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The True Source of Homosexual Pain: Self-Fixation

There is no greater source of pain for an individual than ... self.

The more that we look at ourselves, the more that we try to fix ourselves, the more that everything falls apart, the more that we see how so much of us does not measure up to a standard that we revere or seek to emulate.

Consider what happened to Adam and Eve when they sinned, eating from the tree that was good, but not good for them:

"6And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat. 7And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons." (Genesis 3: 6-7)

When they ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, Adam and Eve looked at themselves. They knew the Law, a standard which will forever bear witness to our failures, to our incapacity to live or do anything right apart from God. We cannot live independently of His life in us. It's just not possible. 

But Adam and Eve sent the message to God, their loving, gracious Creator, that they did not need Him, when they ate from the fruit of the tree that was good, but not good for them.

This is sin at its core: defiant, empty independence from God. "I don't need you, Lord. I can fix myself. I don't need you, Lord, I can figure out what to do on my own."

And such has been the tragedy of mankind since then. To be in bondage to oneself, to fall into this trap that we can fix ourselves if we keep looking at ourselves, look for faults, and look for ways to correct those faults on our own, is the fast road to disaster.

With this revelation in mind, consider now the testimony of a young homosexual in Singapore:

Confession: I Wish The Gay Scene Was More Accepting & Inclusive

This candid piece from a 25-year old gay Singaporean reveals how lonely and isolating it can be for guys who don’t fit into the mould of the insta-famous gays.

Dear Straight People,

I’m a 26-year old who has got nothing else to do on a Sunday night besides feeling depressed, so here’s me writing my story to pass the time.

How sad indeed, that he is dwelling on his feelings, how depressed he feels, and that he has "nothing else to do on a Sunday Night."

We can see right away why he is depressed: He is focused on himself. That is going to make anyone depressed.

Being a December baby has it’s pros and cons when I was younger, but nowadays, it just signifies how lost I am with where I am in my life.

Keep track of the number of times he uses the word "I" as well.

I guess the first time I realised I was attracted to boys was when I was in primary school. He had this boyish smell that made me want to know him better, and that somehow became the first time I felt something towards someone, wanting to do things for him just to know him better.

As a boy in primary school, he was preoccupied with himself early, as though he was not enough of a "boy." I have found this trend quite common among many of the testimonies from out-homosexuals, whether male or female. They are so uncomfortable in their very being as boys and girls, and they want to find some sort of affirmation of fulfillment from someone of the same sex.

This is not a sexual issue, though. It's an emotional lack, often originating in a lack of affirmation from the same-sex parent.

When I was in secondary school, I felt attracted to another boy in my class because he wore this super tight pair of pants that made his butt pop. Yeah, that was when I realised I was really into guys but I never spoke about it to anyone. I told myself to focus on my studies.

The emotional need turn into a sexual temptation. This transfer happens a lot for people who struggle with same-sex temptations.

And then booyah, NS came about.


It was 2013, I was just a dumb fat kid, actually looking forward to BMT since I wanted to lose weight.

Yet another reason he was so self-conscious. He focused on Himself a great deal, this time because of body image issues. 

The moment I stepped into my bunk, I glanced around the bunk and met eyes with another guy. I felt attracted to this person but it wasn’t intense, so I thought that hey, I should be ok.

 Again, keep track of "I ... I ... I ..."

But when I met another person from another bunk in the same platoon, I realised how utterly screwed I was with what I was feeling. I felt confusion and the confusion only grew worse when guys were just running back and forth from the bunks to the toilets in just their briefs.

We are getting a window into the intense inner dialogue of an individual. The fact that he has fixated on his inner stirrings, his inner worries and cares shows once again how much he is in bondage to himself.

I grew depressed, hated myself for what I felt as I believe that it was wrong to be gay. I longed to fit in with the rest of my army mates, to be able to sit around the table to discuss girls and be a ‘regular straight male’.

 Self-hatred is a form of self-centeredness, nothing more ... and nothing less. Notice that he wanted to fit in with the rest of his fellow soldiers. That sense of feeling left out, of feeling out of place because of a sense of inferiority, of inadequacy, better explains his same-sex temptations.

But I couldn’t change who I was. During my 2-year stint in National Service, I fell for another 2 guys. All 3 of them are straight and it totally crushed me. My depression got worse as a result. I wished that there was a pill that could turn me straight.

 None of us can change ourselves using our own knowledge, reason, or experience. The answer to this fixation with self cannot be found within ourselves, for all this self-preoccupation is precisely the problem. What is needed, then, is to be preoccupied with the truth.


The road to self acceptance took some time for me.

 When reading the rest of this blog, you will find that he has not accepted himself. He started out this post talking about how depressed he felt. That does not sound like "self-acceptance" one bit.

The first time I came out to someone was when I told my best friend from poly. I remembered how frightened I was. Fortunately, she told me that it’s okay, that she kinda figured what I wanted to talk to her about.


Fast forward to now, I’ve finally accepted myself for who I am. But the road to self acceptance certainly wasn’t a smooth journey for me. I still remember knocking on the door of my school counselor and crying in her office during my college days.

That counselor really failed this young man. She needed to tell him that his feelings do not define him, and that his proper sexual bearings will fall into proper alignment when he deals with the deeper sense of loneliness and inadequacy.

Although it took me quite some time to come to terms with my sexuality, slow progress is still better than no progress.

 The truth is that there has been no progress for this young man, based on the overall theme of what he has been sharing.


I may have accepted myself for who I am. But I feel unwanted by the gay scene in Singapore.

Again, notice the refrain of "I ... I ... I." The fact that he bases his sense of peace on whether others will accept him or not shows the true source of his depression: looking to other people to make him feel fulfilled and accepted.

I feel that I’m not good enough when I look at myself in the mirror and I compare myself to the insta-popular guys. It makes me feel like I shouldn’t exist. Even though I do want to know them (even trying to slide into their DMs), I know they’ll never reply.

 Again, we have proof that he really does not accept himself. This "self-acceptance" talk all comes up empty at the end of all his musings and ruminations.

Of course, like every other gay guy in Singapore, I did try the apps. But all it resulted in for me was silence.

 Oh Lord! Nothing will bring emptiness, loneliness, and depression more

I guess all I really wish for is just to have friends to celebrate my birthday with me or even just bring me to the gay scene and enjoy their time with me. But it feels like even that is too tough.

 The real need is companionship and peace, then? The real problem is a sense of loneliness. That is what is bothering him. The issue is not one of "self-acceptance" into homosexuality. Sadly. his delving into this sexual perversion only worsens the loneliness, the emptiness, the loss of identity and peace.

Being at work in the private sector, sometimes it still gets to me how I have no other way to spend time besides being at work, at home and doing some volunteer work.

I want to be called out by friends, hang out at tantric, have a few drinks, go to taboo, meet guys and have sex. But sadly, I still feel like I’m not good enough. Even though I went to the extent of losing weight from 86kg to 72kg recently.

Again ... "I ... I ... I ... I." No wonder this guy is sad, and small wonder that not many people want to hang out with him. People are self-centered, selfish, focused only on self are not that much fun to be around!

I’ve never been in a relationship nor have I had sex with anyone. Haha, I don’t even know if I’m a top or a bottom or versatile. I don’t even know what love feels like and that is really the saddest thing I could say.

Will writing all this here result in anything? I highly doubt so but yeah, I’m lonely and maybe I’ll just die sad and lonely.

I wish the gay scene in Singapore isn’t that hard to be a part of. But sadly, it is. I’m not sure if I’m the only lonely one here or if there are other gay guys out there facing the same issue.

But wouldn’t it be great if there was a club for LGBT youths to hang out together where it doesn’t feel like everything depends on your physical appearance.

Final Reflection

Homosexuals like this young man are focused on themselves. They see themselves as inadequate, failing to measure up. They are lacking something, they feel lost or incomplete in some way. In too many cases, that sense of self-focus is a result of sexual or emotional abuse, all of which is NOT THEIR FAULT!

But, how these individuals deal with these traumas, that is their responsibility.

One has to remark, also, that for all the talk about "gay lifestyle," and "being gay," we have yet another admission that there is nothing really gay at all about the homosexual scene or the lifestyles, behaviors, and customs attached to it.

Consider Paul the Apostle's struggle in Romans 7:

"15For that which I do I allow not: for what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I. 16If then I do that which I would not, I consent unto the law that it is good. 17Now then it is no more I that do it, but sin that dwelleth in me. 18For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh,) dwelleth no good thing: for to will is present with me; but how to perform that which is good I find not. 19For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do. 20Now if I do that I would not, it is no more I that do it, but sin that dwelleth in me." (Romans 7:15-20)

Notice all the focus on self! Notice all the self-effort, too! Notice that Paul is constantly looking at himself, trying to make himself better through self-efforts.

And this self-fixation cannot fix anything!

The answer is to look to the source of our life, Christ HIMSELF (Romans 8:1; Colossians 3:4)

Liberal Loser Had the Sads: "I Thought Arthur Left California"

Now this is just hilarious! Check out this tweet: I can't believe I live in so many people's head rent-free. This is truly gratifying! Truly vindicating!

Nope, left-wing haters. I am still in California, and as of now there is no sign that I will be leaving anytime soon!

The Best Place for Cliff Numark Flyers

 Cliff Numark, the quitting candidate who is running for Mayor of Torrance, is sending out the massive number of mailers.

And I found the perfect place for all of them:

Torrance City Council Election 2022: The Fight For North Torrance (District One)

 There are two very contentious races in the 2022 Torrance City Council Elections:

1. Torrance City Council, District One

2. Torrance City Treasurer

For this post, I am going to explore the District One contest more closely. 

This is the northern most district, a region of the city which has not gotten as much attention compared to other areas of the city. Based on the number of Title One enrollees at North High School, it's the poorest area of the city. It has seen a higher degree of crime compared to other areas of the city as well.

It's also the most Democratic region of the city, if one is paying attention to the affilation of voters in the area. Of course, I have found that many residents in the city are not as keenly focused on the party affiliation of city council candidates, as much as they focus on

There are four candidates for this seat. Right away, we understand why this fight is so contentious.

Here are the candidates vying for the seat, with their political affiliations and their endorsements

1. Jimmy Gow



Pat Furey: Mayor of Torrance

Al Muratsuchi: Assemblymember representing Torrance

Maxine Waters: Congresswoman representing Torrance

Janice Hahn: LA County Supervisor representing Torrance

2. David Zygielbaum



Torrance Police Officers Association

Torrance Firefighters Association

Pat Furey: Mayor of Torrance

3. David Kartsonis



George Nakano - Former California State Assemblyman

Councilwoman Heidi Ann Ashcraft - Torrance Councilwoman; Former TUSD School Board Member Councilman Mike Griffiths - Torrance Councilman 
Frank Scotto - Former Torrance Mayor 
Tom Brewer - Former Torrance Councilman 
Paul Nowatka Former Torrance Councilman 
Maureen O’Donnell - Former Torrance Councilwoman; Former El Camino College Trustee 
Bill Sutherland - Former Torrance Councilman 
Martha Deutch - Former TUSD School Board Member; President of the Torrance Education Foundation Dr. George Mannon - Former TUSD Superintendent 
Ken Brown - Trustee Area 1; Community College Instructor 
Siannah Collado Boutté - Former ECC Trustee, Former ECC ASO President 
Eman Dalili - Former Trustee; Former ECC Student Body President; Gubernatorial Appointee to the California Board of Governors 
Dr. Thomas Fallo - Former El Camino College Superintendant/President 
Brooke Matson - Former Trustee; Current Board Member of the El Camino College Foundation 
John Vargas - Former Trustee 
Matthew Brach - SCROC Governing Board; Palos Verdes Unified School District School Board 
Mark Burton - Former Manhattan Beach Mayor 
Mark Waronek - Lomita City Councilman 
Hugo Rojas - Vice-President, Centinela Valley Unified High School District

4. Jon Kaji



Torrance City Councilman George Chen

Torrance City Councilman Aurelio Mattucci

El Camino College Trustee Trisha Murakawa

City of Gardena Mayor Tasha Cerda

City of Gardena Councilman Rodney Tanaka

City of Gardena City Clerk Mina Simenza

Former State Treasurer John Chiang

Former LA County Supervisor Don Knabe

Former LA County Supervisor Michael Antonovich

Former City of LA Councilmembers Jan Perry and David Ryu

Former LA County CEO William Fujioka

Former Chief of Staff, Rep. Steve Kuykendall,  Garrett Ashley

Former City of Torrance Planning Commissioner,  Ray Uchima

Civil rights attorney, Dale Minami, Esq.

Actor and civil rights activist, George Takei

Actor and comedian, Derek Mio

USC Heisman Trophy winner and Super Bowl Champion, Mike Garrett

Los Angeles Laker legend Michael Cooper

PGA Professional Ted Oh

Former SONY Interactive Entertainment Chairman and CEO, Shawn Layden

This race has a diverse split in all the endorsements. That certain will make for an interesting contest come June 7th, 2022.

How does this all break down, though?

Jimmy Gow is clearly the most partisan of the endorsements. He has gotten complete backing from every Democratic machine politician in the region, from Congress to the county to the state assembly. No one should be surprsied, since he remains the president of the Torrance Democratic Club, an institution with a history of shutting down public participation when residents want to confront their locally elected officials.

The last thing that many TOrrance voters want is an outright partisan, based on how elections have fallen for the last several decades in the city of Torrance. What's worse, though, is that Jimmy Gow was recently removed from the commission that he had served on for a number of years: The Social Services Commission.

It's a bitter irony that he servded on that commission, based on his obstreperous behavior during the 2016 President election. His infamously visited the West Carson Veterans Hall in 2016, in which he and other rabid leftists trespassed on the property, spit at veterans, pushed them around, and one of the hateful activists stole the phone from one of the veterans at the hall.

Jimmy Gow should be a clear "No" for any voter in North Torrance. He ran in 2018, when city council seats were still elected at large, and he was the bottom vote-getter. Will his overt connections to the Democratic Party get him into the seat?

Well, Democratic voters in North Torrance have another, more professional choice: LA County Deputy DA David Zygielbaum.

He's much more likeable and approachable. He also has a young family and he currently serves on a commission, having received the unanimous endorsement of the city council at that time. He helped start a Neighborhood Watch in his area, too. Plus the fact that he has endorsed by the two public safety unions in the city, and Zygielbaum is a viable option for partisan voters who want a city councilman with some panache and substance.

However, any candidate who receives Mayor Pat Furey's endorsement should invite considerable suspicious. Pat Furey has been a disgrace, an absolute disaster for the city of Torrance. A bitter partisan with open disdain for his colleagues on the council, a political hack of dubious moral distinction who colluded with a local PAC during the 2014 Torrance City Council elections, Furey is one creepy fellow. Many people in the city have had nothing but disdain for this man, in large part because of his rampant disrespect to voters and speakers in the city council chambers.

And his complete incompetence when it comes to running city council meetings has harmed everyone in the city. He refused to take a stand against outside hate groups which have long disrupted city council meetings. He has refused to take a stance against the relentless borrowing from the city's general fund.

Pat Furey has been a huge disappointment to the city, and anyone whom he endorses is all the more suspect as a result.

Like Zygielbaum, David Kartsonis has a considerable record of public service in the city of Torrance, specifically for North Torrance, and for the general region due to his advocacy and volunteer efforts with El Camino College. In 2020, he ran for a seat on the El Co Board of Trustees, and he even received numerous endorsements from local and county elected officials from across the political spectrum.

Yet he still lost.

He's running for the North Torrance city council seat with a considerable array of endorsements, but many of them are formerly elected officials, not current ones, aside from Torrance City Councilmembers Mike Griffiths and Heide Ashcraft. 

Kartsonis has considerable ties to the area, no doubt, and he does not have a partisan axe to grind. Is he the best pick for the seat?

Then there's Jon Kaji.

He's an Independent, and an independent business owner. He has the endorsement of two Torrance city councilmembers. He has ties to the Torrance business community, certainly. Most of his endorsements are from his activism and his connections with his alma mater USC.

It helps to have someone who is more of an outsider running for the Torrance City Council. As it stands now, two of the city councilmembers--George Chen and Sharon Kalani--never served on city commissioners before. It's worthwhile for voters to send a message to the community that they will give "outsiders" a chance to serve on the city council, as well.

There is one clear distinction which Kaji holds compared to the other three candidates: he is the only candidate who opposes raising the city sales tax. That is a considerable development, and makes him a worthwhile consideration.

Final Reflection

Diverse, divided endorsements, different political backgrounds, distinct records of public service: all these elements make the race for Torrance City Council District One an election for the Torrance history books. How will the voters assess these different candidates? Will the endorsements play any kind of factor? Each nominee has a number of respectable suppporters, and some of them have supporters from the same government agency (Torrance City Council, El Camino College Board of Trustees.)

The professional background of each candidate is something to consider, as well.

How will this race shape up going into June 7th?

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Escape to Reality: What is Sin?

 Pastor Paul Ellis provides a robust, direct definition of sin based on the Biblical revelation:

What is the Definition of Sin?

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Open Secret: Homosexuals Are Homophobic

"Dear Straight People" Pro-Gay Website
Has Lots of Homophobia

It's not very often that one finds homosexual activists telling the truth. They offer all kinds of lies to justify their broken lives and destructive habits:

1. I was born this way.

2. Society is punishing me for being born this way.

3. If only society would accept it the way that I was born, I would be OK.

4. My parents love me because they accept me for whom I am, i.e. gay, trans, etc.

And so on.

Of course, no one is "born that way."

It is not the fault of any culture that there is so much harm and self-destruction among homosexuals.

Even in the most LGBT-affirming countries, all the health and mental problems that afflict homosexual populations are still prevalent.

And it's not love for parents to enable their children to fall into LGBT behaviors. That is actually a form of hate.

But, as I wrote at the outset, homosexual activists will sometimes tell the truth.

Check out these rather blunt truths that Sean Foo from "Dear Straight People" shared with the public:

Why Open Relationships Are Common Among Gay Men

The original URL link writes "Why Polyamory is Common Among Gay Men."

Homosexuals engage in multiple relationships, indulge in multiple sexual partnerships.

What's going on? Why is this happening?

Sean Foo "spills the tea":

Open relationships are rampant among gay men! No, I do not have any credible statistics or evidence to back my claim up. But if you happen to have any gay friends, chances are, he will probably tell you in a very jaded tone that monogamous gay relationships are fast becoming nothing but a gay fairy-tale.

Ok, maybe that was a slight exaggeration. Monogamy isn’t completely dead in the gay community, but it isn’t exactly the norm either. While polygamy does exist among heterosexual couples, it isn’t frowned upon in the gay community in the same way that it is among straight people. Polygamous straight couples tend to keep their swinging practices to themselves. Polygamous gay couples on the other hand, are generally pretty open to acknowledging that they aren’t sexually exclusive to one another.

Sean Foo
Out-Homo ... Phobe

It's an official and unofficial fact that homosexual conduct is conducive to promicuity, and as Sean himself admits, they are "proud" of it!

But Sean shares more:

And the general consensus for why open relationships are not only common, but generally accepted among gay men is that simply well, gay men are sluts!

Wow! This is pretty derogatory. One out-homosexual admits that other homosexuals are sexual deviants, promiscuous, abusing their bodies with themselves and other people. Pretty shameful, but clearly honest.

Indeed, a number of studies confirm that homosexuals have on average fifty partners. FIFTY!

And the self-loathing, the homophobia does not stop there:

Gay men however, aren’t as heavily influenced by social norms as straight people are. Gay men have always lived outside the rules of society. The same-sex attractions we experience naturally makes us social misfits. Thus, it follows logically that gay men aren’t going to adhere to social norms as much as straight people do. We are left to our own devices, each of us developing our own perspectives on how a relationship should be like. Some gay men subscribe to the heteronormative concept of monogamy. Others however, find the monogamous nature of heterosexual relationships irrelevant, thereby choosing to have an open relationship instead.

In other words, homosexuals only care about themselves. They don't care about the needs of their partner or rather "partners." They give themselves permission to break all rules, customs, and modes of acceptable conduct, because, once again, they want to play victim, claiming that their attractions are "normal."

However, is there anything really normal, or even acceptable about a male having abusive intercourse with fifty strangers on average?

Here's more proof of homosexual homophobia, from Sean Foo no less:

Dear Gay Men, Let’s Stop Hating Each Other!

Wow! Sean admits that homosexuals hate each other ... but they also hate themselves!

Let’s face it, we hate a lot of things. We hate homophobic people. We hate ourselves. We hate each other.

Homosexuals are a pretty hateful bunch, aren't they? And they admit it!

Homophobia within the gay community is a longstanding issue, one that is often swept under the carpet. Instead of addressing the homophobia prevalent within the gay community itself, we often rather focus on the hate coming at us from the straight community because that seems so much more easier to deal with.

Yet again, homoexual activist Sean Foo plays victim, talking about the so-called "straight community" and their hate for homosexuals. The truth is that people who oppose homosexuality do not come from a place of a hate, but a place of truth. The behaviors themselves are intrinsically disorderded, and they harm the individuals who practice them along with society as a whole. The people who push for militant, imposed "acceptance" of these behaviors are wreaking untold havoc on communities around the world, as well.

Again, telling people the truth is not hate. Lying to people, that is a form of hate. Forcing a deceptive, deceitful agenda on adults and children--that is a form of hate.

So, already, we expose that homosexuals are hateful to themselves, because they are giving into a lie to abuse their bodies. And now they plainly admit that they hate each other:

The cause of homophobia from within the gay community itself however, isn’t as obvious. Despite the fact that gay activists regularly preach about the importance of love during their campaigns, their message of love seems to have gotten lost within the gay community.

"Love is love" really is just an empty slogan among homosexuals, both the activists and those who don't really say or do anything besides ... one another. (However, the truth is that every homosexual is inevitably an activist, determined to normalize his--or her--perversion to the world and to seek then demand acceptance.)

From here, Sean Foo does not merely "spill the tea," but rather releases a tsunami of homophobia:

I mean, homophobia within the LGBT community is rampant! There are the gay men who taunt the fat ones. The gay men who detest the feminine ones. The gay men who ridicule the closeted ones. The gay men who only talk to other gay men of a certain race or ethnicity. The gay men who get labelled sluts after having sex on the first date. The gay men who get labelled sluts after having sex on the fifth date. The gay men who get labelled sluts after only having sex once. I could go on and on but I am sure you get the picture by now.

There is so much hate, and so little time to keep up with all of it.

Truly, the homosexual movement is built on homophobia. So much self-loathing inevitably leaks out into loathing other people. No matter how many sexual encounters a male (or female) may have with other same-sex partners, the love, respect, and intimacy they are seeking remains wanting. The deeper emotional, emotional, and psychological turmoil which they face on a day-to-day basis is never assuaged, never appeased, never resolved.

They have been lied to by a dedicated political effort to normalize something which can never be normal, and to believe something which is emphatically untrue, from the inside out.

Homosexuals are homophobic, and they cannot help but be so. There is no escape for them out of those perversions, and they are embittered by the pain and suffering which fines no outlet in sexual promiscuity.

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Love is Love? Homosexuals Boast About Open Betrayal, i.e. "Open Relationship"

Love is love, right?

That is the constant refrain we here from LGBT activists? Two people who are willing to live in a committed relationship should not be prevented from marrying each other, right?


"Love is love" makes about as much sense as "water is water," when you are comparing bottled water and toilet water. No, they are not the same.

Homosexual conduct is not healthy, not conducive to well-being or long-life. It is not even loving, considering the fact that the behaviors are inherently harmful to the two individuals who abuse each other. There are multiple mental health problems which follow from such conduct, and which cause such conduct.

On average homosexuals have an average of 50 partners. Does that really sound like love?

And consider this brazen admission from an outspoken homosexual activist in Southeast Asia:

Opinion: I’m In An Open Relationship & There’s Absolutely Nothing Wrong With It

My name is Otto Fong and I have been in an open relationship with my partner Han for the past 16 years.

He's very open about being in an open relationship. Wow.

What I am about to say is probably going to earn me a lot of hate. But I believe it’s time someone in the gay community address the elephant in the room that is open relationships. Because this is a conversation that we can all learn a lesson or two about diversity from.

 This homosexual activist acknowledges that homosexuals by and large engage in all kinds of open relationships. In other words, they are NOT faithful to their individual partners, and even with the advent of so-called "gay marriage," (in reality, false marriage), there is no constant of fidelity. NONE!

If gay people see different ideas of relationships as alien or something shameful, how can we ask straight people to see gay relationships differently?

What Is An Open Relationship

For the uninitiated, an open relationship is a relationship in which both partners agree to some form of non-monogamy. Simply put, you can do ABC with other guys besides your partner but not XYZ. For Han and me, our only condition is that we cannot form an emotional attachment with other men. So whatever relations we have with others remains purely physical.

 It's stunning how homosexuals will cladestinely explain how they repeatedly cheat on the very people whom they claim to be committed to.

It's really stunning how Otto Fong admits that he just uses other men. That is not love! That is a form of hate, that is a form of slavery and dishonor. Human beings are not just sex objects, but notice how easily he objectifies other people. "You can do ABC with other guys but not XYZ."

Is that what love amounts to for homosexuals? 

But while open relationships have worked out incredibly well for us, Han is actually the first partner that I’ve ever been in an open relationship with. Before I met Han, I’ve never even considered the prospect of an open relationship with any of my ex-boyfriends.

Whatever emotional needs that Otto or Han or anyone else may have, they discover pretty quickly that those needs can never be met. The emotional harm, the sexual abuse, the confusion that homosexuals have endured at a young age, none of these traumas get resolved in sexual degeneracy and profligacy.

Being an avid reader of gay literature, I’ve come across the concept of open relationships numerous times. But growing up in a heteronormative world, it never occurred to me to try it although it sounded intriguing. I simply accepted that it is taboo and not to be discussed openly.

 Gay literature? He means "pornography," but he won't acknowledge his addiction to pornography ando the illicit materials, because then he would have to admit, whether directly or otherwise, that he is in bondage to destructive behaviors and a degrading false identity.

Nobody in my social circle talked about it. We didn’t start broaching the subject until we were all in our 30s. But when we did, that was when I realised that there are other couples practicing open relationships in the gay community!

Once again, homosexuals often practice adultery and polygamy. There is nothing wholesome or stable about this kind of conduct. Once again, you cannot say that this is love in any form.

Open Relationships In The Gay Community

In retrospect, it makes perfect sense. Do I have solid evidence to back my assumption up? Of course not. Actual data for open relationships in straight or gay relationships are absent. How many straight men have secret wives or families abroad or across the Causeway? How many desperate housewives are friendly with the delivery boys? I do not know.

There is indeed plenty of evidence about homosexuals and open relationships.

30% of Gay Men Are in Open Relationships, According to NewStudy

Why are so many gay couples in open relationships?

Why do so many gay couples open up their relationships?

Open Relationships, Nonconsensual Nonmonogamy, and MonogamyAmong U.S. Adults: Findings from the 2012 National Survey of Sexual Health andBehavior

Gay Men, Parenting, and Open Relationships: Making It Work


When we grew up, there was no culture that was acceptable for gay people. We had to find our ways through trial and error. Nobody was there to tell us what we should do and what we shouldn’t do. We never grew up with a socially accepted notion of how a gay couple should be like.

The biggest impediment among homosexuals for acceptance is from ... homosexuals themselves. Click here.

How can they claim to accept themselves whem they go to great lengths to cheat on one another, fall into repeated patterns of sexual dysfunction

If we had something acceptable by social standards, we might have something to conform to. It’s the same thing for straight couples. Monogamous relationships don’t fit them all. They will try to adhere to that model although some might cheat because that model doesn’t suit them. Free from social restrictions that bind most heterosexual couples, we were free to explore alternative forms of relationships. And it’s evident that some of us chose some form of open relationships.


In my view, sex and love are two separate issues. A lot of people like to collapse the two into one whereby you cannot have sex without love. If it works for them, all the power to them. But it might not work for everybody. And research has shown that men are more capable of separating love and sex as compared to women.

 Notice how sex is treated as a debased commodity, rather than commitment to a person. How hateful can one get? Yet this kind of degrading disregard is all too common in homosexual circles. There is something really wrong here. "Love is love"? No, not really.

Now check out what Ricky Martin admitted, too:

Actor/singer Ricky Martin: ‘Open’ relationships should be the norm for homosexuals

'It’s good for the world. It’s good for me as a gay man with kids' to choose to have multiple partners, the Puerto Rican performer said.

No, open relationships are not good for the world, because they are bad for kids and they are bad for a stable society and culture. The utter shamelessness of promoting such selfish degeneracy is the norm, sadly, with homosexuals. It's beyond degrading at this point: it's destructive!

March 2, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — Singer Ricky Martin says he wants to “normalize” homosexual relationships to the point that each partner has sex with as many others as he or she wishes.

It is not normal for a man and a woman to have multiple partners outside of their marriage. It can never be normal for two people of the same sex to get married, and it certainly can never be normal for two falsely married men or women to claim that they love each other and believe in any kind of familial fidelity all while sleeping around with all kinds of other people.

This is really revoling. It's not love, but a form of self-loathing and emptiness that can never be sated or satisfied. It's really tragic, but it's also quite wicked because of the harm perpetrated on others.

In a lengthy and candid interview by E. Alex Jung of Vulture, the entertainer spoke about his role as murdered fashion designer Gianni Versace’s homosexual partner Antonio D’Amico in FX's “The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story.”

Asked about the “open” gay couple D’Amico and Versace, Martin responded personally.  “I want to normalize relationships like this,” Martin said. 

The fact that Martin insists on trying to normalize something just goes to show that it's not normal in the first place, and that it can never be normal.

After Versace’s killing, D’Amico proudly proclaimed, “My relationship was very open and free with Gianni.” D’Amico infamously admitted they bought escorts and brought men for “visits.” 

Nevertheless, the Puerto Rican singer had nothing but high praise for the D’Amico/Versace relationship, in which D’Amico was subservient and Versace was dominant. Martin spoke glowingly of the homosexuals’ “unity,” “security,” and “trust.”

There is no unity when a man abuses his body with other men, and there can be no security or trust, especially when considering the high level of venereal disease that spread and infects homosexual populations. It's laughable, yet not very surprising, to see homosexual activists and advocates redefining words in order to justify themselves.

“We want to normalize … open relationships,” Martin told his Vulture interviewer.  “There’s absolutely nothing wrong. We’re just two very self-secure men that are completely in love with each other, that trust each other to the maximum level … ”

Martin says such promiscuity and unaccountability is a positive, loving thing for homosexuals. “It’s good for the world,” he said. “It’s good for me as a gay man with kids.”

This statement makes it concrete and clear: homosexuals do not want to be accountable to anyone. They just want to please themselves and put aside the needs of everyone else. A number of researchers have pointed out homosexuals

In 2008, Martin paid a woman to carry and give birth to his twin sons, Matteo and Valentino. 

For 14 years, Martin had a steady girlfriend, Mexican TV host and model Rebecca de Alba, but he “came out” as homosexual in 2010. He said going public with his homosexual behavior made him feel liberated. 

“There’s this emptiness; it doesn’t matter what you created. Living with this emptiness, it’s not how I want to live. And then one day you find the strength, you don’t know from where, and you just do it for yourself, you do it for your kids,” he said, adding a quote from murdered San Francisco city councilman Harvey Milk: “‘You need to come out, ‘cause then it’s normal.’“

Emptiness is the norm for homosexuals, as they are trying to deal with attachment issues or overcome the abuse, trauma, and/or neglect and confusion they suffered when they were younger. This emptiness cannot be removed with promiscuity and indiscriminate sex. It just doesn't work.

Final Reflection

Homosexuality is not conducive to real love. Abuse, lies, dishonesty, cheating, adultery, open relationships are the sad norm in this sorry community of harm and lust. It's really a shame, but they need to stop saying "Love is love," as though there is nothing wrong or even different in two men pretending to be married vs. the stable, healthy, moral coupling of one man and one woman in holy matrimony.

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Standing Up to Hate in Torrance, CA: David Rayor

The city of Torrance has wonderful people.

Sadly, there are some marginal bigots in the city who want to cause trouble, who want to shame people who do not look like them, or who hate people in the community who want to protect parents and children from destructive sexual perversion.

One of these hateful people is David Rayor:

He has a problem with people who speak the truth in town, and he wants to shut down and run out of town anyone who speaks the truth.

Check out the hateful remarks he made about me in the Torrance Town Hall Facebook group:


But what else about this guy should we know?

Here's his Facebook page.

What does this creepy guy insist on sharing with the world, anyway?

He's obsessed with masks:

He seems to have a drinking problem, since he is constantly posting about drinking alcohol:


 Notice how Davie loves to the start the day drinking!

And apparently, he will use any excuse to throw down booze:

Now, about this whole "hate group" and "running out of town" business ...

The only reason someone defames me or the work I do for MassResistance is that they get their talking points from a hate group called the Southern Poverty Law Center. This hate group, based in Montgomery, Alabama, has a long history of defaming Jews, Muslims, and immigrants. They tried to shut down educational opportunities for African-Americans. The SPLC has also labeled black liberation groups "hate groups," and they think that the Jewish Defense League is a hate group, when the Defense League was forced to help Jews protect themselves from white supremacists, white nationalists, and Islamic militants.

He hates anyone who stands up for children and their parents, who opposes the perverse LGBT agenda being forced on children.

All of his perverse support for these evil views and values makes him a hater, a pervert, and a groomer.

And there you have David Rayor.

Torrance is better than this hate! Time to stand for truth, and time to stand against this festering bigotry!

Florida MassResistance Shuts Down Pride Display in County Library


Florida MassResistance helps derail “Pride Month” in Citrus County library system

Fighting political corruption, leftist officials, and angry LGBT activists along the way

April 19, 2022
ALT TEXT One of several Citrus County library displays last year: What were they really promoting?

We’re seeing it more and more: Shocking “culture war” battles are being waged even in conservative areas.

Citrus County, Florida, located on the west coast about half-way between Tampa and Gainesville, is one of the most conservative Christian areas of the state. The county voted 70% for Donald Trump in 2020.

But most people don’t pay close attention to local elections, such as for county commission. For those local offices, leftists often run as Republicans - and the effects can be terrible. Adding to that, the LGBT movement is pushing hard in conservative areas. So local citizen groups need to be on the alert, stand up, and fight back. MassResistance is often called to help.

“Pride” displays come to the library

Last June, two of the five Citrus County Library branches shocked the community by putting up homosexual “Pride” displays. A lot of people were outraged that their tax dollars were subsidizing that perverse sexual agenda. They wanted to stop it from happening again this June. Little did they know how big a fight it would be!

ALT TEXT As children came into the library, this is what greeted them during "Pride Month."

Citrus County has a nine-member Library Advisory Board (LAB), appointed by the five-member County Commission. But the County Commission effectively controls the library. Although there was intense community opposition to the Pride Month displays, county employees had insisted the displays would continue despite the many complaints.

County Commission takes a vote

A great local activist, John Labriola, began organizing dozens of people to attend County Commission meetings to demand that future library “Pride” displays be canceled. Those numbers swelled over time as his group reached out to local pastors and congregations. John also chronicled the events on his Citrus Crusader blog.

But a smaller number of angry LGBT activists also began attending commission meetings, insisting that the library system had a duty to support the LGBT lifestyle in the community.

After months of pro-family pressure, the County Commission chairman put the issue on the Jan. 4, 2022 Commission meeting agenda and made a motion to prohibit the displays. Before the vote, dozens of people testified about the dangers of homosexuality. There were heartbreaking stories of how the LGBT lifestyle had harmed their children.

ALT TEXT The Citrus County Commission listens to testimony.

It looked like the prohibition would pass. But at the last minute, one Commissioner flipped his vote, and the motion was defeated, 3-2.

The Commissioners said that it was now up to the Library Advisory Board, which would be meeting on March 22. One of the Commissioners added that if people don’t like how the Library Board decides things, they should apply for the Library Board positions.

John immediately began gathering signatures in the community against the Commission’s decision. In some local churches, pastors announced it from the pulpit. The petition eventually had nearly 1,000 names.

MassResistance gets called in to help

Enter Bonnie, a seasonal Citrus County resident and MassResistance activist in her native New England for over 20 years. In mid-January, Bonnie and John asked us to help them fight this battle. Arthur Schaper, our National Organization Director, began working with them on organization, strategy, and tactics.

As John said, “Becoming an affiliate with MassResistance has really helped us make an impact.”

Appalling corruption exposed by parents’ group on Library Board appointment policy

After the Jan. 4 County Commission meeting, several residents decided to apply for the five Library Board seats that were expiring at the end of that month. They were told that the application period was closed. However, when pressured, the County Administrator admitted that the positions had never been announced or advertised, as the county normally did with every other county Board.

The County Administrator agreed to reopen the application period and advertise it. But at the Feb. 8 Commission meeting, the County Attorney said that the positions could not be advertised because the Library Board had lifetime appointments!

Lifetime appointments? It turns out this came from the County Attorney’s and County Commission’s shady interpretation of the regulation, which only states that members with expiring terms are "eligible for reappointment," not automatically reappointed if they wish to remain.

People were outraged. So on March 8, the County Commission agreed to re-open the Library Board application period and advertise it. Over three dozen local people have applied for the five seats! The County Commission will decide on which applicants to appoint during their April 26 meeting.

Library Advisory Board rejects parents

On March 22, dozens of residents showed up at the Library Advisory Board meeting to demand that they take action on the Pride displays, since the County Commission had deferred that issue to the Board.

ALT TEXT Pro-family residents - and some LGBT activists - packed the Library Advisory Board meeting on March 22.

Parental rights advocates, who represented the vast majority of the crowd, gave compelling testimony.

But a number of pro-LGBT people also came to testify in favor of exposing children to the homosexual agenda. They were particularly vicious against people’s religious beliefs on the issue. One man, who described himself as a gay former educator, was adamant that children need “information” in their public libraries about LGBT behaviors, complaining that schools were now off-limits because of Florida’s new Parental Rights in Education Act (which bans LGBT grooming of children in grades K through 3).

This woman brought our MassResistance book "The Health Hazards of Homosexuality" - and asked why the library isn't giving kids that information instead of promoting the LGBT lifestyle!
This "gay former educator" insisted that children need to be supported in their LGBT behaviors.

John also delivered his petition with 800 names of local citizens who were against the display.

But not surprisingly, the leftist-dominated Library Advisory Board voted 7-2 to keep the “Gay Pride Month” displays in the Citrus County Libraries.

Library Director caves in: No plans for Pride Month display this year

But the pressure from our side made a difference!

On April 6, the Citrus County Library Director announced to the local media that he has “no plans to put up an LGBTQ Pride Month display this June.”

He said that this decision “allows for a cooling off period while emotions are running hot in the community” and that he “doesn’t want to add more fuel to an already incendiary issue.”

ALT TEXT Coverage in the local newspaper.

The momentum is with us. The next step is to make sure that this display never comes back!

Final thoughts

People need to pay attention to everyone they are voting for, not just the top of the ticket. Across the country, stealth leftists have been getting elected to local positions, causing havoc.

Also, as John warns, the LGBT movement is incredibly wealthy and aggressive. They organize and work their way into virtually every library and school across America. Children are stake. The average person needs to be willing to take a stand. 

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