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The Incredible, Shrinking OC Weakly: Living in the Past, Dying in the Now

There's one target I love going after: the liberal media.

The Mainstream Media has repeated exposed how out of touch they have become, on many issues. The local papers have become pawns in a corporate buyout as the local press loses readers and funding. Why? Technology, for the most part. Local and middle-sized communities can better rely on their I-phones and computers to get the news that they need.

It's easier for any citizen to report and write on events, too.

So, as newspapers lose readers, subscriptions, and circulation, more of them have to rely on explicit advertising or write sensationalist headlines.

One cover page of the Daily Breeze focused on a "transgender teen" at Banning High School. Another story focused on another confused boy pretending to be a girl, and her indulgent parents who wrote a kids' book promoting this nonsense.

Orange County readers have noticed that the once center-right OC Register is pushing a more left-wing agenda. Another reason why their readership is declining.

But if anyone wants to see the slow demise of the liberal media, look no further than the OC Weekly, better labeled "Weakly".

Apparently, critics used this term before against the alt-left publication:

"1996 called ..." So, people thought the magazine was weak back then?

No, actually it was 1995:
Not surprised. They used the work "weak", so not sure about their lack of originality, but it certainly stands out ...

Has anyone looked at the stories printed by this dwindling publication?

Check out the stories printed in its New Years Eve/Day line-up:

One of the articles talks about ... bad or leftover booze? Seriously? This is news?!

Then there's this offensive picture of a stereotypical Mexican, written by race-baiting Gustavo Arellano.

And a funny thing about Gustavo ... he used to work for LA Weekly but for some reason the two publications are no longer related or connected. What gives?

A friend of mine checked out the OC Weekly headuarters in Fountain Valley.

It's a plain location with one person working at a desk. The LA Weekly office is locked behind a gated front. People have to buzz in in order to meet with anyone inside.

The magazine had become a much deluded and limited pulp pile compared to ten or twenty years ago.

There are few stories to read, either ...
In fact, aside from the smattering of stories (if you can call them that), the OC Weakly doesn't have much else besides:

Weed and porn: brings a whole new meaning to "OC Weakly", doesn't it?

They also live in past victories, which have not added anything to their credibility, if they have any, in nearly ... a decade!

Bob Dornan lost in 1996--that's 20 YEARS AGO!

Michael Carona was convicted of federal corruption charges in 2009. He went to prison in 2011. He was released in 2015.


Seriously, the cracker-jack reporters are living off of old glories. Have they done anything prescient or upbeat to justified continued readership? They fawn over Santa Ana, including a Republican Latina elected to local office. They did huge story about Mission Viejo Little League players doing a Mexican-Donald Trump skit. In poor taste, definitely.

Michael Carona hates me
You don't know what I'm talking about?
they also love to crush and shame Tony Rauckauckas, the Orange County District Attorney, who prosecuted police officers for beating a homeless schizophrenic, who later died.

Yep. "Tony Baloney" is a threat to western civilization. The jailhouse informant investigation is a serious matter, though. If the DA did something wrong he needs to own it.

But OCWeakly has hated Rauckauckas for decades. YAWN.

As for their Dornan obession -- They are trying to stir up readership with a story from 20 years ago?

Oh, and the only reason why B-One Bob lost against loony Loretta Sanchez was voter fraud. An investigation into the race confirmed that illegals had voted in the election, and yet nothing was done about it. There should have been a do-over for the election right after the 1996 election.

Another Twitter follower shared the following two weeks ago:
They have spent more time obsessing over me, rather than reporting on what Orange Coast College Republicans did to a nutty liberal professor who libeled Donald Trump as a "white supremacist."

They do not report on upcoming issues.

They rely on childish retorts.

R. Scott Moxley is living off whatever happened with ex-Sheriff Michael Carona.

They still beat up on Robert Dornan.

Oh ... and they fell into my trap. Moxley obviously thought he was going to turn the tables on me, but I anticipated that he would write something about me after I had blasted his lack of research on former Los Angeles County Congressman Bob Dornan. He had represented Torrance and Palos Verdes in the last 1970s and early 1980s, but they still look at him as primarily an Orange County representative.

And then their "Mexican humorist" Gustavo Arellano has been reduced to food criticism? Really.

This has been one of the easiest attacks on the liberal media yet!

Thanks guys, really! #OCWEAKLY!!

Gustavo Arallano: "I'm here for the food.
No one reads my anti-Anglo dreck!"
 Before I go, I must say ... they have helped me far more than they helped themsevlves.

R. Scott Moxley wrote a hit (or hate?) piece against me, and I got far more respect and support from Californians.

As for them, their readership is going down already, and looks like it just slipped a little further. This altercation reminds me a lot of what Ben Shapiro did to uber-liberal propagandist Piers Morgan in their two interviews.

Shapiro demolished Piers, his ratings tanked, and then he was fired.

The lack of journalistic integrity and professionalism, plus the virulent strain of anti-Israel, pro-Communist sentiment is doing the liberal media industry. Instead of "Ask a Mexican", Arrellano, San Roman, and Moxley ought to "Ask a Cuban" what they thought of communism under Fidel Castro, and why they fled their home country.

For all the above listed reasons, it sure looks like OC Weakly will be following the same path as the OC Register, Great Britain's "News of the World"  and "The Daily Beast."

Millennial Pins Down the Big Problems with Millennials

Hunter Avallone is a new conservative YouTube sensation, of sorts.

He has a sardonic wit about him, and has no problem calling out the poltiical correctness in his culture.

He is a Maryland residents, like a growing cohort of conservatives fed up with the bad direction of the country under the Obama Administration.

This young man should connect with the Hogan Administration.

Is there a new conservative movement breaking out in the Old Line State?

What is particularly welcoming about this young man? He blows up the whole transgender nonsense. He is no afraid to outline the differences between men and women

Check out this video, slamming his coddled Millennial generation in the video below:

Millennials are full invested their feelings.

What they sense about any event is the final and ultimate determinant if something is write or wrong

They whine and cry because they do not get their way all the time.

Avallone criticizes public education and the university system for perpetuating this perpetual childhood among young adults.

Now college deans are intervening to determine which events are acceptable and which are unacceptable. If events, ideas, or behaviors are deemed offensive to one group or even one person, they get shut down.

How has it come to this?

Younger people today were taught to value their own views at the expense of everyone else's. They grew up believing that everything would shift if their favor, or that Mommy and Daddy would make everything better.

Normally, this kind of immature, destructive mentality afflicted a few kids because of indulgent parents.

Hunter Avallone

Today we have a society full of young people who did not have parents, or the parents who heeded a modern idea of parenting. This "new" method taught parents to let children make all the decisions for themselves and not worry about values or ethics outside of themselves.

The result? An entitled, pampered, lost generation.

And a violent one which breaks laws, disrupts the peace and prosperity of private citizens, and resorts to force and riot-sized temper tantrums.

Not good.

I commend this young man for blasting his fellow 20-something peers. That takes real courage, something that their parents never possessed.

Perhaps political leaders and managers should recognize the blunt wisdom of this young man, and stop catering to the younger Millennial set that refuses to grow up. Let's stop acknowledging the hurt feelings of self-righteous brats who inhabit big bodies. They need to grow up, and growing up may be hard to do--for the short term--but it's necessary for long-term life and happiness.

Again, this video is so refreshing, precisely because this Millennial calls out his own Millennial generation.

"Stop acting like little babies. It's time to act like adults now."

OC Register Losing Credibility with OC Conservatives

Mike McGetrick of Orange County--and a key member of We the People Rising, reported the following about the Orange County Register:

Hello all. I get a free Sunday edition of the OC Register.

I don't know why, but I do.

Here is a list of the last four cover stories:

#1 Catholic charities

#2 Climate change with State Senate President Kevin de Leon and Governor Jerry Brown

#3 Welcome Syrian Refugees

#4 Hispanic Christmas Dinner

I can't wait for the next Sunday edition. I can't wait for the OC Register to go out of business.


Big media is taking a big hit in its funding and finances.

They insist on pushing this ridiculous, regressive agenda, when all of it is so far removed from the times and troubles of average readers.

Why do they continue to push this nonsense?

The donor class which wants illegal immigration and globalist government has relied on the "mainstream media" to push this false narrative

Perhaps they are gearing their newspapers toward a richer, more left-wing elitist audience, convinced that at least they will read the newspapers. Maybe the corporate owners of the press believe that since they are going to close down, they might as well go down fighting and openly declare their brazen, regressive agenda.

Lo and behold, their circulation continues to dwindle.

The Orange County Register had a distinctly libertarian flavor about it. The editoral and business interests running the newspaper at one time decided to expand their readership. At one time, there was a Long Beach Register as well as a Los Angeles Register.

Both of those experiments failed, and then the company was losing money so badly, they had to appeal to their own writer/administrative workforce to deliver the newspapers.

A new company has taken over, connected with the Los Angeles News Group which overseas the Daily Breeze, the Los Angeles Daily  News, and the Los Angeles Press-Telegram. No wonder they paper has taken a decidedly left-wing tilt.

The OC Register will close down very soon, no doubt.

"No, I Wasn't Born This Way," Says the Openly Gay Milo Yiannopoulos

Now this statement should shock a lot of people.

Milo Yiannopoulos, the editor for Breitbart Tech, the counter-culture conservative who is shaking up campuses all over the United States, also identifies as gay.

But he does not hide behind the "Born That Way" lie.

He explains in full what happened:

This declaration was one of the most refreshing and accurate I had heard in a long time.

This coming from a man who still identifies as "gay."

He points out the sordid history behind this political farce, now turning into a tyrannical force in our culture.

And it's spreading world-wide.

The truth is--the whole "gay agenda" has been another liberal, progressive, American Democratic Party--media fraud pushed to further divide this country while consolidating more power for the government.

Let's be honest -- any government program based on falsehood is destined to create more pain and suffering all while attacking individual liberty and limited government.

The truth is that men and women are not born gay.

That is not to say, however, that it's a matter of brazen volition to enter into the homosexual culture.

Steven Crowder makes a compelling case for understanding that homosexuality is not a result of genetic determinants, but rather an complex issue from nurture (as opposed to nature), and more specfically a lack of nurturing (proper identity, etc):

Like Yiannopolous, Crowder identifies friends who do no like the gay lifestyle and they want out. They face terrible retribution from gay left activists who want to maintain the civil rights argument.

That is wrong.

The facts remain outstanding: there is no genetic evidence that homosexuality is a born trait.

Dr. David Pickup, who practices reparative therapy, offers a deeper answer for what motivates same-sex attraction:

But let's return to the comments from Milo ...

He asserts the political history behind the LGBT movement. They came up with a catty, deceptive lie, that men and women are born gay -- therefore, anyone who opposes gay marriage or the gay agenda is automatically a massive bigot.

For this reason, pro-family forces MUST confront the entire lie. There can be no peaceful coexistence with lies and with a destructive behavior which is spreading disease and  upending the fundamentals of our civilization.

No, homosexuals are not born that way. Their case is not a civil rights cause, but a government-induced fraud from the regressive left.

In fact, the LGBT movement stole the black communities' civil rights movement:

Pastor Bill Owens explains here:

Then why does Milo continue in the behavior? He stands to lose a lot of money and political clout ... or so he things.

Maybe the whole arrangement is a First Amendment gag from the outset, and Milo will one day announce he is abandoning the lifestyle, will get married, and have children.

By the way, this revelation is not unique with Yiannopoulos.

Ryan Sorba announced the same historical pattern at the Houston Stand4Truth Congress in October 2016:

Going into 2017. I anticipate that the whole LGBT movement will fall apart, just like the Soviet Union descended into chaos and dissipation in 1991.

Ted Cruz is Wrong: Defund the UN ... PERIOD!

One of the most vocal supporters of Israel is Ted Cruz.

He has fought and denounced this terrible institution from the first days he entered the United States senate.

But there is a problem with his current line of attack against the corrupt, collectivist organization following their unfounded and offensive resolution against the state of Israel.

He has threatened to cut American funding for the UN ... unless they rescind the resolution condemning settlements in the West Bank.

That is not good enough. The United States should have pulled out of the United Nations and took back our money a long time ago, and without conditions.

We need to defund the United Nations. PERIOD!

Who cares if they rescind this one resolution? The globalist fraud has issued hundreds more against the Jewish State. Dictatorial regimes president on the permanent as well as provision Security Council. This organization has no legitimacy.

Don’t get me wrong about Cruz. He has done what more Republicans should have done years ago.

When he spoke about the vital defense which the Jewish State provided in the Middle East, members of the audience at a Middle Eastern Christians forum booed. Undeterred, and refusing to cave on his support, Ted Cruz waved to the crowd, said “God bless you” and left the stage.

Very few statesmen have that kind of character, that they can quietly leave rather than submit to the crass denunciation.

When US Secretary of State John Kerry referred to Israel as an “apartheid state”, Cruz was the first one on the floor to demand his resignation. The former US Senator from Massachusetts has been wrong on just about everything, but those word were indeed “resign worthy”, as Charles Krauthammer asserted.

Cruz was right to demand Kerry’s head on a platter for that.

Kerry didn’t utter some blunt, unthinking phrase. The Massachusetts liberal revealed his mindset, and the attitude of the entire Obama Administration. The have pursued radical equality at all costs. Whoever is the underdog in an international fight must be the good guy. Who is poor and down on resources, they deserve the praise and sympathy.

 Israel, has every right to defend the Jewish State.

I think that US Senator Ted Cruz has a bright future ahead of him, even if the GOP base has some hurt feelings over his hesitation to support Donald Trump.

Hey, join the club, and all of us are glad we finally jumped on the Trump Train.

Barack Obama knows that his time is short. Instead of preparing to leave quietly (or at least plan on stealing some of the furniture, just like the Corrupt and Clint Crew) and so he is stabbing Israel in the back.

But for Cruz to suggest that the United States should defund the UN until they rescind the resolution agianst Israel ... that is not going far enough.

I am not sure why this US Senator is pulling punches like this. We need to get out NOW!

There is no more compromise on this issue. It's time for the United States to leave the corrupt, ineffective, and arbitrary United Nations, and take our money back!

President Trump: Defund the United Nations, and Denounce the Two-State Solution

Donald Trump is pro-Israel with a capital P-I.

So were Bobby Jindal, Scott Walker and the other GOP contenders. And yet, the President-Elect has exceeded my expectations—and he hasn’t even been sworn in yet!

When the United Nations Security Council flirted with the first anti-Israel resolution, the Donald blasted the move, and they backed off. Then came the second anti-Israel resolution (the latest out of more than 200 over the past six decades). Instead of hurting Israel or damaging American-Israeli relations, this move strengthened the Israeli government under Benjamin Netanyahu.

He blew them off, and lit the Chanukah candles right next to the big beautiful Western Wall.
The UN’s resolution exposed what a selfish, unbearable (anti-Semitic?) creep Barack Obama and his left-wing administration have been.

I welcome the Trump administration as an unequivocal iconoclast to the status uo thinking on the Middle Eastern conflict. He is not beholden to neocon interests or the dithering K Street J Street lobbies parading in Washington DC. He is actually going to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This move will ruffle feathers, but so what? Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and no, you UN unintelligent morons, it’s not “occupied territory.”  David Friedman, Trump’s nominee as US Ambassador to Israel, is an orthodox Jews (kippah and all), and he does not hide his disregard for the current two-state solution proposed by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Following the latest flare-up between Obama and Israel, The United Nations and the Two-State solution will get the rough treatment they deserve.  Up to now, I have found that even the most ardent of Republicans are not setting the right tone on these international crises. At the 2004 RNC Convention President George W. Bush affirmed his resistance to any negotiations with the Palestinians until they recognized Israel’s right to exist—and would agree to a two-state solution. Not good enough. There will never be a two-state solution, since the other “Palestinian” state has been established on false premises and failed promise, from 1949 to the present day.

Then there’s US Senator Ted Cruz. No one can discount that Cruz is a true friend of  the Jewish State. in 2013, Cruz demanded Secretary of State John Kerry’s resignation when Kerry called Israel an “apartheid state”. When an audience of Middle Eastern Christians booed him for his support of Israel, Cruz waved, said “God bless you,” then left the stage. Following the UN Security Council’s officious resolution condemning the Israeli settlements in the West Bank, Ted Cruz demanded that the United States cut all funding … until the UN rescinds the resolution.

Seriously, Ted? Not good enough. Cut the funding, period. Get the United States out of the United Nations, then get the United Nations out of the United States, for good! Donald Trump should deport the corrupt cronies, the bloated bureaucrats, and all the demented diplomats in the UN Headquarters, then sell off the building and pay down our national debt. We the People pay $3  to $6 billion a year to this hog trough of international greed and fecklessness.

This latest betrayal of Israel should come as no surprise, anyway.

Israel is the cup of trembling foretold in the prophet Zechariah. World leaders cannot articulate a coherent foreign policy without an opinion about Israel. Will they defend the Jewish State? Will they demand a two-state solution? Who is at fault in this conflict? Well, since our Commander in Chief has eschewed the political correctness, I will join him.

Let’s cut the kosher niceties. Israel has every right to exist, and this West Bank fraud must be debunked. The arrogant, destructive Islamic terrorists in the region have no interest in a two-state solution, and never will.

The “Palestinians” (as if they should be recognized as a distinct nation) have rejected ample opportunities for resources, support, and independence. The 1948 partition imagined an Arab State and a Jewish state, but Jordan’s ruling class refused the Arab refugees. They remain disjointed, without a country, if you will. Why? Just as bully Rahm Emanuel suggested about Obamacare, the Arab world created a crisis and won’t let go to waste. Stir up the plight of the poor Palestinians and make Israel the bad guy. How many more decades is the world going to witness this violent dumb-show?

The Israelis have never been a barrier to piece. After the Six Day War, they returned the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt. The Israelis released the Gaza strip forty years later. In return the Jews got more rockets into their land and brutal terrorist attacks. From 1948 to the present, the Israelis offer peace. They get gunshots, stones thrown at them, or suicide bombers.

The Arab-Israeli fight is about more than land. This conflict reflects more than sibling rivalries (Abraham blessed Isaac, not Ishmael, but Christ redeemed all, so let’s put that argument aside). This is very much a religious war. The Koran demands a world of submission or of war—and a world where Jews no longer exist.

Not only does The Jewish State upends an Islamic radical’s Koranic fantasy, but Israel is the thorn in the side for the regressive Left. The secular hatemongers (including President Barack Hussein Obama) do not regard good or evil. They are Motivated by a distorted sense of radical equality, where everyone can live in harmony, as long as “the elites” are in charge. The Middle Eastern conflict is the essential battle between good and evil, of righteousness and wrong-doing, between honoring a free society or accommodating a tyrannical one.  Who would want to live in a Palestinian state, anyway? Arabs from around the world call Israel home. They have no interest in moving into a chaotic Palestinian kleptocracy.

The UN, along with the Two-State Solution, emerged as a first step toward global equality long sought by liberals. It’s time to call out these unrealistic, destructive fantasies.  It’s time to tell the truth.

President Trump: Defund the UN, and denounce this Two-State solution nonsense for good!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Fontana "Reporter" Exposed Trying to Promote Sanctuary City Agenda

Rafael Trujillo ran away from his constituents and from United States Citizens.

But that was not all. We witnessed how corrupt the local media have become, pushing the whole "poor undocumented immigrant" mantra, as though this country should abandon the rule of law to placate illegals who broke the law to enter our country.

Later on, a reporter who claimed to be from the Fontana Herald name Alejandro Cano, arrived.

Now, why was he coming to the Rialto City Hall? It's Friday. New Year's Day is just around the corner. We pressed him for answers, but we put all the pieces together. Trujillo was hoping for a nice puff piece in the local paper to make him look good as he advanced his depraved sanctuary city agenda! In effect, WTPR thwarted two corrupt events.

And we let this "journalist" have it!

He made excuses, then mocked us, claiming that we already knew why he was there (true, we did). Still, we insisted on his telling us what is going on.

He danced around the issue, then tried to walk away.

I refused to let him go away without a serious interrogation. 

Who doens't love going after the arrogant, biased media frauds?!

And there's more about this corrupto!

Here are his Facebook profile photos:

Check out this part of his Facebook page.

Notice that he lists himself as a "former reporter" at Fontana Herald News. He used to work for "La Opinion" too? Wow, this guy seems to have a hard time holding down a job, or the liberal media is hitting its final death throes.

From the moment that We the People Rising had confronted him, he was lying to us! He didn't work for the Fontana Herald!

Earlier in the day, he announced to the public that Rialto was going to become a sanctuary city ... how did he know that, when the city councilman Trujillo had claimed that he wanted only to meet with constituents??

Then he wrote this hateful post shaming us because we turned the tables on him and exposed his corrupt bias:

Notice he plays the race card, when not once did anyone mention his skin color, race, ethnic background, etc. His ploy is the last vestiges of the regressive left. They routinely play the race card, hoping that this empty smear will silence their opponents.

Guess what? It's not working! They are the ones being racist, since they insist on making concerns about illegal immigration focus on ... race. It has nothing to do with skin color, but everything to do with legal status and the rule of law.

Then watch him play the race card!

That "minuteman" is Raul Rodriguez, an American of Mexican descent:

Let's see Cano play the race card now!

Of course, the Anti-Trump hate is palatable, and here's a post to prove it:

"Carving Trumpkins ..." Does this Alejandro Cano want to hurt Trump supporters or something?

And of course, for further proof of the anti-Trum hate, consider the extended, hateful, misleading rant below, which Cano shared from someone else's Facebook wall:

It should serve as no surprise, then, that millions of average Americans have had a dithering view of immigration over the last decade. The media has been dedicated to pushing the amnesty lobby, portraying the illegal aliens as the consummate victims, while law-abiding citizens, born and naturalized, appear farcical or heartless for opposing illegal immigration and demanding enforcement of our laws.

It's time for the stories of American families to be heard, the families who have lost loved ones to illegal aliens. Men and women have lost jobs to illegal immigration, and the quality of life in cities throughout the United States and particularly in California has fallen fast. The rule of law matters, and the need for proper reporting from a faithful, robust, independent press is essential.

Unfortunately, for the past fifty years, the media has colluded with government officials, selectively exposing corruption and negative consequences to hurt conservatives, but ignoring the inevitable litany of failures and tragedies which following progressive, leftist agendas.

Not only did We the People Rising stop this immoral sanctuary city policy, but we also exposed and humiliated the corrupt, complicit, and compliant local media!

Rialto City Councilman Rafael "Sanctuary City" Trujillo, Exposed by We the People Rising

I received the following message from a resident in the Inland Empire two days ago:

If you want to come by and listen........... You are invited to the first meeting of the Rialto Sanctuary City Committee Meeting Friday, December 30th, 10:00am at City Hall, 150 S. Palm Ave in Downtown Rialto.  This is a small group meeting focused on Rialto residents who want to help lead us into the work that needs to be done.  There will already be organizational leaders in attendance like Maribel Nunez, TODEC, and LULAC.  

Refreshments will be served.

Rialto wants to be a sanctuary city,

How foolish can these undocumented politicians be? President-elect Donald Trump has signaled that he will shut down sanctuary cities. The corrupt major cities, plus the few Democratic trifecta states in the country have thrown down their gauntlets, so to speak. They will resist federal mandates and not comply with Congressional orders as long as possible. The chief of police for the city of Los Angeles has announced that he will not comply with immigration federal orders.

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and the California State Legislature want to provide pro bono legal representation for illegal aliens. These reckless, corrupt politicians have lost their minds, or they have become so craven and cowardly that they will do whatever their special interest masters tell them too.

But We the People Rising will not stand for it.

I have never visited the city of Rialto. It has charming elements to it, certainly.

But a subtle veneer of poverty is stealing over the city. I saw three stray dogs wandering in the street before I arrived at a nearby cafe to collect my thoughts. To attend a city meeting about a potential sanctuary city policy--such an event was completely unheard of to me.

It's Friday, December 30. The new year is just around the corner. President-Elect Trump will be sworn in in twenty days. Instead of complying with federal law, city officials like Rafael Trujillo want to double-down in their lawlessness.

Just for background, Rafael Trujillo is a career politician. He has worked for every Democratic congressman in the San Bernardino, Inland Empire region. He only ran for office for the first time when he was elected to the Rialto City council, but before that he served on the regional water board as a regional candidate. Like a lot of Hispanic, Democratic lawmakers, he is 100% in favor of amnesty and supports illegal aliens ahead of legal residents and American citizens.

He just got elected to city council, and already he is plotting and planning a perverse agenda to turn Rialto into a sanctuary city!

I arrived at the Rialto City Hall about five minutes before the meeting was set to start:

It's still cold, but not chilly outside, and the weather was actually more temperate than I expected. Some of We the People Rising (WTPR) were waiting in their cars outside of the city hall, but I decided to walk in, just to get warm.

Within minutes, the rest of the team arrived, and lo and behold, Trujillo was standing in the lobby of the city hall.

I recorded his remarks, and could tell that he was playing dumb to the rest of us:

At first, I was not even sure who he was, then I got one of his business cards at the front desk (printed in English and Spanish).

Then a few of the constituents whom he planned to meet with showed up. More people from our team arrived, and then we realized what was really going on. Trujillo had intended to have this "sanctuary city" committee meeting in private, without anyone but his ardent, left-leaning supporters in on the plan.

Unbelievable. This man has only served for one  month, and attended one city council meeting, and he is going behind everyone's back! He did not even tell the other city councilmembers what he is doing. What an impetuous child!

This meeting was not only unethical, but it looked like a flagrant Brown Act Violation, in that I saw city council papers on the desk in the back room!

What was going on? Trujillo refused to give me any answers.

Then we confronted this "undocumented politician" further:

This second video is particularly revealing.

He had two of his activist-staffers (including a former school board member) with him. One of the arrogant Hispanic radicals tried to shame us about confronting Trujillo, claiming that since he is a citizen, he has every right to discuss with htis elected official the plans for a sanctuary city.

Rafe "Sanctuary City" Trujillo then played the race card on me, even though I had only asked a question about one of the two women with him. I shut him down instantly. He had no idea what to do!

We were undeterred, but this man continued to try and dodge us. He even asked one of the men inside the city hall to call ... the Chief of Police!

Seriously?! We are citizens of the United States and we have every right to expect elected officials to honor the needs of citizens, not illegal aliens. He had no right to misuse city property and resources in this treasonous manner, either.

I showed him a picture of Marcello Bisarello, an American citizen who was killed by an illegal alien drunk driver in Santa Ana, California.

This young man died in so tragic and arbitrary a manner. No one killed by an illegal alien should ever have died. These deaths are preventable, but only if the federal government would enforce our immigration laws!

He then promised to meet with Agnes Gibboney (whose son was killed by an illegal alien). Sure he would ... He insisted on running away from us, even after he had the police called on us! All five police officers, the only peace officers in the entire city. So, the city councilman summoned everyone of them to watch citizens exercise their rights.

What a waste of city resources.

He was cornered, he was scared, he got caught, and jumped into his car to escape!

We the People Rising had so much to celebrate! We upended this corrupt meeting!

No matter Trujillo may have tried to do afterwards, We the People put his to flight!

Now about this Trujillo guy ...

Don't let him think that this issue has died away.

Call him and email him right now, and tell him to abandon this vain "sanctuary city" nonsense!

Rafael Trujillo--BUSTED!

Phone Number: (909) 562-2476

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Anti-Israel Hate--OC Weakly's San Roman vs Rep. Roybal-Allard

The Democratic Party has turned into a shell of itself from eight years ago.

So much for the hope and change preached by soon-to-be Ex-President Barack Obama.

Very sad.

Democrats have been decimated across the country following Donald Trump's romp across 30 states.

Democrats now have trifecta control in fours states:

1. Hawaii
2. California
3. Connecticut
4. Rhode Island

These states are going bankrupt. They are roiled by welfarism and illegal immigration, along with Big Labor abuses, corruption, and cronyism.

It's no surprise why Americans are fleeing these states are moving to better economic and moral climates elsewhere!

And yet, regressive leftists like Gabe San Roman have still not learned the lesson about why they are losing--and losing big time--in the United States.

Consider his tweet which Romans retweeted:

San Roman unsaintily neglects to note that the Ku Klux Klan was the domestic terrorist wing of the Democratic Party, which had dubbed itself "The White Mans's Party" and rejected civil rights recognition for African-Americans.

Republicans have been and continue to be the party of civil rights.

Leftists like the OC Weakly horde have no problem attacking other Democrats if they are not radical (read, communistic) enough.

Check out these comments directed at the firs Latina elected to Congress, Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard:

What's against justice is stealing property from one person to give to another who does not work. Any cursory glance at the OC Weakly propagandist's feed will show a disturbing penchant for blood dictators who kill their own people and misinformed academics pushing a political ideology which they do not understand.

I have been one of the most vocal of Roybal-Allard's critics, but she was write to condemn the officious, unjustified UN Resolution condemning Israeli settlements.

Roman probably wouldn't have the courage to confront Roybal-Allard directly in her office, as I had done in January of this year:

 Roman then retweeted the following:

And then


For the past week and a half, I have sought answers on the anti-Israel coming from the OC Weakly.

They can tweet attacks, but they cannot defend their amoral political views.

And now one of the most radical left-wing propagandists is attacking an uber-liberal Latina Congresswoman?

What gives?

The Regressive Left is falling apart across the country, and OC Weakly has added to the pile-on by attacking one of the most stalwart liberal Congressmen in California.

Lots of other Democrats have condemned Barack Obama for supporting the offense and false Resolution against Israel. Why did OC Weakly go after Roybal-Allard?

Why not give OC Weakly a call and find out:

18475 Bandilier Circle
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Phone: 714-550-5900

Fax: 714-550-5908

The Democratic Party of Segregation: Hawaii

Hawaii has been a Democratic plantation for the last fifty years. Government subsidy, labor abuses, and bureaucratic networking define the political landscape of this state. Homelessness and loafery are the norm, too. It's all to easy to sleep on the beach and not work at all, as the government will continue to pay for it.

And the rich and famous who move to the island don't quibble with the heavy taxes and regulations. Most of them do not have to pay.

Hawaii is one of our four states which has completed Democratic dominance.

The Democratic Party is well-known as the party of stealing, slavery, and segregation.

Lo and behold what one restaurant posted after Republican Donald Trump's victory:

This restaurant is called Cafe 8 1/2.

The note then adds "No Nazi."

And yet, it was the Nazis which proposed and promoted policies of segregating and blocking people from public accomodations ebcause of their beliefs

The virulence of the Democratic regions is particularly sickening.

Do they not recognize the disturbing irony of their actions?

Once again, if we understand the complete history of the Democratic Party, tactics like this are not unusual.

This has been a developing story over the last two days. What were the restaurant owners thinking?

The Washington Times reports:

The cafe was reportedly founded by Robert Warner, a former hair stylist and Seattle restaurateur, along with his wife Jali. Jali said the restaurant doesn’t actually refuse service to Mr. Trump’s supporters, and she insisted they don’t “put anything different” in the food ordered by his supporters.

“Robert just wants to express how much he doesn’t like Trump,” she told Fox. “If people take it personally or it hurts them, we cannot help. That’s why we say they have [a] choice if they want to come or not come. We don’t force them.”

Jali said three people called to complain about the sign when it first went up last month and “that’s it.”

“We don’t want to create trouble,” she said. “There is enough trouble in the world.”

The sign is pretty clear, however, that the proprietors do not want to serve Trump supporters. Friends of mine have faced similar discrimination in certain restaurants in California, too.

What has happened to some of these people? Whatever happened to honoring the natural rights of all mankind?

A new report indicates that the owners have taken down the discriminatory sign, but their efforts have not placated the outrage around the country:

The Honolulu cafe has taken down its owner's handwritten note on the door that told those who voted for Donald Trump that they would not be allowed to eat there, but the online backlash to the note continues to grow.

“If you voted for Trump, you cannot eat here! No Nazis,” read the sign at Honolulu’s Cafe 8½. It was posted earlier this week and a photo of it was shared widely on social media.

The sign has since been taken down, per the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, but many people are still upset about it. The restaurant’s Yelp and Facebook pages have been flooded with critical comments and calls to boycott the venue.

Technically, many of those comments likely will not be permitted on the consumer rating website, since only actual patrons who ordered food can comment.

Then this disclaimer appears:

But if anyone can look more closely, some of the heated negative comments stand out (however faintly):

This complaint comes from Woodland Hills, California!

No doubt this person did not actually dine at the Cafe.

But the  damage has been done. No longer will intolerant liberals get away with their political discrimination tactics without paying a price.

Of course, restaurants are private firms, and the owners have the right to express their views and refuse service to anyone.

The real problem is the untenable double-standard. If the sign had said "No Hillary Supporters," the corporate media heads would have bee reporting about this for a week straight. If a bakery does not want to cater for a gay wedding, the owners face fines or prison time.

Everyone should have full an free use of their property, including the right to discriminate, and they please, and no one should pick sides.

Of course, the consumer has consummate power in instances like this, and thus pro-Trump voters and supporters can simply boycott such an flagrant yet permissible abuse.

What do you think?

Contact the restaurant, and let them know your thoughts about anti-Trump discrimination:

1067 Alakea St
Honolulu, HI 96813
Phone number (808) 524-4064

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Pension Crisis in California--The Solution? "Die Sooner, Retirees!"

California has a looming, dooming pension crisis.

At least two million California residents are public employees.

What kind of state can we look forward to when the biggest employer is the government?

The state does not produce goods and services in the context of a competitive market system.

Government is broad and inefficient.

Any funding which they rely on? That comes from the hardworking taxpayer in a private economy.

California keeps raising taxes on itself. The voters agreed to an extension of the Prop 30 tax increases. The response from small businesses and consumers? They are leaving the state. Fewer businesses, fewer taxable incomes, less revenue.

(Credit: California Political Review)

There is simply not enough money left to shore up these overgenerous pensions.

In the  last month, the shinola hit the fan.

In the city of Loyalton, California, located in the Sierra Nevada range, one hour's drive West of Reno, Nevada, four public employees got the rude, fearful awakening which public pensioners fear the most.

Their annual sum was cut ... by 60%!

Such a cut is beyond devastating!

Here's more info:

To avoid deep pension cuts, Loyalton owes CalPERS a $1.66 million lump sum payment that cannot be made over time with installments. The city has talked about trying to get back into CalPERS or possibly obtaining a loan.

According to a state controller’s report for 2015, Loyalton had revenues of $1.17 million, expenditures $1.68 million, liabilities $6.16 million, assets $11.1 million, fund equity $4.8 million, and population 733.

In a “final demand letter” on Aug. 31, CalPERS gave Loyalton 30 days to “bring its account to current.” If the city does not pay the amount owed, the CalPERS board will be asked to declare Loyalton in default, which could trigger the pension cuts.

Those pensions were cut. The city librarian, who had paid into the system for twenty years, got the letter last month informing that her yearly pension of $49,000 would be cut down to $19,000.

That's a huge cut.

This phenomenon is not an isolated case in California. Detroit, Michigan went bust three years ago, and the thousands of creditors (i.e. public employees) had a minute to explain to a bankruptcy judge why they should not lose their promised retirement. At the end of the conflict, however, Detroit retirees lost big money in their pension systems.

That's life, that's supply and demand, even if that outcome sucked.

Loyalton, CA (Credit: Loneliest Towns in America)

Now, granted the city of Loyalton exited the CalPERS program, but they could not pay the large demands of the California pension system. The 2011 reforms were cosmetic at best, and even then Governor Brown has had to intervene in order to stop pension spiking and other immoral abuses of the system.

One has to start asking the California employees who agreed to this pension scheme: Did they really think that the state of California would stay true to their promises?

Its not looking good for the pensioner class. There is only so much that people are willing to tolerate from the political class, including the onerous taxes and regulations which benefit a select group of bureaucrats and elected officials at the expense of everyone else. Public services are failing, and revenue streams are falling fast all over California.

And what's the good news which pension analysts are relying?

People are dying sooner! The longevity formulas can be adjusted to assume that retirees won't take as much from the pension coffers because they are going to die soon! This is no joke.

From CalWatchdog:

But after more than two decades of incremental but cumulatively significant increases in life expectancy, life expectancy went down slightly in 2015, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. There were increases in eight of the 10 leading causes of death, including heart disease, diabetics, drug overdoses, Alzheirmer’s, diabetes and suicide. Cancer was the only notable bright spot, with deaths down 1.7 percent.

U.S. life expectancy rose from 75.4 in 1993 to 78.9 in 2014 before dropping to 78.8 in 2015, according to the latest report.

The findings were in line with a report last year from Princeton economists that showed an increase in death rates among middle-aged whites, a development that was linked to the opioid epidemic and other self-destructive behavior.

This is the state of California's saving grace for the pension crisis: "Don't worry! More white people are dying, and they are dying sooner!" Perhaps the government actuaries will start breaking out collective voodoo dolls to kill off retired California public employees, too.

The voters in the state of California must decide: do they want to enact their own cuts and impose necessary reforms, or will they let market forces and corrupt, craven politicians decided where to cut and how much?

That route will not work out well. Central Falls, Rhode Island is one of the smallest--and poorest--towns in the Ocean State. When the city council was exposed with not having the money to pay for the pensions for police and fire, as well as other public services, a receiver had to take over. Members of the city council were arrest, charged, and convicted of public corruption charges. For all teh consequences and enforcement which followed, the retired employees took a "haircut." 

One firefighter called the pension cut "a scalping"!

Nevertheless, no matter how sad the fallout, now matter who crippling the reforms, Rhode Island public employees lost major retirement funding, and there was nothing else that anyone could do about it.

This crisis, these sad outcomes will become a tragic yet predictable norm in California very soon.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Year 2016: Beach Cities Republicans Defeated the Establishment

Election 2016!

What a year it has been.

In November 2015, I ran for President of the Beach Cities Republicans, since three-time President Evan Chase had to step down because of term limits.

There were a lot of things that I liked about what he did.

Besides, he had made it a friendly place again, and he encouraged people to do things that they had not done before.

My biggest interest going in rested on making sure that the party stood for the values that the platform had laid out for all. I wanted to see our club grow, and I also wanted to see more people join.

The meetings have been great. We have seen people from all over the state visiting our club. Marco Gutierrez was a featured guest in October. The National Committeeman Shawn Steel was a guest speaker, too! I have had a lot of fun doing this!

Of course, there are subversive, liberal elements, even within the local Republican circles who have been trying to take me down or stop the Beach Cities Republicans.

One attempt after another they fell apart and ended up walking as failures with nothing to stand on.

1. Let's start with what happened in March, 2016.

This meeting turned out to be a significant success. Olivia Valentine, a councilmember in the city of Hawthorne, spoke to our club about all the things that she is doing. She used to be an independent, but came back to the Republican Party, in larger measure because she received support from other Republicans in the area, including myself.

But there was the first attempt at a coup to try and get rid of me.

John-Paul Tabakian, one of a corrupt set of regressives (who likes to advertise themselves as progressive) tried to sabotage the meeting. He had seduced one of the board members, Damien McDowell, to embrace liberal views which violate the GOP platform, including amnesty, open borders, and homosexual marriage. All of it was really disappointing.

In a vain attempt to try and embarrass me, he ended up irritating the club. He was trying to silence me for my views, and chose to do so in front of the rest of the club. I called him out for it, and told him he should have spoke to me about any issues or concerns which he had faced.

Tabakian believed that he had set the perfect trap, and everything was recorded by Joseph Lopez, another weak Millennial whom Tabakian had seduced.

Here's the video:

Tabakian and his clueless crew attempted to undermine and the rest of the Beach Cities Republicans.

It was a major fail.

The next day, some members of the Central Committee tried to pressure me to resign, even though I had done nothing wrong. This is not the way to lead. This is not how men and women change the culture of their better in their communities.

Tracy Hopkins stood with me and supported me the whole time! She has been a real gift and a prime example of how to lead for the better.

2. The second attempt by Establishment forces to get rid of me came to light in late August.

A close contact informed me that the 66th Central Committee was trying to get rid of me. Unbelievable! What kind of leadership undermines the grassroots? The men and women who fight for what is right need support, not to be undermined.

They had plotted to get rid of me, but they failed! As soon as I informed friends and supporters, they rushed in to support me and showed up to vote for me! People from all over Southern California support what we are doing in the Beach Cities Republicans, and so many people have joined our club--and they refused to go along with Establishment leaders who do not want to fight for what is right!

People from Rancho Cucamonga have visited the Beach Cities Republicans! Friends from Northern California have also attended our club. Men and women from other sections of Los Angeles County have attended, too!

The Establishment, led by Janice Webb and other members of the Central Committee failed to get rid of me. (More on that later)

3. Janice Webb, the Chairwoman of the 66th Central Committee, had plotted to get rid of me ... and she needed to know that I was going nowhere. I decided to sit down with her and confront her on these issues.

Instead of owning up to her lack of courage, she revealed how fearful and petrified she really was. I invited Marco Gutierrez to speak to the Beach Cities Republicans. Gutierrez has inspired a Twitter storm when he warned voters that if we did not control our immigration problems, there would be "Taco Trucks on Every Corner."

Webb pressured me to cancel the meeting. Guess what? I refused to do so!

BAM! I refused to be bullied and shamed into stopping a public event because a couple of people were afraid of what would happen at the meeting. Webb was particularly insulting because she claimed that I would do something "video worthy" that would connect me to former Assemblyman David Hadley to Donald Trump.

Well, it made no difference what some people feared. The October meeting went very well:

All of us had so much to celebrate, too!

It was a great meeting. Shame on Janice Webb and her colleagues who tried to silence us.

4. RPLAC tried to get rid of me.

The next day, after the election, I received a terse and unjust email from Executive Director Jason Maruca. Hiding behind his title as Executive Director, Maruca told me that I had violated the by-laws, and then listed a whole set of other arbitrary charges against me. I demanded answers from the By-Laws committee chairman Gary Aminoff. First he told me that he had documentation of the complaints against, then he told me that he did not have to show anything to me.


Well, the leadership behind this nonsense did not think that I was going to punch back and reject this kangaroo court. I demanded answers. I reached out to national leaders, and they supported me.

5. Potential confrontation with Executive Committee, and the Committee backed off.

I contacted supporters from around Southern California, and they were ready to confront the RPLAC executive committee. One of my friends took a close look at the RPLAC by-laws, and found a number of disturbing irregularities!

The committee eventually backed off.


6. Winning the BCR Election.

I am so grateful for the supporter from the many people who attended the November 19th meeting!

Especially Michael Ramirez, Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist:

This was a stunning election. Out of 49 votes cast, I won 34.

It was really something!

So much support.

At the same meeting, I had intended for Janice Webb and other members of the Central Committee to speak to the rest of the club, and explain why they had been working to get rid of me. One member of the Central Committee, Ken Hartley, could offer nothing more than just his concerns about the behavior of other members of the committee.

7. The Central Committee moving its meeting at the last meeting and preventing Omar Navarro and Rick Marshall from attending.

I called on the Central Committee numerous times for an answer to this violation of the by-laws. There was supposed to be a meeting on November 21--but the meeting changed at the last minute, and no one was informed about it!


Final Reflection

There is something very powerful about standing on principle and not giving in to people's fear.

The Establishment in Los Angeles County and throughout the state of California needs to make up its mind. Are we going to fight for the right, or are we going to cave to every threat and take flight?

It was disappointing and sad that instead of receiving support and back-up, RPLAC leaders were looking for ways to accuse of things which I had not done, for refusing to follow the proper process of allowing every person to receive a proper hearing.

This kind of double-dealing and backstabbing is completely unacceptable.

It's been a great year for the Beach Cities Republicans, and we look forward to more victories in the months to come!