Monday, June 4, 2018

#FreeTommy Rally in Century City (Photos)

Monday, June 4th.

LA County for Trump rallied in front of the British Consulate to put pressure on their government.

Why? Because the United Kingdom's criminal justice system has unjustly arrested, tried, convicted, and incarcerated an innocent man: Tommy Robinson.

Robinson is an independent journalist who was reporting on the Muslim rape gang trials in Leeds, UK.

He was summarily arrested for violating a gag order, supposedly.

The truth, however, is far more sinister. Robinson has been exposing the rampant failures of the British government and criminal justice system to clamp down on rampant migrant crimes. The PC cult has gripped the entire country, especially the governing classes, that they will not expose the Muslim rape gangs and pedophile rings which are grooming and sexually exploiting young children.

The need to appease Islam has become so profound, that Islamic militants commit serious crimes and go free. On the other hand, Tommy Robinson goes to prison for reporting the truth.

Rosalyn showed up a few minutes after I arrived.

Then this liberal loony in a light blue shirt started harassing us. He ran up to Rosalyn and ripped up her sign!

Kim Sorgente and Harim tackled the guy and subdued him so that the police could cuff him.

It was awesome!

Another triggered leftist gets owned, and we caught all of it on video!

Here's Rosalyn with her sign, ripped up:

It was so cool to see the bad guys get cuffed for once!

We continued to rally along the sidewalk.

"Free Tommy! Freedom of speech is not a crime!"

More Trump supporters showed up to show support for the First Amendment, for freedom of speech, and for Tommy Robinson.

Here's Megan with her own sign--and shirt!

A sergeant on duty came by to let us know that she was keeping an eye on the whole situation, to ensure safety for everyone walking by as well as for us.

At one point, she told Kim that his megaphone was bothering people in the office buildings up and down the street.

"We have already received several noise complaints," the sergeant told us.

But we had every right to display and protest on the sidewalk for freedom of speech and against the unjust incarceration of Tommy Robinson.

Christopher has joined us many times at the West Los Angeles rallies.

It was great for him to rally with us in Century City, too!

Free Tommy!

Jennifer Martinez joined us, too!

Harim and his sister Arely also came and rallied with us, too.

One should never go to these events alone. You never know when some crazy leftist will try to attack us or take our signs.

We have to be on our guard, and we are not afraid to use defensive force when necessary.

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