-out insurance commissioner Dave Jones. He received more delegate support than Becerra, yet neither one got the endorsement, either. Incredible. The anti-establishment strain in the California Democratic Party is flexing muscle, much to its own hurt. The delegates’ vote for Governor was even more intriguing, showing an incredible four-way divide. Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom won the most delegates at 39%, followed by State Treasurer John Chiang with 30%, former Superintendent of Schools Delaine Eastin with 20%, and then finally former LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa with 9%. Tony Villar was scraping the bottom of the barrel, most likely because he has tried the hardest to hue a consistent, more centrist message, much as Loretta Sanchez attempted in the US Senate race against Kamala Harris. It’s not working with Democratic operatives, however.

In fact, this stifling of the official party endorsement happened for all contested statewide races and a number of Congressional seats targeted by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. The Democratic path to retaking the House runs through California’s Central Valley and Southern California region. Most of the targeted House Seats are in Southern California, and some of the Republican incumbents (Royce, Issa) have announced their retirements, mostly from a combination of term limits as committee chairmen as well as increasingly menacing odds from Democratic challenges targeting their seats.

There are so many Democrats jumping in, however, that liberal operatives fear that two Republicans could slide into the Top Two, denying Democrats their coveted chances at a House majority. Delegates could not unify and grant a 60% delegate threshold for one candidate running in those seats. It will be certainly interesting to see what happens June 5th, 2018.

All eyes are on California, that’s for sure. A continued determination of progressive-leftist Democratic dominance will signal more divisive politicking among the Left Coast and the White House. If Republicans manage to push statewide contenders into the general election contest, and then hold onto key House Seats, then Democratic hopes of stifling the President’s agenda will hit another wall, and we can expect not just a resurgence of MAGA energy across the country, but a massive realignment of national party politics, with the Democratic Party turning into a defunct, regionalized rump of its former self.

Red Tsunami 2018?

Election 2018: We Need #RedTsunami2018. No Complacency, @GOP!

I can't stress the epic importance of Election 2018.

Election 2016 was important enough, but if Democrats take back the House and worse yet gain the US Senate, then we are facing a world of hurt going forward.

President Trump can only do so much as chief executive. He has enacted a number of incredible reforms and has broadened the MAGA Agenda in incredible ways.

But ...

If Democrats take back the House of Representatives, all appropriations for the wall, for border security, for balanced budgets, for proper funding goals, will all fall away.

Let me tell you who is going to be running the House of Representatives and select committees.

1. House Intelligence Committee

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Tulare, CA)

Do you like the job that Rep. Devin Nunes has been doing to expose the Deep State and Barack Obama's rank corruption during his administration?

He has a rocky-steady skills and courage. He is not afraid of the Democrats or the media, despite their desperate efforts to smear and undermine his investigations against corruption within the DOJ, the FBI, and other intelligence agencies suffused with Obama holdovers.

If Democrats take back the House of Representatives, do you know who will be in charge?

Shifty Adam Schiff
Shifty Adam Schiff, the Leaker in Chief who has colluded with Russia and the corrupt left-wing, lamestream media. This is the last guy we want issuing subpeonas to investigag

2. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee

Trey Gowdy has run a masterful committee regimen, going after Deep State corruption while attacking the rampant lawlessness of the Obama Administration.

The unending subpeona power of the Oversight Committee cannot be overstated. Who would take over if Dems take over the House?

Elijah Cummings
This guy is a rabid racist who supports Black Lives (Don't) Matter. He supports voter fraud, and he harassed True the Vote when they were investigating voter fraud in North Carolina.

He is a Baltimore-based machine politician who couldn't care less about the rule of law. Can you imagine every Russian businessman in DC forced before this committee to testify on Donald Trump's business contacts around the world?!

The Swamp Corruption would flow unabated, and he would probably be cashing in. He is prone to the worst kind of theatrics, too, and will preen for the camera every chance he gets, and make sure to drag President Trump's name through the mud on the most vacuous of causes.

We cannot have this man overseeing any kind of reform. None.

3. House Finance Committee

Jeb Hensarling is retiring, with Peter King to take his place as Chairman if House leadership agree to the decision.

Who would take his place, though, if Democrats take back the House?

Dirty Maxine Waters:

Do you really want The Crazy Black Lady overseeing any kind of finance legislation in this country?

Do we really want to listen to "Reclaiming My Time?" over and over on national television?

This woman defines corruption, and she has been rated one of the most corrupt members of Congress six times!

We don't need the corrupt fox running the financial hen house.

We need Omar Navarro for Congress, and we need to stop Dirty Maxine from chairing the House Finance Committee.

But if none of this convinces you what we need to be worried about ...

Who will be the next Speaker of the House?

Alzheimer's Nancy:

Need I say more, folks? Really?

That face above should be enough to wake up Republicans all across the country and get out and VOTE!

Guess what?

I fully support Jeff Denham and David Valadao for Congress, along with the rest of the GOP incumbents running for re-election up and down the state of California. I am not going to lose my blob on this point, people. We simply cannot allow one GOP seat to flip to a Democrat in the House of Representatives.

We need everyone, and as much as I hate, hate, hate the amnesty talk pushed by Denham and Valadao, they are right on on every other issue.

We need to keep Kevin McCarthy as our Majority Leader. We need to make sure that a Republican Majority takes back the House of Representatives on November 7, 2018.

I don't care how many hard feelings you may have in any kind of primary fights in the days and months ahead. I don't care if the Central Committees in your district or your region of the state hurt you.

We need to hold onto the House and send the message loudly and clearly to the country, to the political class that we want conservatives, we want MAGA, and we want our power restored as citizens in our country.


Election 2018: "Crappy John" Cox Lies About Travis Allen's Pro-Life Record

One of the best lines of attack which Chicago machine progressive Republican John Cox has tried using repeatedly against Travis Allen is that he is not really pro-life, or that he has skipped out on multiple votes on this issue.

John Cox is completely distorting the record, and even Planned Murderhood's score card, the one which Cox and his corrupt establishment cronies have been relying on, proves this point very well.

Travis Allen is outside the Establishment from the word "Go". He ran against the hand-picked OCGOP candidate in 2012 and won. Unlike his challenger in that race, Allen pledged and stuck to the promise that he would vote against every tax increase.

He has.

Serving his first term in 2013, Allen got what from Planned Murderhood?

A big fat 0%!

Here's the link for 2013, and below are the screen shots:


"Travis Allen Loves Margeret Sanger!!! OMG!"


First of all, that is an F.

Second, what did Allen vote for that got him any kind of score?

I researched the list of bills, and here's what Travis Allen voted for:

He voted for AB 1481:

Medical Assistants
AB 1841 (Mullin): allows Medical Assistants to hand over pre-labeled, pre-packaged medications. PPAC sponsored AB 1841, which passed and was signed into law.

Is there a problem here? None that I can see.

He voted for AB 1755:

Privacy Breach Notification
AB 1755 (Gomez): improves notification requirements for breaches in medical information. PPAC sponsored AB 1755, which passed and was signed into law.

I want that. Consumers should know if there has been any kind of breach of sensitive medical information to the public or another interest. Allen voted for that. What's the problem?

He voted for SB 1053:

Contraceptive Equity Act
SB 1053 (Mitchell): requires health insurance plans to provide coverage for all FDA approved contraceptive drugs, devices, and products beginning in January 2016. PPAC supported SB 1053, which passed and was signed into law.

Notice that none of this legislation talks about expanding abortions or forcing people to pay for them. Planned Murderhood endorses legislation which almost every legislator voted for, too.

What about 2015?

Travis Allen got another Big Fat 0%!!

I wonder what John Cox is hiding?!

"I'm a Chicago Machine Politico!" 

Travis Allen had a better pro-life record than my former Assembly David Hadley, who had a 17%---which was still extremely low.

What about 2016?

He got 67%. The Cox campaign has been focusing on this score the most.

"OMG! He's a baby killer!"

Nope! Not in the slightest.

What did he vote for?

AB 1561, the bill which would eliminate sales taxes on feminine products. Planned Murderhood happened to support the legislation, too.

It was a great bill, and Jerry Brown vetoed it! Shame on him! John Cox has a problem with Allen voting for a tax cut. Really. What does that tell us about Cox?

Did he vote for any other bills favored by Planned Murderhood?

SB 999

12-Month Supply of Birth Control – SUPPORT, Co-sponsored by PPAC
SB 999 (Pavley): This bill requires all private health care service plans and health insurers to cover up to 12-months of FDA Approved, self-administered hormonal contraceptives (including oral contraceptives, transdermal patches, and vaginal rings) dispensed at one time.  The legislation would also require Medi-Cal Managed Care plans to cover a 12-month supply of all forms of prescribed contraceptives (such as the patch and ring).

What's the problem here, exactly? 

Oh, and lots of Republicans voted for these two bills, too, along with Democrats. There was nothing in this legislation that would be considered pro-abortion.

But wait? What about 2017? What was Travis Allen's Planned Murderhood score?

Wait for it ....


Final Reflection

This says it all.

John Cox is a liar. He has tried to paint Travis Allen as a pro-choice minion, when in fact Allen has repeatedly voted against baby-killing, anti-life legislation in Sacramento.

The Cox campaign jumped on one scorecard from Election 2016, but held back what the votes were for.

Allen voted for transparency in the case of hospital breaches of information. Travis Allen voted to ensure that insurance companies cover all FDA approved drugs, which is commernsurate with insurance contracts.

He also voted for a tax cut. 

What's not to like?

The truth is that Cox's campaign went from desperate to demonic. He lied about Travis Allen, and then he deceived some well-received, outspoken conservatives from Calvary Chapel Chino Hills who had heckled him about his pro-life record.

I am really offended at the deception, which leads me to believe that Cox lied about Allen to get the National Right to Life endorsement. I can't substantiate that yet, but I find it hard to believe that Cox has a better record on life, since he has never cast votes on legislation.

Cox is a multi-faceted loser. He is a carpet-bagger from Chicago who advertised himself as a "progressive" Republican. Give me a break! We don't need Chicago style politics in California.

He pushed a failed Neighborhood Legislature initiative, twice. What did he do with all the money he raised for that?

John Cox is a rich man with no love. I don't care how money he has. 

Now, he has questionable integrity. He needs to drop out.

It's time to support Travis Allen for Governor!

Rhode Island GOP: Unethical Ethics Commission Covers for Corrupt Democratic Governor

Corruption is to Rhode Island what water is to fish.

The state pretty much survives on the pernicious misuse of power for private or special interest gain.

Gina Raimondo, the former Treasure and now incumbent Governor of Rhode Island is skirting ethical inquiries as the main levers of power in the state continue to cover for her.

We need Allan Fung on Smith Hill and we need to get rid of Raimondo for good!

For Immediate Release
February 27, 2018
Warwick, RI - In response to the Ethics Commission’s decision to dismiss the R.I. Republican Party’s complaint against Governor Gina Raimondo, Rhode Island Republican Party Chairman Brandon S. Bell commented:

“We are disappointed with the decision of the Ethics Commission not to investigate Raimondo’s fundraising deal with a state employee her administration recently hired. First, the Ethics Commission ignored the fact that Patrick Ward himself, not the office of Chairman of the Providence Democratic City Committee, was specifically named in the agreement as having control as to how the funds would be spent. The Ethics Commissions ignored the fact that under prior advisory rulings Ward would be considered a business associate of Raimondo since they were working together to achieve a common financial objective under the agreement. Second, the Ethics Commission decided to interpret the term ‘subordinate’ in its regulations very narrowly. According to Ethics Commission’s decision, Governor Raimondo’s subordinates are only those individuals who work in the Governor Office or are persons she directly appointed to lead a state agency. The Ethics Commission ignored the fact that Mr. Ward is a subordinate of Governor Raimondo’s appointee at the Department of Human Services or that a few months after Mr. Ward was hired by Raimondo’s appointee at DHS, he entered into a financial transaction with Governor Raimondo.”

Bell concluded: “By its decision today, the Ethics Commission is saying Governor Raimondo can enter into a secret financial deal with a state employee as long as (1) the deal states it is with a group the state employee controls rather than the employee himself, and (2) the state employee answers to her appointee instead of her. We do not think these technicalities make Governor Raimondo’s conduct somehow ethical.” 
Rhode Island Republican Party | 1800 Post Rd, Ste 17-I | (401) 732-8282 |

Red Alert: Eric Holder is Targeting Wisconsin

Eric Holder's corrupt non-partisan redistricting efforts are now going after Wisconsin. Holders wanted to brainwashing young people to hate guns, so that progressive leftists like him could take guns away and abolish the Second Amendment.

As Attorney General, he was running firearms to Mexican drug cartels through Operation Fast and Furious, which led to the murder of Americans, including border patrol agents. Shame on Holder.

The corruption and malfeasance of Holder's Department of (In)justice is unseemly and unprecedented. Congress held him in contempt for his rampant disregard for the rule of law, even as he refused to prosecute serious gun crimes then politicize the DOJ for President Obama's narrow, corrupt ends.

Now he's moving across the country to undermine Republican political power in state legislatures. His "reforms" to end partisan redistricting are just another naked power grab from the left to undermine the confidence and consequences of local and statewide elections.

Wisconsin is another battleground in which Democrats are hoping to resurge and take back power at the state and then national levels. We must stand our ground against this alien, communistic onslaught against our country.

Republican Party of

BREAKING NEWS: The liberal group led by Eric Holder and supported by Barack Obama is suing Governor Scott Walker!

This is pure political vengeance and we need to fight back.

Support the Republican Party of Wisconsin right now!

Help us fight back against the latest stunt from Holder and Obama with:

Some other amount

Arthur, we have a real fight on our hands and Holder's group has made it clear that Wisconsin will be ground zero for their political scheming.

They have already targeted the April Wisconsin Supreme Court race and now they are suing Governor Walker.

Please jump in and help us fight back right now.

Thank you,

Mark Morgan
Executive Director

Monday, February 26, 2018

Oakland Traitors Libby Schaaf Under Fire for Lawless Efforts Against ICE

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf is one of the most lawless, corrupt, and fundamentally dishonest mayors in the state of California, and that is saying a lot.

Mayor Schaaf intended to obstructive ICE from carrying out their lawful mission of rounding up illegal aliens and deporting them from our country. Whether the state legislature likes it or not, California is not its own nation, but is part of the United States of America, and therefore is bound, required to comply with federal law.

There is absolutely no excuse for the chief executive of Oakland to disregard the rule of law in her city or in any other party of the country. This is beyond outrageous.

Here's the NBC LA report regarding the backlash against Mayor Schaaf:

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf was facing big fallout Monday over her decision to warn the community of an immigration sweep over the weekend.

Immigrant advocates say at least 11 undocumented people were detained in Northern California over the past two days, and agenst from Immigration and Customs Enforcement are gearing up for more.

Meanwhile, Schaaf said she and her family are getting flooded with threats. Still, the mayor said she stands by her actions.

"Regardless of what happens, I felt it was my duty to share the information I had, particularly because I was sharing information that was legal and was not obstructing justice," Schaaf said.

ICE Detentions Reported Across Northern California; Mayors Speak Out
On Saturday, Schaaf warned the community of possible ICE operations in the Bay Area. On Sunday, the federal agency detained at least 11 people across Northern California, including in the Bay Area cities of Pinole, El Sobrante and Napa.

After her warning, Schaaf received backlash on social media, including some accusing her of obstruction of justice and treason.

Blanca Vasquez, with the Immigrant Liberation Movement, said the mayor’s warning gave rapid response teams a heads up. They’re now working with impacted families.

INVESTIGATIVECar Break-Ins Hit ‘Epidemic’ Levels in San Francisco
"At the end of the day, it’s families and communities that are being impacted, and that creates more trauma and a lack of trust more than anything," Vazquez said. "(Schaaf's warning) definitely helps us do what we have to to prepare."

Schaaf said the decision to go public with the information was not easy, but she stood by it.

"Every day, I have to make difficult decisions as mayor of Oakland," she said. "This is a decision I made; I recognize it’s controversial, but I believe it’s the right thing to do."

@CA_DEM Decay: Endorsement for #MeToo Garcia, and No Endorsements for Statewide Offices

This is really alarming. The California Democratic Party convention could not arrive at a consensus for statewide candidates. A number of contested House Seats are not going to have an endorsed candidate, either, except for the House seats which Democrats really do not have a chance of winning: CD-39 and CD-45.

Cristina Garcia actually received an official endorsement from the California Democratic Party, even though she is currently on voluntary unpaid leave following four accusations of sexual misconduct from previous staffers.

Unbelievable. The California Democratic Party responded that her endorsement, along with a number of others, had already been slated on the consent calendar, and state party rules will not permit the remove of a consent calendar endorsement.

Uh Oh!

And yet ... the state party and activists within the party worked actively and successfully to prevent Tony Mendoza from receiving an endorsement. right? They accomplished getting rid of Touchy Feely Tony, but they couldn't stop Groping Cristina?

Strange ...

Anyway, what about the final breakdown on delegate votes for the official state party endorsements for statewide office?

The state party delegates were unable to arrive at any consensus. This is not pretty for the California Democratic Party, a microcosm of how the corporatist Hillary faction may have all the money, but they have not commanded the respect or the drive of the Bernie-crat progressive faction.

Here is the breakdown on how California Democratic Party delegates voted on statewide candidates:

U.S. Senate:

Kevin de León: 54 percent
Dianne Feinstein: 37 percent
Pat Harris: 5 percent
No Endorsement: 3 percent

This was the must stunning upset of the convention. Senator Dianne Feinstein has pushed a more left-wing tilt since major opposition jumped into the race to defeat her in the general election.

Of course, DiFi has more money than any other candidate running for statewide office, and she has name ID and support (so far) from a wide swatch of Democrats and Independents, and very likely some Republicans. (*UGH*)

Still, she will face a harder fight than expected going into the June primary this year. She will be sucking in a large part of the Democratic Vote, and just maybe a Republican can sneak through. If that happens, it's very likely that this Senate seat could be a little more competitive than last time, since the large and expanding number of hard-left progressives within the Democratic Party, as well as those who have abandoned the Democratic Party, will sit out the election.

California Governor:

Gavin Newsom: 39 percent
Antonio Villaraigosa: 9 percent
John Chiang: 30 percent
Delaine Eastin: 20 percent
No Endorsement: 3 percent

These statistics were particularly interesting. 

Not one candidate garnered widespread support. The Democratic Party is truly ripping apart, and the unity which Democratic delegates were hoping to exude to the public is not working out quite as well as hoped.

Gavin Newsom didn't even break 40% among the delegates. John Chiang did noticeably better, as did Delaine Eastin. For the former mayor of Los Angeles to crash and burn as he did, however, spells doom for this state if it's a Dem vs. Dem contest in November. Democrats obviously do not want Villaraigosa.

He is trying to play the moderate card, and he has Republican consultants working on his campaign. Not good.

California Lt. Governor:

Jeff Bleich: 7 percent
Eleni Kounalakis: 41 percent
Ed Hernandez: 42 percent
No Endorsement: 11 percent

Ouch. There are two clear candidates duking it out for Lieutenant Governor. It will really suck to see another Dem vs. Dem Top Two here, too.

California Attorney General:

Dave Jones: 56 percent
Xavier Becerra: 42 percent
No Endorsement: 2 percent

Wow! Xavier Basura didn't get the endorsement, and he received less support than Dave Jones! OUCH.

I wish that we could deport both of them, though, and settle on Steve Bailey for Attorney General. We need someone who will stand strong with President Trump and AG Jeff Sessions to enforce all immigration laws and deport all illegal aliens.

Dave Jones, the current Insurance Commissioner, got the highest delegate percentage of all the candidates running for statewide offices and contending for the nomination. That's pretty shocking, I must say. 

How was he able to accomplish that?

Final Reflection

I heard a whole bunch of negative voices out there telling me that there would not be one Republican on the ballot during the general election for California statewide office.

With the widening dissension among Democrats, and with the number of powerful, outspoken Republicans who are engaging the public and the media, I believe that we will actually see some competition in the state of California.