Thursday, July 30, 2020

American Family Association Praises MassResistance For Efforts Against Black Lives Matter in El Segundo

A traditional values organization believes Black Lives Matter is seeking to influence students within the school systems in order to turn them into mouthpieces for the movement.

MassResistance vows to stand against the BLM agenda. An example is a demonstration in El Segundo, California, where MassResistance volunteers showed up for a counter-demonstration at a high school.

Arthur Schaper, a spokesman of the organization, spoke on the matter to OneNewsNow, stating that BLM was attempting to “recruit and indoctrinate high school students to embrace their agenda.”

He says his group believes BLM to be a “heavily Marxist, anti-American, anti-family organization that has a sickening record of violence against police and others who disagree with them” – adding “[it's] heavily intertwined with the radical LGBT movement.”

There were confrontations at the demonstration on issues regarding indoctrination – and in response, the BLM leadership tried to block the protesters from being seen and scare them off. However, MassResistance stood firm.

“We refused to be bullied. We refused to allow our First Amendment rights to be trampled upon; and best of all the El Segundo Police Department backed us up 100%,” Schaper informs. “[They] did not allow them to block our view in our interactions with members of the rally.”

San Diego is the next scheduled stop for a counter-demonstration against Black Lives Matters' agenda. MassResistance chapters in several states are following the example set in El Segundo and are planning for similar events.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

MassResistance Confronts More BLM Hate in El Segundo!

MassResistance confronts Black Lives Matter rally outside of high school. Grooming kids to help push agenda into local school system.

BLM’s race-baiting message to students and LGBT advocacy becoming a nationwide problem.

Local police defended MassResistance when BLM tried to ban us from area.

July 27, 2020
ALT TEXT These are the messages that Black Lives Matters wants to bring into America's schools.
Even though school’s not in session, most people don’t realize that Black Lives Matter (BLM) is working hard in cities across America to push its radical agenda into the public schools. Left-wing teachers and administrators are opening the doors to them. Local students are being coached to propagandize the message to others.
But MassResistance is already confronting it! Earlier this month, that’s exactly what happened in one California city.
Black Lives Matter purports to be a “civil rights” group. But as their website and their public actions reveal, it is actually a heavily Marxist, anti-American, anti-family organization that has a sickening record of violence against police and others who disagree with them. It is heavily intertwined with the radical LGBT movement. It does not actually support “black lives” in any substantive manner. The public schools are the last place BLM should have any influence.
Last month, parents in El Segundo, CA, were alarmed to find out that a “Students for Change” rally – to be held across the street from the high school with high school and middle school students participating – was being promoted on social media. It was hosted by Black Lives Matter, and included the high school’s “LGBTQ Club.”
ALT TEXT ESUS is "El Segundo Unified School District" - all the schools in the city.
What was the message that this radical group was bringing the kids of El Segundo? Would there be any counter information from our side?
After last month’s successful MassResistance counter-rally in El Segundo against BLM, local people were emboldened. A group of ten MassResistance parents, along with MassResistance National Organization Director Arthur Schaper, decided to go to this event, to find out what they were doing, and be heard!
ALT TEXT With El Segundo High School in the background, MassResistance parents come to the BLM rally.
The event included about 50 BLM activists. As in most BLM events, almost all of them were white adults, many holding anti-American and other combative signs. (There was a higher percentage of blacks among the MassResistance parents than in the BLM group!) There were also two police officers present.
ALT TEXT Students (at right, near bench) address the BLM activists.
It became clear that the purpose was to bring in some local students who had already been taught BLM’s class warfare ideology. They would speak to the rally about what they would be doing to promote this in their schools, and especially among other students. The local BLM leaders were also there with their own speeches –expounding upon the “urgent” need to “reform” the local school policies and curricula.
ALT TEXT Note the clenched fist. The message seems to be that regular American History in the schools needs to be replaced.
ALT TEXT These people are very serious: Indoctrinating children now fuels the future of their radical movement.

Stirring up trouble!

It seemed a perfect day for propaganda – until MassResistance showed up!
Before the speeches began, Arthur and the some of his allies went into the BLM crowd to ask them – quite politely – about what their signs meant, what their political goals were, and what they were doing to help “black lives.” In other words, they tried to engage in some dialogue.
But instead, the BLM activists became angry and cursed in the most foul and disgusting manner. They had no interest in any reasoned conversation on the issues. The people holding signs couldn’t really explain what the signs meant. Legitimate questions just made them angrier.
These are people who thrive on intimidating others and forcing public officials to implement their bizarre ideas. But a few MassResistance activists pressing them with questions derailed the activists. Clearly, their movement isn’t driven by substantive ideas, but by emotion – and a hatred of normal society.
ALT TEXT This man came up to Arthur and screamed an uncontrollable rant of profanity (it seemed every other word was f***.) and veiled threats. These are the people who want to influence your children in the schools.
ALT TEXT Arthur politely asked the woman holding the sign what it meant. She ddn't seem to know. Instead she screamed that he was an a**-h*** and walked away.

Trying to stop MassResistance

Before long, the BLM leader approached Arthur. He said that Arthur and his friends had no right to “question our speakers.” He said that the law says that Arthur and the others must separate themselves from the rally participants. He said that he had lawyers there who would get involved if Arthur didn’t immediately comply.
ALT TEXT The BLM leader got in Arthur's face and ordered him to leave, threatening legal action. Arthur stood his ground.
Arthur told him, “There is no such law. I can be wherever I want and talk to whomever I please. Go ahead and get your lawyers.” The BLM leader called the police over. The police agreed with Arthur. So the BLM leader stomped away, back into the crowd.
At one point the BLM people started blocking Arthur’s camera when he was taking photos – and the police intervened and told them to quit it.
ALT TEXT Trying to block the MassResistance cameraman, until the police intervened.
ALT TEXT The police officers knew that we were going to defend our rights, and were very reasonable.

The speeches

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the speeches were largely incoherent statements about the “systemic” racism, homophobia, and transphobia in El Segundo – a bizarre twist on the traditional Marxist class struggle rhetoric. In particular, the schools are full of people who “are addicted to bigotry and racism.” They did not try to contain their hatred of American society.
Several high school and middle school students gave speeches. About half of them said they were “LGBTQ.” They whined about racism, “classism,” “transphobia,” or “homophobia” that kept them all from being “who they really are.”
One middle school girl talked about how she “identifies” as a boy. Another girl talked about how she is a bisexual. This brought applause from the BLM audience.
One black middle school boy told the crowd that because of the white majority in El Segundo, he used to think of himself as white and would laugh at jokes made against black people, then he realized that he was “black only in skin color” and “white in every way but skin color.” It fits right in with the BLM talking points.
One white girl said that the “systematic racism” in El Segundo was so bad that it is now “the fifth most racist city in California.” (Arthur asked where she got that statistic, but she refused to answer.) A lot of macroaggressions every day at school, she said. And they droned on and on.
The only thing that can fix all these terrible social problems, the students agreed, is the cultural cleansing that the BLM demands the schools undertake.
ALT TEXT Does this mean that anyone who doesn't mouth the BLM mantra will meet with violence? It seems that way.
At the end, the BLM leaders gave their own speeches, which were mostly more race-baiting nonsense, including such gems as “Suppose a group was laughing at your race – starting in elementary school?” It would have been laughable if these people weren’t so deadly serious.

ALT TEXT Just in case the BLM activists forgot their lines, they brought their handbook with them!

A dialogue on race?

A theme repeated by a number of the students in the rally was: “It’s time to start having those hard conversations about race, sexuality, and systemic racism.” And we definitely want to do that! So at the end of the event, Arthur and a few other MassResistance activists engaged in spirited discussions with some of the students. Some of them took up Arthur’s challenge to have those “hard conversations.”
ALT TEXT These three MassResistance parents weren't afraid to exchange some ideas with BLM.
But before long one of the BLM leaders came up to the students to escort them away. She seemed worried that some of them might start thinking for themselves and stop believing the BLM talking points! One of the students walked back to our activists and continued the discussion! A victory for our side? In some ways it’s BLM’s biggest nightmare!
ALT TEXT Note the shirt's message: Make America Constitutional Again." This seemed to really upset the BLM bullies.

Final Reflection

BLM’s targeting of the public schools is very aggressive and must be taken seriously. It uses civil rights as a Trojan horse for its radical agenda. Its connection with the LGBT movement is not coincidental.
Black Lives Matter is largely run by angry white people whose hatred of society (and anyone who disagrees with them) seems sociopathic. They behave like classic bullies. They thrive on intimidating and attacking people, especially in a crude and vulgar manner.
But they are weak and cowardly when confronted. Pro-family people must stand up to them.
And in this case, the El Segundo police were extremely accommodating to MassResistance. They had seen us in action about ten days earlier when we stood up to Black Lives Matter – and were also not afraid to stand our ground to the police when we were in the right. They clearly respected that. When they saw Arthur this time, the first thing the police officer said to him was, “Nice to see you again, sir. How was your Fourth?” And they stood by him against the BLM thugs.
Pro-family people need to learn from this. The “culture war” flame has been turned up a lot higher!
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Torrance City Council: No Mask Mandate!

Dear Torrance City Council:

The proposed mask mandate with enforcement by fines is unreasonable, unnecessary, and unconstitutional.

It's unreasonable because the Torrance Police Department is already stretched thin as it is. They have to struggle to enforce other quality of life, property, and public safety crimes and issues as it is. The city police department does not need another code enforcement program to burden local law enforcement officers.

I am aware that the city of Manhattan Beach implemented a citation process for individuals not wearing masks in their city. However, in order to accomplish this unrealistic goal, the Manhattan Beach City Council had to hire a third-party company to issue the citations. Not only that, but within days of passing the ordinance, the city council had to begin implementing exceptions and limitations to the enforcement of this mandate. The poor thinking and reasoning behind the mandate made it inevitable that such mistakes would follow. The mandate should have never been imposed in that city or anywhere else. By the way, the city of Torrance is already facing a $26 million budget deficit because of declining revenues due to the COVID-19 lockdown. There is no money to consider contracting out a third-party outfit to issue citations. This is simply not an appropriate measure to pursue in the city of Torrance. Bear in mind also that some individuals go outside for one walk a day, and often just around their homes. There is no serious reason to impose a mask mandate on those individuals.

This mask mandate is unnecessary. The COVID-19 infection numbers are starting to stabilize. The rising number of deaths has been attributed to the COVID-19 outbreaks in nursing homes and among senior citizens in similar facilities. The solution to stopping the spread of this sickness is not to quarantine or impose limits on the healthy, but rather the sick. Furthermore, I heard one argument in favor of so-called mask mandates based on the fact that Taiwan handled the outbreak of COVID-19 so effectively, that a grand total of 400 people were infected. This drastic reduction in outbreaks had nothing to do with wearing masks in public. The Republic of China (Taiwan) has had frosty relations with Mainland China for decades. When news first broke out in late November 2019 about the outbreak of the Wuhan virus, Taiwan closed its borders with China, and stopped all major trade and travel. Any other citizens from Taiwan or other countries who visited the island nation following that period were immediately quarantined for 14 days. I received a full report of this process from a friend of mine who is studying at Quemoy University in Kinmen Island. It was not the imposition of masks, but the other quarantine efforts which significantly slowed the spread of COVID-19.

The United States struggles with a flu season every year. The mortality rates for the common flu are three times that of the COVID-19 illness. The draconian measures sought by Governor Newsom, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, and certain members of the Torrance City Council to combat COVID-19 are simply not justified. As Manhattan Beach city councilwoman Suzanne Hadley shared: "It is not the government's job to protect us from death."

The mask mandate is unconstitutional. The Governor of California has issued one arbitrary and capricious edict after another with no proper authority. Executive decrees based on emergency orders must be clearly defined and time-limited. The latest statewide mask order does not fit under such criteria.

The Torrance city council should reject any further spending or discussion on mandates, promotions, directions, and recommendations regarding the wearing of masks in public.


Arthur Schaper

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

MassResistance Texas Assistant Director Targeted By Antifa -- SUPPORT KEVIN WHITT!

Texas MassResistance assistant director targeted by Antifa. Let’s help him keep going!

Forced out of work by horrible attacks on him that frighten his clients

July 20, 2020
ALT TEXT Texas MassResistance Assistant State Director Kevin Whitt - who lived the homosexual / transgender lifestyle for 22 years - is now a great pro-family activist. He knows how bad the "gay" and "trans" lifestyle is!
Our Texas MassResistance chapter, led by Tracy Shannon, has become a powerful pro-family force in in that state. They have forced cities across the state to abandon plans for “Drag Queen Story Hours.” They have exposed the unbelievable depravity in the Austin school system. And they have become a voice in state politics, demanding that the RINO-leaning Texas Republican Party (which controls the State Legislature) support pro-family legislation and oppose anti-family legislation.
Kevin Whitt, the Assistant Director of Texas MassResistance, has become a big part of that fight. Kevin is a remarkable man. He is a former Drag Queen who lived the homosexual and transsexual lifestyle for over 22 years. Kevin has shared his testimony of change throughout Texas and the country this past year. 
Kevin has testified in the Texas Legislature against horrible anti-therapy bills – bills that would ban talk therapy for people who have been sexually molested and as a result have unwanted homosexual or transgender feelings. These cruel bills are being pushed with a fog of lies by the LGBT lobby across the country. Kevin has also organized protests against Drag Queen Story Hour events and stood up against the shut-down of businesses in Texas.
When Kevin started protesting Drag Queen Story Hour in Dallas, Texas he got the attention of Antifa, the violent hate group which is closely connected to the LGBT movement. That is when the doxing (publicizing personal information, address, etc.), harassment, phone calls to his workplace, and bad reviews online began.
Kevin works as a hairdresser. He is employed at Shelley Luther’s salon in Dallas, which gained nationwide attention for opening prior to the statewide reopen decree. Kevin’s clientele has diminished significantly since the Left targeted him. Some of his clients left because of the vicious social media attacks. Others stopped going to him when they were told he was not a liberal homosexual hairdresser, but a straight conservative.
Even though he can still go to work at the salon, Kevin now has virtually no income, and continues to be harassed daily.

Kevin represents a threat to the LGBT movement

Because he was part of the homosexual “community” for many years, Kevin’s vocal pro-family activism tremendously enrages the Left. The success of LGBT advocacy rests on people believing they are all “born that way” and can’t change.  Kevin’s story shatters that false narrative. The Leftists want the world to believe that people like Kevin don’t exist. But Kevin is real and he is a compelling example that change is possible and fulfilling.
But more important, Kevin can no longer stand by while drag queens are promoted to kids – because he knows the truth about the perverted, degrading Drag Queen culture. And Kevin refuses to be silent as children lured into the homosexual and transsexual lifestyles by these activists. 
For sharing his message and speaking out, he is experiencing more hardship and hatred now than he ever did as a drag queen, homosexual, or transsexual. 
Kevin has been the target of obscene online attacks that lie about him and spread whatever personal information about him they can find. When Texas MassResistance began exposing it, much of it was taken down. But the damage was done. And more keeps being posted.
ALT TEXT This is one of the less obscene ones.

Antifa: Angry, dysfunctional people out to destroy lives

What kind of people would write and post things to purposely destroy someone’s livelihood? As we’ve said before, normal people don’t behave this way. If you ever spend any time around Antifa types, you will invariably be struck by their narcissism, irrational anger, and general psychopathic outlook. They have a sadistic enjoyment of tormenting their political opponents, though underneath they are cowards. So they must be confronted. As with most of the Left, it’s impossible to reason with them.

Kevin’s GoFundMe page got shut down!

Now unable to pay his bills, Kevin is facing the need to leave Texas and move in with family out of state. But Kevin’s pro-family work in the state is critically important. Legislators and young people alike need to hear his testimony.
So last month, Tracy Shannon set up a GoFundMe page for Kevin. It quickly raised $3,000 of its $10,000 short-term goal to keep Kevin in Texas. But suddenly, GoFundMe shut it down. About a third of the funds were refunded to donors while the rest was transferred to Kevin.
Kevin only got a vague answer from them about violating “terms of service” – the usual non-answer conservatives get. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that GoFundMe is like most of Big Tech - extremely left-wing and anti-family. (For example, GoFundMe has no problem allowing the fundraiser for Clair Janover, the “woke” Harvard grad who threatened to stab anyone who said “all lives matter”!)
(Of course, if he were an activist on the Left, there would be enormous funds at Kevin’s disposal. Unfortunately, our side doesn’t work that way.)

Now – a new page for Kevin on GoGetFunding

After that terrible treatment, Tracy set up a new fundraising page for Kevin on GoGetFunding, a group that is not anti-family – and welcomes conservatives.
Contributions will go directly to Kevin to cover his living expenses while he gets back on his feet financially. PLEASE – LET’S ALL HELP KEEP KEVIN WHITT IN TEXAS – AND FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT!
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Friday, July 17, 2020

Amanda Touchton: Head of Hate Group "Black Lives Matter, El Segundo"

Amanda Touchton is the power behind the throne, so to speak, for Black Lives Matter El Segundo.

As I wrote in a previous post, Black Lives Matter El Segundo is a hate group.

And here, she's pretending to seem professional:

She is a rich liberal who decided to move to El Segundo to cause trouble.

This is really sick. What is the matter with liberals. Why do they insist on ruining everyone else's lives so that they can virtue-signal that they are somehow better than the rest of us?

Why can't they just live their lives and let cities rest and grow in peace?

Anyway, when I learned about her key role with Black Lives Matter El Segundo, I wrote her a letter via her business contact information (she is a lawyer by trade):

From: Arthur Schaper []
Sent: Thursday, July 2, 2020 5:38 PM
To: Amanda Touchton; Melissa Weinberger
Subject: Regarding Black Lives Matter Connections

Dear Ms. Touchton and Ms. Weinberger:

My name is Arthur Schaper, and I am the Organization Director for MassResistance.

We are the international pro-family group that makes the difference, and we were a large part of the counter-protest which confronted the Black Lives Matter protest that took up Civic Plaza in El Segundo last weekend.

It has come to my attention that you are connected with a group of people, including younger individuals, who have been harassing and sending death threats to residents in El Segundo in connection with the so-called Black Lives Matter.

Touchton and Weinberger, would you please clarify or refute these rumors.

Thank you.


Arthur Schaper, Organization Director
(781) 890-6001

Check out the hateful response that I received from her:

Mr. Schaper,

I am the Administrative lead with El Segundo for Black Lives, a role that is separate from my role as a partner at Touchton & Weinberger LLP.  My partner, Melissa, and I are, however, advocates for equality and justice.  Neither myself nor El Segundo for Black Lives has been doing anything harassing to any residents of El Segundo or anyone else for that matter.  To the contrary, I have received threats on social media and have been insulted and degraded.  We are a peaceful organization that advocates for change through peaceful means.

You and the counter-protestors, however, harassed and insulted members of El Segundo for Black Lives.  In addition, you failed to comply with the executive order of Governor Newsom that mandates wearing face masks.  In this way, you put a number of people at risk with your willfully dangerous actions.  The behavior of the group you now claim to represent was reprehensible and you are not deserving of further communication.  I will not be responding to you again.

Thank you,
Amanda Touchton

Amanda R. Touchton
Touchton & Weinberger LLP

So, she does not hide the fact that she is an administrative lead for Black Lives Matter El Segundo (This "El Segundo for Black Lives" Nonsense is a perverse attempt to spin their true affiliation, which is with the entire Marxist, Anti-Semitic Black Lives Matter movement).

Now, let's delve into her comments, and test them, if you will:

Neither myself nor El Segundo for Black Lives has been doing anything harassing to any residents of El Segundo or anyone else for that matter.

This is a total load of crap. Residents have called out the BLM El Segundo group for sending death threats and posting flyers promoting the Marxist organization around the city. Key officials connected with the El Segundo Ed Foundation have been targeted and bullied repeatedly by this BLM Hate Group in the city, too.

Now she wants to play victim, and she wants to project the abusive actions of her group onto others. This tactic is not going to work!

What else did she try to get away with in her letter?

You and the counter-protestors, however, harassed and insulted members of El Segundo for Black Lives.

Oh brother! As if anyone is going to listen or read this claptrap with any degree of seriousness!

Whether she likes it or not, men and women in the city of El Segundo have every right to peaceably assemble, and they did on June 27th, 2020, and they did again on July 5th, 2020. The residents of El Segundo have every right to push back on the lies and slander of a group made up of mostly a bunch of entitled outsiders who think they have the right to lecture and shame everyone else about race relations.

Mrs. Touchton has touched down in the wrong city, if she thinks she can gaslight everyone into believing that the city of El Segundo is some essentially racist municipality. She apparently forgot that one of the mayors recently was a fifth-generation Angeleno named Suzanne Fuentes, for example. Does Touchton have a problem with Hispanic people or something?

Then she resorted to the same failing, flailing attack that Ben Lourey, the enraged soy boy, used against me at the July 5th meeting in Library Park:

In addition, you failed to comply with the executive order of Governor Newsom that mandates wearing face masks.  In this way, you put a number of people at risk with your willfully dangerous actions. 

Touchton claims to be a lawyer, but she clearly knows very little about law, especially when it comes to hasty orders and directives coming from the Governor. Newsom has issued one arbitrary edict after another, telling certain counties, certain businesses, and everyday people to put on masks, to stay indoors, and all the rest. These emergency orders have long outlasted their constitutional authority. Furthermore, as a citizen of the United States and resident of the state of California, I am not obligated to wear a mask outside, nor do I have to socially distance if I so choose. Other individuals can insist on wearing masks for themselves and all the other protective measures as they see fit.

But those executive orders do not have the force of law, and in both rallies, the El Segundo Police respected that fact and did not press on me or anyone else to wear masks!

Final Reflection

Amanda Touchton is clearly flustered and angry. Her little social justice warrior charade has been cofronted effectively, and California MassResistance is not afraid to call her out.

She is part and parcel of a violent, domestic terrorist group called Black Lives Matter. This is a Marxist movement bent on undermining the rule of law and destroying the United States. Her hate needs to be exposed, and this Black Lives Matter, El Segundo movement needs to be exposed and disbanded. They should be ashamed of themselves for trivializing black lives in order to promote left-wing, anti-black, anti-American causes in the South Bay!

Ben Lourey, and the Mindless Bigotry of Black Lives Matter, El Segundo

Black Lives Matter is a hate group. If you don't believe me, check their website.

You can also hear their hateful chants against the police, law enforcement in general, white people, Jews, Israel, and black people who think for themselves.

They are already doing their best to fight back against their growing exposure in the general public. As more people realize what Black Lives Matter is really all about (and it's not about black lives), the more that these groups are genuinely and roundly repudiated.

The group that has formed in El Segundo is trying to distance themselves by calling themselves "El Segundo for Black Lives".

It makes no difference. They are just another iteration of "Black Lives Matter", nothing more.

No one should fall for this fraud.

Some racist, uppity white liberal outsider named Amanda Touchton moved into the city of El Segundo looking to cause trouble in the wonderful "Mayberry By the Sea" community.

And now, Black Lives Matter El Segundo is going around the city, pressuring the city council and the school board to enact a set of unreasonable, immoral policy demands which have nothing to do with good governance or well-being in the city.

In fact, this group wants to give off this narrative that El Segundo is some essentially racist city that needs to repent of its long-standing sins. Residents of diverse backgrounds who have lived in El Segundo for decades can attest that the city is indeed quite welcoming.

On the other hand, Black Lives Matter El Segundo activists are anything but tolerante. They have twisted Scripture, they have cast shameful aspersions on a welcoming city. They disparage the police department and its other civic agents.

And check out an average member of the Black Lives Matter El Segundo group: Ben Lourey

This video contains my first interaction with him in its entirety.

He called me a kook, a racist, and other abominable names.

He got close to me, then told me that I had to engage in social distancing from him. He got in my face, but wanted to make it my fault that I was not six feet away from him. Give me a break.

When I called him out and the entire Black Lives Matter movement for not caring about black lives at all, he became enraged and indignant, and began shouting other hateful messages at me. At one point, he made it clear that he did not care about the black lives that get gunned down in Chicago. Wow! Such hypocrisy, and such bitter vitriol.

This is Black Lives Matter, folks: mindless bigotry hell-bent on virtue-signaling how "woke" they are compared to everyone else.

Watch the video for yourselves, and you will see that this movement is not about love, tolerance, and inclusion. This is just a part of a larger, militant, abusive agenda, and now it's targeting El Segundo to commit greater harm against others. This cannot be tolerated!

California MassResistance is committed to fighting back against this scourge and abuse of power in El Segundo, throughout Los Angeles County, and throughout California and the United States as a whole.

Texas MassResistance Chapter Speaks at Pro-Family Convention This Weekend!

MassResistance Update
Pro-family Activism

"Aggressive fighting for the right is the noblest sport the world affords."
- Theodore Roosevelt
July 15, 2020
MassResistance experts speaking at national pro-family conference this weekend

“Summit for Survivors of the Sexual Revolution” at the Ruth Institute has a powerful lineup of speakers

Attendance via livestream is available
The sexual revolution has brought terrible, destructive consequences to individuals and families across America and around the world since its inception in the 1960s.

The Ruth Institute (based in Lake Charles, LA) has long been at the forefront of providing research and educational tools to support those harmed by that social upheaval and the ongoing sexual-radical “culture war” it incited -- whether divorce, family breakdown, the hook-up culture, unwed parenting, LGBT issues, etc.

At the MassResistance “Teens for Truth” conference in Ft. Worth in 2017, the Ruth Institute’s founder and president, Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, gave a stunning presentation on “Understanding gender ideology -- the propaganda of the sexual revolution.”
This weekend the Ruth Institute will hold its 2020 conference, “Summit for Survivors of the Sexual Revolution,” will be held this Friday evening and Saturday, July 17-18. There is an all-star lineup of speakers, including:

  • Tracy Shannon, our Texas MassResistance leader, will talk about confronting the horrific Drag Queen Story Hour events in public libraries across the state.
  • Dr. Paul Church, a longtime MassResistance stalwart, will talk about his experience as a physician confronting the LGBT medical establishment. Dr. Church, a practicing urologist for over 35 years and former Asst. Professor of Surgery at the Harvard Medical School, was fired for challenging his colleagues to tell the truth about the health consequences of LGBTQ behavior. Dr. Church will be receiving the Ruth Institute’s Professional Integrity Award.
  • Sue Ellen Browder – a former Cosmopolitan journalist who tells the sordid story of how she and others writers for major American women’s magazines inflamed the sexual revolution by purposefully publishing blatant lies about “normal” sexual behavior and abortion – to promote promiscuity among their readers. Her recent book is How I Helped the Sexual Revolution Hijack the Women’s Movement.
  • Michelle Cretella, MD. – pediatrician and Executive Director of the American College of Pediatricians. Dr. Cretella is the author of “Gender Dysphoria in Children and Suppression of Debate” in the Summer 2016 issue of Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons.
  • Doug Mainwaring – an ex-homosexual, a father, and current journalist for LifeSiteNews. Doug will share insights into the LGBT agenda.
  • And several more fascinating speakers.

Dates and times:

   Friday evening, July 17, 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm (CDT)
   Saturday, July 18, 8:30 am – 5:30 pm (CDT)

Cost for watch entire conference live-streaming: $30.00
Register here.
Conference flier featuring Sue Ellen Browder.
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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Outrageous: Torrance Middle School Social Media Account Promotes Black Lives Matter

As of now, the Madrona Middle School Instagram Account still has the "Black Lives Matter" promotionalism on it.

There is the First Amendment, of course. The First Amendment does not entitle students, however, to speak on behalf of an entire school or school district, or even a student ASB program.
A student or a group of students is not permitted to claim that they are the "Official Madrona Middle School Account!!"

Furthermore, Black Lives Matter is declaring war on the family, and they are actively calling for #DefundThePolice. They are indeed a militant domestic terrorist group that does not respect the rights or free speech of others. They even promote anti-Semitic tropes, making claims about the so-called "blood libel" along with anti-Israel smears. Why is this stuff being promoted on any public school, and particularly on any allied social media account? Who is teaching this stuff to Torrance Unified students?

The BLM Movement does not even protect or respect the First Amendment rights of others!

Here's the Instagram Account for more information:

Please contact the Torrance Unified School Board immediately, along with the Principal and Assistant Principal at Madrona Middle School.

School Board Members
Jeremy L. Gerson

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Tell them to do the following:

1. Direct Madrona Middle School administrators to have the students remove "Official Madrona Middle School Account!!"  from the Instagram account and to remove the Madrona Wildcats Logo.

2. Direct the school district to set up clear rules about social media accounts, to ensure that students (or anyone else in the district) is not permitted to use the school district's or school official logos are claim the mantle as official accounts for statements made on those accounts.

3. Launch an investigation into the promotion of domestic terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter in Torrance schools. This MIS-information has no business being promoted in any school. It's Marxist, it's racist, and it's false. As one black independent reporter shared with me during the Torrance pro-police rally on June 20, 2020: "I don't need a group to tell me that my life matters."

07.15.20 UPDATE

I notice that a number of upset people have to resort to "the race card" in response to this post when I shared it on Facebook earlier this week. It means that I have hit the right nerve. Some people want to run and hide behind the "race card" because they don't want to face the real issues affecting this country, and undermining the rule of law. I am not afraid to face these issues head on. I have even attempted to dialogue with some of these so-called BLM supporters, and they cannot justify their assertions. They can't! Hence, they resort to "THAT'S RACIST"! You can play the race card all you want, but I am playing the truth card, and I have the whole deck on my side. -- Arthur Schaper

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

MassResistance Overtakes Black Lives Matter Hate in Los Angeles Suburb!

MassResistance overwhelms Black Lives Matter protest in Los Angeles suburb

BLM had taken over City Hall plaza to protest and announce list of demands to city

When MassResistance came with equal numbers to counter-protest, they didn’t know what hit them!

(Video below!)

July 6, 2020
ALT TEXT This MassResistance activist wasn't going to let the "Black Lives Matter" demonstration silence him!
Black Lives Matter has been terrorizing cities across America with their menacing “protests” (many of which have become violent), their irrational political demands, and their intimidation of public officials. They call for de-funding or drastically weakening the local police force, changing the names of local landmarks, removing statues, and various radical changes to local government.
Conservative groups often respond simply by holding separate “pro-police” rallies, which have little effect. But our side never comes in equal numbers to directly confront the Black Lives Matter goons and radicals. Now, MassResistance is changing that.
El Segundo, California is a community of about 16,000 situated next to the Pacific Ocean, just south of the Los Angeles International Airport. It’s been nicknamed “Mayberry by the Sea” for its cozy small-town atmosphere. But the city has recently seen a number of left-wing movements coming in to disrupt the peace and tranquility of the town.
On June 25, a local MassResistance activist contacted us. He and others were very upset that Black Lives Matter (BLM) had announced that they’d formed a chapter in El Segundo and were planning a protest and demonstration outside City Hall on June 27 – two days away. BLM also announced they were going to present a list of demands on the city police department, the city government, and the local schools.
We decided that this needed to be confronted. Conservatives have been sitting on the sideline for too long. Our national organization director, Arthur Schaper (who’s based in the Los Angeles area) got right to work. He rallied MassResistance activists in El Segundo and the surrounding area.
ALT TEXT Our side got there early and outnumbered them at first, until they caught up and evened up the numbers.
And what a counter-protest it was! As the local newspaper reported, MassResistance activists came and took over!
Shortly before the planned start time, there were more demonstrators in the plaza who were opposed to the cause — some holding “All Lives Matter” signs — than there were protesters in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. That changed as the demonstration got in full swing, eventually attracting about 50 people to each side … The original demonstration carried on, even as counter-protesters shouted over the speakers.
No BLM event had ever experienced that!
ALT TEXT Thanks to our crowd, there were more American flags than anything else!
ALT TEXT And we were not afraid to be very vocal! It completely rattled the BLM crowd.
ALT TEXT In their faces: Someone from our group brought a "Trump 2020" truck that was parked right where the demonstration was taking place!
These “social justice warriors” are used to bullying everyone else and drowning out any other voices. But this time they were the ones often being drowned out by our people shouting and chanting “All Lives Matter,” “Blue Lives Matter,” and epithets about the corrupt, destructive, and un-American nature of their organization. 
ALT TEXT This really seemed to steam them, for some reason. One BLM activist came up and angrily told her that no black babies are being aborted by Planned Parenthood - and tried to grab the sign!
ALT TEXT At one point one of our people (right, in white dress) had heard enough nonsense from the BLM speaker (left, in yellow pants). She came up and screamed at her, "Why don't you care about the black lives that are being killed in Chicago by other blacks?" Of course, she got no answer.
The BLM event was clearly very well organized. But when confronted by MassResistance, it became clear that their unity of purpose is mostly a fa├žade. Arthur and others walked up and challenged a number of them about the actual goals and objectives of Black Lives Matter (as described on its website and elsewhere) and even the meaning of signs they were holding. Most of the BLM people were clueless about their own organization’s ideas, and could barely explain why they were there. When they realized they were cornered, they would start to babble hackneyed political nonsense. A few just got angry. When Arthur pressed the two leaders of the protest to admit on video that they want to defund the town’s police, they denied it.
ALT TEXT When Arthur asked this lady to tell him what a "sundown town" is, she didn't know. She stammered that she was holding the sign for someone else. Par for the course with these dimwitted "social justice warriors." [NOTE: Urban Dictionary says "sundown town" is "a small town (mainly in the South) where black people are beaten and sometimes kidnapped after the sun goes down." Not a fit description for El Segundo!]
Most of the Black Lives Matter demonstrators there were not black, but white liberals. (It seemed like there were more blacks and Hispanics among the MassResistance group.)
ALT TEXT When you looked through the Black Lives Matter demonstrators (above and below) just about everyone was white. Apparently the blacks in town had better things to do that day.
ALT TEXT They use these signs to intimidate the local residents. But it wasn't working very well this time!
As we have warned, Black Lives Matter is also devoted to pushing the LGBT agenda. It was certainly part of this event. It’s interwoven into their ideology, along with Marxism, anti-Semitism, and their own brand of racial bigotry.
ALT TEXT Banner saying "Make America Gay Again" is displayed as local LGBT activist addresses the BLM crowd, as part of the event.
ALT TEXT Sign says, "Black Trans Lives Matter." BLM's stated goals include promoting the transgender agenda in America.

Police ignore laws to accommodate BLM protest

A continuing outrage across the country has been that police departments allow the BLM “protesters” to show up (without a required permit) and do whatever they want, when it’s obvious that anyone else would be treated vastly differently for doing the same things.
Arthur approached the police lieutenant watching the event and confronted him about that. As you can see in our video below, the lieutenant admitted that people normally need a permit to take over the plaza with loudspeakers. He fumbled around when Arthur pressed him to explain why BLM got special treatment. It was shameful - and infuriating.
ALT TEXT The El Segundo police lieutenant that Arthur confronted gave a pretty disgraceful answer as to why the the Marxist, thuggist BLM group's demonstration doesn't have to abide by the laws that everyone else does. It's pretty frightening to think about. But at least this time someone's standing up to it!

Watch the VIDEO!

Here’s what you haven’t seen yet anywhere else in America when Black Lives Matter comes into a town to intimidate everyone.
VIDEO: MassResistance takes on Black Lives Matter. (12 min 47 sec)

List of BLM demands to the town of El Segundo:

Here is the list of demands that they presented that day to the El Segundo officials. It’s basically a neo-Marxist “social justice” manifesto disconnected from reality, reminiscent of something out of the Chinese Communist Cultural Revolution. For example, it says El Segundo must “acknowledge and apologize” for a contrived “racist legacy” and hire schoolteachers on the basis of race, not qualifications. And of course, it includes a new wave of mandatory propaganda for the local schools on “race and diversity.”
  • Establish a citizen review board for the El Segundo Police Department;
  • Review and revise the Police Department’s “use of force” guidelines to reduce the likelihood of abuse and injury;
  • Put an end to police racial profiling through training and by publishing the racial demographics of people stopped, questioned or detained;
  • Increase police accountability by ensuring there are consequences for officers who “violate their sworn duty to serve and protect,” as well as for officers who witness civil rights violations and fail to intervene;
  • Create a service-oriented police department while demilitarizing police and evaluating impacts on students of color on having police in schools;
  • Empower the city's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Commission;
  • Issue a “proclamation for change” that “acknowledges and apologizes for El Segundo’s racist legacy” and “commits to a more diverse and inclusive future;”
  • Review the law enforcement budget to ensure resources are provided for civilian responders to address non-criminal calls and for programs to end racial bias in policing;
  • Increase diversity of faculty and students in El Segundo Unified School District by establishing enrollment and hiring goals with firm deadlines;
  • Incorporate diversity into the school district's curriculum and to allow student input into the curriculum; and
  • Include issues of social justice, inclusion and diversity into school events and to hold an assembly this fall that addresses issues of race and diversity.
Unfortunately, as in so many locales across the country, the city officials are already starting to grovel and cave in. Their statement, included in the newspaper article, talks about giving BLM “a seat at the table to work collaboratively toward meaningful outcomes.”
But we had our own statement published in the same article:
Arthur Schaper, an organization director with MassResistance, a socially conservative activism group, said he didn’t believe the Black Lives Matter movement was really about protecting Black lives.
“It’s a cultural revolution that wants to rewrite our country’s history,” he said. “America is one of the least racist countries there is.”
Bold truth is especially important at this time.

Final reflection

After this was over, MassResistance was thanked profusely by many El Segundo residents. They realize that it’s very important that good people stand up to this madness. When no one speaks out or confronts an evil cause, it gets more momentum and strength. And when even a few people stand up and fight back, others who were previously timid get a dose of courage and join in.
This needs to be happening everywhere! You will definitely be seeing more of this from MassResistance!
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