Thursday, February 28, 2019

Colorado MassResistance: Stop HB19-1032, Perverse Sex-Ed Bill

Colorado MassResistance:

We need to fire up our activism.

We can stop this perverse sex-ed bill, but we need people calling the CO Senate Health Committee Members right away.

Here is the contact information for theat committee. You can also use the template letter which I provided to email them or when you call them,

Please ask them to VOTE NO on HB19-1032.


Sen. Rhonda Fields               ChairSD 29  Democrat
Twitter Handle: @RepRhondaFields 

Sen. Brittany Pettersen         Vice-Chair [RECENTLY ELECTED -- Call her especially!!]
SD 22  Democrat
Twitter Handle @Petterson4co 

Sen. Larry Crowder              SD 35  
Twitter Handle: 

Sen. Jim Smallwood             SD 4    
Twitter Handle: @jimsmallwood 

Sen. Faith Winter
SD 24  
Twitter Handle @FaithKWinter

Here are their emails in one list:

The hearing takes place on February 28th, 2019, 1:30pm
Location: Senate Committee Hearing Room 257 
Colorado General Assembly
200 E Colfax Avenue
Denver, CO 80203

Contact me if you have any questions – (310) 793-8647

Arthur Schaper, Organization Director
(781) 890-6001

Here is the template letter which you can send out:

Dear CO State Senate Health Committee:

My name is ______, and I am a Colorado Resident and member of MassResistance.

We are the international pro-family group that makes the difference.

Our Colorado Chapter has informed us of grave concerns regarding a bill which will be brought before your committee tomorrow afternoon.

I am urging each of you to reject HB19-1032, legislation which has been termed "comprehensive sex-ed" and which would overrule the right of individual school districts to teach only abstinence to their students.

Here are the reasons why:

1. It erodes local control for city and county school boards.
2. It infringes on parental rights.
3. The legislation will teach students that they can engage in high-risk, deviant behaviors without consequence, when such pronouncements are patently false.
4. This sex-ed will normalize deviant behaviors which will short the lifespan of young people and harm them mental as well as physically.

Please vote no. This bill should not even leave committee at 1:30pm on February 28th, 2019.

Please contact me for more information. 

My cell is -------
My email is -----------


Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Hawaii RINO's MIA in State Legislature -- Don't Go Rank-Choice!

Hawaii GOP Party Leaders Led by Tupola, Ostrov and Ward

Designed to Keep Republican Candidates off 2020 Ballots


Aloha, Republicans:

As you read this, Hawaii's Democrats at the State Capitol are orchestrating the political assassination of GOP candidates statewide starting with the 2020 Election.  And the leaders of the Hawaii Republican Party (Gene "Obamacare" WardAndria "Ocasio-Cortez" TupolaShirlene "Blackburn" Ostrov andBob "Mufi" McDermott) have responded to this existential threat by forming a 'suicide pact' at the party's Kapiolani Blvd. headquarters allowing Democrats to succeed in their mission.  To date, the party's executive committee and state committee have signed off on this suicide pact through refusing to meet and refusing to take any action at all about the killer legislation in question now under fast-track consideration at the State Capitol (or about any other bad legislation at all).

This is no joke. Right now, there is ZERO OPPOSITION by the State GOP to amainland-inspired bill being pushed by Democrats at the Hawaii State Capitolto eliminate the guarantee that a Republican candidate can appear on the General Election ballot.  YES, ELIMINATE.  Introduced and supported by Democrats, House Bill 210 provides 'ranked choice' method of voting for all partisan primary elections, special elections, and nonpartisan general elections held in Hawaii starting next year. So if two Democrats running for a particular seat receive more votes than the Republican in the August Primary Election, the Republican has to throw in the towel and get reduced to watching the two Democrats face off in the General Election.  Democrats will get to turn the General into a Primary Election between two well-funded Donkey Party candidates while rank-and-file Republicans get to wonder how the hell this happened with no action by their party.
And HOW is this bill faring at the State Capitol? Well there's ZERO ORGANIZED OPPOSITION BY THE HAWAII GOP. As for the RINO incumbents, fake Republican Cynthia Thielen was a no show for the Judiciary Committee (of which she's a member) when her colleagues excitedly PASSED the bill. And fake Republican Lauren Cheape voted "AYE" for the bill. And fake Republicans Gene Ward and Bob McDermott couldn't even be bothered to show up to vote at all. On top of this, the RINO-controlled Hawaii GOP is doing absolutely NOTHING to fight this measure.
Under current law in Hawaii, all candidates who run as Republicans for state house, state senate, governor, LG, or a seat in Congress and win their Primary Election are guaranteed to appear on the General Election ballot. That's pretty important in Hawaii, since it's already difficult enough to convince people to become GOP candidates for any office. Most seats are held by Democrats (114 out of 120) and most races go unopposed by Republicans. Plus, there's already a belief that many Democrats in office (and running for office) in Hawaii are closet Republicans because they have little hope of getting elected as Republicans (these are the Dems with a short life-expectancy who get targeted in Primaries by fellow Dems).

So, with most Democrat seats already going UNCHALLENGED for decades, prepare for things to get worse for the Hawaii GOP. Democrats at the big square building on Punchbowl Street see an opening right now to change election law so that only the top two vote-getters from ANY party will be the ones competing in on the General Election. NOT the Democrat versus the Republicanbut more likely TWO DEMOCRATS on the General Election ballot. With Hawaii Republicans averaging little more than 20% of the vote against Democrats in past elections, and with Hawaii cursed with the WEAKEST REPUBLICAN PARTY in all 50 States (one which is run by closet Democrats like Gene Ward and Andria Tupola), this legislation is now poised to eliminate any guarantee that Republican candidates will appear on the General Election ballot.

Let's be brutally honest. GOP leaders in Hawaii are actively killing the Republican Party in the islands, since this legislation is simultaneously a DEATH SENTENCE passed by Democrats and a SUICIDE NOTE by the silent Hawaii GOP. Yes, the do-nothing Hawaii GOP is killing itself by sitting back and letting ranked choice (combined with all-mail-in voting) provide Democrats with guaranteed victories in the General Election for DECADES to come.

Until now, Republicans in Hawaii could rely on being able to appear on the ballot in the General Election because our partisan elections always pitted a Democrat against a Republican. That's all about to change. If Hawaii's ruling Democrats get their way, there could be no Republicans on the General Election ballot (except for self-dealing incumbent RINO's like Gene Ward and his ilk) and hence no new elected Republicans in Hawaii. PARTY SUICIDE BY SILENCE AND INACTION is the order of the day from Shirlene Ostrov, Gene Ward, Miriam Hellreich, Andria Tupola and the rest of the RINO's who control the dying, left-leaning Republican Party in Hawaii. So, if you don't see any GOP candidates for state office on the ballot in 2020, you can remember to thank these God-awful RINO infiltrators for standing down the GOP and letting its candidates go down in flames.
Finally, this existential threat to the Hawaii GOP has been met with a yawn by party leaders.  State Chair Ostrov and Andria Tupola's henchmen like executive committee members Steve Yoder, Greg Lussier, David Ross and and Lorraine Shin, have prevented the party from getting involved in fighting bad legislation, even though the state party's mission and rules clearly call for political action at the county, state, and federal levels of government.  Dozens of major issues at the State Capitol are being yawned at by Corrupt, Liberal Hawaii GOP Leaders Led by Tupola and Ostrov and Ward.

If, after reading this, you STILL don't believe that the Hawaii GOP is being destroyed from the inside, you'll probably never believe it.  For the rest of you, now's your chance to JOIN HIRA and help save the Republican Party in Hawaii while there's still time.

Auwe, RINO's!!
Our mailing address is:
Hawaii Republican Assembly  |  P.O. Box 2567  |  Ewa Beach, Hawaii 96706

The Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA) is the conservative standard-bearer for Republicans in Hawaii and the leading advocate for conservative solutions in the islands.

Please join us on Facebook at HIRA808 + Twitter at HIRA_808

Also, visit us at

HIRA is not an official arm of the disastrously mismanaged and RINO-hijacked Republican Party of Hawaii (RPH).  We are not affiliated with or endorsed by the Hawaii Republican Party (HRP).  HIRA is theconservative Republican base and an affiliated state chapter of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies (est. 1935).

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Monday, February 25, 2019

Houston MassResistance Forces Relocation of Drag Queen Story Hour

Houston MassResistance activists have a “Drag Queen Story Hour” victory against huge odds

Up against aggressive pro-LGBT politicians and deranged LGBT activists.

After months of battling: In the City Council chambers, in the streets outside of public library, and beyond.

February 24, 2019
Part 1 of 3: The battle in the city council chambers
ALT TEXTTracy, a mother and a leader of Houston MassResistance, unloads before the Houston City Council about the depravities of their "Drag Queen Story Hour" events. This photo is from the city's video.
The Houston, Texas city government is among the toughest venues in America to take on the LGBT movement. Back in 2015, the city politicians passed a transgender law that was so radical it lost a subsequent city-wide referendum vote — even though Houston is a deep blue city. Since then the politicians and LGBT activists — along with the ultra-liberal media — have become even more radical and aggressive.
But it’s not too tough for our fearless Houston MassResistance group,run by a mother (Tracy) and a grandmother (Linda) who back down to no one! This group is truly amazing.
After a three-month battle by Houston MassResistance, they were a major part of causing the “Drag Queen Story Hour” to move out of the public library!

The “Drag Queen Story Hour” comes to Houston

Starting in 2017, the Houston City Council has supported a series of “Drag Queen Story Hour” (DQSH) events in the Freed-Montrose branch of the Houston Public Library. (The city council oversees the library operations.) As we’ve reported, these programs are organized around the country and feature homosexual men in flamboyant women’s clothes – and often garish makeup – targeting very young children. They say it’s about “self-expression and diversity.” But the stated purpose is to get children to feel comfortable with LGBT behaviors at a very early age.
In Houston these events are worse than in other places. The “Drag Queens” seem to come from the “gay” nightlife scene – more overtly perverted and clearly dysfunctional than other Drag Queen Story Hours around the country. It’s any normal citizen’s nightmare that public facilities are being used to do these things to children.
ALT TEXTThis is a social media photo of "Space Sisters," the group that was doing the "Drag Queen Story Hour" at the Houston Public Library. The man in a dog mask appears to be involved with BDSM (bondage discipline sado-masochism).

The fight begins

Local pro-family groups and church organizations got involved last summer – and complained bitterly and very publicly.
Also in July 2018, the Houston-based pro-family group Conservative Republicans of Texas began an aggressive information and media campaign to inform people about the Drag Queen events in Houston and how destructive they are. They also started a city-wide petition. The information campaign went up until election day in November.
It caught the attention of the media. In July, 2018, the pro-LGBT local Fox TV affiliate did a (very biased) report on the controversy, which included a short debate between an LGBT activist and Michael Kubosh, a member of the Houston City Council who publicly opposes the event.
In October, three pro-family activists filed a lawsuit against the Mayor of Houston and the library director to stop the Drag Queen Story Hour events. The lawsuit was thrown out by a biased judge (who reportedly has a "gay" daughter and whose family had donated money to the library), but the activists are appealing that ruling.
The Drag Queen Story Hour controversy continued through the fall of 2018, but the city council and library refused to change anything.

MassResistance jumps in – confronting the Houston City Council

In November 2018, Houston MassResistance jumped in and got involved. They decided to take the fight directly to the city council politicians. Tracy, Linda, and others began coming to the Houston City Council meetings.
ALT TEXTTracy took this photo of some of the MassResistance people outside the city council chambers. The man in the red tie posing with them is City Councilor Michael Kubosh, who publicly opposes the Drag Queen event.
They handed out information. They testified during the weekly public comments sessions. They told it like it was and they didn’t hold back!
Tracy: "Adult entertainers who perform in nightclubs and have dollar bills into their bustiers at night should not be held as role models for young children. We are to believe that there is no agenda other than reading to children and promoting acceptance. But here’s what the organizers say: 'The program is aimed to provide positive and unabashedly queer role models.' A drag queen story hour reader said, 'This will be the grooming of the next generation' What do young children need queer role models for? … The seeds of gender confusion are being planted at Drag Queen Story Hour. So we must know more about the transgender community. Their suicide rate is as high as 40%. Their rates of drug and alcohol abuse soar above the general population."
Linda: "This is a form of brainwashing… There are consequences to the homosexual lifestyle which are psychologically harmful, physically and emotionally destructive to children. Do you want this, Mr. Mayor and Council? Children need role models – not drag queens."
Michael (ex-transgender):"I am an ex-transgender. And yes, it does affect the children. As a child my grandmother used to dress me as a little girl. And I became a transgender, and I have pictures here of what I used to be like. As an ex-transgender, it confused my mind as a child."
Mother: "If I did something bad to my children, I would be in jail. And it is an abuse that these parents are taking their children to this, and that the city is funding this. Yes, it is funding this. Doesn’t matter what the mayor says, this is a public forum. Their agenda and what their motto is, is grooming the next generation. It’s trying to desensitize them."
The pro-LGBT mayor and city councilors also became more than a bit unnerved, and reacted to the comments by the Houston MassResistance people with the usual vitriol, arrogance, and illogical arguments:
Ellen Cohen, city council member:[The most offensive.] "The people that you need to be worried about attacking your children or sexually assaulting your children are the people next door, the ministers, and the religious leaders."
Mike Laster, city council member: [The most insulting.] "Have you ever watched the movie Mrs. Doubtfire? Did you think it was kind of a cute movie? Have you ever watched the movie 'Tootsie'? Do you remember Flip Wilson? Do you remember the character Geraldine? Did you ever giggle when you watched Geraldine? So I’m just trying to figure out what the fear is. Help me to understand. Have you ever been to a circus? Did you laugh at a clown?"
Jerry Davis, city council member: [The stupidest.] "As a black male, when you want to deny someone a right, I get a little bit cautious about that. I get a little sensitive about that. When you want to use the Bible to deny someone the right. They have feelings, too. They have rights, too. I hope that we’re not trying to persecute someone. Because it sounds like that’s like that’s what we’re doing."
Mayor Sylvester Turner: [The boldest lie.] "This is strictly a volunteer program. There are no city tax dollars that are being invested in this program."

The LGBT movement reacts to Houston MassResistance

By coming to the meetings often and hitting hard, the Houston MassResistance group really struck a nerve! The local homosexual newspaper reacted by writing an attack article against Houston MassResistance. As with Conservative Republicans of Texas and others, with MassResistance their main cry was to whine about a “hate group.” (It’s become like a broken record.)
ALT TEXTWhen they found out that MassResistance was involved, the local homosexual news magazine had the expected infantile reaction.
And of course the local LGBT activists themselves were apoplectic that pro-family mothers would come and confront the politicians so boldly. When their attempts to get to children are threatened, they seem to get the angriest. They started coming to the city council meetings to try to intimidate the parents. Some of the men in women’s clothes even went into the female restrooms at the library when the pro-family women went in.
ALT TEXTWe were told that these two men went into the ladies' restroom when one of the MassResistance mothers was in there - and it was a terrifying experience!
The LGBT activists also attempted to do a series of vile and disgusting social media attacks on the MassResistance mothers. This is not an uncommon tactic for LGBT activists to use; much of it owes to their own psychological issues. But these MassResistance parents are very strong, and didn’t let it stop them!
Social media attack on Tracy. This is an example of the unhinged mindset of the LGBT "community" when someone has a different opinion about their activities with children. Remember - these are the people who want to teach YOUR children.
This was only the first round from the Houston MassResistance group.
Coming up: 
Part 2:  The parents confront the library - and turn up the heat even higher!
Part 3:  How the city council and library finally caved – and what’s next.
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