Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Fire Gabriel Gipe (Don't Just Tell Me About Him)

Over the past two hours, I have received a number of texts, emails, and phone calls about Mr. Gabriel Gipe, an Antifa soyboy who was just exposed by Project Veritas this morning.

Antifa Soyboy Gabriel Gipe
Do not allow him around your children!

Hey, thanks for letting me know, folks, but here's the deal:

I already knew about it.

Let's go one step further: I am actually doing something about it!

I contacted the Natomas Unified School District, where the guy works! I emailed the teacher himself, and I also emailed the school board members to demand his firing!

Sharing an article from Project Veritas is all nice and good, I guess.

But it's not enough.

Don't just share an article: Be Brave and Do Something.

In fact, sending an email, making a phone call is not even all that brave, but it is a very simple something that everyone can do!

So, DO IT!

Heck, I am even providing you the contact information below:

Gabriel Gipe:

His email: ggipe@natomasunified.org

Natomas Unified School District

Susan Heredia


2000 – Present



Trustee Micah Grant

Micah Grant

Vice President

2016 – Present



Trustee Jag Bains

Jag Bains


2018 – Present



Trustee Ericka Harding

Ericka Harden





Trustee Lisa Kaplan

Lisa Kaplan


2002 – Present








Pastor Art Pawlowski's Courageous Tour Comes to An End



Hello friends!


Pastor Artur Pawlowski is finishing up the final leg of his first American tour and what an amazing time it's been! We've been across the country and have met thousands of Americans who understand the threats the United States is facing. You all have been so incredibly supportive and amazing. You get it and we're proud to stand with you in this fight to save America.


Pastor Artur has been incredibly brave in the face of persecution and adversity. His future once he returns to Canada is uncertain. All we know is that the Canadian authorities are very angry and want to make an example out of him. As you probably already know, he was found guilty of contempt and faces FOUR YEARS IN PRISON! Can you even imagine???


But before he leaves, he will be making a few more stops around the country.


This week we're in California! Artur has been missing preaching on the streets so we're heading to the beaches of sunny California to deliver the messages of hope and to bring the lion's roar to the Golden State! The beach event is very casual but sure to be a great time! (There may even be a bonfire after!)


Below you will find a couple of the upcoming events. If you're in the area, please come out and see him before he heads back to Canada.








As mentioned, once the tour is over, the pastor will return to Canada. We aren't certain what the tyrannical Canadian "want to be" dictators have in store for him, but we know they are planning to make an example of him and his fight.


He will need help to fight them and to support his family. Can we count on you to contribute to that fight?


We are collecting gifts through PayPal at the moment:




All gifts will be directed to his work and family during these difficult times. There is no such thing as a small gift, please consider a gift in any amount.


We appreciate all of the love and support.


Be blessed!



Cindy Chafian

Courageous Faith Manager




(Please note we are no longer working with any outside organization. If you are contributing to anything other than this link, we can't guarantee the funds will be forwarded to Pastor Artur's fight.)

BREAKING: Torrance Schools Give Harmful Surverys to Students (Time to Fight Back)

Well, well, well ...

The moral and cultural rot that is afflicting public schools across the country continues its slow and steady slouching into Torrance Unified, as well.

Last year, one of the parents in Richardson Middle School shared with a Facebook group the following survery:

These questions were posed in an online survey for a middle school student! This survey was actually trying to find out the so-called "sexual preferences" of a twelve-year old. Seriously!

This is in Torrance Unified. I wrote to the principal at Richardson Middle School, Tayo Balogun, and she did not respond to me.

I wrote to the superintendent for answers, and Dr. Tim Stowe did not get back to me.

This year, I wrote back, demanding answers for this disgusting survey. Why is the school district allowing this? Why are parents not made aware of this? Why would anyone want information about students', about children's sexual behavior?

This is really outrageous!

Oh, and it gets worse ...

Two people in the past week have informed me that South High School submitted a similar survey to students this year!

One source in the city informed me that this survey was released in order for students to play sports, i.e. it was in connection with COVID-19 testing and scrutiny.

I am so fed up with this wickedness.

MassResistance, the pro-family organization that I work for, has been fighting the LGBT agenda and all of its perverse iterations for over 25 years. This kind of crap and corruption was pushed on students in the Boston suburbs of Massachusetts as early as 1993. Only one organization, MassResistance, was making any noise about this.

Today, MassResistance has established chapters and worked with activists all over the country, and all over the world, to fight this perverse agenda.

We have a diverse California chapter, too, with activists all over the state, and we are so grateful that more people in the city of Torrance are working with us to fight back against this homosexual-transgender tyranny.

We are committed to exposing and putting an end to these putrid push-polls which induce kids to question their own health and identities and engage in these aberrant, disgusting, bankrupt behaviors.

Please contact me RIGHT away if you have more information about this harmful, destructive surveys in the Torrance Unified School District:

Cell: (781) 474-3005

Email: arthur@massresistance.org


I need everyone to contact the Torrance Unified School board to demand answers and demand furthermore that the school board and supertinendent stop authorizing these invasive, abusive, and perverse surveys for the Torrance student body!

Please contact the Torrance Unified School Board and tell them to stop pushing LGBT indoctrination on the kids. These surveys are often designed by LGBT groups that seek to groom, recruit, and exploit children. No one should stand by and allow this!

School Board Members

Jeremy L. Gerson




James Han




Jasmine Park



Betty Lieu




Anil Muhammad



(Partial) Victory! AB 455 Dead (For Now)

I must start this post with an essential quote from Thomas Jefferson:

This statement will come into play more forcefully shortly.

For now, let's start with the good news:

I received great news from multiple sources today.

The Vaccine Passport/Vaccine Mandate bill in Sacramento is dead.

AB 455 is going nowhere. The truth is that there was no way that the corruptocracy in Sacramento could have every pushed through that terrible bill. There was no time. The deadline for all legislation is Friday, September 10, 2021, and normally the state legislature does not conduct any real business on Friday.

So, the bill is dead. The vaccine passport scheme is dead

Well, it's dead dor now.

And this is a victory! Yes, people should rejoice.

Well, a partial victory.

Here's the full report from an activist organization in the state of California:



According to numerous capital sources AB 455 is dead for this legislative season.

PERK — August 30, 2021


Dear Perk Members,

I am sure you are overwhelmed with emotions right now! I am too. This bill was one of the worst I have ever seen. I am so relieved to hear that AB455, which would have imposed a statewide "Covid Vaccine Passport,” is now dead. I am so proud of the army of Californians who answered the call. THANK YOU!!!

If it had passed, this bill would have removed people from society, unless fully vaccinated with the covid shot. If it had passed, this bill would have created a vaccine mandate on private industry by requiring ALL employers in California to require all their employees to be fully vaccinated, including all Independent Contractors to be fully vaccinated. Secondly, it would have required everyone 12 years and older to be fully vaccinated to enter any indoor spaces.

Our fight is still on with the other bill. Now, all eyes need to be on AB1102. This one must not pass either. We still have to oppose AB1102. The digital vaccine passport comes in tandem with this second bill, currently drafted, called AB1102, On Page 7, Item (E), is the digital vaccine passport in the form of the SMART HEALTH APP. More on this soon.

GRATITUDE calls are just as important as opposition calls. Please

·  Take action now and email your state legislators immediately and tell them thank you for opposing AB455.

·  Click here: https://oneclickpolitics.global.ssl.fastly.net/messages/edit?promo_id=13924

·  There are also several rallies organizing at the Capitol in Sacramento.  One is on September 8 at 10 AM. See more details about the bills and vaccine passports on our website.  www.perk-group.com

Thank you! This is a reflection on you, the people of California, that you do make a difference!

We may all sleep just a little better tonight. We will be prepared with our army if this bill comes back in a special session this year or next year’s bills. Sending you all love and a BIG HUG!

Amy Bohn

Executive Director


Donate to PERK so we can advocate for you!


Donate so we can raise funds now.  Share this link with 10 friends.  Share this with other states and freedom fighters.  Help us in CA!  We must get the message on the airwaves.  If we can stop the Vaccine Passports in California, we can help stop it across the entire nation.  I know there are big donors out there, please, share this with them.  Share in group texts, with friends, family, donors, share everywhere. https://donorbox.org/no-vaccine-passport

Other ways to donate:

Mail a check to: PERK, 3401 Grande Vista Dr. #723, Newbury Park, CA, 91319

Zelle: protectionofeducation@gmail.com

Venmo:  @PERK-123

Direct Deposit (Contact Us.)

We have launched a donation campaign dedicated to stopping the vaccine passport issue.  Please share it far and wide.


No Vaccine Passport Event Summary Here:


More Pictures Here

Now, here's the deal, folks:

Notice that there is another bill that we still need to fight: AB 1102.

Think about this aspect, as well: why did we have to get to this point where we are fighting vaccine passports in the first place?

People across the state should be beating up their state legislators EVERY DAY -- ALL THE TIME.

This kind of organizing and activism needed to be happening FIVE YEARS AGO.


Where have you all been?

MassResistance has been fighting the LGBT agenda, one if not the keymost element against this culture war for years.

Have you all forgotten what Thomas Jefferson warned all of us?

Monday, August 30, 2021

Equality California Panicking about California Recall



CBS News just published a brand new poll for the Republican Recall in California… and it’s NOT looking good:

CBS News / YouGov Poll

“Will you definitely vote in this recall election?”

Trump 2020 Voters: 86% YES
Biden 2020 Voters: 75% YES

Trump voters are more than 10% MORE likely to vote in this recall than Biden voters.

That’s why Equality California is launching a massive statewide get-out-the-vote campaign to mobilize pro-equality voters ahead of this Republican Recall.

We need grassroots funders! Will you donate $15 (or more!) today to power this GOTV campaign?


This is a critical moment for California, Arthur. In 2003, apathy from progressive voters allowed a Democratic governor to be recalled -- for only the second time in US history.

We’re not about to let history repeat itself this year.

Because if we lose this recall vote, we could get a governor who:

  1. Has a vile history of opposing LGBTQ+ equality;
  2. Wants to ban mask mandates and is proudly anti-vaccine;
  3. Supports gutting the minimum wage, gun regulations and Roe v. Wade.

The stakes are high -- and we’re leaving NOTHING on the table. Let’s not wake up on September 15th with any regrets.

Donate whatever you can to help us turn out pro-equality voters NOW:


We can win this, together.

Equality California

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Righteousness: A Gift, Not a Work (So Stop Telling Me It's "His Way of Doing Things"!)

 This is one of the most frustrating stumbling blocks that I am hearing in the churches today.

They keep talking about righteousness as if it means "God's Way of Doing Things."

That is patently untrue. I am so tried of hearing that. I am so tired of people not paying attention to what God's Word says.

Consider this passage:

"In righteousness shalt thou be established: thou shalt be far from oppression; for thou shalt not fear: and from terror; for it shall not come near thee." (Isaiah 54:14)

Could it not be any clearer? Righteousness is something that we are established in. It is not something that we do, but rather somenthing that is done to us.

Let's go back to the Father of Faith, our beloved Abraham:

"And he believed in the LORD; and he counted it to him for righteousness." (Genesis 15:6)

What more do modern-day preachers need? How more clearly can God make it?

Going back to Isaiah 54, we find this verse:

"No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD." (Isaiah 54:17)

Our righteousness comes from Him! We do not create it, we do not manufacture it.

And why stop there?

"But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption:" (1 Corinthians 1:30)

Christ IS our righteousness. What else do you need to understand that righteousness is not "His way of doing things"?

How about this?!

"For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him." (2 Corinthians 5:21)

That's all you need to know. 

When Jesus said to the Israelites of His day during His earthly ministry "See ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness," He was talking about the perfect standing before God, in which we are no longer condemned for our sins, but justified from all things (Acts 13:38)

Consider this passage, too:

"For if by one man's offence death reigned by one; much more they which receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one, Jesus Christ." (Romans 5:17)

It's a gift! IT'S A GIFT! How much more plainly can Paul make it?!

I am done. I will not settle for any pastor or preacher who continues to push this canard that righteousness is something that we do. No! It is something that Jesus has done, that He has bestowed as a gift to all who will receive it, who will receive Him!

We the Media: America, You Have Been Wakened

Congratulations America. You have become more aware than ever of daily incidents in every town, city and state across the Union where an enemy-infested local, state or federal government is actively attacking our freedoms and way of life.

You have been awakened to the scale of this infiltration, where it came from, and what its end goal is.

Once operating freely in the shadows as we consumed TV dinners in front of back-to-back episodes of Friends, now the enemy slithers in plain view, completely exposed in the brilliant glow of a thousand points of light.

Fellow citizens, with your focus and attention on what these traitors are doing each day around the country, and by raising your voice wherever it may touch ears, you are actively participating in a new Revolutionary war effort currently underway to defeat and overthrow a hideous, transnational and multigenerational empire of death that has been destroying our world for over a century, on a demon horse of communism.

You are going to win because you have a force behind you of a hundred million angry patriots who just woke up and remembered how much they loved Old Glory.

Friday, August 27, 2021

The Right as Structured in Modern Times is Inevitably Controlled Opposition

When did the political provides of left and right emerge in our modern political discourse?

It happened during the French Revolution. What happened was a mighty populist uprising of angry farmers and disgruntled middle income merchants who were tired of being pushed out of the well being and healthy wishes that every human being women being enjoys.

The driving force was the push to liberalize, to remove the long, centuries-old trappings of tradition, all wrapped also in borders language and culture. The desire to change things in any society will inevitably sponsor a backlash. The right has always been been viewed as the backlash, or the response to slow or deliberately stalliberately stall the changes that a political mood is political movement Has always wanted.

It's inevitable that the political right will become controlled opposition, if we insist on staying stuck within this paradigm of political jockeying of power that emerged during the French revolution. The Left wants to change things, and the Right is committed to keeping things the way they are.

In contrast, the United States paradigm was based on the proper scope of the state and a commitment on how to ensure that the natural rights of all would be protected. It was not about changing everything, but it was about ensuring that the promises and the policies laid down in the long tradition of God-centered Judeo-Christian liberty, that these values would be protected and realized for all.

American politics has turned into the slow, desiccated, degraded modern-day grudge match of the French Revolution, and is now turned into a more sophisticated version of the World Wrestling Dederation. Republicans are now pretty much destined to lose, and all they want to do is just slow things down, because that's what conservatism has been viewed as.

STOP AB 455! No Mandates, No KKK, No Fascist USA!

URGENT-CALIFORNIA!!! Going to Legislation Monday 8/30 -Proof of Vaccine's!!

Check out this website: https://opposeab455.weebly.com/

🚨🚨 California Bill AB455 For Proof of Vaccine's including for use of Gas Stations and Removal of Religious exemption,  Employer's Shall Require Proof of Vaccine's or Weekly Testing Religious exemption will NO longer be acceptable in the Workplace!! -🚨🚨

Going to Legislation Monday 8/30, under Transportation Bill!!!!


SIGN online::  

🚨🚨 California Bill AB455 For Proof of Vaccine's including for use of Gas Stations and removal of Religious exemption,  Employer's Shall Require Proof of Vaccine's or Weekly Testing Religious exemption will NO longer be acceptable in the Workplace!! -🚨🚨

Going to Legislation Monday 8/30, under Transportation Bill!!!!


SIGN online::  

See further info. video on Instagram::