Thursday, January 31, 2019

Wyoming GOP: Say No to SOGI Special Rights for LGBT Behaviors!

HB 230 would impose SOGI legislation on employers in Wyoming, elevating the LGBTQ community to a special class.
The nearly 500 members who were elected locally to serve at the 2018 State GOP Convention voted unanimously to adopt resolutions #9 and #10 prohibiting this kind of special treatment.
The Wyoming Republican Party urges the members of the Revenue Committee to stop this legislation from being voted out of committee for multiple reasons including:
  1. Equal protection is granted to all Wyomingites and American citizens. No group of persons should be elevated to a position of special rights or privileges.
  2. This legislation has the potential to be enforced arbitrarily and could be used to materially harm good, law abiding citizens and business owners.
  3. Business owners in Wyoming should have the ability to employ the best candidate to fill their open position and should not have to hire someone with fewer qualifications or unsuited for the job out of fear of litigation.
Since our first email this morning HB 230 has been reassigned to the Revenue Committee. 
The Wyoming Republican Party urges the members of the House Revenue Committee to stop this legislation from being voted out of committee for multiple reasons including:
Equal protection is granted to all Wyomingites and American citizens through the Constitution. No group of persons should be elevated to a position of special rights or privileges.
This legislation has the potential to be enforced arbitrarily and could be used to materially harm good, law abiding citizens and business owners.

Business owners in Wyoming should have the ability to employ the best candidate to fill their open position and should not have to hire someone with fewer qualifications or unsuited for the job out of fear of litigation.
We urge these members of the House Revenue Committee to vote “no” on HB 230 during their meeting THIS FRIDAY (tomorrow):
Dan Zwonitzer
(307) 214-7826
Jim Blackburn
(307) 275-2647
Cathy Connolly
(307) 399-0482
JoAnn Dayton
(307) 389-1296
Tim Hallinan
(307) 686-6542
Dan Laursen
(307) 271-0241
Jim Roscoe
(307) 730-5389
Pat Sweeney
(307) 234-6122
Cyrus Western
(307) 202-9497
Wyoming is a state of equal rights, not special rights. Reach out to the afore listed Representatives and ask them to please vote “no” on HB 230.
Wyoming Republican Party

Sunday, January 27, 2019

CAGOP: Say NO to RINO Jessica Patterson (Burned, Flailing, Fraudulent)

The California Republican Party is in worse than a crossroads. If they are not careful, they will be on a cross, executed before all, with no resurrection to anticipate.

Republican Vice Chairman David Hadley launched his bid for CAGOP Chairman, but the general rumblings and outrage made it clear that nobody wanted him to be the next chairman. He had a long, storied anti-Trump record. He wrote a brazen op-ed denouncing the presidential candidate and assured all the voters in the South Bay that he would not vote for him or for Hillary Clinton.

Aside from die-hard Republican activists who had worked with Hadley and every local candidate since the Craig Huey Congressional campaign in 2011.

Hadley is simply too liberal, and his voting record, plus his disdain for President Trump, proved too much for anyone to get behind his re-election bid for state assembly or his bid for governor of even his bid for California Republican Party chairman.

The CAGOP Establishment, which is interested in losing gracefully as long as they make big money with consultant fees, has now lined up behind another candidate: Former California Trailblazers leader Jessica Patterson.

Her social media profile has been all but scrubbed. Aaron Park's blog mentions that she had a long anti-Trump pedigree.

Now she is going all out to show her so-called support for the President. The truth is that we can do so much better.

Let's consider the legacy of this Trailblazers program:

Today, the fruit of Jessica Patterson's hard work has come to fruition.   Thanks to Assemblyman Brian Maienschein, Jessica's "All Star”, the Republican Assembly Caucus has lost another member.

Assemblyman Brian Maienschein, who was among Jessica Patterson's first endorsements, announced that he switched parties from Republican to Democrat.

Marking the 13th legislative seat that Republicans have lost under JessicaPatterson watch.

Is anyone surprised?

Since 2011 Jessica Patterson has worked with the third house (lobbyists) to completely dismantle what is left of the Republican party.

As CEO of California Trailblazers Jessica Patterson promised to help get more Republicans elected. In reality, the organization was used to ostracize any Republican that had values and wasn’t willing to play the game of the monied interests.

Jessica Patterson’s star pupil and practitioner of her Republican lite brand of politics has clearly shown us what we will get with Jessica Patterson as Chair of the Republican party.

Here they are together before Maienschein’s swearing in.

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Howard Fakes, one of the Republican Party of Los Angeles County RINS, took a proud picture with Brian Maienschein and Jessica Patterson above. 

The same Brian Maienschein who had announced, just after winning a narrow victory in San Diego, that he would re-register as a Democrat. The Trailblazers program invested more time shutting down conservatives than in promoting good Republicans to win elections.

Oh, and it gets worse about Jessica Patterson.

She sent out a glowing, self-congratulatory email showcasing all her major endorsements, but someone in the California Republican Party delegation decided to include some much needed edits, clarifications, and corrections:

It’s Time to Take the Fight to Democrats, Execute Aggressive Programs and Win Elections

(Simi Valley, California) – Jessica Patterson, CEO of California Trailblazers*,

*TRAILBLAZERS: When it began we had 28 Republicans in the Assembly & 14 Republicans in the Senate, funded in part by the CAGOP, GOP elected “Leadership” and Charles Munger to get more Republicans elected to the legislature. Trailblazers have managed to net -11 seats in the CA Legislature.

today announced that she is running for Chairman of the California Republican Party. A tenacious no-nonsense conservative*
*MERIDIAN is her consultant, and…the genius’ behind this press release, they were the hired lobbyists that pushed the Cap and Trade Gas Tax Hike to Republicans and worked directly with. Chad Mayes to do it,Conservative?

Patterson will lead a team that takes the fight to the Democrats and executes aggressive programs to help GOP candidates win. Patterson has the confidence of Republican leaders and local activists because of her vision, experience, network and ability to raise money, register voters and lead winning campaigns
TRAILBLAZERS lost 11 formerly safe GOP seats. Now the CAGOP enjoysSUPERMinority status.
CAGOP Victory 2010 & 2012 those are the two years she was in charge of the Get Out The Vote Strategy for the CAGOP… Aside from 2018 – they were the WORST years of losses for the CAGOP in the last 2 decades or more.
NEVADA JOHN MCCAIN VICTORY Director in 2008, She lost…we were supposed to win Nevada.
SCHWARZENEGGER 2006, Regional Political Director which means she oversaw a county or small region of the state campaign, and yes…Schwarzenegger did win that. We don’t know if she won her region…...

“The Democrats are systematically destroying the state I love, turning California into the capital of poverty, drowning hard-working families in taxes and creating an arrogant and unaccountable government bureaucracy,” Patterson said. “I will never apologize for being a proud conservative Republican or give up on our Party. We’re going to rebuild a GOP team that takes the fight to the Democrats, raises money, registers voters, turns them out to vote and wins elections.
These are all things that Jessica and more importantly, the folks backing her, have supposedly been doing for the party, that’s what this press release claims…The Status Quo…Our “Leadership”. This is their very first press release for her. How exactly has everything been working out?
Through organized statewide grassroots activists, armed with the latest tools and tactics, our California Republican Party is going to be a powerful force unlike anything California has ever seen.”

Patterson, 38, is CEO of California Trailblazers, an organization she helped found, build and grow that recruits and trains Republican candidates for state legislative office. Modeled after the national Young Guns program, Trailblazers is California’s most successful GOP candidate support program.
This was the CAGOP Program in 2018. How did it go?
This is because, at her core, Patterson is one of the state’s top campaign experts who recognizes that operational excellence is a determining factor in party success. She launches her campaign with overwhelming support from 19 Republican state legislators, including Senate Republican Leader Pat Bates and Assembly Republican Leader Marie Waldron as well as key GOP grassroots leaders who know all the candidates and believe Patterson is the best leader for the party’s future.

STOP, THIS IS CRAZY - Do you believe that we have been on the right path, that what “Leadership” has been doing has been working out so far? Do you want more of that same plan?

Are you willing to put the engine of the Republican Party into the hands of someone you don’t know because the people that have been doing an awful job at electing Republicans say so?

This press release itself looks like it was written in the nineties. Our party needs authenticity. We need someone to lead it that backs up our grass roots activists. We need someone that cares enough to know that this isn’t a game.  This is real life, and our very lives and livelihoods are on the line.  We need to do what we once did so well. Show up, work hard, join in effort and get the job done.

It’s time for things to change!

Jessica Patterson’s work ethic and dedication are unmatched, illustrated by her growth from California Republican Party intern to Director of Victory operations in just eight years,” California Federation of Republican Women Past President Martha House said. “She delivers results without ego or entitlement, and I enthusiastically endorse her to be the next Chairman of the California Republican Party.”

“I’ve worked directly with Jessica Patterson for more than a decade. She’s tough and will not back down from any challenge,” Trump’s Hispanic Advisory Council Member Mario Rodriguez said. “Jessica is a true conservative, staunchly pro-life, a steadfast supporter of the second amendment and strongly opposed to taxes and wasteful bureaucracy. She is the only California Republican leader who can unite our Party and help our candidates win.”

Patterson grew up in Hacienda Heights and Montebello in East Los Angeles County, getting her start in politics in high school as a volunteer for former Governor Pete Wilson; Governor Wilson has endorsed her candidacy. She continued to gain valuable organizing and operational experience volunteering at the Los Angeles Republican Party headquarters in Hacienda Heights. Following an internship with Assemblymember Bob Pacheco, Patterson served as an intern for the California Republican Party and was later appointed Executive Director of the Ventura County Republican Party. In 2006, Patterson was a Regional Political Director for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s landslide re-election effort. She was the Nevada Victory Director in 2008 for John McCain for President. Patterson served as the statewide Field Director for Meg Whitman for Governor and California Victory Director in 2010 and 2012 with the California Republican Party. 

Jessica brought us Arnold Schwarzennegger, John McCain and Meg Whitman.  So with her as Chair, we can count on repeating those successful examples.  Well, at least wildly successful for her consultants.  

“State Republican legislators will have no better partner than Jessica Patterson as Chairman of the California Republican Party,” State Senator Shannon Grove said. “On her watch, we will gain seats in Sacramento and fight for policies that will make California affordable, improve our schools and support the men and women in law enforcement who put their lives on the line to keep us safe.”

Patterson is a graduate and member of the Board of Directors for the Marian Bergeson Series, a training program designed to recruit and train the next generation of Republican women in California politics.  She is married to Wes Patterson, a nonprofit fundraiser, and they have two beautiful daughters.

“I am ready for the challenges ahead and recognize it won’t be easy, but California is at a turning point. We’re going to build a Republican Party that reflects California, gives people hope for the future and wins elections,” Patterson concluded.

Patterson looks like she just graduated from college, or from high school--and yet now she is getting propped up by the remaining vestigates of outside money so that the rich consultants can make big money while the rest of us keep losing money.

Sorry, but I am not on board with any of this folly.

I resent, I really resent a bunch of party bigwigs forcing their choice onto the California Republican Party convention delegation. That is wrong.

Oh, and let's talk about who gets rich with a Patterson Chairmanship ...


Recently a Ripoff Report for Fraud was filed against Jessica Patterson.

Read it here.

Jessica Patterson promised donors that she would help get more Republicans elected, but instead she enriched herself and few consultants.

Here are the damning facts taken from the California Secretary of State Site.

Since the 2012 Election Cycle when Trailblazers was founded, the CAGOP has gone from 28 in the Assembly down to 20 (make that 19, now that Trailblazer All-Star Maienschein is gone) and 14 seats in the State Senate down to 10.

Why? Let's follow the money.

In this last cycle (2017 -18) where Republicans got wiped out and our candidates were overwhelmed with money pouring from from liberal special interests,  

The Trailblazers raised $717,000 from donors. They paid Jessica and the consultants (including Jessica) a total of 

Trailblazers ONLY GAVE CANDIDATES A TOTAL of $28K, for the entire two year cycle, in a midterm where Republicans statewide got wiped out.

Since Trailblazers started it has been a scheme to buy off our party, enrich a few consultants and make our elected officials subservient to lobbyists.

For roughly seven years worth of work, the Trailblazers has paid JessicaPatterson a total $1,250,609. During this same period of time other consultants were paid an additional $1,040,484.

A total of  $2,291,094 went to Jessica Patterson and consultants.

Over its entire lifetime, the Trailblazers have only sent $142,365 to candidates.

Do you see a pattern?

In essence, Jessica Patterson and her cohorts  have been paid $2.3 millionwhile spending almost nothing on actually getting candidates elected.

Is it any wonder that Trailblazers work has yielded a loss of 13 seats?

In February, we have choice to make about the Future of our Party.  Do we want to continue letting Jessica Patterson enrich herself and her cohorts at the expense of a strong Republican Party? 

Coming Next Week:
How the Trailblazers PR Scam worked
Keyboard Warrior vs. Grassroots Warrior


Can't we do better than Jessica Patterson?!

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