Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Make Facebook Great Again: Time for Proper Regulation

I am really glad to be back on Facebook. This platform has become too much of a public utility for information and communication for Mark Zuckerberg to be able to arbitrarily shut people down, to let people on or off.

The telephone was invited by a private citizen, certainly, but it become a tool for public communication, and so it fell into proper regulation to ensure safety and full access for all. Same is true for the railroads, the freeways, and other systems.

It was Corey Stewart, the US Senate candidate for Virginia (helped by Fredy Burgos), who explained it to me very well during his debate in the GOP Primary. It is essential that this pubic platform fall under some sort of regulation so that no fascist or bigot can shut people down from using it. Whether Marx Zuckerberg likes it or not, he is now operating a platform which has a wide public domain and he needs to respect the rights and liberties of all peoples.

Facebook needs to be regulated enough to ensure that the rights of all are protected. I have to disagree with the Heritage Foundation this one time. President Trump, Kevin McCarthy, Steve King, and other populist conservatives have established this truth, and I agree.

Let's #MAGA and get the word out!

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