Wednesday, June 27, 2018

One More Retirement Needed to Make This Day Complete

The winning which is rolling out of Washington DC is just too much to take in.

Yet I have to make some kind of effort to write about it, and then I want to share what I hope will be happening next.

First, the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor for freedom of speech and worker freedom. The Janus vs. AFMSCE decision strikes down the forced agency fees forced upon non-union workers in public sector employment.

This move is not just a gut-blow but a fatal smackdown for the Democratic Party, which has ruled on tyranny, violence, and coercion to get money and campaign for more anti-constitutional progressives across the country.

I have waited a long time for this day and this decision. Ever since Scalia died in 2016, his death hastened consummate pressure on the next President. We needed Donald Trump to win so that we could ensure the preservation of our rights and our quality of life in the United States. Nothing less than the fate of the Republic was at stake.

The Janus victory is huge!

Next, Speaker Paul Ryan's amnesty proposal died an ignominious death on the floor of the House. 301 vote against, which means that the majority of the majority rejected this terrible piece of legislation.

This is a big win for the American people and against the DC Swamp which had been putting the interests of the Deep State, special interests, the Bureaucracy Swamp.

Kennedy is retiring (left)
Let's hope RBG goes next!

More winning occurred within one hour of the Supreme Court Victories and the massive failure of the big amnesty giveaway: centrist Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement from the Supreme Court!  He has been a sometime reliable, other times very unreliable liberal voice on the Supreme Court. He has joined by and large with the majority on many conservative cases, but he was a critical vote in the perverse Gay Marriage and abortion cases which had come before the court. I am glad that he is going, and it's about time since there had been a great deal of chatter that Kennedy was going to announce his retirement very soon, anyway.

I can't wait to see which nominee President Trump selects. This is going to be so awesome.

Now, there's only one more retirement needed that would make this day pre-eminently complete.

Speaker Paul Ryan.

He has to go. He is not leading his caucus, especially since he is ignoring President Trump's agenda, especially on immigration.

I just received this survey from the Speaker, too. He wants to know what my priorities are for the Congress. Like many voters across the country, I want the legislature to build the wall, deport all illegals, cut legal immigration, end chain migration, get rid of the diversity visa lottery. I want sanctuary cities punished for good.

"Why doesn't anybody like me?"

Yet Ryan's latest amnesty gamble wanted to give away massive legal status, green cards, and work visas. Where's the enforcement? Where's the rule of law and the restoration of our nation's sovereignty?

Speaker Ryan does not speak for the interests of American citizens. He is a lame lameduck Speaker. He is not running for re-election.

He needs to step down now and give the reins of the House to someone who will represent American interests.


Resign, Speaker Ryan, Resign!

Resign NOW, PAUL!!!

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