Sunday, June 17, 2018

Lindsey Graham Goes MAGA

Well, this was refreshing.

US Senator Lindsey Graham has been a thorn in the side for conservatives in general and Trump supporters in particular. He has advanced amnesty time and again, even though the US Senate has not managed to push one open border bill into the House of Representatives since the abortive Obamacare for Immigration Bills in 2013.

In spite of his opposition to the President during the 2016 Presidential Election, not to mention his attempts to dislodge his efforts during the primary, Graham has found reasons to praise President Trump and work with him to a greater degree.

The tax reform legislation has been a huge success for the country.

President Trump's surgical strikes in Syria has warned the world that the United States is reasserting its peace through strength presence in the world.

Lately, Graham has praised Trump for his efforts to denuclearize North Korea. The peace summits between the leaders of the two Koreas sparked great respect for President Trump around the world, and his growing admirers include GOP Establishment types who had butted heads with Trump in the past.

Graham was emphatic about his support for the President, and refuses to back away despite the media shaming which inevitably follows:

This break from his anti-Trump past is a welcome change, and it shows a breakdown in the former Graham-McCain alliance which looked for war behind every door and wanted to push Chamber of Commerce policies while ignoring the general interests of the American people.

The ailing senior US Senator from Arizona has tweeted criticisms and undermining asides against President Trump for the last six months. I wonder when he will start attacking his former colleague from South Carolina next?

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