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BREAKING: New President and CEO of Southern Poverty Law Center Poses with Anti-White, Anti-Semite Nick Cannon

Margaret Huang (left) with Anti-White, Anti-Semite Nick Cannon

 Now, if this is not shocking, I don't know what is.

Margaret Huang was recently hired to serve as the new President and CEO of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

They had to fire Co-Founder Morris Dees because he was a racist, misogynist, and he harassed a number of women in the organization.

Of course, Richard Cohen the previous CEO, and Rhonda Brownstein also resigned, presumably because they did nothing about the numerous complaints against Morris Dees, but more importantly because they did not live up to their open, inclusive, tolerant standards which they are fighting to impose on everyone else.

Now, no one should assume that the Southern Poverty Law Center is tolerant or inclusive, since they are more interested in shutting down people and organizations which they disagree with. That's what it all amounts to.

In an attempt to cover up their legacy of defamation, racism, and hypocritical hatred, the SPLC has hired a whole new array of majority-minority leadership. Still, these direct steps to play cover-up are insufficient, since such actions are still essentially ... racist.

The new President and CEO of the Southern Poverty Law Center is Margaret Huang:

In her first interview as the newly installed President and CEO, Huang asserted that it was a dream come true for her to work with the SPLC. She had been working with Amnesty International before, and now she is committed to fighting hate wherever she can as the leader of the SPLC.

If she wants to fight hate, she should start with herself.

On her own Facebook page, she features her picture with this rabid anti-Semitic and anti-white hatemonger:

Yes, she still has this picture posted, prominently, on her Facebook page:

Who is the man standing next to Margaret Huang in the photo? The infamous Nick Cannon.

Here's how he became infamous this year with a number of hateful comments. 

The Daily Caller reports:

Former “America’s Got Talent” host Nick Cannon delivered a racist and anti-Semitic rant in a June 30 episode of his podcast, “Cannon’s Class.”

 Cannon hosted rapper Professor Griff, whose record of anti-Semitic comments is well documented, for an interview in which they promoted anti-Semitic conspiracies about Jewish families secretly controlling the world and claimed that black people can’t be anti-Semitic because they’re the real Semitic people.

“In order for me to be anti-Semitic, I’d have to be anti-black man, anti-black woman, anti-black people, anti-Africa, anti-all other people,” Griff said.

“Because the Semitic people are black people,” Cannon added.

That depends. There is a considerable Ethiopian Jewish community, for example. Operation Solomon, conducted with the help of the United States during the George H.W. Bush administration, helped rescuse a considerable population of Ethiopian Jews and bring them to Israel, for example.

A friends of mine was the descent of Jews from the nation of Mali, as well. But just because someone is black does not mean that they are Jewish, not at all. That's a racist statement in itself.

Cannon and Griff spoke positively of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, a notorious anti-Semite, throughout the interview, which has garnered more than 250,000 views on YouTube alone. (RELATED: These Big Name Rappers Are Tight With Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan)

Unbelievable. Farrakhan has called Jews "termites". Who knows what other hateful things he has said about people who do not look like him or have his color shade of skin.

 “When you have a person who has the lack of pigment, the lack of melanin that they know they will be annihilated, therefore they know that however they got the power, they have a lack of compassion, melanin comes with compassion,” Cannon said.

Here we go with the false "white supremacy" narrative, pushing this notion that someone is inferior just because of the person's skin color. Racist, go home!

“Melanin comes with soul, that we call it soul, we soul brothers and sisters, that’s the melanin that connects us so the people that don’t have it, are, and I’m going to say this carefully, are a little less and where the term actually comes from, and I’m going to bring it back around to Minister Farrakhan, where they may not have the compassion,” he added.

He considers Farrakhan an expert source on these issues. Really. What does SPLC President Margaret Huang think of all this?

 “When they were sent to the Mountains of Caucasus, they didn’t have the power of the sun. The sun started to deteriorate them. So, they’re acting out of fear, they’re acting out of low self-esteem, they’re acting out of deficiency, so therefore the only way they can act is evil,” Cannon continued.

Oh, so people with lighter skin are afraid of the sun now? Wow, this is not just racist, it's just plain madness!

 Scholars have long debunked the pseudo-scientific claim that skin melanin levels are linked to intellectual abilities.

Indeed, I have debate on these issues and have routinely debunked them. Intellect is about so much more than the melanin count in a person's skin.

 “They have to rob, steal, rape, kill and fight in order to survive. So these people who didn’t have what we have, and when I say ‘we,’ I speak of the melinated people, they had to be savages, they had to be barbaric because they’re in these Nordic mountains, they’re in these rough torrential environments, so they’re acting as animals, so they’re the ones closer to animals, they’re the ones that are actually the true savages,” Cannon said in the video.

“So I say all that to say the context when we speak of ‘Jewish people,’ white people, Europeans, the Illuminati — they were doing that as survival tactics to stay on this planet,” Cannon added.

And there you have it. Jewish people, white people in general are all "savages".

Unbelievable. This is pure hate.

Here's his entire racist rant. Click here.

So the question stands:

Why is Margaret Huang, the head of a so-called civil rights organization, taking photos and fraternizing with hatemongers, anti-Semites like Nick Cannon? Does she support Louis Farakhan and his hate, as well? Does she cast a blind eye on bigotry if it comes from someone who has darker skin that she?

That is also racist.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has already ruined its reputation with the perverted, bigoted legacy of its now fired co-founder Morris Dees. The President and the Legal Director also had to resign for not taking a stand against hate within their own organization.

And now their new President and CEO has neither sense nor sensibility to denounce the bigotry and hatred of Nick Cannon. In fact, she feels no shame, no qualms about posing with someone with such hateful views, someone who actually praised notorious Islamic militant and anti-Semite Louis Farakhan.

The SPLC is off to a very bad start with their current leadership, that is certain. All the more, this revelation merely proves that the Southern Poverty Law Center is really a hate group in its own right, with no interest in actually fostering true dialogue and discussion on major issues, but rather insists on shutting down dissent, discovery, and determination against anyone and everyone who wants to exercise their God-given natural rights of Freedom of Speech, Assembly, and the like.

Monday, September 28, 2020

MassResistance Fights Pirated Version of Book, But Amazon Still Wont' Restore Sale of "Health Hazards of Homosexuality"


Amazon posts pirated, counterfeit copy of our Health Hazards of Homosexuality book for sale as Kindle edition. Appeared a month after Amazon banned the real version.

But continues to ban the real version.

Phony “author” claimed he copyrighted it. Amazon dragged their feet taking it down.

Appears to be an inside job at Amazon. But why?

September 29, 2020
ALT TEXT Our real book (left) and the pirated, counterfeit version that Amazon posted a month after banning our book.

We’ve all watched as Big Tech has been aggressively banning and de-platforming conservative ideas. And in particular, Amazon, which has a virtual monopoly on book sales, has been removing conservative books from sale. But we’ve never quite seen anything like this.

We recently reported that on July 17, 2020 Amazon suddenly banned our book The Health Hazards of Homosexuality from being carried on its site. It had been printed and sold through Amazon for 3½ years without any problems. From the beginning, they certainly knew what the book contained. Amazon’s book division had worked with us, helping to format the 600-page paperback book. (We also posted a Kindle eBook edition with Amazon which they took down).

But in July, Amazon abruptly decided that the book contained “offensive content.” No appeal was possible. Our account was blocked, including even the book’s sales and royalty records.

However, after our report came out, we started to get some startling calls and emails from our readers. When people searched for our Health Hazards book on Amazon, they pulled up an eBook entitled The Negative Consequences of Same-Sex Sexual Behavior. Except for the new cover and title, it was essentially a word-for-word copy of our paperback edition of The Health Hazards of Homosexuality! (The Preface was eliminated, some sections were removed, and an altered product description appeared on Amazon.)

ALT TEXT Here's how it was advertised on Amazon's website.

Crudely put together

The pirated work was available only as a Kindle online eBook. But it was very crudely put together and did not function properly as an eBook.

The text did not “flow” depending on the type of device or font size you used; each page was a self-contained block (like a physical book page). You could not change the font, highlight any words, or perform a search. None of the endnote links went anywhere. The endnotes chapter was entirely missing.

The table of contents (TOC) was basically a digital image from our Kindle edition, but none of its links to chapters or sections functioned.

Collusion with Amazon?

Usually, creating a Kindle eBook is a fairly involved process that’s much different than creating a printed book. Our own eBook version was slightly different than our paperback version for that reason (more photos and captions, functional links and URLs,  searchability, etc.).

Looking at the content of the plagiarized book, there are strong reasons to believe that the plagiarist used the digital file of our paperback version – which only Amazon and MassResistance had copies of – and attempted to apply that to a Kindle edition.

The evidence? The text and layout were virtually identical to our book’s. The plagiarist made some minor edits: He changed the font, took out our Preface, re-worded some chapter titles, and removed a few chapter sub-titles. (But the deleted chapter sub-titles still appeared in the TOC!) There were non-working links (reference numbers). There were captions without corresponding images.

Compare these images from our paperback and the pirated eBook:

ALT TEXT Here's a page from our book ...
ALT TEXT ... Here's the same page on the pirated book. The font is different and the page break at the bottom is a few lines higher.

The plagiarized book was posted on Amazon on August 16, 2020 – a month after Amazon had taken our book down. The “author,” who claimed it as his work and posted “Copyright © 2020” on it, was shown as Marc Aboayda, who also has other sex-related and homosexuality-related eBooks for sale on Amazon.

Finally, how could all those eBook problems get past Amazon’s screening (which our book had to go through)? It couldn’t pass the eBook functionality tests. And of course, the content was clearly “offensive” by Amazon’s standards, since they had just banned our Health Hazards book on that account.

It’s all very weird.

Here's how it looks on an iPhone. The text of a normal eBook goes all the way down the page.

Dragging their feet in removing it

We immediately provided Amazon with the full information about the copyright infringement of The Negative Consequences of Same-Sex Sexual Behavior and demanded they take it down. We have seen books get taken down by Amazon – for legitimate reasons – within a matter of days. In this case, it took a week of fairly intense persuading.

We still haven’t been able to find out who “Marc Aboayda” really is. (We’re still working on that.) But worse, even though that one book has been removed, he still has his Amazon account intact and is selling several other of “his” books! But when Amazon removed our Health Hazards book, they closed our entire account.

Obviously, Amazon does not take plagiarism and copyright infringement very seriously (or they would at least close down that account). Certainly not as seriously as the “crime” of having conservative ideas.

When will our Health Hazards book be available again?

Unfortunately, at this point we don’t know. We are looking into finding a printer. We will keep you informed on this.

What you can do now

  1. Tell Congress to hold Big Tech accountable. Recently Congress has been holding hearings on how Big Tech has a monopoly on information and discriminates against conservative material.
    Contact US Senator Mike Lee (R-UT). Sen. Lee is Chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy and Consumer Rights.
    Select the topic: "Internet/Telecommunications." Tell him: "Amazon is using its monopoly power in the book industry to squelch free speech. It is banning important medical reference books and other books that disagree with Amazon's leftist agenda. This is high-tech book-burning. Anti-trust legislation is desperately needed!"
  2. Join others and SIGN THIS PETITION to make a statement to Amazon! Don’t let Amazon silence the truth about these unhealthy and destructive behaviors.

Final thoughts

Any conservative or pro-family person publishing a book – especially as an independent author – that contradicts the liberal dogma needs to understand that the “woke” people who work at Amazon despise you. This is reflected from the top to the bottom. And unfortunately, for decades the right-wing press that publish mainstream “conservative” stars have avoided anything truly controversial.

We all need to find an alternative way to publish and distribute books with serious conservative content.

ALT TEXT Since Amazon has a near-monopoly on book sales, this is a big problem for our country that needs to be addressed.
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Our successes depend on people like you.

Donate to MassResistance

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Alexandra Lynn: Hateful Bigot, Celebrates the Corruption of Minors, Attacks Minorities

 What can I say? I have a lot of haters!

The latest hater, who thinks that it is OK to smear and defame people who disagree with them, is an unemployed embittered (fill in the blank) named Alexandra Lynn:


She is currently unemployed, at least per her Facebook page:


I guess the law firm didn't care for her work? Maybe she was playing video games too much:




Then again, it looks as though she did not have much of an education, or that she did not prize her education to begin with.

Who needs three years to complete an education at El Camino College? Seriously?!


It took her three years to complete an AA degree? Or what?
Whatever she learned, she obviously did not value it very much:


Selling one's cap and gown ... Sad. But you really have to wonder if she's educated at all ... "Is it to [sic] late to sale [sic] my cap and gown .."
To late? To "Sale"? Wow. No wonder the law firm didn't want her.
But the biggest problem with Alexandra Lynn is ....
She is a hater.

What motivates her hate?

She clearly does not respect herself. Anyone who advertises their lack of educational rigor clearly lacks in the self-respect department.

She seems to celebrate the corruption of minors, too.

It is really shocking, outrageous, and just plain disgusting the articles that she promotes on her Facebook profile:

A five year old boy brought heroin to class. She recommended sharing this?

She actually liked an article about a child who brought lethal drugs to class for "show and tell". Really? It's one thing to hate adults, but to have such a hatred of children, that one delights in their delinquency like this ... there are no words for such deviance.

But it gets worse:

Absolutely disgusting. This is the article, and this is to show that it is no joke, no laughing matter what she shared, what she "likes".

She liked this?! Children who were caught (or more likely, forced) to make illicit videos at a school in Mexico ... and she liked it?! This is beyond disgusting.

There is no way anyone with any decency could like this. There is no reason anyone with any decency would share something like this. What sick, twisted mind would find something like this worth ... "liking"?!

I wonder if she supported SB 145, too, legislation which allows predators to prey on minors, and avoid the sex offender registry in the state of California.

And there are other perverted things that Ms. Lynn likes, too:

Why is Lynn obsessed with sex? Why does she think that the corruption of minors is worth liking?

Now I can understand why she hates me. I absolutely oppose such detestable abuse of children. Shameful!

And of course, her disrespect towards minorities is really shocking:

Edwin Duterte is a Filipino-American professional. Why anyone would call someone of minority status "boo boo" is just beyond me. For the record, Mrs. Lynn did not clarify whether she would vote against Prop 16, which if it passes will reinstate discrimination in employment and hiring practices in the state of California.

Ms. Lynn celebrates the corruption of minors.

She has a problem with people who do not look like her, it seems.

She doesn't have a job (apparently).

She is not very educated. Does she play video games to escape her hollow, hate-filled life, too?

I can see why she is a hater, and why she hates me. That's OK, though. I am used to hate from hateful people who don't know how to behave in public, who have no respect for children, who have no honor for themselves. It's inevitable.

Then again, do you think someone so hateful, so bigoted, should be allowed to share such filth publicly? Why not ask her yourself. Here is her Facebook profile. Send her a message.

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Leah Enciso Promotes Racism, Sexual Perversion, and Lawlessness

In some Facebook groups, there are some dedicated, embittered leftists who are determined to smear, defame, attack, and shame me.

But it makes no difference, because I claim a wonderful promise:

"No weapon formed against you shall prosper, And every tongue which rises against you in judgment You shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, And their righteousness is from Me,” Says the LORD." (Isaiah 54:17)

Another verse comes to mind when I see some of the more heated invective from these hatemongers:

"They have prepared a net for my steps; my soul is bowed down: they have digged a pit before me, into the midst whereof they are fallen themselves. Selah." (Psalm 57:6)

There is one militant leftist, bigoted in too many ways to list on this page.

Her name is Leah Enciso. Here is her Facebook page (click here)

Here she is dressed as a witch:

Here's another strange photo:

I am not sure why she insists on repeating pictures of herself. Such a focus on oneself seems quite narcisistic, to say the least.

And here she is with her latest smear:

For some reason, Leah Enciso equates Black Lives Matter with caring about black lives. The same BLM domestic terrorist group that has been burning down black businesses, celebrating the death of black police officers, and ignores the repeated murder of black lives in urban areas -- Enciso thinks that Black Lives Matter cares about all those black lives ...

Captain David Dorn was murdered by BLM activists
Didn't his life matter? Not to Leah Enciso ...

It's quite clear that Enciso does not think black lives matter at all. A desperate hypocrisy.

But let's not stop there.

She supports this so-called "LGBT community." Since when do behaviors that harm individuals and groups of people as a whole constitute a "community"? 

Why are schools teaching children that it is OK to abuse their bodies, aka engage in homosexual acts? Why does Leah think it's OK for people who have been abused, neglected, or molested, who in turn fall into the destructive homosexual lifestyle, should be left to suffer? Don't they deserve help? Don't they deserve to be set free?

This is a community: men and women who left the gay lifestyle

This community and their lives matter, but Leah does not think so.
These are men and women who abandoned the LGBT "community" and its lies

Why does Leah Enciso insist on damning men and women who have left homosexuality, transgenderism, and the like as haters? This is just so sad, so disgusting. She probably thinks it's OK for adult sex entertainers to groom children. Would she object to sex offenders being around children in so-called Drag Queen Story Hour?

LGBT Community .. does that include sex offenders reading to children?
Does Leah support this, too?

Last of all, she says the term "anti-immigrant", without taking into account that I have worked with men and women of all backgrounds who immigrated to this country. 

What Enciso really means is that she wants open borders, full amnesty for illegal alien lawbreakers, and a complete disdain for cultures. In other words, she thinks that Mexicans are anti-immigrant, since they enact harsh laws in that country against illegal immigration. She must think that Singapore (and Singaporeans) are anti-immigrant, since they do not tolerate anyone breaking into their country. One has to wonder if Mrs. Enciso could find Singapore on a map ...

Let's be frank: Enciso is anti-immigrant. She despises and spits on the efforts of men and women who worked hard, played by the rules, and entered the United States legally. Simple as that.

Worst of all, though, Enciso promotes a hate group called The Southern Poverty Law Center, which has a long track record of abuse, racism, and bigotry.

They smear Muslims.  

They smear Jews like Brian Camenker (The founder of MassResistance, who experienced discrimination as a Jew in Minnesota), Arthur Goldberg (who was targeted by the anti-Semitic SPLC with vexatious litigation for helping clients who wanted freedom from destructive sexual addictions), Russell Jaffe (who was falsely targeted for a crime that he did not commit), and The Jewish Defense League, an organization which was formed to protect Jewish people from violent Anti-Semitic attacks from Islamic militants and neo-nazis.

The SPLC targets immigrants, like the men and women who have joined The Remembrance Project. Maria Espinoza and others give these grieving mothers and fathers a voice because their children were murdered by illegal aliens. Since when is caring for grieving families hate? Only to the SPLC ... and apparently Leah Enciso, too.

They target black children, like the ones attending charter schools in Mississippi.

A former employee, Bob Moser, wrote a disturbing exposé outlining the massive corruption and hypocrisy of the SPLC. They treated the minority employees like "hired help", and the institute routinely denigrated those employees.

Morris Dees, the co-founder of this hate group, was later fired from the SPLC for promoting the very sexism, bigotry (and sexual misconduct!) that he and his organization supposedly opposes.

Liberal activists like Nathan Robinson despise the SPLC for fundraising off of misled corporations with misleading hit pieces.

Even the Washington Post declared that the SPLC had lost all credibility.

Why does Leah Enciso celebrate and promote hate? Why does she hide behind left-wing buzzwords and identitarian tokenism to justify her hate?

She refuses to answer these questions. Perhaps you should ask her yourself!

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Ben Sasse Wants to Make the US Senate Great Again (And I Could Not Agree More!)

US Senator Ben Sasse (R-Nebraska) is a consummate constitutionalist.

He does not do whatever President Trump wants, and he is not afraid to demand jealous safeguarding of the United States Senate and its institutions.

Indeed, the Framers of the United States Constitution never intended to the United States Senate to operate as an extension of the House of Representatives. The US Senate was never intended to be an extensive democratic chamber.

The US Senators were supposed to be elected by the legislatures, and they were supposed 

Make the Senate Great Again

To restore the world’s greatest deliberative body, we need to think big.

What would the Founding Fathers think of America if they came back to life? Their eyes would surely bug out first at our technology and wealth. But I suspect they’d also be stunned by the deformed structure of our government. The Congress they envisioned is all but dead. The Senate in particular is supposed to be the place where Americans hammer out our biggest challenges with debate. That hasn’t happened for decades—and the rot is bipartisan.

Many on the left think the problem is the filibuster, which requires a supermajority to end debate and enact most legislation. But ending the filibuster would allow political parties to change the direction of the country dramatically with a succession of shifting 51-49 votes. That’s a path to even more polarization and instability. The Senate’s culture needs dramatic change aimed at promoting debate, not ending it. Here are some ideas:

• Cut the cameras. Most of what happens in committee hearings isn’t oversight, it’s showmanship. Senators make speeches that get chopped up, shipped to home-state TV stations, and blasted across social media. They aren’t trying to learn from witnesses, uncover details, or improve legislation. They’re competing for sound bites.

There’s one notable exception: The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, the majority of whose work is done in secret. Without posturing for cameras, Republicans and Democrats cooperate on some of America’s most complicated and urgent problems. Other committees could follow their example, while keeping transparency by making transcripts and real-time audio available to the public.

• Abolish standing committees. The Senate is supposed to be the world’s greatest deliberative body, but it operates on about 20 permanent fiefdoms. Dividing legislative work is important, but there’s no corporation that would tackle its problems by creating 20 permanent committees and running every decision through them. The Senate should instead create temporary two-year committees, each devoted to making real progress on one or two big problems. Committees should draw power from their accomplishments, not based on which industries need to supplicate before the gavel.

• Pack the floor. Serious debate happens only if senators show up. Ninety-nine percent of the time you see a senator talking on the floor, he’s speaking to a chamber with somewhere between zero and two colleagues present. The Senate’s rules privilege the majority, which controls the agenda and floor time. Senators ought to be packed on the floor having real debates. We can do that by changing the rules to allow committees to control some floor time. Elections have consequences, so the majority leader should control the majority of the Senate’s time, but committees should be able to command specific times for specific debates.

• Live together. A lot of time is spent demonizing the opposition, but most senators can get along quite well. Sen. Brian Schatz of Hawaii is as liberal as the day is long, but he’s my friend. Senators should live, eat, and meet in dormitories when the Senate is in session. It’s hard to demonize people you spend time with every day.

• Cancel re-election. One of the biggest reasons Congress gives away its power to the executive branch is that it’s politically expedient for both parties to avoid the decisions that come from the work of legislating. Lawmakers are obsessed with staying in office, and one of the easiest ways to keep getting re-elected is by avoiding hard decisions. We ought to propose a constitutional amendment to limit every senator to one term, but we should double it from six years to 12. Senators who don’t have to worry about short-term popularity can work instead on long-term challenges.

If that’s a bridge too far, at least ban fundraising while the Senate is in session in Washington. It’s an everyday experience to sit down at a $2,000-a-plate lunch fundraiser and then run over to make committee votes. Lobbying is protected by the First Amendment, but it shouldn’t be the primary focus of senators when we’ve got work to do.

• Repeal the 17th Amendment. Ratified in 1913, it replaced the appointment of senators by state legislatures with direct election. Different states bring different solutions to the table, and that ought to be reflected in the Senate’s national debate. The old saying used to be that all politics is local, but today—thanks to the internet, 24/7 cable news and a cottage industry dedicated to political addiction—politics is polarized and national. That would change if state legislatures had direct control over who serves in the Senate.

• Sunset everything. For decades Pennsylvania Avenue has been a one-way street, as authority flowed from Congress to the executive branch. When the unelected bureaucracy gets power, it doesn’t let go. We ought to end that by having the Senate create a “super committee” dedicated to reviewing all such delegations of power over the past 80 years and then proposing legislation to sunset the authority of entire bureaucracies on a rolling basis. Does, say, the Health and Human Services Department ever answer for its aggressive regulatory lawmaking? Of course not. Sunset all its authority in 12 months and watch lawmakers start to make actual laws.

• Make a real budget. The power of the purse is Congress’s primary lever—and the area where Congress is most unserious. The budget process is completely broken, and every couple of months lawmakers are faced with a monumentally stupid decision: Shut the government down or spend 102% of what was spent last year, with no oversight. It’s an endless series of all-or-nothing brinkmanship fights—continuing resolutions, omnibus spending deals and debt-ceiling hikes. We ought to fix that with two-year budgeting that includes all federal spending, including on entitlements. We ought to end the distinction between appropriation and authorization. Legislation that authorizes federal action should also appropriate the money to pay for it.

These aren’t partisan proposals, because congressional dysfunction isn’t a partisan problem. Lawmakers—Republicans and Democrats—don’t make laws. Over years, Congress made the choice to shirk its duty and cede power to the executive branch. Recovery will be hard, but it’s time for Congress build some muscle and figure out how to serve the American people by doing our constitutionally mandated jobs again.

Mr. Sasse, a Republican, is a U.S. senator from Nebraska.

Here are my reflections on the above set of suggested reforms:

I agree with the vast majority of US Senator Ben Sasse's (R-Nebraska) suggested reforms.

The Senate’s culture needs dramatic change aimed at promoting debate, not ending it."

Agreed. Here are reforms that would restore the deliberative core of the US Senate:

1. Repeal the 17th Amendment. The Senate was designed to represent STATES, not individuals. Senators should not be elected by popular vote. The United States is not a democracy, although one chamber does indeed represent the more democratic impulse in the country: The House of Representatives

2. Cut the cameras. Hearings should be audio-recorded only (just like Supreme Court hearings), and transcripts can be provided afterwards. No more videos, no more playing to the cameras.

3. Abolish standing committees. YES! Every committee should be ad hoc (set up for a specific task, then decommissioned once the task is completed). Standing committees have allowed The Swamp to gain considerable power in Washington at the expense of the states and the people (cf. Ninth and Tenth Amendments)

4. "Pack the Floor" -- Senators need to show up and speak. Sasse points out that most US Senators speak on the floor to only one or two people. There is no real discussion or deliberation, just a lot of pontification and monologue. By extension, US Senators must be present when invoking a filibuster. They cannot "call in" to object to a legislative motion, and that alone suffices. Blue paper motions must also be scrapped. If a home state senator wants to block or delay a judicial or executive nominee, he needs to make the case to the entire body.

5. "Sunset everything", i.e. give regulatory or legislative action and commission assignments a 12-month time limit. There should be no bureaucratic process in place beyond one year. Every legislative action of such a caliber should have a required "sunset" clause. This reform from Senator Sasse is excellent.

6. I disagree with his call for term limits. No term limits for legislators. The best term limit is an election. Instead, we need to make it easier for every citizen to challenge incumbents. Enactment of recall for federal officials would be far more appropriate.

7. "Make a real budget ... We ought to end the distinction between appropriation and authorization. Legislation that authorizes federal action should also appropriate the money to pay for it." Yes. No more "all or nothing" budget bills which waste money on frivolous projects with no oversight.

The biggest reform needed, of course, is the full repeal of the 17th Amendment. Make America a Republic Again.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Horrific: California passes LGBT bill that removes “sex offender” label for adult-child homosexual sex


California passes LGBT bill that removes “sex offender” label for adult-child homosexual sex

Signed by Governor over objections of many Democrats

MassResistance fought hard to stop it

Analysis: Result of long-term capitulation on the issue by pro-family movement

September 17, 2020
ALT TEXT The California Assembly (all wearing masks) suddenly takes up SB145 on August 31 - the very last day of the legislative session.

A huge problem in society is teenage boys (and also girls) being seduced and lured into homosexuality by “gay” older youth and adults. Many anguished parents have shared their heart-breaking stories of that with us. The “chicken hawk” – a homosexual man who seduces boys – is part of the homosexual vocabulary. As far back as 1972, the homosexual movement called for the repeal of age of [sexual] consent laws.

As we reported last June, there was a frightening LGBT bill in the California Legislature, SB 145, that would remove the mandatory “sex offender” label for adult-child homosexual sex. The bill was filed in Jan. 2019 by Sen. Scott Weiner (D-San Francisco), who is openly “gay” and has been an aggressive LGBT advocate in the legislature.

ALT TEXT Openly “gay” State Senator Scott Wiener (left) and “friend” at a recent San Francisco Gay Pride Parade.

At the time of our previous report the bill had been stalled in the Assembly’s Appropriations Committee for over a year by the Committee’s chairman, Lorena Gonzalez (D-Chula Vista). It was assumed to be effectively killed, though MassResistance continued to organize Gonzalez’s local constituents to push her to keep it blocked.

But suddenly everything changed. On Aug. 20, 2020, the Appropriations Committee voted to approve SB 145 and move it forward. On Aug 31, the very last day of 2020 legislative session, both houses of the California legislature voted to pass it. On Sept. 11 it was signed into law by the Governor. (One pleasant surprise: Every Republican voted against it.)

During that time, MassResistance worked around the clock to stop the bill, marshalling citizens across the state to pressure their legislators. Some got meetings with staffers. Some MassResistance activists confronted legislators at town halls and other public events. After the bill passed the legislature, we worked with some Democrat legislators who opposed the bill to attempt to persuade the Governor to veto it. But the sudden momentum was too great, even though several left-wing Democrats besides Gonzalez were against the bill.

How did this happen? The bill had languished and seemed dead to most people who follow those things in California, then at the last minute took off like a rocket. Here are the two things that we noticed:

Legislators’ dishonest action

Assembly member. Lorena Gonzales, chairman of the Assembly Appropriations Committee, had sat on the bill for over a year.  Then on Aug. 20, 2020, she brought it up for a vote – likely under pressure from the leadership.

As the Bill 145 vote-tally page shows, it passed the Appropriations Committee by 10 to 6 with 2 abstentions. Since abstentions are considered “No” votes under California legislative rules, it was effectively a 10-8 vote.

But if you look carefully, three of the committee members who voted “Yes” to pass SB 145 out of Committee (Calderon, Eggman, and Eduardo Garcia) later voted “No” or abstained (both effectively a “No” vote) when it got to the Assembly floor for the final vote! Had those three voted the same way in the committee as they did on the Assembly floor, the bill would have died in committee.

Why did they do that? That way they could please their left-wing party bosses and the LGBT lobby by getting it out of committee, and they could still tell their constituents that they opposed it when the Assembly voted! (The leadership knew they had the votes to spare in the full Assembly.)

It’s a very corrupt process, one which allows lawmakers to make it seem as though they showed courage and integrity in voting against their party, when in fact they were going along with their policy agenda the whole time. We’ve contacted their offices for an “explanation,” but the three Assembly members and their staffs refuse to comment on it.

ALT TEXT The final Assembly vote was 41-18, with the rest of the 80-member body abstaining. But the margin is misleading. As soon as the leadership knew they had a majority, they allowed the other Democrats to vote any way they pleased, or absain.

SB 145’s opponents lose the argument

The rallying cry of the LGBT lobby was that bill SB 145 was simply to bring about equality – treating everyone the same.

Since 1944 in California, if an adult (age 18 or over) had heterosexual relations (i.e., vaginal sex) with a teenager (age 14-17) and the age difference between them is less than 10 years, then the adult has not been required to register as a sex offender – it was up to the judge’s discretion. But if the adult had homosexual relations (i.e., sodomy, oral sex) with a teenager, then he was required to be registered as a sex offender – the judge had no discretion.

SB 145 removed the requirement of being a registered sex offender if the adult had homosexual relations with the minor, and gave the judge the same discretion as with heterosexual sex.

The LGBT activists and the Democrat leadership argued that the previous difference in punishment was unfair, unequal, and discriminatory. This bill just made it the same for both. It was a powerful argument. Who could be against equality?

But in fact, it was unequal for a good reason. The law rightfully recognized the depraved and destructive character of homosexual sex (both physical and mental) and how it affects a child much more profoundly. When that original law was passed (in 1944) the legislature understood that very well.

But in 2020 virtually nobody (except MassResistance!) was willing to say that. They were afraid the Left might call them “homophobic.” So as a result, the arguments that were used against the bill were logically pretty weak.

Much of the time, the opposition to SB 145 seemed completely disjointed. Lorena Gonzalez – a liberal, progressive Democrat – spoke passionately against the bill during the Assembly debate. She started off by saying that she supported LGBT “equality” which this bill would provide. But then, speaking as the mother of a 14-year-old, she said she was very uncomfortable with adults having sex with young teenagers, and therefore was voting against it. It begs the question: If she’s so worried about children being exploited, why didn’t she file a different bill that made heterosexual sex with minors a mandatory sex offender listing? Her speech (and the similar speeches by other opponents) didn’t do much to dissuade any of the bill’s supporters.

ALT TEXT During the floor debate on SB145, Assembly member Lorena Gonzalez speaks against the bill.

The larger failure of the pro-family movement

If conservatives aren’t willing to speak out on this issue, we certainly can’t expect liberals to do so!

Let’s be honest. This is the result of a fear among pro-family people of opposing the concept of LGBT “equality” with heterosexuality and telling the truth about perverted behaviors. It has been predominant in mainstream conservative circles for many years.

We could tell story after story of pro-family activists around the country who will fight the “hetero” portion of Comprehensive Sex-Ed and other horrible programs in their schools, but won’t oppose (at least publicly) the “homo” part of it. They will even make it a point to say “No, we’re not ‘anti-gay.’ We’re just against ‘inappropriate’ sex-ed material.” It’s one of the reasons our side loses that battle so frequently. They’re selling out children’s well-being for their own political cover.

Of course, a huge part of the problem is that a frightening number of so-called pro-family conservatives (most of whom claim to be religious) actively accept the absurd LGBT “born that way” argument. As a result, they may be uncomfortable with the latest transgender madness, but they aren’t really opposed to the homosexual agenda targeting children.

Final reflection

In many ways, as we’ve discussed above, the mushy pro-family movement has become a major impediment to fighting and stopping this hideous agenda. This is not just in fighting the exploitation of children, but also the “gay marriage” issue, oppressive LGBT non-discrimination laws, transgender public restrooms, etc.

Too many pro-family groups avoided labeling SB 145 as what it apparently really was: a way to make it easier for homosexual adults to prey on vulnerable teenagers. This is what the LGBT movement has sought for decades – and has incrementally worked towards.

Most pro-family groups also misjudged the power of LGBT militancy in the California legislature. They did not believe that such a horrible bill would actually make it to the Governor’s desk – and be signed into law. So they didn’t put in the hard day-to-day lobbying work against it.

Too many family groups focus on creating relationships and persuading lawmakers and LGBT groups to stop pressing forward with the LGBT agenda, rather than confronting them outright that everything about the LGBT movement and its ideas are wrong. They are only focused on the policies that are pushing more offensive intrusions against children. They have all but given up on stopping the LGBT onslaught at its core. They still do not understand that there is no room for compromise or dialogue with LGBT activists and their supporters, whether in the major parties or interest groups around the country. Still, many pro-family lobbying groups think they can work out compromises to slow the spread of this dangerous agenda, when they should be working towards undermining the agenda completely.

Politicians need to be made to feel ashamed of supporting this horrible agenda, not celebrated for it. MassResistance will keep up this fight!

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LGBT Golfer Displays Wet Bottom (Yet Doesn't Want to Be Treated Differently)

 The intersectionality cult has hit a new low.

The Human Hate Campaign (otherwise known as the Human Rights Campaign, promoting LGBT privileges), published a report about "Out" Asian athletes.

Two checks for the intersectionality box:

1. Gay

2. Asian

3. Anything we should add? Male? Female? Immigrant?

Here's one profile: Tadd Fujikawa. 

Notice how he flaunts his "gayness" with the six-colored logo on his hat.

Here's the first paragraph about himself on his professional website:

Fujikawa, a native of Hawaii, most recently made headlines being the first openly gay male professional golfer. He came to fame in 2006 when he qualified for the U.S. Open at Winged Foot, which made him the youngest ever to qualify at 15 years old. The next year he made the cut at the Sony Open in Hawaii, becoming the youngest player in 50 years to make the weekend in a PGA Tour event.

What do his sexual preferences have to do with playing golf? Can anyone answer this question for me? Why does it matter? Why do we need to know about this?

Consider what he writes at the bottom of his "About" page on his website:

In his coming out post, he wrote, “I can’t wait for the day we all can live without feeling like we’re different and excluded. A time when we can love the way we want to love and not be ashamed. We are all human and equal after all. So I dare you…spread love. Let’s do our part to make this world a better place.”

So, Fujikawa wants to spread love, and he wants to live life without feeling different or excluded.

Yet he insisted on sharing the following with the general viewing public:

So, we all get to see his butt, and we get to see that he was sweating. Seriously? And he calls this dampness "hot flashes." Really.

He wants people to treat him with respect, and he does not want to be treated differently, yet he insists on treating us to a picture of his rear shoved in our faces.

Why do we need to see this?


Homosexuals, especially homosexual activists, do not display very good judgment. They are more interested in promoting themselves and act out in very silly ways. It's almost as though they have not grown up.

Why would an adult insist on showing the world his wet pants, his wet buttocks, as though this will help for his bid that so-called LGBT people be treated normal, just like everyone else?

The behaviors are not normal. The ideology is not normal. The desperate need for self-promotion and public acceptance is not normal. What is going on here?

And once again, what does Fujikawa's sexual behavior (in reality, perversion) have to do with professional golf?

Friday, September 11, 2020

Unborn Black Lives Matter


Unborn Black Lives Matter Project Hits Major Cities

Columbus, OH – September 10, 2020 – When it comes to killing babies, no organization is worse than Planned Parenthood, which happens to be a dedicated ally and co-conspirator with the Black Lives Matter movement.  From its founding Planned Parenthood has used Black leaders – especially ministers and preachers – to sow the seeds of deadly abortion weeds within the African-American community. 

We are delivering this image on postcards, tow banners, and mobile billboards in predominantly Black neighborhoods in key cities where we’ll have courageous counselors on hand to pass out literature and speak with people about the tremendous harm abortion is wreaking on the Black community.

As you can see, we are NOT supporting Black Lives Matter; neither the movement nor the organization.  Rather we support all Black lives – born and unborn!  So, we designed our graphics to generate huge amounts of media coverage and make it clear that for the pro-abortion anarchists at Black Lives Matter – along with those at Planned Parenthood – there are hundreds of thousands of Black lives that DON’T matter to them; namely, all the unborn Black babies Planned Parenthood abortionists kill every year.

Keep in mind the Unborn Black Lives Matter Project is only one way Created Equal is working with you to end our nation’s abortion holocaust.  In addition to this project we are about to launch both our "Road Trip for Life" project to college campuses and our VOTE ANTI-ABORTION CAMPAIGN to key cities and states.

You can give online HERE or send your check to: Created Equal, PO Box 360502, Columbus, OH 43236. Your gift is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

You are a real blessing to Created Equal.  I value your partnership in our work more than I can express in words. 

For the born and the unborn,
Mark Harrington, President, Created Equal