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California MassResistance Storms Lara's Office to Protest SB 1146

June 29th, 2016.

California MassResistance showed up in greater numbers than during Target boycotts or the Target shareholders' meeting protest.

State Senator Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens, Long Beach) is anti-Christian bigot and an anti-liberty tyrant who walks and stalks in lock-step with the destructive LGBT agenda.

His latest iteration in this terrible perversion?

SB 1146.

Christian colleges are waking up the compelling dangers of this terrible bill.

Already major interests up and down the state are hammering their elected representatives to stop this travesty of a legislative effort.

Randy Thomasson of Save California informed readers and followers throughout the state of California.

I contacted churches in Long Beach. Constituents of the state senator needed to be there, too, to let him know that he could not take his job lightly.

The turnout was beyond my expectations, and certainly shocked the state senator's office.

Concerned citizens from Los Alamitos, Santa Ana, Huntington Beach, Torrance, Lomita, Long Beach, and Fontana all assembled in front of Lara's office demanding that he pull his terrible bill.

 Check out the numbers of people who came:



All of us lined up and down Atlantic Ave, reminding businesses and passersby about the bigotry that Senator Lara and his staff were pushing in Sacramento.

People honked their cars driving by. Some people who were walking down the sidewalk asked what we were doing. Members of different churches explained that our protest against Lara and his anti-First Amendment Agenda.

Pastors, parents, professionals of all backgrounds came, putting pressure on the arrogant state senator.

Former students and volunteers who work with Biola University, one of the most well-known Christian universities in the country, also protested with us:

And of course, law enforcement came by to check up on  ... us, even though pro-family protests like ours are peaceful and law-abiding:

A sheriff's deputy was parked behind this building, probably trying to protect or cover for Lara's cowardly staff. Our members stood up to the highway patrolman, and we explained our just intentions for being there.

Wes Parker showed up with some interesting signs, too. We have worked together fighting against Lara's other legal perversions, like erosion of citizenship:

Here, we confronted the sheriff deputy behind the building, who was not quite sure what was going on .. or was he?

Tressy Capps from Fontana walked with me to Lara's office and then the above deputy to get some answers on what is going on.

I had scheduled a meeting time with Lara's staff at 4:30pm.

We returned to Lara's office, and the door was still locked. No one showed up.

This was a strange development, since I had visited the building the night before, and the office as well.

Here are some photos of Lara's office from the night before:

He has lots of neat bric-a-brac and memorabilia in his office, plus plenty of room for constituents and protesters to meet with him and his staff to discuss particular concerns:

So, what's the excuse? Why couldn't Ricardo Lara's staff be there to meet with me when I had scheduled to meet with them?

Out of Office? Really?
So, it looked as if Lara's staff were going to stay as far away as possible from all of us. Shameful. Is this how Lara treats his constituents? Is this how he treats California taxpayers, who pay for his illegal activities?

Back outside, California MassResistance gathered together again to rally our frustration. I announced to EVERYONE that I was supposed to have a meeting, and we were going to send a clear message that we were going to go through with the meeting.

We all assembled in the hallway, demanding to meet with State Senator Ricardo Lara's staff.

They were supposed to be there, and the state senate advertises its ours from 9am to 5pm!

All of us left notes for the state senator, expressing our stern opposition to SB 1146 and our displeasure with his rude staff for not showing up when they had already scheduled my visit.

Here I left my comments.

Here are our comments for Lara and staff. I also shared with the rest of our team that we need to contact his donors as well as his colleagues. Notice all the Long Beach residents whom the senator blew off!

Final Reflection:

State Senator Ricardo Lara is arrogant.

He thinks that he is God on earth.

And he is determined to force his pro-homosexual, anti-liberty agenda on every Californian.

He is targeting Christian colleges with this invasive, destructive bill to subjugate more people to the power of the state.

Whether people recognize the concerns about these anti-family policies, or they at least muster their opposition to these anti-liberty bills, then we can coalesce to stop this monstrosity.

Pro-family forces and pro-liberty forces need to work together to stop the tyrant Ricardo Lara!

And we are already scaring him! He just changed more language in his bill to try to make the legislation less offensive.

But California MassResistance will not stop until SB 1146 is dead.

More people are rallying to our side, and the Democratic political machines are starting to feel the pro-life, pro-family heat!

Hvidston's Report on the Westlake Five Burned Alive

KILLED 5 PEOPLE on 6/13/16. NOTE: he had been arrested on 6/8/16 for drug possession...

6/20/16 - Los Angeles, CA - Report by Robin Hvidston

Local resident describes the fiery hell...

GRIEVING WIDOW OF ONE OF VICTIMS, she was at the memorial site & SAYS HER HUSBAND'S NAME is NOT EVEN MENTIONED in reports or at the memorial site! SHE WANTS HIS NAME RECORDED.

Above photo is of the WIDOW of DEANDRE MITCHELL, 36, who was one of the five victims killed. 

Above photo, in front of the burned-out building, at the makeshift memorial site.

Members of The Remembrance Project, California, staged a vigil at the makeshift memorial in front of the charred building where five souls perished in a raging fire - set by an illegal, with an ICE and a police record. The Remembrance Project, founded by Maria Espinoza of Houston, TX,  honors and memorializes American citizens killed by illegals - permanently separated from their families through no fault of their own.



VICTIMS included:
1. Deandre Mitchell (Jokerface), 36 

2. Jerry Clemons, 59  

3. Mary Ann Davis, 44. Jerry Clemons and Mary Ann Davis were a couple from Ottumwa, Iowa:  
Reports say the couple had been in L.A. only a few days and were with the son of Mary Ann Davis - whose dental records are being checked as a possible victim. 

4. Son of Mary Ann Davis. 

5. A 5th female victim has not been identified.  The illegal set the fire as an act of revenge during a dispute with another homeless man. Johnny Josue Sanchez was released by the border patrol in 2012! He went on to commit DOMESTIC VIOLENCE & was arrested for drug possession multiple times, including on June 8, 2016 - just 5 days before he set the fire.

It took 150 Fire Fighters more than 2 hours to extinguish the fire.

A ladder truck lifts a body, one of four additional bodies found in the burned-out ruins of an abandoned office building in the Westlake district just west of downtown Los Angeles Tuesday, June 14, 2016, bringing the death toll to five. Two men and two women were found Tuesday after a search using cadaver dogs. One person was found dead when the building burned Monday evening, June 13. Authorities believe the fire was intentionally set. (AP Photo/Richard Vogel)
According to news reports, although the outside of the building did not look that affected, the inside was badly burned and THE ROOF COLLAPSED. 

Above one of the burned-out windows, photographed during the vigil.

Above photo is of the partial list of names of Americans killed by illegals since Kate Steinle was murdered in July 2015.

CONTACT your elected officials! Stop the killing of Americans by illegals - enforce the law: deport!



“…Catholic Charities gets billions of taxpayer dollars for refugee resettlement and general immigration services, which puts it into the category of a smallish government agency. For example, in 2010, 62 percent of Catholic Charities’ budget was funded by the unwilling taxpayer. The feds and the Catholic bishops are partners.”

Every congress member is given an annual budget to cover staff salaries, travel to and from the home district, official mail to constituents and other office necessities. The budgets vary. The average budget for 2011 was $1.45 million.
USA Today 4/6/2012 8:36

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The Uninformed James Preston Allen Loses It at Gun-Control Sit-in: "F---k You!"

I was not without my back-handed admirers at Aunt Janice's sit-in in name only.

The editor for the left-wing progressive rage James Preston Allen was there.

"What Neighborhood Council?"

With the ever-present fedora, slick and ready to make the case for failed policies, Allen recognized me in the line to speak at the podium

He started taking pictures of me, too.

Fine with me.

I took some photos myself.

He seemed pretty smug, it seemed, even though he had just been through off the Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council.

All the "progressive" ideas he had been pushing all blew up in his face.

Little houses for the homeless?

$15 an hour minimum wage hikes?

"Arthur is stupid ... because he doesn't agree with my
idiotic, regressive, unproven ideas about ... "

Environmental tyranny, which pushes away good jobs?

When will the Random Lengths Prava get in through their left-leaning brains that the command-control top-down arrogance does not work?

Well, Allen took his casual shots at me and anyone who supports the Second Amendment.

Here are some of his comments.

Check out this link where Allen kisses Aunt Janice's butt, then he takes a jab at the people who threw him out of office.

Then he commented on my comments.

This man has such a limited understanding of the United States Constitution, too.

Here are his comments:

"In the Constitution, there is also the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

Where does this phrase appear in the United States Constitution? Oh, that's right .., it doesn't.

Thomas Jefferson penned those words in the Declaration of Independence.

"Don't know much about ... anything!"

Then came the next set of whoppers:

"And that right actually precedes the Second Amendment."

Once again, little James, the life and liberty part is not even listed as a right in the Constitution.

"And if you look at the Amendments of the Constitution, they have a certain priority ... uh, level."

Oh, so the Framers listed the Bill of Rights based on their importance?! WHAT?!

"And free speech is at the top, and gun ownership is second in the rights ..."

This man is the "progressive" editor in chief. Yes.

I cannot add anything to the sure ridiculousness of those comments.

These two comments say it all:

Jose Martinez Who is this ass clown!?!?Amendments are put in order of importance? The 13th amendment is towards the middle so using his logic guess outlawing slavery is not that important. Idiot! Ass clown!
Ceasar Hurtado hahahahahahahahah what!?


But the best was yet to come at the end of the evening.

So, former ILWU local leader and LA Harbor Commissioner Dave Arian loses it and takes my phone away.

He had to give it back, of course.

Then I walked over to one of the reporters for them to cover Arian's display of aggression.

Then Mr. Allen spoke again.

"You are being provocative, Mr. Schaper ..."

"You are being provocative ... F--k you!"

Well, I will let you enjoy the video for yourself. Click here.

Reflection on Aunt Janice's Gun-Control Sit-In

Last week, I wrote the House Democrats: "Sit on it!"

They should have sat on their hands along with anything else to expose their utter uselessness.

Congresswoman Janice Hahn (D-San Pedro) decided to host another gun-control sit-in at Port of Los Angeles High School.

Give me a break!

Let's cut the crap, again.

Aunt Janice is running for Board of Supervisors. Her little community event to declare war on the Bill of Rights was a big show-but of a media stunt.

She had lots of adoring, liberal fans. 100 people showed up to cry, grieve, and deplore the sad state of affairs of gun violence.

All this talk, all the time. "We must stop the gun violence! End the violence now!"

I know San Pedro pretty well. I was really pleased to find parking so quickly. When it comes to parking, how can anyone forget that Aunt Janice once approved parking meters in San Pedro, which hurt local businesses without bringing in any real revenue. Then the meters were removed, causing the city to break even on the whole wasteful venture.

Heckuva job, there Aunt Janice!

So, she has leap-frogged from LA City council to Congress, and now she's running for LA BOS.

And she wants to replay the gun-control sit-in of her lazy, do-nothing colleagues from last week.

Before the meeting, I walked by a number of police officers, Port police as well as LAPD. She had at least twenty police officers in and around the area.

Janice Hahn talking to Fox 11 reporter Ed Levine

Before I entered the school building, I noticed Rep Hahn answering questions for Ed Levine. I wasn't going to let her get away with softballs. During the interview, I asked her very directly about this no-fly no-buy idea.

"What about Tom McClintock?"

 His name was on the no-fly list, and he had to fight to get the confusion cleared up. An Irish domestic terrorist had the same name.

Another woman had to fight for eight years to be removed from the no-fly list. The lack of due process should alarm anyone about using that measure to determine who may or may not purchase a firearm.

One of the Los Angeles Times' reporters recorded my first confrontation with Hahn:

At first, I did not know why she was willing to pause and talk to me.

Now I know why. The Los Angeles Times had a camera on her!

But she had tried to get by and ignore me before. Check out this video here.

I spoke with one of the reporters, and told them that they needed to ask harder questions.

Then the meeting started to gather more people.

And then more people starting pouring in:

Then people were standing in the back as well as filling in all the seats:

I am glad that I showed up early, in spite of everything that was going on.

You could tell that Aunt Janice was going to suck as much publicity as she could out of this event. Before she introduced colleagues and community leaders, she showed the wavering wanna-be gospel preaching of Rep. John Lewis on the House floor before the Democrats sat down for 25 hours.

Watch the video here, and watch her reactions to the video, too!

A few leading members of the community, many who fight gang violence, spoke at the gathering.

You really have to feel for the family, friends, and neighbors, all of whom have lost loved ones to thugs, criminals, and the mentally ill. Notice that I did not write "gun violence", as though it is some kind of ephemeral evil.

Someone holds the gun, someone fires the gun, someone kills someone else. It's that simple.

Steve Bradford was also there. Hahn reminded everyone that he was a former assemblyman. Don't you think they ought to know that he is running for state senate?

He talked about all those gun-control bills he helped pass. Then he remarked that some days, he didn't remember if he was a Democrat, since legislators have to "work together" to stop gun violence.

Democrats in San Pedro love to talk about "bipartisanship", because for a Los Angeles-area Democrat, that basically means "We get our way, and Republicans go away."

A doctor from Harbor General Medical Center (located in LA County property, with a Torrance mailing address, and also residing in Janice Hahn/Isadore Hall/Steve Bradford territory) described the terrible gun violence he has to witness, treat, and overcome every at the hospital.

No question about it. There is too much gang violence in the Los Angeles Harbor-South LA region. The answer is not more gun-control. The doctor gave no solutions for stopping the gun violence, either. At the end of the sit-in, the doctor walked away from me rather than give more information about stopping gun violence in an effective manner.

Then the meeting was open to the public to comment.

People lined up right away.

Of the hundred plus attendees in the room, only two people spoke in support of the Second Amendment and opposed Hahn's proposed "No Fly, No Buy" legislation.

Matthew Bybee spoke before me. Here are his remarks.

Notice how rude the audience was. They would not allow him to speak without the chorus of boos and "you're lying" behind him, trying to drown him out. As everyone knows, leftists support freedom of speech ... as long as you agree with them.

A young man spoke ahead of me. He was reticent at first to speak out, and even considered going last. He has asked me what to do. I told him that everything was going to be fine, and just speak.

Not only did he make a statement, the news captured the sad story of his sister killed in a shooting.

I really feel for the friends and family of violent criminals.

For that reason, I spoke in favor of the Second Amendment, and expanding access to Concealed Carry Weapons permits.

Here are my comments.

Once again, you will notice that the audience was very rude and disruptive because they did not agree with me. One crazy lady kept shouting "You're lying! You're lying!" At the end of my comments, I asked the woman to explain: "Why am I lying? How am I lying!"

It was a good moment to confront some of the audience and play the "civil rights" card against their disruptions. I talked about the Islamic terrorism, too. It amazed me that everyone else in the audience would not face this simple fact. When Aunt Janice claimed that her suggested legislation would not infringe on Second Amendment rights, I told her that was not true. I also reminded her--a second time--that the no-fly list argument is flawed.

Then came James Preston Allen. He gave his Random Lengths spiel about progressives and the little homes for the homeless. He also shared with everyone about my freuent contributions to his newsletter, probably one of the good reasons for reading his progressive rag, if there are any left. He also enumerated some strange arguments about the Second Amendment, like the fact that it was of "secondary importance" to the First Amendment.

Does that mean the abolition of slavery, as outlined in the 13th Amendment, was a much-less significant amendment?

A few other strange, left-wing highlights from the crowd included:

1. A teacher who hoped to see a statue of liberty made from melted guns in the Los Angeles Harbor.

2. A photographer from Random Lengths News.

3. A young activist from Organizing for Action.

4. A lawyer who claimed that most serial murders are committed by white people (what's her point? Not sure ...)

At the end of the meeting, Aunt Janice reminded everyone of her long resume (not many accomplishments, though). Notice how she characterized the House majority as reckless gun fanatics. The fact is that Congress is not going to waste time taking away people's rights on the Second Amendment.

Aunt Janice had numerous chances to repeal Obamacare. She had a number of opportunities to secure our borders, to stop the insane spending, to ensure full empowerment of the Bill of Rights in citizens' lives.

But no, taking guns away from law-abiding citizens is more important, enough to violate due process for every other voter in this country. Sure.

She then told everyone to call Speaker Paul Ryan's office and demand a floor-vote. She relived the glory of sitting on the House floor.  Of course, she forgot to mention that this "sit-in" was catered, with lots of media attention. Whoopee!

Final Reflection

Gun-control is not the answer. Conservatives should take up this mantra, the same way the Left tries to shame critics into silence with "Hate is not the asnwer."

Los Angeles County in particular, and California in general have the toughest gun laws on record.

Lots of murders, lots of gun violence, lots of moments of silence still ensue.

How about Chicago, Illinois? The gangs don't care about the rule of law, or the rules on the books to restrict gun ownership. The Windy City is winding up as a massive, bullet-riddled graveyard.

Gun control doe not control guns. Read, review, repeat.

Janice Hahn enjoyed her little media stunt, but pro-Second Amendment supporters like Matthew and me enjoyed good press and media coverage, too, in order to inform the "Sit-in" and the viewers at large that this problem will not be solved with more "Kumbaya" followed by "GimmeYaGuns".

Retired ILWU, Harbor Commish Dave Arian Loses Control at Aunt Janice's Gun-Control Sit-In

At the end of Aunt Janice's gun control sit-in that wasn't, I decided to wait in line with a bunch of other constituents as well as supporters of the Congresswoman.

I recorded the whole event, as I waited in line and listened to Aunt Janice schmooze and make nice with all her prospective voters.

Of course, as predicted, when it was about to be my turn to speak to her, the handlers took her to the side, and one of them got in my way.

I could not believe that they would pull this. How brazen and shameful at the same time. If you are a politician, you need to get used to being in front of the camera.

You need to get used to people who do not agree with you getting tough and asking hard questions, or telling you to your face: "You are wrong!"

Aunt Janice can't handle that. She has been one of the majority of Democrats in nearly every legislative body she has been elected to.

She was one of thirteen Democrats on the Los Angeles City Council.

Then she comes to Congress, after walking all over Laura Richardson in the 44th, then dispensing with another minority party candidate in the 2014 election.

Now she wants to leave Congress because she cannot get out of the current Democratic minority status. She wants to be one of four left-wing Democrats on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.


But she can't handle one constituent with a camera.

So, the handlers swirl her away from me ..,

Then out of nowhere, the angry Dave Arian, the former head of Local 13, gets in my face and snatches my phone out of my hands.

Check out the video here.

So, Dave Arian grabs my phone ...

Dave Arian, LA Harbor Commissioner

What gives him the idea that he is somehow about the law?!

Shameful and disgraceful.

Someone needs to contact the Harbor Commission, and tell them that they are not above the law!

Call Dave Arian and tell him to start respecting the First Amendment for all residents!

425 South Palos Verdes Street, 
San Pedro, California, USA 90731

Phone: (310) 732-3508

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From the Brexit a New Birth of Freedom

The Brexit ended in the surprising break of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

Rule Britannia!

The British people voted with their ballots, no bullets needed, and shouted “F-U!” to the EU.

Another Glorious Revolution, akin to the change of monarchical power in 1688. The British, after four decades of placid restoration from the Puritan Republic, feared the looming imposition of James the II, son of the more light-hearted Charles. His Catholic—read, statist—leanings imperiled the new expansion of liberty within the realm. Popular sentiment organized into another rebellion, with the aim of a new crown on the throne of England, more subservient to the Parliament.

Without bloodshed or heart-ache, the despot James II, pro-Catholic but anti-liberty, sensed that his time on the throne was short.

He fled to France.

Three hundred years later, British citizens—not subjects, and certainly not Europhile servants—sent the message loud and clear to secular statists out to suppress their true identity and legacy: “We will govern ourselves, respond to our own laws, and respect our judges. We will secure our own borders, and continue to thrive in a growing international market without your interloping.”

Bear in mind, Britain’s raging skepticism of the European experiment was well-founded. Sluggish markets, bureaucratic limitations, cultural stagnation, debilitating environmentalism—all with no say from the individual nations—had pushed business owners, entrepreneurs, and civil servants to the brink.

The Brexit had been gaining ground and grandeur for the past two decades.

Nigel Farage, the leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party, had launched the first broadsides from the side in 1992. The momentum crept up. As global markets expanded then contracted, the need for individual nation-states to take back their autonomy and destiny rang out clearer than ever.

UKIP went from a merry band of marginal euroskeptics to a robust mainstream movement, first in 2015 European Parliament elections, where they joined the widening bloc of anti-centralization forces throughout the continent. Their 2015 campaign for sits in Parliament was not successful on the surface. They had two seats, lost one. However, the Tories, led by their cost-cutting Prime Minister David Cameron capitulated to their demands for an EU referendum for June 23, 2016.

On that Election Night (Britain’s New Independence Day), Farage congratulated his many supporters, and the many voters beyond them who declared their fealty to national sovereignty and individual autonomy.

This British Breakaway is more than a populist revolt. This is not a temper-tantrum of desperate partisans who want the pain to stop. This departure is also much more than farmers with pitchforks or angry mobs demanding bread and looking for someone’s head to chop off. This final exit is a restoration of British values, national pride, and a remonstrance to techno-bureau-aristocrats intent on power at the expense of the people.

The eternal relevance of the Magna Carta shines through, and the more perfect way is brightly before us. This wonderful and unlikely fireworks display of local control flies in the face of two call consuming agendas.

First, the smug globalists, the earnest Marxists, and the left-wing elitists committed to a one-world government. The human impulse to cherish local traditions, national identity, and local customs will never leave man. The Communistic worldview has long adhered to the idea that ethnic differences would phase away and monetary, fiscal, and class-based conflicts would dominate world politics. Not the case. Britons voted “Leave”, knowing full well that breaking away from the EU would mean rewriting trade pacts with twenty-eight different countries. Their currency could take a hit, but is already stabilizing. Besides, the thriving economies of Switzerland, Guernsey, Iceland, and Norway should signal to any independent nation that secure borders, individual currencies, and diverse contracts will engage and enlarge their economic power, not diminish it.

Second, the sad defeatism of the conservative pessimists has fallen away. Pamela Geller deserves recognition and praise for her brave, political incorrect stance against Islam. And yet, she had lamented that the West has lost the will to live. The terrorist attacks, and the tepid response from the current leadership throughout Western Europe would disarm and discourage many. But the cultural pessimists were wrong, too.

The “extreme right” parties have been extremely right, as in correct, and have righted the ship of state in their own countries. Their radical views—departure from central banking and domestic policy. They not only embrace the will to live, but recall that Europe is more than a geographical location, but an idea, a repository of Judeo-Christian certainties which have thrived in spite of dark world.

The globalists and the pessimists have been sent packing. The Brexit is the first of many signs to show that the fight for grace and truth, liberty and justice in our time will not end in vain. The Netherlands, France, and Italy are lining up next, demanding rigorous reforms. France’s Front National (softened away from the ethnic hatred of previous leaders) wants a free nation again one which does not shy away from its glorious past to envision a glorious future. The Eastern Bloc has already secured its borders.

Rather than a continuation of countries coming together—as the resigned elitist historians had predicted—nation states are growing smaller, or seeking independence rather than sheer size. Margaret Thatcher was right, and her intuition has been rightly rewarded, despite waiting thirty years for vindication.

With the fall of the European Union, will Belgium even remain one nation after the disintegration of the European Union? Spain has retained a national identity in part through forced fusion of differing states from within, like Catalonia, Galicia, and the Basque countries. Will they shift toward independence, too?

Smaller countries no longer have to fear military domination from neighboring states. The disintegration of the progressive, statist ideals signals a new birth of liberty and the advanced technological advances, from finance to communications, will ensure a smooth transition for all new states seeking greater autonomy over their own affairs.

From the Brexit breaks forth a new birth of freedom.

Illegal Alien Burned Down Westlake Building, Killed Five People

In Los Angeles, California, one of the largest sanctuary cities in the country, an illegal alien named Johnny Sanchez--a native of Honduras) was living on the street, apparently working as an informant with the local police (who should have turned him over to ICE by then), and was committing crimes himself.

ICE was not doing its job.

They were following him, interviewing him, and then lost track of him.

How could any of this happened?

We do not have secure borders. All of these travesties of lawlessness must cease.

Then I read about Sanchez' setting a building on fire, which killed five people.

I had to visit the site of this terrible crime myself.

2411 8th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90057

When We the People Rising  arrived at the scene, the stench of the burned building still lingered there.

A homeless drifter walked by. He claimed that seven people died in the fire, not five.

Then a young lady approached the building. She was crying, in pain, hurting.


Her husband, known to the locals as "Jokerface", died in that fire.

Five homeless died in that fire, according to current reports.

Does anyone care? Is anyone going to do anything about this travesty of injustice?

We the People Rising intended to ensure that the memory of those five people would not be lost.

The young lady told us that her husband's name was DeAndre Mitchell. Residents and neighbors set up a memorial for Mitchell and the other four killed in that terrible fire.

Here are the names of the other victims:

1. Deandre Mitchell (Jokerface), 36

2. Jerry Clemons, 59 

3. Mary Ann Davis, 44. Jerry Clemons and Mary Ann Davis were a couple from Ottumwa, Iowa.

4. Son of Mary Ann Davis.

5. A 5th female victim has not been identified (possibly a lady named "Felony".

Illegal immigration is not a victimless crime.

Not at all.

After our vigil, We the People Rising visited the Seven Maples Senior Housing Complex on 7th street.

Our intentions. To meet with the members of the MacArthur Park Neighborhood Council, and demand accountability from the representatives in this region.

No citizen should fear for his safety in Los Angeles, or anywhere.

When we arrived at the complex, we found an empty and locked community room.

The website had advertised a Neighborhood Council meeting

How many more have to die before our country takes secure borders seriously?

How many crimes, how much more lawlessness will residents in California and throughout the country put up with until we have proper leadership that will stop illegal immigration and enforce the law?

RIP DeAndre JokeFace Mitchell, Burned to Death by an Illegal Alien

June 21st, 2016.

We the People Rising paid a visit and gave our final respects to five citizens who died in a fire lit by an illegal alien.

This story was desperately depressing.

How much tragedy could be crammed into one story? I did not even learn about it until a close contact informed about his and the deaths of four other people in a fire.

All set by an illegal alien.

Johnny Josue Sanchez entered this country illegally.

ICE officials caught him at the USA-Mexico border in 2012. He was sixteen years old at the time,

Instead of deporting the man, they let him into the country.

The Honduran native was arrested for domestic violence and drug charges, too ...

And yet ICE did not remove him.

At sixteen, the border patrol and federal policing agents did not consider Sanchez a threat.

So they did nothing.

He has resided in this country illegally for the past four years.

And now ...

He was staying in an abandoned building on 2411 8th Street.

I took my first video of the burned building on Saturday night.

Here's a video taken that afternoon, giving a clearer view of what everything looked like.

Another homeless drifter, apparently transgendered, beat him up over a room in the building.

In retaliation, Sanchez wanted to set him on fire.

He ended up burning down the entire building.

Five people died, including DeAndre "JokerFace" Mitchell.

On June 21st, We the People Rising met his widow, Choga Mitchell.

Here is the video where we learned the identity of this victim.

What really bothered Choga? The press did not bother to write his full name.

They should know it, and so should the police.

Ace, a friend of Choga's, explained to me that the LAPD didn't turn in Sanchez because he was an informant on crimes going on in the area.

Yet Sanchez was a criminal himself, just by being in the country!

Choga Mitchell will never have her husband back.

What do the leaders of the City of Los Angeles have to say for themselves.

LA is a sanctuary city, which has created a city less safe for the citizens.

Five more people were killed, who did not have to die.

How many more will have to die? One was too much.

It was beyond a coincidence that we were there to meet this widow.

How many more widow, grieving parents, and orphaned children will there have to be before our leaders--local, state, federal--secure our borders and deport illegal aliens?

In the mean time, We the People Rising will make sure that DeAndre "JokerFace" Mitchell is not forgotten.