Monday, May 30, 2016

Thoughts on the American Freedom Alliance

Two years in a row, I have been invited to the American Freedom Alliance dinner in Los Angeles. This celebratory event recognizes men and women who have fought for the furtherance and survival of Western Civilization. Individual worth and local sovereignty, the pursuit of truth as paramount instead of power, and the respect for the Divine Creater and His objective justice: these values animate the life and worth of the entire world, and the manifold blessings of Western Civilization.

This year as well as last year, Larry Elder, the conservative radio host from KABC, hosted both events. His work to expand a respect for liberty and truth, at the expense of despotism and deception, influenced my understanding of free markets and free enterprise, spiritual authority working in  or temporal settings.

Essayist and comedian Evan Sayet served as the Master of Ceremonies the second time.

I loved attending both events.

Avi Davis, the founder of the American Freedom Alliance, was alive in 2015.

We commemorated his work this year, since he passed away so suddenly, so sadly.

Two well-connected conservatives had invited me to both events, to meet the allies, friends, and even the family members of that great man.

Both times, incredible conservatives were honored for their work defending Western Civilization. Academics who stood up to government collusion in the sciences. Journalists who challenged the lies of the status quo. Economists and social scientists who debunked the progressive myths of our modern area—all were welcomed with great fanfare.

I met some of them outside of that event, and learned about their fights against oppressive regimes and a suspect media working to suppress the truth. A lot of information passes from media to man, and back and forth. Some of the well-educated speakers feared the worst for Europe.

"It's too late," one of the speakers grimly determined.

I cannot agree with that. However, if men and women choose to content themselves with the slow demise of the world around them, then indeed Europe is lost, and so is America.

For the two times that I attended, I found a great deal to be happy about, notwithstanding the dour state of our world and the warring nations within.

Freedom fighters are winning. They embrace the divine love and truth of God.

Many Jewish people were present both times. I respect the traditions and values of our Judeo-Christian culture, and the Orthodox Jews in attendance reminded me to retain a grave reverence for the Jewish people and the values which they have affirmed in our society.

And yet, we need more than a set of standards. We need the power to allow them into our lives. We need more than the law. We need the grace, the loving, unconditional favor of CHRIST.

I am not afraid to write those words. We must not be afraid to speak those words. Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson of South Los Angeles (a well-regarded contact and spokesman for the American Freedom Alliance) reached out and rears boys to become men, even when their fathers have left them, or when they never knew their fathers to begin with.

These efforts, these alliances make all the difference. We cannot allow these victories to go unnoticed.

I also respected hearing about the deeper rot afflicting our culture. A perverse desire to remove distinctions has overtaken our leaders. Male and female should not mean anything. Right and wrong have no merit. Should life and death become a nullity, too?

Conservative Jewish columnist Dennis Prager recently wrote a thorough, probing article about the Left's vicious ambitions, which proved this strange desire. The Left wants to get rid of standards. The Left wants everything to have an equal end, or to have the same status, just as Adam and Eve wanted to be like God, to have life independent of the Creator, who later had to become their Redeemer.

These observations were well-received. I ponder them still.

Discussion is good. Celebration of all that makes Western Civilization wonderful, that is welcome.

But discussion is not enough.

We need action.

We need to confront the malefactors in our streets, in our city councils. As Jude wrote to the Church: "We must contend earnestly for the faith."

The wicked forces at work in our world will not be slayed with discussion. Their followers will understand once they are taught the truth from the error, from the lie, from the deception.

Those who thrive on the lies, who disseminate the falsehoods to bless themselves: they must be stopped.

Are we agitating against the corruption? Are we educating young people to care about the values of their elders?

The discussion groups, the seminars, the awards dinners will not save our culture.

To sit back and watch everything fall apart is not enough.

How many more dinners are people going to attend?

We need to raise funds to help individuals fight and win the culture wars.

The key word--win.

Western Civilization cannot die. It must win, or there is no civilization at all.

And we must fight--and we can fight, will fight--to ensure this victory.

The Betrayal of the Consultant Class

What does it take to win an election?

A lot of candidates learn very quickly about the pressure to get a consultant, a campaign manager etc.

One former candidate told me how campaigner managers and consultants rely on inducing people to run for office--so that they have a job.

It is nothing about winning a seat.

It has nothing to do with making sure that the right values win out not just in an election but for the future of the state.

The consultant wants money.

Who cares if your man wins the race or not?

Look at Ron Murphy and his Right to Rise PAC.

Jeb Bush was flawed goods from Day One. The grassroots voters did not want him.

His views were not in line with the base of voters.

Bush: an old name, an Establishment label, plus a set of views which enraged the base: amnesty and Common Core.

And yet ...

The consultant, the campaign manager Ron Murphy spent over $100 million of donor dollars.

He walked away with $19 million for his services.

The result?

A candidate who was not the good to begin with ruined the chances for better candidates. Warring consultants pitting candidates against one another, and a less desirable candidate--Donald Trump--scoops up all the delegates.

Do we want the right people to win, so that they can start doing the right things once in office?

The consultant class, a lot like the establishment classes in Washington, Sacramento, and other states, is out for their own interests.

When did campaigning, when did running for office, become another cottage industry for a select few, while the good governance of our states and this country fell away?

Now, a challenge to this cynical notion points out: "A consultant cannot stay credible if he backs candidates who lose."

Remember, consultants can fluff people into running for office. One consultant offered to lower his fees for one potential candidate--but there would still be money for him in the end.

Individual donors offer money to a candidate, but that funding also goes to the professional helping with the campaign, too.

So, what are we left with? Inexperienced candidates relying on "experts" with diverse motives, and ulterior agendas?

How else does a candidate get elected if he doesn't have guidance and a strong manger to assist him?

Another question: there is too much focus on getting elected. What about accomplishing what is best for the country? What about ensuring the rule of law and good govermance?

Los Angeles County's Middle Class Poverty

LA Weekly bemoans the rapidly rising price for living in Los Angeles.

This paper among the many still publishing in the region are partly to blame.

After all, they have been pushing the very illiberal policies pushing working men and women out of the county!

Those angry right-wingers who want to rewind us back to the 1950s might have a point.

There we go. The LA Weekly news staff cannot help but jab at the conservatives, the limited government advocates, etc.

While they're a bit twisted about postwar America, a time when taxes on the rich were much higher, education was well-funded by people who still sent their kids to public schools, and even the under-educated could luck out with the help of a Big Government G.I. Bill, one thing is true: The middle class ruled back then.

Actually, much of the prosperity of the Post-War boom followed from massive cuts in taxes and spending from the federal government. Dwight D, Eisenhower warned Americans about the growth of the military-industrial complex.

The same folks who complain about this not being the '50s have pulled their kids from public schools, fought against tax increases and balked at funding infrastructure repairs and improvements. Then they complain about how crappy things are today.

How about discussing where all of California's money is going? Pension debate, high salaries, lawsuits. Pet projects for special interest groups, while ignoring the public interest.

Of course Los Angeles made a strong showing.

"In about a quarter of the metropolitan areas in 2014, middle-class adults do not constitute a clear majority of the adult population," the Pew report states. "Notably, many of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas fall into this group, including Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA, where 47 percent of adults were middle income; San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward, CA (48 percent); New York-Newark-Jersey City, NY-NJ-PA (48 percent); Boston-Cambridge-Newton, MA (49 percent); and Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land, TX (49 percent)."

The reasons why the middle class is disappearing in Los Angeles: hostile business climate, high taxes, regulatory burdens, big labor abuses, etc. How about all that high crime and congestion eating away at the core infrastructure of this great city?

Yep, the middle is now the minority in Los Angeles. Of course, it's not a minority in strict terms. It's a plurality, meaning that more people belong to the middle class than any other income group. But it's clearly a shrinking group.

"In the Los Angeles region," Pew says, "the middle class is relatively small because the share of adults who are lower income is greater than average."

And that $15 minimum wage. Wow! Now all those agitating entry-level workers don't have jobs to enter at all! All those young people who are looking for their first job are going to have to wait a lot longer.

Way to go, Los Angeles!

Indeed, our individual median income of $27,897 is a few grand more than poverty pay for a family of four. It's low.


Yet our median home price of $575,000, by one account, is mansion money in many other cities. You can start to see here that the much talked-about American gulf between rich and poor thrives in L.A.

Los Angeles isn't alone.

"From 2000 to 2014, the share of adults living in middle-income households fell in 203 of the 229 U.S. metropolitan areas examined in a new Pew Research Center analysis of government data," Pew says. "The decrease in the middle-class share was often substantial, measuring 6 percentage points or more in 53 metropolitan areas, compared with a 4-point drop nationally."

Metropolitan areas are more expensive because of the pandering Democratic politicians who give away taxpayer dollars to labor unions

Californians are having a harder time finding a home because they cannot afford the homes. The regulations and the restrictions on home construction and ownership have turned off a lot of middle-income investors. More high-income earners are merely moving to another state.

Let's get our middle back. Let's elect a billionaire as president!

LA Weekly seems keen on liberals. Do we want to elect an old influence-peddler who earned her multi-millions through corruption?

Or how about "Weekend at Bernie" Sanders? He rants about the rich getting richer, and the poor getting poorer. The discrepancy of wealth has taken place under the unprecedented progressive Presidency of Barack Obama.

Final Reflection

Middle Class Poverty is a result of .... Democratic policies.

Destructive, useless, painful, outrageous. Kill businesses, drive up costs, impose special interest perks at the expense of the public.

Permit bad schools to under-educate youth and overburden taxpayers.

Los Angeles, run by the elites to run down the poor and run out the middle class.

California Democrats Eating Their Own

I read an interesting article in the Daily News earlier this week:

Dababneh faces criticism from his party as election nears

Matt Dababneh represents District 45, in the West Valley region.

Republican Susan Shelley nearly won the seat in a special election, and Dababneh has had to move toward the middle ever since.

Daily News reports:

Exposing a split between political groups in Los Angeles, several Democratic clubs are refusing to back the re-election bid of Democratic Assemblyman Matt Dababneh amid accusations he’s too conservative.

Dababneh: Not Progressive Enough

Ouch! Local clubs are throwing their Democratic elected officials under the bus already?! Well, well, well. I thought that Republicans were divided in California ...

The Stonewall Democratic Club, the Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley and the San Fernando Valley Young Democrats all declined to endorse in the June 7 race, a signal of unhappiness with the 35-year-old incumbent.

What is the matter with these people? Don't they care about their team? Don't they have any team spirit?

Those groups are backing candidates in several other San Fernando Valley races.

So, they are sitting this race out ... In reality, they are eating their wown.

Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley executive board member Doris Dent said she’s worried about Dababneh’s voting record and his support from businesses like Chevron.
“I consider myself a progressive and he’s just not progressive enough,” said Dent, 76, a Northridge resident.

Not progressive enough? And how are their policies any where near progress? Please explain how job-killing regulations are helping the state of California to progress?

Dababneh, whose district extends from Tarzana to Chatsworth and Reseda to Bell Canyon, has the support of the California Democratic Party and Los Angeles County Democratic Party. He’s also endorsed by Gov. Jerry Brown, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, and more than a dozen current and former Democratic politicians.

Well, isn't that nice? But the grassroots organizations, the activists, the door-knockers and the phone-callers aren't all that happy with Dababneh!

The dissatisfaction with Dababneh highlights the varying political positions within the party and comes as so-called “moderate Democrats” across the state face pushback from progressives.

This dissatisfaction is eating up Democratic incumbents all over the state.

Mike Gipson hit from the left

Mike Gipson of Carson is getting hit from his left, along with Cheryl Brown in San Bernardino.

Even though Republicans are struggling to regain their footing in California, Democrats are finding their more progressive peers trying to pull out the rug from under them.

The TEA Party of the Left is steaming at Democratic legislators who pay closer attention to the needs of businesses, not just the left-wing, SJW activists more interested in their Utopian fantasies than bread-and-butter realities.

In Congressional districts, too, Democratic clubs are sitting out elections, refusing to endorse incumbents. Ami Bera of Sacramento is feeling the heat, and some of the labor unions who would normally line up behind a Democrat, have sided with Sheriff Scott Jones!

CD-24 has opened up with the retirement of Lois Capps. Democratic partisans are worried that two Republicans could advance to the general election!

Peter Aguilar has faced heat from the left for his differing votes on immigration and the Iran Deal. Does he support amnesty? Yes or no? If yes, then why did Aguilar vote to block Syrian refugees from coming into the country?

Janice Hahn doesn't like minority status in Congress, either. After all, she sat with thirteen other Democrats on the Los Angeles City Council for ten years, and got everything she wanted. Bipartisanship is a four-letter word in Los Angeles, and Republicans are an endangered species which stay behind the glass to stay safe.

President Barack Obama has tilted the Democratic Party so far to the left, that residents even in the state of California have switched their affiliation. A growing number of independents are taking over even in Los Angeles, and Republicans are winning back important seats which they had held in years past then lost due to ineptitude or lack of effort.

Republicans need to work together, and take advantage of these desperate splits in the Democratic Party. The greater likelihood of a Democratic Top Two race for US Senate race all but assures that the infighting will explode across the state. Couple that with disaffected Bernie Sanders supporters and Hillary Clinton's high unfavorability ratings, and Republicans may stand more of a chance than expected.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Trolling Democratic Plant Sean Flynn in CD-31

Sean Flynn wrote a book called "Economics for Dummies."

Yet the guy has never voted in an election over the past six years.

He donated lots of money to Congressman Gary Peters, a liberal Democrat from Michigan who tried to shut down a TV station after an Americans for Prosperity commercial blasting Peters' support for Obamacare.


Then Sean Flynn sent out a trashy, dirty, fraudulent mailer "No Show Chabot."

First, the mailer claims that Chabot was absent from key parole hearings, but on the other side of the mailer, points out that he voted '"abstain" on a few paroles, while voting "Yea" or "Nay" on other applicants.

So, which is it? Was he absent or not?

The truth is that Sean Flynn is a Democratic Plant.

He has done more to support Democratic interests, driving a wage between the Republican voters.

Hopefully, however, more residents will see through this ruse, very likely prompted by freshman Congressional incumbent Peter Agui-LIAR.

Here are a few scenes from the Sean Flynn Meet-n-Greet at Nuno's cafe in Upland.

First, I recorded why I was there, and the signs which stood out front:

Here are  my first thoughts, discussing that Chabot has all three pillars of conservatism covered: fiscal, social, and national.

Tressy Capps and Vera Eyzendooren met me at Nuno's in Upland, and we started filming.

The venue was pretty nice and peaceful. Some plants along the front a few tables set out, with campaign literature at the back table.

About four people had already gotten there, and one man was asking uestions.

Right away, Flynn noticed and then dismissed us, especially when he saw  my poster:

Here is the front side:

and here is the back side:

"These two are just Paul Chabot's people," Flynn smirked, then kept trying to ignore us.

I counted that comment. I don't have to belong to anyone in order to call out lies, dirty tricks, and Democratic frauds pretending to be Republicans.

Instead of facing Tressy, Vera, and me like a real Congressional candidate, he continued to ignore us.

Sean Flynn turns his back on me, and never looks me in the face

I tried to ask him some straight-forward questions, like why he was donating to Democratic candidates, then sending out fraudulent mailers.

He would swivel around and ignore us, looking for anyone else to talk to:

And why is he running in this race in the first place? Paul Chabot had already developed a sound, well-oiled political machine of volunteers and honest, patriotic conservatives.

The last thing that the CD-31 seat needed was another Republican, and no Joe Baca does not count.

At one point, Vera approached Flynn and asked him plainly about his views on homosexual message, along with other cultural issues. Tressy and Vera later told me that Flynn attended the central committee endorsement meetings, yet he refused to talk to them then, even to answer one or two questions. Why does a candidate run for Congress, and even while attending a central committee endorsement meeting, go out of his way to avoid answering substantive questions about his ideological views?


Tressy brought a fake plant to the Lemonade gathering, too, to show that Flynn is a Democratic plant.

Check out the cheeky photo op!

Afterwards, Capps explains why she found Flynn's latest mailer deceptive and fraudulent. One of Flynn's supporters claimed that Chabot has issued his own slew of attack ads, and yet the supported could not recall one negative ad which was fraudulent, deceptive, or misleading.

Another potential constituent, Tami, arrived later in the hour, and also had some tough uestions about the mailer.

Halfway through the meet-and-greet, Flynn's campaign manager confronted me. First, he told me that I could not have my camera open to record the event. I told him that this was a public event in a public place. He tried to counter by stating that the event was open to invited guests, yet the flyer for the event did not indicate that the event was only for a select few.

Then he tried to push Tressy and me out of the patio to stand behind the potted plants.

We refused. He said that "the Establishment" required us to move back. We still said "No". First Amendment.

The owner of the shop did come out and tell us to leave. "Go ahead and call the police," Tressy answered. The police never came, and even if they did, they would have no right nor authority to remove us, as we pressed Flynn to explain his lack of experience, his Democratic donations and his support, plus his constant resistance to answering any of our questions.

The campaign manager tried one last trick. At 3:45 (the event was scheduled from 3 to 4), he announced to the small group of attendees that Flynn had another event to go to.


A few of the pro-Flynn supporters got really hostile and angry with me, claiming that I was rude and immature: "Act like an adult!" Why do people resort to shaming people as immature just for exercising their First Amendment rights and demanding answers? What is their problem!

At 4:00pm (Flynn decided to stay for the whole event), the campaign manager escorted his Democratic plant to his car. We followed them all the way until they got into the vehicle and drove off.

Tami lamented that she could not ask Flynn anything. What kind of Congressional candidate ignores voters, even those who oppose his campaign? If he had simply responded to my concerns, whether I agreed with his answers or not, I would have left. Here are her comments.

Politicians by and large need to learn some lessons, like "Look people in the eye when they are talking to you." Here's another point: "Don't send out fraudulent mailers, because someone will follow up on what you publish." Be careful whom you donate to, as well.

Reminder folks: Peter Agui-LIAR put Flynn up to this fight.

Flynn is a Democratic plant, a fraud, and a total coward. I don't care how many books he wrote. Economics for Dummies means nothing if like a dummy you donate  money to Democratic candidates, the vast majority of which are anti-liberty, anti-free market, and anti-free speech.

After the Lemonade confrontation with Flynn, I visited Chabot's campaign headquarters. He has a considerable operation ready, including volunteers on the weekends!

Poster blasting Sean Flynn
Paul Chabot headquarters, with Robin Hvidston

Torrance School Board Endorses "Bad Apple" Al

The Torrance Unified School District school board is not just liberal.

They are short-sighted.

Instead of rallying behind David Hadley, who has accomplished more in one term as a freshman in the minority party, they have caved to the "safer" bet, Al Muratsuchi.

Oh, sure, they worked with Al when he was a Torrance School Board member.

But as soon as he went to the state assembly, he went Sacramento.

The LCFF (Local Control Funding Formula) actually hurt South Bay schools. If 55% of the student body is on reduced lunch, then the district would get more funding.

Torrance schools, along with other high scoring districts in the South Bay, are getting less money from the state.

What gives? When did it become a crime to excel?

Hermosa Beach City School District gets the least funding of any district in the entire state!

And Al Muratsuchi signed on for the unfair LCFF.

Let's just cut through all the noise and nonsense.

Michael Wermers is a confirmed leftist. He can play the "Decline to State" card all he wants: "I am fiscally conservative and socially liberal." Blah Blah Blah.

Wermers' one ambitions is secularism and liberalism.

He actually calls Bad Apple Al an "independent leader"? Muratsuchi does whatever the big, bad labor unions tell him to. He got jerked and pulled around by power plays in Sacramento all the time.

Who knew that Torrance schools were in the hands of such confirmed liberal lunacy? The Torrance School Board, committed to doing the will of the teachers unions, and not one good thing for the students or the parents.

How about this trick? The latest Muratsuchi flyer mentions Julie Shankle as "Torrance teacher"?

Julie Shankle,
President of the Torrance Teachers Association
The mailer neglects to mention that she is the President of the local teachers' union? Another political hack looking out for a special interest rather than the public interest. If kids were paying union dues, then the unions would care about them.

The Police Officers endorsement mentions the union. Why not the teachers union, too?

Who got a school choice bill passed in the state legislature? David Hadley.

Who got the law passed to make it easier to get rid of pervert teachers? David Hadley.

Who has worked to ensure that students, parents, and teachers enjoy the best uality education environment? David Hadley.

And yet who are the Torrance School Board members endorsing for state assembly?

"Bad Apple" Al.

What else motivates such slovenly, heedless pandering other than a sense of arrogance and entitlement?

Saturday, May 28, 2016

RINO Don Lee Endorses Al Muratsuchi

What is the matter with some Republicans?

It is shameful, just plain incredible to me that Republicans in the South Bay and in other parts of California engage in shameless, divisive actions against their own party.

Political parties exist in part to support local and statewide candidates for office.

Do they not agree on principles? Do they not have any respect or regard for the work that political parties engage in to ensure better results for their state?

RINO Don Lee

Yet what happens when the same candidate turns his back on the party?

Torrance Unified School Board member Don Lee, the same guy who lied about being the only officially endorsed Republican school board candidate for Election 2015, has now gone ahead and endorsed liberal Democratic--yes, Democrat--Al Murastuchi.

Yes, yes, I understand that the two were colleagues on the Torrance Unified School Board.

Still, David Hadley has done ten times the job that Muratsuchi had done when he had represented the South Bay. Instead of respecting the local interests and needs of the region, he followed the lead of the liberal special interests in Sacramento.

Democrats, Independents, and Republicans want a leader, not a follower, and this decision to continue supporting the same progressive left-wing candidate for the district is just terrible.

This is shameful, disgraceful, and just plain counterproductive.

What kind of a message does this send? What kind of leadership or governance does this demonstrate? For a guy who says "politics is fun," I do not see the fun or enjoyment in stabbing your party, your prized assemblyman, in the back.

Sources have informed me that Don Lee was liberal leaning as a school board member, anyway: "I like my city councils conservative, and my school board liberal."

He certainly fits in with this disappointing endorsement.

The South Bay has a Republican state assemblyman for the first time in 24 years, and what does Don Lee announce to the world?

Vote for the liberal Democrat and throw out David Hadley.

I have never been so disgusted.

Other conservatives in the South Bay have candidly told it like it is about Don:

"He's a weasel!"

"He's a RINO!"

Indeed, this latest stunt is truly disheartening.

Not only because Don Lee is a Republican, but also because Al Muratsuchi has run nothing but hateful, destructive, and abusive campaigns in the past, lying about his previous challengers in the most despicable fashion.

As a one-term FIRED Sacramento pol, he tried to pass legislation which would make it harder to fire pervert teachers. He also signed onto legislation to limit funding to local schools compared to other, lower-performing schools in the community.

How could anyone endorse Al Muratsuchi?!

Then again, perhaps we should not be surprised:

Don kissing Al after another Torrance bond passed in 2008
I understand that Republican unity is crucial, in spite of ideological, professional, or even personal differences.

But unity must be principled. Don Lee's actions have been anything but. It's time for accountability as well as unity.

This Republican, now RINO, should never have endorsed a Democrat, even when leaders of all parties have sided with a principled and pragmatic policy maker who has actually represented the 66th.

The Pro-Life Movement is Winning--Like a Pro

When it comes to “social issues”, the conservative political parties seem determined to avoid them now. Ten years ago, President George W. Bush stood proudly for life, and refused to buckle under the power of the state, or arrogant left-wing interest groups to redefine marriage, or seize the firearms of individual Americans.

While Barack Obama’s Alinskyite tactics have thrown conservatives off their game, they have slowly regrouped, and acknowledged the necessity not just to persuade, but to fight back and win, even if a little ground here and there.

For now, life is not just restoring its pre-eminence as a virtue, but the waning influence of abortion in today’s political discourse should embolden pro-life activists.

The foes of life are failing, and hitting hard. Who can forget the shameful photo of Gloria Steinem, with her hands held high, bearing a T-Shirt that read: “I had an abortion.” She was smiling for the camera, but many women (including Sharon Osborne) acknowledge the depression, the pain, or the lingering damage of never being able to have a child after a botched abortion. Many women want restrictions on the practice. They do not see the killing of a life as asserting a woman’s freedom from “patriarchy.” It’s a form of tyranny. They certainly do not see the death of an unborn child as exercise of one’s right to choose, either. They see it as denying choice for another person.

While conservative lawmakers are struggling to stand up to the homosexual and transgender lobbies, they have taken a strong stance and gained ground against Big Baby Kill. In Texas, South Dakota, and Indiana, governors are standing up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Just recently, Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina signed into law a provision banning abortion after twenty weeks. A woman did that, pro-abortion advocates, so spare me the “War on Women” card.

Critics will counter that the Palmetto State is a ruby red state, going redder. released a report earlier this month, detailing that abortion clinics are closing all over the country, even in blue states like uber-liberal California:

In the past few years, she’s seen other small providers close their doors because they simply couldn’t afford to keep going. The fees for services they charged were too low, the reimbursements from Medicaid and insurance too small and too infrequent. And the demand for abortions has fallen with the rate of unwanted pregnancies. “We are a dying breed,” Heckert said.

One silver lining to Obamacare: the health care overreach pushed the abortion mills out of business. Beyond that, there are fewer unwanted pregnancies. How stirring to ready that abortion clinics are the ones dying, rather than unborn children.

 Blue states like New Hampshire (and twelve other states) have also defunded Planned Parenthood. Rogue organizations which insist on peddling abortion will have to pay their own bills, with no taxpayer dollars. Even pro-choice claimants applaud this move.

Despite Roe v. Wade, abortion has not become a settled issue, and never will be.
I have known atheists–people who still maintain a hard heart towards God–who are pro-life. Millennials may waver on the marriage issue, but they are staunchly pro-life, and respect restrictions on abortion, too.

Why? The science. The technology, the innovations have opened the eyes of the most unbelieving to recognize that at the moment of conception, a new life is created, comes into being. Even Oprah Winfrey, when she reigned as Queen of Day Time, showcased the unfathomable intricacies of life at conception. That baby is not a bunch of cells, but a person, a life!

Recent discoveries confirm that an incredible, unforeseen flash of light emerges when the father’s sperm enters the mother’s ovum. There is no denying the plain facts: life begins at conception, and anyone who disagrees or suppresses the truth is anti-science (which sounds like most Democrats right now). Abortionists must face the truth–they advocating killing human life out of convenience or vanity. No wonder they are desperate to cover up the facts of life.

Of course, for those who trust in the Lord and believe His Word, we already knew that life begins at conception:

“Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.” (Jeremiah 1:5)
How about Paul’s revelation to preach the Gospel of Grace?

“But when it pleased God, who separated me from my mother’s womb, and called meby his grace, 16To reveal his Son in me, that I might preach him among the heathen; immediately I conferred not with flesh and blood: 17Neither went I up to Jerusalem to them which were apostles before me; but I went into Arabia, and returned again unto Damascus.”  (Galatians 1:15-17)

How can we not forget the blessed calling of Mary, who would give birth to a Son names JESUS?! (Matthew 1:25)

The world is slow, of course, and even the foolishness of God is wiser than men (1 Corinthians 1: 25), but the Pro-Life Movement is moving ahead … like a pro, and hopefully more cultural causes will follow their example: Biblical certitude, scientific affirmation, and political agitation.

Debbie Dooms Democrats (Priebus Runs Republicans Right)

There is nothing like watching the extravagant implosion of one’s enemies.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, is going up in smoke, Bern-ing away (yes, you read that right!). Democrats want her out. The Bernie Sanders supporters want her to pound sand. For all the trash-talk about a Republican clown car, the Democratic Party is a hideous car wreck on the side of the road. The news is spreading fast and everyone is rubber-necking as they drive by. A socialist Independent-turned-Democrat is turning the Democratic Party inside out, exposing its corrupt core. Sanders are called for her smoldering ouster, and the rank and file are lining up behind him.

Schultz, however, has been self-immolating for years. The powers that exist to prop up the DNC have worked overtime, and failed nonetheless. The lame-stream media has propped up Little Debbie all this time, but rigorously vigorously attacked RNC Chairman Reince Priebus every time he opened his mouth. And speaking of mouth, Schutlz should have shut hers a long time ago. She once told her colleagues to stop calling the Affordable Care Act “Obamacare.” Makes sense, since Obama never really cared about the American people or our healthcare in passing that terrible law.

She has frequently thrown firebombs at Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, too. When he signed into law the unprecedented Act 10 collective bargaining reforms, Schultz smirked that Walker had “awakened a sleeping giant.” She was thinking of Big Labor, but should have considered We the People. While Walker was campaigning for a successful second term, Schultz blurted out “Walker has given women the back of his hand.” Abusive and insensitive, Schultz later apologized, and likely regretted her hateful comments, which backfired on Democrats and fired up Republicans. Schultz cannot defend her pro-abortion remarks either. She kindled some heated debates with conservative stars like US Senator Rand Paul, a doctor with more insight into medicine than Schultz or anyone else in the Democratic Party.

She has deservedly taken a lot of flak for setting the stage for a Hillary Clinton coronation, too. Six DNC debates, mostly on weekends to diminish the viewing audience (and increasing Clinton’s weak chances), and the restless liberal masses are getting tired of Little Debbie’s Hillary pandering.

Of course, her biggest failure as chairman falls on her larger-than-appropriate presence in the national media. Shouldn’t she be assisting candidates down ticket to hold onto their seats? Come to think of it, as she faces a stiff challenge from her left from a well-funded outsider, she may well be out of two jobs: chairman and Congresswoman.

After perusing Debbie’s worst hits, the readership here and abroad should reflect on the statesman-like work of the current RNC chairman, whom Van Jones lamentably praised.

Priebus tried his frame at elected office once, and did not make it. Perhaps DWS should have refused a House seat when she became Chairman, too?

Unlike Schultz, Priebus stays behind-the-scenes as much as possible, a team-builder rather a self-promoter.

And he has done a masterful job.

Before the RNC, Priebus chaired the Badger State GOP, notably the year when Republicans swept the Wisconsin state legislature and the Governor’s office. Wisconsin has retained a blue hue since 1988, but the Republican red is taking over. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s win came about with help from Priebus, who learned how to align the Tea Party enthusiasm with the more established party machinery.

While Democrats endured massive loses in Washington and all over the country, the Republicans exposed their weak links and the need to grow elsewhere, though. The previous RNC Chairman, Michael Steele, was stirring up unconstructive storms of controversy. Republican operatives had been frequenting strip clubs. He shot his mouth off too often, and at the wrong people.

The Chairman is the coach, not one of the team-maters, but Steele fought on the field too much, and left too few victories behind. A winnable New York state House seat fell though GOP fingers that year, and donors were ticked off. Reince stepped up for the chairmanship, and after seven ballots, beating out the incumbent by one vote at the first ballot, Priebus took over.

The Wisconsin naive has presided over the storm internal-external politics of a party trying to hold onto the base while expanding its brand. Despite the terrible turnout of 2012, Priebus worked with the winners and developed new game plans.

Reaching out to minorities, improving the tech capacities of the party, he harnessed the social media audience to #StandWithTed during his 22 hour filibuster against Obamacare. He talked back to the media during interviews, and called them out for their heinous, brazen bias. When left-wing hot spots like MSNBC engaged in slimy racial attacks against Romney and his black grand-child, he cut off ties with the corporation until they apologized. Following the disaster of a debate which opened with “Name your greatest weakness”, Priebus cut off further debates with NBC altogether.
Finally, a chairman who fights rather than placates the media.

Mr Priebcus has remained upbeat and optimistic throughout the Election 2016 primary season. Despite the #NeverTrump crowds, Priebus reminds his frustrated peers that Trump is bringing new voters to the party. The illiberal media narrative falls apart, and Trump unraveled the ribbon. A fifty-state strategy looking beyond red and blue, Republicans are bringing a star-spangled restoration to a bitterly divided nation.

Whether he just happens to be in the right place at the right time, or has developed superior leadership skills—or both—RNC Chairman Reince Priebus has an accomplished record steering an American political party from utter failure to incredible success, and the unprecedented legacy of holding this powerful position during the administration of an opposing President.

Who can forget Election 2014? For the first time in decades, if ever, Republicans threw five Democratic US Senate incumbents out of office! Thirty-one governors, massive numbers in state offices all over the country, Priebus has a legacy that party operatives can only dream of.
One that Little Debbie will never know.

I Want a #TrumpSandersDebate

California is a battleground state once again. Normally, Golden State gawkers watch the presidential primaries rap up one month prior, while presumptive nominees work over Hollywood (Democrats) or Orange County (Republicans) for general election campaign cash.

At first, I was looking forward to Republicans battling it out for the remaining delegates. Cruz v. Trump, with a little Kasich on the side would have proved interesting.

From Indiana to now, though, Donald Trump has clinched the Republican nomination.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton is still sputtering along. Yes, she’ll win the nomination, but she just can’t clinch this deal. Untiring challenger Bernie Sanders is eating up all the scenery in the room, and he will be taking some of the furniture with him at the DNC Convention in Philadelphia. There will be no brotherly love for the frayed and frustrated Democratic Party, divided over purpose, process, and principles (if they have any left).

To make matters worsen, the socialist US Senator of Vermont wants another debate with the weak front-runner. He may not win the nomination, but his left-wing wrangling assures that Hillary Clinton, who has been running for President for the past two decades, still will never win.

The talking heads were convinced in 2008 that Hillary Clinton was finished. She refused to give up quietly. This time, she will make a lot of noise taking down the liberal-progressive phalanx. Not long ago, Clinton Democrats were Republicans with a light blue veneer. Today, Hillary leaves Democrats, so addled with corruption, unconvinced due to her stiffness, unreal and unbearable.

Hard-core Democrats in California and throughout the county have one word to describe her:  fake.

“She’s a liar.” One Millennial told me, without my asking.

“I don’t trust her,” another young person told me. He knows more about economics that almost every Democrat in Washington DC, and most politicians in Sacramento. A fast-food employee still looking for more work and better pay, a robot may boot him out of a job very soon.

Hillary Clinton has faced—engendered, more accurately--massive protests, including outright disgust from Hispanic communities in the Eastern Los Angeles region. One Hispanic is running for my state assembly district, and he is a big Sanders fan. Many of them confess in private their support for Trump.

Hillary will have one hell of a time trying to curry favor with an increasingly disenchanted electorate still yearning for hope and change after the California primary, even if she ekes out a victory.

This last week, Donald Trump has hosted thousands of supporters at his rallies. Clinton can barely generate a crowd of five hundred, and even then some of the audience members support Republicans. They just want to see the slow demise of the Democratic front-runner.

Bernie Sanders is firing up voters all over the Golden State. Unions love him. Hispanics trust him. Wealthy, elite Democrats, true believers in the Cause, want the democratic socialist who will redistribute everyone else’s wealth (except for theirs, since their tax shelters and iron-clad trusts will secure their inheritance from the most rapacious of government programs).

So, the question on Trump’s lips and everyone else’s mind: what would a Trump v. Sanders debate look like?

I can imagine the Donald “You’re Fired!” Trump running rings around “Weekend at Bernie” Sanders. “Do you have a pulse, Burned-out Bernie?”

They would talk about the poverty gap, inequality, the troubles of the working man trying to get by. Sanders could tout his millions of speeches in which he repeats ad infinitum (and ad nauseam) how the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, etc. Trump is richer, has been bankrupt, lost businesses, grew businesses, helped millions of people get jobs. He knows how to game the system, knows who takes advantage of it. He talks about other people getting richer, and Making America Great Again.

Trump and Sanders both blasts big trade deals which hurt America at the expense of everyone else. Sanders wants taxes, Trump wants tariffs. At least we can keep more of our money with a Trump Presidency.

Are they going to talk abortion or gay marriage? Doubtful, since the economic populism of both campaigns has made them viable, long-lasting, and one of them the full-on nominee for his party—and both of them were late-comers to their respective parties, too!

Sanders will try to play the race card. Trump has photos, blogs, free press showcasing his outreach with minorities of all backgrounds. Sanders will say that the government belongs to We the People not the millionaires and billionaires. Donald Trump is a billionaire spending his immense riches on … what? Not his campaign, really. Trump has taken tough stances on immigration, and has lost business because of it, but he keeps plugging away, winning support, delegates, states, now the GOP nomination, and very likely the Presidency.

Will Sanders and Trump debate the Second Amendment? Trump should, and will, since he shoots his mouth off, and hits the target even when he misses. Sanders has tried to run away from his pro-gun record, and still can’t shake away his trigger-like support for the many gun owners of Vermont. Bang! You’re dead!

Trump and Sanders will definitely agree on one thing: a Hillary Clinton presidency would be a disaster for this country. An Obama third term, Clinton will open the borders for the illegal aliens, and she will open the taxpayer-funded coffers for Wall Street. With her hands open wide to every corrupt dictator in the Middle East, the Clinton Foundation cashing in on these rogue relationships, Clinton the first woman Presidential nominee will give women of high political profiles a bad name.

The real war on women? Hillary enabling her nymphomaniac husband, with a rap sheet of perversions and peccadilloes so rank and disgraceful, no one has to wonder why radical feminist Camille Paglia despises Her.

I want a Trump v. Sanders debate. It will be fun, informative (indirectly), and will further cap the Hillary Clinton campaign which never really could.

Remarks to Cudahy City Council--May 27th, 2016

Good afternoon, Cudahy City Council.                                                    

My name is Arthur Schaper, a member of We the People Rising.

I would like to speak on Item 5C:

Creation of a Public Relations and Community Outreach Ad Hoc Committee (page 23) Presented by City Manager Recommendation

I do agree that this city council needs to improve public relations and outreach. 

If you want to improve public relations with the community, I would first advise attending all regularly scheduled meetings, and stop setting meetings during times when citizens cannot attend. It is truly shameful that the four boys on the city council cannot own their poor decisions

The two reports from La Opinion plus the expose from Univision have exposed a city council of four miscreant boys, and only one man--Jack Guerrero. The Cudahy Corruptitos have routinely violated the Brown Act, suppressed public comment, and continued to spent taxpayer dollars with heedless abandon. From five minutes to three minutes, and now only two?

They have done what their political bosses told them. Why not do what is best for the residents?

They have gone along with the illiberal lunacy or the Democratic Party machine.

Why not respect the needs of every citizen, not just political cronies?

If you want to improve public outreach to the community, do the right things:

1.                  Stop suppressing public comment; restoring proper time allotments
2.                  Conduct all business in the open
3.                  Spend tax dollars prudently and frugally
4.                  Follow all federal and state laws
5.                  Reduce local sports and event fees
6.                  Issue a letter of apology to the young ballet dancers
7.                  Restore the Club de Oro services
8.                  End costly contracts with outside vendors, including the wasteful magazine
9.                  Restore reasonable salaries for city positions
10.              Treat all citizens with respect
11.              End the destructive and counterproductive "sanctuary city" policy

Restore Cudahy. 
Open Government, Open City!

Thank you
Arthur Schaper

We the People Rising