Tuesday, June 29, 2021

What? Torrance "Strives" To Fill Goodrich Seat on Torrance City Council?

This was the headline in the Daily Breeze after former Torrance City Councilman Tim Goodrich announced his resignation from the city council.

The city council is "striving" to fill the seat, reads the headline. Really? This is journalism now?

Torrance strives to replace resigning Tim Goodrich on CityCouncil

The newly appointed councilmember will be in office until the regular municipal election scheduled for June 2022.

The City of Torrance has decided to appoint someone to fill the remainder of the term left vacant by the resignation of at-large Councilmember Tim Goodrich rather than incur the cost of a special election.

The newly appointed councilmember will be in office until the regular municipal election scheduled for June 2022.

Goodrich’s last day on the panel was June 1, a little more than a year before his second four-year term expired.

Upon announcing his resignation at a council meeting in May, he said he was stepping down to spend more time with family and on his business commitments.

Candidates to replace Goodrich will be interviewed in private, said Torrance City Clerk Rebecca Poirier, with nominations and the appointment taking place publicly at a regular council meeting on July 13.

To apply, you must 18 years of age, reside within the City of Torrance and be registered a voter within the city.

Applications must be returned to the City Clerk no later than 5 p.m. on Wednesday, June 30, 2021. Postmarks are not accepted. If emailed, time of email must be 5 p.m. or earlier.

Again, the headline stated that the city council was "striving" to fill the seat vacated by Tim Goodrich. Where is the striving? Where is the hardship? 

Here's a definition of the word, at the least:

strive: make great efforts to achieve or obtain something

The city council did not have to make great efforts. Eighteen people signed up to seek the position. The city council selected a replacement after three votes. It was a pretty quick process.

Monday, June 28, 2021

MA MassResistance: Ludlow Schools EXPOSED Pushing LGBT Perversion on Students!!!

In a Massachusetts town: How parents are fighting – and winning – a brutal fight with school officials over aggressive LGBT middle school agenda.

Graphic library books. Staff persuading kids they are “transgender” while keeping parents in the dark. And more.

Most people have no idea how radical this agenda is – or of the contempt that school officials have for parents who disagree.  But with MassResistance’s help, these parents are succeeding.

(Part I of a multi-part series over the next several days.)

June 28, 2021
ALT TEXT The Baird Middle School in Ludlow, MA, has become an unsafe place for parents to send their children.

It’s happening in more places than people realize.

Ludlow is a town of about 21,000 in central Massachusetts. The people are relatively conservative. It’s a tight community. Many of the families also speak Portuguese or Polish and have lived there for generations. People have always been happy to send their children to the local public schools.

But in late 2019, parents at the Baird Middle School (where the kids are ages 11-13) were shocked at the militant LGBT agenda they started seeing. The more they found out, the worse they realized it was.

Here we give a brief overview of what happened. In the upcoming installments we will include the shocking and outrageous details. It is important to realize just how depraved many school personnel are and how horrible their agenda is. And it’s frightening how viciously the school officials – from the School Board and Superintendent on down – behave toward parents who challenge this. But it’s also important to know that they can be beaten.

The pornographic books

The school had hired a “transgender” school librarian (a weird woman who dressed as a man). Very graphic, explicit homosexual and transgender themed books appeared on the library shelves, and several were prominently displayed. Many of the books encouraged kids to experiment with LGBT behaviors, as well as other sexual activities. A teacher observed that a boy began fondling himself after reading one of the books during class.

ALT TEXT The school librarian, Jordan Funke (Center) poses with Ludlow Superintendent Todd Gazda (left) along with other staff and a consultant. (Both have now resigned!)

Subverting and attacking parents

A group of parents began coming to School Board meetings to complain about the books. But they were treated harshly and disrespectfully. They were told they were interfering with “diversity.” They were handed a list of bureaucratic steps to follow if they wanted the officials to consider removing the books. But the Superintendent insisted that the books were completely appropriate.

At one point, the School Board moved their meeting to a gymnasium so that a crowd of local left-wing teachers and LGBT activists could come and intimidate the parents with vicious name-calling.

The Massachusetts chapter of American Library Association (ALA) even got involved, apparently at the instigation of the school librarian. They told the School Board that the books are “entirely appropriate” for fifth-graders, and warned the Board that removing the books would constitute an abridgement of the “intellectual freedom” of the children.

The teacher who stood up for parents

One of the teachers, a Christian, was a true hero. This woman revealed several of the books to the parents and helped them understand what the children were exposed to in the library. For doing that, other staff members harassed and tried to intimidate her. They even tried to press harassment charges against her. But she stood tall and would not cave in.

The teacher also revealed that there had been bizarre sexual posters put up just outside the school library, but they had been removed when it was feared that parents walking through the school might see them.

ALT TEXT These are a few of the posters that were put up just outside of the Baird Middle School Library - apparently by the librarian - but were soon taken down.

The hardcore “transgender” agenda

When COVID hit, parents found out that on days when students were allowed to go into the school, there were occasional strange pro-LGBT one-and-one sessions between school staff members and some of the more vulnerable kids. The kids were given pornography and links to “transgender” YouTube videos.

Teachers and counselors secretly began pushing the concept of “preferred pronouns” to the children (i.e., using “him” for a girl or “her” for a boy – or some other invented pronoun). From there, if a student “felt” like the opposite sex, the staff would persuade the child to use an opposite-sex name while in school. Other students and staff were also told to address the child by that name. All of this was purposely kept hidden from the child’s parents as well as other parents.

But thanks to that Christian teacher, parents were starting to find out. And they were outraged. That’s when they asked MassResistance to step in and help them. We began organizing them for action. Among other things, they began exposing this to other people in town and demanding that the perpetrators be fired.

When that teacher informed one of the fathers that both of his middle school children were now using opposite-sex names and receiving “transgender’ counseling in the school, he was livid. He confronted the school officials. At first they refused to meet with him and the mother, but finally they relented. (MassResistance accompanied him to a meeting with the Superintendent, who basically stonewalled and tried to defend the staff’s actions.)

A major victory

But we helped the parents keep up the pressure. The outrage against the school intensified. (And the parent now has lawyers getting involved.)

In early May 2021, the librarian announced she was resigning. A few weeks later, the Superintendent announced he was resigning. This is a huge victory! And there are rumors that the school principal is looking for another job.

In retaliation: The teacher is fired, and more

But the remaining school officials are angrier than ever. Before leaving, the Superintendent had the Christian teacher formally fired, which has incensed the parents even more. (She now has a lawyer!) And the School Board has started a vile salvo of invective against the parents, demeaning and degrading them (and MassResistance) before the community. What’s more, a small group of local leftist zealots is supporting the School Board by attacking the parents on social media.

More happening

The battle in Ludlow is continuing to boil. The parents will continue to pursue their goal to get the LGBT agenda out of the school – and the other ringleaders on the staff removed. The next few months are probably going to be ugly.

Next: The middle school library books

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Friday, June 25, 2021

Another Reason to Remove Patterson: She Wants to Force a RINO Endorsement for Governor

Dear CAGOP Board:

 Another reason for seeking the resignation of current chairwoman Patterson is that for the second time in as many months, she is seeking to push a rash, rapid endorsement for governor via a small committee of delegates instead of respect the will of the entire CAGOP state party delegation.

This is outrageous. This is monstrous. This is also illegal, a flagrant violation of state party by-laws. Of course, the state party leadership has been violating by-laws in considerable fashion, including the sudden appointment of 20+ delegates via Central Committee spots in the Los Angeles County GOP Central Committee.

SHAME on you, Jessica Patterson. SHAME!

There must be NO ENDORSEMENT for any candidate until every delegate in the California Republican Party state delegation has a chance to vote. And that includes ME.

I do not endorse Kevin Faulconer, and I never will. We need a real candidate who will pick the right fights but not kick the Republican Party base in the face. We need someone who respects what Trump accomplished and embrace his populist reforms, but establish his own name and play his own game; a canndidate who is not riding on easy consultant cash money, or the ready greed of a number of consultants who have become delegates to the state party.

Without any reservation, I am instructing the five delegates whom I appointed not to support Faulconer either, in part because of these endorsement shenanigans, in larger part because he is just another Democrat in RINO clothing.

I am so tired of this. I have been a Republican since I registered to vote at the tender age of 18. I refuse to stand by and let the state party be led into such a shameful shambles of irrelevance and ill-advised illegitimacy. John C. Fremont did not launch the Bear Flag Revolt to see such idiocy reign supreme.


No forced endorsements!

Patterson, Step Down!

Open Letter to CAGOP Leadership: Jessica Patterson Must Resign

To the leaders of the CAGOP:

 I have no choice at this time but to call for the immediate resignation of current CAGOP Chairwoman Jessica Patterson.

n her latest offensive affront to the state party, here she is glamorizing a confused man who thinks he is a woman: Gina Roberts. 

This is a disgusting disregard for the National as well as State Republican Party platforms. Furthermore, Mr. Roberts pressed herself into a local chapter of the California Republican Women Federated, becoming the first male president of a Republican club which is designed for WOMEN. This is a complete dishonor to women, as well as to men and the biological beauty of the differences between the two sexes. He also refuses to go on record whether she would oppose biological males such as herself competing against women in women's sports. Roberts has also declared that he is ready to use vexatious litigation to force any private firm to let him use the bathroom of his choice. This is not "Live and Let Live" Conservatism by any means.

You can see his statements in this blog post for more information:


The State of the Union: LGBT Madness in Escondido: Republican Women's Group Elects Man As Chapter President - Blogger

Yes, it's a man pretending to be a woman, or I suppose one can say that the politically correct title is "transgender woman." This is totally non-existent, of course, and the fact is that no man can become a woman, and no one can become a man, no matter how many surgeries, no matter how many laws are passed.


Transgenderism is a mental illness, not a civil right. A political party that cannot tell the difference between male and female, and that cannot understand that a man cannot become a woman has no business seeking political power. This is a travesty, a joke, and is turning the Republican Party into a laughingstock.

I am astounded that our failed leadership in the state California Republican Party is so determined to pander to corrupted, broken identity politics, instead of investing in a serious grassroots movement to engage, enrage, and organized frustrated citizens to fight back and take back their local, county, and state governments in California. Hispanic voters are switching rapidly to the CAGOP, and they are substantially pro-life, pro-family, pro-America. They do not support this LGBT madness. Not one bit.

This past Tuesday, I was at the Downey, California city council meeting, where the vast majority of residents in the majority-Hispanic community spoke out against the city council's decision to fly the LGBT Pride flag over city hall. The current city council is 4-1 Democrat, and the only Republican on the council, Mayor Claudia Frometa, bravely voted AGAINST that perverse proposal.  

The Republican Party needs to stand for cultural as well as fiscal conservatism. Chairwoman Patterson has clearly chosen to disdain the cultural bases of our party. She needs to step down. Patterson has repeatedly been criticized in local CAGOP party circles as well as conservative newsletters and blogs for doing nothing to build the state party. She is more beholden to a corporate, consultant culture class that wants to make money rather than shape the culture and win elections. It is of little consequence to me that she supposedly won re-election as chairwoman earlier this year, considering all of the voter problems and by-law violations which had occurred and have been widely documented.

Jessica Patterson, it is time for you to step down. I expect you to tender your resignation shortly.


Arthur Schaper

Delegate, California Republican Party

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

BREAKING: Torrance City Council Passes Resolution of No Confidence in LA County District Attorney George Gascon

 And they said that it could not be done.

But it has been done!

In the wee hours of June 23, 2021, as their council meeting from June 22, 2021 went into overtime, the Torrance City Council voted for the Resolution of No Confidence in corrupt, lawless, pro-criminal Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon!

The final vote tally:

The final vote tally was 5 to 1, with former police officer, child abuse prosecutor and unpopular mayor Pat Furey voting No.

In spite of the fact that the mayor was so perversely recalictrant about this measure, the rest of the city council voted for the Resolution.

We did it!

Many residents and other activists in Los Angeles County told me that this would never happen. Oftentimes, the Torrance city council avoids passing resolutions stating a controversial position on an issue or a candidate.

The city councils in the past have often hewn a consensus conservative position, avoiding difficult issues as much as possible.

The initial pushback that I received from some of the city councilmembers on this issue a few weeks ago was particularly disturbing, and even infuriating. When I spoke to Councilman Mike Griffiths about this resolution, he just cut me off: "Not gonna happen." That kind of dismissive attitude really rankled me. I exposed his opposition the next week, and that lit up a lot of residents in the city.

Councilman Griffiths expressed ongoing dismay or disinterest in supporting the resolution earlier this morning, too. Ultimately, though, he voted for it. The kind of outrage and activism that I took on, that is precisely what it takes to get things done in politics: "In politics, nothing moves unless it's pushed." Griffiths felt the heat, and he saw the light.

I did the same thing with the other city councilmembers who had been sitting on the fence or refused to give a statement of some kind on this very commonsense issue. Not all of them returned my calls, but they got the message, and other people in the city got the message, too.

This outcome shows that you can fight city hall, and win.

Some people--including some of the city councilmembers themselves--did not like my tactics calling them out publicly for not taking a stance or rudely brushing me off.

But my approach worked, and many residents contacted me afterwards to confirm that they wanted the city council to do the right thing, denounce George Gascon, and go on record issuing a Resolution of No Confidence.

We did it, folks!


Monday, June 21, 2021

WINNING: Abusive Incumbent, Liberal Partisan Shut Out of Torrance Commission

Torrance Democratic Club President Jimmy Gow has been an engaged, enraged partisan in Torrance politics for many years.

Jimmy Gow, Torrance gadfly and abusive partisan

I first learn about this guy in 2013, when he had shut out constituents from a town hall he hosted, which featured our (former) Congressman Henry Waxman in 2013. You can read more about that embarassing event for Mr. Gow here.

Basically, he shut them out of the town hall, even though the Congressman's own office had advertised the event as "Open to the Public." I even called his office the day after residents in Torrance had told me that they were kicked out. Gow had egg on his face, and the article that I wrote went viral throughout the South Bay.

Later on, he got involved with trying to defend corrupt Torrance Mayor Pat Furey's son, Patrick Furey, who was seated on the Torrance Traffic Commission. In 2015, another story broke in the local press that Patrick Furey was involved in yet another slew of ethical campaign violations.

This time, residents in the city, including myself, took the lead and demanded that Pat Jr. resign from the commission. This move made sense, since the city council had taken the initiative to remove another traffic commission, Omar Navarro, on the supposed charge that he had pepper-sprayed a youth in Cudahy. Video footage of the incident indicated that he had not sprayed any spray or hurt anyone. In any case, Navarro resigned from that commission after the city council took steps to initiative review to have him removed from the commission. If they would go after Navarro for spurious reasons, how could they ignore Pat Jr.?

In April 2016, Pat Jr. resigned before the city council took formal steps to remove him. Read about it here. To his notorious shame (but no one's surprise), Jimmy Gow tried to turn Pat Jr's removal into a partisan affair. He attacked me and others in the city for the emails that we had been sending to the Torrance City Council, urging them to remove God. It was very fitting when members of the audience began to boo Mr. Gow's disrespectful comments. It was quite gratifying for me!

In September, 2016, Jimmy Gow, with a group of violent social justice warriors, trespassed on a veterans hall. These agitators pushed people around, the stole the phone of one of the veterans on the property, and they spit at people.

Here's how Jimmy Gow behaved, and how smug he felt about the whole affair.

Here's a video recording the whole altercation. Click here.

To this day, there has been no recompense or correction for Mr. Gow's egregious actions that day.

Then in 2019, Terreah Duke Heitel, a homeless advocate in the city of Torrance, complained to the city council that Mr. Gow had harassed her, pushing her into a corner and greatly threatened her. Mr. Gow has no limits, no capacity to control himself. 

How is it possible that this disrespectful man can remain on any commission in the city of Torrance?

Then came the Torrance City Council Meeting on June 8th 2021. Click here for the segment on the appointments to the Torrance Social Services Commission.

Torrance Mayor Pat Furey nominated two incumbents from the Social Services Commission, which included Jimmy Gow. Strangely and sadly enough, Mike Griffiths also endorsed Gow.

But the other four city councilmembers endorsed two other nominees. They voted down an incumbent for a commission in the city of Torrance, which is pretty telling in itself. That almost never happens. More importantly, though, Gow got shut out!

Jimmy Gow was shut out of his reappointment to the commission! It's about time.

The city of Torrance does not need embittered, destructive, arrrogant, abusive partisans sitting on city commissions. Gow's long history of abusive behavior should never have been rewarded in such a terrible, destructive fashion in the first place.

This is a welcome turnaround in the city of Torrance. For too long, bad actors have gotten away with all kinds of disrespectful actions. It's time that these bad elements meet a proper end.

Westminster City Council: Reject Pride Flag and LGBT Resolutions

To the Westminster City Council:

My name is Arthur Schaper, and I am the Organization Director for MassResistance. We are the international pro-family group that makes the difference.

For over 25 years, we have alerted the public to the inherent dangers and destructive aspects of the LGBT agenda.

I am aware that Westminster has a strong, conservative, pro-family tradition, and that tradition must remain strong.

Councilman Manzo's proposal to fly the PRIDE flag over Westminster City Hall is offensive, aberrant, repulsive, and irrelevant.

A city government must not bandy about banners on public property unless the theme and message speaks to and serves the needs of every resident.

The PRIDE flag only represents a very small segment of the population. These so-called sexual minorities (homosexuals, transgenders, and the like) are not truly minorities in any serious sense. There are no ex-blacks. There are ex-gays and former transgenders. People are not born gay, transgender, etc.

In fact, it is quite offensive to compare the sexual deviance of a segment of the population with the civil rights movements of ethnic and religious groups, such as Italian-Americans, African-Americans, Christians, Jews, and the like.

Homosexuality and transgenderism are based on false ideas, failed ideologies. Such behaviors are a misuse of organs, much like shoving a straw up one's nose to drink, or using one's elbow to scratch one's ears. In fact, such behaviors are associated with numerous harmful outcomes, including a decrease in one's lifespan as well as the spread of venereal diseases and other cancers. Transgenderism leads to a staggering 41% suicide rate, and this statistic occurs in the most LGBT affirming countries.

Last of all, in order to ensure the civic unity and harmony of any community, only three banners should fly over a government building:

  1. The American Flag
  2. The California Flag
  3. The POW "You are Not Forgotten" Flag

And perhaps a fourth flag, if there is an official banner for the city of Westminster.

I urge the city council to adopt a binding ordinance in which only those flags will be allowed to fly on city property. That reform will ensure that no future city council can ever politicize a solemn venue such as a government building, which exists to serve the needs and represent the rights of all citizens, particularly the residents of Westminster.


Arthur Schaper, Organization Director

Website: MassResistance.org

Email: arthur@massresistance.org

Workcell: (781) 474-3005

Main Office: (781) 890-6001

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Regarding the Homelessness Plans for the City of Torrance (June 22, 2021 Meeting)

To the Torrance City Council:

First of all, I share that it is very frustrating that the city dragged its feet for nearly two years to solve the homelessness problem in the city of Torrance, which has only grown increasingly worse. Manhattan Beach, CA addressed this problem very effectively three years ago. This kind of delay for necessary policy direct cannot become the norm in the city of Torrance.

Based on the documents in Item 9C, overall homelessness in the City of Torrance increased from 79 to 322 people. This is unconscionable. 

Regarding the three specific Administrative Agenda items:

9A: "Staff has recommended pursuing one of the two concepts that can be located entirely on City property, with the 34-space parking lot immediately adjacent to the Police Department as the preferred activation."

If this is the best location that the city can find, entirely within city property, thus removing the need to spend more funds to purchase property, then so be it. If a better lot, in an abandoned industrial location in the city, can be obtained, then that would be a better choice.

9B: I am glad to see that the anti-camping ordinance will preclude individuals from setting up tents in the park, as well as in other public locations throughout the city, including the beaches. In Wilson Park, over the last few months I have noticed a homeless person would routinely take up tables on the East side of the park, and this person would just leave a shopping cart full of bags. It was unsightly and disruptive. Thankfully, it appears that that person and the person's belongings have been removed.

Will this ordinance ensure that homeless individuals do not loiter in the public parks, as well, taking up multiple benches and tables with collected bags and other junk? This is still a possible problem that should be addressed and prevented.

9C: I am vocally opposed to any programs in connection with the South Bay City Council of Governments (SBCCOG). The last thing that any city needs is to form a further incestuous relationship with larger government agencies and bureaucracies. Frankly, the city of Torrance should exist the SBCCOG and retain our city funds for our own purposes. This is a terrible part of the plan which needs to be rejected outright.

This passage alone shows that our tax dollars not helping our local purposes:

In 2020 - 21, Measure H funds were made available to Council of Governments (COGs), including the SBCCOG, which covers a number of cities in the region, including Torrance, as part of "Innovation Grants." The SBCCOG received $739,685. The City of Redondo Beach received $245,287, and the Torrance received $50,000 to support retention of an Outreach Worker. The remaining $444,398 was used by the SBCCOG for regional projects, including education and outreach, development of a home sharing program, and providing client aid funds.

The vast majority of the monies are going to "regional projects." This is outrageous!

I strongly suggest that the city of Torrance maintain the strongest relationship connections with the city of Manhattan Beach and continue to follow their example, to the extent that they have successfully dealt with this homelessness issue while retaining the quality of life and character of their community.

I notice that the PLAN TO PREVENT AND COMBAT HOMELESSNESS stresses an extensive amount of education. I do not see the relevance or use of training every city employee how to deal with homelessness. Perhaps the police and fire departments, but that's it.

Furthermore, a simple plan which identifies that for many people on the streets, they are there because of drug use/abuse or mental health issues. Will there be any enforcement mechanisms to require chronically homeless individuals to receive help, get sober, etc. so that they can get back to living fulfilling and productive lives? I did not see any provided or even considered in the plan.

Last of all, my concerns--and the concerns of a growing number of residents in the city--have only grown in regards to government agencies and bureaucracies viewing the homelessness problem as just another way to hire more employees and seek more government funding. Homelessness is not going to solved with massive interventions of government money and material provision. If the city of Torrance gets into the "business" of handing out goods, services etc. the city government jwill not resolve but rather increase the homeless problem.

The city of Torrance, at the very least, must send a clear message discouraging transients and chronic homeless from coming to the city, wandering our streets, disturbing the public and residential areas, and blocking the thoroughfare and commerce of residents and businesses in the city.  Six months ago, I dealt with a homeless individual who was either inebriated or mentally ill. He was walking westbound on Monterey Street five blocks away from the US Post Office. He had a bottle of some kind and threw it a parked car. One passerby, a mother with her child, was very alarmed by the violent behavior from the transient. She was relieved that I called the police. The transient then began wandering eastbound toward Crenshaw Blvd. The Torrance Police arrived, and they confronted the individual for a few minutes, then let him go. 

As I have just related, I have directly encountered his homeless situation, specifically with a potentially violent altercation. Moreover, it has been quite alarming to see homeless taking up space in a number of the bus stop benches throughout the city and even on sidewalks in front of businesses along a number of strip malls throughout the city, too. This problem needs proper controls and enforcement protocols, not a bunch of trainings and overly-funded government junkets. There should be basic strategies in place to discourage transients, squatting, and increased movement of homeless into the city of Torrance, at the very least.

Last of all, I would advise disbanding the Social Services Commission and simply allow the professionals and well-established experts in dealing with homeless issues continue to take the lead on handling issues such as homelessness, as well as veterans issue and mental health concerns in the community. If after all their input and meetings, they have come up with mostly more paperwork and a few "toiletry giveaways", they have long outlived their usefulness. 


Arthur Schaper

Saturday, June 19, 2021

FBI and CIA Collude with News Outlets

WOW! This is insane!

Greenwald takes down the FBI and CIA like a boss!

Indeed, why does the corporate media invite all of these former FBI and CIA operatives onto their show?

Because they openly collude with the media to share fake stories and push false narratives, all while taking the hapless public captive to these lies.

This is really sick.

Thomas Jefferson must be rolling over in his grave. He had believed, and at the time correctly so, that the press was essential to protecting our constitutional republic:

 Even the Daily Beast did a story about this:


When even the Daily Beast goes against the Liberal Regime, you know that the FBI is in trouble!

Love is Love: LGBT Militant Screeds Profanity-Laden Rant to Defend PRIDE Flag

Homosexuality is a mental illness, an emotional disorder.

I even read a new phrase to describe homosexuality: "same-sex attraction syndrome."

Wow! I think that characterization is accurate and incumbent upon all of us as we speak the truth about homosexuality, transgenderism, and the LGBT movement as a whole.

I posted an article calling on the Downey City Council to reject the PRIDE Flag from flying over city hall.

Here's a noxious, vile response that was posted on the blog. I will break it down into pieces. The sheer outrage and vanity of the response caused me to burst out laughing. It's quite hilarious, when you think about it! (Reader discretion advised):

This is the biggest crock of self-important, ignorant, sesquipedalian, cockamamie bullshit I’ve ever read. So yeah let’s dispense with the political correctness, you fucking retard. You talk about the increase in suicide in homosexuals and transgender individuals, without taking into consideration how those particular individuals are treated by their own families and society as a whole. 

I have mentioned many times in blogs that even in the most tolerant, accepting places, homosexuals and transgenders suffer these shocking health consequences. These are behaviors that should not be normalized, let alone celebrated.

Pride month is not about celebrating a sexual minority (as your ignorant ass puts it). It’s about showing people within that community that it’s ok to be homosexual, that it’s ok to be queer, or transgender. That even though their own family and community might turn their back on them, it’s ok to be who you are. I see how you didn’t bring up the Pulse nightclub shooting, or how people routinely discriminate against sexually diverse people when they’re trying to raise their own families and live their own lives. 

WRONG (as usual). Homosexual celebrations and demonstrations in the public sphere are all about ... celebrating the perversion. It is NOT OK to live out homosexual conduct. It's just that simple. There is no reason for anyone to have to endure such ugly behaviors in the public square.

If there really was nothing wrong with being gay, trans, etc. - then why do they need to celebrate PRIDE parades in the first place?

Yeah I’ve met gay couples with children, and they’re some of the most loving parents I’ve ever met. You talk about natural law, what natural law? Have you seen finding Nemo? If that movie was following “natural law” as you put it, it would be a whole lot more perverse than you think. Water turning frogs gay? Frogs are sequential hermaphrodites. Male penguins often form bonds with other male penguins to raise orphaned chicks. Where’s your natural law? 

No, it is not loving for adults to deprive children of a mother and a father. That is a patent lie.

Second of all, all of these references to so-called "gay animals" is absolute nonsense. I have never understood why honomsexuals must resort to using animal conduct to justify their perversion. Animals do not attempt to bond or sodomize other creatures, and any interactions of genitalia among animals has more to do with establishing dominance than actual sexual conduct.

The male penguins example is just ludicrous. Two males working together to raise a check in no wise indicates that they are homosexual. This was a terrible argument, and thus there is no surprise why this LGBT militant must resort to cursing and swearing throughout the post.

Just repeat after me, 

“My name is Arthur Schaper, and I am a massive homophobe. I try to hide my homophobia behind pretty words that make me sound smart, and paper-thin arguments that ignore, contradict, or disregard facts about how homosexuals and sexually diverse people are treated in our society. 

The real repetition lies in this man (or woman's) own mind. He wants to engage in all of these destructive behaviors and ignore facts.

Oh, and it gets better (no pun intended):

"I fantasize about all these perverted homosexual acts that will never occur to me, mainly because I have the personality of a sea urchin and a gay man would rather fornicate a cactus, than hit on me. I worry more about chastising a marginalized group of people, than actually understanding their struggle as a community. I make a fuss about something that doesn’t affect my daily life at all, because it gives my life purpose, especially after the viagra stopped working. 

He is clearly projecting his own inadequacies here. Why would he be writing about sea urchins in the first place? This is how LGBT militants act. This is what they resort to time and again.

"My moral compass is based upon a book that has a lot of good teachings, yet I spend my time judging people to make up for my own shortcomings. And I do all of this, because I am afraid that if I ever find myself in a homosexual situation I’ll want to know what dick tastes like.” 

Again, this guy wants to talk about people's private parts and taste them. Truly despicable and deplorable, and yet he announces that homosexuality descends into time and again. He makes the point about how deranged and broken these behaviors really are, without any help from me.

As a final note, Arthur. To harken back to the words sexually diverse people have heard throughout history; keep it to yourself. Nobody wants to hear a sad sack of shit like you complain about how listening and understanding a small portion of society somehow compromises you own personal freedom. This is America, bitch. Everybody gets in on the freedom.

Go pound sand, Asshole

I can't give him credit for originality. That is not the first time someone has called me an "asshole." It certainly brings out his projections, though, does it not? Why are homosexuals and their advocates so obsessed with anuses? Of course, I do not (nor should I) have to answer that question.

There is nothing like exposing and decomposing the hatred of self-loathing men such as homosexual militants. It is truly sad what they reduce themselves to in order to defend behaviors which are inherently disordered and broken.

Friday, June 18, 2021

Downey City Council: Reject PRIDE Flag, Celebrate the Community as a Whole

Dear Downey City Council:

My name is Arthur Schaper, and I am the Organization Director for MassResistance.

For the last three months—and ongoing—our activists and their contacts and supporters in the city of Downey have been contacting you to reject all of this LGBT promotionalism.

It is sickening and disgusting that the city council insists on pandering to another so-called minority, aka a sexual minority. The latest attempt, a discussion about flying the PRIDE Flag at city hall, is deeply offensive.

According to common law, natural law, and even proper constitutional law, there is no such thing as a “sexual minority.” Just because there is a smaller group of people who engage in certain behaviors, that does not mean that those individuals constitute another “minority.” I must remind this council that there are no ex-blacks, or ex-Cubans, but there are ex-gays and former transgenders. Their very existence proves that the whole LGBT movement is based on a lie, i.e. that people are “born that way,” and therefore that group should receive special celebrations and treatment.

Furthermore, I must remind the city council that the whole PRIDE month hagiography is based on a lie. The Stonewall Riots in 1969 had nothing to do with New York City police officers harassing peace-loving homosexuals and transgenders trying to enjoy a drink in a seedy bar. The Stonewall Inn was a notorious mob bar, and that bar was not paying their liquor license fees. For that reason, the bar endured one raid after another because of their failure to comply with New York City’s municipal codes.

So let’s dispense with the politically correctness nonsense that PRIDE Month or LGBT Month is somehow worthy of celebration.

Furthermore, it is indeed quite ironic that LGBT activists like Councilman Trujillo want to flaunt their gayness and have a picnic, a resolution, and a flag ceremony to celebrate their perversion, yet numerous residents have informed me that when he was running for city council last year, he never once brought up his sexual preferences. Now, after getting elected, he wants the whole world to know about his sexual conduct. This more or less holds true for Councilwoman Alvarez, as well.

This whole LGBT promotionalism is just so despicable. It is wrong for politicians to push their narrow agenda onto a city, when they had campaigned for office by pledging to deal with local bread-and-butter issues like street repair, public safety, and security for the business environment in the city.

Homosexuality and transgenderism should not be promoted in any city. Just because a number of government entities have caved to this agenda does not mean that Downey should do the same. Downey residents called on the school board to reject the sexually explicit, pro-LGBT sex-ed curriculum “Teen Talk.” Residents are now speaking out against the further promotion of LGBT themes and ideologies in city hall, as well.

The city must not promote behaviors, identities, and ideologies that are harmful to the individual and to the community as a whole. Homosexual conduct leads to an average decline of 20% in the lifespan of individuals. Transgenders struggle with a staggering 41% suicide rate, and in even the most LGBT affirming countries. There is a growing opposition to LGBT promotion and domination in the public square, as witnessed in a recent USA Today poll (Click here)

Last of all, the city needs to stop promoting narrow special interests and distinct segments of the city population at taxpayers’ expense, and at the expense of constitutional unity. For example, the Greek-American community hosts their annual celebrations on their own dime. Why do LGBT activists think that they have a right to city funds to promote their destructive behaviors in the community? As a reminder, people are born with a certain ancestry or ethnicity—but they are not born gay or born in the wrong body.

The Downey City Council should demonstrate its true commitment to unity and civic harmony and reject the hoisting of a PRIDE Flag or any other narrowly tailored banner. The only banners which should fly over city hall are the American Flag, the California Flag, and the POW “You Are Not Forgotten” Flag.


Arthur Schaper

Organization Director


To all readers and visitors, please contact the Downey City Council and urge them to reject flying the PRIDE Flag at Downey City Hall.

Here is their contact information:

Claudia Frometa

(562) 904-7274


Blanca Pacheco

(562) 904-7274


Sean Aston

(562) 904-7274


Catharine Alvarez

(562) 904-7274


Mario Trujillo

(562) 904-7274


Thursday, June 17, 2021

Twitter Censors Inadvertently Admit the Truth about January 6th, 2021 "Insurrection" That Wasn't

 Well, well, well ... when even the censors themselves admit to the truth that they are trying to cover up:

Tucker Carlson is right.

I am so glad that I told the FBI agents to leave my home.

And Epstein didn't kill himself.