Saturday, October 31, 2015

For Lennox School Board: Enio Melgar

Lennox residents won't have a lot of great choices for their school board race this year.

Angela Fajardo foments racial strife. I used to work at Centinela Valley, and she served as the assistant principal at Lawndale High School at the time.

She enabled students to be abuseive and disrespectful to teachers.

I also recall

The Daily Breeze' former Education reported, Rob Kuznia, uncovered a great deal of dysfunction at the School District, including nepotism, and allegations that some of the board members were not even legal citizens.

Check out these allegations from the former Superintendent:

The Aug. 6 letter from Superintendent Barbara Flores, which was obtained Monday by the Daily Breeze, says board members Marisol Cruz and Mercedes Ibarra maneuvered to make at least a half-dozen personnel changes on a day when she missed work due to an illness. On that day — Aug. 2 — Cruz and Ibarra allegedly directed the district’s deputy superintendent, Kent Taylor, to make the changes.

Flores has since left the district for who knows where.

The election ended with Marisol Cruz out on her butt:

Voter turnout for the recent race to fill three seats on the Lennox school board might have been low, but the election results were pointed — and the ramifications are significant.

In a single night, voters issued a referendum on a year of extreme turmoil in the tiny, low-income K-8 district tucked in the shadow of the Los Angeles International Airport. The Lennox electorate effectively fired the two incumbents — Marisol Cruz and Sonia Saldana — who were part of the three-member majority that brought about much controversial change.

The changes were controversial, indeed, with heated personal attacks against staff and parents. The community was so unhappy with the politicking going on in the school board, that they threw out two of the incumbents, and only one of them barely made it.

Over the course of the last year in Lennox, a narrow majority of the board has ushered in a polarizing superintendent, received a reprimand by the county’s district attorney for holding illegal secret meetings, presided over an organization that has been riven by politics and denied the request of the community’s prized charter high school — Lennox Math, Science and Technology Academy — to break away from the district.

Now, the new board makeup — which takes effect next month — raises intriguing questions about the fate of that superintendent, Barbara Flores, who has been on medical leave since late August.

The new power base also raises the possibility of a do-over in the secession effort of the Lennox Academy, whose teachers and students are said to have campaigned vigorously against the two fallen incumbents.

The high-ranking, nationally renowned Lennox Academy wanted out of Lennox School District. Does that not say enough about how bad the school board leadership had become? That poor leadership included Marisol Cruz.

Now Cruz wants back on the board from which she was thrown.

Don't these politicians get it? The residents do not want them! They want someone else!

Lennox deserves better than what they have on that board, and residents threw out two of the incumbents two years ago.

Marisol Cruz is a brazen, La Raza style politician, one who wants to push some liberal agenda rather than doing what is best for the students. She even boasts the endorsements of anti-reform SEIU and the Los Angeles Democratic Party. Really?

Lennox School District is also dealing with issues of violence against students, too. One young lady had to leave the district following a vicious attack from fellow students, followed by claims that the district staff and school personnel did nothing to stop the beating.

Unfortunately, Lennox residents will only have one choice for an outsider, a challenger.

That person should get all the votes.

On November 3rd, 2015, I hope that Lennox residents vote for Enio Melgar

Enio Melgar for Lennox School Board.

Please do not allow Angela Fajardo back on the Lennox School Board, either.

Hold your nose, and vote for Mercedes Ibarra, then start a recall and get rid of her next time.

It's About We the People, not They The Government

I am not happy about what I am seeing in Washington. Frankly, I believe everyone feels this way. It’s about time that more people felt angry with Washington DC backroom deals, big business bailouts, and big labor cronyism.

Then again, I am not happy about being unhappy. Too many people in this country were NOT angry. They were not even paying attention to what was going on, or they turned a blind eye to the big promises and the growing debt which followed. This profligacy is wrong.

Everyone: check out the first three words of the United States Constitution: “We the People.”

That’s you and me, everyone! How often have we forgotten that? How many of us have just cast our ballot then let the government, whether at the local, state, or federal level go back into cruise control?

The last three words of the US Constitution give us another hint about our role: “to the people.”

Where did I find those words? In the oft-neglected and disrespected Tenth Amendment:

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”

Which powers are delegated to the United States, i.e. the federal government? Check out Article One, Section Eight. Sadly, many students – in college – don’t even know which specific and limited powers belong to the feds in the first place. That ignorance cannot go unpunished, and young people will find that a state which overextends its power, and overspends its revenues, costs them dearly, both in money and liberty.

So, Tea Party activists, and frustrated Americans in general, have raged against Washington, sending two waves of conservative partisans to end the bickering and big spending.  The situation has gotten better in some ways, and yet the give-and-take of the backroom wheeling and dealing still spins away. Another Boehner “young gun” has taken his place at the helm, with gavel in hand: Paul Ryan. At least he didn’t hug and kiss Nancy Pelosi. The former Vice Presidential candidate was not my first or second choice for Speaker of the House. Guess what? He was neither the first nor the second choice of the Establishment, but their chosen replacements were forced out. Let’s keep in mind the victories as we march toward taking back our government. Furthermore, the House Reps are up for reelection every two years. The system was designed this way, to keep pressure on the lower chamber at all costs.

Conservatives not just in Washington but throughout the country are flexing their muscles, demanding accountability. There is no longer two parties, where the leadership of both remains content to spend money we don’t have to impress people who don’t care for things that we either do not need or cannot afford.

Paul Ryan is not the fighter that We the People need. The good news, however, is that more people have called into Washington, and forced heavy pressure on every lawmaker. Congressman David Brat, who beat down the Establishment pick Eric Cantor in Eastern Virginia, has taken the strong charge demanding better leadership and respect for the conservative members. The House of Representatives is starting to act “representative” again.

As for the upper chamber, the US Senate, more young conservatives are not just taking up the mantle to serve their country, but taking on the Old Guard of Compromise and Cave. Mitch McConnell is about as unpopular as it gets in Washington, DC. US Senator and now Presidential candidate Ted Cruz has routinely and repeatedly slammed his lack of leadership, or has now bad-mouthed him as a great “Democratic” majority leader.

More importantly, however, more voters on the ground are paying attention, calling in, denying money to political parties and interest groups if they do not honor and promote the public interest, i.e. the general welfare.

In the US Senate, We the People need more Liberty-minded conservatives who fight rather than take flight. At least we have Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Tom Cotton, Mike Lee, and more US Senators joining the fight against the “Washington Cartel.” If the state legislatures cannot control the US Senators, then the voters must form necessary coalitions to keep them on guard. As of now, US Senator John McCain is facing heavy pressure and pain from local activists throughout Arizona. The Republican Party has censured him a number of times, and primary challenges abound to remove him from office. He promised to “build the dang fence”. He didn’t, and conservatives now will be danged if they do not remove him from office.

The fight is not over, and we are winning battles here and there. The problem was that more of us needed to start fighting in the first place. The state of the United States falls back to us. It has always been about “We the People” not “They the government,” and we the people needed to wake up and remember who helped form (and maintains) this “more perfect union”. 

Centinela Valley High School District Election: Vote for Daniel Urrutia and Vanessa Martinez

This post will not take long to write.

The current school members of Centinela Valley Union High School District should ALL be thrown out and replaced

Last year, I attended the school board meeting in which the board announced their termination of Superintendent Jose Fernandez. One member of the audience indicated that they did not go far enough:

"They should all be thrown in jail!"

Yes, indeed.

For now, Centinela Valley district residents can throw out the garbage by voting out the incumbents.

There is nothing more to add beyond this:

The incumbents either voted for, signed off on or supported Jose Fernandez and his dictatorial tyranny over the district, pushing out teachers and staff whom he hated, all while feathering his nest with easy loans and high pay.

The district was cutting programs and teachers, even while paying the top-heavy district high salaries. Teachers feel harassed and oppressed - because they are!

Too many voters were simply not paying attention, and that has to stop! Residents, homeowners, taxpayers should be furious with the waste, fraud, and malfeasance.

Please Centinela Valley voters:

On November 3rd, 2015:

Daniel Urrutia and Vanessa Martinez for Centinela Valley Union High School Board!

Daniel Urrutia

Vanessa Martinez

Friday, October 30, 2015

Daily Breeze Fail: Left-Wing Intern Gets Little Right on Torrance School Board Race

I contacted the Daily Breeze three times this week about the school board race. I sent tweets and emails to the intern, Nereida Moreno, so that she would know what Don Lee had done to me, and has done to Torrance residents in sending out false and misleading mailers.

If readers take a casual look at Moreno's Twitter feed, they will find retweets promoting Hillary Clinton:

and how about this one?

She also promotes illegal alien Francisco Hernandez and his economic plight, even though he broke the law.

Biased much, Nerayduh?

(And why does she spell her name that way in her Twitter feed?)

Below is the Daily Breeze "article" on the School Board race.

Four candidates vie for seats on Torrance Unified school board

Two long-serving Torrance school board members, each with designs on one more term in office, face two challengers who find fault with their leadership in Tuesday’s election.
"Who find fault with their leadership" -- really? This kind of clunky phraseology is going to be the norm in this article. Very much like an amateur.
The challengers, Clint Paulson and G. Rick Marshall, take issue with incumbents Don Lee and Terry Ragins over statewide curriculum changes, a recent scandal involving a wresting coach and the use of funds from bond measures.
Julie Shankle, president of the Torrance Teachers Association, said the group has met with all four candidates and has endorsed the incumbents despite having bumped heads with them in the past.
They more than bumped heads with Terry Ragins. Teachers within the Torrance union had informed me that they wanted her out! Why have they caved and endorsed the candidate whom they wanted to remove at all costs?
“During the economic downturn, we really hit the skids with the school board,” Shankle said. “In the last election, we didn’t endorse anyone, but we chose to try to rebuild the relationships we’ve had. While we’re not at 100 percent, we see a good-faith effort.”
What good-faith effort is that?
She said the challengers focus too much on the “negatives” in the district but are not speaking out enough on their vision for the district.
There are so many negatives to begin with. If there were not so many negatives, then no one would be running against the candidates, now, would they? In fact, this writer neglects to mention that Don Lee and Terry Ragins ran unopposed four years ago. No one challenged them at all!
“For example, we have clear distance on Common Core and that’s OK,” she said. “We don’t have to agree but it would be nice to come to a common ground and understanding.
Shankle wants to find common ground on Common Core. Many parents in the district do not want Common Core at all. Students have complained about it, as well.
In last year’s election, voters approved major construction bond measures to pay for campus improvements across the district, and build theater auditoriums at each high school, gymnasiums at seven middle schools and science labs at every elementary school.
Moreno's amatuerism shows out in this paragraph. She lacks parallel structure. "campus improvements" "build theater auditoriums". Really?
Worth a combined $200 million, the measures are follow-ups to a pair of $355 million construction bonds — Y and Z — that passed in 2008.
The challengers have raised questions about community use of the district’s $15 million aquatic center, which is funded by Measure U bond money. Both Marshall and Paulson have claimed the public was mislead about details on public use of the center.
They were misled! This fact is more than a claim. One resident, Janet Tajii, called them out on this in March.
“The aquatic center was kind of the lightning rod issue in the community and it was sold as something that would be open to the public,” Paulson said. “They did a bait and switch and, at the end of the day, the school board is asking for community trust, but when you misrepresent aspects of a bond measure, the public loses faith.”
Lee, however, said the high school swim teams will indeed take first priority, but that the center — like many public buildings — will still be open to the public for rental. Ragins said the district is still finalizing plans on how to utilize the site.
That's not what Lee said at the March 30th, 2015 School Board Meeting!
“There is a huge number of groups that will need to be accommodated and I believe that those resources should be available to the public whenever possible,” Ragins said.
Now Ragins says so. Really?!
Responding to criticism from the challengers on the board’s actions in dealing with a former Torrance High wrestling coach was charged with molesting 26 children, Lee said the district “acted the absolute second” that officials knew something was going on and it continues to work toward improving student safety.
Other sources contend otherwise, that the district heard negative allegations about Thomas Snyder, and yet did not monitor the teacher. The writer forgot to mention the basketball coach who was almost hired, and the chess tutor.
He said money from Measure T will pay for surveillance cameras, security and fencing to make students more safe across the district.
“It was the worst possible thing that could happen, and we’re do everything in our power to make sure it doesn’t happen again,” Lee said. “But we will deal with the lawsuits that we get because of it and we’ll do it as fairly as possible.”
All four candidates said they would support an anonymous tip line for students to speak out about potential abuse or danger on campus.
Marshall and Paulson have also called on the board to reject Common Core standards that were fully implemented statewide last year.
The “one-size-fits-all” education policy, Marshall wrote on his website, “takes away local control, lowers academic standards and collects private student information.”
Did Moreno bother to ask the candidates directly their thoughts about Common Core? Apparently not. So, Moreno takes time to talk to the incumbents, but not the challengers? She wants to know what the President of the Teachers union thinks. Did she bother reaching out to the PTA?
Here’s a look at the candidates and their backgrounds:
Lee, a longtime Torrance resident who works as the South Bay district manager at Farmers Insurance, was elected to the school board in November 2007.
Major fail. Major -- Don Lee is no longer the District Manager.
“I ran for office eight years ago because the schools were crumbling. I thought that maybe my background in the community could help pass bonds,” he said. “And since then, we’ve been lucky enough to have the community support us to the tune of four bond measures.”
Lee served on the Torrance City Council for eight years, from 1992 to 2000, and also served as president of the Torrance Historical Society, chairman of the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce and president of the Torrance Junior Chamber of Commerce.
Don Lee supporting the Modified Hydrofluoric Acid used in Exxon-Mobil, which has now sparked rising concerns for residents. Homeowners have told me their concerns have only heightened about the use of this chemical.
Running for the last time, Lee said he is proud of what he has accomplished on the school board, helping bridge a previously strained relationship between the school board and the city through outreach and face time on various initiatives.
No he has not.
Ragins, a Torrance resident since 1987, was elected to the school board in November 2003.
She previously served on three school councils, at Yukon Elementary School, Magruder Middle School and North High School, and was a parent member of various math, science, and health steering committees.
“I am truly an advocate and a protector for public education,” Ragins said. “I want to make sure it’s the best that it can be with the funding we receive. Those are my tax dollars, too, and I want to make sure they’re being spent in the best possible way.
Three million dollars wasted on unused Common Core materials? Money well spent, indeed.
Ragins has volunteered with the Torrance Education Foundation Board of Directors and participated on the Community Advisory Panel at the ExxonMobil refinery.
She received a bachelor’s degree in occupational therapy from Ohio State University and a master’s degree from Washington University in 1985.
If elected, she said, this also will be her last term on the school board.
“I’ve been in the district for 20 years and the school board for 12. I’m very much a part of the everyday school community,” she said. “In that process, lots of things have come to a head and leaving that undone or unfinished would be very difficult for me.”
A Torrance resident since 1990, Marshall received a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Sterling College and currently works in the Information Technology Department at UC Irvine Medical Center.
He serves on the Torrance Water Commission and is a member of the Community Advisory Panel at ExxonMobil.
Marshall, who has run for City Council and school board seats in several elections, filed as a candidate at the last minute, he said, because he was “waiting on someone to stand up” and run against the incumbents, whom he says have failed the community.
“Elections are about choosing a future. We have two long-serving incumbents who are deciding whether to give them another term on the board,” Marshall said. “Given what you’ve seen, should they have another term? My answer is no. If they lose their seats, it will send a message that things need to change.
“What does it say about our community if we sweep these issues under the rug? From my perspective, (the incumbents) seem to be asleep at the switch,” he said.
That's putting it mildly.
After an unsuccessful run for a set on the Torrance City Council last year, Paulson is running for a seat on the school board while working as a government contracts manager.
Moreno forgets to mention Paulson's work with charities, including help for homeless families. Why is that?
A Torrance resident for seven years, Paulson said his children are the biggest motivation behind his decision to enter the race.
“I want to make a difference for my kids and the other kids in the district,” he said. “It’s time to kind of allow other people that are more involved in our schools to be on the board.”
He holds a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University and a juris doctorate from the College of William and Mary.
Paulson is the only candidate who is not soliciting or accepting campaign donations. He said he wants the public to elect a parent, not a politician.
“I don’t want your money, I just want your vote. I’m the only one can legitimately say my only interest is the kids,” he said. “That’s my top priority.”
For more information on the candidates visit:

Moreno does a pretty poor job on some of the facts in this article.
She does not mention the misleading Don Lee Mailers. She does not talk about the major roles of money played in this election.
No discussions with the PTA members. No comments from parents for or against the candidates. Nothing from voters. So, the union President is the only opinion that matters?
Clint Paulson commented on his Torrance Townhall Face Book page that the intern did not use any of his quotes in answers to key questions, either:
Here are direct quotes I sent the DB reporter to use in the article. None of them were.

Wrestling Coach

"We need more transparency. Who from the District is advocating on behalf of the victims? Is the District more concerned about protecting kids or protecting their bottom line? What did the District know, when did they know it, and what did they do about it? I will ensure the District is completely transparent in these matters so parents can feel confident their kids are safe while at school."

Illegal Contracts

"Instead of fighting to keep millions of dollars in the pockets of an international construction firm, I will fight to have any money gained from illegal contracts returned to the District to improve our kids education."
There was NO mention of the $109 million to recoup from the lease-lease back controversies. None!

Aquatic Center

"The School Board promised that the Aquatic Center would be open to the entire community, I will work to ensure that promise is kept."

Special Interests

"The TTA has paid for much of the incumbents lawn signs, is prominently featured in their mailers, and has acted as the incumbents mouthpieces on social media. I fully support individual teachers and the amazing job they are doing educating our kids, but I'm starting to wonder who is actually running for re-election. The TTA or the incumbents?" As a self-funded candidate, I am beholden to nobody but our kids."

Don Lee's Misleading Mailer

"If I held public office for nearly a decade, I would hope that I would be able to rely on actual accomplishments and not feel the need to resort to making things up in order to get re-elected."

Common Core

"No parent should feel like their concerns are not being addressed when it comes to their child's education, I will make sure any parent wanting answers receives them."

Once again, Nereida Moreno's article was poorly worded in parts, clearly biased, and uninformed. Basic factual mistakes stand out, and not much outreach to other stake-holders in the community show that this slanted "article"provided very little insight for prospective voters looking for real governance and leadership in our school board. 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Tell Torrance Unified School Board Candidate Terry Ragins: Represent Students, not Unions! (310) 408-4482

I will not hold back on this point.

Unionization in our local education has become more of a problem than a remedy.

Yet Torrance School Board candidate Terry Ragins proudly announces support from the Torrance Teachers Association and the Service Employees International Union.

I have read the correspondence from many teachers unions.

The programs promote some of the most illiberal policies and politics.

I was a member of the United Teachers of Los Angeles, and some of the credit classes promoted by UTLA were pro-Palestinian and hotly anti-Semitic. I was listening to anti-Israeli propaganda in one session, and nearly walked out.

I received mailers from the California Teachers Association, and all of them pushed gay marriage, or forced tax hikes, a number of Democratic candidates and talking points.

All of this is wrong.

Unions have opposed choice, charter schools, tenure reforms, merit pay, many reforms which would help teachers.

Individual teachers have spoken against unions, and they particularly resent forced membership.

When I was a student at Torrance High School, one of my teachers complained that the teachers union was donating his dues to the Democratic Party, even though he was a Republican.

Ouch! How is this fair?

TTA President Julie Shankle argued that there was no talking to me, because I do not care about "fair share" and "fair use".

Forced membership is not fair.

Making people pay dues to a union whose policies and promotional agenda counter your own - that is not fair.

More importantly, what does all this union activity have to do with helping kids learn?

Granted, there are many non-teaching staff who help schools and aid student achievement.

Yet the heavy, politicized activity does not aid or enhance the employees. I looked over the SEIU questionnaire presented to the four Torrance School Board candidates for Election 2015.

The agenda implied in the questions had nothing to do with education or kids, or even the best interests of the employees!

Here is a question which has nothing to do with the final role of a School Board Trustee:

How will you effectively represent the District and its workers?

The primary issue rests on how the School Board will represent -- the schools, not the employees. What about the students? What about the parents? What about the taxpayers whose money funds the schools?

 Do you support a $15 minimum wage and access to healthcare for all employees?

First of all, who would not support a high wage for all workers? The real question should speak to how to get the money to pay such wages. In a public school district, all pay comes from taxpayer dollars. Those wages should respond as best as possible to supply and demand, market forces within free trade. If employees on a school campus do not believe that they are properly compensated, they can consider seeking other employment, better education, taking on more hours.

Strike-threats and forced wage hikes are not generating more wealth for workers. These policies punish businesses and push more entry level employees into unemployment. A growing number of young people struggle to find work in areas where the forced wage hikes have hit $15 an hour.

In Los Angeles. unions are now seeking exemptions from the forced wage hikes, too.

That is certainly not fair!

Would you ensure that all buildings owned by the district and leased to private entities use unionized janitors and security officers?
Terry Ragins:
Represent Schools, not Unions!

What if a School Board candidate wanted to lease out working contracts to private firms? That would not be a bad thing, would it? Such maneuvers would ease the financial strain on school districts, particularly in their largest expenditures: salaries and benefits.

Unions are negotiating bad deals for their own members, if they insist on this progressive, costly agenda.

Nothing about students, nothing about what is best of the teachers or even the staff supposedly represented by the unions.

Terry Ragins should not be proud of her endorsements from teachers unions (and neither should Don Lee).

Tell Torrance School Board Candidate Terry Ragins:

Represent Students, Parents, and Teachers, not Unions!

Tell Torrance School Board Candidate Don Lee: STOP Mis-Lee-ding Torrance Residents! (310) 345-0071

Embattled Torrance School Board Incumbent Don Lee released a false and misleading mailer, claiming that he is the only officially endorsed Republican School Board Candidate.

Rick Marshall was also endorsed by the Los Angeles County Republican Party as well as the California Republican Assembly.

One resident, Arthur Plourde, informed me that he received the mailer from Don Lee's campaign today.

He then sent out an email requesting a cease and desist letter to an LA County Republican Party official:

Greetings and Hello Mark:

    This is URGENT!  There is a candidate for the upcoming election here in Torrance for the School Board next week sending out flyers with an endorsement of the Republican Party of L A County on them and I don't think your organization has done this.  Can you please verify if you have endorsed the current Chairman of the Torrance School Board, Don Lee for reelection.  He has now sent out two mailings to the voters in this election with this information on it.  If this is not in fact TRUE I ask that you contact him immediately and give him a CEASE and DESIST order or else tell him you will seek an injuction to prevent him from using the L A County Replican Party name and logo on his materials now and in the future.  It is almost too late in the game now as the election is Tuesday the 3rd of November.

      However the candidates opposing this sitting member think they can put out a robo call with the truth if you can confirm that your organization has not given this candidate the endorsement he claims to have!  Please call Don Lee at 1 310 345-0071 and tell him NO MORE Mailings with your logo or words to state that the Republican Party of Los Angeles County is endorsing him.  Thank you!
Tell Don:
Stop Mis-Lee-ding
Torrance Residents!
Let's set the record straight:
School Board candidate Don Lee sent out a deceptive mailer. Period.

Other claims on Don Lee's mis-lee-ding mailer include these statements:
"Don Lee implemented new technologies to fingerprint all campus visitors and keep our campuses safe."
Residents in the city and volunteers, including of the candidates, Clint Paulson, have affirmed that this is not true.
He must either retract his statement, or issue an apology.
The Measures T and U Bonds were promoted on the premise that the entire community would have access to the new Aquatic Center. Then the incumbent school board members turned around and declared that the center would be open to swim meets and competitive teams.
Frankly, it would be better if Lee just dropped out of the race altogether. How much more misleading information will Torrance residents continue to tolerate from their elected officials?
Please call Torrance School Board candidate Don Lee, and tell him:
STOP MIS-LEE-DING Torrance Residents!

My Comments to the Torrance Unified School Board - October 26th, 2015

Good Evening, Torrance school board president lee, attending audience members, community at large.

My name is Arthur Schaper, a resident of this city, a graduate of Torrance Schools: Torrance Elementary, Madrona Middle School, Torrance High.

I'm here to speak on two issues: the first is Common Core, The second is regarding the school board race.

Regarding Common Core, I've tried to be polite and subtle. I thought that would be the approach that would work, but it hasn't.

I tried that approach instead with the parents and the students in this community. They're not happy with Common Core. They're not happy with the dumbing down of literary and reading standards. They're not happy with the adjusted schedule that they have to take algebra by their freshman year only.

I would not have been able to take algebra if that had been the case. I took it my eighth grade year.

They're unhappy with the data mining. One parent told me they are very unhappy with the emphasis on Islam in the seventh grade curriculum.

A student, Danny Lim,  a student here in Torrance, complains about it, and wishes he could vote and put different people on this school board.

So, I wanted to go from there. There are two individuals on this board who are running for reelection. The first is Mrs. Ragins, and she promotes her endorsements from the unions. And I have said ti to her before. . .

At this point, School Board President Lee attempted to interrupt me, and told me that I could only talk about things on the agenda.

He was not successful.

Excuse me. It's says non-agenda items, and you are not going to interrupt me.

Thank you.

Being endorsed by a union is not an endorsement in general. I think that what parents think, and what teachers think is what counts. Not otherwise.

That's not an endorsement to me.

And the answers that I did not get from the union president, were very disturbing.

Furthermore, this mailer that I received from Don Lee, this is false and misleading. And his claim that he is the only officially endorsed Republican school board candidate, that is not the case. There is another gentleman who is endorsed by the Los Angeles Republican Party. We have to have mailers in this community that communicate the truth.

Not just in this case, but the T and U Bonds were presented on the premise that the aquatic center would be open to the public, the entire community. Then at the March 30th meeting, I was there and so was Janet Tajii, we were informed that would not be the case. It would just be for swim teams and competitive meets. That is not acceptable.

It is with great honor that I can speak to this board. . .if I could, I would hand out pink slips to each one of you for endorsing Common Core.

And no, Mr. Wermers, I'm not bored. I'm engaged.

It's unacceptable, Common Core. Our kids are not common. Students have complained about it. Parents have complained. I asked them. I wish you'd do the same. And with that, I'm glad I can say I endorse Clint Paulson and Rick Marshall for this school board race.

And even if they don't win,  everyone of you on this board is now on alert. I wish it didn't have to come to this, that we had to get people angry, or "burn the car" as one gentleman would have said on this board. But I guess that's what it takes.

Thank you.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Update on House Speaker Race

So, the House Republicans is going to replace John Boehner.

The good news: Boehner, who began doing the bidding of the Chamber of Commerce rather than We the People, has been forced out. He was willing to push for immigration “reform”, even though the government needs to enforce the law. Radio hosts and commentators alike worked hard to expose the GOP leadership’s key intent on pushing more government to favor donors and benefactors, instead of doing right for the benefit of the entire country.

From amnesty to corporate welfare, to easy tax cuts without requisite reductions in spending, the Chamber of Commerce and their K Street allies have contented themselves to lobby for their own good, at the expense of the general welfare.

Boehner is gone, and everyone in this country owes a special thanks to Congressman Mark Meadows of North Carolina.

Now, for the longest time, the replacement for any speaker usually fell to the Majority Leader. As everyone has been paying attention for the last year, grassroots conservatives in Virginia threw out the previous Majority Leader, Eric Cantor. California’s Kevin McCarthy took over next.
More of the same ensued. Congress would pass just enough to keep government functioning, continuing the hastened agenda of the Occupant in the White House, with no attempts to force hard vetoes are put the Democrats in a bad position, voting against policies and proposals which the vast majority of Americans favor.

Then came the better news: Boehner’s hand-picked successor, Kevin McCarthy, dropped out. Whether for lack of support on the floor, or for illicit activities behind closed doors, the would-be Speaker left in a squeaker.

Conservatives are facing a new dilemma: it’s one thing to get rid of bad leaders. It is quite another matter to find a leader who speaks for We the People, defends the Constitution, to engage his colleagues and challenge his opponents.

Paul Ryan for Speaker?
Now comes the not-so-good news: who will replace Boehner now?

Jason Chaffetz was my first pick. He stood up to Democrats and brought a confrontation game to the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee. Yet within hours of McCarthy bowing out, and rumors of other candidates running, Chaffetz signaled his departure in turn.'

Who is the rumored leader to come? Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, the former Vice Presidential candidate in 2012, has been picked if not outright forced to run for Speaker.

Voters and activists throughout the country are more alarmed than ever.

Conservatives want a House Speaker who not only obeys the law, but requires the same from a rogue President, whose executive orders have undermined the rule of law while hurting the policies and purposes of the United States.

As conservative activists, right-wing bloggers, and New Media news affiliates comes the records and actions of Congressman Paul Ryan, they find a Big Business advocate who wanted open borders, higher immigration levels. These outcomes are anathema to a growing number of voters, millions of whom are struggling to find work.

Ryan also strikes many as a flighter, not a fighter. Vice President Joe Biden interrupted and tripped up his remarks repeatedly during their 2012 debate. While the Wisconsite has talked big numbers and hunkered down on the nation’s debt crises, he has also marched in lock-step with Big Government proposals, too, like George W. Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” program – which has left many children behind, expanding bureaucracy without increasing American youth’s education skills or prowess.

The Daily Signal shared a list of alarming votes and values behind Ryan, too.

Republicans were unhappy with eight years of Bush, during five of which both chamber of Congress did what he wanted: more spending, more waste, lacks of transparency and accountability. Conservative insurgents who have vented their frustration into the Tea Party Movement, the Freedom Caucus, and other ‘non-partisan’ groups are not looking for a repeat of decades past.

Individual liberty, limited government, and constitutional rule all have to mean something, or the conservative party in this country while have nothing left to conservative, as voters will recognize that they have been conning the voters during campaign time, only to serve special interests – the Chamber of Commerce, labor unions, insurance companies, lobbyists left and right.

The fight over Speaker of the House represents also the rugged action of the states and the people against a bloated, bloviating federal government, whether ruled by Democrats or Republicans. The next Speaker of the House must abide by rules in which the People’s Chamber serves the needs of the people, as reflected in our nation’s founding charter.

Regardless of whomever takes up the gavel, the fighting members of Congress, and their restive cohorts across the country, should review and demand the Ten Conditions outlined by Congressman David Brat, the conservative academic who ousted the would-be Speaker Eric Cantor in 2014.

Paul Ryan is not my first pick for Speaker. Still let us not forget that the fight for liberty requires eternal vigilance, anyway.  The Speaker of the House must speak for the House members, and We the People must constantly force our representatives to speak for us, our rights and our values.

Done With Debates: Time To Walk the Walk

I am done with debates, talk, and rhetoric.

Really, I am. The Republican Presidential candidates are entering their third forum on October 28th, and I am not sure I want to stick around and watch. The second set of debates was uninformative, out of control. The “Are You Kidding?!” table, with four candidates, still serves as the also-ran of debates. I did not bother to watch or read up on that one, even though my current Number One Bobby Jindal is relegated to that spot. Then I have to content myself with eleven – eleven! – candidates battling for air (time) in the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, with the Gipper’s Air Force One behind them, and CNN in front.


We need not just talkers, but walkers, and for the lack of a Walker, I find the current crop of Presidential candidates a bunch of disappointing talkers by comparison. In contrast, more Americans are worked up by what they see going on in the world, and walking their talk. Californians fed up with high taxes and low opportunities have either run out of their state, or started waking up and walking toward their elected officials at the local level.

I guess Tip O’Neill provided us a good tip about politics. More of us conservatives, especially in California, have fessed up and faced the truth. We slip local control, all while complaining about the lack of conservative leadership in the White House and the US Congress.

Let us not forget our city councils, school boards, and other local offices.

If the ground game is weak, should we be surprised to see so much liberal disorder in our lives? How about we start taking care our own backyards for a change? Get vocal, win local, and then start making a difference at the state and federal levels. How quickly we have forgotten: a small band of rag-tag farmers fired “The Shot Heard Round the World.” Militia, poorly trained yet armed and ready, fought back, slogged away for seven years, and finally the British lost.

We can do the same once again.

Working with one key citizen activist group, We the People Rising, connected with outraged citizens throughout Southern California, I have witnessed city councils cower before angry legal residents, fed up with local politicians’ ignoring the law. If we will not have enforcement, then we will force our way into every meeting, and pressure elected officials into upholding their oath of office.
We the People Rising didn’t start picking on amnesty proponents just recently. They have been fighting this good fight for a long time. They shut down the Rep. Luis Gutierrez’ treasonous Executive Amnesty seminar at USC. They have scared openly gay open border advocate Ricardo Lara of Bell, CA. Lara, himself a victim now perpetrator of illegal immigration, forced them out of one of his public meetings, and they sued him right back! This group of activists crashed the Mexican consulate in the Inland Empire. Deciding that turnabout was fair play, We the People Rising demanded free food, rent, and health care from the Mexican Government, just as illegal aliens have abused California’s overgenerous welfare system for years.

It's time for conservatives to step up,
just like We the People Rising (see above)

Here is another group of walkers: The California Impact Republicans. Instead of Republicans yelling at each other, these feisty conservative brotherss Aaron and George Park (of Placer County, the most Republican county in California), have joined forces with bloggers and local fundraisers to get Californians working together to take down the progressive juggernaut of culture destruction and economic stagnation. So, We the People Rising has risen to the occasion, and California Impact Republicans are making an impact. We are not just waiting for the next President, or the next election. We want order, action, and results right now. And we are getting them. In the meantime,
I have also learned how easy – and how much fun – it can be to put pressure on weak or wobbly politicians. They want votes, they want to be liked, and they don’t want anyone to think bad about then. So, I have issued this challenge to every Election 2016 US Senate candidate in California: when will you come to Huntington Park and demand that the rogue city council begin enforcing the law? One Congressional candidate, Christopher Castillo, showed up.

What about the rest of them?

Real estate mogul and reality TV star (yes, and national media rodeo clown) Donald Trump has talked a good game about immigration: “I’m going to build a wall.” Great. “I will deport eleven million illegal aliens. They bring their crime and corruption.” Sure. That’s all nice and good, Donald. How about taking some time out of your hectic schedule and putting pressure on the Huntington Park, CA City Council?

He had the time to visit Nevada, and listen to the wowing crowds love and adore him. One Hispanic woman ran to the stage and chanted about how much she loves Trump. Yes, I am well aware that many Hispanic-Americans aman the Donald. I know one of the personally: Raul Rodriguez of Apple Valley, whom The Washington Post interviewed following demonstrations of pro-enforcement and pro-amnesty crowds outside the GOP’s second debate in Simi Valley, CA. (Yeah, that second debate, the last one with Scott Walker, who failed to stand out, let alone compete, with ten other compelling contenders).

Former US Senator Rick Santorum thinks that immigrants should wait in line just as his father did. Why not come to California and make that case to the Chamber of Commerce? Bobby Jindal is below the margin of error. How about the Governor of Louisiana come to Huntington Park, and tell the immoral city councilmembers to do their job! Watch Jindal go from zero to well. . . not zero.

Enough with all the talk, Republican Presidential contenders. It’s time for elected officials, and those seeking the highest office in the land, to put their feet on the ground and fight with us. If they want to win nationally, they need to help us locally.

Comments to the Hermosa Beach City Council: October 27th, 2015

Good Evening, Hermosa Beach City Council and residents:

My name is Arthur Schaper, a resident of Torrance, CA, and a long-time writer and reported on events timeless and timely, political, cultural, and eternal.

Hermosa Beach has some of those timeless and timely qualities, high-performing schools, great weather, a beautiful beach front.  The city has also faced pressing issues on maintaining those good schools and a high quality of life without going over budget or facing bankruptcy.

There is an ugly side to Hermosa Beach showings its face, too however. I am not talking about Big Oil, or the E and B operations which would have brought millions of revenue to this city.

The Big Green Agenda, which has shown its face bullying face again and again in this city.

Not just in social media, but activists or perhaps domestic terrorists,  trespassing on individual residents’ property, vandalism, defacing of lawn signs has become the norm in this otherwise peaceful town.

For all the Environmental activists who chant about ending the abuse, and “Stomp Out Bullying”, one would that think that would follow their own advice.

There are two clear political targets of this Big Green Bullying, which has included lies, attacks, and outright slander: Trent Larsen and Ken Hartley

In spite of the fear-mongering and petty intimidation, I am not afraid to stand before this council and declare: I support two candidates for Hermosa Beach city Council: Trent Larsen and Ken Hartley.

They know about the problems facing the city: pension liabilities, sewer repair, maintaining law and order, peace and safety in this city.

They understand that city councils exist to serve the best interests of all residents, not just the interest groups who shout the loudest, or intimidate the most.

City councils should not be was ting time on banning Styrofoam, or plastic bags. Really? What did a plastic bag ever do to you or me? Plastic Bans are useless and unnecessary, needlessly divisive, or simple political diversionary tactics used to promote desperate politicians in long-shot elections.

I recognize that Trent Larsen and Ken Hartley respect the needs of this city and the community.

A beautiful Hermosa Beach, free of  illiberal Big Green bullying and empty forays into environmentalist fantasies, is a beautiful thing for every community in the South Bay.

On November 3rd, I ask Hermosa Beach residents  to vote for Trent Larsen and Ken Hartley for Hermosa Beach City Council.