Wednesday, June 20, 2018

How Else Has The Media Been an Enemy of the People?

When the press lies to the people, what are the voters supposed to do?

One of the best securities against misrule is publicty according to secular liberal humanist Jeremy Bentham.

But what do we do when publicity is complicit in the crimes of the political class?

The left-wing press has lied about substantive issues, which have placed people's lives at risk, which have put our armed men and women in danger, both on our streets and in foreign countries.

Fake News has hurt our stock market and put companies out of business, too.

Consider that the American forces were winning Vietnam during the Tet Offensive, for example. Instead of reporting on how American forces were beating back the Communists, Walter Kronkite and Company were playing up the war atrocities. War is hell, no one can deny that. But to conclude that United States armed forces were not winning the peace led to more deaths, to more destruction to follow.

I saw the photos of refugees in Vietnam trying to force their way onto a helicopters to get out of the country. Then the Viet Cong overwhelmed South Vietnam and killed millions of people. Refugees fled on boats to get out of the country.

How many lives did the Khmer Rouge and other communist dictators massacre throughout the rest of Southeast Asia? Why does no one care? Consider how the corrupt, left-wing mainstream media in the United States induced the American people to reject further intervention and victory in Vietnam.

Consider also that the press worked hard to get Hillary Clinton the nomination in 2016, even though the growing cadre of progressives wanted Bernie Sanders. The press covered for her failures, refused to ask any questions about her health. They promoted her as the big winner before the major primaries along the West Coast and in the first week of June, 2016.

For the previous 8 years, the media carried water for Barack Obama. Let's face it: they created the Obama Administration, dedicated as they were to pushing a chief executive into the White House who had a different skin color from all the other presidents. The left-wing press wanted to virtue signal to the entire world, and we the ordinary Americans suffered for it.

Obama ignored the plight of veterans on secret wait lists, who died in showers without any care or concerns from VA employees. After a week of outrage, nothing happened. Obama knew he could get away with spying on reports, seizing their phone record, and allow his executive departments to run guns, harass individual property owners, and lock up private citizens who simply exercised their First Amendment rights.

The press is the biggest enemy to the United States citizenry. They would rather promote the sob stories of foreign nationals breaking into the United States instead of paying attention to the concerns of hard-working Dads and Moms. Where is the compassion for families separated from one another forever because of illegal immigration? The press doesn't care about the working-class communities in coal country or throughout the Rust Belt.

They don't report new that matters, but they spend plenty of time following false, empty reports about the President and his private life, much of which collapses under closer scrutiny. An aura of fraud and deceit has become so common, that most people know that they are getting lied to before they turn on the television.

At least the American public has become smarter about the commonplace distortions from the press, both on the airwaves and in print, but their damage is real, their bias is destructive, and the American people should rise up and shout "Enough!"

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