Thursday, March 31, 2016

Weekend at Bernie's Great Weekend

Conservative friends of mine have told me to stop focusing on the Republican primary. It’s a mighty fight between two anti-Establishment titans. I am rooting for Cruz, and with all the negative press (Cruz with five mistresses, and you know it must be true, because the National Enquirer said so!), plus Donald Trump’s meltdown over losing Louisiana, this is going to be one fun year.
As for the Democrats …

The Democratic Party has officially lost its mind, its way, and its reason for being. The have gone anti-constitutional. Their front-runner, losing her lead by the minute, is under federal investigation, loves to bark on command, and has a number-one cheerleader in the most anti-feminine of former Presidents.

As if George McGovern and Election 1972 wasn’t bad enough for the Democrats. Fifty years later, and Democrats have become the party of the Old, White, Statist, and Racist. OK, bad and ugly, too. Madam Hillary (notice all those hookers in Nevada rooting for her) is willing to sell herself to Wall Street, K Street, and on just about any corner to get a vote. Her challenger? An ideologically brain-dead curmudgeon with a New York accent from New England, where Republicans have gained Congressional seats and governorships for the first time in decades. He was a draft-dodger, a kibbutzer, a welfare prince, and now a radical wannabe socialist.

Ugh! It’s hard out there for a Democrat! What’s even sadder? The old Vermonter had the better weekend of the two, with three wins in a row! “Weekend at Bernie” Sanders is the life of the party now.

And what a weekend he had.

He scored big primary wins in Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington State. Three different climates, three different political cultures, and all major turnouts. These are YUGE victories. Yes, I wrote “yuge”. From the rainy, to the snowy, to the tropical, the Independent-turned-Democratic Socialist has become a force to be reckoned with, thus a real threat to Clinton’s coronation. As much as the Democratic Party tried to silence its own voters, the diverse primary process, with double the number of potential delegates compared to the Republican Party, the DNC must grin with chagrin and bear in for the long haul. Sanders is sticking to his socialist guns (since he voted for the right to keep and bear arms almost as much as the Republicans during his tenure in the House). Clinton can raise money, and play the race card all she wants, but the outsider momentum is with Bernie.

Of course, all those over-indulged six-year undergraduates with loads of student loan debt love their surrogate grandpa. The bigger problem? All the people who are supposed to pay for Sanders’ free college tuition and health care proposals—pretty much everyone else—are not keen on subsidizing under-educated sloth. The #BlackLivesMatter crowd also loves Bernie, but they also love overriding other people’s freedom of speech, stopping the flow of traffic on streets and freeways, and invading Donald Trump’s campaign rallies.

Everyone else hates them, and they will take Sanders down, good weekend or not.

The rest of the country is tired of Bernie. With all the talk about Trump taking down Republican chances in the US Senate and the House, when will anyone ask the more pertinent question: With Sanders at the top of the Democratic ticket, how badly will he drag down the diminishing Democratic chances throughout the country? 

Democrats already suffer from a record of ineffective campaign. In 2014, they could not run a viable candidate in Kansas for US Senate, and the gubernatorial candidate lost, even though one hundred big-spender Republicans lined up behind him. Republicans in governor’s mansions, statehouses, and even at the local level dominate.

The only difference? The mainstream media isn’t screaming about it, the way they love to dissect the ongoing demise of the GOP. Are you sure the GOP is dying? The Democrats may need to rethink their raison d’etre very soon.

Sure, the Los Angeles Times just reported that Trump is ahead of Cruz (by one percentage point). The liberal democratic version of Pravda also predicts that Trump’s ascendancy will fracture the state party and drag down the national GOP ticket. Of course, the elite liberal media has acquired the same credibility as the National Enquirer, and rarely reports what is really going on. Besides, fewer people seem to care what the LA Times writes anyway.

In case you have not read, registered Democrats are disgusted with their party. A Torrance, CA homeowner (by way of Venice, CA, which indicates how liberal he is) confronted the Democratic Party leadership: “What have you done to help the working poor?” The caustic yet accurate answer would be: “Make them poorer!” or “Keep them poor!” Other Democrats, the ones who vote that way because their parents did, have seen the progressive-socialist phalanx leave them in the dust, and with greater national debt and fewer opportunities for their kids. 

With legalized-theft Bernie Sanders at the top of the Democratic ticket, you can be certain that anyone who works for a living, owns property, or who traded a third-world dictatorship for American citizenship is going to vote Republican.

Sanders has already been accused of covering up the misconduct, corruption, and incompetence of the Veterans Administration. He’s a gun nut, who cannot outrun his pro-Second Amendment record. How is Bloomberg going to hijack city councils throughout the country under Sander’s bid for President? That’s another win for the conservatives right there.

The DNC’s outrageous disregard for life and marriage, plus the intense dedication to champagne socialism at the expense of the lunch box base of their party, is eroding Democratic registration numbers. Democrat voters are not just voting Republican, even in California, but they are registering that way.

Sanders and Clinton, campaigning on desiccated, white, eurotrash ideologies will toss their party into the ash-heap of political history. Weekend at Bernie’s latest victories should send shivers up the Democratic Party Establishment’s spines—if they had any.
What a great weekend it was!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

It's Time for Gay CounterMentum

“You have to accept me!” -- Gay activist in Hermosa Beach, CA
“Arthur, you ignorant bigot!” -- Lewis Charleston
People keep talking about “gay this” and “gay that”, and “proud to be gay”, even though the advocates for the lifestyle claim that people are born that way. If you have nothing to do with it, then what is there to be proud of? Should I be proud of being white?
Someone once told me that Providence, Rhode Island is the “Gay Capital” of the United States, not San Francisco or West Hollywood, or even Dallas, Texas (that city had an openly gay mayor, I believe). From Rhode Island Assembly Speaker Gordon Fox to former Providence mayor now Congressman David “Grand Theft Auto” Cicilline, homosexuality is prominent in the politics and the people in Providence.
What would Roger Williams think? Besides being appalled, he probably would have cited scripture upon scripture condemning the practice, not an identity.
Bigotry or Free Speech?
No, wait. If Providence’s colonial patriarch showed up on the steps of city hall (or the statehouse) and declared his opposition, he would probably be pilloried as a bigot, a hater, or from even less reflectie minds “a racist”. In effect, he would have gotten the same reception he had endured in Massachusetts, the first state to recognize gay marriage. No, wait again. The state supreme court forced the Commonwealth to recognize gay marriage.
Then again, Williams might have shared his thoughts on the Internet, as did GoLocal MINDSETTERS™ Don Roachand John Perilli. Writing about a(nother) controversial bill in Arizona, Roach broached the clash of gay marriage vs. religious beliefs with “What do you think?” Perilli identified the “Therimdorian” (read, conservative) backlash to gay marriage.
About homosexuality and civil rights, the conflict is indeed unique. Unlike the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 60s, homosexuals claim that they are born gay and thus any discrimination cannot be tolerated. Opponents disagree and support the right of religious institutions and private establishments the right to refuse certain services.

The opponents are right: people are not born gay. There is simply no compelling evidence to support any other idea. From the ancient Greeks, who prized homosexual love yet recognized marriage between one man and one woman, to the present day, growing evidence determines that homosexual conduct is a choice, and a bad one, fraught with diseasedysfunction, and death.
Now, in a free society, adopting a libertarian, live-and-let-live mindset, consenting adults are free to use (or abuse) their bodies as they choose. Also in a free society, individuals must recognize the crucial element of tolerance, which not only permits others to live as they please, yet accepts that everyone cannot be forcibly entitled to other people’s opinion. Furthermore, other people may recognize and protect themselves and their children from the risks associated with certain behavioral choices.
People of religious persuasion, or of a cultural stance, should not be forced to cater to homosexuals, if they deem such offensive or immoral. Nevertheless, a growing infringement on freedom of speech, press, and religion is manifesting in the face of resistance to homosexuality.
In Sweden, a pastor was jailed for preaching against homosexuality.
In Canada, a court of appeals ruled that religious ministers have to perform same-sex weddings , regardless of their convictions. The Supreme Court ruled that criticizing homosexuality amounted to “hate speech”, which could be penalized. Excuse me?!
Anti-Freedom Legislation
But that’s Sweden and Canada, critics would counter. Perilli has argued that such anti-freedom outcomes would never be passed here.
Think again.
A Hawaii bed and breakfast faced a lawsuit, then were forced to cater to a homosexual couple, even though the owners did not support the lifestyle.
In New Mexico , a Christian wedding photographer was compelled to offer services to a gay couple.
In Oregon, a bakery was forced to close following a lawsuit from a gay couple, because the baker refused to bake them a wedding cake.
In a Hermosa Beach town hall meeting, a gay activist declared without reserve: “You have to accept me!” Have to? The United States is a constitutional republic, not a tyranny. I don’t “have to” accept people’s lifestyle choices.
A Call for Countermentum
Countermentum is necessary against this aggressive, anti-freedom homosexual agenda.
In my hometown, Torrance, a gay activist tagged “Tastes like hate!” on a Chik-Fil-A, after CEO Dan Cathy shared his opposition to gay marriage. Customers supported Cathy and “ate more Chikin” instead.
After Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson’s comments on homosexuality, then A&E’s indefinite, unjust suspension, supporters punched back, and Robertson was reinstated. Even gay academic Camille Paglia supported Phil, calling A&E’s response "Fascist and Stalinist.”
And now Arizona lawmakers have offered a bill which would protect businesses from lawsuits if they choose not to serve homosexuals as a matter of conscience. Such legal precautions seem necessary, not a nicety.
With all due respect to Rosa Parks, a true civil rights hero, more Americans, gay and straight, are refusing to sit in the back of the bus to a vocal, virulent, yet marginal anti-freedom homosexual agenda.
I say good for them. And I am sure Roger Williams would agree.

Monday, March 28, 2016

ICYMI: No Pink Day In Gay San Francisco

Not only do I follow the news in Los Angeles, but I subscribed the media outlets fro

When I read this articles, I was really surprised!

A gay pride event ... cancelled in San Francisco?

Has hell frozen over again?!

The annual street party that has taken place in San Francisco the night before the city’s gay pride parade will not go on this year.

Pink Saturday, which has attracted throngs to the Castro neighborhood for decades, has been canceled.

The Bay Area Reporter first reported the event’s end Thursday night.

What gives? Wasn't that event a key feature of the San Francisco/Bay Area scene?

Supervisor Scott Wiener, who represents the area, confirmed the development to KQED.

Last year, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, the event’s longtime organizer, withdrew from the event.

Here is a snapshot of the "Twisted Sisters":

Also check out these photos:

 These photos are a joke. What exactly are these individuals celebrating?

The San Francisco LGBT Community Center took it over in 2015 with financial help from the city.

But the organization is not in a position to continue putting the event on, Wiener said, and no one else has come forward.

This more good news. The homosexual lobby is losing support in San Francisco of all places. What is going on?

“No other community groups have expressed interest in taking over this large street party, ” Wiener said in an emailed statement. “As a result, there won’t be a street closure this year.”

"No other community group". Interesting.

Daniel Bergerac, president of the Castro Merchants association, expressed sadness about the news.

“It’s definitely the sign of an end of an era of a very community-focused Castro,” Bergerac said in an interview. “To produce an event like this really requires a big labor of love and a lot of time and a lot of effort and a lot of people, and clearly those people just aren’t here any more.”

Here is a biological fact. Homosexual relationships cannot form communities. It takes a family--one man and one woman, to create community. It is amazing to many why politicians--left or right--continuing ascribing a societal or an identity aspect to a behavior, one which causes disease, dysfunction, death, and the dissolution of communities.

A Los Angeles Times article identified that more families--one man and one woman--were moving into the Castro District. Another article indicated that the West Hollywood City Council (one another Mecca for homosexuals) debated whether to remove the six-colored rainbow flag.

Why? Because West Hollywood's increased diversity could not be overshadowed or covered by the symbol of "gay pride".

There's more surprising news about the cancellation of Pink Saturday ...
San Francisco, the City by the Bay

At the same time, many Castro residents have called for Pink Saturday to be canceled, Bergarac said.

No kidding!

“It’s almost a victim of its own success,” he said. “It just got so big and so popular and very hard to control, and for a lot of people it was a scary event.”

It was a scary event. Why? Perhaps forcing children and families of conservative sensibilities to witness the gross depictions of same-sex activity in public alarmed people?

Wiener says the city still expects a large number of people to be in the neighborhood that night (June 25), and officials are working on a plan to make sure the area is safe and clean “with access to portable bathrooms.”

The neighborhood’s merchants are also expecting crowds, even though there’s no organized party.

“I think people in the  Bay Area are genetically programmed to come to the Castro the Saturday before Pride,” Bergerac said, noting that after the city canceled the annual Halloween party in the neighborhood, people still celebrated in the area.

Genetically programmed? People are born to party in San Francisco? How?

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence had organized Pink Saturday since 1995.

But in recent years it had trouble paying for security costs associated with the event after a number of violent incidents. In one case, a member of the group was attacked, along with his husband, by people who shouted homophobic slurs at them.

What?!  The media spends a great deal of time and space reporting on violence from the #BlackLivesMatter crowd, as well as the violent eruptions at Donald Trump rallies.

Why nothing about the violent outbreaks in pro-gay gatherings?

Bergarac says that over time the Castro has undergone a big change.

“It’s gone from a predominantly gay neighborhood to now being a predominantly mixed neighborhood,” he said, adding that the ties to pride events are not as strong as they used to be.

Of course not! I just referenced some articles above pointing out the diminution of those "ghettoes".

“Gay men are welcomed in Hayes Valley and Pacific Heights and the Marina as much as they are welcome in the Castro, and that wasn’t always the case,” Bergerac said. “We’re not clustered into our own little ghettos anymore.

“The sad part is, for men my age and older, we sort of reminisce about that time when there was that tight-knit community, when we needed that community.”

The biological facts cannot be disputed. Community rests on family--one man, one woman. Community reuires children, progency, a birthed legacy of traditions and values taught from parents to children.

This is not bigotry. It's biology!

Even San Francisco cannot run away from this unalterable truth.

Final Reflection

I have never understood why political parties or local leaders have caved to militant homosexual activists. The whole concept is based on a lie, that men and women are born with a predisposition toward homosexual tendencies. The genetics, the logic, the historical legacies simply do not affirm any truth to the notion that heterosexuality is an identity, one which should be accommodated or protected, especially at the expense of individual liberty.

To witness the epicenter of the homosexual movement lose power, influence, and prominence suggests that there is a growing awareness of the truth. Men and women do not have to abandon their natural functions and interests. They do not have to cede their lives and well-being to an ideology with no basis in fact, and one which has caused untold damage to many.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Open Letter to Ref Rodriguez (Election Violations in Cudahy)

Open Letter to:

Dr. Ref Rodriguez, LAUSD Board Member, Senator Ricardo Lara, Assembly Member Anthony Rendon, Congress Woman Lucile Royball-Allard, and LA Supervisor Hilda Solis

Dr. Ref Rodriguez
Please do not ignore Cudahy residents

Problem: Cudahy City Council members during special elections in Cudahy, California (2015) asked Elena Ochoa Students to pass political information door to door for Christian Markovich, Christian Hernandez and Baru Sanchez organized by Chris Garcia.

Cudahy residents have observed the following rules from Los Angeles Unified School District Student & Parent Guide ignored by LAUSD Local School Administrator and teacher.
·         CHILD ABUSE

Cudahy residents’ concerns: Former California Democratic State Senator Martha Escutia, an attorney and child sex abuse survivors advocate, has called for the investigation in the wake of what she said was a "pattern of alleged sexual abuse" perpetrated against students by teachers and other employees at LAUSD schools. Article by Jason Kandel, Chanel 4 Southern California; Jan/28/2013

Cudahy residents individually wrote to letters to former LAUSD Board Member Bennet Kayser, to Senator Ricardo Lara, Assembly Member Anthony Rendon, Congress Woman Lucile Royball-Allard, and LA Supervisor Hilda Solis.  Also Cudahy residents contacted Dr. Ref Rodriguez during his political campaign to become LAUSD Board Member. Cudahy residents help Dr. Ref Rodriguez to become LAUSD Board Member for District 5.

Cudahy residents questioned to the local school from LAUSD the parent and legal guardian approval to let minors pass out political propaganda without adult supervision in neighborhood from Cudahy.  Cudahy has register sex offenders living in the city.

Why Cudahy residents representing individually and with support from League of United Latin American Citizens Cudahy were ignored?

Los Angeles County Supervisor, Hilda Solis: letters 11 English and 12 Spanish
Senator Ricardo Lara: 12 English letters
Antony Rendon 12 English and 12 Spanish
Former LAUSD Board Member Bennet Kysser: letters 12 English and 12 Spanish letters
Dr. Ref Rodriguez  LAUSD Board Member copies from Bennet Kysser and Principal Bomarito letters: 24 English and 24 Spanish

5/22/2015 I turned LULAC Cudahy letters, community letters to Principal Ms. S. Bommarito from Ellen Ochoa.

The letters where revived and given to Principal Bommarito by Maria Carrillo.
12 residents signed letters in English.

We the People Rising in Cudahy

Solution: Dr. Ref Rodriguez to become LAUSD Board Member for District 5, Senator Ricardo Lara, Assembly Member Anthony Rendon, Congress Woman Lucile Royball-Allard, and LA Supervisor Hilda Solis need to make time and heard the concerns from their constituents who elected them.  The elected officials work for the people and get paid by the taxes all of us pay.

All minors who want to participate in extracurricular political activities need to have parent and legal guardian authorization, adult supervision all the time; enforce Los Angeles Unified School District Student & Parent Guide also must follow guide lines from Student Poll worker program from Los Angeles County.

Fact 1: Los Angeles County Registar-Recorder/County Clerk has a Student Poll worker Program.
Call (562) 462-2840 or email

Fact 2: Los Angeles Unified School District Student & Parent Guide
LAUSD BOARD OF EDUCATION 333 South Beaudry Avenue, 24th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90017
Tel. No. (213) 241-6389 Fax No. (213) 241-8953 Toll Free Board Members Number 1 (877) 772-6273


Francisco J. Torres (3/1/2016)

Los Angeles Southeast resident and former LAUSD Teacher Assistant

For identification only: LULAC Cudahy Secretary

ICYMI: Mozilla in Decline after Homo-Fascist Purge

Brendan Eich (Credit: Darcy Padilla)

I recently re-read this article in the Weekly Standardprinted nearly three months ago. Its dire report for one company should cheer many freedom-minded social conservatives, who for the last three years have felt that their stand on life, marriage, and individual liberty failing in the arena of public opinion, in the courts, and at the ballot box.

Let's recap quickly the outward setbacks we face in the culture wars.

In 2015, the United States Supreme Court redefined liberty, and the Constitution, and their roles as interpreters of the Constitution, in order to redefine marriage and impose this radical altercation on the entire country.

The militant homosexual lobby imposes pressure on major companies to conform to this "progressive" tyranny to respect and promote homosexuality. Red state, ultra conservative governments are caving to Big Homo instead of fighting back. Governors Mike Pence of Indiana and Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas vetoed Religious Freedom Restoration Acts last year after intense pressure from major corporate and sports franchises. Governor Nathan Deal of Georgia has just done the same thing, and even claimed that he was doing what Jesus would do!

And yet, divine retribution is working in our favor. We just have to open our eyes a little wider, just as Elisha prayed to God to open the eyes of his servant Gehazi when they were surrounded by the Syrian army (2 Kings 6).

So, let's start with a little more background.

In California, a progressive cesspool in which freedom fighters are just now waking up to fight pack, natural marriage was codified in the state constitution. Proposition 8 passed in 2008, a presidential election year that went very badly for conservatives in general, including Republicans.

Pro-gay marriage bigots attacked Prop 8 proponents during the campaign, and even afterwards. They targeted businesses, churches, and individuals of higher standing who had donated money to this effort.

The measure passed notwithstanding, and the true nature of marriage was maintained for five more years, until the rogue Supreme Court struck down the initiative.
And the corporate bullying of same-sex adherents would continue  ...

In 2014, the computer company Mozilla purged its then CEO Brendan Eich because he donated money to the California Prop 8 campaign.

When news reports "outed" the CEO of the computer company, which owns and supports the FireFox search engine, he was forced to resign.

Let's state the facts bluntly: he was outed for  supporting natural marriage, and resisting any government attempts to redefine it. In the aftermath of this purge, Washington Post columnist George Will opined: "Now we have sore winners." His conservative colleague Charles Krauthammer labeled this disturbing phenomenon for what it is: "Fascist."
So, Eich was removed from his high-profile position because of the Gaystapo, and the Eichmann-like Mozilla board members bowed down to Big Homo and its Godzilla-like media abuse.

Two years later, Mozilla's market share has declined considerably.

The Weekly Standard reports:

In early December, Wired magazine published an interesting feature headlined “Mozilla Is Flailing When the Internet Needs It the Most." It seems that Mozilla, which makes the popular Internet browser Firefox, has seen its share of the market decrease "from 21.3 percent of browser usage in November 2012 to 11.5 percent this month."

Granted, the article referenced the growing number of search engine users who quit using the program because of this fascist purge against its pro-marriage CEO.

The article indicates a more basic reason for the company's decline: Eich's experience--and expertise--were essential to the company's growth. True. This company's stockholders are taking a beating for the high-tech lynching they perpetrated against their conservative CEO.
Two words: poetic justice. Two better words: divine retribution.

Religious persecution has  always ended badly for the persecutors, and God's grace steps in to rescue and prosper those persecuted.

Consider the plight of Esther and her people during the reign of Darius, when the evil Haman sought to have all the Israelites exterminated. She became queen to save Israel, and the evil Haman was hanged on the very gallows intended for Esther's uncle Mordecai.

Consider also the economic woes which befell Medieval France after Louis XIV revoked the Edict of Nantes (a statute to protect religious minorities and promote tolerance). The religious persecution which followed forced the departure of Protestants and Jews, the most diligent and prosperous groups in France at the time. The French economy suffered terribly, and never recovered, while the persecuted expatriates brought their wealth and learning to more liberal nations like the Netherlands and Great Britain.

Today, let us also consider that in spite of the unjust abuse he suffered at the hands of this company, Mr. Eich is doing very well.

For all of us, let us keep in mind that no matter how unjust the world may become to us, Our God is watching out for us and protecting us:

"Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity.

"For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb.
"Trust in the LORD, and do good; so shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed.

"Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart." (Psalm 37: 1-4)

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Tyler Fischella for Congress

Norma Torres (D-Pomona) has a challenger.

Tyler Fischella, a computer programmer out of San Dimas, will take on the illiberal Torres, who last cycle (2014), ran against another Democrat to practically inherit her seat.

We the People Rising endorse Tyler Fischella (seated, center)
Members of the We the People Rising have targeted her seat for months, handing out flyers to have her removed from office.

She has been derelict in her service to the residents of Chino, Pomona, and parts of Fontana.

As a Pomona city councilmember, she was hustling votes for Obama in ... Iowa!

She has sided with illegal aliens instead of serving and supporting legal residents.
Fischella has stepped up to fight.

He works for a living, too -- something that more elected officials should have been doing, instead of using elected office as their one calling.

We  the People Rising full endorse Tyler Fischella for Congress.

The Republican Party of Los Angeles County has also endorsed Fischella!

Tyler Fischella

If you have any questions, or want to help Tyler in his bid for Congress.

Contact him at
(626) 755-8239

Friday, March 25, 2016

Huntington Park Slapped By Public Integrity Division AGAIN!

The Public Integrity Division of the LA County District Attorney's Office issued another letter blasting the Huntington Park City Council for another violation of the Brown Act:

We have received a complaint alleging a violation of the Ralph M. Brown Act (the Act) by the Huntington Park City Council in regards to the special meeting held on December 23, 2015, at 8:30 a.m. As explained below, we believe that the notice for the special meeting was deficient and did not comply with California Government Code section 54956. Specifically, we find that although the notice was posted slightly more than 24 hours in advance of the meeting, it failed to identify the
business to be transacted or discussed. Accordingly, pursuant to California Government Code
section 54960.1, we request that you cure and correct this violation.

OUCH! The city council resorts to hiding what they want to talk about. At that meeting, the council voted to terminate their contract with HP Tow. The two owners of the company were under FBI investigation, and now under federal indictment for bribery.

On Monday, December 21, 2015, at 10:32 p.m., the Huntington Park City Manager (city manager) sent an e-mail to the Huntington Park City Council members, advising them that "the Mayor has called for a special meeting on Wednesday at 8:30 a.m." No mention was made of the business that
was going to be transacted or discussed at the meeting.

Corrupt former mayor Karina Macias


On Tuesday, December 22, 2015, at 8:20 a.m., the city manager authorized the Huntington Park
City Clerk (city clerk) to post the "Notice of Call for the Special Meeting" (notice). The city clerk posted the notice prior to 8:25 a.m. The notice stated, "NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT a
special meeting of the City Council of the City of Huntington Park will be held on Wednesday,
December 23, 2015, at 8:30 a.m. in the City Hall Council Chambers at 6550 Miles Avenue, Huntington Park, CA 90255." No description of the business to be transacted or discussed was included, and no agenda was attached to the notice. At 10:23 a.m. on December 22, 2015, the city
manager authorized the city clerk to publish the agenda. The city clerk then posted the agenda at approximately 10:25 a.m., less than 24 hours prior to the December 23, 2015 City Council meeting.

No agenda, no adeuate announcements. The December 23rd, 2015 meeting was so hastily arranged, that one of the members later commented that they did not what was going on.

I received a phone call from a resident in the city that the meeting was taking place THAT MORNING.

I would have attended the meeting if I had known about it. Apparently, the city council--per the opinion of the Public Integrity Office--that the council provided proper notice (barely a few minutes over 24 hours).

The city council has been trying to hide all kind of collusion and malfeasance. They are getting sloppy, and more people are paying attention and catching them in their failures.

California Government Code section 54956 specifically provides that written notice for a special meeting "shall be received at least 24 hours before the time of the meeting as specified in the notice. The call and notice shall specify the time and place of the special meeting and the business to be transacted or discussed." (Emphasis added.) Accordingly, even though the
notice was posted prior to 8:25 a.m. on December 22, 2015, specifying the time and place of the
special meeting, the notice was deficient in that it failed to include an agenda, or describe the
"business to be transacted or discussed," as required by the Act. 

Therefore, pursuant to California Government Code section 54960. I , we are requesting that you cure and correct this violation by providing the public with adequate notice of the items to be
discussed, and allow for public discussion prior to taking action on the items. Additionally, it has come to our attention that you may have already publicly reconsidered item #3 on the Agenda, "Discussion and /or Action on Agreement with HP Tow for Towing and Vehicle Storage Services for the Huntington Park Police Department and the City of Huntington Park. " If this is correct, then no further action need be taken in regards to this item.

More corrections are needed. The four Corruptitos need to be removed from the Huntington Park City Council.

We expect that this letter will assist you to understand and comply with the requirements of the Brown Act, and that no further action by our office will be necessary. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions. We thank you for your attention to this matter, and for your concern for open government pursuant to the Brown Act.

Los Corruptitos think that they can pick and choose which laws they keep, and which rules of decorum they can follow.

They have failed over and over to keep up with their perverse disregard for the rule of law.

They appointed two illegal aliens to city commissions.

They continue to raise taxes and fees on poor, working class residents.

They hand out  no-bid contracts to their friends.

They appointed cronies to city commissions, with no respect for the law-abiding residents of the city.

They need to be removed!