Thursday, June 7, 2018

Torrance City Council Election: Opposition to Sanctuary State Law Helped Propel Conservatives to Victory

The Torrance City Council elections were a huge victory for me, for conservatives, and for the citizens as a whole in the Balanced City.

It was great to see Kurt Weideman gone, and to see Jimmy Gow, the anti-social injustice warrior, get taken down like a BOSS on election day. He received the lowest vote turnout, and it served him right.
As a reminder, Jimmy Gow joined the corrupt cabal of violent leftists to attack a veterans hall in West Carson two months before Election Day 2016. It was really bad, and shame on the Torrance City Council for doing nothing about it!

"I hate veterans, but don't tell anyone I said that!"

But today I wanted to focus specifically on the issue of SB 54, the sanctuary state law, and how it factored into the election.

Two candidates--only two--made a big show of their opposition to that unconscionable and unconstitutional law. Bill Sutherland paid it lip service, but he told me that he wasn't going to use his final comments during debates to single out that issue. 

Mayoral candidate Tom Brewer didn't talk about SB 54. According to one voter, Brewer decided that it wasn't that serious of an issue. I just found out that New Majority PAC, the same crappy and corrupt organization headed by Andy Gimme-Kandy (really Gharakani) was backing Brewer. I don't call them the "New Permanent Minority" for nothing. They don't want to win. They want to soft-pedal all the major issues, raise lots of money, and pay big prices to sit at "The Kool Kidz' Table". Brewer was getting bad advice, for certain, and David Hadley's endorsement and "machine" backing didn't get him elected, either.

In fact, illegal immigration and opposition to the sanctuary state law were deciding issues, along with public safety in general. Many of the people whom I spoke to in the city shared their alarm about this law. There was one voter who said that she had compassion on the illegals, but I told her that SB 54 protects violent criminals!  

I stressed a number of times my outrage with SB 54 to the city council. They issued a letter last year, but the deciding vote to write the letter took place in a legislative committee, not in an open vote of the city council. What are the councilmembers afraid of, if they received to issue a letter following an open vote before the public?

Finally, we have two more city councilmembers who are not afraid to speak out against illegal immigration:

1. George Chen
2. Aurelio Mattucci

George Chen, Naturalized Citizen from Taiwan

Aurelio Mattucci, Naturalized Citizen from Italy

These two individuals are immigrants. They played by the rules, passed all the tests, paid all the fees. Ask any naturalized citizen how long it takes to become a full-fledged citizen in this country. The time and costs are immense; therefore, it's fundamentally unfair to allow people to break into this country (a felony in its own right), then to cut in line in front of all those who have followed the law to become citizens.

George Chen and Aurelio Mattucci's telling victory is a big win for the city of Torrance and the rule of law, yet the local press refuses to cover this new trend. The reporter covering Torrance focused at least three articles on the fact that there are now no women on the city council. But we have two immigrants, including an Asian-American, as well as a black American representing the city of Torrance.

Of course, diversity doesn't matter to the press if the elected officials are conservatives.

Final Reflection

CAGOP Chairman Jim Brulte reported to Stuart Varney on "Varney and Company" that the fight against the gas tax propelled Republicans to a strong voter turnout. He forgot to mention the fight against the perverse sanctuary state law and the fight against illegal immigration in general. Throughout Orange County, I saw signs touting opposition to the sanctuary state law as well as the gas tax hikes. In Torrance, SB 54 was the signature issue that got two candidates elected to city council, and in the process they beat a liberal incumbent who had served as President of the Torrance Historical Society and who had received commensurate support from the Torrance Police Officers' Association.

What's more, Chen did not have any prior local government experience, in that he had never served on a commission or worked with any standing Torrance sitting committee--yet he won!

If conservatives want a chance to win in November, they need to focus on ending illegal immigration, as well as combating corruption and ending the onerous taxes driving hard-working middle-class Californians out of the state. The overrunning of our borders, the drain on our public welfare systems, and the destruction against our quality of life has all occurred because of illegal immigration, and yet it affects all of us!

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