Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Trump To Mark Sanford: Hit the Appalachian Trail

The Trump effect is not only driving Democrats and progressives crazy.

But useless, NeverTrump Republicans are feeling the heat, too, since they refused to see the light and work with our President.

Congressman Mark Sanford of California has had a tumultuous political career, first serving two incredible terms as governor, only to leave office in disgrace following the embarrassing revelations that he cheated on his wife. In spite of this egregious moral failure, Sanford moved on from the Governor's race then sought election back to the same House seat he held years before.

He was replacing Congressman Tim Scott, who was appointed by Nikki Haley following the resignation of Jim DeMint. Sanford's marital failures crept in his special election bid, and the National Republican Congressional Committee pulled out their campaign funds.

Sanford still won, however, which shows that God's grace superabounds in our lives even despite our many failings.

One would think that following his own personal infidelities, he would have looked the other way in regards to then President candidate Donald Trump's personal issues, both rhetorical as well as marital. Unfortunately, Sanford turned into an officious Never-Trump who opposed the President at every turn. He even pushed against the initial Obamacare repeal in the House, in part I imagine out of spite with the President.

That has not worked out well in his favor. Trump is very popular in South Carolina, and the voters in the First Congressional District are probably going to let Sanford know that this term will be his last.

Trump tweeted out an endorsement for Sanford's challenger, most likely because Trump senses that Sanford isn't going to make it out of the primary today:

President Trump is really draining the self-serving swamp in Washington DC. I imagine that people like Sanford were profiting off the give-and-take Potomac Two-Step in DC, and they don't like anyone barging to make a mess of their cushy, Beltway lifestyle.

This is really something. A growing number of incumbent Republicans are losing in primaries because they will not support President Trump and his MAGA Agenda. Truly, this country has a chief executive who is a man of the people, and he will not allow anyone on either side of the aisle get in the way of his plans.

Katie Arrington
I anticipate another upset with Katie Arrington carrying the day in South Carolina's Congressional District One.

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