Wednesday, March 30, 2022

PJI Wins Settlement for Santa Clara County Churches


Hello Arthur, SAN JOSE, Calif.— Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) secured a six-figure damage award this month for five churches that were forcefully shut down by Santa Clara County’s COVID-19 public health orders.On February 26, 2021, the U.S. Supreme Court had granted PJI’s emergency writ of injunction in a 6-3 decision, ordering that the churches are allowed to open their doors to hold indoor worship services. The Supreme Court agreed with PJI that the County’s orders discriminated against churches by treating establishments such as grocery stores and airports more favorably.After almost a year of negotiations, PJI reached a favorable settlement on behalf of the churches, successfully concluding PJI’s challenge of the County’s health orders that had banned all indoor church services.“PJI doesn’t quit until justice is completely served, as evidenced by our unwavering challenge to the County’s reprehensible health orders and our completion of a major financial settlement for the churches,” Brad Dacus, founder and president of PJI, commented. “This is a classic illustration of what Benjamin Franklin meant when he coined the phrase ‘doing well by doing good.’ PJI protected the religious rights of the churches, and this victory manifests in the churches’ continued opportunities to ensure that peoples’ eternal destinies are secured—the best kind of remuneration.”  Running the Race,Brad DacusPresident and Founder, Pacific Justice Institute 

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

California Medical Freedom: Stop AB 1993



Hello amazing medical freedom fighters!  

CONTACT THESE  PEOPLE NOW to register your opposition to AB 1993 which will require ALL employees, including independent contractors to show proof of COVID 19 vaccination to work in California.  They are schedule to vote on Wednesday.  

Buffy Wicks is the Leader of this bill.

Bombard her office with calls emails letters asap!!!

Capitol Office:
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 319-2015 | Fax: (916) 319-2115
District Office:
1515 Clay Street, Suite 2201
Oakland, CA 94612
Phone: (510) 286-1400


Assembly Labor & Employment Committee - vote Wed 3/30 @ 1:30pm

Friday is the day legislators are in their district offices! Call, email & visit District offices today!

Ash Kalra (Chair)
100 Paseo De San Antonio, Suite 319, San Jose, CA

Eloise Gomez Reyes 
290 North D Street, Suite 903, San Bernardino, CA

Reginald Jones-Sawyer, Sr. 
700 Exposition Park Drive, Los Angeles, CA

Christopher Ward
1350 Front St, Suite 6054, San Diego, CA

Kelly Seyarto
41391 Kalmia St, Suite 220, Murrieta, CA

Heath Flora 
578 North Wilma Ave, Suite B, Ripon, CA

Children's Health Defense - West L.A. chapter meets every other Tuesday 
in Santa Monica 5:30-8:30pm  
As of the present moment, no additional information is available about Tuesday night's meeting.
Tuesday March 29th, 2022 
The Lighthouse Church in Santa Monica
1220 20th Street
Santa Monica, 90404

For more information to get on their email list:  sign up for The Defender newsletter 

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The Year of the Great Relaunch -- Bible Study

 Re: Relaunch השקה

Arthur Christopher Schaper
Wed 1/19/2022 8:56 AM
  • Arthur Christopher Schaper
Relaunch -- Lit. re-water, re-cause to drink.
Launch is a nautical term, used on the open seas as well as open space.
Relaunch is about getting re-watered!

Arthur Christopher Schaper is a blogger, writer, and commentator on topics both timeless and timely; political, cultural, and eternal. A life-long Southern California resident, Arthur currently lives in Torrance. Follow his blogs at The State of the Union and As He Is, So Are We Ministries


“It does not take a majority to prevail ... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” -- Samuel Adams

From: Arthur Christopher Schaper <>Sent: Sunday, January 16, 2022 12:16 PMTo: Arthur Christopher Schaper <>Subject: Fwd: Relaunch השקה

From: Arthur Christopher Schaper <>Sent: Sunday, January 16, 2022, 12:14 PMTo: Arthur Christopher SchaperSubject: Relaunch השקה
השקה מחדש
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Silver Linings in the Pro-Family Fight

Hey everyone:

For the last couple of months in 2022, as I have worked with other states and their legislatures to stop LGBT perversion of all sorts, I have complained about the seeming lack of movement in the pro-family movement.

  1. State legislatures enhance and expand gun rights, but kill bills to stop the sex mutilation of minors.
  2. States are willing to enact strict limits on abortion, but they also have no problem with pushing so-called "non-discrimination" ordinances.
  3. Governors will sign anti-abortion bills, but then veto bills to keep boys out of girls' sports.
  4. I even wondered "Why?" this is happening. Why do the gun rights activists get what they want, but pro-family activists get the shaft?

To the credit of many, they provided great answers:

  1. The Second Amendment movement has been fighting for their issues for a long time, and they have a lot of grassroots support and money
  2. The pro-life movement has been fighting for decades (Since 1973!), and only recently have they started to reap the rewards of their activism
  3. People are well-informed about the effectiveness of expanded gun rights, and people know that life begins at conception: it's science, BUT they still don't know enough about LGBT perversion.
  4. The LGBT lobby is vicious, vindictive, and tightly organized. They have focused benefits, selective incentives, and they have lots of money (many LGBT partisans are actually quite well-off), and they intimidate otherwise well-mannered people.

So, with all of this outlined, I realize that there are more silver linings to the pro-family, anti-LGBT movement than otherwise:

  1. Only seven years ago, false marriage was forced on the United States. Already, US Senators, Congressman, and state reps are pushing back against this ruling. It took DECADES before any elected officials took a firm stance against baby-killing. Most states did not enact laws challenging Roe v. Wade until recently. The fight against LGBT perversion is actually on a quicker curve!
  2. We must acknowledge that too many people are still woefully ignorant about LGBT issues. They really think that "Love is Love" and "Being gay is just like being left-handed." But just at the pro-life movement went to great lengths to inform people about the science of life in the womb, so too we are advancing the truth that people are not "born that way," and that what two consenting adults do in private has massive public and detrimental consequences.
  3. The pro-life movmeent didn't really come into its own until the 1990s. However, just seven years after false marriage was imposed, the fight against LGBT is already taking off and winning victories.
  4. It took Second Amendment haven Texas THIRTEEN years to get constitutional carry passed. Only three years after bills have been submitted in Texas to end sex mutilation of minors, Gov. Abbott and AG Paxton have taken steps to stop the sex mutilation of minors. Frankly, I think we have a faster track of victory in our future!

We have more silver linings than clouds on our horizon, and even if legislatures are killing our anti-LGBT bills or governors are vetoing them, we are making progress!

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Election 2022: Torrance City Treasurer, An Office with High Interest

Election 2022, and the race for Torrance Treasurer has cashed in on some growing interest.

Five people are running for Treasurer this year, a position which was uncontested four years ago, with Dana Cortez running unopposed, presumably because she was doing such a great job?

Or because no one was paying attention.

Torrance residents are starting to pay attention to their city council and mayor. For the last eight years, the city of Torrance has suffered under unprecedentedly bad leadership. Pat Furey has been an embarrassment to this city.

He was taking campaign money from McCormick Ambulance, and then he was the deciding vote to kill the city's ambulance contract with Gerber. He was busted in campaign violations connected with the PAC working with McCormick Ambulance. His son, Patrick Furey (Jr.), has quite a dirty reputation, as he faced numerous campaign violations over his career. Thankfully, he was pushed out of the campaign consulting business in 2015 following the reports from the California Fair Political Practices Commission--and we got him off the Torrance traffic commission, to boot!

But what about the Treasurer position. Why so much interest now?

Dana Cortez, the incumbent, has been missing in action for the last four years. She got elected, and then she stopped doing her job. She refused to show up to work, issuing doctors' notes and other excuses why she wasn't coming to city council, and why she wasn't answering emails. When the city and the staff faced a budget crisis in 2018, they had to take unprecedented steps to divest power away from the current Treasurer position and give the key tasks to other civil servants in the finance department. The situation was so dire, because at the time Cortez was the only person who had access to the city's bank accounts to pay bills and manage investments. 

Cortez put herself first, ignored the needs of the city, and harmed the residents. The funny thing is that I met her while going for a walk one afternoon in late 2017. She was very supportive of me, of all the things that I had been writing about and sharing with city residents. Of course, all her nice words don't make up for her dereliction of duty. It's quite an embarrassment that one of the key elected officials never bothered to show up for her work during her second four-year term on city council. Because she's elected, the voters have to fire her, just as they had hired her.

For the last four years, Deadbeat Dana Cortez has been collecting a paycheck and benefits, and doing no work. I connected with a group of people in the city who wanted to recall her. Unfortunately, such an effort required collecting a minimum of 10,000 signatures, and even then the voters would have to vote to fire her.

To add insult to interest, Cortez is running for re-election! How stupid does she think the voters are? This is really insulting!

But the insults don't stop there.

Let's consider who else is running for the Treasurer position:

1. Mike Griffiths, city councilman.

2. Tim Goodrich, former city councilman

3. Melissa Wright, Cultural Arts commissioner

4. Rick Marshall, former planning commissioner

Mike Griffiths is probably one of the most arrogant people on the city council today. He has routinely scolded residents in the city for not making purchases in brick-and-mortar stores in the city, which "deprives" the city of sales tax revenue. Since when does a resident owe the city the necessity of purchasing goods in a building as opposed to online? All of this condescension connects to his push to raise the sales tax. He and his colleagues for the past eight years should have been cutting costs and reducing spending when they had the chance. He refused to make the tough choices, and now he expects the already cash-strapped residents to pay more. It's outrageous!

The last straw for me was his attitude toward passage of a Resolution of No Confidence in pro-criminal LA County District Attorney George Gascon. When I spoke to him about this issue last year, he made nothing excuses, and he just shut me down about the whole proposal. I exposed his arrogant resistance to this very popular proposal last year--and he sure changed his tenue a few months afterwards when he joined with four of his colleagues to approve the resolution.

Mike Griffiths does not respect the will of the voters, he doesn't take the lead to build revenue, he wants to tax residents more, and he has the audacity to run for another office simply because he wanted to run for mayor, but could not compete against Cliff Numark or George Chen. Let's state the truth plainly: Griffiths wants to be treasurer so that he can position himself to run for mayor in four or eight years. This is not about serving the city. This is about serving himself. I don't like Mike.

Adding further insult, we have former Torrance city councilman Tim Goodrich running for the treasurer position. I mean ... really? This guy quit his job as city councilman last year because the demands of his job were too great for him, and he could not devote the time needed to the job. In other word, Tim Goodrich has the "Quittin' Cliff" syndrome.

Goodrich didn't even live in Torrance for the greater part of his life. He is a carpet-bagger from Buffalo, New York. Torrance is better than this.

Tim Goodrich also protested the troops but then (attempted to) cover up his unpatriotic record as he wrapped himself in the American Flag, all while pushing left-wing causes and raging against the country and the military. Really sickening, really insulting. Unfortunately, the voters didn't pay attention then.

Hopefully, they are paying attention now. He quit his job on the Torrance city council last year--LAST YEAR!--and now he is running for another position on the city council. Why should anyone believe that he will stick to his word and stay on the job? Why should anyone trust him on anything? This whole thing is a joke. Really, I am so tired of these social-climber politicians who leave office when the going gets tough, or the promotions get few and far between. There are many reasons why Torrance voters should say "No" to Tim Goodrich.

Then there's Melissa Wright. She has a long record of service in public and private efforts in the city, and she has plenty of accounting experience. She is not a quitter. I am grateful for her record of service. But she has two strikes against her, and one of them is quite insulting, too.

First, she is endorsed by "Creepy" Pat Furey, the retiring failed mayor of our city. He has been an absolute disgrace to the city of Torrance. Any candidate running for office should repudiate his endorsement, and she has not done that. The second problem is that she supports the tax increase, as do Griffiths and Goodrich. What is the matter with these people?! The residents, the business owners in this city are struggling enough as it is. Why make it worse? High gas prices, staggering inflation, sluggish business growth, all of this is weighing on the minds and wallets of Torrance voters. Enough is enough. The city leadership needs to take the necessary steps to cut taxes, cut spending, innovate public services, and streamline other costs in the city. There is no excuse for our elected leaders to keep passing the buck and putting the costs on We the People.

Melissa Wright is probably a "No" for city treasurer for anyone who finds Pat Furey disgusting, and for anyone who does not want a sales tax increase, too.

What about Rick Marshall? He has accounting and budgeting experience as an employee at UC Irvine. He has served on the city Water and Planning Commissions. He has stated clearly and unreservedly his opposition to any sales tax increase. 

And he led the effort, as frustrated as it became, to recall Do-Nothing Deadbeat Dana Cortez. I wish Rick Marshall the best in his latest bid for office in the city of Torrance, but I am not sure he can pull this bid off. He has not served in any major capacity for the last two years. Furthermore, he has a strong following, but there are many people in the city who simply do not care for him.

What is the best path forward for the Treasurer position? Who should replace Dana Cortez?

Quittin' Cliff Numark: Torrance Needs a Mayor Who Will Stay in Office

This year, the voters in the city of Torrance will be selecting a new mayor.

Two candidates have emerged to run for the seat: Cliff Numark and Councilman George Chen.

One would think they both have considerable resumés, since both of them have served as city councilmembers, along with their long-standing reputations of service to the community.

However, there is one crucial, unmistakable difference between the two, and it makes all the difference whether the city residents should elect one or the other.

Consider this when looking all the mayors of Torrance, from the first election that the mayor's seat was elected at large by the voters:

Albert Isen

Ken Miller

Jim Armstrong

Kathy Geisert

Dee Hardison

Dan Walker

Frank Scotto

Patrick Furey

What do all of these mayors have in common?

First, they were all sitting members of the city council when they ran mayor.  Voters in Torrance have wanted mayors with some experience serving on city council.

No one really wants a neophyte for mayor who has to learn on the job. Working with colleagues before the public eye, considering the complexities of the city budget, the different relationships at work with the civil servants in city hall, and the political dynamics throughout the city require considerable knowledge and experience. 

Moreover, the city is facing another set of hard times for the next three to four years, and the last thing that the city of Torrance needs is a mayor-in-training who will take at least a year to get used to the levers of power and responsibility.

To make it very simple, we need a mayor who already has on-the-job experience.

But there's something else to take into account with each of the former and current mayors of Torrance: 

 They all pledged their dedication to the citizens and voters of Torrance. They made it very clear: "Vote for me and I will commit to you for the term of office."   

They all fulfilled that promise. 

Quittin' Cliff Numark

Except for one candidate: Cliff Numark.

Numark was elected to the Torrance city council in 2008 (he was the bottom vote-getter), and then elected to a full term in 2010.

Unlike all the other mayoral candidates and mayors once elected, Cliff Numark did not keep his commitment to the Torrance voters. He resigned in 2013 to serve on the El Camino College Board. He ran for that office and got elected, and then left Torrance in the lurch.

During the Seaside Homeowners Association debate on March 23, 2022, he argued that serving on the El Camino College Board would better serve the city of Torrance. Also, because state law prevented him from serving on two boards, he had to resign his position on the city of Torrance.

That is not an excuse, of course. Numark should have known well enough that running and winning the El Camino College Board seat was going to force him to resign his city council seat. That lack of commitment to the city of Torrance is really disconcerting.

It's been nine years since he served in any government capacity for the city of Torrance, and times have really changed. Sure, he helped other city councilmembers weather the fiscal storms of the Great Recession, but like many of his colleagues then--and as he asserts now--he has no problem raising taxes to restore city revenue. Furthermore, Cliff has shown that he is more ambitious than principled. Instead of considering the needs of the city, he wanted to take advantage of another political opportunity. Most people run for college board so that they can curry favor with labor unions and contractors in order to seek higher office.

Cliff cares about Cliff, and he has no qualms about quitting if it furthers his political pursuits. Torrance has had to deal with this dynamic already (think "Ted Lieu"). Torrance deserves better than another office-seeker looking for the highest bidder.

None of Torrance's eight mayors EVER broke their commitment to the city and its residents. They kept their promise when they ran for city council, and they kept their promise when they served their full term as mayor. None of them quit. They were engaged, they knew what the obligation was, they were active, they gave their time, and they were dedicated when making a promise to be Torrance's mayor.

None of them quit because they didn’t have the time. None of them quit because they wanted to take advantage of other opportunities along the way. For many of them, opportunities did pass by, but they rejected them: excellent job promotions, campaign bids for State Assembly, running for congress corporate jobs etc.  None of the mayors quit.

Actions speak louder than words, and Quittin' Cliff has made his political career more important than the city and its citizens. His yard signs all over the city reasd "Former City Councilmember." That pretty much sums up his experience. He is a "former," and it should stay that way.

FORMER Councilman Quittin' Cliff
is trying to hide his "former" self

Vote for George Chen for Torrance Mayor on June 7th, 2022.

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Wyoming Public Radio: The Southern Poverty Law Center Designations are "Inappropriate"

There is just so much winning for MassResistance.

Many people are growing aware of a pernicious hate group in the state of Alabama. I am not writing about the Ku Klux Klan, but a group that has had worse impact on many people of diverse backgrounds.

I am writing about the Southern Poverty Law Center.

I am happy to report that more news sites, even progressive radio stations in public universities, are sharing our view that the SPLC is a hate group with no standing or credibility.

Here's a complete statement from Christina Kuzmych, the General Manager of Wyoming Public Radio, in response to letter from MassResistance demanding a full retraction of the SPLC defamation on one of their recent articles about our organization:

Thank you for writing and for expressing your point on an issue that is understandably important to you.

I conversed with News Director Bob Beck, and also looked over the sequence of events unveiled here.

It’s my understanding that the portion of the story that included reference to the Southern Poverty Law Center was removed after your discussion with Bob.  I support this move.

Unfortunately, we had referenced the SPLC with the “hate” context attached, and the story had public exposure.  It’s our responsibility now to right this and to note that we reconsidered our position and believe that the SPLW designation of Mass Resistance as a hate group is inappropriate.  MassResistance is an anti-LGBTQ group, and this is the correct designation as per the group’s mission.

When even public radio, oftentimes subsidized by the state, and located in progressive political environments like a public university, agrees that the SPLC is an "inappropriate" designation, you know that you are winning the culture war.

No more hate groups! The SPLC is a hate group, along with Black Lives Matter, Antifa, the KKK, and the Anti-Defamation League, and people need to step up and push back on their hate in every way possible.

Next time the hate group from Alabama targets you or your community (and remember, they have a long history of defaming Jews, Muslisms, and immigrants, as well as Christians and conservatives generally), just let the public that public radio stations have rejected their hate, and so should everyone else.

Wyoming Public Radio 
recognizes that the SPLC
has no credibility

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Statement to Torrance USD School Board

Finally, the masks have come off … the students. But the sinister plot that allowed this systemic child abuse to continue unabated has not been dealt with properly. Until the Torrance School Board issues a firm resolution to disregard these outrageous mandates in the future, and passes a “mask and vaccine choice” regime, the students and parents in this district will have no assurance that their children’s health will remain safe and free from unwanted mandates.

I have received more calls and complaints from parents in the district, this time from Hull Middle School. Mrs. Shawnda Leander is pushing her own version of Critical Racist Theory, saying hateful things like “mostly all white people are bad, except for me of course” and “All black people are good.” Such broad statements are true testimonies to systemic racism in our schools. It’s not in our kids, it’s not in people’s skin color. Frankly, where do these teachers get these terrible ideas from in the first place? That needs to be investigated.

While many parents have been rightfully outraged with the unconscionable health mandates imposed on their children, they are now shifting their focus back to the divisive and inaccurate curriculum and viewpoint discrimination taking place in Torrance classrooms. I have already shared with this board about teachers promoting hate groups like Black Lives Matter and the Human Rights Campaign, dedicated to normalizing political violence and sexual perversion on impressionable minds trapped in classrooms as a captive audience. When will these practices cease? Schools should be safe spaces, yes, for ALL students, not just a select group or one viewpoint.

To this day, I have not year hear from Director Ben Egan or Superintendent Stowe regarding the new policies that will ensure that schools, staff, and district personnel will no longer misuse school and school district labels and logos to push a personal or political agenda, and especially at the expense or in spite of the concern or disagreement of students or parents. When will this policy be made public, Dr. Egan and Dr. Stowe?

Trustee Gerson contacted me after the previous meeting regarding the current relationship between the California and the National School Boards Associations. I understand that the voting member from the NSBA has had their voting status stripped. That move is not enough. There is no rectifying the fact that NSBA issued a letter to Joe Biden urging him to direct the Department of Justice to investigate and prosecute parents who were merely exercising their First Amendment rights in school board meeetings across the country. The NSBA referred to righteously outraged parents as “domestic terrorists” simply because they wanted to protect their children from Critical Racist Theory and LGBT indoctrination in the classroom, along with the unhealthy health mandates.

There is no excuse for any organization defaming parents as “domestic terrorists” for doing their jobs to protect their children. I am urging this board, this board’s CSBA representative to press for the California School Board Association’s complete disaffiliation with the NSBA. This is not a partisan matter, since red and blue states have disaffiliated from that terrible organization. MassResistance assisted parents with pressuring three state school boards associations from leaving the NSBA this year already.

Last of all, I hope that all parents in Torrance Unified, as well as across the state of California, understand that the fight is not over when it comes to ensure that their local school boards remain accountable to them. Ending the mask mandates was one step, but now more than ever it’s time for curricular and personnel oversight like never before.

Endorsements for CAGOP Convention 2022

Hey everyone!

Here are my endorsements for the California Republican Party slate at the 2022 CAGOP convention this year.

Senator Dahle is as swampy as they get. He has blown off calls for change from the grassroots for years. Jenny Rae supports amnesty. Leo Zacky is a good guy, but he is pretty much a one-man show at this point. The other candidates are no-name or no traction. And then there's Major Williams, who is a bilking, grifting fraud who claimed that he was running for Governor during the 2021 Recall election, and then at the last minute, he did not file. What a joke!

Anthony Trimino is the only candidate I know who has been out and about getting votes, getting people's attention, and wanting to make any kind of difference. I am supporting Anthony Trimino. (And he was born in Torrance, my hometown. You can't beat that!)

Angela Jacobs is the last minute establishment pick. I will always go against the consultant-class establishment. I am voting for David  Fennell for no other reason than that.

Rachel Hamm has been seeking this seat for months, and she is not afraid to sound the alarm on the rampant voter fraud in the state of California. You know a candidate is good when even the hate-rag The Daily Beast has to defame her! Bernosky is the last-minute establishment pick with outstanding campaign fines. JW Paine is runnig to expose Bernosky. I respect that, but I am focused on general as well as the primary election. Vote for Rachel!

So let’s start off with the Moderate versus Conservative issue. Today, Eric Early is claiming to be the conservative in the AG Race. I remember not long ago when Early was the Center-Left GOP Candidate in 2018 for AG when Stephen Bailey got the nod out of the primary.
I supported Steve Bailey in 2018, and I wish him the best in his bid for state senate this year.
When I was working for Steve Frank in 2021, Eric Early refused to commit to Mr. Frank and join conservatives seeking a voice at the State Party. Given that the CRA has been shunned and attacked by the CRP, I would ask the CRA delegates to at least ask some tough questions of Mr. Early before they endorse him this weekend. The CRA needs to endorse people who will stand for them as much as they do for the candidates.
Eric Early is a RINO puppet for RINO-PLAC in Los Angeles County. I don't care how many times he has run against shiff-head Adam Schiff. He is Andy Gimmecandy's hatchet man, and we need as few of them as possible anywhere near positions of leadership and opportunity.
I have no illusions that Hochman is a solid Republican but not a textbook conservative. However, my experience with Mr. Early indicates that, in deed, he is not that Conservative either.
I want someone who will win and restore order to the state of California. Hochman's credentials are good enough that LA County Sheriff (DEMOCRAT!) Alex Villaneuva has endorsed him! That works for me, since I am now a big supporter of Alex Villanueva.
Then there is the $1.5 Million and counting that Hochman has. Early won’t have enough money to walk and chew gum simultaneously.

Greg Conlon is a relentless perennial candidate who does not have a chance. Robert Howell is a long-standing conservative who has been fighting for this seat for a number of months. Also, Conlon is the go-to establishment candidate for the CAGOP Consultant class. This is tantamount to elder abuse at this point, since the CAGOP establishment keeps pushing this old guy to fill in for any statewide race that does not have  candidate. The guy is 90 years old! Vote for Howell.

Jack Guerrero is the man for this race. He has a long track record on finance issues. He is a Republican who has got elected three times in one of the bluest cities in one of the bluest counties in the state of California.
Andrew Do is a pro-health mandate RINO who has overseen the blue takeover of Orange County, CA. I have lost all respect for that man.

Mark Meuser. He has fought the good fight for many conservatives throughout the state of California. He is somewhat of a perennial candidate, but at least he is willing to do the work of going around the state trying to make a case for his election bid.

I have known George for a long time. He has taken the time and effort to reach out to people throughout the state. He works hard and will put in the necessary effort to win this seat. He is optimistic about his chances, but walks the walk, too.

Final Thoughts
I can't say that I have a lot of hope for this year, at least in California (well, it's not as though there is any hope for any year in California these days). The CAGOP has been so corrupted with the consultant-class hustle, but at least the political establishment is running out of statewide candidates who lose gracefully only to ensure that some well-connected consultant gets a paycheck for running a crappy campaign.
We'll see what happens after November 8th, 2022. Without a doubt, Republicans will take back the House of Representatives. Kevin McCarthy will be in line for the Speakership, although I think it's a great idea for the new bench of populist GOP House Reps to push for President Trump to be the Next Speaker of the House.
If McCarthy does get the gavel (and I am not too thrilled about that probability), that RINO Chairwoman Jessica Patterson will be gone, and some other RINO placeholder will jockey to take her place. I wonder who that could be ...