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MassResistance Exposes "Banned Books Week": Subtle Propaganda to Push Sexual Perversion


It’s “Banned Books Week” in public libraries across the country. An excuse to push more pornography and homosexuality on children.

Big displays and strong, dishonest anti-parent messaging.

Pushed by the ultra-left American Library Association.

September 30, 2021
ALT TEXT "Books Unite Us and Censorship Divides Us" - a not-so-subtle attack on parents protecting children.

It’s “Banned Books Week” in public libraries across America. And it’s hard to miss the big displays and self-righteous (but very sophisticated) messaging when you walk in the door. You’re made to feel like your library is a freedom fighter that’s protecting you from the narrow-minded zealots who want to keep folks from reading Steinbeck, To Kill a Mockingbird, or Orwell’s 1984. You’re made to feel good about fighting such censorship!

But the Banned Books Week message is very dishonest and misleading. We’ve followed the book challenges in libraries for decades. Nobody really cares what books adults read. The red-hot battle involves parents outraged over the books available to children and teenagers. There are increasing numbers of lurid and explicit pornographic, homosexual and transgender-themed books being placed (and promoted!) in the children’s and teens’ sections of libraries. There are also books pushing hatred of America and dark anti-Christian themes. Normal people understand that vulnerable children need to be protected. But just the opposite is happening in libraries today.

Begun in 1982, Banned Books Week is a well-funded yearly push by the far-left American Library Association (ALA), which just about every library belongs to (and pays hefty dues to). The ALA has long promoted LGBT events in libraries and schools and actively fights to keep LGBT books from being removed by officials.

The ALA also runs an official-sounding “Office of Intellectual Freedom” that is dedicated to giving children the “freedom” to read pornography despite their parents’ objections. They also publish lists of the purported “most banned and challenged books” which strangely are peppered with mainstream titles such as those mentioned above. A main purpose of Banned Books Week is clearly to intimidate conservatives.

Banned Books Week in one Wyoming library …

We have recently reported about the parents and citizens in Gillette, Wyoming dealing with the pornographic and LGBT children’s books in their local Campbell County Public Library, and their confrontation with their public officials over it.  

ALT TEXT The Campbell County Public Library branch in Gillette, Wyoming.

Not surprisingly, the library is using Banned Books Week as a vehicle to portray the outraged parents and local citizens as narrow-minded censors, and make it look like the library (and the rest of the public) are the “freedom fighters.” Below is the display in the Gillette Branch.

ALT TEXT This is what you see when you walk in the door -an entire wall (and more) devoted to "Banned Books."

The left section of the display (below) includes 1984 – a book for adults that virtually no one would want to keep out of a library – shown along with The Perks of Being a Wallflower (second from bottom) which is a vile, disgusting “teen” sex book; and The Earth My Butt, which is a vulgar, depressing “teen” book. The subliminal message is that they’re all being equally “challenged” by narrow-minded local people.


The middle and right sections are repugnant propaganda snippets (likely from the Library Director and staff) clearly aimed at stirring up the public against the local parents and any others who might get involved. To reiterate, the parents in Gillette and across the country are only trying to protect children. They don’t care what adults read. But the library’s Banned Book Week message is to falsely portray them as vicious, dangerous book-burners who want to censor what everyone reads.


Next to the main display is another display of “banned” books. Note that Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 and a few other relatively mainstream books (that no one is seriously trying to censor) are mixed with some borderline kids’ books. Again, the intent is clear: to inflame the public against the so-called “censors.”


Judge for yourself: Is this book or this book - both of which are in this library – on the same level as Fahrenheit 451 or 1984?

And to drive the wedge deeper into the community, the Campbell County library is using the Banned Books Week event to invite teens to read the books that parents want removed!

And naturally, the local (liberal) newspaper has enthusiastically promoted the event.

Where is all this coming from?

People of a certain age can remember when public libraries were both safe for children and places for children and teenagers to find wonderful, uplifting, and edifying books. In most places those are distant memories.

This horrible assault on children appears to have come from two directions. First, since the “sexual revolution” decades ago, people with their own sexual dysfunctions and emotional issues – and leftists who are support them – have been attracted to public libraries where they can push societal change. These are the people who select the children’s books.

And secondly, since the “gay rights” revolution in the 80s and 90s and its obsession with children, there has been a flood of homosexual (and transgender) writers putting out children’s and teen’s books, along with a cottage industry of groups giving them “awards.”

That combination has been a disaster for public libraries everywhere. To see how bad this has become, see Debbie DeGroff’s excellent website, What’s Inside Children’s Books?.

Probably the biggest fraud of Banned Books Week is that it’s the libraries themselves that are the biggest censors. Try to find any books critical of homosexuality or transgenderism, especially books such as The Health Hazards of Homosexuality or books about healing from that addictive behavior.

Finally, there actually are many libraries across the country staffed and run by normal, sensible people. It’s not easy, though. It takes a strong Library Board to make sure that happens. But it’s certainly possible – and it’s what we are helping people across America make happen in their towns!

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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Chad "Antifa Soy Boy" Loser Goes to Court!

When it rains on evil people, it pours, as it should!

Chad "Antifa Soy Boy Loser" Loder was served papers a few weeks ago. It was a restraining order, and he had to give up his firearms on account of the harms that he was causing other people around the country, around the world! 

He even tried to get it tossed by claiming he is a journalist, and the judge rejected his motion in a previous hearing!

Yes, that's Chad Loder in black bloc outside the violent Wi Spa antifa direct action. He only recently started calling himself a journalist after realizing it could be effective while leading defamatory campaigns against his targets. The judge didn't buy it & denied his petition.

— Andy Ngรด ๐Ÿณ️‍๐ŸŒˆ (@MrAndyNgo) September 28, 2021

He went to the Torrance Courthouse in Los Angeles County, presumably to challenge the order, but so far, he has faced nothing but hardships and frustrations in his fight for the right to harass and harm people who want to protect their rights and secure their country.

Chad Loder is an Antifa militant, a soy boy who hides in his apartment and doxxes people, trying to get them fired or harmed, or even killed.

This man has much to answer for.

And finally he is paying a price:

Check out this video clip as he is scurrying out of the courthouse. He actually hade police escort him to his car! 

This guy wears T-shirts that say "F--k the Police," and now he depends on them to keep him safe? Really?!

Chad Loser has been playing victim for a long time, claiming that he is a journalist, and therefore he has the freedom to defame people at will. Interesting ...


No matter how much they run, they cannot hide! 

New World Order is Not a Conspiracy Theory

The push for a One World Government has been going on for a long time. Now, the brazen elites who are pushing for this evil are no longer hiding their nefarious plot. 

Mamathir Mohamad

 Consider what the Islamic militant former prime minister of Malaysia shared with this audience:

And just for added context, this militant supports violent, international jihad:


George Miller of "Citizen Journal" Explains the Further Failure of Recall 2021

A few of my thoughts expressed to some friends today...

Our condolences to our patriotic friends in CA who will have to continue to be subjected to Gov Nuisance and his insane, toxic policies. I predicted the failure of the recall and that gave me no joy. In fact it is one more reason that we became political refugees from CA to FL.

Even without election fraud, which is significant, Newscum would have won, because the left has a supermajority, reinforced by decades of propaganda from the education bureaucracy, media, NGO's and political parties, as well as the influx of millions of illegal immigrants, people's desire for "free" stuff, erosion of the rule of constitutional law and more. Some good news is that Larry Elder is now more well-known and famous than ever.

Look for more Agenda 21 nonsense, higher crime, taxes, decay, deficits. It will be even worse now that they have turned back the biggest challenge to the secular progressive oligarchy in decades.

After 41 years we bailed out of CA. We just don't see it turning around in our limited time left on Earth. We did what we could to stop the fall of the state and might have even slowed that down a smidgen. I won't discourage others from continuing the fight, especially younger ones who are more likely to survive to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

If I had stayed in CA, my next step would have been massive resistance to the unconstitutional/illegal actions of govt. Since not enough people are prepared to do that at this time, it would have been hard on the few that did. So, I figure I would have been dead or imprisoned within 2 years- and for what?

Looking back at the example of the American Revolution, it only occurred when the movers and shakers had had enough and developed first the rhetoric, then the means to take control, with only 20% of the population behind them. USA movers and shakers are so sclerotic or compromised by the system that they can't and won't lead us out of this mess. It would have to be done by relative unknowns and upstarts in sufficient numbers to constitute a critical mass,

As you can already see, such upstarts are being demonized, mocked and fought every step of the way by the same elite who should be fighting the negative forces affecting our society.

Yes indeed. [This recall failure is] the result of permitting NWO fascist secular progressives to run a state larger than most countries, unchecked.


George Miller

No Such Thing as Palestine: What PLO Activism in the USA is Really All About


The Goal of Palestinianism

What the supposed quest for Palestinian statehood and social justice is really about.

By Richard L. Cravatts
Originally published at

A recent survey conducted by Alums for Campus Fairness, “A Growing Threat: Antisemitism on College Campuses,” asked some 500 Jewish-affiliated college students and recent alumni what their perceptions were regarding campus anti-Semitism. The findings of the survey were troubling, given that: “Nearly 100% of respondents said antisemitism is/was a problem on their campus,” “95% of respondents identified antisemitism as a problem on U.S. college campuses, with three out of four describing it as a ‘very serious problem,’” almost “half of current students say antisemitism is getting worse on their campus,” and “69% of students and grads say they have avoided certain places, events, or situations at school because they are Jewish.”

Anyone familiar with current state of affairs on university campuses knows that the root of much of this animus towards Jewish students is the ongoing university campaign against Israel and Zionism, and that Jewish students, whether they even support the Jewish state or not, regularly find themselves the target of derision, bigotry, and condemnation simply because they are Jewish.

In fact, research has demonstrated quite clearly that agitation against Israel—including the toxic Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign—by such corrosive student activists as Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) increase both the frequency and intensity of anti-Semitic speech and expression. A 2019 report by The AMCHA Initiative, a campus anti-Semitism watchdog organization, for example, revealed that “BDS’s mandate to boycott or suppress programs, collaborations, events, or expression that promote ‘the normalization of Israel in the global academy,’ as well as the academic BDS-compliant ‘common sense’ mandate to criticize, protest and boycott individuals who are deemed complicit with or supportive of Israel’s alleged crimes, appear to greatly encourage antisemitic behavior.”

An earlier AMCHA report had found similar connections between anti-Israel activism and the presence of anti-Semitism on those campuses with SJP chapters. That report concluded, shockingly, that the “presence of one or more anti-Zionist student groups is very strongly correlated with the overall number of antisemitic incidents. 99% of the schools with one or more active anti-Zionist student group had one or more incidents of antisemitic activity, whereas only 16% of schools with no active anti-Zionist student group had incidents of antisemitic activity.” Campuses with SJP or other anti-Zionist student groups, the report found, were “very strongly associated with the occurrence of antisemitic expression. 91% of the schools with one or more active anti-Zionist group showed evidence of antisemitic expression, whereas only 16% of schools with no active anti-Zionist student group showed evidence of antisemitic expression.”

SJP and other student groups, along with their faculty sponsors, are the foot soldiers in the worldwide campaign of Palestinianism, but the ideology which animates the Palestinian cause is evident not only in the ivy walls of academia, but also in the UN, NGOs, the State Department, the Arab street, and in parliaments and congresses where the chattering classes purport to be committed to Arab self-determination and seem to have no issue with sacrificing, if necessary, the Middle East’s sole democracy as part of that effort.

Central to this propaganda campaign to enshrine Palestinianism—in which the suffering of the Palestinian has finally trumped the historic suffering and dispossession of the Jews—is the wholesale, deliberate appropriation of the language and symbols of the Jews by the foes who wish to eradicate, not only the Jewish past, but the very existence of the Jewish state. Thus, the actual genocide of European Jewry during the Holocaust is either minimized or denied by the Arab world at the same time that Israel is denounced for committing a new “holocaust” against the Palestinians through ethnic cleansing, military barbarism, and war crimes.

Palestinians regularly refer to themselves as being dispersed in a Diaspora, what they call their own “Nakba,” a catastrophe, just as Jews had traditionally spoken of their own scattering from their homeland after the destruction of the Second Temple. While Arab aggression and homicidal impulses against Jews have been unrelenting—before and since the creation of Israel—Palestinianism has been successful in casting the Arab Palestinians as the perennial victim of Jewish supremacism, even though the irredentist aims of the Islamists to establish a Muslim-only state in historic Palestine is the very form of self-determination that is repeatedly decried on the part of Israel for being racist, inhumane, internationally criminal, and morally unacceptable.

The West’s wide embrace of Palestinianism has been led, for the most part, by the intellectual elites, whose own biases against Israel and the United States serve to animate, and widely promote, the campaign to vilify, defame, and delegitimize Israel. While the ideological antics of anti-Israel student groups are the most visible aspects of the hate-Israel agenda, this acting out and shrill rhetoric from students would be inconsequential were it not for the full intellectual and moral support this movement enjoys from faculty members―those with the prestige and academic muscle to lend credibility and influence to the war of ideas against the Jewish state.

The liberal slant of university faculties has made it inevitable that many college professors question the integrity of Zionism, if not forthrightly denounce the very existence of Israel as a moral stain on the world that oppresses Arabs and tars the United States as an accomplice in this perceived unjustified colonial, militaristic oppression. The self-righteous professors who perpetually denounce Israel, though, may or may not have a great moral commitment to the Palestinians at all.

In fact, that is often incidental to their primary objective: not to actually assist the Palestinian self-determination with constructive, tactical advice and support—which has always been sorely, and visibly, lacking—but to weaken support for Israel with the ultimate intention, shared by Israel’s jihadist foes, of eventually eliminating it altogether. The phony rectitude which they use to insulate themselves from critique comforts those who would otherwise see the fundamental moral cruelty of their assaults of Israel. And they are also craven in their self-righteousness for taking such a strident stance against Israel, a point of view and a philosophical approach that requires no courage in the Jew-hating West.

Of course, virtue-signaling one’s commitment to the oppressed is rampant among the campus Leftists, many of whom feel that, because they seek social justice for the Palestinians and are attempting to strike down what they define as the new Israeli version of apartheid, anything they say or do to delegitimize Israel is acceptable, even necessary. Thus, they hector Israel to mend its political ways not only to end Palestinian suffering, but also, they allege, for the good of both Israelis and Diaspora Jews.

These fatuous professors (and their complicit students), who never have had to face any physical threat more serious than being bumped while waiting in line for a latte at Starbucks, are very willing to scold Israel when it defends itself from unceasing rocket attacks from Gaza meant to murder Israeli civilians. These same professors, many of the vilest critics of whom are from departments of humanities, literature, anthropology, history, and sociology, are, without any expertise in military affairs, eager to advise Israeli officials on the rules of war and denounce the lack of “proportionality” in Israel’s attempts to defend its population from jihadist murderers. And so eager are they to publicly assert their righteousness as defenders of the Palestinian cause, they embrace and “eroticize” terroristic violence and willingly align themselves with Israel’s deadly foes who seek its annihilation, catering, as essayist David Solway lyrically put it, “to the ammoniac hatred of the current brood of crypto-antisemites [sic] posing as anti-Zionists.”

This cultural condescension, the disingenuous lie from the Left that all cultures are equal, but some are more or less equal, to paraphrase Orwell, leads liberals into the moral trap where they denounce Israel’s military self-defense as being barbaric, criminal, and Nazi-like (because Israel is a powerful, democratic nation) and regularly excuse or apologize for genocidal Arab terrorism as an acceptable and inevitable result of a weak people suffering under Western oppression. Violence on the part of the oppressed is accepted by liberals because it is deemed to be the fault of the strong nations whose subjugation of those defenseless people is the very cause of their violent resistance.

In fact, when Israel-loathing Leftist professors, such as Columbia University’s toxic Joseph Massad, apologize for Palestinian terror, he justifies it by characterizing the very existence of Israel as being morally defective, based, in his view, on its inherent racist and imperialist nature. For him, nations that are racist and imperialistic cannot even justify their own self-defense, while the victims of such regimes are free to “resist,” based on the Left’s notion of universal human rights―but especially for the weak. “What the Palestinians ultimately insist on is that Israel must be taught that it does not have the right to defend its racial supremacy,” Massad has written, “and that the Palestinians have the right to defend their universal humanity against Israel's racist oppression.”

As part of academia’s fervent desire to make campuses socially ideal settings where racial and cultural strife ceases to exist, Palestinianism gains traction as part of the campaign to realize “social justice” for marginalized victim groups—the long-aggrieved Arab Palestinians among them, now the Third World’s favorite victim.

For the Left, according to David Horowitz, a former radical leftist turned conservative, social justice is “the concept of a world divided into oppressors and oppressed.”  Those seeking social justice, therefore, do so with the intention of leveling the economic, cultural, and political playing fields; they seek to reconstruct society in a way that disadvantages the powerful and the elites, and overthrows them if necessary—in order that the dispossessed and weak can acquire equal standing. In other words, the Left yearns for a utopian society which does not yet exist and is willing to reconstruct and overturn the existing status quo—often at a terrible human cost—in the pursuit of seeking so-called “justice” for those who, in their view, have been passed over or abused by history. According to Horowitz, this “radicalism is a cause whose utopian agendas result in an ethic where the ends outweigh and ultimately justify the means,” a view which has meant that Western leftists have come to share sympathy for the tactics and ideology of jihadists who seek to overturn Western ideals in their pursuit of an Islamic caliphate, what Horowitz calls an “unholy alliance” of the Left and Islamists in their pursuit of social justice.

In this dangerous alliance, Israel is continually slandered as a racist state, an aggressive, militaristic regime that inflicts disproportionate suffering on the hapless Palestinians, lubricating the argument that this inequality is inherently and inexorably wrong, that it must be corrected and made just. Thus, when such radical student groups as Students for Justice in Palestine have as their core mission, as their name implies, bringing their own vision of justice to the Middle East, it is justice only for the oppressed, the Palestinians, and not for the oppressor, Israel, whose position of power was made possible only because of a “hierarchy of class and race [which] exists globally.”

For the Left, social justice is solely for the disenfranchised, the ‘victims’ of unjust Western societies, those whose suffering is ostensibly caused by and is the fault of imperialistic, capitalistic, militant, hegemonic nations—America and Israel foremost among them. And on campuses, where liberal professors have nearly made sacred the politics of race and class and have identified specific sets of favored victim groups for whom justice will be sought, the cult of “victimhood” has even led to compulsory instruction on the mechanics of achieving social justice for the weak in society.

This view of the Jew, or of Israel, the Jewish state, as a political destabilizer, is, of course, also central to the ideology of Palestinianism and the notion that the victims of Jewish power are the dispossessed and weak for whom liberal academics purportedly seek justice. Any tactics, including terror and violence, are considered appropriate and excusable in the victims’ cause of throwing off the yoke of oppression, so the Palestinian, clearly made to suffer daily humiliation and endlessly deprived of a homeland and the right to self-determination, has become the perfect example of the contemporary victim archetype, the Third-World “other,” an ever-present, homeless, dispossessed tragic refuge whose plight could be traced directly to supposed colonialism on the part of the “settler” state of Israel.

This rationalization, that violence is an acceptable, if not welcomed, component of Palestinianism—that is, that the inherent “violence” of imperialism, colonialism, or capitalism will be met by the same violence as the oppressed attempt to throw off their oppressors—is exactly the style of self-defeating rationality that in this age has proven to be an intractable part of the war on terror. America-hating and Israel-hating academics have not infrequently wished for harm to come to these countries at the hands of the victim groups to whom they readily give their sympathies. They frequently, and mistakenly, ascribe to poverty and helplessness the inclination to lead to terrorism on the part of otherwise weak and oppressed individuals. And, like leftist apologists for revolutionary violence in earlier examples of resistance, they see an opportunity for the tables to be turned on the oppressors and an equal distribution of suffering to be brought about in the resulting power shift.

The nearly total rejection by the Left of any recognition of goodness on the part of Western countries, cultivating and promoting Palestinianism, is, according to commentator Melanie Phillips, symptomatic of academics' belief in their own moral superiority, a feature which, at least in their own minds, gives them a more genuine and principled worldview.

“In the grip of a group-think that causes them to genuflect to victim-culture and the deconstruction of western morality and the concept of truth,” Phillips wrote, “a dismaying number of our supposedly finest minds have been transformed from people who spread enlightenment to those who cast darkness before them.”

Richard L. Cravatts, Ph.D., a Freedom Center Journalism Fellow in Academic Free Speech and President Emeritus of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East, is the author of Dispatches From the Campus War Against Israel and Jews.

A Christian Parallel Society?

What do you think? Is it time for a Christian parallel society?

Is that the way to go? 

Let's us never forget what Jesus said to His disciples in His High Priestly Prayer the night He was betrayed:

"11And now I am no more in the world, but these are in the world, and I come to thee. Holy Father, keep through thine own name those whom thou hast given me, that they may be one, as we are." (John 17:11)


"17Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth. 18As thou hast sent me into the world, even so have I also sent them into the world." (John 17:17-18)

Here's Torba's take:

How can we use technology to build and preserve a parallel Christian society on the internet for generations to come?

This is the question that keeps me up at night.

I’ve been writing extensively about what I call a Parallel Society. This led one of my close friends to point out a book to me by Rod Dreher called The Benedict Option: A Strategy for Christians in a Post-Christian Nation. It’s a fantastic read and brilliantly captures the spirit of what I have been trying to do with Gab for over five years now.

Rod Dreher argues that the way forward is actu­ally the way back—all the way to St. Benedict of Nur­sia. This sixth-century monk, horrified by the moral chaos following Rome’s fall, retreated to the forest and created a new way of life for Christians. He built enduring communities based on principles of order, hospitality, stability, and prayer. His spiritual centers of hope were strongholds of light throughout the Dark Ages, and saved not just Christianity but Western civilization.

Many of you don’t know that I lived and worked in Silicon Valley as a Christian entrepreneur before starting Gab in 2016. Few Christians can truly understand what it means to live in the nihilistic hellhole of a post-truth, post-morality, and post-Christian world until they have lived in San Francisco among the most narcissistic, empty, and sociopathic people in Silicon Valley.

Like St. Benedict of Nursia I was horrified by the moral chaos of America’s fall as demonstrated by the city of San Francisco. So I too retreated to the forest in Pennsylvania to create a new way of life for Christians on the internet. Together and by the Grace of God we built an enduring online community grounded in the uniquely Christian value of freedom of speech.

My greatest fear after witnessing the erosion of free speech and Christian values by this group of wicked people in Silicon Valley was that eventually there wouldn’t be a place for people to discuss and learn about the Gospel on the internet. They would label it “hate speech,” and indeed many already have.

I couldn’t stand by and watch that happen.

Laying the groundwork of infrastructure for a parallel society.

This week we installed a giant 600 terabyte storage machine in one of Gab’s data centers. Few people realize all of the work and time that goes into making Gab possible behind the scenes. We do not have the luxury of being hosted in the cloud by Amazon, Microsoft, or Google web services. We had no choice but to build our own and invest millions of dollars in time and hardware to maintain and grow our servers.

It’s all worth the extra money and effort though because on Gab Christians are thriving and the Gospel is being shared. Gabbers are starting businesses, holding virtual Bible studies, starting groups to connect and fellowship with one another, praying for one another, and many are even embracing the love and saving grace of Jesus Christ for the first time in their lives.

Gabbers are discovering and supporting Christian business owners, Christian writers, Christian news organizations, and Christian entertainment. It’s really amazing to see. A parallel Christian society is forming–and it’s growing quickly.

One such Christian entertainment production company that has been having phenomenal success with Gab Ads is Revelation Media. Their mission is to “produce and license culturally relevant and engaging media that leads people into a relationship with our Creator.”

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know the folks at Revelation Media behind the scenes over the past few weeks and I can’t tell you how impressed I am with their work.

Their upcoming movie The 7 Churches of Revelation: Times of Fire, is going to be in theaters nationwide on October 11th and October 12th, as well as online beginning October 26th. You can click here for an exclusive 22 minute early look at the film before it hits theaters.

For full disclosure: yes they are advertising on Gab, but I am genuinely excited for this film. My pastor is currently working through a series in Church on the book of Revelation so this movie instantly caught my attention. What impressed me even more was the high quality production value and fascinating story.

Many Christians know and will openly admit that the production value on Christian content can often be lackluster and dare I say it–cringe. That isn’t the case with this movie and the other work that Revelation Media is producing. If you don’t believe me go watch the early preview for yourself. It’s a very encouraging thing to see.

They are building a viable, high quality entertainment and education alternative for Christian families that will be essential for a parallel Christian society.

It’s easy to say that we should all cancel Netflix and stop watching the media outlets and entertainment produced by the Enemy, but what fills that void? I believe Revelation Media is one of the many Christian alternatives working to do so and we are glad to have them as part of the Gab community.

This is why Gab’s infrastructure must be preserved and expanded at all costs. Not only is it powering the real time flow of information, but it’s also powering the creation of a parallel Christian economy where Christians can discover parallel goods, services, and entertainment being provided or sold by other Christians.

One day our great grandchildren will learn what really happened during the greatest Spiritual war of our time and how we laid the foundations for a new parallel Christian society.

It is my intention that they do so on Gab.

To God Be The Glory,

Andrew Torba

Only Jesus Saves 

Monday, September 27, 2021

Further Reflections on the Aftermath of Recall 2021

I want to thank you for inviting me to the Zoom meeting discussion last Thursday.

I was tired that night, so I signed out of the meeting about halfway through.


A couple observations:

  1. Time management is key! Allowing people to introduce themselves for any amount of time just sucks up all the energy in the room. People should get ten seconds to introduce themselves, TOPS! It can be: "Say your name. Say your organization." That's all.
  2. Getting a group of leaders for different activist organizations is a losing strategy. Everyone has different interests that they are focusing on, and inevitably, people are going to be pulled more towards fighting their core issues. Also, getting lots of people together in a Zoom call to talk about how everything is falling apart in the state is not going to get anything done. It never does. It's better to focus on accomplishing key outcomes in your local area.
  3. I know that many of you have said: "I'm tired of losing." Here's the thing when it comes to this 2021 recall: we did not lose. The voters of the state of California who kept Newsom in power, they are the losers. We have done our part as much as we could, and yet there is such a brainwashed cult in this state. It's not our fault. It's their fault. We need to adjust our attitude about all of this. It's not our fault, and we are not the losers. Simple as that.
  4. I do believe that voter fraud plays a role in every election. I believe that it was voter fraud that took the seven house seats away from Republicans in California in 2018. However, when it comes to the recall in 2021, voter fraud is not enough to explain the why disparity of voters who actually decided to let Gavin keep his job. There were even Republicans who voted NO on the recall because it was so close to the 2022 election! SAD, but true. The fact is that this state is filled with voters who are in bondage to the Cult of Progressive Woke Nonsense.
  5. I have become more disenchanted with political party politics in general. The only way that voters will be mobilized and effective is if everyone focuses on issues. Parents in the South Bay section of Los Angeles County are rallying quite effectively against mask and vaccine mandates by focusing on those issues, not getting into party politics, who voted for whom for President, Governor, etc. MassResistance has been making the difference because we focus on fighting LGBT perversion. That's my two cents.


I must say that in spite of this dreaded failure with the recall, I am now more optimistic than ever. I have stopped beating my head against a wall when it comes to trying to achieve electoral outcomes. Sadly, we are at a point where elections are not enough. People need to engage in targeted, effective MASSRESISTANCE, i.e. civil disobedience. Gandhi didn't force out the British Empire through the vote. MLK did not end segregation in the South via the vote.



Saturday, September 25, 2021

President Grover Cleveland Vetoes Texas Seed Bill (February 16, 1887)

To the House of Representatives:

I return without my approval House bill No. 10203, entitled "An act to enable the Commissioner of Agriculture to make a special distribution of seeds in the drought-stricken counties of Texas, and making an appropriation therefor."

It is represented that a long-continued and extensive drought has existed in certain portions of the State of Texas, resulting in a failure of crops and consequent distress and destitution.

Though there has been some difference in statements concerning the extent of the people's needs in the localities thus affected, there seems to be no doubt that there has existed a condition calling for relief; and I am willing to believe that, notwithstanding the aid already furnished, a donation of seed grain to the farmers located in this region, to enable them to put in new crops, would serve to avert a continuance or return of an unfortunate blight.

And yet I feel obliged to withhold my approval of the plan, as proposed by this bill, to indulge a benevolent and charitable sentiment through the appropriation of public funds for that purpose.
I can find no warrant for such an appropriation in the Constitution, and I do not believe that the power and duty of the General Government ought to be extended to the relief of individual suffering which is in no manner properly related to the public service or benefit. A prevalent tendency to disregard the limited mission of this power and duty should, I think, be steadfastly resisted, to the end that the lesson should be constantly enforced that though the people support the Government the Government should not support the people.

The friendliness and charity of our countrymen can always be relied upon to relieve their fellow-citizens in misfortune. This has been repeatedly and quite lately demonstrated. Federal aid in such cases encourages the expectation of paternal care on the part of the Government and weakens the sturdiness of our national character, while it prevents the indulgence among our people of that kindly sentiment and conduct which strengthens the bonds of a common brotherhood.

It is within my personal knowledge that individual aid has to some extent already been extended to the sufferers mentioned in this bill. The failure of the proposed appropriation of $10,000 additional to meet their remaining wants will not necessarily result in continued distress if the emergency is fully made known to the people of the country.

It is here suggested that the Commissioner of Agriculture is annually directed to expend a large sum of money for the purchase, propagation, and distribution of seeds and other things of this description, two-thirds of which are, upon the request of Senators, Representatives, and Delegates in Congress, supplied to them for distribution among their constituents.

The appropriation of the current year for this purpose is $100,000, and it will probably be no less in the appropriation for the ensuing year. I understand that a large quantity of grain is furnished for such distribution, and it is supposed that this free apportionment among their neighbors is a privilege which may be waived by our Senators and Representatives.

If sufficient of them should request the Commissioner of Agriculture to send their shares of the grain thus allowed them to the suffering farmers of Texas, they might be enabled to sow their crops, the constituents for whom in theory this grain is intended could well bear the temporary deprivation, and the donors would experience the satisfaction attending deeds of charity.

President James Madison Rejects Infrastructure Bill (March 3, 1817)


To the House of Representatives of the United States:

Having considered the bill this day presented to me entitled "An act to set apart and pledge certain funds for internal improvements," and which sets apart and pledges funds "for constructing roads and canals, and improving the navigation of water courses, in order to facilitate, promote, and give security to internal commerce among the several States, and to render more easy and less expensive the means and provisions for the common defense," I am constrained by the insuperable difficulty I feel in reconciling the bill with the Constitution of the United States to return it with that objection to the House of Representatives, in which it originated.

The legislative powers vested in Congress are specified and enumerated in the eighth section of the first article of the Constitution, and it does not appear that the power proposed to be exercised by the bill is among the enumerated powers, or that it falls by any just interpretation within the power to make laws necessary and proper for carrying into execution those or other powers vested by the Constitution in the Government of the United States.

"The power to regulate commerce among the several States" can not include a power to construct roads and canals, and to improve the navigation of water courses in order to facilitate, promote, and secure such a commerce without a latitude of construction departing from the ordinary import of the terms strengthened by the known inconveniences which doubtless led to the grant of this remedial power to Congress.

To refer the power in question to the clause "to provide for the common defense and general welfare" would be contrary to the established and consistent rules of interpretation, as rendering the special and careful enumeration of powers which follow the clause nugatory and improper. Such a view of the Constitution would have the effect of giving to Congress a general power of legislation instead of the defined and limited one hitherto understood to belong to them, the terms "common defense and general welfare" embracing every object and act within the purview of a legislative trust. It would have the effect of subjecting both the Constitution and laws of the several States in all cases not specifically exempted to be superseded by laws of Congress, it being expressly declared "that the Constitution of the United States and laws made in pursuance thereof shall be the supreme law of the land, and the judges of every State shall be bound thereby, anything in the constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding." Such a view of the Constitution, finally, would have the effect of excluding the judicial authority of the United States from its participation in guarding the boundary between the legislative powers of the General and the State Governments, inasmuch as questions relating to the general welfare, being questions of policy and expediency, are unsusceptible of judicial cognizance and decision.

A restriction of the power "to provide for the common defense and general welfare" to cases which are to be provided for by the expenditure of money would still leave within the legislative power of Congress all the great and most important measures of Government, money being the ordinary and necessary means of carrying them into execution.

If a general power to construct roads and canals, and to improve the navigation of water courses, with the train of powers incident thereto, be not possessed by Congress, the assent of the States in the mode provided in the bill can not confer the power. The only cases in which the consent and cession of particular States can extend the power of Congress are those specified and provided for in the Constitution.

I am not unaware of the great importance of roads and canals and the improved navigation of water courses, and that a power in the National Legislature to provide for them might be exercised with signal advantage to the general prosperity. But seeing that such a power is not expressly given by the Constitution, and believing that it can not be deduced from any part of it without an inadmissible latitude of construction and a reliance on insufficient precedents; believing also that the permanent success of the Constitution depends on a definite partition of powers between the General and the State Governments, and that no adequate landmarks would be left by the constructive extension of the powers of Congress as proposed in the bill, I have no option but to withhold my signature from it, and to cherishing the hope that its beneficial objects may be attained by a resort for the necessary powers to the same wisdom and virtue in the nation which established the Constitution in its actual form and providently marked out in the instrument itself a safe and practicable mode of improving it as experience might suggest.