Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Rejection of and Resignation from the LAGOP Central Committee

Dear "Chairman" Janice and AD 66 GOP Central Committee members:

When I first put my name on the ballot to run for Central Committee, I was hoping to work with a new team of leaders and activists who wanted to make a difference, who wanted to turn the tide in Los Angeles County and the state, to improve the status of the Republican Party. 

I was initially disappointed to see that almost the entire slate of people who had served last time -- or rather, who had failed to serve -- was re-elected, aside from myself. I was hoping that things could have changed following my installation as a member.

Sadly, in the last three weeks, I have seen that the AD 66 GOP Central Committee and the LA County GOP leadership still as a whole represent a continuation of the same old failures, followed by corrupt actions and practices. It is astounding to me that Richard Sherman can pat himself on the back with a couple of his previous leaders to take credit for Mike Garcia's and Young Kim's victories, when it has become increasingly clear that these candidates won back losses which happened under Sherman's "leadership" two years prior, and only because of grassroots activism and candidate determination did those seats come back into the GOP fold.

The State of the LAGOP Central Committee Today

Mark Tsuneishi was rightly elected interim Chairman of the AD 66 GOP Central Committee in January 2019, I believe, because the organization meeting the previous month had violated the county by-laws and committee member Rick Marshall challenged those results, and correctly so. Then the county leaders violated more by-laws and pushed aside those lawfully obtained results, and reinstalled Janice without any consent of the governed in that particular central committee.

The AD 66 GOP Central Committee violated by-laws in the past, when they changed the location of the meeting at the last minute on ex-officio members Omar Navarro and Rick Marshall in last 2016. They violated by-laws again when they kept Rick Marshall out of the county central committee meeting a few years later, when he had the votes to oust the corrupt chairman. That is beyond inexcusable.

And who can forget the fact that in 2016 the current, unlawfully installed chair Janice Webb called my work, tried to pressure my boss to pressure me to cancel a meeting that hosted Latinos for Trump. Such practices are unethical and illegal. And the fact that the new crop of Central Committee members wanted to reward the same bad actor--bad actors--is just astounding.

The Central Committee also violated by-laws when they revoked the charter of the Beach Cities Republicans without cause, not having the courage to admit to their members or to the public that it was simply because they did not like my activism or the decision of the members to re-elect me President of that club in 2016. Leadership had pledged to other Republicans in the county that they would have restored the charter once I moved on from the club, but even then they did not keep their word.

And now, Janice has the perverse audacity to get upset with me because I am informing other Republicans in the district--her constituents--that her failed leadership continues on the AD66 Central Committee and throughout the county.

I am beyond disgusted with all of this. It is crystal clear to me what other Republicans in the district have already told me: "The AD 66 Central Committee is a waste of time."

It's with great reluctance and great anguish that I make this decision, but I hereby resign from the LA COUNTY GOP Central Committee. I am just beyond disgusted with the hypocrisy, with the lack of real effort, and with the fact that bad leadership by Janice Webb has actually been REWARDED with another term. I cannot serve with such hypocrisy, dysfunction, and corruption.


Arthur Christopher Schaper

Sunday, December 27, 2020

"Sellout" Stacey Armato Went Dem For Political, Not Principled Reasons

 Stacey Armato, Hermosa Beach City Councilmember, gave the following story to the Easy Reader News about why she joined the Democratic Party:

When she first got involved in the battle over oil drilling in Hermosa Beach in 2012, Stacey Armato was a registered Republican, and had been all her life.

“At that point, I hadn’t thoughtfully dissected why I was a registered Republican. It was more that my parents were small business owners, and they were registered Republicans. My husband is the same story: small business owner parents, registered Republicans. There was just never a thought about it,” Armato said.

Armato, who is now a city councilmember in Hermosa, said that during the oil campaign she began to recognize her priorities on environmental issues were out of step with those of Republicans. But she didn’t plan on changing her registration. “I didn’t think it defined me, I didn’t think it defined other people,” she said.

Since when did the Measure O issue have anything to do with Republican or Democrat? Then Councilman Michael DiVirgilio, a Democrat, supported Measure O. There were registered Republicans in the city who opposed Measure O, did not want the drilling. It was not a cut and dried issue at all.

Eventually it became impossible for her to reconcile her values with those of the national party. Her son Massimo was born with cystic fibrosis and required multiple invasive surgeries before he was a year old. The 2010 Affordable Care Act, which for the first time guaranteed coverage for those with preexisting conditions, had been a lifesaver, and Republican attempts to repeal it in 2017 left her dumbfounded. She switched her registration to Democrat.

We are talking about five years later, Stacey Armato decided that she did not want to be a Republican anymore.

This had nothing to do with Obamacare. This had nothing to do with seeing the national party drift away from her. This had EVERTYHING to do with the growing Democratic machine contingent that has been taking over Hermosa Beach for the last five years. 

There was nothing principled about Stacey Armato's decision to leave the GOP. She did it for politics, pure and simple, or should I say "impure and simple".

“I quietly changed it. I didn’t think I needed to make a big deal of it, but I did, and my husband changed his. There are multiple layers to it, each significant in its own way, and I stand by it,” she said.

She thought that she did not have to make a big deal about it, and yet here she is, in an interview with the Easy Reader News, telling them that she is no longer a Republican.

What it really amounts to is a lack of principles. People want power, and some people are willing to give up whatever principles they have to get some of that power. Why is anyone surprised by this?

I do resent Armato's insisting that she jumped the GOP ship because of environmental or healthcare concerns. Give me a break!

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Haidar the Hypocrite Got Had in Mayor's Race, Smeared Tutor Who Helped Him Get Elected to City Council --- AND Still LOST!

In October of this year, I received an email from Mayor Alex Vargas of Hawthorne.

Just for sake of backround, Alex is a friend of mine. He has done great things for the city of Hawthorne, both as a city councilman and also as mayor. The city has a much better feel to it, and residents all over  have told me that they love living in the city. At the very least, they like the fact that for the first time in nearly thirty years, they have a Mayor whom they can be proud of, who is not stealing food mixers from school cafeterias, or violating campaign finance laws, or stiffing landlords and political consultants while demanding to get some more "hot sauce, hot sauce."

Gorgeous George, Meet Awesome Alex!

Well, as expected, Alex is going to get attacked for doing a good job. The Democratic Political machine in Hawthorne does not like him. His biggest opponent was Haidar Awad, a city councilman who was elected in 2015, the same year that Alex Vargas became mayor.

And so they thought ... what better 

He then shared with me this hit piece against him in his bid for re-election as mayor of Hawthorne:

WOW! I feel almost ... flattered!

There's a picture of me with three Hispanic Republicans, including Ruben Barrales, who was elected to the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors and has helped other Hispanic Republicans get elected to office. There's my other friend Suzanne Fuentes, who served for two terms as Mayor of El Segundo. She's awesome.

And there's Alex, too! Nice photo.

How interesting indeed, that this hit piece targets me as "anti-immigrant", when at that meeting in particularly (March 2016 of the Beach Cities Republicans), a number of immigrants were in attendance, too! But more on that later.

Of coursed, at the end of it all, this was a stupid hit piece. Most people in the city of Hawthorne have NO IDEA who I am. I hardly know anybody in the city, besides Alex and a few other activists.

And the funniest part about this -- I was running for State Assembly at the same time, and no one cared! No one bothered to smear me or target me as anti-immigrant or confront about my stance on illegal immigration.

Of course, the bigger irony is ... I was Haidar's speech coach when he ran for Hawthorne City Council in 2015!

Here's the proof:

Five years ago, I was working as a tutor for Tutor Doctor, based in Redondo Beach. Initially, I worked as a math tutor for Haidar's younger brother Hamza.

Then the company asked me to help Haidar himself with his speaking skills, since he was interested in running for city council in the city of Hawthorne!

And help him, I did! 

Here's the record that I was assigned to him:

And you know what the biggest irony of all is?

Haidar's parents are both immigrants! They both hired me to serve as tutor for their two sons. They both said that I did good work, too!

So, I am anti-immigrant, but I was hired by two immigrants. Really.

The most vindicating outcome from all of this, however, is that Mayor Alex is still mayor Alex. He won big time! And he deserved it. The city of Good Neighbors remains in good hands.

Haidar lost big time, and he deserved it. He spent big money, too, and STILL LOST! He smeared someone who had helped him get elected to city council--and he got what he deserved--HE LOST!

All of this brings to mind one of my favorite verses:

Debunking Conservative Accommodation of LGBT Perversion

 I received the following responses from one conservative regarding her accommodation of homosexual "conservatives":

Having control over being gay is about as realistic as being able to walk when born with no legs.

Their relationship with God is their own.

It is not for us to judge.

Let advocate for awareness of dna altering vaccines.

That will kill many birds with one stone.

Many boys are molested as was he and they end up gay.

We shall not punish them for who they are.

"Oh brother! Where do I begin?"

This is the kind of misinformation that we have to fight against. I will speak against each sentence.

"Having control over being gay is about as realistic as being abkle to wwalk when born with no legs."

This is the same cult-like lie which is pervasive in Alcoholics Anonymous. "We are like men who have lost our legs. We can't grow new ones." However, just as people are not born alcoholic, so too people aer not born gay. Indeed, change is possible. In many cases, it may be difficult, but change is possible.

There is a growing cohort of men and women who have left the gay lifestyle, or who have been restored to their birth sex following the abusive attempt to transition into another sex.

"Their relationship with God is their own."

That's not an excuse to let people linger in pain, loss, and shame. God's heart is for all men to be saved, and to walk in the glorious grace which He accords to us through His Son. Many people throw out statements like this as a flimsy cop-out, nothing more. They just want to hide the fact that they are too afraid to speak the truth about the LGBT agenda.

"It is not for us to judge."

This is shameless cowardice at its worst. I am so tired of so-called Christians refusing to speak out against evil because they don't want to "judge". Every day, we engage in judgments, regarding what actions we take from moment to moment, what we do with our free time, which individuals we reach out to, how we choose to use our time. We make judgments regarding right and wrong, good and bad, healthy and unhealthy all the time. There is no excuse, none, for pushing off this issue and refusing to confront the matter.

We are not called to ignore evil and allow people to get away with wrongdoing. When Jesus said "Judge not, lest ye be judged", he was not making the case that we should wink at evil and allow it to continue. He was pointing out that we should not esteem ourselves better than others, nor should we condemn others, i.e. impose exacting punishment, on others because of their failures. God rejoices in truth (and grace), but He does not rejoice in inquity. We are expected to call out what is wrong and celebrate what is right.

"Many boys are molested as was he and they end up gay."

Indeed, many boys--and girls--fall into homosexuality precisely because of abuse. Does that mean we should stand back and say nothing? Of course not! All the more we need to speak up, to speak out against this abuse, against this destructive agenda. There is no reason for us to stay quiet. There is no right or reason for us to back away from the fight for what is right.

At least this commentator acknowledged that people are not "born that way".

"We shall not punish them for who they are."

This is dodging the issue. Not once did I say anything about punishing someone, or anyone, who engages in these behaviors as a matter of law. Once again, this person writes "for who they are." Damn it! It's not an identity. It's a set of behaviors, and people get set free from these behaviors all the time. There is no reason to treat homosexuality and transgenderism like the next iteration of the Civil Rights Movement. This maddening confusion must be confronted in full, no compromise.

Enough with conservative accomodation of LGBT. This has to stop. We need to conserve what is right, proper, and true without avail and without delay.

Idaho MassResistance Exposes Counselor Who Corrupted a Minor: Megan Franklin of Coeur D'Alene Northwest Expedition Academy

MassResistance just released an article about a perverse school counselor who affirmed a young girl's false identity that she was transsexual.

Here's the link with the whole story. Click here.

This incident took place at Northwest Expedition Academy

Who was this counselor?

Her name is Megan Franklin.

She's the Elementary School counselor that told an 11-year-old that it's OK to be transsexual, and she even supported that decision!

Here's the full recording between Megan Franklin and Janice Camarena, the grandmother who provided the recording of her conversation with the Northwest Expedition Academy:

AUDIO RECORDING: MassResistance grandmother confronts school counselor!

Here are the key parts of the conversation between Janice Camarena and Megan Franklin that you need to hear. It’s truly shocking!

Megan Franklin (MF): Allison went to her teacher, and asked her to call her by a different name and to use male pronouns. So the teacher came to me …

Janice Camarena (JC): OK, this is the first time that I am hearing of that, also

MF: Right, so, I’m getting to that. So we went to the principal, the teacher and I went to the principal. And the principal went to legal counsel for the district. “What should we do in this situation? We believe that the parents are not supportive of this. But this is what the child is asking, so what should we do?”

Notice right away that there are four different professionals at this public school, and they are all debating whether they should go along with enabling the delusion that young Allison is a boy and refer to her as one. Ten years ago, even five years ago, there is no way that adults in a professional education setting would go along with such lunacy. Nowadays, sadly, this dereliction of responsibility is becoming all too common. What’s worse, they left the parents out of this very intense discussion entirely!

MF: And the legal counsel said, “Don’t change her name. Don’t refer to her by male pronouns. The parents have the right to do that, but that relationship with the counselor is still private, unless she talks about wanting to hurt herself or someone else”. That I should be a safe space for her to be able to talk and still support it.

There is NO way that a counselor could be considered supportive or a safe space for a child, when that counselor insists on going along with the lie that a girl can become a boy by changing her name, her pronouns, and later on her body. This counselor is an example of the lengths to which educational professionals will push the LGBT agenda, without any sense of reason or reserve. They are practically committed activists to this agenda.

MF: I see my role as to be supportive, to make her feel comfortable at school, no matter what that looks like. My understanding is that she talked about this with her Mom about a week ago. We talked about you, and whether she was going to talk to you. She said “Gosh, at this point I’m not ready.” And I said, “Well, if you want to talk to grandma together with me, I’m happy to help with that.” And we kind of left it at that, because I was letting her take the lead.

Remember, the above comments come from a licensed professional counselor at an elementary school—not even a high school! She is supposed to guide a child to make healthy choices. Instead of confronting the silly delusion that she can become a boy, the counselor allowed Allison to “take the lead.”

Grandma Janice did not mince words confronting the counselor’s gross negligence and enabling on this matter:

JC: So, your position is that you’re letting a girl who just turned 11 years old take the lead on something that she is being told, that she’s transsexual? You understand she just turned 11, right?

MF: I just can’t, professionally or personally, it’s not my role to have judgment on that, to say either “Yes, she is”, or “Yes, she isn’t.” I don’t know. My role is to simply be there for her and help her to feel comfortable at school.

And there it is: it’s all about feelings, not facts, not truth. Someone needs to remind these educational professionals that they have a responsibility to do what is right and best for the child, not just want the child “feels” is best.

JC: OK, so your supporting her in this, you never gave her the other side as her counselor? Like “Hey, maybe God didn’t screw up when He made you, and maybe it’s a tomboy thing, and you should talk about other things,” other than “We support you in this decision to think you’re a transsexual and what to be called a different name at 11 years old”?

MF: Again, it’s not my job to say one way or another.

JC: But you did say one way or the other, because you said that you supported her, so you did say one way or the other.

This is the kind of confrontation that is needed from parents. School districts and personnel are often arrogant or diffident. They think that they can get away with saying whatever they choose to other people’s children. Because they assume that they are experts in a certain field, they know more than the parents do.

MF: I worry a lot about Alyssa, and given our history, I want to be a safe person she can come talk to about anything, and I just did my best to support her as much as I could.

JC: OK, I just don’t know what to say. I can’t even imagine why the school would think it’s OK to tell an 11-year-old that they are supportive of her in this, and not talk to her about different things other than “we support you.” … An 11-year-old making the decision to be a transsexual …

It truly is shocking that anyone in an educational setting would go along with something so harmful, so destructive to a child as to believe that the child can change their sex. Transgenderism is a mental illness, and carrying out the full extent of it harms children irreparably.

JC: Well, Allison will not be seeing you anymore because you have done more harm than good for this child who is confused, who has lost her dad, and is trying to find her way.  And you as a counselor not offering her another side other than “I support you, that you’re transsexual” at 11 freaking years old?! It’s beyond ridiculous.

This point is particularly well taken. Children in early adolescence struggle with a number of issues. They need stability as much as possible. The last thing that a child needs is enabling for false and dangerous ideas that will only harm the child down the line. Instead of doing the right thing, Megan Franklin wanted to play nice and talk about this horrific life decision.

Later on, Janice added:

JC: Yeah, we all thought things at 11 were true that weren’t, and that’s when we needed adult guidance to speak the truth into her life, to speak some other kind of avenue for her to look at. Even if you were being neutral, you could have offered her two different sides, not just “I support you in being transsexual.”

MF: Sure. And we talked about your beliefs on this: “My grandma, my mom, they believe differently.” We talked about that. But she doesn’t believe that.

JC: And you do understand at 11 her brain isn’t even developed enough to make rational decisions. I mean, there’s scientific evidence there. This is what the science says about it, even if you didn’t bring God into it. …  And now Allison’s here at home, telling me “My school accepts it. It must be OK for me.

MF: I get it, and that’s hard. It’s just hard, there is … I don’t know. Some people know [they are transsexual] at 11. Some people know and make that decision at 11. Some people don’t.

Read that above sentence again. An elementary school counselor affirms her belief that yes indeed, a child can choose to become the opposite sex, and that they can know for sure that they are supposed to be the opposite sex. This is child abuse. Janice seized on that admission right away:

JC: Back up. You believe that an 11-year-old child, that some people know at 11 years old, when their brains aren’t developed, and we just talked about the scientific evidence of that. And you believe at 11 years old some people do know that [they are transsexual]?

MF: From what I’ve read, yes, people do know that.

JC: Well, you are not to have contact with my granddaughter.

MF: Can I ask is Mom in agreement, too?

JC: Yes, she is. And she will be calling you.

Reminder: this counselor was clearly instructed to stay away from the 11-year-old girl.

BUT SHE DIDN'T. She continued to communicate with her via email, and we have the records to prove it:

This is outrageous! This is criminal behavior! And we need to confront it!

Call to Action

Whoever is reading this post, we cannot stand by and allow the school district to get away with this child abuse.

We need EVERYONE contact the school district, the school, the administration at Northwest Expedition Academy right away and demand the following:

  • 1.       Fire Megan Franklin, the Counselor at Northwest Expedition Academy
  • 2.       Direct all Principals and Counselors to seize promotion or accommodation of LGBT behaviors and identities
  • 3.       Enact district policies which ensure that any time students mention their interest in changing their bodies to the opposite sex or engaging sexual conduct with another, the parents must be informed

Here's the contact information:

Northwest Expedition Academy

2008 W Prairie Ave

Coeur d'Alene, ID 83815

Counselor: Megan Franklin

(208) 763-0800 ex 19016

Tell her to resign for affirming an 11-year-old to pretend that she is a transsexual. This is nothing short of child abuse!

Principal: Bill Rutherford

(208) 763-0800 (ask to the speak with the principal)

Tell him to fire counselor Megan Franklin for affirming the delusion that an 11-year-old could be transsexual.

Coeur d’Alene Public Schools, Board of Trustees

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, Arthur Schaper, the Organization Director for MassResistance:


Workcell: (781) 474-3005 -- calls only. No text messages.

What is the Catholic Church Wrong About?

What is the Catholic Church wrong about?

I received this statement from a lady on one of my Facebook posts about Milo Yiannopoulos, who had claimed that the Catholic Church is right about everything. I declared: "No, the Catholic Church is NOT right about everything."

When the question above was put to me, I responded below as follows:

The Catholic traditions argue that people are "born that way" (i.e. born gay), and therefore they must refrain from sexual behavior. The truth is that no one is "born that way." People can be set free from sexually destructive behaviors and enter into loving, consummate marriages.

The Catholic Church has advanced numerous traditions not based in God's Word. They argue that only a certain number of people are, or rather "become" saints, when God's Word makes it clear that when you believe on Jesus, you go from death to life, from condemned to righteous, from secular to saint. Consider a number of Paul's salutations:

"To all that be in Rome, beloved of God, called to be saints: Grace to you and peace from God our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ." (Romans 1:7)

"Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God, to the saints which are at Ephesus, and to the faithful in Christ Jesus:" (Ephesians 1:1)

The notion of purgatory is completely unbiblical. Completely. The authority granted to the Pope in wrong is unbiblical. Completely.

The text regarding Peter's revelation has been misconstrued because Catholic teachers relied on the Latin translation of the New Testament verse, as opposed to the original Greek, which is better rendered thus:

"And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter [lit. little rock], and upon this rock [lit. Big Rock, the revelation of Jesus as Messiah] I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." (Matthew 16:18)

The church was not built on Peter, and therefore the argument that the Pope in Rome is a natural successor to him is wrong. Those are traditions of men, not the truth of God's Word.

Consider also Paul's warning regarding traditions of men (no matter how old the traditions may be) versus the eternal truth of God's Word, of Christ Jesus:

"Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ." (Colossians 2:8)

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Turning Point USA, Pointing to Moral Decline: Bang Girls and Money Giveaways and Drag Queens

Turning Point USA has continued pushing the boundaries further and further to the left for their operation.

They allow open homosexuals to claim that they are full-on conservatives, like Rob Smith, when in reality, they are unremitting grifters:

A couple of reminders: Rob Smith voted for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Primary, and he did not vote for Donald Trump at all in the general election.

He even criticized President Trump as recently as 2017 when he wisely decided to ban transgender troops from serving in the military. Don't believe me?

Check out his announcement here:

And check out the video here:

Five years earlier, he actually wrote a column for CNN called "Why Repealing 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Isn't Enough". Wow! Does this agenad every say "We made it?" Never.

At their latest Student Action Summit (SAS), TPUSA was flauting flesh and cash for the kiddies.

Check out the display:


So we have gyrating "Bang Girls" shooting money out of cannons to kids, but hey, at least they also say "Socialism Sucks", right?

But apparently Cultural Marxism is A-OK with them,


And then there's Lady MAGA, a drag queen, who goes around as one of the leading spokesmen (spokesperson? Spokes-human?).

This is all wrong as it is, but at the latest SAS summit, he actually performed in front of these young people at the Summit. Here's the video

Check out the video, in which TPUSA Lady MAGA leaked footage shows him erforming "Vote Bitch!" at the Student Action Summit 2020.

Here's one scene from his drag show (Yes, it was a DRAG SHOW):

And some of his lyrics in this show included:

"You want a hot body?
You want liberty?
You better vote, bitch."

Yes. This is what TPUSA is pushing on kids, all in the name of "fighting the culture war". Really.

Do the parents know about any of this? Do the donors and fundraising promoting this perversion know anything about this?!

This is not conservatism. This is not winning the culture war. This is capitulation to the moral decline engulfing this country. This is wrong. This is evil. This cannot be tolerated anymore.

Turning Point USA needs to turn around and go right, and turn into the ground and go away.

Amb. Grenell Wanted to Push LGBT Agenda On the World Through Trump Administration (From Peter LaBarbera)

Two years ago, Peter LaBarbera spoke out boldly against President Trump's lip service to decriminalizing homosexuality around the world.

No, this is not a call to lock people up for abusing their bodies with other people of the same sex. This post is a reminder, however, that societies operate best (and based) when they target certain behaviors are criminal and deviant in order to discourage their proliferation.

Here's the full contents of Peter LaBarbara's statement against Former Asb. Rick Grenell and the push to decriminalize homosexuality around the world:


Hey all, this is terrible news. Of course, we all, like Trump, oppose Draconian state punishments against homosexual behavior, which exist mostly in Islamic and African nations. But it was only a few short years ago that our own US Supreme Court in Lawrence v. Texas reversed itself and struck down that state's anti-sodomy law--a major domino that led to the current crisis of nationwide SSM (Obergefell) and state-enforced homosexualism, including compulsory LGBTQ indoctrination in schools in states like IL and CA.

The decriminalization of homosexuality leads inexorably to greater acceptance of and then forced acceptance of same, through escalating LGBTQ activist demands. Here Rick Grenell, Trump's openly homosexual (and self-styled "gay Christian") Ambassador to Germany, works his subversive magic, but he does so in large part through our collective lack of resistance. 

Tragically, in 2018, ADF specifically renounced anti-sodomy laws worldwide in response to a leftist group targeting them ( Of course, ADF (like every other pro-family organization) once supported sodomy laws, eg, in an amicus brief to Lawrence. (This does not mean that ADF or any of us supported "throwing gay men in jail," but the Law is a Teacher.) Every time we back up it only makes it easier for the enemies of Truth on this issue to advance. 

America's and the UK's descent into LGBTQ-chaos (Stephen Black's term) must be a warning to the world: don't make ANY concessions to LGBTQ militants; they'll only keep demanding more until their Gay/Trans Revolution is achieved! 

I spoke in Jamaica a few years back and 90+% of the public supported the anti-"buggery" (sodomy) law: they don't want to become like us with our God-defying "same-sex marriages" and our raging gender confusion corrupting and destroying children's minds and bodies!

At this point, most Republicans probably support Trump putting this line in his UN speech, but we cannot. How can we--or can we at all--put the brakes on Trump's/Grenell's advancement of homosexuality and this key component of LGBTQ activism abroad? -- Peter LaBarbera,

Rep. Matt Gaetz Pushes Gay Adoption, Gay Marriage

Congressman Matt Gaetz is not a superhero for America First Conservatism.

This will come as a shock to some people, but he is pro-LGBT. Supporting homosexuality and transgenderism are not America First principles.

They violate natural law and natural rights, and the notion that the Republican Party should embrace these values is disturbing as well as nonsensical.

Consider this video clip from his primary challenger Chris Dosey during the Election 2018 campaign. Click here.

In this video, you will hear Congressman Matt Gaetz defend the notion that a family can have two men and a woman, or two women and a man. He also prides himself on pushing for gay adoption in the state of Florida.

He even uses the word "deconstruct" when talking about maintaining the nuclear family. Sure, he does not want to change the definition of family and marriage, but he goes out of his way to celebrate and normalize the idea that two men or two women can be effective parents and partners for children.

What's more disturbing is that he is making the case for homosexuality, and homosexual parenting, to children in a charter school! This is outrageous indoctrination, and no one should support this. I wonder how the parents would have felt, if they found out that the local Congressman was promoting LGBT themes and ideas to their children ...

Then consider Gaetz' appearance on The View.

Go to the 2:36 mark to hear his remarks promoting homosexuals in the Intelligence community:

Gaetz first went out of his way to celebrate the appointment of Ric Grenell as Director of National Intelligence. "Yass Queen!" Then he said that people should not be kept of serving their country based on "who they are or who they love". That is really creepy.

Gaetz gave that "Love is Love" pablum response when one of the hosts chided President Trump for barring transgenders, i.e. confused people who insist on pretending to be the opposite sex, from serving in the military. Apparently, Gaetz is OK with confused, mentally ill individuals serving in the military, even though such individuals go into the military precisely to get the government-funded transition surgeries. Afterwards, they are completely unfit to serve.

The military is not a social experiment. It exists to break things and kill people. Matt Gaetz represents a region with a heavily concentrated military presence. He should not be supporting policies that would undermine the US Armed Force's effectiveness.

And when Gaetz says people shold not be judged for "who they love", does that mean that pedophiles should serve in the military, too?

The point in listing all of these issues is that people need to see that the fight for America First values is not consistent among some of their most famous proponents. When people who are fully on the Trump train want to push homosexuality and transgenderism further into the mainstream, it's time for constitutionalists to push back!

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Homophobic Karen Gone Wild in Torrance, Supports Child Abuse in the Public Schools

On December 20, 2020, I was rallying with other patriots and outraged citizens in the city of Torrance at the corner of Hawthorne Blvd and Sepulveda Blvd. We were exercising our First Amendment rights to petition our governments for a redress of many grievances, as well as to announce our outrage with Governor Newsom and support for local businesses.

Then, out of a nowhere, a hateful woman, a homophobic Karen came up to me, started screaming all kinds of vile and hateful things at me. She was basically giving me a hard time--or at least attempting to do so--because I have the courage and where-with-all to speak out against the LGBT and its destructive consequences on young and old alike. Furthermore, I have the courage to confront this evil head-on in the public schools and in the public square, where too many young people are getting caught up in this perverse agenda. Young people actually believe that they are "born that way", and therefore they have the right to violate the natural rights of everyone else who wisely and consistently opposes this agenda.

For the record, yes indeed that hateful harpy is the truly homophobic individual. She wants to cater to and pander to this LGBT agenda because she is afraid to tell homosexuals (and transgenders) the truth about the behaviors, their origins, and their consequences.

Anyone is who is homo-phobic needs to be called out for their selfish, self-serving, and ultimately self-loathing fears.

What's worse, anyone who supports training and pushing LGBT onto children supports child abuse. I will not apologize for stating the obvious.

Reminder: this hateful Karen came out of nowhere and started harassing and shouting at me and saying all kinds of vulgar epithets. Unlike most conservatives, I rushed right into the fire and started firing back at her. I brazenly called her homophobic, precisely because she does not have the courage to tell homosexual the truth that their behaviors and lifestyle are killing them.

This creepy lady actually thinks that it's OK to teach kids that they can abuse their bodies with the same sex or cut their bodies to try to pretend to be the opposite sex!

I am happy to share that all of the people who were protesting with me agreed with me, and we ended up humiliating this awful horrific Karen and chasing her off.

Some of the "residents" in the city do not like the fact that I speak out boldly against the homosexual and transgender agenda. Too bad! We must stand for truth against bullies like this hateful woman.

If anyone has any information about this hateful Karen, please contact me at or 781-474-3005. Thank you.

Love and Tolerance from LGBT Militants
in the city of Torrance

Love and Tolerance: LGBT Drag Advocate Annette Sorenson Calls Pro-Family Advocate "Scum", Supports Perversion (and Segregation, Too?)

One would think that some of these LGBT militants would learn their lesson by now.

First, I exposed Nico Lyon for his hateful phone call.

Then his "friend" Jan-Michael Sanchez went after me, and I exposed his shame.

And now there's Annette Sorenson.

She featured a drag queen on her Facebook profile
Really ...

Here's her other profile:

Seriously, though, what's with the eyeshadow?

Answer: she is into drag:

 Someone needs to tell her to "Sashay Away"!

I wonder if she was OK with sex offenders being around children in the Houston libraries, too ...

What a drag!

Anyway, here are the lovely things that she (assuming that she honors her natural heritage as a female) had to say about me:

Of course, nothing says "Love thy neighbor" like calling someone "scum".

Just like other LGBT militants, Annette justifies her hate as follows:

Annette believes in court-appointed "rights". What exactly does that mean?

It means that she is OK with government agencies supporting the doctrine of "Separate but Equal", since Plessy v. Ferguson deemed that it was acceptable to force black people to sit in separate facilities from white people. That ruling bolstered Jim Crow laws throughout the South for the next 50 years. The courts created a right for proprietors to discriminate against others based on the color of their skin.

It means that she is OK with the fact that a Democratic President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, interned 112,000 Japanese-Americans in camps, forcing them to sell their property and give up their businesses, all while their constitutional rights as Americans were trampled upon. The Supreme Court upheld this perverse Executive Order 9066 in the Korematsu decision, thus granting the "court-appointed" right to local and state governments to violate the natural rights of the citizens in those locations.

It means that she is OK with confused men pretending to be women to participate in women's sports and ruin women's opportunities at scholarships, since a number of federal courts have ruled that confused men have every right to compete against women, as long as they think that they are women.

Well, since I believe in protecting the natural rights of all Americans, regardless of their skin color, and I believe that men cannot become women, that makes me "scum" in the eyes of Annette Sorensen.

The truth is that Annette is promoting the self-loathing perversion of the LGBT agenda, simple as that. She wants to turn sexual perversion and license into another set of civil rights, as though it's completely acceptable to equate being black or being ethnically Japanese with "being" gay.

Nothing says "Love and Tolerance" like telling black people to sit in the back of the bus, or telling Japanese-Americans that they are not truly Americans because they may be enemies of the state. But since Annette Sorensen is all about "court-appointed rights", she must be in favor of all this hate, too.

People are born black. People are born of Asian descent. They are not born gay, and I simply do not understand why people insist on ignoring science, research, and statistics to push a lie. I have spoken to so many black and Asian people, and they find it particularly offensive that homosexuals and transgenders want to steal their efforts and actions to safeguard their own natural rights. Time to stop this steal!

And in response to all of this, Annette Sorenson calls me "scum". Of course, people who speak the truth will be called things far worse than "Scum". That's a risk I will take.

It's time to take a stand against bigotry and hate. It's time to challenge the hateful narratives and lies of the LGBT Agenda--and it is time to make a full and unswerving example of LGBT militants who promote this perversion and want to bully others for speaking out against it and for natural marriage, life, and family.

Idaho MassResistance Exposes Elementary School Counselor

Idaho elementary school counselor tells 11-year-old girl she can be a “transsexual” – but doesn’t tell her family!

With MassResistance help, grandmother and mother angrily confront counselor! Listen to recording below.

Counselor continues to communicate with girl after being ordered to stay away. Mother lashes back!

MassResistance helping local parents force changes locally and statewide.

December 23, 2020
ALT TEXT Parents have no idea that books like this - for teachers, counselors, and administrators - are showing up in elementary schools across the country!

Most people don’t realize how the “transgender” propaganda machine has been targeting vulnerable elementary school children across the country – and how helpless parents feel against it. But MassResistance is helping families fight back and stop it!

Children are fed these “gender” lies through the media, school programs, social media, children’s books and magazines, and programs like “Drag Queen Story Hour” events in libraries. And radicalized school counselors and staff have become a big part of the problem. They support children’s descent into these perversions and keep that information from parents.

The brainwashing starts early in the public schools. This extremely seductive and harmful book is in school libraries and classrooms across the U.S.! It glamorizes the story of a boy who eventually had medical interventions and surgeries to “become” a girl.

Last month we got a call from Janice, a new MassResistance activist in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. She was extremely upset and asked for our help.

Janice’s daughter, Ashley, has two daughters. One girl is in high school and the other is in elementary school. The father was tragically killed three years ago while serving in the US Army in Afghanistan. As you can imagine, that has affected the girls very much, and they have gone through a lot of emotional stress.

Coeur d’Alene is a relatively conservative city located in northern Idaho (about 30 miles east of Spokane, WA). Parents have tended to trust the local schools – which unfortunately is a mistake.

ALT TEXT The Northwest Expedition Academy public school in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho - where the granddaughter attended.

On November 17, the younger daughter (who turned 11 only a month before) came home from school and announced to her mother and grandmother, “I’m a transsexual.”

A few months earlier, Janice had talked to the elementary school counselor about her concerns that her granddaughter had said she’d been “looking at things online” and seemed to be going through a phase of thinking she would like to be a boy. But Janice was hoping for help from the counselor, not further harm!

Janice took her granddaughter aside to ask her about her “decision.” The girl said her elementary school teacher and school counselor both completely support her decision. She insisted that it’s “who she is.” She said they both told her, "I will accept you for who you are."

She added, "My counselor gave me tips on how to tell you. She said we can practice on how to tell your parents. Maybe you can bring them in here and we can both tell them. If they say this, I can say that. Hopefully the parents will think it's good.“

The girl gave an example: “My mother’s religious. If she says ‘it's a sin’, then I can say, ‘Well, you sin every day.’ "

The girl was also given the phone numbers of local LGBT support groups. "Just in case I need it," she told Janice.

Janice asked her, “Did any of them say, you're 11 and maybe you should explore other options before saying you’re transgender?” No, they didn’t, she said.

At that point, the girl became very emotional and upset, and began crying because her mother and grandmother would not accept her for “who she really is.” This is a very chilling thing for any parent to hear from an 11-year old daughter. And it was especially infuriating that this criminal confusion was being pushed on a minor child by adults in the public school.

Confronting the school counselor

The first thing MassResistance told the Janice was to get that counselor on the phone immediately. Get all the information you can, then tell her in very strong terms never to talk to your granddaughter again. Be firm and unafraid. So she did just that. School officials are generally very skilled at intimidating parents – but not this time!

Still, it was a very shocking call. During the call, the elementary school counselor admitted that her discussions with the girl had been going on for a while, and that she had been coaching the girl as to when and how to properly tell her parents about the new identity.

She also admitted that she told the girl she supported her “decision” – even though the girl is only 11 years old – and did not tell the girl that there was anything wrong with her being “transsexual” or offer an alternative point of view. Instead, she said that it was more important for the girl to feel “safe.” This was probably the most chilling part of the phone call:

JANICE: So, your position is that you’re letting a girl who just turned 11 years old take the lead on something that she is being told, that she’s transsexual? You understand she just turned 11, right?

COUNSELOR: I just can’t, professionally or personally, it’s not my role to have judgment on that, to say either “Yes, she is”, or “Yes, she isn’t.” I don’t know. My role is to simply be there for her and help her to feel comfortable at school.

The counselor also admitted to Janice that the principal and other school officials had known about this but purposefully not told the family. She said that the girl had told her teacher some time ago that she wanted to be addressed as a boy, with a male name and male pronouns. The teacher and counselor asked the principal how to proceed. Assuming that the mother would probably not agree, the principal consulted the school district’s attorney. The attorney said that the school could not call the girl by a boy’s name without informing the parent. So the decision was made by all four of them not to call the girl by a boy’s name – so they could avoid informing the girl’s family of what was happening. Furthermore, the relationship was to be “private” so that the counselor could be a “safe space” for the girl – “safe” from her mother and grandmother!

Probably most bizarre was this exchange – it shows what parents are really up against:

JANICE: And you do understand at 11 her brain isn’t even developed enough to make rational decisions? This is what the science says about it. …  And now she’s here at home, telling me “My school accepts it. It must be OK for me.”

COUNSELOR: I get it, and that’s hard. Some people know [they are transsexual] at 11. Some people know and make that decision at 11. Some people don’t.

JANICE: Back up. You believe that an 11-year-old child, that some people know at 11 years old, when their brains aren’t developed, and we just talked about the scientific evidence of that. And you believe at 11 years old some people do know that [they are transsexual]?

COUNSELOR: From what I’ve read, yes, people do know that.

It was all incredibly shocking and absurd. Janice didn’t hold back: She told the counselor not to ever have any further contact with her granddaughter. (The girl’s mom, Ashley, also later contacted the counselor and said the same thing.) The counselor reluctantly agreed.

Listen for yourself! Here’s a recording of that phone conversation. [NOTE: Recording phone conversations in this manner is legal in Idaho.}:

AUDIO RECORDING: MassResistance grandmother confronts school counselor!

But that agreement didn’t hold for long. A few days later, the counselor and the girl were messaging each other on social media. Among other things, the counselor called the girl “Al” – a boy’s name – and said she was worried about her being at home with her family.

She told the girl, "If you feel unsafe at home, or are thinking of hurting or killing yourself, there are people I can call to make sure you are safe. Please let me know if this is the case." (Very disturbing: The counselor is putting suicidal ideas into the girl’s head!)

When Ashley found these social media posts, she was livid – and felt even more violated. She sent this email to the counselor, pulling no punches:

I am asking you once again to not have any contact with my daughter.

She is doing fine and we are doing the very best that we can. This "turmoil" was caused when a confused little girl went to a trusted adult and was encouraged to believe that she had a mental illness (body dysphoria).

This trusted adult (you) did nothing but encourage my daughter to believe this lie and THAT has caused her more pain.

I am very disappointed in myself for trusting you with the care of my little girl. We have a big job ahead of us trying to undo the hurt that you have done. It will be a lot easier to do if you would respect my wishes and not contact my daughter any further.

MassResistance organizes the community to fight back!

But there was still more work to do! And MassResistance went into action! People in the community have been livid when they’ve heard of this. Here’s what our Idaho MassResistance activists have been doing:

  • They are flooding the school officials with calls and emails demanding that the counselor (and the principal) be fired. Yes – fired. We’re treating this as serious as it actually is!
  • They are demanding that the School Board implement a policy requiring the schools to inform parents immediately on any LGBT issues regarding their children.

    So far, the School Board has reacted by using legalisms and double-talk to dodge the issue – which is not surprising. Here’s the letter our Organization Director, Arthur Schaper, received from them on Nov. 30. We’re used to this sort of non-action. The fight is just beginning!
  • We have begun working with a member of the Idaho Legislature on introducing a bill in the upcoming session to counter the promotion and acceptance of LGBT behaviors in the schools, in addition to banning counselors from withholding information from parents. It would also weaken the power of the public sector teachers unions in the promotion of LGBT themes and causes in schools.
  • In addition, the mother has decided that she will remove the girl from the public school and put her in a private Christian school, which we’ve suggested, for her safety and emotional well-being.

We are continuing this fight!


Final thoughts

These horrible things aren’t just happening in northern Idaho. It’s happening in elementary schools across the country (and in other countries), even in the most seemingly conservative places. Unfortunately, virtually no other conservative groups do what we do. Nobody else treats this like a war instead of a “disagreement.” It’s not enough to write analyses or reports. Our approach is vitally necessary!

The conservative movement likes to complain about this, but they’re very uncomfortable doing anything about it. As you know, we were banned from CPAC a few years ago because we publicly stated that it was necessary to be aggressive in stopping the transgender agenda in elementary schools. That statement angered the LGBT group “Log Cabin Republicans” which donates to CPAC, so they caved in. But we won’t let this go!

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