Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Free Tommy Robinson Rally, June 12th, 2018: Report and Photos

Kim Sorgente of Orange County wanted to lead another rally outside of the British Consulate in Century City, Los Angeles.

The plight of this independent journalist, going to every length to expose the Muslim grooming and pedophile rings, is epic for his courage, and tragic for how the British government and the press have responded.

He was arrested for simply recording the event outside of the Leeds Courthouse and reporting to the public all the information that has been released to the public.

Kim was ready with is bullhorn, and he brought Jennifer with him. They are not afraid to step up and out for our fellow conservative patriot and freedom fighter, even if he's locked up unjustly over 5,000 miles away.

More people are learning about this horrendous miscarriage of justice, too.

More people who walked by our demonstration asked about Tommy Robinson. One lady was shocked when she found out why he was arrested.

Chris Trinh from Orange County joined us, too!

He's always ready to rally with us for freedom of speech and the press!

I just had to take a picture of this bus advertisement driving down the street, too:

Honestly, white people have no reason to feel guilt about anything or anyone.

This "white guilt" nonsense is part of the left-wing, social justice warrior narrative to silence people for speaking the truth about ... well, about anything! The Marxist insanity overrunning college campuses now argues that logic, reason, tradition, discussion of values, or Enlightenment values based on Biblical privilege are all corrupted aspects of white privilege or white supremacy.

Uh, who tainted their koolaid?

Yes, people, it is OK to be white!

It's OK to speak freely and not be intimidated. It's NOT OK, however, to arrest a man for simply exercising freedom of speech and exposing Muslim rape gangs and the failure of the British government

This time, we decided to approach the building, to see if we could enter the British consulate and speak with one of the staffers.

The security personnel informed us that the two towers on the block were private property. They would permit one person to accompany them into the building, but we could not bring signs or record in the property.

Kim suggested that I go in.

I did get inside the ground floor and spoke to one of the security representatives at the front desk.

Only British nationals can enter the British Consulate without a prior appointment or invite.

The front desk receptionists called up to the main office, but the consulate refused to let me go upstairs.

Oh well.

Chris says "Hang Loose, Tommy!"

Final Reflection

More people heard from us one-on-one about Tommy Robinson.

On my YouTube livefeed, not only were there more people following our event, but viewers from Great Britain were watching, too.

We saw playbills on two polls outside of the British Consulate, too.

This time, there were no police officers outside watching our protest. Aside from two private security staffers, there was no discernible police presence. Kim and Harim took down one violent old SJW, and apparently anyone who would have wanted to cause trouble didn't even bother us.

This event was a success, too, because I went into the building to speak with someone, to make some effort to inform the consulate staffers that American citizens want justice for Tommy, too.

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  1. Can you tell us more about this? I'd love to find out
    some additional information.

    A trail in Cantebury England, specifically at the Leeds
    Crown Courthouse, for a group of 'child groomers' was being held and presented for trial.
    Tommy Robinson, an English 'activist' and journalist, was outside of the courthouse along with
    dozens of journalists, filming members of the group on trial.
    He was then being arrested on suspicion of "breach of the peace".
    All news surrounding his legal status is prohibited
    from being reported on. Tommy Robinson is quickly and quietly sentenced to a prison sentence of
    10-13 months for "contempt of court". Check out full
    news at: Tommy Robinson