Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Korean Teenager Kills Oppressive Mother (Reflection)

This is a truly tragic story. A young boy harassed and bullied by his mother to get the top grades, in order to enroll in the premier law school in South Korea.

The mother abused her son so ruthlessly, that the son finally killed his mother, since he feared for his life.

Can you imagine such abuse? Such torture? How would you have responded?

Teenager Sentenced for Killing Grades-Obsessed Mother

A Seoul court on Tuesday sentenced an 18-year old boy to three years and six months in prison for killing his mother, a crime he said he was driven to by the physical and mental abuse he sustained because of her obsession with his school grades.

The case came to light late last year after the boy's father, who lived apart from his family, visited home after a year and found a bedroom door tightly sealed and his son acting suspiciously.

According to media accounts, the boy, appearing in court in school uniform, testified that his mother had beaten him with a golf club, verbally abused him and denied him meals for a period of days because she was angry with his test scores. He said he killed her out of fear that her violence could eventually kill him.

Police said the boy stabbed his mother to death in March last year, put her body in her room and left it there until it was discovered after eight months. He sealed the room to hide the smell of the body, went about his daily life and occasionally invited friends to his house. 

Here's the initial report from the Korea Times, a year earlier:

A Seoul woman who constantly hounded her high school student son to come first nationwide in college entrance exams has allegedly been killed by the son, police said Thursday, illustrating the severe social fallout of the nation's obsession with educational achievement.

Police said they have sought a warrant to arrest the 18-year-old son, who is suspected of killing his mother and concealing her body within their house.

The student, whose name was withheld, allegedly killed his mother by stabbing her in the neck at their home in March, and has kept her body in her room for the past eight months, officials at Seoul's Gwangjin Police Station said.

The boy's father, who lived apart from his wife, reported his son's suspicious behavior to police after a recent visit. Police officers went to the home where they found the woman's body and took the teenager into custody for questioning.

The high school senior confessed to investigators that he had killed his 51-year-old mother in fear of harsh punishment as she had pressured and beaten him to come first among all students nationwide in the college entrance exam.

The student, who ranked about 4,000th nationwide in March's mock college entrance exams, changed his rank to read 62nd out of about 700,000 fellow third-graders. His mother was not satisfied with even his doctored national ranking and beat her son with a baseball bat, urging him to rise to the top.

According to officials, the suspect said he was afraid that his mother would find out about his fabricated report card in a visit to the school she was planning.

Despite him achieving relatively good grades, his mother was never satisfied and pressed him to earn better scores so he could enter the top law school in the nation, sometimes not feeding him or allowing him to sleep.

Experts say the tragic incident partially resulted from social pressure in a society that places high emphasis on big-name schools to achieve success. (Yonhap)

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

How I Became 100% Pro-Life

A year ago, I sparked an incredible discussion on Facebook. I asked people about the abortion issue, re: are you pro-choice or pro-life.

I was surprised by the number of people who were not only pro-life, but who did not even recognize the option for abortion in the cases of rape or incest. For some people, they did not support abortion even if the life of the mother was in jeopardy!

I was really surprised by those remarks.

Earlier on, I was having dinner with a veteran who lived in Santa Clarita, California. The issue of abortion came up during our discussion. I told him that I was pro-life, but that I supported abortion in cases of rape, incest, or the life of the mother.

The veteran responded: "It's not the baby's fault if she was conceived in rape."

I countered, "Sure, but it's not the mother's fault, either."

The discussion on that issue stopped there.

Little by little, I encountered people who also shared that they opposed abortion, even in the cases of rape and incest. This did cause me to rethink my views on the matter.

A few months ago, I found the testimony of a prophet and evangelic speaker named Andre Ashby on YouTube. I was looking him up because I remembered that he had prophesied over me in a church meeting in Torrance, CA in 1996. I was just thinking about the great words that he had spoken over me, and I wanted to see if he was still active in ministry. I watched his video testimony, and I learned that he had been conceived in rape! 

Wow! That really caused this whole issue to hit home for me. I was now personally impacted, blessed by someone who had been brought into this world, and who had been a blessing in this world, but was born to parents in which the father had raped his mother. Unbelievable!

With that personal implication, I realized that I simply could not support abortion because a mother had been raped. A child is a child is a child, and he deserves to live, even if how he was conceived was due to great harm and sin.

It's not the kid's fault, just as that veteran had told me.

Later on, I listened to the testimonies of two women, one who had gotten an abortion after she was raped, and one who chose not to abort her child after she was raped. The testimony of the woman who had gotten the abortion announced that the loss of her child was like getting raped a second time.

What a horrific thought! It had never occured to me how fundamentally intrusive and abusive an abortion procedure is for a mother. For me, the issue about abortion had focused on the needs of the mother, not just the child. Relying on that metric, I saw a perfectly justifiable reason for opposition abortion in the cases of rape and incest.

Finally, I spoke with another pro-life activist on this matter, and he made it crystal clear for me:

"Abortion is murder. If you do not support murder, then you cannot support abortion. It's as simple as that."

And with that, I became 100% pro-life, an abortion abolitionist.

More Than Adding or Submitting: Jesus Gives Us His Life

 Two days ago, the pastor at my church shared a statement about the role that Jesus is supposed to play in our lives.

"Some of us want to add Jesus to our lives. We see people saying things like: 'Oh, let's bring our kids to the local church. We want them to learn good moral values on how to live.'"

"But Jesus is not someone you add to your life. You need to surrender your life to Him. You need to submit your life to Him!"

But even here, this is wrong, too.

Jesus said to the Israelites of His day, and this promise resonates with all of us:

"The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." (John 10:10)

Jesus didn't just come to make our lives better, or show us how to live.

He came to give us life! 

We therefore have to accept the corrollary before this, that we don't have life on our own:

"Nevertheless death reigned from Adam to Moses, even over them that had not sinned after the similitude of Adam's transgression, who is the figure of him that was to come." (Romans 5:14)


"1And you hath he quickened, who were dead in trespasses and sins; 2Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience: 3Among whom also we all had our conversation in times past in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind; and were by nature the children of wrath, even as others." (Ephesians 2:1-3)

We were dead, and Jesus brings us to life!

We do not submit our lives to Jesus, we submit so that Jesus can give us His life!

"Yet a little while, and the world seeth me no more; but ye see me: because I live, ye shall live also." (John 14:19)

The Gospel is about so much more than adding something to our lives, or submitting our lives to Jesus: He is our Life! (Colossians 3:4)

The Democratic Coalition is Crumbling?

Well, this is interesting news, indeed. The Democratic Party is not as strong as they think they are.

Let's remember that the Democratic presidential nominee did not win the election. The voter fraud was rife and documented. President Trump won the election, and he brought up the ticket in a number of states. In fact, there are now more GOP trifectas across the fifty states, and the key swing states still have GOP majorities, as those legislative majorities will draw the Congressional representative districts for election 2022.

Republican lawmakers will ensure that Republican Congressional representatives keep their seats and gain more seats, especially as blue states continue to lose representation as they lose population to other states.

And as for that voting coalition ... What do the Democrats have working for them, really?

How Stable Is the Democratic Coalition?

The party may control the elected branches in Washington. But it may be facing some slippage in support from minority communities.

By Eric Kaufmann

Democrats are riding high in Washington, with control of the White House and Congress. They got there with a broad coalition that included suburban white and minority voters — I estimate, based on exit poll data, that nearly half of the Democrats’ roughly 81 million votes came from the latter group. For Republicans, it was just 18 percent.

If the Democrats are to avoid losing Congress in 2022 or the presidency in 2024, they will need to continue to carry an overwhelming number of minority voters. Yet there are signs that the party’s dominant grip on this growing demographic is beginning to slip.

Minority voters are no longer in the minority, so to speak. Many of them see themselves as Americans, not with ethnic hyphens attached to their identities.

The 2020 presidential election results illustrate a clear edge for Democrats among nonwhite voters. Exit poll data show that just 32 percent of Hispanics and Latinos, 34 percent of Asian-Americans and 12 percent of Black respondents voted for former President Donald Trump. Data from  AP VoteCast Survey put those numbers at 35 percent for Hispanics and Latinos, 28 percent for Asian-Americans and 8 percent for African-Americans.

For Democrats, the problem with those figures is that they represent a step back from the strong results of 2012. Since then, minority support for Republicans has inched up. Without minority votes, Mr. Trump would not have won in 2016 or come as close as he did in 2020.

Democrats see a simple story: Barack Obama galvanized minorities to vote Democratic. His departure from the ballot means things have simply returned to normal.

But what if something more enduring is going on — and what is considered “normal” has shifted? Namely, Democrats may be seeing a slippage in support from some minority communities. And in the case of Hispanics in particular, some of that movement is a result of a form of identity politics, as they more and more see themselves as identifying with the white majority. And since nearly six in 10 whites voted Republican in 2020, it should follow that as minorities move toward what we might think of as a mainstream white Americanism, some will become more Republican.

Hispanic voters in California favor recalling Governor Newsom. They also do not support abortion, homosexuality, or other left-wing social engineering, which has become endemic in the Democratic Party.

The trajectory of earlier generations of white Catholics in America provides a good example of this sort of political movement. From the country’s founding, the United States was largely Protestant — in the late 19th century, I estimate it was around 80 percent. The political historian Paul Kleppner calculated that around 70 percent of white Catholics (largely descended from post-1840 Irish and German immigrants) voted Democratic from 1853 to 1892, and roughly the same percentage (68 percent) of Northern white Catholics identified as Democrats in 1952-60, as the political scientist Alan Abramowitz, using American National Election Studies data, showed.

The 1960 election of John F. Kennedy as the first Catholic president was the Obama moment of his era. Yet this Catholic triumph marked the beginning of the end of the Catholic-Democratic love affair. In 1960, using that same National Election Studies data, 73 percent of white Catholics identified as Democrats, a high-water mark. In the years that followed, they began at first a slow shift toward the Republican side and then, after the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980, a steadier migration. By 2016, just 38 percent of white Catholics identified as Democratic, and half called themselves Republican (that movement has continued into 2020).

According to my calculations, the data also reveals that the share of nonwhite voters identifying as Democratic reached 75 percent in 2008, when Mr. Obama was elected. In 2019, the most recent year of this data, just 51 percent of nonwhites identified as Democratic.

The numbers are going down. More "minority" voters are identifying clearly and simply as "American" voters. The demographics are changing, but that does not mean that the country is lost.

The 2018 and 2019 numbers come from a smaller sample than the National Election Survey election-year data, but even if we dismiss 2019 as a blip, it is noteworthy that the Democratic share has fallen every survey since 2008. It is becoming more difficult to write this off as simply a return to the pre-Obama status quo.

Many minorities who no longer identify as Democrats have become independents rather than Republicans — much like their white Catholic predecessors initially did — but this means their loyalties are increasingly up for grabs on Election Day.

Yes, indeed. Most blacks do not want the police defunded, but rather defended in their neighborhoods. Let's not forget that Joe Biden did not win the election. It was stolen outright, and the numerous affidavits, videos, and other statistical models all confirm these dark realities.

In order to understand what may be occurring, it is useful to examine which kind of minority voter leans Republican. For Hispanics and Asian-Americans, this raises the question of assimilation. If these newer groups follow the path laid by earlier generations of Italians and Jews, they will come to identify themselves more and more as white rather than as minorities. The political scientists Álvaro Corral and David Leal show that Latinos whose family had been in America for three generations were more likely to vote for Mr. Trump in 2016. My analysis of Pew survey data from 2018 reveals that there is a big gap between the immigrant Hispanic generation and the third generation (representing a child of a U.S.-born Hispanic). Almost 80 percent of the immigrant Hispanic generation voted Democratic, whereas the third generation figure was about 60 percent.

Mr. Trump’s more defensive, cultural brand of nationalism — and occasionally racist comments — were once thought to be a deal-breaker for minority voters. However, these messages can resonate with minorities. In addition, according to my analysis, Hispanics who are American-born and native English speakers are more likely to believe others see them as white. Hispanics and Asians who say their American identity is “extremely important” to them also feel warmer toward white Americans.

Cultural Conservatism is bouncing back.

Hispanics who predominantly speak English are more secure about their position in American society. When asked in 2018 whether Mr. Trump’s election gave them “serious concerns” about their place in America or whether they were confident they belonged, these Hispanics were 22 points more confident than those who predominantly speak Spanish.

For African-Americans, data from a Qualtrics survey I conducted shows that voters with the weakest attachment to their Black identity had a higher propensity to vote for Mr. Trump, and these voters were more likely to live in ZIP codes with a smaller Black population. While just 16 percent of African-Americans in our sample said their Black identity was not especially important to them, the political scientist Tasha Philpot writes that attendance at a Black church is often linked to a stronger Black identity, and thus to higher Democratic identification. And if Black voters moved away from what Ismail White, a political scientist at Duke, calls “social networks within the Black community,” that might limit the power of the community to enforce a Democratic-voting norm.

Joe Biden’s coalition, which is less dependent on minority votes, could insulate the Democrats from the political risks of any minority movement away from the left. Meanwhile, Mr. Trump’s better-than-expected performance in 2020 suggests a Republican coalition of secure minorities and anxious whites may be a match for the “emerging Democratic majority” of anxious minorities and secure whites.

"Dear Straight People" Takes Down "Gay High School Romance" Report: Why?

 A few months back, I rediscovered a post from "Dear Straight People", the pro-LGBT blog based in Singapore, hosted and written predominantly by Sean Foo. The article featured a gay male couple that had first connected in high school, and they had stayed together ever since. One of the males, Jason Yin, was an Asian American, and the other, Thorin Duffin, was a British ex-pat who moved to the United States when he was in high school. The two hooked up during that period of time.

The point for pushing these stories is to give the impression that homosexual relationships are natural, lovely, admirable. The LGBT movement wants to use every emotional ploy and tool at its command to normalize the behaviors, which are inherently destructive, and based on wrong believing and harmful behaviors. And of course, the intersectionality of an Asian-AMERICAN and a Anglo Briton, coupled with the fact that one of them is an immigrant, is too much for these progressive story-tellers to pass up.

A few days ago I tried to find that story, the link was down. Apparently, Sean Foo had taken the story down!

But makes sure that we can still find everything! Nothing disappears on the Internet.

Here's the link.

Here's the masthead photo for the story:

It looks like such a star-studded, warm-hearted story, doesn't it? The homosexual "romance" of two men is just like the love story between natural high school sweethearts, too, right? No one should get upset about same-sex couples wanting to be treated like natural couples, because there is nothing untoward or out of place with any of this, right?

Well, consider how their "romance" began:

Picture this.

In the late nineties, Thorin relocates from England to the United States. In high school, his English accent and boisterous nature help him stand out. His profile rises even higher when he is appointed captain of the football team. Within a short span of time, Thorin effortlessly climbs the social ladder to become one of the most popular guys in high school. He is even crowned prom king.

Fate conspires such that Thorin is seated behind Jason. Unlike Thorin, Jason is quiet and studious. The likeable but ‘invisible’ Asian American that has recently become a staple in teenage rom-coms.

Maybe it’s hormones. Or perhaps just boredom. But Thorin starts poking and tickling Jason from behind. The bickering soon evolves into a full-blown romance.

They become each other’s first love. First kiss. First everything. Over a decade later, they’re still happily together.

As unbelievable as this sounds, this is not the plot of a new Netflix rom-com. This is a true story.

Can you imagine one male poking and tickling another? In a classroom? Something is a little unsettling about all of this. Perhaps the British guy was attracted to the "invisible" Asian since he would be so hard to get? Who knows?

Then their first kiss, which took place when they were working on a high project at one of their homes:

Thorin: "He said “I’m gonna nap” and then turned off the light. We laid on either side of this massive bed and one of us said they were cold (I think it was me). Then we kinda got closer until our faces were almost touching and he said “f*ck it” and kissed me."

That first kiss eventually culminated in their first relationship. Against all odds, their high school romance endured. 12 years on, Jason and Thorin are still going strong.

Was their relationship strong, though?

Here are later events that erupted in Jason and Thorin's relationship:

Jason: "In high school, Thorin always got a lot of attention. I felt like I wasn’t as noticeable. All of my special traits were kind of overshadowed by him.

"For a brief period of time, I forced him to adopt an American accent since the English accent really pulled a lot of unwanted attention. I wanted to go into the relationship as an equal, not someone that was inferior.

"It turned into several weeks of disagreements and almost break-ups."

Already, attachment issues were surfacing.

But then over a decade later, consider this:

The next big change to their relationship would come in 2016. After 8 monogamous years together, they decided to open up their relationship while on holiday in Vietnam.

Thorin: "We were 26, had just had 4 Vietnamese coffees. It was 2am, and neither could sleep."

"We began discussing sexual fantasies and Jason shared the sentiment that we had only ever had sexual experiences with each other, and there had been a lot of hot guys especially that day on the streets of Ho Chih Minh City.

"He said something to the effect of “I’d want to have sex with hot guys while I’m still young and attractive” and I think we both shared that sentiment. So we downloaded Grindr."

For a couple that was so content with each other, they wanted to explore sexual fantasies with ... other men?

How is this love? How is this healthy? How is this fruitful? This is not a happy Rom-Com. This is pretty tragic.

Sadly, it's all too common for homosexuals. They do not settle down with one partner, but end up engaging with multiple partners. Some research suggests that the average number of partners is fifty!

Again, this is not some "Happily Ever After" story. Not at all. This is quite sad, pathetic even. A "couple" that had been together since high school has come to terms with the fact that they just want another sexual experience, or multiple sexual experiences. How is any of this love? How does any of this foster trust or intimacy?

Whatever men are seeking if they engage or indulge in homosexual behaviors, they simply will not find. Two men cannot complement each other, and their bodies cannot serve one another as a "help-meet". The same is true for two women.

Sean Foo shares his thoughts about how people would react to the news that this "gay high school romance" is actually pretty flimsy:

I know for a fact that some of you expecting a fairytale like romance will be disappointed to learn that Jason and Thorin are in an open relationship. That somehow, having an open relationship puts a stain on their long lasting romance.

Indeed, it does. This story turned out to be quite disappointing, even if someone were strongly pro-LGBT and willing to celebrate a male couple staying together through high school and beyond.

Yet, ironically enough, this pro-LGBT website once again shows how "straight people" have a better chance by design for a fulfilling relationship. Two men cannot satisfy the deeper emotional or psychological needs that they try to meet in a homosexual relationship. This matter goes beyond "the parts don't fit." Whatever fulfillment they were hoping to find in their sexual exploits, those needs were simply not met, and they ended up believing that the best forward was to open up their relationship.

I submit that Sean Foo took this post down because this whole story bolsters the larger argument, ultimately, that homosexuality is not a healthy, preserved, or fulfilling way of life. If two high school "sweet hearts" want to try something, or rather someone new and engage in all kinds of fantasies, it just goes to show that their "love" really was not love to begin with.

Therefore, when LGBT militants chant "Love is love", they are not telling the truth at all.

Drag Queen Story Hour Facing Pushback -- FINALLY!

Here's a great op-ed which featured the efforts of MassResistance to push back and stop the Drag Queen Story Hour program in Chula Vista, CA.

This was a pretty decent op-ed, actually. It's about time that more mainstream media reporters paid attenton to the great work that MassResistance is doing to stop this madness.

By PETER ROWE -- SEP 15, 2019 | 8:01 AM

There are several ways to look at the "Drag Queen Storytime" held last Tuesday in Chula Vista. Here's Tony Villafranca's view:

"They are going after the kids in their formative years with a very aggressive agenda or ideology aimed at 3- to 8-year-olds," said Villafranca, a South Bay real estate agent. "It is basically the normalizing of that whole LGBT drag queen pedophilia lifestyle. This is brainwashing."

For an alternate take, consider Lillian Faderman's view:

"It's children's entertainment," said Faderman, curator of the San Diego History Center's recent exhibit on the area's LGBTQ legacy. "I don't think drag queens are trying to convert children to a way of life. Kids respond to its color and its charm and its funniness, and they are entertained."

For years, drag queens have read picture books to young audiences in public libraries. These sessions often prompt protests like the dueling rallies seen outside Chula Vista public library's Civic Center branch last Tuesday. Separated by barriers patrolled by police, the two camps confronted each other with signs and slogans for hours.

"No hate. no fear," Storytime supporters chanted, "everybody's welcome here!"

"We are praying for you," a protester responded over a bullhorn. "Sodomy will never save you. Transgenderism will never save you..."

Arthur Schaper said his group, MassResistance, wanted to shield youngsters from "illicit entertainment."

"These are adult entertainers," said Schaper, a Torrance resident and organizer of the self-described "pro-family activist group." "It's not hateful to protect children. They have to stop pushing this agenda, this false LGBT agenda, stop pushing this on the youngest, most vulnerable members of our community."

They got everything that I said spot on. I was really grateful for this coverage.

Supporters counter that these programs are tailored to youngsters. There's nothing sexual about the readings or readers, even if the latter are decked out in flamboyant gowns and layers of glitter and mascara.

The gaslighting is unprecedented. We are talking about drag queens, sexually explicit entertainers, reading to children. There is nothing about any of this that is properly tailored for youngsters. Nothing at all.

"They are doing what they love," said Adrianna Villaseñor, 10, who attended with her mother and little sister. "And loving what they are doing."

When the library scheduled this presentation months ago, City Librarian Joy Whatley anticipated some opposition. Still, she was unprepared for the volume of calls, emails, picketers.

She should have known better, and the city of Chula Vista learned the hard way that the community did not want such filth in their city.

"I'm slightly overwhelmed," she said. "We didn't expect this to be such a huge thing."

Still, she had no regrets: "We're diverse, we're inclusive, we welcome all."

Sex offenders are welcome around children, too?

But was this the right venue for Barbie Q and Raquelita, last week's readers? John Renison Jr., an aspiring Republican politician from the South Bay, started a petition calling for the library to cancel the event. His text professed support for the LGBTQ community and "equal rights for all citizens but this is something else. There's a fine line that's being crossed!

This approach is all wrong. There is no such thing as an "LGBT community", and we should stop treating sexual perversions and natural and innate behaviors. Enough is enough!

"There is no reason to indoctrinate our children with these ideals."

By the time the show started, 10 days after posting the petition, Renison had 611 signatures.

While drag queen storytime is a recent phenomenon, male actors have performed as women for centuries. From ancient Greece through Elizabethan England, plays' female roles were traditionally played by men. In one form or another, that custom endured almost into the present.

Men playing female characters is something completely different from drag entertainment. It is comparing apples to rotten oranges.

"In vaudeville, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, this was very common," said Faderman, author "The Gay Revolution: The Story of the Struggle," a 2015 history. "This was considered family entertainment."

Julian Eltinge, a popular vaudeville female impersonator, later starred in silent films. In his alter ego, the lovely and innocent "Vesta Tilley," he became one of the era's highest paid actors. With his earnings, he built a palatial Hollywood mansion, Villa Capistrano, and bought a ranch in Alpine.

"Some of the highest paid drag queens in the past have identified as heterosexual," Faderman said. "It has nothing to do with sexual behavior. It has everything to do with entertainment."

But the whole Drag Queen Story Hour program is about normalizing sexual perversion like homosexuality. The book that the two drag queens read, "Julian is a Mermaid", has a picture of boy stripping down and putting on makeup. That is subtle pedophilia, to put it mildly.

While drag entertainers were widely accepted in their professional roles, authorities frowned on cross-dressing when it occurred off stage. From the mid-19th century until the close of the 20th century, many U.S. cities forbade people from — to quote an 1848 Columbus, Ohio, statute — publicly wearing "a dress not belonging to his or her sex." San Diego's ban was on the books until 1998.

That ban should be restored!

Starting in the 1930s, though, nightclubs with floor shows featuring men in drag opened in New York, San Francisco and other cities. San Diego's Show Biz Supper Club began its 14-year run in 1968, while a successor, North Park's Lips, is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Today, the acts are a bit more risque than they were in the days of chaste Vesta Tilley.

There you go! "Risque" is the word. There is no way that anyone can claim that that kind of trash has any right or reason being around children!

"Guests 16+ are welcome to enjoy dinner and (select) shows," the Lips web site notes, "but please — leave the kids at home!"

HOW ABOUT THAT! "Leave the kids at home!" That says it all, doesn't it?

Telling Stories

Chula Vista's presentation was dubbed "Drag Queen Storytime," to distinguish it from "Drag Queen Story Hour," a four-year-old San Francisco-based international organization with a trademarked name. Story Hour, its website says, "captures the imagination and play of the gender fluidity of childhood and gives kids glamorous, positive, and unabashedly queer role models.

What a crock! No one bought into it.

"In spaces like this, kids are able to see people who defy rigid gender restrictions and imagine a world where people can present as they wish, where dress up is real."

This year, Story Hour's San Diego chapter has hosted three sessions in a private City Heights event space, You Belong Here.

"The response has been overwhelmingly positive," said Alexandra Ott, the local chapter's organizer. "Every time the kids are thrilled to be in an environment where someone is reading to them, and being with other kids."

In contrast to the Chula Vista event, there were no protesters. Ott credits this to the fact that the shows were not widely advertised.

Ott selected the drag queens from a list of local performers who had already undergone background checks. This is a sensitive subject — earlier this year in Texas, Mass Resistance reported that at least two Drag Queen Story Hour performers were registered sex offenders.

"That made international news," Schaper said.

In Chula Vista, the performers did not undergo a law enforcement background check. But like all volunteers coming to the library for fewer than 24 hours, they were subject to a level of scrutiny.

Well, well, well. And the mayor and city council in Chula Vista claimed unequivocally that the drag queens had received background checks. What fresh hell is this?

"We check their professional affiliations," City Librarian Whatley said, "check references, talk to other librarians who may have worked with them."

Whatley and her team also met with the Chula Vista Police Department. "Just to have a safe family event," she said, "that's what we are looking at."

While physical violence has never marred a Draq Queen Story Hour event, these sessions can be emotionally bruising. In January, the Putnam County, Tenn., library's meeting room was rented by the local Story Hour chapter. On the scheduled day, entering the library meant passing a boisterous scrum of protesters and counter-protesters.

"Children were in tears," said Phil Schaller, the library director.

The parents who brought the children to the program should have been in a jail cell.

In Leander, Tex., an Austin suburb, the city council last month voted to stop renting meeting rooms in the public library to any group. Among those whose planned event was scotched: Drag Queen Story Hour. City officials insisted the step was taken for financial, rather than ideological reasons, reporting that this year's rental fees had amounted to $1,800, while security had cost $20,000.

MassResistance was instrumental in stopping that program there, too.

Rival Camps

In Chula Vista, rival spiritual camps formed on either side of the Story Time issue. More than 70 religious figures — from Methodist and Lutheran ministers to Catholic priests and a Jewish rabbi — signed an open letter praising the library's decision.

Those "religious figures" are not religious. They are apostate.

"It is clear that the opposition to this event is rooted in homophobia, bigotry, xenophobia, and discrimination," the letter said. "As faith leaders and people of faith, we believe that discrimination of any kind is an affront to the core values of our faith, and strongly oppose the use of faith as a weapon to threaten the future of events such as Drag Queen Story Hours."

Instead of trying to defend the perverse notion that it was OK to have sex offenders or sexually explicit entertainers around children, they decide to hate the parents, the grandparents, the pastors, and other community leaders who opposed the program. What a shameful display of hate!

Several Pentecostal churches staked out the opposite position. At a Sept. 4 rally on the steps of City Hall, Pastor Art Hodges of the South Bay Pentecostal Church said he didn't object to parents taking their children to a drag queen event. He objected to Story Time's site: a taxpayer-funded library.

"They're the parents, we're not protesting their right," Hodges told News10. "But they should do that privately, on their own time, in their own place, on their own dollar."

(Days later, South Bay Pentecostal was vandalized, with the words "Lucifer" and "Satan" painted on the exterior. At press time, police had no suspects.)

So much for "Love is Love" and "Love Trumps Hate", right?

Sister Donatella Soul, a self-described "drag nun," countered that Drag Queen Storytime needed to be held in a city facility. "It's important, especially in civic spaces, for people in different communities to have access," she said.

Libraries are increasingly open to once-ignored populations. The San Diego Public Library, for instance, has an San Diego Public Library's LGBTQIA Library Services Committee. (The letters stand for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, intersex, and asexual or allied.) This June, Pride Month, the library system issued "LGBT Pride" commemorative cards.

Chula Vista has also been involved with the local LGBTQ community, hosting a panel discussion of staffers from the San Diego Lambda Archives and screening a "Pride Film" series.

Patrons, Whatley said, should be able to find a wide range of materials at the library. In fact, Drag Queen Story Time was just one offering in a large catalog of summer events promoting literacy: Spanish Storytime, Toddler Storytime, Dog Days of Summer Storytime...

"And like any book or program we have," Whatley said, "you have to opt in."

Or opt out. Schaper, the MassResistance organizer, said Chula Vista's Drag Queen Storytime has been a powerful recruiting tool.

"It's grown considerably now, especially in the last month," he said. "The idea that drag queens are in the libraries is just so horrific to them."

Yes, it has! MassResistance gained considerable attention and support for our efforts to stop the Drag Queen Story Hour madness in Chula Vista. We still have members of our San Diego MassResistance chapter who are ready to step in and do what needs to be done to stop this LGBT infiltration into the public square. The men and women from many church communities reached out to us and worked with us to alert the public and raise outrage about the program. Event after the event transpired on September 10, 2019, the San Diego MassResistance team continued to hammer the city council for allowing that disgusting program to take place at the main library.

They did a great job, and then the pandemic hit. Notwithstanding the problems which ensued, our MassResistance activists around the country and the world have worked with us, and we never stopped our push to stop the LGBT agenda and its militant miscreants.

"UGH, We have a MassResistance Guy Here in LA ..."

I love my haters.

It's good to know that there are people, even in Los Angeles, who know about me and all that I am doing with MassResistance.

Check out the bitterness from this tweet:

More like "Triple O-G!"

The Left can't stand it when the right plays by their rules and wins. We have the truth on their side, while all they have are lies and powerplays, and neither one can withstand the intense scrutiny of truth and justice taking a firm stance and not relenting in its fight for complete awareness and success.

Chad Loder is an anti-chad loser, no question about it. There is nothing sadder than a wannabe progressive in LA who does not have the courage to confront people whom he disagrees with.

Consider other sad, sordid elements on his Twitter profile: 

This guy is a soy boy with preferred pronouns. Really.

Wow! So intimidating!

What can I say? I love my haters!

Even LA Times Rebukes Hyper-Partisan Governor for Tax Return Primary Bill--Reflection

Two years ago, the California State Legislature passed a bill which would require gubernatorial and presidential candidates to reveal their tax returns to the public.

The bill was summarily struck down as unconstitutional within a matter of months. In fact, the California Supreme Court unanimously struck down the legislation!

Of course, going back two years, one finds that even the Los Angeles Times warned Governor Newsom and the state legislature from pursuing this course.

Consider this editorial in light of what happened:

It’s understandable that Gov. Gavin Newsom would want to set himself apart from his predecessor and show the world that he’s not just Jerry Brown 2.0. But by signing a very problematic bill on Tuesday — one that Brown vetoed in 2017 — Newsom took a slap at Donald Trump that is hyperpartisan, probably counterproductive and perhaps even unconstitutional.
The “Presidential Tax Transparency and Accountability Act” is clearly directed at Trump, who as a candidate bucked the modern tradition of releasing his tax returns during the campaign. The new law requires that candidates for president in California release five years of tax records before they can be included on the state’s primary ballot.

The legislation was clearly unconstitutional, not "perhaps" unconstitutional. What nonsense! The Los Angeles Times desperately wanted to shore up their support for Gavin Newsom, all the while trying to stop him from making this very political mistake. No matter how corrupt and partisan the corporate press has become, they have to pretend to show some semblance of objectivity.

This means Trump must turn over his tax documents in the 2020 election or be left off California’s March primary ballot. Hah. Take that Mr. Trump. Will this damage Trump’s reelection bid? Of course not. No matter what happens in California’s primary, Trump’s name is likely to be on the November general election ballot in all states. And the only people hurt by his failure to appear on the primary ballot are the millions of California Republicans who will be denied the right to pick the candidate of their choice.

Furthemore, this action hurts all the taxpayers in the state of California, because of the ongoing legal challenges which would take place. This also makes Democrats look petty and vindictive.

To be clear: Presidential candidates ought to share their tax documents with the public. Trump’s refusal to do so was arrogant, and left the country rightly wondering what conflicts of interests he has and just how little he has been paying in taxes.

Wait? Who says that the President, or any presidential nominee, has to share their tax returns with the public? There is nothing in state or federal statute anywhere, and certainly not in the United States Constitution, which requires a presidential candidate to tell the world how much he pays in income taxes or otherwise.

But adding new requirements for candidates is a bad idea. If California adds this partisan requirement as a slap at Trump, what’s to stop red states from adding a requirement that candidates release their birth certificates? Will some states require candidates to release their health records? Do we really want every state to have its own requirements governing who can run for president? That’s a recipe for confusion.

These are lame reasons for the LA Times editorial board to urge the Governor to reject signing the bill. They do not want to offer the principled reason--it's unconstitutional--because the LA Times is another partisan Democratic organ, nothing more. They have no credibility, no integrity, and no one has any interest in taking them seriously.

If voters think a candidate should have released his tax returns, they can punish him or her at the polls on election day.

Wow! What a concept. Of course, the LA Times will tell readers that they should vote for the Democratic candidate, or else admit that they are racist.

The new law also may be unconstitutional. As we have pointed out in editorials more than once, states have the authority to regulate some ballot access for federal elections. Beyond that it’s not clear if they even have the legal right to place further restrictions on presidential candidates beyond what is already required by the U.S. Constitution — that a candidate be 35 years old, a natural-born U.S. citizen and a resident of the U.S. for at least 14 years.

It's clear that they have NO right to interfere with demands and limitations or requirements or conditions for federal candidates running for national office. The United States Constitution provides the process by which electors are to be selected, but the states cannot throw in arbitrary rules to limit who can place their names on the ballot.

If other states take similar action, it may well deepen the partisan divide that has roiled politics and turned Americans against one another. How does that help?

The Los Angeles Times actually wants to scold and lecture the state legislature about being partisan? Really? The LA Times goes out of its way to push regressive, leftist talking points, all of which are undermining our country and hurting the common fabric that has kept this country together for 245 years. What a shame that the LA Times actually thinks that they can rollback the hackneyed partisanship which they have fomented for the last five years.

It's good that the LA Times slammed Governor Newsom for supporting this terrible Tax Return Primary Bill, but they had laid the groundwork with their relentless progressive posturing which made such legal maneuvers all but inevitable.

Ben Shapiro's Take on Homosexuality, Stanford U Speech, November 7, 2019: A Reflection

"How does anal sex help us win the culture war?"

That's a question which one of the Groypers asked Turning Point USA at The Ohio State University in October, 2019.

Ben Shapiro responded to this question at the outset during his Stanford University Speech on November 7th, 2019.

Here's the entire speech.

Here's the Daily Wire upload of the speech, with the questions that followed. Click here.

Here's the portion of the speech that I wanted to focus on in particular:

"Criminalizing consensual activity without externality is by definition losing the culture war. What helps America win the culture war is freedom, and liberty, and the government not being involved in your life.

"And if you, like me, believe that certain personal activities are a sin, you know how you win that culture war?  By having people join your church, by engaging with your community, by teaching your children your values. That's the way you win a culture war.

"In fact, I'm bewildered by it, there's great irony in watching alt-righters claim that they should use the commanding heights of government to cram down their viewpoints on others, while complaining that the left uses the commanding heights of government to cram down their viewpoints on others. You can't really whine about using the government shutting down your viewpoint if you plan on using the government to shut down everyone else's viewpoint.

"But many folks on the alt-right are playing true believers by suggesting that social conservatives like me, people who wrote entire books on the evils of pornography in American society, or people like David French, who spend their days fighting for religious freedom, are standing ardently in favor of Drag Queen Story Hour at the local library. 

"I also think that in governmental terms, if you allow the library to decide which speech to ban, it's much more likely to ban the Bible than drag queen story hour. I'm for limited government, because I do not trust the government to decide what kind of speech it wants to ban."

The biggest point of departure for me in this speech occured when Shapiro declared the following:

"Criminalizing consensual activity without externality is by definition losing the culture war."

This standard, this metric is deeply flawed. If we apply it fully, that means that prostitution should be legal. For many intents and purposes, prostitution is a consensual activity between adults, right? The externalities are not flagrant or manifest are they?

Actually they are, because fundamentally sexual conduct, even between two consenting adults, automatically has externalities. Sexual activity leads to the conception and birth of children, for example. There are the mental and emotional and psychological consequences which follow after two people have sex. The impact on human capital, the integrity of the family, the effects on public health--all of those outcomes are clear-cut externalities.

Yes, indeed, the government can, does, and should regulate what behaviors happen in the bedroom. The question is "which ones?" Again, prostitution should not just be regulated, but it is both necessary and proper to criminalize the conduct. The unintended society and cultural consequences cannot be ignored. Beyond the potential spread of venereal disease and unintended pregnancies, there is the degradation of the moral culture, the public health problems which ensue, and the inevitable rise of sex trafficking, human trafficking, and drug trafficking which ensues. Legalizing everything is not going to solve the problems. There are corrosive aspects of human nature which need to be confronted fully, not pandered to. 

Incest can also be construed as consensual conduct between adults. Yet too this behavior should be criminalized. Such abominable conduct has larger, initially unforseen consequences which cannot be ignored. Allowing for relentless sexual license does nothing but harm for a community. With the collapse of sexual mores comes the collapse of the entire civilization. This sad pattern has repeated itself from one empire to the next. The United States has fallen into that same pattern, as well.

So, prostitution should remain criminalized, along with incest. One can make the stronger argument for recriminalizing sodomy, as well. Shapiro was dismissing the notion that the state should take a stronger role in disapproving of this conduct because "consensual conduct without externalities." 

However, the normalization of homosexuality has led to all kinds of problems in the public sphere. As Paul Johnson documented in his autobiography "The Quest for God", homosexuals have been able to form militant lobbies that push their agenda into every facet of the public square. They are now eroding the natural rights of all while redoing the whole purpose of government to please themselves and grant them a place of prominence, at the expense of everyone else.

Indeed, it's time for conservatives to restore moral order in the public square, and it is appropriate to use government sanction to discourage and restrain evil. Consensual activities and their consequences do not stay in the bedroom, and it is wrong to believe in this libertarian "Live and Let Live" naivete as an answer to many of society's ills.

MAGA Inc.: The Anti-Semite vs. The Sodomite

 This is what the MAGA Inc. Turf (or should I write "Terf?") war has descended into:

We have anti-Semite Nick Fuentes getting into an argument with sodomite "Conservative" Drag Queen Lady MAGA. Really. 

I thought the fight was all about making America Great Again--or at least making American good again. Alex de Toqueville wrote about the importance of a "good" America, so that America would remain great. Despising ethnic groups is not going to make America good again. Promoting sexual perversion is not going to make America good again, either. Please, we can do better than this, can't we? 

 And things are looking even more bleak as younger conservatives and populist-leaning nationalists wanting to force up the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour, and they are also talking about Medicaid expansions and other Big Government programs.

Yes, We the People need to stand up to the anti-Constitutional abuses of Big Business. There are better ways to do that, besides giving the government more power. The states need their power restored. The balance of power needs to be reoriented back to the states and the people. Is that too far-fetched a goal? Perhaps.

One thing is for sure, though: the increased ideological conflicts among Conservative Inc., MAGA Inc., and now America First Inc. is really tiresome. All of this bickering among broken and corrupted elements looking to push their own narrow agenda, all of which falls outside of the domain of natural law and natural rights, is hurting the larger cause.

Sure, people can go after Charlie Kirk, but even he had a point, i.e. Groypers should be going after their Congressmen and US Senators. They should be raising hell at their local school boards, too. The government belongs to We the People, not Some of Us Grifters.

And the Conservative Movement by and large has descended into more grift, more making money all while claiming to be getting the job done to fight all the perverse, abominable moves undermining our country.

The whole show is just more grift, nothing more.

The Conservative Movement just cannot seem to get its act together. Everyone wants to hold conferences. No one wants to organize their citizenship political might and fight back. Everyone wants to argue about their pet niche within conservatism. No one wants to fight in the public square, the public schools, the courts of public opinion to make the case for the American values that make America Great.

Instead, we have one set of  new grifters calling another set of grifters "grifters". Give me a break. And they have more incendiary views which shock and disgust people, and all of that flash without panache is just to make more money.

The grift needs to be sifted out until conservatives start to value gaining power to accomplish good, as opposed to making money to purchase more goods.

We can do better than Lady MAGA. We can do better than Nick Fuentes. We can do better than Groypers, Groupies, Stoners, and Stupids. We can do better than anti-Semites and Sodomites.

We can do better than Charlie Kirk and Ben Shapiro, too. We don't need more conferences, discussions, and philosophy. It's time to push back on the levers of power and take control of our government, our country, and our communities.

Otherwise, the fight to advance conservatism is going to descend into a bum's rush between sodomites and anti-Semities. We can do better, we can push for better, and we can make better happen.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Cancel Culture is OK When It's Cancelling Cancerous Elements in the Culture

Dear Straight People is an LGBT website pushing stories about Southeast Asians "coming out" and other movements in the homosexual and transgender movement on the continent.

As homosexual activists are want to do, Dear Straight People wants to play victim, so they shared the post from Instagram (click here), detailing all the times that Singaporeans took pains to push out or reject perversion in their country. Then they claim: "Oh, look, you straight people were cancelling LGBT issues, performances, and peoples long before we started calling out TrueLove.Is. etc."

I must push back on this.
The issue is not about "cancel culture" per se. The issue is cancelling cancer vs. cancelling culture. LGBT behaviors and ideas are cancerous. They should be cancelled. Culture is essential to any country, and must not be cancelled.
It is A-OK to remove from the public sphere displays of sexual perversion and degradation. It is totally fitting and right to discriminate against dangerous, unhealthy behaviors and the destructive ideologies which promote them. LGBT behaviors should be re-deviantized.

Hill Country Hate: Shaming MassResistance Activists Fighting Drag Queen Story Hour

Tracy Shannon, our Texas MassResistance Chapter Chair, accomplished so much good work over the last two years. I wanted to make sure that the gets recognized for all her work, and her organization with other activists in the Lone Star State.

As expected, her efforts were so effective, that the local press in the different cities where she stopped Drag Queen Story Hour programs would go out of their way to defame her and her fellow activists.

No matter what they wrote about her, though, she put the fear of MassResistance into every LGBT militant and every bigoted pervert who supported those perverse designs to groom children to accept sexual perversion as a norm in local libraries.

Check out what the Hill Country News, based in Austin, TX, wrote about MassResistance after their successful protests in Leander, Texas:

Open Cathedral Church has rented room at library to ensure event continues; protest against the event planned

The Leander library has canceled two events originally scheduled for June, purportedly after receiving public backlash over one of those events.

There has always been good reason for the public to oppose Drag Queen Story Hour. Drag queens are not for kids! They certainly are not for adults, either.

Valeri Abrego-Liszewski, an Austin-based performer who was scheduled to be a part of a Drag Queen Story Hour event on June 15, said they were informed by email Thursday that the event has been canceled by the “city council of Leander.”

However, no public record of a city council meeting addressing the issue could be found at the city’s public meetings website, and it is still unclear whether the city council did in fact order the cancellation.

Isn't it amazing that the local newspaper wanted to give some kind of good press for the Drag Queens and the group that was promoting the meeting? Does the city council really need to have some docketed agenda item in place in order to stop a bad program from taking place?

Leander public information officer Mike Neu directed media to an information release posted on the city’s website late Thursday, which stated, “Periodically, either on its own or because of stakeholder questions, the City undertakes a review of its Library’s programs and staff procedures, including evaluation of upcoming children's events, the summer reading program and activities, as well as events that come from outside sources.”

While not providing details on why certain events were canceled and others were not, and whether any public controversy played a role in the decision, the city's release goes on to confirm that the Drag Queen Story Hour has been canceled. A Summer Superhero Saturday event scheduled for June 8 has also been canceled.

Sometimes, the only way to stop the evil infiltration of the public space is to ensure that no private entity can promote a specialized program in the public place.

A number of other summer events were listed as being subject to an overall review — but not canceled — including "Stories and Songs with Sue Young" and "Brett Roberts, Magician & Puppeteer."

The fact that the reporter cannot tell the difference between drag queens and magicians should say a lot. Drag entertainment is destructive and perverse. Magic and singing are great activities for children.

Emails from library staff to the performer, however, indicated the Drag Queen Story Hour event's cancellation was a result of “the controversy the city has faced.”

Requests for details on the alleged controversy were not provided by the city, however, social media posts showed some amount of unrest related to the scheduled event.

“What’s vile is letting the liberals get their way, for instance it looks like we’ve got drag story hour for the kids at the Leander library already. That’s disgusting,” Leander resident Jay Ordway posted on Facebook.

Posts about the event on social media have already ignited intense debate over the event, generating hundreds of comments for and against allowing the event across several posts. Most of the posts on the Leander Public Library’s Facebook page, however, were supportive of the event, with many residents expressing anger and frustration that the city had cancelled it.

Does anyone really believe that actual residents supported creepy, sexualized men wearing women's clothes reading to children? I don't think so! Leander is a conservative suburb of Austin. There is no way that anyone with any common sense would celebrate perverted sex entertainers reading to children/.

“There is a considerable (number) of LGBT tax-paying constituents/residents in Leander, not to mention our wonderful allies,” a post from Kate LeClair read. “If I don't like an event at the library or sponsored by the city, guess what? I don't go. Anyone who is against this inclusive, educational, amazing event needs to realize that they have a choice in attending, and let those of us who would love some diversity in this town go and enjoy.

This is the classic canard of the Drag Queen proponents: "If you don't like it, don't go."

Here's the deal: adults in any community, whether they have children or not, should not allow this filth to be around children. There is a communitarian interest in putting a stop to this wickedness.

Despite the largely supportive slant of the posts, there were still a number of residents ardently opposed to the story hour.

“Good to see children will not be indoctrinated with Leander tax payer dollars who are against this type(sic) of inappropriate acts,” Stella Williams posted.

Neither library officials nor the mayor or members of council returned calls on Thursday seeking comment and clarification on the matter.

The Leander Public Library is managed by a third-party contractor, Library Systems and Services, LLC, and Neu said the city has the right to provide input about services and direction for the library. However, it is not yet clear whether the mayor or individual city council members have the authority under the city’s charter to direct employees of a third-party contractor, such as order — or even request — the contractor to make changes to its programming.

The city has not yet provided information about whether the council convened a quorum in order to discuss the issue and take action in accordance with Texas Open Government laws.

City of Cedar Park spokesperson Jennie Huerta said that any contractor for Cedar Park typically answers to a commission or board, and is ultimately directed by city staff. According to City of Cedar Park's FAQ page about it's City Council-Manager form of government — the same form of government used by the City of Leander — the mayor, council members or the council itself cannot direct city staff, other than the city manager.

The Hill Country News has submitted a series of open records requests seeking clarification on how the event was scheduled and ultimately canceled, and whether the mayor or council members were involved in that process.

Leander’s public statement Thursday afternoon said the city plans to conduct a survey, soliciting input from Leander citizens “on their interests in future library activities,” and noted that the survey will be shared on the city’s website within 24 hours of the original informational release.

Performer Discusses Event
Abrego-Liszewski has performed as a drag king in the Austin area for four years. They occasionally help organize Drag Queen Story Hour events with a loose group of other drag performers. Abrego-Liszewski said they have been performing the event at Book People in downtown Austin every quarter for the last two years.

Abrego-Liszewski said a former Leander library staff member originally made contact “a while ago” in regards to performing the Drag Queen Story Hour event in Leander.

Emails provided to Hill Country News show a library staff member following up with Abrego-Liszewski earlier this month, offering assistance, and asking if any books could be reserved.

A follow-up email from the staff said that two performers “would be perfect,” as a large crowd was not anticipated, and they are “hoping to gain community support so we can make this a recurring event that gets larger every year.”

The final two emails came Thursday, May 23, the day the event was canceled.

The first of those involves a member of the library’s staff stating they had received pushback from the community and inquired whether the performers had been background checked.

Abrego-Liszewski said the next email, which came 28 minutes later, canceled the event before they could respond to the first inquiry.

“I'm so sorry to do this but because of the controversy the city has faced the city council of Leander has decided to cancel our drag queen story hour event. I appreciate your support and regret that this had to happen,” the email said.

Abrego-Liszewski said they were disappointed about the cancellation but also said they weren’t surprised, noting that similar events in other cities have also been met with backlash from some community members.

Performers were also initially apprehensive about bringing the production to a new place like Leander out of concerns that some of those opposed to the event could become violent.  Instead, Abrego-Liszewski said they had hoped the event would have provided an opportunity to dispel concerns about drag performers and the LGBTQ community at large, particularly because their own children have seen their performances and had no problems with the event.

“It was a shame. This kind of invalidates anybody who is part of the LGBTQ community and has children and has family. What about them? They live there too,” Abrego-Liszewski said. “I felt like I could break down barriers… that they could feel better about (themselves)… because I’m also a parent.”

The LGBT community has issues when they have to depend on drag queens to get their message out. That fact should serve as proof enough that we don't want drag queen anything around children.

Abrego-Liszewski said children really respond to the colorful costumes and positive atmosphere presented during the performance.

That's the whole scam, though. Children are being conditioned to think that drag queens, and their sexually explicit themes, are appropriate, and that it's OK to spend time with these perverted men pretending to be parodies of women. This is all wrong, all wrong, and more parents are speaking out against it.

“They love seeing these performers come through with their big, gigantic dresses and their big, gigantic hair. The children feel like they’re seen a real queen coming through,” Abrego Liszewski said. “I’m disappointed for the families that were interested in this story time or could be interested in it. I’m disappointed they took such a positive experience and make it such a negative thing.”

Possibility of Protest

Corpus Christi resident Tracy Shannon contacted the Hill Country News on Facebook Thursday, stating she was a founding member of the Houston chapter of MassResistance Texas, which bills itself as a “pro-family activist organization,” and said that group planned to hold a protest at the Leander Library if the event goes ahead as planned.

Way to go, Mad Momma Bear!

The group’s Texas Facebook page did not yet list anything about Leander Thursday afternoon, though its website includes several articles about their opposition to a similar event in Houston earlier this year.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has designated MassResistance an anti-gay hate group. MassResistance has rebuked the claim in past statements.

This is the nadir point for journalism. Any reporter that has to quote the Southern Poverty Law Center, an anti-American hate group which targets religious groups and routinely defames men and women of faith, family, and freedom, has lost all credibility.

The Show May Go On
In a development late Thursday afternoon, Abrego-Liszewski said the performers are working on details with Open Cathedral Church that could provide a way for the performance to go ahead at the Leander Library.

The show did not go on. Way to go, Tracy!

Open Cathedral Church, a member of the United Church of Christ that opened in Leander three years ago, confirmed that it has rented a Leander Library conference room for 3 p.m. June 15 to host the Drag Queen Story Hour, based on word it received that the city was canceling the originally-scheduled performance.

This "Open Cathedral" is closed off to the truth. No real church would ever permit drag queens within its sanctuary or under its auspices in a public setting. These fake churches need to be called out and shut down.

The church plans to use the same performers and will run a background check on them as part of the church’s usual operating procedures.

Why wasn't a background check done in the first place? Why didn't the church bother to see if the drag queen perverts were safe to be around children in the first place?

Lead Minister Ryan Hart said Thursday afternoon that he had not yet heard whether the event was an official event nor whether it had been formally cancelled. But he said the church is reserving the room in case the city decided to proceed with its cancellation.

United Church of Christ has deep roots in the LGBTQ rights movement, the women’s suffrage movement and the abolitionist movement, Hart said. 

The fact that anyone would compare LGBT perversion with women's suffrage or abolition is just filthy beyond belief. Who in their right mind would descend to such depths of shame and dishonor? That is all wrong. People are born black or they are born female, but people are not born gay, nor are they born in the wrong body, and thus are they in need of sex-reassignment surgery.

“Our mission is open minds, hearts and faith. We want to create space for people to be able to be themselves,” Hart said. “In the message of the Good Samaritan, the Samaritan is an outsider to the people who would have been hearing the story. Jesus is saying we should love our neighbors, even when we feel they are different than us and that they’re outsiders… This fits with that message of creating space for people to be different and still be neighbors and loved in that space. I think that’s a message all of us always need to remember and be willing to hear.”

I laugh out loud every time LGBT proponents, particularly for Drag Queen Story Hour, declare that they want to teach children to "be themselves." A drag queen is a man pretending to be a woman. How is that being yourself?! It isn't!

Hart said he had planned to attend the original event with his own children. 

This man should lose custody of his children for allowing them anywhere near a drag queen or a Drag Queen Story Hour program. Shame on him!

And bravo to Tracy Shannon and Texas MassResistance for taking a firm stance against this evil targeting of children!