Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Torrance Unified School District: I am Naming Names (Statement at November 8, 2021 TUSD Board Meeting)

Dear Torrance Unified School District Board:

My name is Arthur Schaper, and I am the Organization Director for MassResistance.

For over a year, I have been working with parents here in Torrance Unified, as well as parents in different school districts throughout the state of California and across the US.

Here in Torrance, however, we have exposed Black Lives Matter and LGBT propaganda in the classroom and in the several schools here in the district.

Parents have shared with me horrible stories of teachers who whine about their “white privilege,” harming the students in their class with this push of false identity politics.

Teachers like Sara Pearlman at Richardson Middle School have set up so-called “Gay Straight Alliances,” pushing all kinds of sexual perversion on students, many of whom at that age are already dealing with a great degree of confusion, transition, and turmoil.

Teachers like Margaret Cunningham promote hate groups like “The Human Rights Campaign,” whose leadership included a man charged with sexual battery against minors, and the previous president was forced to resign after coaching disgraced former Governor Andrew Cuomo how to cover up his sexual misconduct against staffers in his office.

Marianne Pignotti of Torrance High School actually said that there were “Too many white people” on some of the posters in her classroom on the first day of school. What kind of bigotry are we allowing these teachers to push on students today?

You have teachers like Junius Welch and Nicholas Weber at West High School also pushed BLM ideological talking points in their classroom, as well.

I am further disturbed to find out that disgraced former superintendent Luvelle Brown and his Critical Race Theory racket is coming to Torrance High School later this week. How much is the school district paying these overheated consultants to stand around and tell teachers and students that they are racist or they oppressed simply on account of their skin color?

Yes, I am naming names. It’s time for Torrance Unified School District to do its job and start crafting some serious policies to deal with this massive problem.

Trustee Gerson and Superintendent Stowe informed me in the past that they were crafting a policy to ensure that no student or teacher ever misused an official logo within the Torrance Unified universe. How about some clear policies which crack down on rank, brazen politicization in the classroom? This is not a freedom of speech issue. Students in a classroom are a captive audience. They do not have the freedom to walk out or object when teachers are pushing their own program or their own agendas.

Furthemore, normalizing hateful ideologies like the LGBT agenda or the Black Lives Matter should be strictly banned. If teachers want to create a set of activists to push these harmful programs, they should go work for an advocacy group or some other non-profit.

They have no business normalizing sexual perversion as a civil right.

They have no right implementing systemic racism, all under the petty pretense of trying to eradicate systemic racism.

Open Letter to Easy Reader News Re: Attacks on Manhattan Beach Unified School Board

Dear Easy Reader News:

The article on "Critical Race Theory" and the attack on the school districts and school boards could not have been more biased ("Critical Race Theory fears lead to attack on Manhattan Beach School Board," October 21, 2021).

Parents in Manhattan Beach California, and throughout the United States, do not want lies being pushed on their kids, simple as that. Just because an official program called "Critical Race Theory" is not being trotted around in a district does not mean that those lies are not being taught in the classroom. Teaching children to view people as either "oppressors" or "oppressed" is all part of Critical Race Theory, and Christopher Rufo has rightly exposed that not only are these pernicious views invading the classrooms in California, but teachers' unions and educrats alike are changing the names so they can get away with it.

Parents in Manhattan Beach have a right and a duty to ensure that their underage children are not taught all kinds of sexual deviance and perversion under the guise of "diversity, equity, and inclusion," either. Since when does any adult think that it is appropriate to push sexual preferences as an identity, and furthermore to induce this confusion onto children, whether during the classroom or in extracurricular clubs like Gender-Sexuality Alliance, or Gay-Straight Alliance, or Gender-Sexuality Acceptance clubs?!

Frankly, parents like Fred Taylor should be commended for calling out the corrupt indoctrination that is happening in Manhattan Beach Unified School District. I personally have read the Marxist dog whistles pushed under the guise of "tolerance" by the previous Superintendent and other tteachers in the Manhattan Beach schools. Staff members in the district have been telling me about this indoctrination, but are afraid to speak up, for fear they will lose their jobs.

Furthermore, if school board members like Jen Fenton and union reps like Shawn Chen cannot stand criticism and outrage from parents, they should start listening to the parents and following their demands -- or quit. I am disgusted that a local newspaper spent more time pandering and propping up the "Powers that Be." Journalism used to be about holding elected officials accountable and giving voice to the concerns of the voters. Indeed, Easy Reader News' journalism has really fallen in quality and character. No one wonder fewer people are purchasing subscriptions.

Last of all, what I find truly appalling about the "Easy Reader News" article is that they went out of their way to defame the parents with so-called "alt right" groups, but neglected to mention that MB School Board member Jason Boxer is a member of a dangerous hate group called "the Democratic Socialists of America." Socialism is just one step behind Communism, as the violent Soviet Communist leader Vladmir Lenin asserted, and Communism is one of the most evil, hateful ideologies in the world. Sadly, Manhattan Beach Unified has a socialist on its school board now! Why did Easy Reader News leave that out?

Saturday, November 6, 2021

Manhattan Beach School Board Member Jason Boxer: Closet Communist

The voters of Manhattan Beach Unified School District need to start paying attention to who ends up on their school board.

Easy Reader News published a very slanted, biased article blasting parents and propping up the school board members because of the growing outrage against school closures, lockdowns, and LGBT-CRT indoctrination in the classrooms.

One of the most noxious facts that they left out of their report is that Jason Boxer, one of the newly-elected school board members, is a card-carrying member of the Democratic Socialists of America.

The first thing that comes to mind when I see this profile?

Oh brother! Imagine Barack Obama's "Pajama Boy" with lighter hair, and that's Jason Boxer.

But it gets worse ... much worse.

He's one of the "non-binary" types, and he pushes the LGBT agenda in so many destructive waves. You can see his destructive LGBT promotionalism on his Instagram account. Click here.

Ironically, he prefers "they/them" pronouns, according to his bio, but he also calls himself "a pretty nice guy."

Check it out here:

How can he claim to be non-binary but still call himself a "guy"? Clearly, he is confused.

And confused people should not be in charge of young people's education.

But the worst aspect about his tenure on the school board, again, is that he is a card-carrying socialist.

Don't take my word for it. Check out the DSA-LA website (Click here):

In addition to our endorsed candidates, we also celebrate the victories won by progressive candidates throughout the city, county, state, and country, both DSA-endorsed and otherwise. Locally, these include Jason Boxer for Manhattan Beach Unified School Board.

What do you need to know about socialism?

Take from Soviet Communist Vladimir Lenin himself:

Here are some statistics about Communism, for the growing number of uneducated or miseducated in the world:

How about hearing the testimonies of men and women who survived communist regimes?

Why were there so many "boat people" fleeing Southeast Asia in the 1970s? Communism!

Manhattan Beach residents need to pay attention to their school board races. Perhaps they need to think about launching a recall as soon as possible to get rid of this creepy soyboy.

It is unconscionable how bad it has gotten in local education politics in the South Bay. Card-carrying communists (masquerading as socialists) are seated on local school boards pushing all kinds of perversion under the guise of "Diversity, Equity, Inclusion", etc.

Instead of educating children about the true, full history of the United States, there is a determined push by ingrained Marxists and their teachers' union ilk to push racism and class-ism to further divide communities and the country.

Communism is one of the evilest ideologies in modern history, and to think that today, there are elected officials pushing this wicked madness is just unthinkable, and in the South Bay of Los Angeles County, no less.

Has Jason Boxer ever visited a country run under a communist regime? Cuba? Venezuela? North Korea? Would he like to explain why so many of the citizens in those countries are fleeing those countries to live elsewhere? Would Mr. Boxer (yes, Mister!) like to explain why Communism leaves nothing but destruction and desecration in its wake wherever it pops up?

He owes the people of Manhattan Beach some answers, at the very least.

He is pushing LGBT perversion. Why?

He is pushing Marxist hate. Why?

He does not listen or care about the real concerns of parents and children alike. Why?

Jason Boxer, the Closet Communist, needs to answer for these hateful leanings!

Contact the Manhattan Beach School Board, and demand Jason Boxer's removal!

Friday, November 5, 2021

For Real: Equality California Asks If People Suffered "Trump Derangement Syndrome"

 This is an actual eblast from Equality California.

They actually wanted to know if respondents had suffered


Was your mental health personally affected by the Trump Administration?

NO »

I'd rather not say >>

Arthur,Between the ongoing pandemic and unprecedented political polarization, we know times have been tough.A new research report in the Journal of Economics & Biology found that many within the LGBTQ+ community experienced aggravated mental distress during the Trump Presidency.[1]The study also found that in states where Trump won, the mental distress was much higher for LGBTQ+ people.We know just how difficult this period of time was -- and continues to be -- for our community.Because despite having a new pro-equality administration, the LGBTQ+ community is still reeling from an unprecedented wave of anti-LGBTQ+ bills in state legislatures across the country.On top of that, the CDC found that LGBTQ+ people are more likely to experience severe COVID-19 health outcomes due to increased underlying conditions.That’s why it’s so important to check-in on each other. Here at Equality California we are committed to serving our community and that starts with ensuring the well-being of our supporters!Please fill this survey out so we can better understand how best to serve this community: responses will be kept entirely confidential. Thank you for always helping our mission. We really appreciate it!- Equality California---

[1] Kuroki, Masanori. “The Rise in Extreme Mental Distress among LGBT People during Trump’s Rise and Presidency.” Economics & Human Biology, vol. 43, 2021. 

Yes, indeed, Trump Derangement Syndrome is real!

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Californians for Medical Freedom File Lawsuit Against LAUSD Vaccine Mandates


Greetings Fellow Medical Freedom Warriors,


What's expected to be a landmark lawsuit by Health Freedom Defense Fund, on behalf of all LAUSD employees, has been filed as of 4:06 PM TODAY!!! And if successful, it's certain to set a major precedent for others to follow suit.

A message from Leslie Manookian, President of Health Freedom Defense Fund:  
"To our plaintiffs & declarents: I wanted to let you know that we filed the lawsuit against LAUSD a short while ago! I would also like to thank you for your patience, your courage, and your commitment to the cause of liberty for yourselves, your colleagues, and all Americans. We stand with you all and will do all we can to support your and all Americans freedom to choose how they keep themselves well and what they put in their bodies. We will draft a press release for tomorrow. If any of you receive any media inquiries, please direct them to our team."

Leslie also wanted to make it clear to ALL DISTRICT EMPLOYEES, even if you aren't named or a declarant, your interests are still being represented!!

In short, none of this would have been possible without the unwavering support of those of you who donated, shared, promoted, talked to your friends and family, and any other action that in some way supported our collective struggle and plight. We ask for your continued solidarity as we continue forward. This will not be an easy battle, but we are confident in the genius legal team that will be representing us, and we will need to continue donating what we can along the way, to keep the lawsuit moving!

Please share and donate what you can, as consistently as possible, here: 

Stay tuned for more info and resources to come to aid our members in their respective struggles.
Also, stay tuned for the full lawsuit to be shared soon enough. Press release coming tomorrow. We just wanted to share the good news with you all already.

Lastly, If you have yet to, please join our private SLACK workspace here:

With compassion and in Solidarity,
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Monday, November 1, 2021

Torrance High School Teachers: Preferred Pronouns and "There Are Too Many White People"

Two months, I spoke with a student named W. G. (name hidden to protect his identity and his family.)

He shared with me about another bad teacher in Torrance Unified School District.

W.G. reported the following:

"An art teacher [Aja De La Rosa] wanted you to write your pronouns on a piece of paper."

Teachers are now asking for students' preferred pronouns. Really!

"And then she was sharing personal stories about herself, about her daughter was transitioning gender at a very young age. Her daughter wanted to become a male."

Why are teachers sharing this stuff with their students in the classroom? Why is this happening at Torrance High School.

Then W.G. told us about his English teacher:

Her name is Marianne Pignotti:

W.G. then had this to share:

"Then there was my English teacher. She had six poster boards. Each poster board had another poster board behind it. So they weren't exactly put on the walls. She then, out of the blue, started talking about these posters, and she pulls them out. And she's apologizing because they're all white males."


"And I promise you, not a single student in that classroom looked at her posters, and said 'Oh Wow! They're all white.' That wasn't even a thought until she brought it up."

So, Pignotti is pushing racism in her classroom, specifically anti-white racism. There is no room for such bigotry in the classroom. NONE!

"She then said that Hollywood needs to start making movies with more people of color. And I'm thinking to myself: 'Hey! I am a fan of "Fast and Furious." And I know the main character, Dom, is not fully white. And I never personally thought, "Hey, I wonder what race that guy is."'"

This is the kind of bigotry and hate which has become commonplace in government schools, and this is not Los Angeles Unified or San Francisco.

This kind of hateful indoctrination is taking place in Torrance Unified, too! This is outrageous!

For the entire interview that I conducted with this student, see the link below:


 Here's the contact information for the two teachers:

Mr. Welch Fails Again: Flunked Student Because Her Family Was Conservative?

I am aware that teachers have their ideological bents, one way or another. That's their business.

And that's the point: it must remain their business, and not the classroom's business. Students should not be brought into the ideological fights. They should be free to learn, to think, to inquire, to take on the necessary skills to succeed in life.

But Mr. Welch doesn't seem to agree with that mindset.

He's a determined, liberal partisan, and he even took it as as badge of honor that I exposed him:

Well, it appears that it's Mr. Welch who is truly reactionary.

Here's another testimony from a student:

Hi Arthur,

My daughter during Covid school shutdown had Mr. Welch for her senior year of highschool. Mr. Welch flunked her for her first semester and was forced to drop his class or she wouldn’t graduate. We believe that it was due to him somehow finding out that we were a Republican family. A lot of times teachers from Bert Lynn and West high make the kids do assignments that try to find out whether they’re students come from Republican or Democratic family backgrounds.
I remember a teacher both my girls had at Bert Lynn named Mrs. Irwin, the history teacher. Every school year at the beginning she would have her students interview 5 people on political issues. Many kids naturally choose their parents because it takes time for kids to find 5 people to interview when everyone’s schedules are just so busy especially when kids do sports! I made sure my 3rd child/ son never took Mrs. Irwin and moved him [to] Jefferson middle school. Jefferson was a great school and the staff was extremely warm and welcoming compared to Bert Lynn which had a very cold vibe. Many of the teachers at Bert Lynn I heard don’t even get along.

Please let me know what you’ve heard about Mr. Welch. I heard another student telling another teacher that Mr. Welch is so paranoid about getting the coronavirus that he is lecturing at his doorway entrance and when he speaks he faces the right and not directly at the students. Very strange teacher.


Well, well, well!

More will be revealed soon enough about Mr. Welch! He was pushing "Black Lives Matter" bigotry with his facemasks, he pushes sustainability indoctrination, and calls it "education," (and what does it have to do with English, by the way?).

Is this Mr. Welch? Will the real Mr. Welch please stand up? If anyone has other information about this English teacher, please email me: