Tuesday, June 12, 2018

More Winning: Dennis Rodman Goes Full MAGA

For the last two decades, conservative activists have warned Republican Party leaders that they need to win the culture, not just the election cycle. This advice went unheeded, and their ignorance and diffidence to this stern suggestion was unwise.

In my 2015 interview with Michael Ramirez, he informed me about the distinct pillars of any culture, which included entertainment, education, media, and the business world, as well as the arts and literature. The Marxist Left has been eating conservatives' lunch in these domains for decades. The Left took over college campuses, then burst onto the media scene, taking over television and movie media entertainment.

Trump trumped the Left-wing media like a boss, taking advantage of their determined obsession which catching the next flaming byline for ratings. The rapid growth of social media helped independent and alternative media outlets report the news which people want to hear. Twitter, Facebook, and other engines permitted Trump to get his word out without the corporate media silencing him or distracting the country. Notice how little we're hearing about Stormy Daniels now?

But it's all about wining the culture. The key figures in pop culture can make or breaking a political movement, and for the decades movie stars pushed the liberal loony talking points, and most conservatives either had to ignore their rampant disregard for our country's founding principles and values, or play defense.

Trump has changed all of that. He fights the old liberal media and has taken away their power. He puts corporations in their place, forcing them to compete for customers in the free market place. He no longer permits foreign countries to play by different rules at the expense of our farmers and manufacturers. He has shored up the borders to protect American lives and jobs.

He has also inspired and gathered into his fold men and women in the pop culture scene to his side.

Kanye West has gone full MAGA, no longer afraid to be himself and support President Trump.

Trump and Kanye have connected before.
Guess who signed Kanye's MAGA hat?!
Here, he's posing with his producers, too:

First Kanye West, then his wife Kim Kardashian met with the President in the Oval Office, and she even suggested someone whom he should pardon:

Now Dennis Rodman, the wild basketball player with the crazy hair, the publicity stunts, and the crazy legacy on the basketball court, has gone full MAGA:

This is CNN, and Chris Cuomo could not shut down, shame, or limit the praise that Rodman has for our President. The former professional basketball player was in tears, he was so moved and happy for this brief and growing rapprochement between Kim Jong-Un and President Trump.

Who else could have made this happen? Who else would have been able to get the leaders of the two Koreas to join together for symbolic gestures and to take the necessary steps to end the decades long war on the Korean Peninsula?

Rodman was in tears describing President Trump's latest accomplishment. Add to this unparalleled meeting the fact that the President does not want the Nobel Peace Prize, and Trump has really trumped the corrupt media, the liberal academics, and he has brought leading voices in pop culture to his side.

This is nothing short of miraculous. We need more people to recognize what our President has done to make America Great Again, and to sow seeds to ensure these victories are long-lasting in the United States.

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