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The New York Times Fears the Worst: What if the GOP Wins Big AGAIN?!

A writer for the New York Times fears the worst: What if the Republicans win everything AGAIN?

That's not something to be afraid of, in my view. That is something to celebrate: BIG TIME.

I want Trump to have better majorities, too. No more swamp creatures. No more Never-Trump Republicans who are more interested in virtue-signaling conservatism than the truth.

So, let's look through this guy's terror of restored Republican Majorities, and see what happens.

What if the Republicans Win Everything Again?

The end of Robert Mueller’s investigation. The loss of health insurance for several million people. New laws that make it harder to vote. More tax cuts for the rich. More damage to the environment. A Republican Party molded even more in the image of President Trump.

I agree with the last part. Yes, indeed, the Republican Party has turned into the party of Trump.

These are among the plausible consequences if the Republicans sweep the midterm elections and keep control of both the House and Senate. And don’t fool yourself. That outcome, although not the most likely one, remains possible. The last couple of weeks of polling have shown how it could happen.

Yes, it could happen. We have polling which shows that the absentee and early voting ballots are trending strongly more Republican.

Yes, indeed, Republicans could win it all again!

Voters who lean Republican — including whites across the South — could set aside their disappointment with Trump and vote for Republican congressional candidates. Voters who lean left — including Latinos and younger adults — could turn out in low numbers, as they usually do in midterm elections. The Republicans’ continuing efforts to suppress turnout could also swing a few close elections.

A lot of voters who got behind the President are not disappointed with him at all. They want him to do more and to keep doing the great work that has done so much good for all of us.

No matter what, Democrats will probably win the popular vote in the House elections, for the first time since 2012. Trump, after all, remains unpopular. But the combination of gerrymandering and the concentration of Democratic voters in major cities means that a popular-vote win won’t automatically translate into a House majority.

The Democrats will win "the popular vote" in the elections for the House of Representatives? What is that supposed to mean?  House reps are not elected by some kind of national popular vote. They are elected by the majority vote within each district. It's pretty simple.

What does the rhetoric convey, though, about the Democratic Party winning the "popular vote"? They want to repeat this idea that Hillary Clinton should be the next President of the United States because she had won the popular vote in 2016.

It's not about the popular vote, liberals. It's about the Electoral College, and we must ensure at every cost that this system of election is not taken away from us.

In the Senate, the election already seems to be slipping away from the Democrats. Several of this year’s close Senate races happen to involve Democrats defending seats in red states. As a result, Republicans may expand their current 51-49 majority, making it easier for them to win close votes on legislation and nominations.

They will expand their majority. 55 is the conservative estimate. 57 to 58 is the hopeful gain.

If Republicans do manage to keep both chambers of Congress, it would cause a political shock. So far, much of the speculation has focused on what a Democratic House takeover might mean — attempts to rein in Trump’s executive actions, subpoenas, investigations, maybe even impeachment. But it’s important to understand that a Republican victory would also change Washington.

"That shock" is exactly what a lot of Trump voters (like myself) are hoping for. We need every capable voters to step up and make the Red Tsunami happen!

It would be validation for Trump, who could then brag that he had defied the experts once again. It would mean he had outperformed Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Lyndon Johnson and Harry Truman, all of whom suffered drubbings in the first midterm election of their presidency. It would embolden Trump to push even harder toward the America he wants — where corporate oversight is scant, climate change is ignored, voting rights are abridged, health care is a privilege, judicial independence is a fiction and the truth is whatever he says it is.

This writer neglects to mention George W. Bush, who expanded his Congressional majorities in 2002 and 2004. It's possible, even though the precedent is not strong or available.

I obviously find this prospect alarming. I’d much rather spend time imagining the ways the Congress could act as a check on Trump after the Democrats gain some control. And the polls say that’s still likely. The political website FiveThirtyEight put the Democrats’ odds at around 84 percent on Friday.

The Democratic Congress will embrace Trump Derangement Syndrome on many levels. I fear that gridlock will become the norm to such an extent, that times of crisis won't matter or make a difference to force the Democratic Party to do what is right for the country.

The Democratic Party has put the party ahead of the people and the principles on which this country was founded.

Yet all of us should have learned by now that there is a big difference between the unlikely and the impossible. Political polls are like weather forecasts or medical diagnoses. They are a much better guide to the future than random guesses, but they inevitably involve uncertainty. “84 percent” is not just a careful way of saying “100 percent.” The Republican Party of Donald Trump really could win the midterms.

Yes, and I can't wait to see that victory come forward for all of us. We need a Red Tsunami to wash over this country and allow President Trump to keep Making America Great Again!

That’s why I spent a good portion of this past week doing reporting about what two more years of unified Republican rule might look like. The following preview is based on those conversations.

Members of Congress don’t usually turn against a scandal-marred president from their own party until they believe that supporting him jeopardizes their own careers. That fear helped lead Republicans to abandon Richard Nixon, at long last, in 1974. A lack of fear helps explain why Democrats stuck by Bill Clinton through his sex scandal.

For today’s congressional Republicans, the election will be a measure of how worried they need to be about Trump and Russia. As Susan Hennessey of the Brookings Institution says, the midterms “are the last best hope for Republicans in Congress to grow a backbone.” A Democratic takeover may make congressional Republicans less willing to make excuses for Trump. A Republican victory would suggest that the party does not need to be very scared about the politics of Russia.

Yes, Mueller — the special counsel overseeing the investigation — could change that by issuing an explosive report after the election. But a midterm victory could also give Trump the confidence to shut down the investigation, through firing some combination of Mueller, Rod Rosenstein (who oversees Mueller) and Jeff Sessions, the attorney general. In their place, he could install loyalists unconcerned with the quaint notion that no one is above the law. An expanded Senate majority could ease the confirmation of those loyalists.

The Mueller Investigation should have been shut down last year. There is no collusion. There is no destruction or ruination

Even if Mueller’s findings eventually became public, an unfinished report is different from a completed investigation that could include indictments of people close to Trump. It’s easy to imagine Trump waving it away as a “witch hunt.” Congressional Republicans may go even further and hold hearings investigating the investigators — the current and former law-enforcement officials whom Trump has unjustly blamed for the investigation.

Altogether, an election victory would probably give Trump the confidence to do what he has already signaled he wants to do: use the law as an instrument of political power rather than one of justice.

This election victory would give lots of people confidence, that the United States has true leadership, which cares about what is best for every American citizen.

The Republican agenda on health care is deeply unpopular. It revolves around less insurance for the middle class and poor, to pay for tax cuts. In response, many Republicans have begun telling flat-out falsehoods about their positions on health care.

Is it? I am going into free market resources, looking for the best health care best on price and competition, rather than relying on insurance. I don't want Obamacare. I want real health care based on what is available, through competition and trade.

Now imagine if the party nonetheless won the midterms. “They will have learned a very specific lesson,” Jacob Leibenluft of the liberal Center for American Progress said. “They can get away with lying about what their actual policy is.”

Who cares what the liberal Center for American Progress has to say about ... anything?

There is every reason to believe Republicans would then try to cut health care funding more deeply. People in Republican circles told me that they did not anticipate a new attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act. “I would expect them to make some kind of run on health care again,” Ryan Streeter of the conservative American Enterprise Institute said, “but I would be surprised if they tried for full repeal.” Douglas Holtz-Eakin of the American Action Forum called repeal “a political rallying cry” and “not a legislative agenda.”

I have seen so many people on government healthcare. It's not good. They don't get better. They get worse. Their health actually declines, because they have less of an incentive to do what is right for their bodies. They do not invest in preventative care since "someone else" is going to pay for everything.

All of this is wrong.

I’m not so sure. Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leader, suggested on Wednesday that Republicans would reconsider repeal if they kept Congress. Last year, it failed by only a single vote in the Senate — the vote of John McCain, who has since died.

Please repeal Obamacare, but don't stop there. We need to get rid of all the other ridiculous burdens which have made it harder for good working people to get the best quality access to health care possible.

“We should always assume that as soon as they have the votes, they will repeal the rest of the A.C.A.,” said Andy Slavitt, who ran Medicare and Medicaid under Obama. Even if they don’t, Slavitt added, they will probably make other cuts. Medicaid — which serves the poor, working class, disabled and elderly — is a likely target.

Medicare and Medicaid need to be phased out. These unsustainable programs cost too much. They are not providing the best funding or care. We need to deregulate the medical profession and industry as much as possible.

For decades now, the No. 1 Republican policy priority has been tax cuts that mostly benefit the rich. The only major piece of legislation signed by Trump was such a tax cut. Next year, there could be more cuts. One possibility would be the repeal of the estate tax, which applies to only a tiny fraction of the wealthiest households, said Jeffrey Miron of Harvard and the Cato Institute. Another possibility would be a technical change in inflation measurement, resulting in a large cut in investment taxes.

Tax cuts benefit everyone. Spending cuts are essential, too, and we need more people in Congress who are willing to make that happen. I criticized the President for signing off on the massive Omnibus earlier this year.

We need legislators who will do what is right for the future, in which we stop borrowing from future generations and shore up the best financial system for our kids and our grandkids.

Apart from taxes, the party could try to go further to block corporate regulation. Right now, regulation tends to swing back and forth, depending on who holds the White House, but some congressional Republicans want to change that. They support a bill that would constrain future presidents from imposing regulations, in the name of reducing consumer costs. Liberal analysts have nicknamed it the “License to Kill Bill,” citing its effects on pollution, consumer safety and worker safety.

You want worker safety? Ensure a free market. Exploitation comes into play

The most tempting Republican legislation may be one that involves political power rather than any specific policy area. Over the past decade, the party has become much more aggressive about restricting voting access, especially for Democratic-leaning groups like African-Americans and Native Americans. So far, these laws have been passed in states, rather than at federal level. But Myrna PĂ©rez of the Brennan Center for Justice told me that she was worried that the state laws — like those requiring new forms of identification or reducing voting hours and polling places — could become a model for a federal law.

Proper restrictions on voter access are acceptable. No one should be allowed to vote without proper vetting of citizenship. We need to safeguard the voter rolls, to allow Voter ID, to ensure that only those who have the right to vote maintain that franchise.

Illegal alien voting, felons voting without the proper strictures put in place, dead people voting--all of this undermines the franchise for law-abiding citizens. This cannot be tolerated.

The goal would be as obvious as it is nefarious: Keep Republicans in power, even when they lack the support of most Americans.

Let's talk about the corrupt steps that Democrats have been taking to stay in power. Let's talk about the efforts to push a whole community of migrants into the United States, many of whom who have not been properly vetted for safety. Let's also talk about the push to make it easier for people to vote more than once, to allow foreign nationals to cast ballots, and all the rest.

This behavior, this corrutption of the voter franchise cannot be tolerated any longer.

The list here is clearly speculative, and not comprehensive. A Republican sweep would also ease the confirmation of federal judges, and it might encourage still harsher treatment of immigrants. Beyond any specific piece of legislation, though, a Republican victory would send a message. It would be an endorsement (albeit a flawed one, probably based on a popular-vote loss) of Trump’s vision for America.

What does this reporter mean by "immigrants"? Do they mean those who entered the country legally ... or illegaly? I do welcome the Congress to appoint more constitutional conservative judges. That is essential.

In that America, congenital liars and sexual harassers don’t get punished. They can become president. In that America, people with dark skin aren’t guaranteed the same rights as people with white skin, and a violently warming planet is less important than corporate profits. In that America, the federal government protects the wealthy and powerful, often at the expense of everyone else.

More lies. The true congential liars will often be found in the media and elsewhere.

By now, no one should have any illusions about how Trump will behave if he faces no restraints.

The issue isn't about restraints, but the will of America ciitzens who want their country back. The issue is about men and women who want to see American Made Great Again, who want the rule of law restored to this nation. Elections are about responding to the vivid, real concerns of the people.

Final Reflection

It is essential that we realize how far out of touch the marginalized media has become.

They see Trump as some kind of disaster imposed on this country. And yet ... he won the majority of electoral votes, and the popular vote is suspect because of the rising, rampant nature of voter fraud, especially in blue states like California. Thousands of non-citizens have been registered to vote in the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Trump is President of the United States, and the rich, liberal, globalist elites can't stand it. They see more populist leaders rising to the forefront, too, like Jair Bolsonaro and others across Eastern Europe. These rising figures will ensure that the Judeo-Christian ethic remains strong in our world, that Christ and Him Crucified are pre-eminent.

Most of all, these leaders are displacing the hateful agenda of socialists, collectivists, and Satanists alike who are more interested in pushing their agenda. I want Trump to have Congressional majorities which favor his agenda.

But I want his agenda enacted. He needs to get it done!

Del Amo Mall is Telling People to Shop Because It's Good for the Environment

This is just rich.

I took these photos last week while walking around in the Del Amo Mall.

With the rise of purchasing power through the Internet, brick and mortar stores are struggling to stay open and compete.

What is to be done?

They want to save local businesses, but at the same time they want to save the environment, then again at the same time they are making the claim that people should drive more to the local businesses, including the mall, in order to save the small businesses--and yet driving  more is not consistent with "Saving the environment", according to their standards.



Tuesday, October 30, 2018

UGH: South Bay Moms Want "LGBT Youth" Summit

This is not good parenting.

This is not the way to ensure the best for one's children. If they are struggling with same-sex attraction or gender dysphoria, the answer is not to celebrate and normalize it.

PUBLISHED: September 27, 2018 at 3:39 pm | UPDATED: September 27, 2018 at 5:21 pm
Manhattan Beach resident Linda Reeves was at the dinner table when she heard the news.

It was 2006, and her son, who is now 25, was being “bullied, taunted and teased” while attending Manhattan Beach Middle School.

“He said: I was at this party and my friend outed me,” Reeves quoted her son as saying. “He was really upset. He said, ‘She told everybody I was gay.’”

That is not OK. Yet the fundamental lie must be confronted. We are not defined by sexual feelings or premises. Simple as that.

Reeves took a sip of wine and asked: “So she told everybody you were gay. … So you’re gay? And he said ‘yeah.’”

Reeves wasn’t concerned about her son’s sexuality, but by how devastated he was about his friends abandoning him. She didn’t know how to help him, Reeves said — and there was no one, at the time, to help her. There were no parental support groups in the South Bay.

But that’s about to change.

Reeves, along with two other mothers of gay children — Cindy Byrne and Tina Sarafa — will soon launch the first Manhattan Beach and South Bay chapter of Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, also known as PFLAG. The organization has more than 200 chapters nationwide and is meant to “build a culture of inclusiveness, engagement and equality” for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender community and its allies. The new South Bay chapter will have its first meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 2.

Oh brother. I am so tired of parents being bullied themselves into thinking that the best thing they can do for their children is to accommodate a lie. Why are children becoming gay? This doesn't make sense. 

“By providing a PFLAG chapter that supports families and helps them be the support they need to be for their kids,” Byrne said, “we will literally be saving lives and improving the emotional well being of all of our LGBTQ kids.”

Sarafa has been interested in social work since she and her mother became good friends with two gay men who were active volunteers in the gay community, helping those during the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

There is an epidemice precisely because homosexuality invites a number of high-risk behaviors. This is not good. This is not wise. No parent should encourage this behavior with their children. All of this is patently unacceptable.

So when her 20-year-old son came out, it wasn’t an issue for her.

“Lots of people have a more difficult struggle having a gay child; for me it was actually very easy,” Sarafa said. “He’s my son. I’m wildly crazy, madly in love with him. He’s a great kid.”

Why MassResistance fights the core of this argument so hard? Because it's the fundamental lie which perpetuates and enables all these other lies and misunderstandings.

But when her son did come out, Sarafa also took to the streets, marching in gay pride parades and carrying signs that said such things as “Love My Son.”

Oh brother. No, it isn't love.

She received appreciation for doing so.

“I can’t tell you,” Sarafa said, “how many transgender adults or gays and lesbians walked up to us saying ‘Thank you so much for marching. I wish my mom would have done that.’”

Byrne, meanwhile, had some things to learn when her son came out as transgender two years ago, at age 16.


She needed to “get informed and educated and needed to come to terms with what that meant,” Byrne said.

What does "transgender" mean? It means "mentally ill." Boys should be happy about being boys, and girls should be at peace that they are girls. There is nothing that needs to change, and there is no call or justification for trying to change one's body or sex with hormones or surgeries. All of this, all of it--is LIES!

With Sarafa, she attended a seminar at El Segundo’s Vistamar School, which was primarily for educators, on how they can support LGBT children.

“It was a crash course in a day,” Byrne said.

The pair then started a support group called “Mama Bears.”

“We shared fears and thoughts and ideas and experiences with each other,” Byrne said. “We laughed and we cried and gave each other advice and ideas and that was the beginning. We said ‘Everybody needs to have this in their local community.’”

Coming together
Reeves, when her son came out as gay, was looking for ways to further help her son and those in the LGBT community.

She even tried creating a South Bay PFLAG chapter in 2014 — but couldn’t gain enough support.

What changed all of this? The arrival of Donald Trump on the scene?

Around that time, Reeves went through a divorce and decided to go back to school. She earned her master’s degree and became a licensed marriage and family therapist. Her specialty was in LGBT issues.

This is criminal. It needs to be stopped, confronted in full.

“Once I learned more about the lived experience of a gay, bisexual, transgender and non-binary person, I realized that the culture was the culprit in all of the oppression that this population experiences,” Reeves said. “I became this activist. I wasn’t raised that way. I had no idea that was even inside of me.”

"The culture is the culprit." Really? There would not be a culture without moms and dads, without a firm respect for natural marriage, for clear respect for male and female.

This is lunacy.

Byrne, Sarafa and Reeves eventually connected — and their PFLAG chapter was born.

Multiple South Bay organizations have stepped in to join the chapter’s leadership team. Those groups include: the Beach Cities Health District, South Bay LGBTQ Center, South Bay Cares, South Bay Families Connected, Manhattan Beach Community Church and local therapists.

The Beach Cities Health District is in on this craziness, too? When does the political correctness stop? We can do better as a community and as a society. We need to stand firm for the truth and report what is right, true, and accurate.

The new PFLAG chapter currently has a board of directors, but is also looking for members for an advisory board. The chapter will soon become a nonprofit so it can seek donations.

Who would donate to this? They don't need money, they need reality.

The meetings, meanwhile, are intended to provide parents with a safe and welcoming space.

Homosexuality is not a welcoming lifestyle. It kills!

Participants will gather in small groups where they can discuss their respective journeys in a confidential setting. While each meeting will have a facilitator — currently they have 20 trained for that task — it is the families themselves that really provide the support to other families.

“Love and acceptance for your child,” Sarafa said, “is the greatest gift you can give them whether they are gay or straight.”

Love the child, hate the homosexuality. I doubt that the parents would embrace their children's drug addiction if they were hooked on meth.

Final Reflection

The two major arguments of the LGBT Movement fall on these two sentences:

1. "I was born this way."
2. "It's all about love."

First of all, no--people are not born gay, nor are they born in the wrong body, and thus in need of switching their gender.

Second, it's not love to lie to people and to teach them to embrace behaviors which will cut their lifespan short.

Enough is enough. It's time to stand for truth.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

UGH: Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce Promotes LGBT Agenda

I had taken photos of this flyer from three months ago:

That word "Free" is featured prominently.

What is liberating, however, about abusing your body and hurting your mind and emotional balance with destructive behaviors?

Minors are not in the best position to make decisions about their lives, their behaviors, their sexual preferences, even.

The consequences of these behaviors needs to be shared.

And yet that's not occuring. Events like the one featured below spend more time pushing this radical fraud of "Acceptance", when in reality the whole agenda behind this LGBT affirmation process wants to make destructive, deviant, and dysfunctional behaviors "normal."

Notice also that this event actually came with a price tag!

If you want to go to an LGBT Support Group, you need to pay up!

Who's getting the money?

More residents in Manhattan Beach and throughout the South Bay should contact the Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce to get some answers.

This nonsense about being free to be LGBT is based on a long set of fraud, lies, and deception.

There is no liberty in lies. NONE!

Saturday, October 13, 2018

MassResistance Conference in Texas: If Not Now, When?

Powerful MassResistance conference in Texas on Oct. 27. Titled “If not now, then when?”

Educating and equipping the family and the church to counter the LGBTQ Agenda

Second annual event -- co-sponsored by Concerned Christian Citizens

October 13, 2018
ALT TEXTThis conference is meant to get people moving!
On Saturday, Oct. 27 from 3:00-6:00 pm, MassResistance Texas along with Concerned Christian Citizens will be holding their second annual conference in Killeen, Texas.
ALT TEXTAt last year's conference Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez (right) and Caryl Ayala, a former elementary school teacher, gave blockbuster speeches.
This is not your average soft-pedaling pro-family conference. The powerful roster of speakers (see list below) will address how the LGBTQ agenda is targeting all areas of society – and what the family and church must do about it. There will be special attention to attacks on youth, churches, government, schools, and counseling. “This is a call to preparedness and action,” said Joe Goodson, a pastor and head of Concerned Christian Citizens.
ALT TEXTConcerned Christian Citizens is a major pro-family force in that part of Texas.
Titled, “If not now, then when?” the conference will answer the burning questions so many parents and citizens have: Will the LBGTQ agenda to normalize perversion and indoctrinate our children succeed? Will Christians move from the sidelines to the frontlines to fight this?
There is a definite sense of urgency that all of us are feeling. The conference organizers have listed just a few of the recent attacks facing society:
  • The Colorado bakery owner prosecuted for refusing to create cakes celebrating same-sex “marriage” -- and even “gender transition”!  Will this happen to all Christian business owners?
  • Students in public schools and college campuses being forced to use “preferred pronouns” or face punishment. Where will this insanity end?
  • “Drag Queen Story Hour” events where – radical adults work to normalize transgenderism to small children – are happening in public libraries across the country. Will this be coming to your local library?
  • Reparative therapy for sexual orientation or gender identity issues now being banned by several states, denying help to people who want it. Is the medical field becoming completely subverted to this ideology?
  • In parts of Europe and Canada, bans on preaching of parts of the Bible that disagree with homosexuality. Will the United States be next?
As Pastor Goodson reminds us, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. This conference will help people equip people to understand the times and respond appropriately.”
The year’s conference speakers include:
  • Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez, professor at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, and leader of MassResistance Texas. Author of our hard-hitting “Save our Churches” video series.
  • Pastor Steven Broden, of Fair Park Bible Fellowship Church in Dallas, and Protect Life and Marriage Texas.
  • Rusty Thomas, Operation Save America, Waco.
  • Steven F. Hotze, MD, leader of Campaign for Houston, which successfully overturned the transgender “bathroom bill” passed by the left-wing Houston City Council in 2015, and is not confronting the “Drag Queen Story Hour” happening there.
  • David Pickup, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, specialist in reparative therapy for people with sexual orientation or gender identity issues.
  • Terry Delano, former School Board President, Killeen, TX.
Many of you may recall that last year’s conference, held at the Killeen Civic Center, was such a blockbuster that YouTube banned Dr. Robert Lopez’s speech on “The lies of the ‘gay’ movement” (we’ve re-posted through a different service). Caryl Ayala’s speech on “How LGBT ‘training’ gets into elementary schools” was also very powerful.
This year’s conference is at a new venue. The local African-American church that co-hosted last year’s event has enthusiastically invited us to its building!
Saturday, October 27, 2018
3:00 pm – 6:00 pm
True Deliverance Ministries
201 West Jasper Rd.
Killeen, Texas
There is no entrance fee, though donations to help with costs will be accepted.
If you can possibly make it to Killeen, TX (not far from Austin) on Oct. 27, this will be extremely worthwhile. We already know of someone coming from Canada to attend!
We hope to see many of you there!
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