Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Anti-Zionist, Anti-Jew Sentiment Among "Red-Pilled" Groups

First, I learned about how extensive the Holocaust denial industry has grown, but I also learned that more people are taking on these lies and not backing down.

I have sensed for the last year that a number of conservative outsiders have had a problem with Israel. They claim that the country engages in human rights abuses, that they have no right to the territory. There are further claims that fault intelligence from Israel induced the United States into wars in the Middle East.

Much of this is bunkum, of course, but why do these otherwise conservative "red-pilled" groups hate Israel?

One source informed me that the wacky reports on YouTube have seduced many of these younger minds to reject the Jewish State. The conspiracy theories spun out about a few paramilitary ventures under Israeli authority have fed this unfunded hatred of Israel. A number of videos that I have watched articulate that the whole Holocaust is made up or exaggerated. After watching these videos, however, the arguments offer nothing substantive to debunk the Holocaust.

What do they say about the testimonies of the thousands of survivors? Where did they get the tattooed numbers from? I find it hard to believe that there would be so many people of different nationalities who would fabricate such an elaborate scam. How about the massive video recordings of Germans dumping the dead bodies of gassed Jews into mass graves? I saw those videos as early as 7th grade. I defy anyone to claim that all of those videos were some kind of elaborate hoax.

William Shirer's book "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" is one of the most exhaustive histories on the Third Reich, including the Holocaust. The bureaucrats and and Nazi military thugs who designed and implemented the massive annihilation of targeted groups, starting with the disabled and mentally ill, then continuing with their genocidal plans against Jews, Gypsies, and other "undesirables". They also kept exhaustive records of all the people whom they murdered. The rolodex records, names, the extensive steps to legitimize Jews, expel them, sequester them, incarcerate them, then annihilate them was well-documented.

Some "intellects" cannot fathom that such evil resides in the hearts, the flesh of mankind, yet it's there.

Beyond that, there is a growing upset about "Jewish Elites" controlling the media. These wannabe conservatives have a growing outrage with Jews in general, though, because a large segment of them do lean left. There are a number of people of Jewish descent who work in the entertainment and media industries, too. These individuals then conclude that "The Jews" are the problem.

But wait ...

Not every liberal media mogul is Jewish. Rupert Murdoch is not Jewish, and yet many of these globalized anti-Zionists fervently believe that Murdoch is Jewish! It's crazy. There is no talking to them about this matter.

Many Jews in the media and in everyday life are conservative, at least those whom I have met and read about. I have met Orthodox Jews in West Los Angeles who affirm to me that they voted for Donald Trump in 2016. Ben Shapiro, Mike Levin, Dennis Prager, David Rubin are conservatives or classical liberals. How about Evan Sayet, who used to be a confirmed liberal, but rebelled against his left-wing peers and allied academics when they spent more time defending terrorists than fighting them.

This idea of a Jewish plot to take over the media, to take over the world is simply unsubstantiated, but it's not an old line of attack. Read "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion", and you will find out that for the last 150 years, the push to demonize Jews as an enemy to every civilized country where they live. These notes have been thoroughly debunked as a Czarist forgery meant to justify the savage pogroms against Jews in Russia.

And yet ...

There are the Red Elephants. Nick Fuentes, and an assortment of other alternative right-wing groups and speakers who hate Israel. One video outlined reasons why Christians should give up their "love affair" with Israel; however, the video snipped out video segments from a Jewish gathering which was not taking place in Israel to begin with!

Anti-Zionist lunacy on full display

Then there are stories about the "unjust" treatment of the Palestinians, along with the argument that Israel is an imperial power taking land away from Arab owners. What?! Huh?! They see Iran as a victim-state rather than a sponsor of terrorism all over the world, including Israel as well as the United States. I don't recall Israel threatening to blow Iran off the face of the earth, nor do I recall members of the Israel Knesset burning American flags or taking Americans hostage.

I do recall reading about Israel taking out nuclear reactor in Iraq, which the violent Baathist dictator Saddam Hussein was building. There were diplomatic talking heads who condemned the incident, but in reality many heads of state were glad that Israel had taken the pre-emptive strike to take down the reactor in Osirak.

Then there are the arguments that support for Israel is somehow inconsistent with putting the United States first or investing in this country's better interests. I used to believe that the United States should provide foreign aid or investment to any country. Now I see that American investment in Israel pays off in multiple ways. $3.8 billion is a nothing compared to the data, the intelligence, plus the cultural and spiritual values which Americans and Israelis share.

I would submit that opposing Israel is in fact anti-American. One cannot claim to put America First if they routinely pillory and undermine the state of Israel.

That little nation along the Mediterranean coast is the only stable democracy in the region, aside from Iraq post-Hussein, although its status and stability are in question. The nation continues to serve as a countervailing force against Iran and against Islamic tyranny in the region. They have helped the long-term fight against ISIS. They provide food, water, and technology through research, development, and implementation throughout the world. Their humanitarian investments counter China's aggressive military and cultural imperialism in Africa, too.

And yet these "conservative" groups hate Jews and hate Israel.


1. YouTube viewership without critical thinking.
2. A latent atheism, which is common for many among the alt-right.
3. A knee-jerk Buchananite nationalism, even though Pat Buchanan no longer opposes Israel and considers the Jewish State an ally. Why did Buchanan's views change? He actually visited the country.
4. The fear of being labeled a "cuck" or "Establishment" by their alt-right peers if they stop hating Israel.

What is astonishing to me about this group is that they oppose globalism and the left-wing media ... except when it comes to Israel. They believe all the negative reports written in Haaretz about Israel. They will trot out two major negative events, the Lavon Affair and the attack on the USS Liberty, to justify their unfounded hatred of Israel.

This is no joke. I have read anti-Israel articles and listened to anti-Israel spokesmen, and they invariably throw out references to those two events, then they talk about Jews controlling the Fed, the media, major institutions in the United States Government.

It gets old fast. It's pretty sad, and yet all too common.

For the record, the USS Liberty incident was deemed a fog-of-war tragedy after at least six investigations. The commander in charge of the USS Liberty declared that it was a fog of war tragedy. Even if all the allegations of violent conspiracy are true, would these anti-Zionists conclude that the United States government worked with Israel to cover up this supposed deliberate attack?

How do we deal with these lies about Jews, Israel, the Judeo-Christian legacy?

We fight back with the truth, but we should not vouch for or demand the forced silence of these individuals. If people want to condemn Israel and embrace their Anti-Semitic beliefs, then so be it.

But we have every right to speak the truth and not hold back our recognition of the facts on the ground.

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  1. The claim that the US government has conducted “at least six investigations” of the attack on our ship is a myth that is very easily refuted by visiting

    For those who claim that Capt. McGonagle didn’t think the attack on the USS Liberty was deliberate should view his comment at


    Joe Meadors
    USS Liberty Survivor
    Director of Operations, USS Liberty Veterans Association